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2/21/17 Scoot 3pm- Trump, National Black History Museum and Antisemitism

Feb 22, 2017|

President Trump has been under pressure to do more to denounce Antisemitism in America and this morning while visiting the National Black History Museum, President Trump did denounce Antisemitism. His daughter, Ivanka, who converted to the Jewish faith, tweeted earlier today that anti-Antisemitism is horrible and must end.

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I have made an executive decision now we were gonna talk about this 123 year old who is being criticized for putting in her hand for roommate no alcohol no pets no red meat notre supporters. We'll probably do that on the show tomorrow are really wanna talk about something it's a really sensitive topic here is in New Orleans. And that isn't going out early along parade routes. And staking out your territory. The city of New Orleans is going through and sweeping the end Demi and wrote cling. So if there anything anything that's up there. They're gonna sweet tickling is a city doing the right thing. Do you agree with the city of New Orleans removing physical barriers and the tape and everything that people are using to reserve spots for morning operates. That's a pretty gentle people give your opinion by going to our web site of the if you don't icon. Also this hour we'll talk about some NASCAR fans complaining about plans to have girls representing the energy drink monster. Appear in black leather outfits on the track and they are upset about that. I would have thought that I see you can't judge all NASCAR fans. The same because I'm sure some NASCAR fans love it some don't like it. If you're just joining us now we've also been talking about president trump today directly denouncing anti semitism and says it has to stop. Here's part of what tip president trump had to say these were remarks that he made at the national museum of African American history and culture. I'm deeply proud that we now have a museum. That honors the millions of African American men and women who built our national heritage especially when it comes to faith. Culture. And the unbreakable. American spirit. And president truck is scheduled to go visit the holocaust museum as well but here's some here's comment that he made about the anti eight. Semantic threats that have come out. Really there was no on a number of them yesterday anti Jewish community centers are on the country. And there had been a number threats since January this tourism meaningful reminder. Of why we have to fight bigotry. Intolerance and hatred in all of its very ugly forms. I know that people wanted him to say things like this during the campaign and he didn't didn't address it as directly as a some people wondered. But the fact that he's saying it now it if if this is what he acts upon. These comments. Mean isn't this a good thing. If you rejoice for the coming our numbers 260187. The area code 5042601878. Or Texas 877. Also this afternoon we've been talking about some workers who took the day off last Thursday to protest a day without immigrants. They found out they lost their jobs. They went to go protest. They didn't go to work. And they got fired. But I am gonna add to the conversation the salary via the city crews of removing the role in the tape and everything Colombian Jimmy parade route. People go out there and they've they've they stick out their territory. Should the city be doing this or should the city let people. Put their stuff Koppen and leave it up. Is that something that you do is that something that you have a problem with. I guess in some ways it makes them. Makes that the place look a little. Well not need to clean. But then again this morning rod and nothing really looks neat and clean for Mardi Gras. I don't have a problem with the city doing this deal. Item numbers 2601 a seventy text 877 from New Orleans Anthony here on Debbie WL. Because I need to school look it did this is the problem it would do is part if you get in the you have him work. There have been in good record in its that nickel below one day right because that he would but he right and you get immediate area. In Iowa and that phone at same token if you right to buy imported but he likes. Odd that they were okay comeback it's you. Liked my input that older and I bet. Well he didn't fire under 'cause these people didn't firearm because of their beliefs are fired because they didn't show to work. What my point about casual pollute let it do that right I mean because of Dakota when the pocket after about two. I'm retire and integrity of the. Did you did you call it. Did you call in or when you couldn't show up all OK but a lot of these people did know it was a problem they they didn't give the the owner has a burning and they just they just an off. It took off work. I know I I don't I don't know but the story that I have a number of them did not ultimately we'll go to. It. You legitimately tough and you had no right unit will you have no Anthony. Anthony I have. I have a credible source and I trust source if you are making you're just making this up. And still. Because Anthony Mason Anthony I agree that is some read essential for work and NATO call in. They can be fired period. They consume but as you know gonna win. Took a group. You can't just not me there's a lot of reasons like people get fired if you don't do