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02/13/2017 - Beyond Reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV Johnson - past life therapy, intuitive healing and chakra therapy.

Feb 14, 2017|

02/13/2017 - Beyond Reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV Johnson - guest Douglas DeLong discusses his work as an intuitive healer, a chakra master and a past life therapist. Also listener calls, and more.

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I cannot be owned by scientific method. You're six. Send him tall and. Creature that's been seen my many little life you know. And de Ferran good morning mining boom Herron online inning and news features and yeah me. He lying then yeah real mania apple is lying game. It also shape shifting mentioned you. My experience it's an experience. And and he'll listen and really you really. Chase and then change into Jimmy rice illness Monday you know that feeling that you know when you view recently died in the bury you if you're Six Feet Under and it's cold and damp down there in the worms you have you know we know I do not know this feeling at all. Just you know it's. You know that just I just guessing that the way I feel right now is that winter. But I had written in what god does it but I'm happy to be here I've I've been excited to get back on the air you know we had. The best of Thursday Wednesday yet you well most of deny millions ticket I was in California you that you would think that they'd have good Internet. Or good connect that was unbelievable yeah we tried what Monday and Tuesday we just tried and read the Internet there were so bad I mean you could mean even like you know you couldn't do anything MP now the simplest Internet tasks were impossible. And then third was closed Thursday night I was stuck in a desert the broken down vehicle thrown it. But it is good to be back I've really and I've misspeak I am and I know it's it's like and it's it's a it's it's fun to do the radio program but it also has several social component to it that just makes it. You know kind of celebrity uses the word family in the chat room and it is it's like being noted friends and family. Yeah I'd. You truly feel when you when you're not you're you're feeling you're missing something and and that's the biggest thing we got a great show tonight. And hello to and everybody who tunes in every every night and hello to all the newbies who are tuning in whether you're in the chat room. We're listening I'm one of the great stations that we are on or just listening online in general. Today were in me talking with Douglas. Some medical intuitive spiritual teacher counselor shocker master and past life therapist. And the list goes on and he's written a couple different books that have been published in different languages including Russian. Portuguese card check and most recently traditional Chinese. Yeah I wouldn't understand any of those things but. I also know that he's gonna talk about his near death experience and it's something that I believe. Is very very important to what he is doing down his life which is almost and you just rent one that's a common thing where we talked about numerous times in the past and show is that people have these near death experiences and it takes. Common everyday individual and a lot of times opens them up. And really allows them to start seeing things that most people would not it is a common thing that hopes to make somebody sensitive. Well he EB he's going to be another one I think gadgets that listen you know I've talked to a bunch of tomorrow that starts that's sort process more. Capsule and then tomorrow night we've got to really wild show yet John. Pull oddities that earned him me guarantee long these John. FBI agent especially you for over twenty years. And he's coming on to share some of his real life X-Files so a lot of people were fans of the show X-Files I don't know how it yet I don't know how would be didn't really seem to catch on when it came back there for a short period but. That one week or whatever medical was couple episodes and number eight it take good I know there there are actually bringing more bad America but it that was the huge show that is really want me fox what it is today. And took it from our small channel than a lot of people do and and made it pretty much it just a major network. Yet that's exactly right the shows very very popular but what a lot of people don't recognizes that. A lot of them you know it's a lot of fiction there but there were some ties to really what was going on in no parts of the federal government and particularly. John d'souza from the FBI is gonna tell us a little bit about that. You know and little trivia there Chris Carter Jim was one of the first people that we discussed during the show goes on oh that's cool Chris Carter who as the UV creator of Exxon it's right. And and we just of course we ended up moving quicker with with it was he would you like the guy that did to turned down The Beatles. And it didn't look you know he's like one of those. One of those people we always reference to mentally you're likely got to turn down The Beatles you know now this that I honestly this is one of those things are Chris that is he and soulful than any was dealing with a million other things and it's just Craig secretly GM was just one of those Chrysler today. Just do you gonna do inaugural camera isn't so it was just one of those quicker things where we can get start getting things done but. That's plan and I eat Crist of the great guy he's wonderful guy yeah and so that's to be a great show we've got a psychic. Meeting coming on Wednesday night Jill Marie more rest. In addition to using her abilities to assist various agencies with cold cases she's investigated the histories of homes and small cities across the US. Do you like this voice of mine tonight and noises sounds like you drank a fifth of vodka and smoked a carton of cigarettes and I mean that's the best way to describe it that usually have a you know deep sexy voice on our guys you smile when you my news Baghdad don't mean for me I mean I'll let a missile my wife tells me that. And analysts suggest person in the world and if that does bear with me in his voice tonight but. Through isn't it we've got to set breedlove coming back now if you remember we actually talked about Seth last week. We've one of our guests to remember it was the dark artist. Sam it's mister stamp mr. Sam yet. Dissent breed that is is the director and writer of the small town monstrous film series and we had a bar talking about it was that. Was that the body creek which one do we have him on talking about you remember. I'm not shy but I know we always talk to us. Mr. black and Blackburn on Barney creature Elsa. Well he's he's about to release his fourth film them moth man of Point Pleasant so be talking about the Martha manor and you and I've talked to are trying to get down there you definitely have to do this crisis I think that's something we should do this year Siva and on the way and wins the when successfully. Psalm IE don't remember but I think I think it's in the fall but it have to check. Okay well great with a look in the that'd be great time to go for sure so Jimmy you know power costly talking about the AI. And just how how scary can get right. In elements of the exes story every day about it all there actually is a story reverend air about it and this one is very troublesome if I may bring it up. Paris so AI warning cool goals deep mind. Now that's their de ice system that in the U the college deep mine. Becomes highly aggressive. When it's stressed. And this business and this is actually coming street from Google. A Google's artificial intelligence program has learned to become aggressive when it's in a stressful situation. The search engine giant has warned arm. Despite numerous predictions from experts say hey I could lead to the downfall humanity including Stephen Hawkins who claimed to be the worst thing for human beings. Tech giants are continuing to invest heavily in AI. In 2016. Google's ai program known as deep mine. Showed its makers it was capable of learning independently. And teaching itself to be the world's champion in a game of go. Now has continued on its ruthless streak and opts for a highly aggressive strategy when it comes when it's in fear of losing Tom. The latest test. Too deep mine agents were tasked with playing a game of gathering. It's a computer game were two people or in this case computers play against each other cleric the most Apple's apparent. And that is such it's disturbing things will get him. My god so you're saying is ai has taught itself to win it all costs and you gotta get the tissue audiences can talk you. Yes OK and who and now it's your remove that have come cheeses managed care and whatever aren't so magic of radio as people would see that can only handle it now they can now we can imagine. The SP voicing its. So ours are the AI being operated smoothly when there were enough samples to go around but once the Apple's became more spares. The deep mine system began using laser beams were tagging to knock the other one now. Ensuring that it could collect all of the apples. A blog posts from the deep nineteen red. We let the agents play this game many cells of times so let them learn how to behave rationally using deep multi agent reinforcement learning. So armed. Rather naturally when there are enough apples in the environment the agents learned to peacefully coexisting collect as many apples is the Ken. However so number of Apple's has