WWL>Topics>>01/17/2017 - Beyond Reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV Johnson - a variety of paranormal topics discussed throughout the evening.

01/17/2017 - Beyond Reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV Johnson - a variety of paranormal topics discussed throughout the evening.

Feb 23, 2017|

01/17/2017 - Beyond Reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV Johnson - in the first hour we discuss various topics related to the paranormal and then in the second hour we bring in guest Michelle Zirkle who tells us about the paranormal ordeal that she lived through and wrote about in her book Rain No Evil.

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I cannot be owned by scientific method. You're six. Send him tall and. Creature that's been seen my many little life you know. And de Ferran good morning mining boom Herron online inning and news features and yeah me. He lying then yeah real mania apple is lying game. It also shape shifting mentioned you. My experience it's an experience. Her. And we'll literally it was Tuesday night beyond reality radio Jason Hawes Stevie Johnson and you know. I get asked this for the chat room. I don't know how many people are windows users how many people are our Mac users in this is probably some other us and I mean I I literally you know me I don't act. I know America I know you are I'm a Little League getting a new rating getting ready to push the buttons here and one of my computers luckily it's not the mission critical computer. One of them a message pops of this device will restart in three minutes save all your work like. I don't want it or not he's. And doesn't. Since then I think it went I had a week over to windows when Samantha in Healy and they were they were little and well he knew they were teenagers come. But seeing him head downloaded a songs online or whatever and next thing you know my PayPal account was hacked and Marty email accounts are packed so well one thing after another. And it was somebody who had packed into the windows computers and never had that problem since the center switch back to Mac and I was Mac back in the eighties the only problem the reason I got away from it was. That Mac became the situation where you had to buy all the stuff our line. For that gives you a male and thing which was some kind of a nuisance and I was windows you can go and just buy the stuff and and be such ago. Tom Sarah well I was I was happy to switch back to backs. I'm trying to reload everything year I got actually got the stuff bag of opinion that tennis is you can change it right you go into the settings and I try to find the place changes in the is a little thing that says. Change the restart time for updates but it's all great out I can't do anything with a neighbors I'm. Somebody with who knows what the heck is going on here and can call and and walked me through thick haze that sits well. Religious shout out to everybody else they're tuning in to be on reality radio and you listening on any of the numerous stations we air on which will be. And create among more soon. Next couple weeks and or fewer tuning in online and join you can I mission mature either way that you like to FaceBook page at FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio. Or and then head over to be on really radio dot com find the station we here on in your area. We're just click the listen lives and join me online interactive chat a big family of people that are always there and javy and iron there as well. And we communicate back and forth detailed questions for the Dessens. Go from there yeah. I send somebody up there I just saw somebody last night doesn't last two I was crazy last time by the way a lot going on a lot of people lot of activity which was great. Somebody did sketch just a question scroll violent toward the end of the show and maybe it was even after we'd we'd finish the show someone to say or do they ever take questions. From the chat room and here's the thing we do. However sometimes they just scroll through so fast we don't see them the time that's just the problem so if you have a real question a new system and you really want answered the best thing to do is call. You can keep trying to throw up in Chad in May be will catch it combo we don't always see them when they're in Chad that's the only problem. Now that's a 100% accurate so tonight we have Howard storm which let me just say something to superhero name. Yes it does and I mean it sounds like a superhero who really does he he was a professor of art for twenty years at Northern Kentucky University. In 1985. Following a near death experience in Paris his wife was transformed and he eventually it's study become a pastor. In 92 was ordained and then there and history goes on and now he's he's spoken about his experiences on everything from the Oprah Winfrey Show 48 hours. Also on the Discovery Channel and and more so it should be an interesting topic tonight. Yeah well you know one of the things that we found we ever we talked to some people who have had near death experiences. Is that town they are who they are not just life changing their. All in all change and they change attitudes state change perspective they change so. He's homered and everything's everything everything a lot of times it opens you up in this thing when it's a near death experience. Most of the times that I dealt with with people had a near death experiences are situations like that. I'm a lot of them have become sensitive Jim. Where they seem more in tuned to the energy around memo are able to pick up on a lot of things I study meant they cry a lot more time well there and they do they'll then attend a cry help help because it was a near death experience against him they appreciate life more. But an old but they are more sensitive to. The energy around them and and they're able to pick up on things that we have them a lot of us are unable to so. Com a lot of my a lot of crazy things happen within say it's sort of like a part of their brain. Two starts working yet more prior. Race which is something on so it'll be interesting to see how many of those similar traits come our guest Howard storm will share or has has. Gains since his near death experience in 1985. On and of course last night it was a Martin Luther King Day here yesterday was Martin Luther King Day right here and in honor of that this week we've got to really special guest tomorrow night. Yes we do we pull out of prayer and we were talking with William Francis pepper. He's an attorney based in New York who's most noted for his efforts to prove the government's. Government's involvement. And the innocence of James Earl Ray in the assassination of Martin Luther tank. And I really have looked into a lot of his writing and his his beliefs and his evidence and he's he has some amazing things are means more than we're talking. Signed statements made by individuals who were there who. Who were working in the hospital that Martin Luther King when it was brought into com. And just a lot of the stories of really what happened to him which is a shame I mean this this man was. He was a world changer and he was really trying to to bring equality and and do it in a peaceful manner which I think is important enough in a time. Where let's be honest a lot of people weren't looking for peace or just looking for divide and and no matter how how bad of a time it was he still he still did what he believed and and it was a shame that he lost his life. But William pepper will be on to discuss his his findings in who really who he claims really and assassinate him. Well it's it's a story that isn't is bigger than this story itself because we have in the sixties starting with the JFK assassination. And then you've got Martin Luther King Jr. and you've got Robert F Kennedy and you've got you know so much tumult during the late sixties. And there's a common thread that kind of runs through all of them and I know that. Doctor William F pepper. Has set theories about that I have series about that but it seems to be. Almost impossible to believe that all of those incidents were just you know us boom. Crazed lone gunman incidents in it just seems a little far fetched to believe that. I'm not saying that's not what happened. But there is a very very compelling compelling argument and discussion about a greater. Greater. Force at play there and and we'll get into that tomorrow night with the weather guest you know. Or something strange why do these crazed lone gunman always. Go buy all three and I know that's that as of cheers over a you you've got what he Harvey as will the army Oswald James holt moved. And the list goes on and John oh but they'll in the illuminate kind of bucked the trend there was sir answering and who didn't have three names but had the same name twice so I still can and this is serious erotic and that changing connected. I did they welcome everybody in the chat room a one more thing ought to mention there is tonight's program. We're gonna get right down and dirty with paranormal. Discussion in a ghost in poltergeist activity whether guests might make K. From England. Daisy be talking about a house and and his wife had bought. Couple years back and that Palin knew what their children and the crazy poltergeist type activities that seem to be going on. So we're going to be talking with him on that which should be interest and so it's a gym now. Something frightening actually this man released recently is. Have you been hearing about this drug resistant nightmare bacteria they're calling I've heard they're calling the I've heard bits and pieces of it it is scary. It all there's there's all this evidence that it gets its spreading and spreading faster these US hospitals now I with the with all of the medicines and and stuff that we use today that and view these drugs. And there is a super flow there it's going to happen there is they don't know exactly when but it's gonna it's gonna happen these things are becoming. Com