not because I. Oh. Yeah. I'm telling us and telling you if you if you don't call if you if you don't do the right thing you work it if you just like don't show what you can get fired that's legal. Sort of dumb to let that took probably edited and don't worry my car but it didn't take monopoly. Right. You don't decide when you're an employee who you don't decide which state you take off if your if your company tell issue they don't want to take that day often you take that day off anyway you're fired. Okay. Well up to. Nichols into it then you don't want to. Go work somewhere else. There. And it up I took about take a call. Right and I took it took to meet and lo and Anthony Anthony Anthony. You know like dude you just blow it. You just blow it by playing the race card. You just exposed. Who and what you mark. Wow. Yes I if you don't do your job. A boss can fire you. Because Willem. It's a wimp and you can sue anybody for anything but. You know gonna win. To enjoys the common sometimes comments that you that you feel with you wanna share come from a caller. Sometimes comes from something from a text. On guys it comes some something that I set. Our numbers 2601870. Every coach 5042601. He said he put that in your phone to program that in the phone so would you get the urge when when it somebody says something pricing cellular react to. Because that's our little to show we'd get so many comments from so many different angles this is one of the one of them the radio talk shows that he is not. Focused in a myopic political social direction. Needed it they are shows that art it's it's so damn predictable. What they're gonna talk about exactly what they're gonna say. And you'd never know what you're gonna hear here. And I love that. Let's take a break. If you're on hold hang on I'm coming right back with your comments to get to number into your phone and if you've never called the radio talk show before I hope this is the first one you call. And if you wanna tell us if your first time caller on that's cool. But it's just like having a conversation it's an opportunity for you to express. Your opinion and that's something we do every afternoon. I've got my opinions. You've got yours sometimes we agree sometimes we disagree. God bless America. Will be right back on every WL. There wearing leather there wearing black leather corsets and that they're too small for their talks because there's too much. There's too much body and not enough to have to cover. Sosa NASCAR fans are complaining about plans to have the girls representing the energy drink monster appear in black leather outfits on the track. I've seen the outfits I do not object. And then there's criticism of thought well that this is a family oriented environment that I respect. But you're not seeing anymore and I have seen the picture of these girls you're not seeing anymore effect you're seeing last. Then you would see to kids went to the beach or went to a swimming pool you're seeing less. And I just think too many people freak out when it comes to the only time I can do what I gonna do my son sees this what what are you couldn't do. Are you gonna teach him that no matter what he thinks no matter what he sees that he's he's he's got a behavior certainly an actor certainly I would I would hope that's what you're gonna tell. Here's a party general opinion poll this is very rare. Do you agree the city of New Orleans for removing the physical barriers that people are using to reserve spots for Mardi Gras race 100%. Say yes. 0%. Say no. Give a shipping it by going to our web site WW dot com here's a Texas as. Scooting have a WW all emails that you don't mind giving out I normally don't have time to call in. Or text. Are too short yes my email address is scoot. At WWL. Dot com and it's starting tomorrow I'm gonna make some time I do it occasionally I get some really great emails in and some of them are long and might not be able to read all of them on the air. But I can get did the gist of it I'm gonna start sharing some of your emails are on the air. Let me know if I'm not gonna I'm not gonna mention your last name I might mention your first name if you ask me. I certainly do not mention your name at all. A from Slidell Bobby your Debbie W or good afternoon. Based code on immigration. Walked out hurt and they're protest then you know I mean it's like. He's stated Opel and a couple of incidents that is where. Company. You know. Operate the line and have the work is it show how good they took them way you know on approach. And eighties although. It. They walk out you know have a job but the thing about. Whereas the situation that companies are. Oh yeah. It is may be out of them. Are quite high to really. You know I mean they're at. You know walk out now right. You know especially illegal and you do so. Bob I appreciate the call yeah there was a company if you just joined us a retirement on masonry company in commerce city Colorado. I date without a day without immigrants. Inspired the Foreman and thirty brick layers to not show up for work. And the owner told him if you don't show up for work tomorrow on this day where you're you're you wanna go protest you're gonna be fired. They didn't show up for work. They got fired. I know the company is a boat to building company at like two to South Carolina. 