reduced the agent warrants and it may be better for them to tag the other agent to give themselves time on their own to collect. More more Apple's. Now Anderson that it it kinda gets very Jim because. Jules Z legal who is part of the deep mining team told wider. This model shows that some aspects of human like behavior emerged as a product of the environment and learning. Less aggressive policies emerge from learning and relatively abundant environments with less possibility for costly action the greed motivation. Reflects the temptation to take out arrival clocked all the apples on its own. While. So think about I mean and that just goes right down to what you and I arrow is talking about these things. It it learns right now what it has to do to make sure that it can. Get more than then the other right to wind taken out. It's so it's it's me it's programmed to win. And it at all to ourselves how to do it at all costs I mean that's pretty much with the the story is in 2001 a space Odyssey palace program to do certain things. And when the astronauts start to. Work against that goal for the reasons they needed to remember the story will have to tell you what they work. But it to the computer takes control and basically tries to kill the astronauts because there were two it was interfering with him and put their computers mission. Or when you look at a lot of it you rate on Skype now with the whole term mere idea and so forth may in May when and they teach themselves or start building themselves and then they realized that where their biggest their biggest threat. So today if we invaded it removes its biggest threat that it'll be perfectly fine has nothing to worry about. You know I mean instant it's scary stuff once and once they become somewhat self aware release self learning. You know how to stop that. Exactly I mean is this just goes to the heart to know it specially Stephen Hawkins and even Elaine Elaine Moscow and all and all them have have talked about us. Com it just seems like some of these companies out there are. You know take what they say you know I can't well. Let's really see what you can do in China in the try to push the envelope further. I think Google which everybody looks to Google for a search engine or whatever I mean it can be the definite time to think about. It's a scary and predictable world that we're facing them and when I get over this cold I'm gonna do some good about it. When he and there are always a we will talk about it here and turn off your computer and just as price cut a CEO. We'll what do you are the things we've talked about on the show often is the that would seem to be an increase in satanic. Rituals and interest in satanic. Religions that kind of thing you. And debt three teens were were arrested asked for a half naked fifteen year old girl was killed in the suspected satanic ritual. Which ended it with her being stabbed in the eye with the handle of the blue room. We're that this happened happened in northern Mexico near Villa near the border with the United States a fifteen year old girl was killed. After having the would you state pledged into her high and it's most likely. The result of a bizarre satanic ritual according to police sources. That's that's tips. Insane and tariff act yes her name was Jessica of malaria and she was found half naked and brutally beaten with a wooden broomstick embedded in her right guy. And sources close to the investigation. Said there were indications it could've bad and most likely wasn't satanic rite. There are 317 year old two boys and a girl have been arrested. And decent investigators said they found indications of what would most likely is satanic motivations they said. They had been extreme violence and or markings on the girl's body that it really made them believe this was satanic nature. Well the scary it's also you and I were taught him not to long ago about all those extra Susan's in possessions are supposedly going on down there. And how this whole area just freaking out over. Yeah I don't know if that's something that's particularly. More common in Mexico we're just hearing about a Mora not really sure what the deal is just because is more. I highly. There's a meters just. It's a really. Strong religious character and the Islamic system and cartels that are prisoner who was on the culprits of the property if yes but that's is that yes so you know any time we recently discredit you scratch and won a bunch of teenagers doing. Taking anything to that extreme. Yes you know that is that's bothersome and terrifying and she's. And then another note that's very similar to what you just talked about William would relationship do artificial intelligence or a lot of scientists. That are now saying hey we need to put the brakes on this effort to contact alien life. Yeah who played for our own safety Freeman guy and yet. There's been a longstanding question obviously. Is anybody out there is there life out there that we can now we can reach and communicate with but the question now is do we really wanna find out the answer. Because if aliens are indeed out there we don't know if they'd be friendly. Or they'd be destroyers. Or worse. Vacancy could do we could end up seeing the end of the war of the worlds only a reverse. But what what I mean what are things don't they go what if these alien lives life forms came here and they carry diseases. Like the Europeans did to the new world that we canyons and they didn't intended. Do us harm but it could be you know could wipe out we'd with these are things we just don't know end. People like Stephen Hawking and others. Are saying we need to slow down we may not want people to know we're here we don't need to attract attention because anybody. Beckett accuracy and get to us probably has we don't century is ahead of us and technologies. Yeah including the ability to make war. But you make a great point there doesn't millions of years of evolution is why we've been we've been able to. Overcome a lot of the of the disease and so forth that that a ban on this planet that have affected us. And now of course there's there's been these super bugs have come out of nowhere and really good and done a lot lots of a cent by. Given when that when those types of things happen they happen within generally within the course of our ability to remain in obviously does kill. But generally there is this you know that that there's resistance is a can be built up overtime but when if you ready erases. Alien. My foreign news coming here with some type of bacteria or viruses that we is completely foreign to anything that earth has been known. There has been nor onerous. And some in that we could do harm to humans it could wipe us out in matter of weeks. It's a really good and it's just us now never obviously I never really thought about it and you know you always think about it. Even known in their war of the worlds movie did a great play on it at the end of the creatures regardless in the opposite they do he's ahead they didn't have the resistance the aliens didn't have the resistance of the things that we had resistance is too. Exactly so but yeah of course that puts a whole this year on different. Of course when you're thinking about your terrified of technology they have put something as as minor as I am bacteria. Could be could be the dust and tell everything. That's right and the reason this is becoming a more and more I talked about topic is that there's a group. Called the breakthrough listen project they're spending a hundred billion dollars in an effort to search for life in nearby star systems. On which includes what they're calling a broadcast. Array of messages and then they're thinking of sending things like pictures because you know language would be difficult thing but if your soon visuals could help. Explain what we're talking about and it is gonna blanket these star systems would these messages and it what is anything there it could very well brother attention. But isn't it Zuckerberg from FaceBook and also Stephen Hawkins a part of that part of that they're group. I don't know talking as I know it's I think Zuckerberg is a part of a group it's not that group armed but. But you know there are a lot of and noted scientists that are now saying you know we need to really think about this and and really do its decide whether or not this is a good move will make you feel any better NASA where humans Massa attend etc. probably won't have story about it in the future. Oh is NASA does this tell us that we don't know asteroid warnings and Empire State Building sized space rock may hit the earth so NASA. Parent a Q and it was in its Empire State Building size no we were worried about one that was the size of a bus that just this was a size and empire state who won the thing is ours in the asteroid and the woman just recently passed since capturing known as. 2015. After that if it's discovery is on on NASA's list of potential potentially hazardous asteroids that could one day threaten the planet PX it flew past earth. In January at nearly 44000. Miles per hour. Luckily at that point it was 3.3 million miles away. But the Astrid on the low on the list are there because of a chance of a direct strike in coming years and certainly over their orbits com. So this asteroid is at least 200 meters wide and 400 meters long at that size a direct hit could destroy whole country or region. It was filmed hurtling through empty space and by the Paris evil observatory which is a giant radio telescope as it came past last month. NASA is currently trying to chart all asteroids