just resistant to any anything that we're that we have. But researchers have found evidence that drug resistant super bug. Which has been labeled nightmare bacteria spreading faster and more stealthy inside US hospitals than previously thought. So armed. You know we don't. No world and I am pretty much anyone who's alive today doesn't know a world without antibiotics and took it to even begin to think about what the world looks like prior to the deleted killed kill bacterial infections. I mean it's it would almost be a nightmare cement scenario to think about it we don't know that world and it looks like we might have to come to grips with that. World well yet because in the US bacteria known as there was some big names and carve up tandem. Resistant and Terrell bacteria. Also known as seniority which is what I'm gonna refer to a from here on our. Infects about roughly 9300. People per year. In kills around 600 of them. Researchers now think that the that this this spreads from person a person without any signs or symptoms which explains why doctors are usually unable to detected. All the typical focus has been on treating sick patients with CRE. A related infections in new findings suggest that CR he is spreading beyond the obvious cases of of disease. Now researchers say we need to look harder for the unobserved transmission within our communities healthcare facilities. If we wanna stamped herself before it becomes serious epidemic. And they're talking about how it's just becoming totally resistant to to any of the drugs that were treating it with an. A lot of these are very angry fallen to the same Sam Elliott as Salmonella and E. Coli in and things like that. But we're in of course she get in the food poisoning the stomach bugs but. These are becoming so resistant that they're becoming fatal and it's just unstoppable. Spreading faster and faster. Yeah and you know science in the medical community has come up with some you know newer and newer and stronger antibiotics but there's there's a limit to what they can do I think there's something like 25. Are so different antibiotic types. And bacteria like this one are beating the mall and that you know once that happens there is no. Wade to cure those types of infections with the with the exception of maybe you know but some people competed on the grown. But the rest of us half to just it's all about prevention it's the only way you can now you can fight it. Yeah I'm one of those people I live by pure oil and Ari what you've done with Miette convention Schimago through 23 bottles of that but then and midnight he's always that you're not supposed to drink it too it's. My knees so that probably is when the gas a humble. Miller is sometimes I feel like Reagan I'd be perfectly fine and a Piero body suit if you put on the but now and but also I sit there and wonder if I'm doing myself. Actually more injustice using because a lot of times they say using pure all that often you're killing good bacteria. Which is there to help as well. So make it really opens up I can't warm sunny. Jim well. Let's hope that does science content catch up to these things because like I said we have not. Lived in a world where we had a fear bacterial infections and you know we think viruses are bad enough but bacterial infections are can be much worse. And Dino antibiotics antibiotics have been there since in all of us were pretty much born so. It's so he has find it even feeling old lately no. Now here are hard to San Manning the Olympus this next story really when do I need a little bit out of a lot of respect us then again the stakes are probably still do you know good because there's no no shown benefits from this book for 8000 dollars. There's a startup that will fill your veins with blood of young people Jim. They actually. Replace your blood with the blood of this young people that is correct. According to discourage Jesse egg farm hasn't. He plays blood is a drug and his start up a Monterey California of course. Based company called amber OSHA which is weird because it's Monica could certainly make during Thanksgiving. On this currently enrolling people when you in him people. You for a US clinical trial designed to find out what happens when the greens of adults are sold the blood of young people. So but a simple blood transfusion which involves hooking up an IV in pumping and the plasma of healthy person into the veins of someone who's undergone surgery orbit and a car crash. One of the safest policy and procedures we have we we all know that. But he wants to take blood from young people. And Phil old people's mates now there's been research that's been looked into it this. And there's no known benefits for us so it's just the and the mindset that you now know that you have a young person's blood in your body. Did we didn't we read this story. Maybe a month ago maybe not that long ago. About some type of technique where they took something was a stem cells from younger people or. They took something a Plaza Hotel last to a from the blood of young people younger people. You're you're referring to mark's view is the thing that was don't want my concern in my right. Maria where they they found one genetic code in in the plasma. And they put that into older mice and the older mice lived an average of about 20% longer than those who weren't more vitality days they have their primary area so until I don't think mice to produce from. It's a lot more confidence I don't do those mice are like rabbits are right now nobody that may be there's you know maybe there is a connection to that in I guess. But to wait and see with these clinical trials do bullets woman doing so they get the blood today when DP UK and you don't earn you need a donor and right now between the ages are usually sixteen and Tony five. What but so far right now I'm there's no. Reliable. Reliable information to him for a single health benefit in people. And researchers that are really doubting and current Manson's and I try all come away with any sufficient evidence to point us in that direction. But to participate in the trial you have to have yet to pay of course. That's not achieve on the procedure which involves getting one point five leaders of plasma from a donor between the ages sixteen to 25 over the course of two days. Will run you about a cramp sees so few original more than nine years now we're gonna start really ratings prices but he. Pat I don't know man it's soon mountains against who I am I'm also logistical. My blood yeah I'm astute mind to this good performance and bring our good friends since into the program Vince call an early tonight welcome to be on reality radio. Failure of students who themselves are up. Yeah that blood does not start this policy road at Birmingham burned. Regardless of that I want to inform people about the chat room. And it's a very important integral part of this show and that capable I'll know they're aware about. It's hard to keep up would this really goes fast. Not after we're all used to it. And you're addicted. To live chat room are devoted loyal. Loving caring people. That if you don't shall the next day guess what they did. God yeah the hunt you down find Junichiro I didn't go out and won't actually union will go you know that first hand. Yes. Able to all you oh yep I'd count I had bunny. Scene got me out now one. Well but it's the truth is honestly and the people on the check turn out tend to buy a car back. And Vera. I just wanted to give all the people were chat room in Arnold they make fun they played a game had a little private things going on. I don't care about an inevitable and I realize. It then checked. I'm on the phone my home on. On a chat room right now I'm Whitney got on KM BZ Casey broke. And I've got estates is keep the longest goal across the border and I just think that there. To enjoy the whole the whole deal list you know be apart. And and so are wonderful people. Let's that's awesome. Here and to be honest with GM and there it's a huge family and it's it's a big community and its ever growing. And and how much love goes Alter everybody in the in the in the chat and who who tune in whether they connect online or not but I. There but it's definitely a big Indian to the people who go ten to tend to deathly combat can be may become a big part of the community. And I just appreciate that I want thank god for that and now wanna thank everybody and chat earned. And then have a good night. Married thank you very much you have a great name out. Thanks of the calls and send he's absolutely right the people in the chat room are they care about each other they engage in some. Witty conversations some serious conversation. And they make the show. And what it is to make it much more lively by doing that enemy bullets. Think prince was saying they've they do and it's you know he had disappeared play two days and I'm getting messages from people and chat today trying to find out any information hey he's called in the forty I was number locked in because we wanna call and check anonymous nature. Ruben is okay and that's and that's the way they are today it's just it's agree it's a year it's a great big family and everybody's just awesome. You disagree community it is. On the CI something that I wanted to touch on here a story in the news that I thought would be of interest to eject. Okay Cameron can only to find it you had mentioned tonight talking about those Sonia veins with the blood of young people. Well there's still TE Jeremy is only a vampire. Confident regardless there's still more talk about a cryogenic suspension and there's suggestions that. Cry onyx could be the key to extend human life. Really Tucker there is a company called L core life extensions. Then sexually life extensions foundations and it's in Scottsdale Arizona they've got a 145. People. Vertically stacked in now aluminum. Coffins essentially they don't call them coffins occult and doers and that are filled with liquid nitrogen. Each of these bodies is wrapped in