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Feb 8, 2017|

Should the feds regulate teacher preparation or state accountability for education?  Congress is planning to do just that.  This hours guest: Larry Carter - Interim President LFT (Louisiana Federation of Teachers)

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You wanna get involved in the political process suspect actually today. In Tuesday's so so easily comes and confrontation. Angela and when the and they say that the tour people should do was sickened me can answer and build. Worrying about kids in college solve problems and each time to. Talked to either broke person. There's senate. Well. Web site which you would Chu Ming and find quality is amazing. I am but I think it would take a look at it and if if you would like to. Boris you approval or why Kabul approval on an importance under its goal total bull. And it is it's really good so I. He had it gives you a video. And number war and it is I'd upon what they insure risks. Give you a video explaining and not. From the liberal conservative side. And and within the text. In June Zhu approval. In favor. Opposition. Against. Strictly. From. Both both years. That a blue law didn't. And law dare responds. To the respective. Represented. So to me it's pretty cool I mean is it takes about five minutes. Maybe two or three take a look at that. The side UC is subject that says oh yeah it's important in the law organ and frequently respond and sure where the return that caught my off. In particular. When it comes to education because of cool words we have via. New has and it shouldn't. Nationally as a bra yesterday. And here's what did too. Debates. Headlines issues that accountable touched on. Adults a Department of Education in regulation. And Hebrew teacher preparation. To be orb for current. Again. Does it Department of Education regulation and state accountability. Need to be block. More organs. And we have Eric Carter where this Enron probes are Google museum of that ridge and teachers homeowner and ask him about boat that William and Larry thank you for the call. Well good afternoon certainly thank you for inviting me to your show and I can tell you as of November I'm no longer on and remind the president. To. Thank you so much. I should say congratulations. To all that pain and tails. Our I'd look for a do you have for the listener. Doesn't Department of Education regulations and teacher preparation need to be overturned here to explain. The current resolution for congress would reject the department of victory education regulation. That is imposed a new federal standard pro education pro production features. Which linked teacher preparation. To eligibility. For Brett. This was older and fallen on under. Obama. Establish indicators that stage were reporter to use and reporting. Perform roots. Eligible who do you port teacher rants. Which group of teenagers that specialize. In certain subjects or commit to working in low income during those. Would be willing to program perform. What we're here. Well Bo I'd do recall that conversation maybe two years ago where. Are they were true there where would require states develop rating systems for teacher preparation programs. That took him to a cult at least two things that number the job placement rates of graduates as well their academic performance as a student. Who they've taught as applaud those. This discussion. And I don't called educational programs that were rated poorly would eventually lose their federal siege grabs. Which the government awarded to students who own home or try to you know against teach. And we're committed to working hard needs school districts after graduation. On an adult it was a day to day that the cost to implement some of the requirements by the federal government. You know remember there's something about California where they're efficient the cost of approximately 485 million. Each year and that the California State University systems said that it will cost of approximately four million. All rate in palm view period but two were called those discussions but I believe that refineries that teachers believe that is the State's responsibility. Traders doubt the standards for teacher accountability and teacher preparation. Is there in that sort of who's gonna do. I'm basing he would go on teacher preparation. Doesn't sing in the kidneys since. If you're working with the kids in poor areas of Chicago. Are you working with kids and Powell while true California. Your results or probably. Gonna be pretty different. And how can you determine which teacher would prepared and which was not. Well look back and tell you this particular issues I think teaching certificate not federal. We elect state legislators that we you know we haven't elected state educational board. That make those decisions on behalf the people vote state. And are contagious literally dissident Liu. I'm going to department verification for beating up your probability commissioner wrote. Every student succeed act and that you know is pregnant decisions. Like the ones in oh. Back to the state workable. Or yours yours though. The road into that on web site count and here's the ones. In today. Please save the regulations that bald