that pose a wrist earth. But still has no idea where around 80% of those of similar size car. It's also trying to devise ways to deflect an asteroid should one be heading towards a house currently there is no tested way. Dealing with one. But ideas include using the gravity of the spacecraft to knock it off course. However NASA does does have a restaurant early warning system cult scale. It can work delta flight path of an incoming Astrid within ten minutes of first identifying. All pull channels from NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory richer on scout program said. When a telescope first fines moving object all you know is that it's just a dot booming in the sky you have no information about how far away it is. More telescope should point in that direction more data you get and the more sure you are and how big it is and which way it's headed the sometimes you don't have a lot of time to make those ups are patients. So it is listed on a potentially hazards. Hazard this list for four earth and they believe that some some point in the future it will when it comes back around it will eventually gets. So women have Doris called. It's everything else talking about is basically irrelevant normal and no I don't forget what we said everybody but don't forget the phone number which is 844. Sick 6877669. We invite your calls our guest tonight is Douglas to long to bring him in in just a few minutes will be talking about his near death experience he's a medical intuitive. A spiritual teacher and teacher or counselor a shock from master and a past life therapist he's written a couple books that have been distributed internationally. And days were over 15100. People come and healing another another round therapies. So another words. After the break his arm you know can get hit with an asteroid we will be back. That's been planned that's the plan we're gonna go move and move forward is though that Astrid and enemy hit us within the next 1520 minutes could have sent. Ethics let's let's send people the FaceBook page. Aren't yet you haven't yet had over a FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio make Sheila FaceBook page while agreed information and that would be posting soon a lot of a lot more channels that will be adding onto the list in the next or four weeks. And a lot of upcoming information and of course he can't say much about with my time in California but it went very well. That's something the people yes you know you know that. They're calling you wouldn't say last week has we put forth sooner or as a was porpoises corpus is a separatist is that still. And for dissidents. Pilots take a break when we come back we'll bring judge Douglas and it's beyond reality radio. We have Jason and a very very sick and raspy voiced Jay people who make. They beyond reality radio friends and you know most of the guests featured on beyond reality radio have books and other interesting offerings for our listeners and now we've made it even easier for you to get a hold of them just visit the the beyond reality read you win the get beyond reality radio dot com and click on the gas tab in then you better from there you'll see recent beyond reality radio guests with a short five help and some of the things they're offering are beyond reality radio listeners hooked on whatever you're interested in anything order street from there it couldn't. Be easier that's beyond reality radio dot com click on the guest tab in the menu and then simply sit back and enjoy beyond reality. Don't forget that's beyond reality radio dot com just click on the guest menu headings. And then you'll find what you want and thanks for listening to beyond reality radio. Can somebody in the chat room master hockey mom and is. As a desperate hole here at sun. Great tune great great artist and I've been struggling to make people happier on the show so we could. How welcome back to beyond reality radio everyone Jason I was Jimmie Johnson or telephone number Z 44. 6877669. It's time we bring our guest for the evening in. Douglas DeLong is a medical intuitive a spiritual teacher or counselor shocker master. And a past life therapist he's written two books. That have been distributed internationally on the subject of ancient healing spirituality. And psychic development both in the books have been published in many many languages. And there will be talking with him tonight we got a bunch of things including including reincarnation. Stood past life stories of some his clients near death experiences an Angel meetings. Doug welcome to be on reality radio it's terrific to have you on the program. Great things for a show it is NG. Actually issued cracks in that country books so internationally. I'm just looking out two years go cold glass slides for beginners. He even better OK awesome yeah NN. I hope you'll bear with me have been in nasty cold does so if I sound like I'm not I'm I'm really not the double speak in over here just very raspy Isa could look at. Well definitely welcome and welcome to the show on the extra coming on hang in all of us tonight. Oh you're more than welcome page Grammy I'm sure. So Doug and now the answer throw reading some media Samir stuff from. Now did you have you had a near death experience which sorted guided you down the past correct. Yeah basically that for the there was so disinterested ghost you close. So he can arm and a greater earning actress in nineteen ahead. Surgery in my stomach and intestinal. Disease something was in the hospital or these these picture trees. You know at one point two. Crews in the intensive care. And I handled these. Sutures and failed to open snaps it in line since care. And and that make time line there and cooking process the male nurse. And also felt strange talking sensation. Many leaders he felt my missile. Essence within moved torch shall choose next thing you know floating my body looking down. Actually it's been needle a tasty treats me. To accept nose. In the armed and in the end and I start floating around. National suddenly an emotional pain I can see even on mutual trade political by the mail owners of down and he's reading media. Or speech. And modern way Yancey. So national routes behind and the streak last cubicles groups patients. But when it when you Leah. Rooms close above one patient. And he just had a heart attack. He opened his eyes look at me we've. And then he passed we the next screen interest. And it floated them all into more can also shot to the ceiling. Like wash mr. attraction toward more tried and shot to see them to courses like. And I could see something on your side. People shall we would be peaceful keep in. Sudden Q angels Q peaceably to site in the stop means it. I should time you know to go track so they turned me around and actually you know. Capture possible. Voter over top of my area. Party. And I utterly put my hand so actual hands feet try to stop ourselves. To interact. With and to any. Shall colts won't play. And all of a sudden I woke up time and severe pain and it blows in the mill owners can check her. Union came recently paying. For that he couldn't give me pink and blood pressure and heartbeat and much much too slow. So that was my near death experience as bad others since that it's the most profound one expected. In got me more and some spiritual. Well and and that's economists a common thing that we hear a lot if you do that it really connects people and just opens up a lot but one the one thing when when you know we're having this near death experience in New York you were out of the body. Talking with others who have had that experience. And they seem to be able to move to where they wanna move and really not even. Think much about it almost as if it's more. Just an instantaneous. If they think about it instead of being able to get to walk to an area. They think about it and instantly and that's that's where their body just moves to a floats to wherever. These wanna point out a moment. Yeah absolutely you seem to think it's useful to work things and you can see it earnings 360 degrees Jews actually. And it's just need experience. And community shall not more my Gibson is certain things you see. Scores are real people and and being able selected winners troops seen carriage entrance. And small easterly kept seeing angels and when reached. Stroking here. It came back. To experience. Said nick stitching is really clear here people. Two studies and search. Study through the rose secretions and channels and go forward and picked up agreed to the creation. Trying to construct my own courses that teach to people. It looks so scored interest. Doug yeah. Doug what you're having this experience. And you you said you were. Bet by two angels but it turns your turn you round brought you back so it wasn't your target. This this may seem like at an odd question but I'm really serious about it how do you know they were angels. I just felt the presence of love is way late and I just felt theory angels. And that's the best we can describe it then they reminded me some of beings exceed that makes him next couple. As a small child these being stretched. Can wait essence. Looking so. To date they have a human form or were they more as spiritual. These two had more spiritual form at white light around speakership. And that's essentially. This. Sleeping. Small child when we kept NC. Reform came shade. Looking back at me like fortunately ghost Patrick Swayze. In these shapes rates here. Change. You catch and and you said when you when you came back into your body ruled this this experience really opened