what they call a sleeping bag but it's a special material. That it's to protect the skin. From the 200. Degrees below zero temperature of the enclosure and those people are waiting in some of it some of them are full. Full bodied some of them are just heads their brains and they're waiting for the day when science can revive them in cure them of the rails. Hundred or by people under. It's a neat concept of time. I don't I don't know it's but it's one of those things I don't know if I'd wanna bees. You know frozen. Suspended in time or whatever and drop back a hundred years and now and the if I if I didn't have anybody. And maybe but. I mean this is the world I know these are the people I love I apparent effort to go before them and not ever have to be in a world without. Well you and we get a good breaker and secondly you know I've talked about that what if you woke up and a hundred years you'd have no money no house no place to live no Stanley nothing in what is what you better about that you wouldn't be easier for me. That's why we go together you know we get frozen. Together they look in the same thing and I couldn't walk on the that are worth about eight and a half to really put a price cut there a 5050. We couldn't save a few flotilla this it was like that is exactly I just watch reunions go yes. And can drink it's beyond reality. And scary time might be over for this year but there's another scary kind in the works you owe it to yourself to check out the details notice Derek Carr and dot com that's Garrett con. Dot com sign up for the email list and be informed you need to know what's going on with scary con because it's the best weekend of the year scare coming clean celebrities fans. Vendors parties panel discussions film premieres and so much more it's a weekend you'll never forget it everyone is welcome to. Visit the website scary time dot com that spirit con dot com and. And radio jeans and T see anything going on in. Kentucky tonight like bad weather or something. Kentucky time man alive because that's where gas is located we're having little trouble getting him on the phone so I don't know on slick and Alex are working hard they're trying to contact but. It's and those weird because just like fifth fast busy signal and stuff so. Well what do we change things up a little bit. Mullah certainly open to fall minds we'll talk about anything you wanna talk about eight the numbers 8446877669. And in the meantime I'm gonna a couple of things that are in the news that I think and pouring some discussion. One day he will even beyond that Jim one thing I wanted to bring up now I if I hear Ryan Buell from colonel state. I've talked about him in the pass on the show many times died I knew Ryan years prior to him getting a wall and show colonel state. On tap used to go to Penn State and do. Do there colonel convention and it was mainly taps members who'd be there and putting on most of the convention there. Ryan Ryan had some serious Rahman's lately so much negative situations and we've always wished him the best. Even though a lot of people have done screwed bottom line with paying for. He events or appearances and him him not shelling and he was arrested recently for a at least festival vehicle and smothered some other situations so. We wish him the best and he had posted this this big long thing on that he was gonna take some time he was gonna. Try to find himself in just and just make himself better. And you know so. Who do we we love to that you know we can play guess I don't know exactly I I kind of know what's going on with them. But that's not my business talk attitude to bring out until life. Well OK so all said and done all just recently he's posted. Just posted on January 7. Com looking for any leads involving active paranormal phenomenon if you own a hotel you think it may be haunted if you or your family are experiencing something disturbing. If you know. Or have access to haunted location or have a compelling active story please let me know email me at. And then he put his email address now the sun FaceBook and my concern is. What happened to the time that he was gonna take to try to better himself. Com it almost sounds like keys either trying to pitch or or something floor for a new show. And the concern is I think that's sort of what got him into this predicament in the first place a lot of people had that situation where. Same train comes and if it diminishes it day if they fall off course they fall off that wagon. And they have a problem I've always been the kind I didn't want came the first question you know that. So the fact of the matter is whisked not not having shell on right now and I don't care because and I'm still doing what I love doing is connecting with people whether it's on TV on the radio or just in person. So it does have a concern to me and I have seen a lot of people sharing in a lot of people carrying them up. In in his posts and I don't recommend people doing that. But I do have a concern for his well being and the well being of and anybody who might get involved with them at this time. If he's out looking forward cases again. More than he's not taking the time to better himself well think that that really needs to be looked dead and need needs to be a concern. Well and I think you're being kind here because I I honestly think that he did a lot of harm to a lot of people who have it any easier to field I'll be honest in the field. Mom I can't imagine a network looking at him as an as a viable option at this point come into legal gets his life back together or that but that's a problem there are. Networks out there which bull look at him and say well you know he's gonna follower of Ontario for 34500000. People on line. Com so it it's already built and ratings well but it's Tilton readings for what somebody who's already having issues who needs needs time to be able to find themselves. I mean and and that's where the TV industry in people's lives really conflict because a lot of TV industry is in caring about the they don't care about a person's well being and that's the one thing I can say I was had luck with with total film's incredibly GM and all that might Nichols rob Katz. Tom was it was the show is about us so if we weren't in a good place well then it's not going to be good television so let's not do it. So. So I just had it definitely has me concerned about why he why he's out looking for active points or. Stories or things like that and I just I have to voice my concern also for anybody who. Might have a place who does contact him in just please think it think it out. It is Tim might not be beneficial situation for you and it definitely what you want for him. The I mean there a lot of charlatans in the paranormal community you and I know many of them we don't we tend not to call people out there when people make headlines on their own I think it did merits discussing and that's what we're doing here. It's it's just said because it does hurt to community I I do hope that he has pulled his life together and I do hope that he is able to. They're hustled together this fat cells time and I but I agree I don't think he could have but I got. I just right so we just heard anybody else I guess that's about a month I mean we're talking you know 34 months ago he was locked up. His lockdown due to this and so and you know with other issues that that let him down that path soul. Three to four months is just really it's not enough time to fix yourself for find yourself four or resolve your issues can imagine it is. Now in the state of the phone lines we've got pressed in from I'm sure presents from press and welcomed. To be on reality radio begins in the show. And yes sir pride now perhaps in many. Hours. I need Jensen and he's doing I'm doing great thank you. He Chiang sent her sorry about the use her. How loose women though who came to teach me about that he loved. Public terminate. Radiation detectors. Yeah it's it's actress. And yet cherished. Could be one and it's pretty album. Electromagnetic. Greg radiation detector. Yeah I know that Steve actually Steve did a video. I'm not teaching how to how to use them and so forth if you want. Set up slick Eddie with European contact info and I'll I'll I'll forwarded over to Stephen and hopefully Steve can I get on then. You know maybe even send you a link to a video or whatever does he did a whole. Whole thing on teaching everybody how to use and how to. Look for a net and incorrect hits and and so forth so. I. But I yes so make sure you set ups you set up slick could hear your contact info home and LC about getting that over to Steve for. We can see about getting some sort of information help Leo that. Yeah senator. Mr. Jenkins can manage Q1 more question at you sure. And you're honest opinion charter can you. Were or weren't sure he can on the caddie Teddy in the. All the key to meter it I think it's a good device refining and finding some things especially if you cannot. You get the ones that you can turn on and leave on the don't take you holding it down with your thumb because the problem is. He gets a mixture readings if you're holding which Islam gets some gets tired of lifts up slightly at it depresses and I've seen false readings come from them. I have seen like we were who we are the first people really start sticking points and it's good to hold it. Hold it down so we didn't have to worry about that I'm. So I think it's a great device and help you find some some really neat things you can also put them if you have multiple ones you can put them in this era in a chain. And down a hallway so you're able to see if you're getting magnetic fields moving closer to you. You might get a reading in one area where you start seeing decay to light up and a darkroom. And then also on that won't stop some old clothes she starts lighting up on the one close and now even closer lights up so we like to stick him in a chain. Were able to see anything that possibly might be moving for and changing the fluctuations on the