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Feb 14, 2017|

Fake news is killing people’s minds.  That’s the belief of the CEO of Apple.   This hours guest: Richard Benedetto - Adjunct Professor of Journalism at American University. He is a retired White House correspondent and columnist for USA Today and political columnist for Gannett News Service Len Apcar - Wendell Gray Switzer Jr. Endowed Chair in Media Literacy, is a fellow at the Reilly Center for Media and Public Affairs and is a Professional-in-Residence @ LSU

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We're good duo assured big news so we breathe downloadable form. But every night every morning I do. Quite a bit of homework looking forward subjects. Rude to talk about. And we call that thing to because an illegal Latin. We would try to do it on the scientific. Bases. And it could all end all and we've put Al. What I think is if I've gotten opinion cut light. It's scientific paper. And scientists put out there opinions and all of the other side it is wood or expertise frightens you shoot death alone. If they can do is it becomes closer to home. Solid and believable science. And would try to do here. But I tell you would win book. The reading that I do. I mean these these. Moon. And very valuable web sites. Been around for a long time. User and urgent news to demean pro prisons that. When I go to beat conservative web sites that use an aged students to do it and the liberal web sites and said. In Monroe look at added it it it feels like cannons and could be century. Feeling a big gold gold chain. Where. You've got no argument we've proven our abuse happened read news. You golden. To be echo chamber that echoed one true thing so what should thing he is is we imports. I'll watch true in the and that it just seems like a prescription for disaster. Will be no longer listen to each other and more importantly. No longer tried to find out where will you or rural home. Because we find that out a good thing that means we've become a hundred educated and more knowledgeable. And our opinion. Is more based on. What to convinced we do the show well policy food Tim Cook. Came up with the 01 interview and said hey he's the big news killing our brains. Under what I just talked about we've weekend. Think anymore of them while we believe. In bed and it came we're. We see meaning technology. Have gone to build or on the news. Archer how you do that through was always. The order of the experts I ever Richard booted that broke. Professor journalism American roots are Richard barb from guard the show. Majors are bigger cars bonded columnists who say that they've political columnist. And reduce service. I think you've got to you know journalistic chops to talk to us. How many here. How we handled the problem. That to that you use your your finger on what the problem is how we well Lilja a difficult one. You know there that we we we we're noble to Europe. Of media. That we did you have forty years ago. With the social media that come along with the Internet. What we have is what is testing will people who are cashing out used our Nat news professionals they're just. They're just people who look who come by to have a platform where they can. Present information. And and they present this information held up however they won without having. Taxpayer information to a filtered through well. That nation that is valid. Is that interest only one side of the story. We get that we get we get all of that Colleen had a like a big explosion. And and the public's. Doesn't want to do network the sorting it out pages will be good for the people where they're comfortable and they'll coaches did it in sight of the fact that. Did that he's kind of agrees with them. And and problem you'd know about it. But I had journalism proposal on odds and twenty leaders TV news. And back in the 1850. And kindergarten K Egypt's. But. Not Covert Soria and lenses so I'm and then. Who checked to see a viable it's. In that and I had an associate producer chuck antsy about it both sides and then Andy producer executive producer. Checkbooks and if none of them thought by hand and I disagree that you went to the news for a in my eyes still does Krugman is right duke went to the managing a mean the general manager. And he said you're then gonna give both sides are your fired and I give both sides. What isn't today when number read your tongue and watching imposed or bright bore a child would put in mainstream media today. Are always to have kids is absurd there always this room doors buried in the script. Did slanted towards. Trumpet roller trump was. More. And because we're no longer range that didn't inform the public we are true this gathering attention. Yeah. We are no longer interest that it really informing the public it used to be the school of journalism to give you permit it. Give people good information. And I'm in let them decide what to do with it what you make sure you're. You're giving them good information like you said about everything go to your producers in your editors. And directors to it to make sure that the story was balanced. We didn't pray at the same thing you're story this story. And try though. And we had diapers in my younger days. This week. And then and they'd failed story that you typed out at the desperate trigger or aunt before they would ever get. Into the newspaper all