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Think Tank 1110am Guns on College Campus

Mar 3, 2017|

The opponants are concerned about exposing children to danger. How have the 11 states with the law on the books handled it? What is the liability for the permit holder and the university? Would you feel more comfortable knowing the university your child attends has this policy? Are you for or against conceal carry on campus? This hours guest: Dr.John Lott - President of Crime Prevention Research Center. Economist & a world recognized expert on guns and crime

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And now happy national on blog today a lot of you surprised to hear about that and you know. This is a day when texting tweeting emailing in baseball king is there asking you'd to unplug. Now I don't know if that includes Internet searching and not I guess you could but in the event that does not we ask you to. But dissipated not ready opinion poll questions on its on our web page at WW dot com Philip does required YouTube to go on the Internet but. As far as texting tweeting FaceBook teen emailing. You wouldn't have to do any of that to simple yes or no more question which is. But he simply put. Should Louisiana allow guns on campus. Yes or no cast that vote and WW dot com. If you not unplugging your texting we welcome your text accommodate 7870 please remember we asked you'd always text responsibly. He's a designated driver if you going to be texting that texting and driving is illegal Louisiana and many other states. It comes right in here to the studio and though some we get to use many many we don't but don't we we certainly welcome yours. Also telephone line is open and I will not be a violation of national unplug day. Pick up the phone and call us at 5042601. Point seven if you remember how to communicate by telephone a lot of people do. We have a special guest joining us to talk about this he's been on is the program before. He's also been on some small media outlets like Fox News the Wall Street Journal New York Times Los Angeles Times in USA today and talking about doctor. John all Lodz union on doctor John banks majorities were appreciative. I'm done well you know we would bring up the subject about guns on campus in right away did the knee jerk reaction is all my god. Young people with firearms on campuses. They haven't formed their personalities. And then opinions and they. Tend to act irrationally and on impulse. This is a dot. Com have the other states that have adopted this found not to be advocate. I mean that he of the same type of objections. That are raised now. Will raise one can you are Koroma were adopted. And and you know after a year ago at other states have adopted these laws that basically becomes a nonissue just. In the exact same way and that. You'll hear it became kind of a non issue a year after those laws passed. You know you have. Date now on the behavior of all sorts of age groups and terms are concealed carry permit old. Why is that permit holders generally extremely law. I mean you look at firearms violation by permit holders. And you find it that. You know thousands. Of one percentage point looser permit for any firearms related violation. Acutely for a fairly trivial. Parts of that than what people are not having their permit what someone their care. That is one of the statesman has been broken down by a year of age of the permit. And what you find is that how old age permit holders aren't there are no different OPEC even slightly less likely to. They have their permits would go for any type of reason. There in the general population has to. One comparison you can make as do police options police officers. Are there where was convicted of misdemeanors or tell. They're convicted of firearms violations. 131. Wave of the general population. But you know in Texas for example concealed carry permit holders scorer. Are convicted of firearms related violations. One hand. We really don't police officers and Florida. Even less frequent and and others it's what we can break it down similar types of relationships are out so. You know. The Olympics and put them in the current holders. Are convicted of firearms violations one. At 100. The rate of the general population. In order for visa states to adopt this it has to go through their legislatures. Has the argument bin. The purpose of allowing. A student with concealed carry permits to to carry on to the campuses to make it a safer place or to ensure. The Second Amendment right or is it a combination of both. On such as safety poor. I mean our safety argument and others argue whatever they would argue. You know were safety on the campus if you band. Permit concealed handguns on the campus and you being people be able to go on here going to walk from Kia. And you know bomb. Polonium examples that you where women and others have been stalked. And you know that's our government in waiting program at the moment. So. After going to college and being disarmed. On the whole trip as result of urban campus terrible. But you know bluntly informed talking about some you know other than these secret trips to crimes like. And so talk about net public shouldn't. It's pretty clear those. These particulars. Why are places. Where they know victims can't go and defend themselves. You know since 1950s. Well over 90%. Of the man she met its complaints in areas. Well permit concealed in them are out all the public shootings in Europe. That take place where people aren't allowed to disarm themselves. Let these people. These parts of atrocities. Made yeah. A man who do greens and some important science but that doesn't mean they're stupid. Being note that they can go and kill