on the meters. Yes our. PR press to. Get carried it's solid learn a lot alike from generation if it weren't for him or know nothing about it. Paranormal could well thank you thank you very much for the call and again senate slick with your your contact phone will go from there so. But thank you very much for calling in Preston yes thank you press and we're gonna put you on hold there's a slicker Alex can pick up the phone let's go to. Guys good morning beauty and and let me first say. Hello everyone and chat chat room my friends you know who you are. And welcomed everyone nude joining. And I just want you ought to know even the people who don't like me the critics that haters whatever. That I pray for each and every one view. We look to the so I was part of this show. An and chat. Honest I can do is I'll be on a Stevie you know there's people tune into the show don't like me and you know I don't care one way or the other so it's time whom just due to do and and enjoy it minutes all the matters. Well thank you in Atlantic City you real quick I want to give you props for around. Being honest about. Just tell able. Hollywood. And by all in the others do. And that TV and movie entertainment industry is and how they definitely do not care about you. Porn industry they use you and then that debt but you know there's so much. I don't I had to get a point I. I think in the porn industry the whole idea others to be used to sell but I felt like a guy comes out when it comes down to to Hollywood let me just say there as there are some great there are some great companies out there and I think it depends on. Where you fall in when you're coming like when I started doing a reality reality television wasn't a big thing nearest few shows here and there. So it was something new and of course Craig apology in and I we bought it heads in the beginning but it but Craig understood that the show was about taps it was about it was about this team. And the team wasn't happy. Well then it's just it translates on film so Craig and them had have always been great to always stayed out of our way we've we've been in charge especially war on the road. And yeah and that that is important now most shows out there are now like demo shows out there. Are people who were tested. By a production company and hired by a production company under the under the premise that they work for the production company they do what the production company tells them to do. And that sort of changes the whole dynamic when it comes down to a to their dealing or their ability to to stand firm on their beliefs or not want something to it soon look a certain. Right so I can now I can kind of pick up where I left off the other I orders. Or I can and do the few really important things that I wanted to address. So. Well let's do this we actually had only about twenty seconds for have to go to break let's just keep you over to the next segment Jane. You'll more time to Chad how's that sound. Yet without great god I really appreciate. I don't go anywhere. All right so right now looks like go I don't know what's going on in Kentucky but our guest Howard storm is not responding so I'm we do have some. I'm Michelle's circle. Who was kind of standing in the wings and she's agreed to come on the show last minute so I think what we'll do was a bring her on the second hour. Rain no evil. That's Owen in the house and removed just pouring water I don't know weirdest aces I muted the story is just insane enough yes sobering Michelle on first second hour bomb and when we come back we'll talk with. Taste. Arms but he did say there was some bad weather in Kentucky and somebody else amid a joke as we our guest was supposed to be Howard stormy city this is Howard storm there's a Howard storm in Kentucky that's a coach a game winning chat by the way let's get back to. If smack the Coleman bring Jay and Jerry got a couple minutes for you what's going on. Okay do you want me to kind of pick up or left off last I a couple of do you need if you don't want people to be aware of the big issues. Okay. Number one cause this is for everyone. That three things bit. If you do they cannot be forgiven and to deduct up by the most people. If you sell your vote Pete sell your soul that that think god if he's gonna intervened to debut while you're still alive once you die if you had soldiers bowl. The net debt to it it music begins suicide. Suicide it very much a real demon I know all about it it is only a Christian faith when I was a child and teenager they kept me from ever acting on it. And three and that is the big one because it is here in the US. The market to beat. Yes why is going around now is that the RFID. Which is radio frequency identification device or NFC. Near field communication. Is not. The market to be. Here's the Sanjay that's out there saying it is not an it is pulling her earlier and just tell you about this seat. Tests. Hang on let me do let me just say one thing their jail on that RFID two is actually I've been doing a lot of research on that because I can't get that too much but I mean I've actually been. Getting ready to to do it and do a story on that time went on television on. The whole fact that I know there's three ports that you eat part of obamacare and everything else you're supposed to have a chip and everything else. And your thoughts on that are. What that it's. It to next YouTube to the double. All my goodness okay. Let this does to you. Part body change issue Eddie DNA molecular structure. Okay to give you hey let's call it a virus. This will destroy your connection to god someone equality got frequency God Particle god Sheen. I take if you have fired dead kills your loved one and need and is therefore have Lucifer Satan the devil whatever you wanna call hammered them. They all knew that. There is no repentance there's no forgiveness Fredette. And you do when you listen so. Nearly date that we don't trust each other as much of old testament revelation definitely that's because the albeit possible he's very controversial and so done. We're does that information come from word of the RS ID chip and it has does all the stuff where where you get that. A lot of sources. I'm in the Bible is itself it says. In a correct translation. Fraudulent and can't make your rights and or is it your forehead. People are beginning to end a lefthander art and they're usually getting it and their aunt and their right hand and between their thumb and their index finger. But also with the forehead and the back of the neck I've heard they can also be done in the form habitat Q and that has stumbled for. The tattoos channel demons to EU statement purse and I think everyone does that. Okay because I had because that's dad puts a real bad is situated because on my body I have numerous tattoos one being right there is the image of an Angel looking at itself in a puddle and seeing itself as a demon and then I might back I've got a scale that runs down my spine and an Angel on one says Gilman demon on the other side. So but I am the furthest thing from attached to use the double. Has so I I really am much anymore my close friends the world of and frankly assembly member Steve is covered from head to toe and in tattoos. So. There you front to no good. No those are. Thank the people who have been a couple of big server and confessed because your body of the temple Percival and you should not the violent. And that is why people what it is an adult had demanded that this kept that way a little bit to the other bank. AJ I can't I picked I can I tell you start another topic or not that I have to let chew gum sorry we've got to move on and only a couple minutes left here. Just we'll have you back on. Let's go to. This is Jonathan in New York City Jonathan welcome to the show. They Java. I. I don't. Let's talk about certain things like gum. I group from Brooklyn and the like that then. Graham probably back in the forties I eat his seat like this here. This trial. The groom a little girl like column for years old Greg grabbed the bottom. Of those old brownstone we used to have a zombie like brutality that you should actually dissipated. But he Italy saw this girl over like over and over that like I you know and here is the morning is. Unbelievable and I haven't quite that. It always in the sponsor. What it wasn't always in the same spot and did she ever pay him any attention or was she just doing your own thing. Arnold she actually paid attention and column in it in two different spots like he's sort. But it is weird because look to sort out by the Al. And but she was always that I like near steps. You do look at a Milan and dissipate. I. That it that it was happening in two different spots it would kind of take and she is paying him attention. Acknowledging him would take away the idea of it being a residual type on so it would fall more under. Some sort of intelligent life on. But I'm not sure of is the connection with that so maybe it was somebody within his life that. Was still trying to connect may be was maybe was the mere fact that he could see. Her and then nobody else could achieve. Tried to purposely make sure that that. That she was there in in these locations where you see here yet I think a lot of times these things. The spirit since. Nobody sees them firm and god knows how long can somebody finally does wall a lot of times they're gonna keep on trying to be around that person because that person was able to acknowledge their existence. And that means everything to them. And actually greatly at that we're gonna put com. He'll be sorely come. They'd be they'd be pretty darn well oh in Ali I only were fighting their assembly to arm like but we're not to like one like in the Alps. And one outside of the house and surely looked like she would like the same age you don't orange air lies. And resist changed let armed. So much education all. Awhile meant is that such a pleasure to drive icing show like for you here. Paul thank you very much and make sure you tune and we