of those checking in not only just grammar and accuracy. But for a whether or not the story was really properly reported in a battle Larry. And it through what then it came back you'd be fixed. And there are now the story it to me you know we looked at stories now we wanted right minutes. And annual cabinet that you look out. Out there now will go back to exit later it's not right we'll match yet. That recipe for disaster that we ever injury disaster. And and please reg Leo I'm an injury. Where the bead TV will there be improved and will there be a blogger. If you don't give the clicks if you don't get the readings. I would get better ratings on the show. In every day I shouted hi all I love from and heed the liberal media. Give if you don't tip that. Doesn't ensure editorial or your pocket book saying. You have got to choose a side. Yeah that's because now you know now I know exactly how many people are actually. Reading your story where it should try and lie they say they go by the clicked that they get and the name of the game is to get. More clips and if you read a balance story. And Rita tells the truth about what is going at this particular time the health both sides of the equation. And and that it comes out and where Jesus is Horry. You know because that took a closer you get to the truth the greater the truth become. But it media have taught the net by a professor and true that the school many many years ago. That you know you're getting to a story deeper and deeper when the issue becomes greater and greater Akron wider. And and they said that the essence of a reporting honestly but it missed and today we want to spray paint everything in a black and white terms. And we and they're great talent bank action if it doesn't have. Forget about it. Richard you you have hit a number of nailed pride on the head got to take a break come back a couple more minutes. End to end this will actual age but I actually had a commerce says he's from with a guy by the name mobile true content Christ. Decades ago. And I have can be TV anchors and said the new TV anchors are getting to certain to here entertainment and you're getting. To a near partisan poor ratings. And I and shouting match with him. I think you collapsing from the grave. Because what he saw was a little incremental. Eager little problem and journalism. Have begun to hand covered up. Exiled please. Let me here's some infants. Mainly because we need. Stream won't be in Canada but we also covered in this some video from the Georgia Florida. I could call from all over the country people say that listening. So armed are pretty jaguar double Drobo opinion poll bit. Every day Nazis in scientific. But it but it covers a lot of people in this it's easy is it senses even slightly. Ankara. Is verse. Says. Do you know. What to read. Or sharing. Is news. Big news or opinion. So I've percent abuse and you don't. In this is a red state. This is from country. In the end all the saints of recovers for a country. And you're saying you don't know what you read is true. The world we doing about as thankfully I have somebody whom would we you Perdue and Richard. Then that animal and pour. I happened to be a professor of journalism at American university and a he's retired White House correspondent. Columnists USA today the political columnist. Dan that use. So. I think he knows what he's talking about got a strange question. Have you liberal pulled open web site col accountable. I. Don't reason I've found out about the white went to the women's march Washington in the came back and she told me about it. And you always hear people being patrol. Your sub with the government. Call your representatives. And always say. As time when you make him roadster is in. Raising children and two in college tuition. Is that time. Where there's web site called accountable its two flicks. Utah being accountable. And what it is. They have video. And tax. All beer rules that are both for congress. 56 to ten builds and time. There's no partisanship you can read and there's no partisanship. And and asked you to say. Vote yea or nay. And were sending your username to you war. Represented it. Why why can't that don't be dumb by the media week why can't we do and video and texting. It's simply access. Here's a window. Period. There are incidents. Gesture makes its. That that it is that if it takes a lot for a merger you know corporate Roger who has taken with those kinds of things together. And and and and draw it out of people who go to church as you mentioned honorable. Are pretty pretty much activist of the first play their battered. After a year it is an out there who want to know what bill we're going to work congressman extra minute maybe area activist and lawyer under. And there are there. They're getting they're coming to those age because they they want. Pressure you prepare activists and it's not the average person the average person spent treating their listening. Every person is turned completely content from an angle. And and their four. Let's think think comments them are usually the worst that they're that they can practioner that are much more sensational by grant. And and so they're they're they come away with these false impressions. And their you know impressions are all. If you got which catching and I think you know. Good point load. We've got about a minute final question comes from