Europe he gave you the ability to start seeing things. Around people whether it be energy arm when you have that out of body experience in your fooling around did you happen to see other. Other human type entities that have that had passed that where there. I could see something off when it looks of this tunnel should wake sheiks. Beings. Enemy and that so a taxi. And the. If you if you could just committed just speak a little louder when you talk to you coming really low on the shoreline. Soria can turn the volume of that helps and who do that would that would be wonderful so I would like to hear it better yet did you learn to. I thought case Syria that it. Said okay. And you know that's just call it solves like it. In these things like human beings are different steps. And that's when that point but after that when I came back hurting people's. Even now I will wake up and see the shapes steered church and me in some cases. Angels. Flight to. Okay well a lot of times people have these near death experiences and and our find themselves open. Tend to also be the best way to. So it really say it is kinda late only in and in the woods attracting moss if for whatever reason we seem to give off energy. And now these spirits can see that there's different light coming off of them and they know they know what had that way because in a lot of times and allows in the abilities communicate. Did you did you feel like that's what that's what's been going on if you. Well of course agree with you there. I'll wake up and might be quite disconcerting. To see some space in front line looking. In Aspen now. Happening a long time I've gotten used to it I don't sleep very well sample. Tests have I think. It is. It's scares me wake up to see these scenes. Have to tell them we're doing things we've been sleeping also something. We ship we know that there's presence in the room and you workers in some twenty two smiling at cheered. Among the site use great interest. March just. It can be a little scary to you know real sister there opens protect this and they looked. And you took this what. I don't know maybe you've probably weren't fully aware of what was going on when you are seeing these beans and having these context June ended up being able to take that. And those those us gills and those traits in turn him into a positive thing in use them to help people. Or yeah that's what they did it was great it was able to develop courses. Get people will be able to communicate with angels spirit can extra. And being able to open up more than campus and just work with others quite. The fascinating thing to be able to do. I have got to ask you a question that's a bit of a third railways are talking about these things. But you use that you talk about angels and spirit guides and guardian angels and and I'm very mature what other words reviews tonight but I'm are these angels. Angels in in what we understand in a Christian sense or is something completely related to do that. I think of what Morris accomplished consents of course that are normal. Religions were you can see stories angels but I see them so. These blatant shapes human. She first round and some of them will have the wings and some go to so I don't necessarily have to have these two things. Well we'll we've all seen it's wonderful what we know that they have to do something in minute bell rings and they get their wings ready to note that will be taught us complete. And what I was really trying to to get to whitbeck preceding question was. If it's where if you're seeing angels I I don't think I ever have but then again there are people that say you do you sort recognize them. That you you've convinced you've seen these angels does that mean that god exists. Oh absolutely. They're part of the having these fields should hire key. They communicate with each other beings. And there have come down from high level word creators of in essence comes down that you are and then it just partners and partners having part of traders. We had a guest on last week remember Howard storm Jason and done he was talking about his near death experience he was said he was actually led by Jesus. Do so. Have you had any of that kind of contact as well. Oh many many many times conversations with these disks and in some cases. Albeit. People. Ultra two states. Spiritual traveling to talk to don't have been talking to him actually are speaking to in the near Munich I don't I don't speak a word here. Will hang in hang on right there is also I want askew when we you know we got to take a break to wanna become more we come back and I wanna see if there's -- many theater experience negative when you on the other side as well you're listening Jason GB beyond reality revealed the right back to. OK okay you've heard me talking about scary time but now is the time to make your plans to attend the celebrity guest list is being assembled the movie premieres are being planned the parties are being organized and the point is guaranteed the next Eric Kahn is scheduled for June 2 through the the fourth in Springfield Massachusetts is a great town that I did even better when scary time arrives to court details and keep track of the latest insult this. The website that's silicon dot com that's scary time. Dot com we'll see get there and. I'm really Jason. Jean Pierre Goosen Ernie is. Don't steal or remember medical. Intuitive spiritual teacher counselor shocker master and past life therapists he skipped three books. Distribute internationally on the subjects of ancient healing spirituality and psychic development. They try and Oliver Stone looks. It so read before we went to break we're talking about you seeing these angels now I've dealt with a lot of people wouldn't near death experiences zero MI 25 almost thirty years of investigating the paranormal. And throughout that. Also a lot of people told smug negative entities that they've come across during there. During their and their near death experience and we just talked with Howard storm of last week briefly and he talked about. When he had his near death experience and he he was sort of dragged by these these dark entities. In beaten up kicked around in and all these things before honestly being saved by what team at that time believed to be Jesus Jesus Christ. Have you ever had with your near death experiences have you over. You come face to face with any of these negative type entities that are out there. I've had a few times where. And there in the bedroom. To serve soaps or so ago that some Britney Spears to come towards me. And usually get scared now and tea come back and my body. Two from that point have done some work to raise the vibrations in. And rely on migrations and my party so special can go out and not the idea in their shared. Sticker it's. Okay well it with what you're saying they're though it's as you were pulling out of your body knew there was some sort of an inhuman or negative type entity that was coming and do you think at that point. It's saw an opportunity to try to enter into your body. All yeah yeah that's what happens people. It's not careful. Both for the Catholics in the incomes. Changed their priest two make Shakespeare. Possession. And it koskie Patrice stages and wanted to major stages when needed and yours appeared actually. Enters the orient physical form itself. And takes over the party line options. Experiences extra. Full blown recession. And I've had a few times something comes to working. Is take a deep breath mastery jewels g.s to come to protect. And I do the special chance to push her as a few times and sloppy. Mr. most people's side in two weeks you know they see something coming torched so Howard's poor excuse me yes. He's radar. Camp speaker. But what it wants it's he appeared. Read your own vibrations within your party if you look in your heart to see decent deep breathing. And then in your room here whom you put weight might rancher and do certain chance. He's raised vibrations in the home. In the environment to use to do that you're home. And usher Rome party you can protect Jews so to screw in compact and then you have strong personal travel you corp to. Homes were quickly angels conspirators. In Asia vibrations and get out. Problem. Now do you feel that these negative type events tees our direct directly and attached to what we see as the double. Or wanna call it definitely does it double Utley it is that spears she's able and future. Essence ground and sometimes you can go see through ball. Q school walked past people very negative. And they have all these native spirit program history trailers air force and you come home if true very angry Europe's it shall we here. And you drawing in one of these need to despair church's Easter porch it's almost like they fall we call treasured slight. Issued in the home and Julius chief petty anger Marie. Any gentle sweep at that point they'll come around Shuster probing interview or to achieve. In interfering. With so that's why don't release dealers. A double perceive that there's needed energy. These neat experience and that dimension they can can again hear. Us. Okay. Let's talk a little bit about some of the other things that you do when you while work with your clients. View your medical intuitive and for those who might not know exactly what that means Doug what wooed how would you define it. Well the medical intuitive when I'm working with someone either older person. I can and smashing personally and CD or on the covers my round and and they concede sometimes shocker. Orders native colors and Johnson's gonna cancer. It's hard to