got some great shows that we do here and phone lines are always open so thanks for the call and I'll talk to again yes thanks Jonathan thanks thanks for thanks for calling in we don't have time to take another call. Before the top of the hour break. So we're gonna do is we're gonna bring Michelle's circle in Michelle's the author of book called rain no evil do some really interesting story it's a great story and she's she's says she looks through quite an ordeal and shall tell her story we come back after the break and we. Apologize for those who tuned into hear Howard storm's story but we have an able to get him on the phone so. Not sure what's going on a Kentucky. But Harris so we're gonna take a quick break when we come back we'll have our need to ask you listen Jason TV. Beyond reality radio I'm Jason Hart Stevie Johnson our guest tonight is Michelle the circle Marcum author of the book re no evil. Michelle is. Also a podcaster. And a columnist for Ohio valley publishing the Portsmouth daily times and Monroe watchman newspapers Michelle. Welcome to beyond re reality radio great to have you on the show. I mean are they should be in our guest. So before we start talking about your book and the experience he is that you lived through that led to your writing of the book tell us about yourself are you got into. Writing to begin with and them what you know pathway due to this point. Well I'm talking lesson for twenty years in quite partner but again which is ironic lately and meanwhile it frequently seen. I hate I've always enjoyed bringing out and I started telling that story that actually happened to me that TD community bank at about a bigger airport than. Everett at short story about it you'd won an award jackpot. This ain't it about. That the book the put. Now they'll fill us in on the story of what happened here. Okay. Are seeking high school. I was in the Mary and I had been sixteen years. With my ankle we argue that we thought there and we were about it. I'm having it air. And trying to make America work. What are working and we had a big fight Wednesday. And I got an hour. And I ate I basically prayed. And hoped the odd that he occurred to me here Israel I was blaming him for. These dire straits that other primary it was in hand. And three days later. My older son was twelve and my younger son that in. And the planet turned into running until an agreement that water that dropped on pat. Well. Before eating it amber it was cutting across political. And and I make dynamic out watching TV we got a particular projecting around. But was not the case we realized. It would be killer round and the water would literally display across the rim. I guess someone had stepped in how the water. And get shot on yeah. It would not powerful. On I didn't initially get to the greater. Idea after the war on for a period a few weeks. And that in Alley happened. Back in 2000 insects. So this happened numerous new all over spam and numerous times. Hi right they capped it with clarity and it was stopped it wasn't like a continual. Yeah I think continual leak or something on there is no water pipe sticking to the wall or anything like. As a plumber that's definitely mine my first thought is Erica from a former right trade. Is don't water line in the in the ceiling or line or something that. Could today could be broken on the other side and seeping through and gorgeous steel toll in just letting loose and boring so but none of that you have that inspector general that. All we asked after the top end. Well we just trying to find we find ourselves our family. On my husband has been dragging it would like him from my father. They are very. Barry I am very glad acts. Yes finding a week they'd all been in there working on homes before or not sort of saying I actually worked I Shaq and and build but in a disaster areas and going and to manage. How plug early it is not very is the look at it. Touted that like I said the water would it would spray and it right intermittent it was very random. Erin Healy there right there when it was going to happen and then it would it would happen again. In make up any intent to get it happen again and in power. That was just part of what was going on and during that period of time. I wanna take I wanna take you step back and I'm gonna ask needed to add to get into the details of all this because it's really fascinating but. You said your from Point Pleasant. Obviously the home of the moss mania what is this where the house was or or was the house elsewhere. Well. Actually I'd written it and and didn't aimed publication and and the names of people in the but become the personal nature of it sure but what I can tell you is that I want teaching high school in queen vibrant. Which is prominent pop man band that yes and that that they happened in let's pretend okay. So so do regardless of whether or zag in the house was actually in Point Pleasant or not it was pretty close and you had to be close enough that you could work there. Now before we we can break down the nuts and bolts of what happened to you and what you wrote about in the book Reno weevil. Did you grow up. Knowing about the mosque man's story in about all the other weird things that we're going more on. In the Point Pleasant area through you know through that whole period. President my father actually with the police officer and make its county Ohio. And he responded. To be when the summer breaks fell my he actually responded to her people and a lot or screaming oh. There's so much craziness that was going on either not fully UFO on alien sightings Jimmer within only a fifty mile radius of the area prior and after and and to some most things like not so did you grow up thinking or believing you're even having an interest in the fact that there was a lot of strange activity in that whole region. Free for years and years. I know is that keeps the American of them walked into my uncle he did as part of the curriculum and you know election would be yet. And that it would local history. But as far as getting in Q and delving into any as part of personal nature. I mean I've enjoyed during the story and I got a great talent people in the community with cal I worked with Jeff wobbly here right. I'd be this founder and top man and museum there are quite partner and Andy possible that has become he'd never 121000 people are here. Yeah it's it's it is amazing and it's an amazing story. And we are we're talking logo and yet we'd like to we were expected to be able to broadcast from their different for next year but I guess my point here is that. That region seems to be a hotbed of of all sorts of strange activity and I'm just looking to see if there might be any type of connection between what you experienced. And some of these other strange things that are that are going on because quite honestly we had a moth man expert on I don't know couple weeks ago we are talking about. In the moss man's sightings there at the silver bridge collapse the men in black sightings the what he Daren Berger think is his name on story in the injury to her whole street there's so many things in the all seen it. Can you know women and fifty or so mile radius radius of this Point Pleasant at the senate. And I do some others if there's a strange energy yourself well and now you chalk up our house and Marines inside exactly. And. Right well I I don't think it directly. Had anything to do you wet. Amare made him. Well no we don't really think that with Iraq and more just like an honor jet energized area. Yet not I would say that it they're there is a portal there and maybe nearest port au pair that would allow end. Possibly more entities. There on your normal. Location so you put him at and I do you think that that's probably what happened. And as part allowing an as many things and we were witnessing Rahal and his there were many many. And before you had the experiences yourself and all this happened that your home were you a believer of of paranormal. Type activity each page you had any other experiences with spirits or ghosts or anything like that. I grew up pentecostals and I had seen a lady. What about setting your old you keep in mind you know from a federal perspective. Do you remember lady reading and I charged. India with the Pentecostal church and screaming and crazy and ever won and the congregation around the returning and the oil and said he had cheated is that. What do you rather not I don't know but I do you remember back I remember Utley believing that there were things I can explain things that would happen. There were at a record playing one night and how. Then they're never they're wondering infinite and it was constrained when I was little heard we heard this record tying my sister and I we wrap your average retired for the night. And we got on my list down there and had turned a record on because that would work that they cops search and we walk out to they're. Landing at the top of the stairs and here comes mom out of her madder she achieved that era you. So we only policies that are looking over the railing or olive and cheapest record that was playing and and then we heard paper prank playing well of course we all get on her Raymond she called my grandfather and my my father and I think. Get there about the same time and there was no one there. How does he chair but the record player would not even play their. Now how old were you that it. Around. Around eight. Turning round leader whom we the only young female Omaha ounce. A lot OK because you always gonna ask because because sometimes you find that. The special Oleg poltergeist type on teams are really. Not like the movie made notes who it's usually a young female that's manifesting activity themselves near high limestone deposit areas. There weren't a different areas that Perry give off some sort of energy use some sort of charge he always get a check because you you wonder if the the girl with a young girl my house is actually the cause of hot of that activity. Odd how people IP