political play rulers have even students' standardized. Test scores. Which have been shown not to correlated with teacher performance. But with Scioscia who economic status of Christian. So they they agree. There should be. You grit. We. It partly the discussion we're having at the education accountability commission for the department of education and also the governor has an Isa commission. Where we will look at those all factors and and trying to determine which. Factors best. Indicate that peace in our is that in doubt schools across state. And so we do certainly understand that this really is they've stated issues follow on that stage to take this seriously I think there are across the country. I'll look at these regulations was to really do boring. Well the conversation. Back to the State's electoral system that both slovo teachers principals superintendents. Own education stakeholders. Well and as well as best people the borders. You know elected or selected by the governor to make built to visit all the rest of education as grow. But it provided on to our students. And so wasteful. Hardly understand that this discussion has been going on it'll for a long time this one little debate that particular animation and well we understand that. There's. They date difference between where Euro and no government responsibility is where they spoke only begin. And we know too that the equipment devolved powers not delegated to the United States by the constitution. To go back for the state. Are into again we're gonna come soon department of that commission regulation teacher preparation. Needs to be over turned. Here's a look those against it there's certain linking teacher preparation. Of federal energy kitchen ran. Helped ensure that these states. And local governments. Or bringing in the right teachers your thoughts. My book again. Well we have colleges and universities all across the culture but in particular in out state but they actually trying to very best. Two educates students. So that they'll be well prepared to to preparation as a challenge you know from most of us in terms of how we view teacher preparation and that. Colleges and universities. You know on have to figure out how to do that activate. When we sit together at state you know all holders stakeholders and education. That they believe that a fiery speeches and those other organizations who. Have been a part of this discussion at the state level. That onshore. This would be opened that closer to. Ball would actually have in the clash would be more beneficial but it states. And on university zone leaders on the and the governor and the state politician come together and make the best decision for weapons and our schools. Or it's there when they got to drink reg we're talking to Larry Carter. It'll probes at Louisiana Padraig not in the room you know president so boom you and progression of teachers. Teachers aren't there. What are your thoughts. Here's a juror one celebrity parents out there. Interested in these subjects. It was called two's are general one that he said. Well look. If you wanna talk to you were ruptured and abuse children there's agreed to withdrew its web site call accountable at least I think it has. I've built all of for a couple today and what they do that they choose a number of some dude it's in the web sites had polio and explain that. They have print. Fully explains that end. You see those in favor and those again and so it's it's really an education and it takes a couple of minutes ago to ruin. And there warned of the subject should you think or important years you're presently it is just saying some hitters so to send your message. You represented the our problem called ma concerning education. One of them doubles Department of Education regulations. And stayed a count of biblically. Do those plans. Need to be but law. Those in braves say it constrained in his stage like its ability in developing the room accountability. System. Well it's hoping coal else's rights else around there every student success act. Regulation should we blocked through the states. And have to bring you don't have bipartisan. Majorities in congress. Wanted them to have. Talk about all this way of Larry King video president and Louisiana putt ration of teachers Larry board what do you think you or against on the. Well are sitting probably a vote. And fifteen minutes from I'll be sitting at the Isa permissions for the Department of Education economic commission on that commission. And I've found that the latest version of the national educational. That every student succeed at it tries to reset the balance between the state and federal governments responsibility and education. The new pieces of our law provides more flexibility in areas of accountability and an improvement. Com that's to be a as to how we structure out to to preparation this certification programs so right now we're having major discussions. On about what will education looked like in the state of Louisiana. It's also happen if states around the country. In terms of they have put a halt on the worker already been done by states across the country. I would say no to that I'll say this law right now. Guides the work that's been done in the state of