question. We keep them going the way we more words simply accord should. Do we just keep going that way. Horry is there a point. Where things break. I I play it if if they're. There's there's certainly a danger that we're going to a point where there were things are gonna break down. And I'm sure they're broken already because we you know we're all right we don't like each other because we. I'd never seen people. Lou trend lately people there because it like a political news are number. Experience at a time when. Up until recently where you're you're straight extra sure pro opinion you're pregnant that you like for a marketed by her card with them catch up. Almost unheard opener in our society in recent times acknowledged it's great for the very. Very common one be being. There were one of the reasons why it's content that is that that we have been in short pull right away today and detonated it in gesture based. Richard. And call it but 101000 more times of war. You add to the compensation with the your expertise. And the interview thanks so what I'm gonna walk. Governor. Got to tell you big news. News journal's Jerry. Got how old's your team Coca resigned from the show Lucent had his pregnant uses killing a war rings. And we got to filter it out. Now. Is it I get a missive DL bad move did Georgia Florida. And and I ged because of Internet. I get calls from all over the country or detract from all of the country. So this spreading jaguar a double double of opinion poll although one scientific puzzle and add to it miserably at. Do you know Ford terrain. Are sharing in the news. This big news our opinion. 71%. Of you say you know. And again. Trumps laid reds today I just New Orleans. Traveling saves very bread. End. I I got to submit to you dead if you were asked this question Bob local news. It would be the exact opposite. But a national news and world news. I think one man's opinion is becoming an echo chamber. We'd like from. The lid that conservative media. To verify what we already believe. Liberals. Exact Els and thankfully. Error an expert. Linda have garb when those. Pardon me. Endowed chair of media literacy and you Pau woo the U Riley center. For media and public compares a professional. Income residents and L issue. Professor of dangers so much I appreciated that time. It. So they used what. Well I don't disagree frankly list anything you'd is that I think it's a it's a big problem but I think in many respects it. It probably address possible. And we can talk about that packet but I don't wanna point out from the outset that I think there is broader issue here. Beyond date news and and then he. Which is a little out the door for my old friend in the it in the media. When I was in new York and Washington and elsewhere. And I think the bigger issue here is that there is definitely. A an attempt by the truck administration. To essentially attack through. And I don't mean in any part of it in particular way. I'd like it he did the ministry think he'd like just about anybody else. But I you'd think that there is definitely. Aim aim. Couple moments here where in the Pratt credibility is being challenged went true itself. Is being just kind of poised to. And that trial doesn't heal and fall. Reluctant to say things that are kid you know demonstrably ball. Like murder rate up a certain percent. Or other kind of thing that he knows will just confuse people. And the media out kind of trite trying to debunk it analyze it back jacket. And generally leave people with the impression that they don't believe the media. That he may be writing maybe wrong that in. That truth has become this kind of like. You know kind of in commodities. Sometimes it is applied and sometimes. To me is a much bigger war improbable. But. There will be we have we only have a minute forward tinkering. I have huge deals by that thing it's very very good Kia are conservative lottery isn't. Justices agree you are liberal inch justices agreed. It is to do homework every dale Maghreb I think. I'm about whose input is I camp. And it is like can beat superb ignored terms of her bring aboard to impose apart breed bright board for re drugged. Watching pose New York Times CB adjectives. That attacked from. If her brief bright board I've seen good depends on chrome. In the end. More importantly. I think understand. If there isn't the headline. If there isn't something. The media. Two of whom two were tracked their eighths. They don't get it could soon get the ratings than the job the money do do the job. Tomorrow wrong. Well I think a lot of the big media houses but on the left and the right and and those that try. As best they can't be impartial even though they have biases I think all of them have. The wherewithal. To to to report it pretty straight. And shortly we're although not worry about click and click bait I mean those. Those of them marginal operators often times that the clip date factories that it is generating. Paid support here. Bradford did you got watching imposed back Georgia beat those that may be totally true. He's got new York and who like 150000. Subscribers and is put and one point two billion. Don't New York I have to attract clicks. Well to do with the cabinet but it means that the attitude and it's expensive editor of the journal. I spent. More than twenty years at the New York Times and I know that the last thing that they were. They