more people or injure more people the longer takes for someone with a gun to going live on. In my book the war on that whole list of cases where these sort of made. These types of exports account if you want room last year there was a case and he court. Where. A pocketbook concerns about its on Ballmer crisis. Had gone in and contacted the FBI about it concerns BI could cap. On the phone. Would be recorded. New and chilling conversation where. The man was young man was explaining TrueCrypt patriot. Why you'd pick one of the largest church in court area. Could go and do is attack in the region was it that church and equipment co Americans killed in a church property. England. He is saying explicitly that the benefit of that it was that he would be able to go a whole lot more people. Without having to worry about somebody being able. It is he similar types of comments from these tiller whether you look at. Movie theater shooter or the you know the girl and church shooting or other types of cases. You know that's not to spark pose as simple way to bring about. This for criminal generally. If somebody was are in you're there. Would you feel sick reporting that. Your homes and oracle. It is critical that would make it less likely that leave tankers would attack you. I've been to penalize people. Never run into a gun control advocate who publicly admit. That they would criticize liked that part of the moment the quick as a they're going to do. There's one could be at times and other places where. You know we care about protecting people. We're talking with the president of crime prevention research conducted online question is at Louisiana like other states allow firearms on campus to conceal carry permit oldest. You wanna join the conversation it's viable for 601 late seventies and listening to isn't it will be up first. And we do have some folks not participating in net national unplugged day and they accused detectives and we welcome those to an 870. 870 and cast your vote would sanction Louisiana now guns on campus. Simple yes or no Google home page in debit revealed on the right after the with regard to property opinion poll question this hour should Louisiana allow guns on campus to a concealed carry permit holders 57%. This to say no 43%. Say yes. Cast your vote at WW well done doctor John Lott as on line with us and he supports concealed gallery on campuses in. Let's go to stand listening to listen and who is maybe not participating in the and national unplugged or maybe he is as Weis call stamp thank you Carl. Stand. Now we got Stan now believe. Here yeah we got sustained it. Okay who do behavior in the world. All. I have a what I'm considered. Two it's on campus. Pop you know some problems in the gene pool. It is march in it haven't consume part of that is what the that just full. Very well what. As matter of fact it would take suggestions. And put all our own my house it's going to go. And actually. Is there in this country. And that lack and sort of general chart. Recuperate. Cat who. Yeah its portion. Of our. We re sort of problem convention. A stroke. There and put her to solve. Our problem so I'm. Won't stand back and protect so. Figured it out on this whole deal and they hadn't been. All you look much different than. Much. I'm a little tongue in all I'm. Would. Assume I. You guys stand thank you for your comments. Doc allot your response. Our problem. We do have a violent pro. Practically in the inner cities 75%. Of the murder that we have a current 3% of the count. And if you ever see. Murder. Those count shall find that there are used to work three spots that are currently are. They're acutely gang related. It promises. When you go and ham hands on it's a good guy. Who obeyed the rules not the criminal and to be extent that you disarm. Law by and good citizens world of criminal you actually make it easier for crumbles to go commit crime. So. Anybody who read my every church knows that I can police are extremely important to the police service single most important factor or reduce crime. If you look at surveys of police or talk to police officers you know that the Swedes themselves. Understand that they Berkeley all ride on the crime scene after the crimes committed. And the question is what you do. Weren. Citizen is confirming crumbled by themselves simply telling them to be acceptable. Actually turned out to be they're being diversified. Women for example would be patently wonder credit criminal about 2.4. Times more likely he would be seriously injured. That woman who has gone we have. Data going back forty years now on something called the national crime in the positions or which survey. A 100000 people each year it. On the instantly indeed Albania on. Who was doing in the car. Where it occurred what hammered today. With criminal armored. How the victim responded. And you know what type of weapon or not that the victim used to try to cram themselves that we now. What the outcome ones in terms of the harm that occurred to the victim. And what that shows clearly that everybody pretty much lines that. Having gone by far the course of action particularly true for two groups of people a group of people most likely be the. The violent car and then overwhelmingly turned out to be more blacks. Who have been high crime urban area. In the second group would benefit most are those cool well it was we were physically women you know. I was cute economist at the and not mention abortion which people. Certain penalties for all federal crimes. I'm not direct. What over that mountain trial transcripts. Just doing battle on one thing Tutsis. Oh were oh were over here is now criminals. Hit. Victims that you look at an easy target. You know. You'll