21 employees reported an assembly line. They didn't show up. They were all fired. Some of these are companies are saying they had no warning. That to their employees were not going to not to show. Up from BlueLinx Steve you're inevitably you know good afternoon. It's a good. The India and the program work and they go out and now. Oh yeah well. And you don't call in a timely manner and more when you consider it ain't all bad. You know. Arm. And my. That may call it where you are just be all and all. Consideration. Well as Steve for example if if if somebody were in that situation and they didn't call in and you you marked him well the information would be retroactive Buick than that you do Chase Utley chased the judgment. Exactly yeah but not fictional network don't call and. You don't get terminated the true. It QB Colin more protests are actually more negative vacation ever and if you don't situation that it will work. All of you I will be term. Companies these days don't work as shall work. And in and see diagram what happens though is that some people will take it like this okay these people got fired. Because. The we're expressing their freedom of of a speech no that's not why they were fired they were fired because they didn't show while at work. I Steve and I appreciate the call. Advertise solicit. From Harvey Rhonda year under BW Augen afternoon. Our small ball I thought you I'm not a lot out. Of I spoke. Jolly. I'm honored that you sing. Okay. To call. Oh. Boy. Why. Are. Yeah I do is there's there was a story out that there were Cisco this planned protest a day without immigrants and there was. It was designed to show what would happen if the illegal immigrants who are working didn't show up well. You understand that there are a lot of businesses that we suffer when these businesses suffered a name is some of them fired the people who took today off. Wait a while it. All well. I. Didn't. They maybe chipped it. It. Oh. You. See. That. It. Hey. That at. All. But you. Ron Ron I run to let me interrupt I'm gonna I'm gonna have to go to CBS news or grade do you hold on through the news and off finish our conversation. All right you just just hang on. There's a lot of confusion about this and we'll talk about this to reconnect after CBS news followed by RW WL news updates. All right I Rondo was sent talking about tonight if if the information abouts no. And a day without immigrants was was on the news in the employers centers should have made to. Contingency plans. LeBron that and that's not really fair to the employers because first of all you can assume that people are gonna take part in that and and a protest called at the last minute doesn't necessarily mean that you give people the opportunity to go protest if you have a business Iran. Yeah can. The whole. The only what it would if you you know you have a responsibility to deliver products and and what if this event that there would be a delay. In delivering the products. It. We chewing it. May. Null. Or are able. Should. We even. There is it at all. Well I'll call all. Doubt. You know. Why it. The matter is. Local. All. It they are. Well. I think those days are little different because there they're their special this was on last minute thing and to be you know I think you and I gonna disagree on that note that's OK but I I just you know. And if you if you don't your McGee far. So. We can't let out. It. To. Let you don't. Rhonda you know you're gonna afternoon in the West Bank Troy a year and Debbie WL. Good afternoon it is Robert Cree. Or the ball but law employers are under no obligation. To give anyone time off to a group of Boca Britain. Expert what you're and we hear there's a right to work. In employer can walk you had any problems or is a long. Or no longer needed for any reason as long that it's not become one of the protective Wear wearing. Age marital status and the and so mean Coca. So these people think we're entitled to you work with me wanna leave doubts part of the problem that's going on people. Don't wanna respect. Or the whether it's their job or the police department story and eat it because they wanna do it. That they can do you don't show what work. You want your father I used to Warren. Didn't open seven days a week including Christmas. In airport body. Christmas Day if you do not sure what. You were. Because it's not clear everyone else who worked we need to start the call. Now go competent policy. Other different but that is not the with the law if you own your own business you can make up policies all you want. And the employer or to let people. Yeah I mean I and I understand and and if you don't like the policies of a company rules and go work somewhere else. Works somewhat if it really does mean that one narrow one a lot of people think that just because they believe that's why. They can do she and her. Or what bothers me about this in this is just so typical of what happens you know of people. Even though it's just an average citizens they try to to to to find the headline it will will define the moment and that the headline if we get a lot of attention is. I'm workers fired for expressing their first amendment rights. No that's not what this is about this is about not showing up at work it has nothing to do with expressing your first amendment rights. And hard look at some grimace sort of but. Even more important the king day if the businesses generally open or Morton McCain that you were worker is scheduled to work. Out Monday. In you don't sure well because you wanted to