Louisiana. Barksdale Louisiana and Paul. And dedication. There's superintendents. There as school board members. There are on the part of education leadership. There is below the union that the table there or education stakeholders from all obelisk victories in the rule. And people basic subsidies mean is not a regular basis. And they economic definitely know there's so we get a lot of input. From education stakeholders. Community alone stakeholders. And our our line that this latest version of the educational. Deal more responsibilities. Of the state. So we sort of we dual Buick dips blocking his plan. Like it needs to be black epic we've done a tremendous in my also work and a note to go to the states shall find they've been doing tremendous amount of work. Around what would Louisiana look like in terms of all from now and then and then look at Florida's relates to a quality public educational Ralston of the they are built on that it's being done in the ways that includes. Many many stakeholders in this discussion. Currently let me or some don'ts of the roads and they broke. The department of education's the capitol building genes they blamed rule implements part of the every student succeeds. Act. Elsa. And leaves open a little poll that the federal bureaucrats could export. To forge common core and State's. Have been implemented does stand. I think and hurt that loophole as it relates to opening up the descriptions are again around. So are no one of the most contentious you know pieces of of their education reform miles from the last administration that people talk about common core. But I have not seen that loophole I'm handles what is mentioned that there's a loophole that allowed that. But that at the moment that we had probably eight to ten meetings over the last. On eight months which means certainly want so much it and even on the last summer it was a major discussion maybe year before that the offer of this discussion about state having more of what they have now. Education looks and and and you know interstates. And I think that sitting at that table that that is outrageous discussions. It's about us on the determined it was best for our students. Our communities. And our schools and so for me I don't I did not see that loophole model remember whatever it is special but it poll. But I can spare some of the in you know looking for if it is the way to have a different you know home against discussed and there there may be sucked into that black cat. We have to move for a league you would get nerves are grew ever have occasion to do you oppose. Would be in mine no answer but what movies. And on. Kuril implement. The new law fixing no trials that and the week congress ruled. To reverse the trend towards a national school board and reached or legal control public schools. Under leadership there will be no Washington and they were common Cold War. Or teacher evaluations. Or or bow. That sounds good bad some room for two. And I certainly need to read that Bo we'll have to be honest with you call gore and book I certainly know that the work we've been putting in with the department of education. And mystical and earlier alone. Are there see that they're they're maybe some concerns about having to look pollen in the states and I think this law tried to strike a balance between. The federal you know government's responsibility of state law and we know. Where there is resources come from the federal government to support schools. Some districts and how they certainly could benefit from that Weller wrote state department of education's so. Limit ourselves by by by an ever discussion about what role will and host of federal government play in education. In our state as well let's find a balance between the states you know haven't. Moreover Mahan and it would. There. We're running it must know who do the things Cuban it's only going grass roots the map your road regrettable that. The museum of building real good teachers Larry Carter. All right there's no word journalist Julia Reed two's are general wounding eight celebrity. In the opening day number of books about number of Sumter. A long. And I don't have diminished mills said that your senate bordered term showdown Elizabeth Warren. Massachusetts. Governor. Senator voted yesterday to tell bits and return this set down and shut up. Voted Portland forty rude to hold ruling that the Massachusetts. Democrat Bliley did send a rule. That prohibit. At the prohibit impugning the nobler. Send. And Marjorie was there and shoot children being linked to use beach. Their boards which targeted against. The nomination. Sen Trojan obsessions. Meld them. As the pick or trumps. Attorney general. And more drew Britain was well written by crook Scott king already. In the record already been read yours ago. Activists and tubes and brightness and 1986. When the chambers debating whether to improve sessions. Troll like Campbell appointment on that ruled bench in king. King's wife. Or zone three decades ago to reject sessions as a judge and that you did. She is good core missions sessions. Has used the awesome power more. Of his office. To chuckle to bring your exercise. Of the vote by a black citizens. In the district he now holds seeks to serve. As federal York. She