dot com and many interviews with. With what happened in my how that egging it could have been a poltergeist and I'd I'm not dismissing the fact that there could have been on poltergeist activity. Out. My my older and look up your old. It doesn't always nice email that doesn't always have to be if you knowledge as most of the time that that seems to be the agent. Right we I'd I'd I'd say that there are many different things going on in our house operations. That were happening edited QE period of time there were our eyeballs that are floating. Demons. The library and AM all floating eyeballs with me who can rally. That has some dramatizing enough to see nuclear rival Sloan. Fiat that that was what my anger and follow isolate demon in my mirror. And that was the main training things still to this day that has happened to me. Out of everything that I've encountered. Even with the water heating across the ring getting chills up your pack are. You know it certain that did that shouldn't coming into pat either that where port and arm that is seemingly so but. What I thought that even if I hear what it happened. This happened during that period trying to bet that the slaughter going on and it's part of the revelation to me that there was Nieminen. I'm glad I get it did not realize that at first. Target sitting at Torrey imminent we yeah I think earlier he called upon murdered and repairmen yet we have had numerous numerous professional but he came out. That we're looking for a water early. They politicking there had. Aaron we had one gentleman. They're the team that three people that the insurance company had parents and I they had eight meter that they played the ball. That majors in the back into your wall several inches. And they had had surged to how they can find anything they put this near a law. And you know there's other there's water he conceded trailed well watered and basically they didn't keep me staying. All of the walls. And the windows were steamed up. But yet been measure that there have been device they were using a major us being up in the air and the ball. It was telling parents it was a readings below and one gentleman turned to rain on TV on her too and said. This but they're something paranormal going on here. On I had met with but it's Monday that particular people who got there I realized that there was and I had that there was an evil stare out. I had told my husband but to appease him because he didn't believe that he thought crede. QP camp I was still having people country house and check it out but yeah I was telling you I was like well we're gonna sell out. These these guys over and let them let them do what they can dale in. So there is so they ran it to some familiar with the device especially as late as set as a plumber by trade. Is the vice and we we can put up against cold seawater damage from one appointed not to see if that actually tests are. How much waters has actually trapped in an area. And house so canary is because of course water damage insurance companies you don't worry about all that and you need to get information so familiar with the place and it was it was literally was saying there was nothing there. After lately yet and I had called the insurance company. And made a claim simply because we were not sure. I'm at what extent of gaming group appointed to how we and we knew that we were able to keep up with. Pretty much mopping it up everywhere that you know we a lot of heart record it would it would break it open and mop it up. And that wasn't like there were just. I literally you know into the water laying on the war but we didn't know what we're happy until we did call the insurance company I'm not just about the claim. But he has to. For their assistance and they don't want peace that this team of specialists. And they wanted to put the water and electric turnout actually addiction and I said well we're living in the house. And that the ladies scheduled appointment that your living there and I think yes we are actually learning in the house. So and she allowed to keep the Tehran and the electric on it doesn't need to work in disaster areas obvious. Yeah I mean and I truly probably showed off and probably showed it off wall they are their to do their stuff still least make sure that something wasn't feeding and then just turn it back on before they left. Right right that they did a lot keep it on and they get paint yet I've by the time of Bolivar the insurance and gentlemen. I quote and I said look. We we we have the X. We didn't. Have to do anything that changed the carpet era that carpet the content that hot hot under. And I said that the hurricane damage that we have. I didn't meaning we're gonna have to paint the whole towels inside. Because the public is sustained. And I say other than that we don't have any damage and I sat on the court how app and we pretty. And a pre exercised that power. And I think I didn't expect get paid meaning he he let his response was I'm going to thank you attack capita paint. And the carpet because I was gonna hide outs myself. I believe it. We LA out he give you got lucky because that's such a rarity in most of whom once some solid evidence. I we're gonna take a quick break it's beyond reality. Marcum after her you know her. Which is an account based on her true story of an assault by Demont demonic presence that manifested itself as water. Michelle is also podcast host an inspirational speaker and a columnist for several publications and Michelle. But so let's walk this back a little bit and come and start from the beginning of the hole. The the occurrences began now you had nothing how long were you in the house prior to this starting. And was there any hint of what was to come on you're there before it really all sorted take place. There was absolutely no Nokia and what are. We've made into this out eight years before we at any store experience like best and it only started. Three days after I dared got to create gimme either Israel I wanted to know I'd I'd believe that he was from a from a child like her in church. But I was angry. I was trying to make America work. And I think that died and blamed hair and four and just being in this unhappy situation and not realizing also that I was actually in a very verbally abusive relationship. And that was something that transpired. And it was revealed to me mr. grass. And that's not uncommon though when it comes down to a demonic type ponting sore or possessions for. Verbal or physical or or even drug or alcohol abuse some sort of abuses and emotional abuse any of those abuses seem to be a catalyst but. Also the fact you did you know consider your son being. And interest starting puberty and so forth arm as a possible catalyst for the activity so you were looking into these explanations. But in situations like you were saying earlier you and your husband were both having action Merrill fares and so that's all already building tension and I also adding to the negativity and of course that it just opens the door. For things to come things to come meant. And fill that void. Yes yes and we had lived in the house prior to the emitting into the front. And we. Work we were still having the same issue bench they're verbal abuse were going on even at my house. That we may have been prior to their went so. I I don't believe that the unit that is you know that occurred. And comment as a result of living in this specific. But that our partner you want to equipment. Good tip. So. You view were in a bad place. Mean your life you had a lot of stress. From performance all sides and you spoke directly to guide then you'd. Asked tempted to give you some gonna sign that he was real three days later all hell breaks loose. Yes what are started spraying crops Graham. And when he's right we might say water started spraying across from what we just sitting in and living murmured her somewhere watching television or so what did give us really how it happened. Yes they my husband and I were sitting in the living very much in columns and the boys are upstairs my truck girl my seven year old. And my older one came running countered that water to Japan attacked well. We despite a peeping around I'm you let me get it got a Mac is back up. Kevin back down a little bit later same thing he set so I can and it look and I see where they're about spot on the carpet that this but there's a carpet. And right in the middle of the Esther how way. Directly below that on the stat there was a good double lot of water. And I think what did you have water near he's I didn't hit it direct that well I'm an academic sit down and well you know water it hit the track do our. Arm somewhere in the before your area where it initially pointed out it hit the front door my husband and I look at each other because. Well you know I can't quite obviously get running we think that and obviously that didn't get Majorly break at GM they're hit that aren't normal apps and of course he's got a ticket what are you doing you know obviously thinking it an arm and they hate that it wanted them where we dry up and setting their tribal kind of talking about what are continuing to watch urged our television show. And then it happened again and actually in the living room where and it and there was nobody around and that this proceeded to be yen. Do a throughout the QE period in every gram in how it was a cute story out with a statement. It was it would suit across agreement had the fire alarm jetted off. It lit up the light bulbs because they were hot in the spring and hit and then it shattered the glass color of the floor. I had to take my -- off the wall and put them under my dying your cable and cover with plastic. Because. Everything he just didn't know where it was and he hit and that is pictured actually had a picture of the dining table at that covered. On YouTube on a trailer Erik because as a demon hijacked my how screen an eagle and if you type that you keep you could see the actual picture. I'd really how I did was not