wanted to do sacrifice they're there goal of objectivity impartiality. In favor of its neighbor collects. That that have been concerned and it's not and a small concern everybody at the stake in it. And whether it's at the Washington Post the New York Times or any the other day outlets Associated Press but they don't want. They don't necessarily throw out. The reason that people would conduct. If you come to them detract. There is check here occasion detects sourcing and try to get this straight it's possible attempted telling this story they'll want it back. Got to take a break you Linda in a lot to gives debate stay with me. Governor bill brigade celebrity AM 053. At. Good thing get a good big news isn't as big problem is it seems to be and can anything be done little liken them to a blue and a darn. Louis is forward DO royalties senator from Indian public parents. Professionally. And residents and L issue. Little futile mind I've been led to bring some of the close to me in to about oh year old Brooklyn Park him. Thanks strongly and Dave Gardner missive the comedian's long time ago said Alonso as good as the truth and logic of somebody who believe that. And unfortunately. We have a number of politicians. We know some in particular and and number pundits who. Go with that rule and go live I'd rather not only wish Bennett but actually fabricated and then diverted like. President trump does frankly fabrication and divergent. Interesting. I saw a movie and Linda called big short. In a very member Krug is there there was quoted in them that it may be born between Edwards said the more you believe. The alleged shoe no. Election in oh. The more you believe. And where and when I've been a pull a bright board in an arguably good example and I have whatever in the patched. I'm going to check of something is true a look at that fact a look at slopes. A couple of bright part and they and they say god they've got liberal. Connections and a you delineate what they are. Then in the is that is is is this kind of being true where even the fact checkers. Orb. And swayed in some way. I think well I think I'm on a little bit that the caller. Our duties Hugo. I mean I think I think the real risk here in the does that put the biggest problem with it is. Is that the public what it can now they won't know who to believe. And it's a lot of work for them use their own detectors to try to figure out is this true or not. And yet they now. And I think we beat it then I think we have serious broader issues about our democracy. If they if they stay whip and and your earlier question can this be convicted be addressed. I think eighteen and that it it it's a combination of things. Is gonna take works for apple in the Silicon Valley folks Google all all the usual suspects. Book FaceBook who brought up their sleeves and brought in and good journalism and newsletters the people to try to figure out is there a way to do it. It is not without First Amendment risk. What's it say that but I think it's it's one avenue to try to address the social media. Viral. Factor that that accelerate the dissemination. So that's one number two I think the American people have to work hard here. They benefit from huge avalanche of information but they're gonna have to look at that stuff and say. Is it verifiable. Is there Arctic into that debate is. And I'm doing. And they don't want to believe the politicians and they don't wanna believe big media. That the big risks. And that I think is that the danger are greater than they do it which I think it adds little. Now look back on male pop on the outcome of the election I don't think it I don't think it at a news do it. Except it raised the possibility. That state that the basic information channel has way too much noise and not a possibility it's very clear that it. It is low level noise I think. But the speed is this narrative that the press can't be trusted. Absolutely. And people just give up when trump basic sense things that just start true. And people try to pointed out and they don't know what to believe yep big problem. Live I think you've read tremendous lead to the debate thank you so much. Wu were talking about 900 native 9000 Morton Tom. Well I don't. This. That you Google. This fund talk about it but it it's scary. I mean this show I invite you allude to do is prove what I believe. That I'm I'm being modest. I have very little education around when good and gave it. If you call and tell you something that I can't debate that I had that I can't bruise to. I did better. Educated. Why can't. End of we don't have bid for what becomes information. On Al Laurie go and we call it the whole thing. Covered up via. All right has he would really true come and Nike's being beat qualities. As visible several buildings downtown New Orleans. You're shown the covers entire side of the downtown Tokyo reads the bald. Should balance the same for everyone. What does it called law and equality means you. Andy's got some Berrian whose. Music sales for relatively unknown artists that bred. Dent. Have skyrocketed. So editor Twitter followers because the rude virtual word the grammys and bread. Make America great again. If you knew your bill little wooden cringe dramatically. Would you public buildings report present new chrome. Should be of very interest and shows who is an arch on worker. Helen synthetic thank you read a everything.