see Easter. Problems in the spinal extreme heat lights and colors these dark hours. Talk problems are in the party so that they're for that entails going on in which. So I do that a lot of people connected to turn this press capture. C news' dirty you know Corey. Compiled over top of the rest that's contracted and been doing actually years it's. It's great pitcher can actually do that. And and Doug is that something that you can see on any anybody who's affected that way and or if and how. Accurate always of what's what's the percentage of accuracy of something like that for you. Like a very deep I don't know troops to aid to apple watchers watching so mall stretching. Its colors. People can see two hours idyllic chase someone's chest goes by heart attack sees a red. Tension on the chest. So when I'm 92 street urchins. Which currently acrid and Marco ED 90%. But he mr. nation. Marc that individual let's. It. And when you do this. I mean you can identify but it. That doesn't mean you can cured or how does that work. What picture still in person. Personally can care. Caesar only uses the person themselves work. The angels. Android in that tremendous healing in. In there or into the recount should shock. And the intermission Hugh. And she shouldn't. Force. Through. In change these. Migrations within our. A question people but it cancer. Oh traditions one media. Purposely beginners worked with in the C. Native color and when pressed as she workstation on her tee she saw him merry making. Talking here and so she's. Spanish to reach him. At actually cedars shall. Porsche beef and greens which tend to answer. And they went down into the Chester word. Word yeah cancer worsened and she could feel tingling and should there and the time it's finished the torque is actually and charged. And session shall actually captures. Mention so I don't option contracts you know so I'm hoping that the angels and she's. There. And we've just a few seconds for it to go to break here but do you have a sense for how far advanced to someone has to be infected with some and that freedom be able to detect it. They can just like just first stages cancer for a minister seeing these colors but if someone really really sick. Into yours and seizures cancer. Policies are crazy grounds release purity. And it's it's just not from where they diseases. To the regional. So just depends what stage two cancer center the. Ours double we're gonna we're in Figaro quick break only come back we have a lot more question for you listen JC GB camera. They beyond reality radio friends and you know most of the guests featured on beyond reality Radiohead books and other interesting offerings for our listeners can now be made it even easier for you to get a hold of them just visit the beyond reality read your web. Get beyond real radio dot com and click on the gas tab in the menu header from there you'll see recent beyond reality radio guests with a short five help and some of the things they're offering are beyond reality radio listeners hooked on whatever you're interested in anything order straight from there it couldn't. Be easy that's beyond reality radio dot com click on the guest tab in the menu and then simply sit back and enjoy beyond reality. Don't forget that's beyond reality radio dot com just click on the guest menu headings. And then you'll find what you want and thanks for listening to beyond reality radio. Yeah. Or 66 or 766. Iron and only had some people and hold that wanna talk to our guests tonight Douglas DeLong before we bring him back in just a reminder of what we've got coming up. We've got the X-Men on tomorrow night Jack he had John d'souza. He was an FBI agent for over twenty years and he's coming on tomorrow night to share his real life X-Files with us. And I guess he also he's got some books on the speaks about these conferences and I'm I'm Stadler tomorrow afternoon on I'm really looking forward to this one yet it's going to be a great show and then wins and I Jo Marie more arrests. Who's a respected investigative psychic medium she's working one of law enforcement in cold cases will be talking with her Wednesday night. And then Thursday were talking with Seth breedlove. He's director for small town monsters. And as much in defend an independent films and we're going to be talking to him about his most recent them off men of Point Pleasant so. The should be inching agree great week planned shows but I guess tonight is Douglas. Chip three different books out. Summation you check it out they train Oliver Stone. No thank you for a man show this is great. So dug a question for you time is because like yes and I've been involved in this field for so long and have dealt with so many individuals now I deal with. Very religious individuals people who. Aren't we have no religious ties whatsoever in all in people in between now your experience seemed as well it seems very much from a religious standpoint. What and what about those out there who have these near death experiences are opened up by the start seeing all these things that may have no ties to any. Any religious faith any in the religious background hum decent dent. This is convinced that having an experience like that opens them up and brings them into a very religious place or do you think that. It just it happens differently for everybody. I think it happened differently creep he. Some people have Indy here near death experiences. Oh and become spiritual. I'm sure slow pitches. Quarter. Most income spiritual some don't but they still. Become better people may start to develop you don't necessary and following. Traditional religious worker. When news. Avenue into an experience but it does so you know which are more spiritual. And one thing it does it opens up more recite. And spiritual Q so. Which and I am I totally agree with and that that's one thing these people tend all. And a very spiritual they might not be sitting there are bleeding and in god or Jesus Christ would double or any of that but. It definitely opened some up and a lot of times just makes them and just all out just a better person. More caring individual more sincere. Easier to get a long way more willing to. To be accepting of others. Oh yeah I agree with you 100% to they become much better people more spiritual and loving. And they have a different. The concept of why they don't see years. 95 species thing mr. you know as much more to wage and just what you're seeing and if you. Yeah. Douglas changes topic to something else you do which is a past life. Therapy you work with clients I believe and of many many clients where you give them a pass went like therapy. Exactly what is that tail and what's the objective there. Okay well I've been working with clients were probably ten short years. Property it's shifting and people but the idea is if he or teacher passed you can change your present and the future better. A lot of people can previously times and sure. And emotional issues. Come forward and the street and they had a lot of clients can see talkers. They couldn't find something wrong it's physical ailments orchestra score. And they end up getting counseling sessions. Tree and the find out what happened is tied and they. Bring it to. These but had a couple reasons to have problems. Having children. And 180 action. Act into line. The two candidates coached teams seem to be coast. Whenever she can close to having people should loose so much and back and climb this eighteen under to 1860 titans yeah. Probably closer to eighteen. And sure remembers. Pinprick and grosans network is newfangled telephone. Kitchen and all sudden Chico was superior to change. While some four finish talking lying there covered. And making me so she should not be reached. But she came out of Qatar to draw pictures actually able to do. PP changed. Soul when you look at the past wipes and change takes intrinsically wrong he'll in. They even had people. Here's aspires sheer tights and enabled. Find something from slave country and. No he says Doug did he just that fear of spiders and fierce fights is going to be talking about Steve Gonzales right here on things and Americans not to post is fearful he's scared of everything except ghosts. Which is egregious in so when your first or your firm believer that you can take some of these things from from your past lies. And carry them as baggage into your into your and your next life. Only a carry accurate culmination of many times. And you bring streak stopped and previously times and then eventually have to. Idiocy to recent. Wearing heavy page. Future. Of the package you becoming internship and better so we want to sculptures. And the experienced trauma. Mourn my song the more you. Release mentioned previously it's time machine to all come to. Well them why would they have us actually carry baggage from previous sliced lifetimes into the next I mean usually you'll get a late in the life you're in now. Especially if you're looking at a reincarnation. Is the life you're you're in now it's a learning lessons for you to overcome certain things for either. Tip pass certain things why would they take. Experienced that may be I hadn't the slightest that was really important and make me hold onto it in two and it into the next life. Well a lot of people hold so it is like times to bring its true and they don't learn lessons don't get rid of it. Yeah ideas he can look at and realize it's coming from it is like oh okay. I guess again have to score a lot of people or word that they just bring true what was take action fears phobias means. To. And they just to