able to capture a lot of things I wanted to capture at the time. I really wasn't think being pictures too much because. It was it also is the real I was working I'm still working people trying has more working age we're trying to find a water leak we think. My god you know it never thought we went crazy. Michelle Michelle we've got to we've got to interrupt here I'm sorry we just got to get to a break and you know we've we appreciate Michelle's circles coming on Jay. Her book is called rain no evil. And she went through quite an ordeal. I mean. Just an incredible story horrifying you are fine print so we're gonna go to break when we come back we'll continue with Michelle story it's beyond reality radio with Jason NTT dot. To be on reality radio I'm Jason DVR guest tonight is Michelle's circle author of the book rain no evil Michelle you're talking about this is sounds like it was pretty there was really terrifying situation right. And I hit pat someone who actually would recommend when the water was starting in the house and all the operations and things we can't Gregory person. Haven't had somebody about acting that's higher than are locked garage I mean each this story is very much more involved than just the water itself. I've got alluded you. But I didn't have someone contact me and say it's in the community actually got to that may very well because I'd like well are obviously aren't squawking because I like that going on. And that lady said once you called this house cleaners for her remembers each round actually he says from Parkersburg. West Virginia. And I think it's it cheeky terms and clean my account to god how cleaner obviously not what legend that. But and there are how cleaner about Erica will come and remain kind. We remain the Kennedys for you in these states the plate and make up there and rituals or any area. I'd be very different one but I did not. 800 bucks you can charge. I'm very reasonable but I guess I was very Leary and getting into I would not and she got. I love and any being what would you agree Turkey now probably as you age I was and Q they gain. Or I would averages very Leary an inviting anything and it. I'm in my life that I wasn't sure what according you know what happened site did not ask her account I get stick what we're asking creek but that's. And make even more. Interesting to me how I actually end up going to lady in Charleston I get. Knowing how has it that I was whisked back soreness. You know energy work and sort things I was familiar with the idea ghetto and it was definitely meant for me. Yeah meet her and how that experience. Which is funny that you referred and that we referred to somebody coming in NC aging is new age which aired again it does fall under but if you think demonic it's one of the oldest type things that. So it's it's how it now became his new age state thing is just beyond me I mean when they were in there were doing this long before. Long before priests and so forth would come to your Howell posted to do a cleansing so. Yeah absolutely not that's an article but I irate about. I write for the paper event in early church and that's one of the things I do like to write about trying to inform people. In my and write your column that. You know I talk about mugging and how it's okay because. A lot of Christians believe oh like he said that ordeal age can bench all the priests either and that Indian city. You know does that for clearing for years feel like you said it's an agent parked at. And there's nothing evil about the practice itself it's the intent behind what you're doing anything that really matters. Exactly especially when you look at things are down two until wicca and so forth and that falls under this whole new age thing but. To be honest it's the oldest religion and that pianist and it's pretty much oldest religion Perez. So it's just I how our society has really changed it labeled written and now people's perception of it is so different than it really is. Well respected very controversial and that I party hi Aaron and I story how high they were selling out of it. It's been banned from the store because. One of the employees to do that started reading it realized that there were trying to. And you know it was part of integral part of the story but they called me at that they were comfortable carrying it because they like Christian music and store. That did this by itself it's not anti Christian at all and you know as I explained to her reasoning for having the trick in the book. Yes she understood that but extort comfortable carrying an area in the end for not storage actually had a lady burn my bout that same week. And she Barnett sheep that got pulled her department paid back eight I think people. Thought they they get energy that's something they're not familiar what they're world view is one way to had been told things are this specific way that specific religion and and they start reading something here's something that. Challenges that. And they get scared and and that's what I feel trapped and at least in the incidents that an and that's fine nothing people ought to agree with my book either and that's it KQ people can read it varying opinion. But I am saying that cute tune just get a few pages in and think that you you know on my goodness in it departments challenging gone I've gotten it yet. You know she's she's evil or or she. Issued not in the right place. Apple is part of your story is that I and I did that asking for a spot from Scotland my way. I'm getting answered I needed and very thankful everyday for the experience that I had because it changed my life to help reach transformed. My life. And got what I needed so I didn't ask for fine even in the Bible the white men need is a part of our. And on college or. And they should at least given a chance I mean it's kind of stupid to be burning a book and everything else is too silly but whatever. I wanted to take a quick break it's beyond me. We're talking with full circle more from her her her reign no evil which is an account based on her true story of an assault played him demonic presence. Michelle I mean that one of the questions obviously for anybody who. It is a paranormal investigator or takes real interest in this stuff is did anybody and if so how many peoples that were outside the home where witness to what was going on in the home. We had outward are probably. Around fifty people and created family friend that would just stop I. They need a bit there including B repairmen in the contractor that we were called the preached. I'm and there is actually Protestant preacher has been out of the creature actually attended. I don't let the water straight while our summer there. Bank that many people in the community. Would stop by and did witness then I had several run counter got books on oh we're so glad that great finally out at big you know your your sharing it. And I remember not happen and you know it that was just really interesting picky here dot. From from the people in the community say yes probably about fifty people. And once you had a house exercised had the priest involved did did all of its stock. It has anything occurred to you personally sensed from. Give me personally have to and he actually having them at the house then after that app that's remained yes. That nothing like back now. But other other experiences or just. Nothing colonel. Well I I would it would be paranormal but I don't believe it was evil there. The White House I live in now in Columbus on lived I'd of their per year remarried and I may get their last year. And my husband and I we were talking about alt on the block and you know he did just like I've you know I believe you keep you believe me from the beginning at the hope Cory excited it is hard it is part to record bettering out he kept him again. You know having that experience. And it wasn't very long it was about a week later and we had he had checked that the kids fell out of the closet. Basically. Terry and explainable it was up their very secure cal how he's got a statement to hit me. And I think in not lane hit questioning I called and our bank. It makes any sense it happened if you can't do them any and it did the it basically flew up its healthy net and and I felt like it hit me in this happened twice in a period QE. And then like that the door would open and he'd say act or write an open you know and that he was experiencing some things. That didn't directly inking steam at me but I think you're questioning. Began. When you asked for something when you ask for preached in line on it actually came out that I didn't and I got hurt your real. But he was definitely questioning. The experience I had not to begin believe me but he wouldn't interest that he was questioning about how how to back up I can't imagine you know how. Sitting there and water spreading across the ram and an orchestrated just cannot get around and I do believe that questioning called buddy and because he abandoned house. He built that Al and the work he's put there for five years now acknowledge that there for one so he had never had anything like that happen before. And when when this was all over when and when an all stopped how long between that point and the point you decided to. In the book brain no evil. Well I guess they're writing the book about four years ago. I. I had written a short story of one page contest in West Virginia towards Virginia writer. And I I would encouraged by that I thought that it needs to be culled. Initially I started to spreading out other paranormal crede and happened to me and I guerrillas now. Yeah act that in itself fine but that's not enough that's the message is you can change your life. This is how it changed mine so I started writing the whole thing and I've brought in the elements of the personal nature of the relationship because that was the reasoning it would all make more sense at all came together and I told the entire story. And it took me four years to write. But this actually happened act