remarks and operate your order. Well it's it's true I think of all the businesses along the parade routes that are catering to the people who are going to the parade because that's their business to two. Sell food or to sell trees or whatever and then they're they're catering to the world that is is it joined Martin Luther King Jr. day. Work. That Troy I appreciate the call at your insight if you wanna join us with your comment to our numbers 26 no way seventy. Erica 05042601. A seventy text number is 87870. Something was invented on this day in non. I actually was demonstrated for the first time on this day in 1947. And it may be something long before your phones. That you have used. Specific part of the baby boomer generation to tell you about delegate toward your calls when we come back I'm skirts and if you'll. It was on this day February it's funny first 1947. That the Polaroid camera was demonstrated for their very first time member of the Polaroid. Self developing film produced black and white. Photographs and X sixty seconds. I mean here and now you got your phone and you can see the pictures right away if it. And NC with a Polaroid you needed to go to anybody to get in developed. So a lot of people are used. Polaroid's. Bought I got it to our finishers are here. Instincts. My dad had a Polaroid camera and went there to answer because of my mom had just since we. It with truth is it. That stigma out of a different in this instance and I here's an update on a pretty general opinion poll do you agree. They weren't that bad but it was still something I didn't need to see. Do you agree with. Do you agree with the city of New Orleans are removing physical barriers. That people put up to preserve their spaces for a Mardi Gras parades 98%. Say yes they agree. Only 2% say no they do not Jackie joined a VW got a good afternoon Jack. It. You know I want you can't even vote for them proper documentation. And the proper augmentation. Program. Shown. Here. In the paper actually it is. The ending and there's. Can. And that people. If the war. That we have here yet good news so. Recoup and get an adage of gold in eight days. We hear that receive debt that was the the goal of the today with counts immigrants protest through to show how on much apart they are off our. Daily economy. Like well. And it might be might be worthy cause but you can't just not shall work. Out and on. To various. If it. Should be. Might be better if we don't hear. These. Galleries in the news actions. The. Don't know what they're different. Yet there are a lot of jobs that ten cannot be filled by Americans units in San. BP. Want to do a whole situation as far as much as an intern a boat paper match that you. Who is on again war. No I'm. It's a question. Did you go out and question its operation question. It is definitely sort of do the hard yeah. Jacqui right about that and is not easy to studies it change things but did the fact remains that the situation we have now is that there are a lot of people. On who owned businesses. Run businesses and they find it difficult to fill those spots with. American workers and they find themselves in a position of having to hire illegal immigrants as wrong as as that is. Here's a text Ascot this is a topic for another day. It always bothers me with convention bureau talks about the great economic impact of morning draw Jazz Fest NBA all star game. And all we ever hear is how broke the city is can't fix streets can't pay police what happens if the all star game. Hadn't fallen in our laps where does the Montego. Just curious that from handedly if you had you know I brought that up on the show and I think what happens is. The city of New Orleans. Does not get an appropriate share of the revenue. Because of politicians or in other parts of the state that really don't like New Orleans. And they take a disproportionate. Amount of the money we should not have an industry. That is number one. Like hospitality. And indeed does bother me too they brag about how much money came in over the weekend and yet the city's broke we should not be broke. And I don't know what it's gonna take but it's gonna takes a politicians in this area. I guess finding a way to stand up to those in other parts of the state and end. And and realize that our city is a very vital part of generating revenue for the for the for the entire state. Really back. But it bureau. Coming up nexus sports talk to Bobby Hebert and the ability a lot of people heart talking abouts. The pelicans not only did Anthony Davis had 52 points of the all star game. It because of the trade with DeMarcus Cousins. Suddenly the pelicans are getting a lot of attention and Deke Bellavia Bobby Avery are we talking about that and other sports coming up next. I expect to be here tomorrow. But I'm considering participating in the protest a day without any legal talk show host. So if I'm here well I'm here. I thank you for your calls thank you for your text I've read all of your text or get to all of on the air if you do want to send me an email my email address is. Scoot at WW dot com. FaceBook is scoots on the air this advisory has some good conversations there and especially at night. And I join join me on traders at scoot to behavioral when they die and Newman are down behavioral program director Todd and assists our assistant program director and John wicker studio producer. Have a great afternoon. Bloodied Orleans.