see court testimony with her. Those you know what we're thinking about going after the derby street but you know you are. Indeed not collect them. What we saw. You a small woman walking across the dark you know we saw somebody that look like we critically openly or. You are. You know it and find your target. You know whether house that would happen exit sign that non and so. Mica if you walk where a lot more ounces at sun and by that one. If you're gonna find it and there it goes and shadows of their countries. As though it was. A major New York paper. It has done all it took everybody's. Gonna have a permit to own here and in the New York City area. In the critical. The things that so bear partner. Had gone. And go on to the owners called group of newspaper. In camp in the state of you know supporting gun control that it would be willing to put aside and there aren't you are. Saying that he. We have a country home to kind of help put the gun controller for none of the water. We're willing to go and put that aside and now. Yeah and the reason why is. That these workers. We won't leave paper done patrol were afraid they could sign in front of their home concerned that there would be. I do recall that a lot I would just a mile out of time wanna thank you for coming mono you got another engagement we really appreciate you coming on and look forward to on next visit. Our corporate firmer I abducted John Lott and when we come back I got plenty of text only with regard to opinions on this. Was sharing with you on this national on blog day and also operated opinion polls getting a little bit tighter. Will be back to look at it boy you're right after we go to CBS news update. And if you wanna dismayed and up ready opinion poll question should Louisiana allow guns on campus to concealed carry permit holders 58%. Saying no 42%. Say. Yes and if you are not participating in national on one day where people all across this country of being asked to put down the that the phone for the texting and tweeting me emailing in the face booking a lot of your response has that require Obama job can't do amendment ought to do it on a weekend. And another national unplugged but if you're not you can text me at 8787. Julio politics coming in. With regard to a topic would discuss who get to those in the second and a one minute if you have never met Deuce McAllister and you've got a chance tomorrow. And MetroPCS. That's from one until two at 3600 make author on the West Bank. Saints color analyst and former running backs going to be there from one to 2 PM you can stop by. Get a three black and gold T shirt or an autographed many football want just to chat football with the saint. All time leading Russian that's going to be tomorrow one killed two. Deuce McAllister at MetroPCS. 3600. Mick Arthur on the West Bank I'd with regard to our text messages coming in now with the guns go a lot of them come and in this one says. Yes there are a lot of places we shall allow guns. As long as they have a concealed weapons permit to prove man adds some sort of training. Another says. Guns on campus absolutely not howl of first responder identify it per. Unfair to all first responders wild situation when beat. Any different in any other place that now Lyles a concealed camera holders to carry their firearms and that's always going to be a consideration but. Will tell you this. A first responder could be the person on campus and I don't think anyone regardless of how they feel about the issue if they found themselves in that situation and an active shooter on campus. Would not be wishing for someone a good guy with the gun show up regardless of who their war. Where they came. Here's another one on the other side college knows when that is also for college students of the same age. As our young men and women in the military I don't think anyone would deny. A military man or woman to not be carrying a five. Let's see here's one that gets back to one of our earlier callers danced said that he would put a gun free zones and on his house. On this one says so he would put us on his house that's his gun free zone. But it really wouldn't it I think he misses the point. Guy that would be the risk of putting a gun free zones sign on Europe house. It would be similar to a business doing that which is pretty much. Telling the bad guys that will not allow good guys who Obey laws to have guns in his own. But they don't care about laws so they're gonna have a gun anyway those. Making it a non gun free zone only but of the law abiding citizens and that's always been. The argument with right to bear arms no doubt about. I'd that's the national unplugged it doesn't start until tonight apparently you know that would make sense but on her own news and actually started to pay. We'll try to get to that died 260187. Is a telephone line. A final fours area code it's getting closer on parity opinion poll question 55%. Saying no no to Louisiana allowing guns on campus allow them the states have done it. I'm Ben seemed to be in any problems for them seems to be working quite well 45% say yes dale for. If you wanna send us a text it's 8787. Please remember always to act responsibly use a designated Dexter. If you drop will be right back was more viewer calls text and comments right here after this quick break. 