and keep turning six. I had I would have kept a diary so I had a I had a diary and I would journal and went all the Catholic app so it was. And of course see you memories are very vivid when you're experienced something I'd elector trying. As what I experienced you know you do you remember. You remember the B cal. Yes and he decided at some point to to write a novel based on the events as opposed just writing just a telling of the events what what was involvement decision. And that and that was because of the personal nature of it I I did not want you. Obviously I'm not here not saying hey you know this as a local mark on the Q I am. And that's what happened to me. But the other people in this story. You know my ex husband is back you get to share the story how he you know which is Kucera. But I didn't fill out of my plate could kind of caught him Alps. On not just in of course people like at that in the community now but as for the worldwide audience. I'm got that that would more that would Weyrich the book they'll edit as far as changing the names and locations. And I can talk to I do an interview. I got on one of my life speaks podcast that I deal. I'm I interviewed him and he retell. His name is Mike Burkle and Dicky Dicky archive so I acts. As telling of his experience when he came to my falcons are a water spring. Okay as we're talking with a Michelle's circle and we are talking about her book rain no evil and we're gonna take a quick break when we come back we'll continue our discussion. It's beyond reality radio would Jason NTV to. Tells her remark from author of the book when you know people which is an account. Based on her true story of an assault by demonic presence. Michelle let's change just the topic a little bit because you do some other things and you you host a weekly radio show as you've mentioned it's called life. Speaks at set etc. what on the on the air radio dot com's there were people confinement. Here on on their site and I take it in podcast that I might like eight got impact site. Great to tell us a little bit about that podcast with tomato. Well it's largely about ten people to experience says west. I have spread to date. Perkins interview that has seen back wants. When he was fifteen he is interested and and hunting I'd say hiking and in just researching. I'm excited that squad so like it's intense could be people their trick with the paranormal. I do you think I will be breaking out and speaking on more things on the show and talking to people currents and without. Domestic violence and their experience with that how they've dealt with that how they've you know came through and because I have had many women cannot yet say you know I you know I look speed you know I got out and and studied in the show will break out but right now we're on their you have a lot of a lot of people during they're basically paranormal urged her book stories I am like not a coincidence. And when you start seeing that the coincidence they're that you. Hiding your life are not really coincidence that well at they're clear they're fine and that we need to follow them like. Tell bread crumbs learned if you do that you. You will be living more of your tree stand by ignoring them. Statements but the senate and I did I get up and each member he is on. He's under Stockard on destination America I was able to hook up with am happy about what optical camera. And I interviewed him about his experiences that he quickie then paranormal investigator he played on and furious the first one that he had a cold story. And no view also are an inspirational speaker motivational speaker supposed. That you talk about. Energy healing and domestic violence and and also your experiences with with a demonic forces tells women about. What you do when you when you speak in the type audiences that tell you speak to. I'm back very type sometimes it's but with the community library where I will. And they're usually of course very interested in personal hearing. That he domain. Attraction for them is hearing that story during the reign him evil part of it. On that usually the ice breaker for me is that I share in a bit about Cairo and and this is how I got from. Eight busy this is how I got from being. Manipulated by these evil forces and and came through all of that and got out of an uptick in in violent relationship Aaron. And it can't transform our life so I I usually corporate all of those elements and Q the speeches that I may. All right and you know in an age where. We're seeing. The conjuring the conjuring two more Amityville horror movies. You know all these these films based on truth on things. Any discussion on and turning your story into some type of film. Actually yes there's a lot of people have mentioned that to me at every word about what it is it's going to be it would make a heck of a maybe I will play and the complex Virginia I think Jennifer Garner should be in the running for. Blame me anyway. I yet Michelle we're just amazed basically at a time your but I wanted to give you an opportunity to let folks know where they can find the book where they can learn more about EU and the other things that you do. Okay great well what about if I'm ray no evil dot com and a drain like water rain and evil not crime they can order it there. Or on Amazon is also on Kendall all the boxed. And some of the local bookstore north Virginia and Ohio of them all that you can get initial oracle dot com. And if you get cannot buy you can get with me if you would like me to turn your location and GB I am and I'm planning on being in new metric panel. So I'm looking forward to sharing my story on and more national level. Great thank you so much for coming on spending time with Austin and telling us about your story. Thank you very much for having enjoyed it. Are we really do have to thank Michelle's circle for filling in last minute. Originally scheduled guest but things happen as people heard when we lost audio times and is just. Anaheim the we're the weather's weird things weird I don't know what's on us a thing I mean it. And earned an initial guest. I'd cut and of course couldn't come on hamster storm. And it must have been some sort of a tactical difficulty but net twice and in the audio. All the dogs certainly shut out a shot off news like out of the blue so there's got to be something going on with storm out there. Yeah I mean we're you know lost connection twice to each other and when that happens everything guys so on him it's too bad info on extra thanks for bearing with us. We got some great shows coming up the next couple of nights and hopefully no audio glitches or no Internet issues but. Tomorrow night we're going to be talking about Martin Luther King the assassination. Of that great man. Hum will be touching on the assassination of Robert F Kennedy is well our guests will be doctor William Francis pepper. He is it was friends' personal friends with Martin Luther King Jr. right up until the time of his death. And then years later he actually suited to look at the case and started to think hey maybe maybe James Earl Ray who was ultimately put in prison. For that assassination. Isn't what he seems to be and certainly isn't guilty of the crime in the end up ended up defending emirate into those whose death I think it was 2000 hater so. Yeah and. He says same depositions from people who witnessed some really incredible stuff that and which will make you just. Question humanity in general and he talks about how old Martin Luther King was actually still alive when brought to the hospital. In in his book himself sorry deathly wanna touch on that we're talking with them and it's pretty eerie stuff feel army and and then Thursday we've got Mike McKay. Or make hey calm. Greece were in talking now about the stories and Keaton Penn and his wife and their children moved into. How's that seem to have some sort of a poltergeist that activity going on. Yeah they were there for a couple years he you know it's it's it's an interesting story keeps kind of outlined to us we see the ever come on the show and and tell us about it because our our audience loves this kind of thing so will be chat with him monitors tonight. Well anything is where he has there's a real history. Of it in the area that he that he lived. A real history of what's still a lot of lot of terrible death and everything right down to Roman activity be out there we go and much. Try to get a merry and from buffalo in we've got about just a little bit less than a mandatory Marion welcomed the shell. Tank and can can link thank you very much on. Natural comic. Who again I may actually Colin. I mean and so. Can be really really good I haven't been. You know this is Old Trafford before Craig steps you guessed it didn't come and went back in me and and it irritation as to what I have is my question is okay in the ambient. Inflammatory parts and letting story. What else deliver my or left my body. And it feeling watching that ignorance. Is in my blood Brothers life. You're almost ten seconds on. I know I'm going to disappear. Okay now my question is for someone who has to my AM thanks. For the future do these people believe they're stricker welcome back Jim and about eight. That's that's a great question yeah and honestly I think that did they think that they're the spirits just in limbo until until they get revives sir to touch off or pretty much out of time. But make sure you tune in tomorrow night everybody and also like the FaceBook page at FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio yields and Jason G via location all the markkaa. Yeah ingredients produced by Steve Cady ignorance and platoons and Al. Senator Johnson for Entercom radio. Don't forget to stop by our FaceBook page give us a light and say hello it's beyond reality radio all one word if you've got information you want us to follow what bunt or you like to be guests on beyond reality radio email to sleep Getty. That's slick Eddie ED DY at beyond reality radio dot com thanks for listening.