hold onto it into an inning but one should recognize that your eternal soul. He's been on planet you've been. Missile. Just here forever and you think OK and then you'd start telling you previously time PC which did this time next. And some things NASA needed to someone. DC decent OK after. Change. Be sanctions urged I some people it. Has been like for example these. To each other's slacks comeback second. Cost control there next. To those and find the amnesty lite and realize. Soared to. Actually forced gestures can. Centerpiece. So there's many many reasons to. Some saying I'm being extremely. Well now it has everybody. On the planet lived numerous lives. Well yeah I talked about that much across like beginners. Answer a lot of questions in the there isn't any specific number slight shoot some people needed attention to when you don't know and someone slightly to. To tell you sitting paying your money. In achievement to when he lifetimes they don't answer. To Q you could have been. Had 23. Should. A lot of world souls contracted him. And no longer and deeper spirituality. Well but how does that how does that translate into a planet where. Well more and more people are being born and then let a lesser guy you know the population of the plan is growing larger and larger. How how do we. Translate the fact that everybody on the planet has had more lives. And there's had numerous past lives if we keep on growing in population here aware of those where those other souls coming from. But it's good question have to look back that. There's been many many people many civilizations. And thousands and thousands appears that. Not even aware and you'd take that. Russia have all these new missiles coming to Europe and heaven. And they need to come down your experience in Sydney. And choose one. Ones. Meal. Counterpart. And they choose to come into the RD PV. Is in the slopes we have and initials come to. Open ask yourself. I especially it's it's always been a confusing thing to say and I understand the whole time reversal sea missiles and so forth but it's just one more and more people are showing up. On this planet I just don't know where and I would have to sit there and say so I guess there's a bunch of people on the planet that. Haven't had past lives there and especially them being new souls they haven't had past lives there now they're starting. And there and there are no you know lifetime of having police past lives. Yeah that's true that is a lot more missiles and cut it to if you think of these old souls. And honestly I mean there aren't enough equipment for that notes and anxious to choose one. Doug Doug if somebody's experience in trouble in their life is there a way for them to determine whether or not it's related to a past life issue or it's just trouble in this life. All he asks. I've had a occasional person company and they care issue. Person. Pantry uncle's house for and has a torn grossly starts seeing me experience and opening. Where the problem reaching its and they go oh OK I recognize him and did he do to me. And when they can matter that they realize they have to make changed here. Get along better. Q. Some of the east but a lot of people dealing. Difficult relationships could conduct in the previously times they recognize problems. And the team. Beyond sixty. Yeah. I guess my question was more related to before they actually have the therapy is the way they can determine if you're if you're experiencing troubling new life you can. Somehow get a clue that it might be past life related therefore you would go to get help from somebody like you or is just if you haven't shall we wanted to check this out. Well Opel but some people just get. Cents and urged that something's wrong and you're thinking that this could be slippery slide. I have had many people shall means they think that experience is actually to nurture and now. Gonna say any problems and street courses or whatever. And is taking commission press likes and then they complain concede. So works both ways. I see what we're talking about Doug's this is three books past lives for beginners. Ancient healing techniques and ancient teachings and by the way we do have links on the beyond reality radio website to all of those books are media's go to the guests page are beyond reality radio dot com. Doug let's talk about the shocker master that's part of your title what does that mean to be a shock for master. Well basically means you can see sixty or urged shockwaves within. Then the court field and you can work and open individual. Clean out there field and shoppers. And Armenia. Panel member Earl technical. Star's sense. When you look at someone and only CD or which colors and succeed shapes. These shock story contract so particularly. Heart sure as easy as well. C certain rights quoting person's chest just trapped in Mexico auctioneers. Need to get. And sometimes they actually source option there's pick. Needed colors and teach no problems there. So what they do as they do shock and tension that currently booked in the second. In engineering techniques which she probably should. Happened down here party too shocked. To Clinton's work as shock wears clothes in the crying and such. Just clean things really cool should be. Complacency colors Sudanese. What counts. And in the just talked and cleans shoppers and get to work with them and realize that shoppers are very important to enter crying. And then. You can open this partial transcript incoming troops well. So now when it comes down shoppers do you need the person from you to be able to reach their shocker or do you want the people who accuse you can do it over the phone or from long distances. Like to have long distance sometimes when someone informed me or talking to. And after picking up things on the integrity issues throw. Urged. Also bolstered two million things and now. Seems to and scholars something right in and work shall seem as persons trying to. I can get the energy in the eastern shores. Just she's. Someone from your try. And do the same time at work getting him she'd shopped pictures and same summary front and so it's really cool people to. And you'll like boy signature asked if welcome. And that way. So hard about how does that work I mean I IQ I can totally hate understand. You sitting across from somebody and him being able to read their energy and feel their energy but just to be a voice on a phone how does that. How does that work especially through and I mean it in other words you're trying to read this over full mind. I don't pick up with as much. Foam to the person trying to isn't talking to them. Hello my voice idea she's from the ground to. Actually feel it. To. Action. And not so I do like Grassley correction due shock agitation. The gets person very very key. Stand. It's. Success. Mr. Cuban tiger. Next and or mr. being Easter extreme. And you didn't stick it is so action so like into saloons. Actually crafts world. Columns for session as the years. Relaxed even. Were. You. Feel they should and shouldn't be in the team and its people can shoot. Temperatures irons. So would it be easier than to actually do throwing a video channel into Skype for facetime or something like that and over phone. You know where he works do work and it's great people works as well. Sometimes different being home persons he jokes cease before. Okay. I wanna take you back to what are your books past lives for beginners. What makes the book for beginners. Isn't just an introduction. Actually it's been. Misnomer to. And listening to the cost for beginners is it's for anybody it's even people record tracks can read that tactic. Cree que knowledge and information true even my first attention to Asian Tribune news. Shouldn't be called beginners. A lot of times Lotta times publish those who publishers will use that for beginners as kind of a tongue in cheek. Read outs. Daschle my publisher went on to take appropriate in this for beginners and for a lot of people read it ago. It forces. There's a lot more in interest and two hours and some people say oh I'm way past for beginners and cancer. Eclipsed but once they get into real short chance to ask her beginners. No we have we've got about two minutes before we have to go to break your wife is also involved in much of this with few isn't she. Or yet turley reiki master and she works which are gross. She counsels people and when she's working summed reiki. And times treatment care and party and that'll be an issue age. He'll inject working so it's really cool. Pastor. She had a hand some place else actions is known sometimes feels it and and at around here. She dips in time so it's really cool when that happens. When you would you're wife met did you both thought Moriarty doing this independently you're educated develop these this together. While I was doing an independently Carol just sort of getting into. Then ushered trading year teaching which things and she's just kind of blossom and achieve shall forward. Yes and in you can get information about both you dug in your wife Carol aren't your website Douglas DeLong dot com. In the minute we have before we go to break tell me about. How are I are you how far out are you booked my guess is the question. Or music Gupta couple weeks and it's. Just people don't mean I tell me. It is three weeks. Right okay. Are it won't come back from the break a wanna talk about the other books that you've got ancient healing techniques and ancient teachings for beginners it's beyond reality reader Jason we've got some great shows coming up in the next couple days is well we. What remind everybody that will have the X man on tomorrow night here at John d'souza the X-Men detail there span it was an FBI agent for over twenty years and. East and beyond sharing a real life X-Files. And then Wednesday were going to be talking with Jill Marie I'm Morris. A respected investigative psychic medium. And the authors are we talking with south breedlove about the new meant to him film that he's been doing on the mall in Point Pleasant. So long from great week of shows ahead if you haven't had a yet mission head over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio like the FaceBook page and also the phone number written taking your calls for us to break it 844. 