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Or go to the WWO website or the app. It's easy enough to find and click it in the endless. I'd looking at operating opinion poll question again should Louisiana allow guns on campus 57%. Against it. 43%. Say yes and I got some interesting Tex coming in Aussie which ones are on arable. On this one regard to the national unplug day says they saw on Fox News it doesn't start and told not tonight. Another Owens says they'd check the web site in its says sundown to sundown. March 3 and fourth so that would mean technically it would start today. But not effectively until sundown. Which depending on where you live in the country that would be a different time to the foul sought to 24 hour period and it would make more sense to do it from a Friday evening to a Saturday evening because that's a weekend in people aren't required now most people bonded job to actually use. The technology. Here's one that says not only is techno electronic technology necessary for the job but I have no problem with modern technology normally. So no unplugged day for me. Another question Don what if the good guy with the gun shoot my son in a shoot. And I assume that ours does he have to have insurance. It's an interesting question. Assuming you mean he was futures son nub and you're sending in the commission of crime Richardson being innocent bystander. It by I guess what you would call friendly far. I don't see is any different if it's a first responders that someone who was illegal holder of a permit. And there are exercising their Second Amendment right to carry a place where they can. What would be the difference of the first responder which futures on in the shootout. Don't really see any difference in that. Does he have to have insurance. There are some companies who offer insurance to conceal carry people that bull represented you in the institute you have the use of spiraled. It is an interesting question in the you know you can isn't anything you want can go to court when you win or lose that's a different story. Is another one it says with or without a gun I would not want to invite criminal activity. My putting up a sign that says. Gun free zone I think that's an automatic invitation for a bad guy with a gun to take advantage of the situation I would be back with more of the attacks. That's at 870870. Check on a pretty opinion polls to elect talk about it but this is Bible for. 260187. Is the Friday think tank on the big 870. W ago. I we're gonna have to settle this debate on whether the national unplugged today begins at sundown today and sundown tomorrow. Some people listening. Must be fake news it was today actually today it doesn't end until midnight tonight so by saying it starts today is actually. True news that it's a time frame to a time frame but those start today. So those of you wanna text me and still participate in national unplugged you can do it the Michigan until sundown before you have do unplug all the geek gear and not get on the Internet no we. FaceBook in the all of this stuff the lot of people can't live about telephone is always welcome and face to face communication what time it happened to that. I hear some more techs coming in regard to a topic this hour about guns on campuses. Well it was the one poems acute here it is our campus security eight years. I would not trust student with a BB gun but would not be against train teachers. Wellness. And teaches that I've seen I wouldn't trust for the BB gun but I guess say if they pass the conceal carry permit. And got a yeah I wouldn't be opposed to teach his camp but I think may be used to selling some of the students sure yes certainly this some students. And people in all Korea is age groups walks of life that really should not have problems. Hopefully those folks would be weeded out through the concealed carry and then arming. Is another one that says putting a sign union yard. That says gun free zone even though it is. It could be considered a team and I imagine the courts would frown largely on the net. I'm not sure if you could enforce gun three zone. One. I guess you could that would be considered private ownership. Like a business they can declared with a sign. And posted and even people with concealed carry permits all out to go on there. But then again some people refrain from going to Ares who advertises gun free zones of fear. That only the criminals will have the guns and you will have gun free zone means absolutely. Zero to a crime. I here's another and you all liable criminally. Liable criminally and civilly for friendly fire even the police now. Criminal and a policeman in an effort to say someone's life and maybe that old line. And someone is injured or killed from friendly far that they can. Charged them criminally. Men. Not sure about that. Here's one assist please explain that listeners can we only hit Tom Fitzmorris on HD I just have a regular radio with the AM and FM don't have a Smartphone alive streaming. And I give him on regular FM no you cannot. Now only way to get him on radio is on an HD radio which are very got two of them and home ago one element trucks. They easy to combine stuff sounds really good on do you have a desktop computer or laptop computer if you do. And you can live stream or even tonight. So many ways to get communal don't wanna. Missed Tom Fitzmorris as issue another says a few years back the NRA was discouraging members from displaying that logo on vehicles. Because it made them a target fourth these. Arafat and by that I mean if if you are Smart the four crook. And you see some NRA signed you've probably wandered about whether you should go break him because of the owner shows up this will more likely he will be on. And then unknown. But then again. Criminals aren't known for our being Smart I saw a recent video one of the son of all places to rob what is our on was a gun store. And the security video in the store captured the whole incident. Did not end a good for the perpetrators and not good at all. I'd back with our number three as a think tank and after the news on the big day seventy VW.