wrote that simply. Can not be allowed. To. Couple of thoughts. You've pure conservative. You're applauding. A little boring and being told to sit around and Shara. You bureau liberal. Saying this is horrible. Bob I'm. It's something caught my between due to. The reason they voted to tell recruits and on and shut up. Under century broke the rules. Are. Break the rules of the senate senate can tallies and don't show I'm Stan got no problem. But the Wu. Prohibiting. Impugn being. Another's sin is personal it's already been done. When sessions. Came out of the judgeship. But second of all. We put these people in office. And they have been in rule. That says faith nor anybody votes on this and report. Came in. Una. The reputation. Of another senate. What would you have blood flow. Does that protect us. Does that. Make the constitution. Stronger. Would you liberal or con. Sure job Elizabeth Warren forward. Some other Republicans. Whatever argument in this and and have them byes totally rule. My question to you and those. I mean. The most in need to be in the port I mean you can't be sides. As a senator. I mean. Separate graves and via. Had an article via an open David that are. And she said didn't that once again. We've lost another. To lobby. Is an open Cole chairman. Of Mercury. A world city. Whose clients include these two bodies beside. NBC universal. And that governments and Nigeria in Qatar. Now I understand if they wanna hire. Congressional members in particular one's subordinates is Rhodes scholar. Because they've got the expertise. But. I mean we've had. Tony La. That broke. Dan Johnson. We've got Bob Livingston. And mini war. So. Being in the center being represented at. The golden key U. To being rich while the rest of your life. Announced the depend only of who's. Asked the family broke and that's the band was living. Are you living. What what insurers such wage. And we've voted you view of that heat in who have been rule on the senate that says let's. Nobody can then you'll know your reputation. Not to me he. That brings a big old war. If you disagree are really putting your problem we we have to debate left a sour. A gentleman called him a thing from the North Shore to the big. And I. It's a tomb at the end of you know. I'm guests in the people listening. Big you made a better argument than not. What the think tank assault will bow. So when you hear that house visit W at all. You wanna change. Or if it's a good thing why is that a good thing. Two's are general born in seventy Deborah. Are working died. Goldblum. Article here. I defended trump in the last year or so who breathed a retired general did do appropriate. Have warned oh god one think should. You know winners of these belt and on and give them high and urged Jewelers. George Garrett and diary you Robert. Camera action and show and thing you were getting UC beat one more time. Aren't born and retired Jose booed Petraeus has warned all. Of the world order. Is under unprecedented. Threat from bull bold directions. Pointing to Russia. China. Islamists. Extremists. And cyber threats but he also wants to brunch. American should not do it the current international quarter cold. In the control order in the it did not Willits opened to existence week re aided that likewise it is. It is not naturally self sustaining we had sustained. It. You've been monitored truce former drug currency. In speaking about threat from extremists Petraeus stressed. The majority of Muslims who reject extremism. Or are most important Alcoa. And piloting I exits in the Brock. In Syria. And all cart media through wooden pole and on line. Will step down in Princeton and you can look at them. One point six billion. People in this world. On votes. Less than 1%. Or run. Surprised. And fractured country with a five largest numbers of Muslim world why. Or all non Arab country. At as statistics. Indicates it's more accurate to conclude that Islam. Is of anything. It is an Asian. Religion. End. When he points of the danger from Russia. A good direction towards a Euro article were to get this through its it and Russia accused of cyber meddling. And political meddling. In European elections. Dated and Estonia. Poland. Ukraine. Crimea. Ball great bowl Gary. Walsh Graham Germany. And prints. So we've got out of the the former head of the CIA exiting and our big concern about Russia. And the Muslim thing. It it's it's not an Arab thing. It's the Arab robe Corey is where we have the threat but he's saying. It's not the most. And and win win abusive what was Hitler and the world order is under unprecedented. Threat. Go to bright board. Arabian gulf war being. Seventeen. Ships from the United States United Kingdom France and Australia. Launch major war games. Of the mile from the wrong and coast. Stop and think about in the thing. No I only hope. We're gonna talk about obamacare regularly but. There's time. It's without Obama. Republicans. Thinking here you know. Were Britain did some pieces together and two room place bids in pieces. But the question is where they are not just for repealing the whole thing here and giving the wrong place and we'll find out. Covered up next in the thing. Sherwood this. Robin would be a double dubbed Leo bigoted celebrity AM 01053. At.