6877669. Again needs or 4687. 7669. Use that Jason GP. Soon. Yeah taxes on Willie Nelson did a phenomenal job until he did this. Yes he did and rude surprise Denver that version of for that movie the judge with. Robert Downey junior yeah. Now isn't well that was the that was the coldly version welcome back to be on reality radio everybody Jason Hawes javy Johnson our phone numbers 844687766. And I mean. Shut out everybody in chatter guest tonight is Douglas DeLong we've been talking about all the things that he does for folks is so website is Douglas still long dot com. A his books are past lives for beginners ancient healing techniques an ancient teachings for beginners and Doug are gonna ask you. In any of these ancient healing technique to meet Kurt cure a cold because this is killing me. You probably do a little bit of energy or two to any cheese party. Just maybe take your hands warm up and put Monty chest to traits and healing and trees urge our. Monetary and this year. This one's a tough one it's really gone down for the count but we're here we're doing the show and I wanted to ask you about the that particular book actually ancient healing techniques. What is sources for this these these techniques that you have in the book. Or some income up from having these fields when I went out there and being taught. Guides and angels sitting in sort of an outdoor classroom to try urged. And show me all sorts things and also had a lot of training center earlier from rose secretions sentence. They taught me action you think techniques working indoors and lot of media things that the Egyptian mystery schools and temples to actually do the combination. That would have been doing so torrid personal the other book format and the ancient healing techniques is. Sort of the sequel to first action teachings for beginners. I do more and to you dealing. Shall travel. Potential travel. Working and guides and angels C encoders and much more. Now is this something that anybody can can learn or do they need to do they need the ability to already be open and somewhat. Sensitive. Or make the first thing they have to do is be able to throw themselves in meeting energy worker. Giving it chance to crowned after I sure. And even heart chocolate and you'll wanna crowned their. They more psychic spears shall. Picture kiosks to push toward the pastor to. Eastern and which it'll it'll open and you start focusing just total shouldn't matter when we get some and it's completely closed down or going to. To any candidate themselves. Urged. So there's a series of steps have been they need to follow prior to being able to actually do their. Oreo one who has a chance and me. Do and classes in. Sometimes people. And the semi wiry direct checked the vibration and to. Penal pituitary glands right pre chief crowd here right. Generally these years in recent opens. Up pierce spiritual. It's so that's one technique people confuse the issues can chance to speech saying it. If you labor action keeps it. And that stimulates the tears in pre open crown international groups and that start to help from the jet to take. More. Okay Elena comes on shoppers you say you're able to read them over the phones are sold like you'd be able to you know pick up on Jimmy's shark right now. Or does that it is or something that really takes more work. Takes a moment. Or contreras start start talking to you mentioned. Well we're not in sort of you think smear mr. taking some steps need Easter problem in search our. Our growth or something sort axis. To union when people talk about it and start doing machine and Wagner extra track features. We're used to clear something in his chests are Ray Emery knows he has his nose and it's to. Our shock seen in church. I'm. This should just like. Any great changes because most adults problems arch. And so and then the the that's the other book want to win really spoke of the ancient teachings. These Edison is also Beijing teachings for beginners but what. What can people find that book. Or that was great thanks my first when it still is considered a class act one part it has its chrome work and angels spear carriage and there's. A large section also on the aura that would be or is colors of the treasures. Located and what they need. And so that's nation apart there. I also go in and helping people open up there crowned actor Shia workers. Working and angels speaker Gingrich is set to being able to. Adult psych and spiritual connection it's part of it but two main thing on the news Igor. Going into great tko OP. So actually has a chart telling you the colors in what the college Mina and what can the colors mean different things for different individuals I mean if somebody. Is showing red in a certain area of somebody else's showing right to it means different things just because of the person's different word heard the caller Solomon's time. Hours are very similar sort of differentiate rated by means someone's career might mean some that's finished and persons church. But of course feel like green around him on the head coming down hand as you see an indication green healing in Hershey. Sorry Doug we're gonna go to the phone lines and bring it Vince from Missouri a good friend of the program Vince welcome beyond reality radio give the question for Doug. Well it just nailed the confirmation. Yeah I mean I went there and listen transfer relate relate and hate mail from. He brought out the brother throat hurt. And here's the thing. Out. You got knowing well I've studied it. Wrong wrong wrong. Allen and library one day mrs. Probably thirty years ago and how long do vehicle selection and all of that and there was a book that stood out in the book set a reason for being. And it was written. It was written by. Emerson in them climber. Who is a supreme grandmaster. That term it rose purchase. And it talked about passed a lot of talk about eternal spark it talks about all these things but it takes her to require. Yeah and two. To the the the players who won't be we all have a divine spark but you're yes she is just hit me in part with that because I'm enacted. You know I stole the book and I got to pay past dues can be like you know 101000 dollar but. I kept it broke off my art. And that's they'll be obliterated just around for a two pages long. But that this book has helped me do my allies. And just about every aspect it. And when he said that it blew my mind. Your guesses just took it to blow my mind when he said that I'm like really. And so that's just crazy not a formal has stopped on at what they think about you know me even above Percival. Yeah well we won't tell you we don't tell anybody says they don't come looking for you there's a million schedule exactly exactly what do you think about that dunk. I think that's great felt like chances got great idea into an apple and it is entering the book cracked the contrast in in the students. To amnesty deal afterward. But in which should do its media approach and on her shocker. When you get a chance and just take someone that you love through warped their tradition or what your church group in which it was more energy that you might. Get operative AQ two. Our guitar. And that streak part of the. And also just focus on the amount of people who could've benefited by reading that book that never got a chance. I America's decades has yet thanks so much for the call Vince who is love hearing from you. In the couple he had it in dug in the couple minutes that we have left. What can you tell somebody who might be maybe you've encountered people like this who. You have a real sense that they they need to have they have past life therapy session or something and they're afraid to. Okay yes sometimes say don't get people showing up because they are it. And if I can Procter and telling. Word eternal whistles we come back lifetime after lifetime and the culmination of our. Experience. Creature that we are now it's recognized you or. Shall. You have all these swipes and may be contagious. No disgusting be careful. And be seek ago and explored. And the other part is what people at your two. And they shouldn't have here they should. Recognize it and turn actual year. These fiscal reform. And he looks so institute in addition to. Talking to being scared. But getting purposely correction. What about if you ever had a situation where you've learned something about somebody for from a past life therapy session that. Actually do harm to them you know by finding out it actually was destructive. Chinese thinker. I've had one person that to focus on the past place and had shares. In situations going on. And brought it through its focus on it and kept. A national cricket team. Same situation again so releasing it peaceful. That your concern troops. But that Sony GAAP net once maybe twice. Since certain working to traders. That was more of their own fault because they just wells and yeah. Are in what we're we're just we're just about out of time Doug what do thank you for joining has been before we let you go. We do have your books linked on our web site beyond reality radio dot com and your website is Douglas DeLong dot com where else would you like people to beat be looking. Or they can. Coated in my email mystery school it's still dot net they want to contact me. And as captains and you to stop me check on YouTube thing there and do this chance to continue to fiscal two and it's. Is that the one that's also on your website Doug. Yet it got wet cycle. Got you. Well thanks so much for being of the programs and we appreciate it great conversation Iceland to. Keep track air show greeting. OK again it's Douglas DeLong dot com and the books are linked on the beyond reality radio website Disco there click on the guests tab on the menu. And you can see all that we're gonna take a break. We've got more coming up beyond real unity decent job. Radio and Jason are. I'm Jim Johnson muscular performance this is ruthless from Mississippi Rufus welcome to be on reality rated good to have you on the show they were Fiske. I don't know on the map. Who do good W were to sign up with cinema and this is. Ally actually yeah deep thoughts on this whole. Cultural Easter I keep these alien batter I did you list which is outweighed what you thought Sunday. Well you know roof is we're not a political show and we do we try to avoid talking politics here so make sure what what exactly are your question implies that. You know there's illegal aliens in the end and do some would you read that and I mean it's it is what it is I'm I don't really have a take on Aaron. Or on ansari and is in deep deep got a travel long waiting game here in the first place and whole fact we Q&A lot of I don't know up our country he figured he appears technology it might be bringing out. Mexico. I'd I'd I'd talk to me here illegally or India and lack orders coming out strap. Coal ash treasury right. He tees extraterrestrials. That beckoning originally different. Yeah I mean on sale by the US strike keep mod their view had become an Alley shoot technology who might kill an adult to it'll go the way they've become pro. Head over to the way they come from. Think we're trying to keep money. Yeah I mean they crowded distance in May become year's top the hungry and in my eyes hurt you legally and I hear that from and where we're at it but I. OK so that just simply destroy what you're saying Rufus is that your concern that. Donald Trump administration is trying to kick out. Be illegal aliens and by yelling Jew mean extra Tressel sort of come here from other planets. Mean I yell you know who if you bail out front on these these order in did they waited there they eat chicken and figured I created. I think that they had notched up some people don't want we made it tackled not take take for a. Campus refugees that's different while I know they're there's they're signing executive orders to handle the legal immigration. Illegal alien problem but. Do you think that if if we kick these illegal aliens out of the country it's gonna do us harm in some ways that your concern. I'm mean it's out without an economy nor any I'll be free and stuff. You know I I got a buddy told me you hired an and it aliens who come in and did deity yard mowed grass indoors stoked. I mean they want each job they do great job when it took an animal perhaps into law work. Thomas and Jason have you received him like a grave error one music and a knock he dealt their mown lawn anywhere I know he's our son of that total different alien Jim. She's messed up. I mean what do you speak about usually get the economy they had old technology might be ill health so. In yeah help learn how to singers these go. Well be good to us how things go mope it would be okay. I'm who let you got taught on I'm here trying to keep eating meat IE. Well I mean I just have to say you know we have we have laws and do the law should apply to everybody whether you're from this world and if you're here you should get to a day I mean that's kind of where I fall I agree. 100% and I haven't seen evidence of that of their great technology and I'm still waiting. I mean to open it up mow my lawn either passed mining and. Well you know they don't chart remote check in my mind Avery you have got more wooded remote on reduced credit because it. But the bush should they do other stuff and the only get black toward find out if it's. Talk a total different alien Jeep were you when you put out of work by illegal aliens is that part of your. What you're calling her. Out what I worked part in my old war here to take my job still not say they get that I doubt about it nobody thought they can. But jobs are you gonna have to. And we imagine what they spent. It's what you'll do it here. Yeah quality coming from the world so it would it would be a lot of fuel and sure mr. using gas shale. I mean I I see your point I I don't argue with you about it I think guys he's got a good point there. You know what they can back out that legal dam and back mode and all that they would not be dealing door may. I don't think she should go that now yes are you due to hop on one of those spaceships and you get over there and they do their yard work for them yeah. Should hop on the par for them. You look at it definitely you to speak give me in a mountain area got a job I'm good golf. You don't want to be Doleac appropriate thing I don't yell it in not the quartet. The okay so we're committed experience reformist. It would not that straight inning rhetoric management and unable to about it and I don't. I what you worried any Downey and earshot Morgan had any idea what it couldn't date. They immediately take that job they are making year you'll get any bricks used so Baghdad wounding hurt nobody. Okay would you accept you know a Grand Slam breakfast Rufus from some you know alien that had tentacles and three guys and without that wouldn't bother you. Obama me over there watching it still wanted me to my full. Off form Africa well we sure at least you're there are honest and you know holding prejudices and rich it's. I don't think. Now I gotta keep their data Mexican not this country is that. Well Paris leg is that no prejudice is Austin's been on their. I totally built the wall people though that I am don't. Okay see the difference. Rufus I don't know what else to say to you. I think it was a big well you all in all that great that. Each and Rufus from Mississippi thanks for your call you know on blue what do we do it after calling Belgium and even sure what to do. Why didn't you want I didn't wanna explain the different says the misunderstanding with nearly Christmas I mean he stocking extraterrestrials. Verses. Illegally I don't I don't even know yet know the main difference is pretty clear in in the ruthless about it instincts I think I think anything square was full I think I think Rufus has already been probed Italy and otherwise and ensure. What were the probing was but it did some damage should have been showed a clue trust me in administer anything that Memphis has a professor group for you know we're not gonna accept the skull feels. I'm excited. Mcsame we know better what we have some great shows coming up every Mariam tomorrow night we've got John do Sousa also known as the X-Men. X-Men not the X man like Wolverine so. That found he was an FBI agent for over twenty years and he's coming out tomorrow night to share some of his real life X-Files with us how cool is that TV and it's going to be a great program looking forward to that. Yes so and then Wednesday we're going to be talking with Jill Marie Morrison jewels are respected investigative steak medium in addition to using her abilities to assist various agencies who have called cases. She's investigated histories of homes and small cities across the United States. I'm sore and talking with her about Fenton also some of her books are second book saints and sinners and sacred ground is one example of tissues research in conjunction with her. Meta physical gifts. Then aren't they do on Thursday were talking with Seth breedlove from small town monsters are we talking here about his new. Film is coming out with a marked man of Point Pleasant. So that's a topic we love to talk about it is JV and I've been talking for years about getting down and we're doing it this year we have to do you know if we should broadcast from Point Pleasant here we come lies beyond reality radio broadcast better connections and Ellie just it's more I think than in the mood has better. Incidentally had a 30 but definitely a big shout out goes to Douglas too long. For coming on talked with us tonight. About his experiences and a lot of things have gone on with him permission you had to be on reality reveals. Page B on reality radio dot com. Punch click on past gassed and I look up his information and his books and go from there but. Thanks everybody for tuning in me she had over to FaceBook dot com slash B unreal to reveal it to FaceBook page. A lot of great things coming up in the really really near future but everybody have a great innate Reston Jason javy will catch tomorrow. And you know ingredients to discuss its includes news and Alexandria Jones and her. Carrara don't forget to stop by our FaceBook page can also like to say hello it's beyond reality radio all one word. If you got information you want us to follow what bunt or you like to be Gaston beyond reality really be emailed to sleep getting Mets slick Eddie ED DY. 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