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Think Tank 1010am Tornado Aftermath

Feb 8, 2017|

New Orleans and south Louisiana have sustained a number of deadly tornado strikes.  What’s the aftermath?  How much and how many have sustained losses? This hours guest: Mike Steele - Governor's Office of Homeland Security & Emergency Preparedness (GOHSEP)-Communications Director-PIO

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Thank goodness. Or two coordinators would lose in the on the rise in one day yesterday close. What torture and that is our board. Bill we're gonna talk about it. Republicans finally have its own replacement. For Obama care. And they they become pro am in a renewed sources. If an own goal counts the years in Louisiana and Washington. Raptors and that question I think a lot of people and grumbled it's conservative and liberal. G pretty. You worry again it's Obama care for the last six. Years. Didn't say you wanted to re. Unions that you wanted to adjusted. It's one Obama did. You said you wanted to read Lee said. Civil we'll talk about a couple of the room placements. On certain sections. Boy Obama care. And problems in those who have been how's the question. Where is the Rupp police. Should the regularly. Teacher for a Parisian. Or state accountable. For cage. Congresses of planning to jurors have. Do we want that will innovate and in his school policy and Ripa a couple of centers and and congressmen that want an education. Department totally removed. And Sutton says that these the moves to reuse and head them for a education. Pointed yes Sharon do you boats. Is this kind of working towards that. Several guns are code above the president leaves you and to whom president Louisiana federation of teachers. Ever gonna talk to his senior research fellow in health care Rhodes scholarship with a new market kid and its foundation. And more come. Right now let's talk about the tornado. Aftermath wow what a day might signal. Governor's office Homeland Security emergency preparation talk to us what happened and what's happening now. I get the thirteen broker sold first on good morning. And they will be on the the war can be your assessment teams going out and and taking a look at the impacted area. The teams will be made up of imports goes so FEMA. And yes BA and now they're coming in that each of these sites they're separate the most severe damage. Said. And right. Yet government our homeland security and emergency preparedness and I'll Wear one of them the cabinet agencies can lead. Agencies in dealing with peace starts situation. I'll put these assessment teams will be focused on individual assistance urged. That's. In the system that may be available homeowners. And damn good the attention ship next week more to the public just fine. To see what target store or your immune system it will be real bowl you know infrastructure needs stealing public school rooms and bridges and other. Public impartial auction. Woods a dream pretty broad which wants the bush Louisiana that was affected. You knew we. We were talking yesterday while everything was still coming app market a jury you know at. Some point yesterday that the game between world war Ian camps we thought it was going to be. You know hit it took awhile for a lot of the pictures be appeal some areas that get hit. You know until hours after other areas. You know we're seeing it from the air was government come me and in certain markets of these teams can be do and retreat nutrient epidemic operation. Because if there is a system available you wanna try and picture. It gets to the people as quickly as possible. I've got to. You know command Bebo once again you know with this type of situation while. Still hitting. They were already in contact you know with our our leaders with the governor saw this you know to find out what they needed marched. You know and there are external affairs people that handle public information chart got you they were reaching out beat. In a while strong were still in incident and they're very. Quick to help jump in and get the ball one ball extra inch true. You know there's been following issues have been some of the programs. You know what fought and everything you've done you know. Kind of controversial so to speak the pigs where we've been good about our joke again Al itself. On some some of these people you know basically went war in the came home home businesses. Destroyed. What what did they do work they go who to big tall and too important. I I cannot imagine. Standing in front of a lot where your home or business use to be in saying what do why do. We do another good thing that we saw while we were or what would go to the world what people hood took a lot of meat jumping yeah. What it was kind of amazing you know me boon to war you are. You know in in certain areas you know some homes beyond level or prayer. Are the people were war be jumping now in and helped them pick up pieces the governor's kind of put priority on debris pick up a lot Kirsch is already have. Read existing disaster gory pick up contracts in place. Insert whatever the hell needs to be supplemented with those contracts. The governor kind of made that a party. You know the utility Colmes or audio quality in the history most of our bid for the short. Except for a few problems aug twelve hours in a pretty serious. Infrastructure damage. You know it is it says a lot to our resilience that where can jump in and help each other well. Up in court sent up 250. Gartman. A bill to you won't cereal last night to help check points. And with security and police work this year association jumping on. With their parents forced to help by adopting 36 deputies also commended the area. Gore had some other helicopters in the area now we didn't receive any reports of Flutie. At this point which you know when you have that big in the area. In a city you know without power without lights and everything that's a big concern. But you know having everybody come and European like India and seems to cover up. Be keeping them in check. Now you're gone and talked about the and loads in south Louisiana in August. And how many home owners said they. Our important mortgage. I don't know bite can get another. Already have a payment on the car I don't to buy insurance is gonna bring you milk from the get another. In the Edinburgh could today there are those quote promote cancer. He said I don't have insurance. The the rising cost of disaster. Insurance in his area since Katrina. Is just needed a little portable. And how we consume a lot of people like that debris have been brief course. I can't always speak that at this point you don't do those Serbs would teams won all and then completion gather. And they can determine. You know what course weakened kind of pushed war. Towards that goal lead. You know a lot of those types of issues we we hopeful mobile electorate that point. It just until these you know. Assessment teams do their work him and care ever. That information and toward until there's no doubt that. You know that kind of an on going problem. You know probably anywhere along the current right now certain. Oh we are Canadians that are just don't have them into. My ex U Euro zero in New York busy womb we call you Maria and always fun time to talk to wants. In the audience of thank you so much have a great. Arctic uber. To will combat low will here's some audio and car. News department of the recorded prone people. The victims soul involved in the tornado. And we'll talk more what are your thoughts usage or 1878. Always important and it's how the Louisiana but the all of these floods and tornadoes. Can insurance too much insurance. Double mortgages double car payments. Or he's getting to a point where. Getting a holding groups were more importantly. Very expensive to us here choosing or 187. Our. Answers our let does say. Our hearts about it every woman who experience. Loss. And hardship. Yesterday's severe weather and tornadoes. Especially you are nor our neighbors in New Orleans he's really hit hard. You know we'll but it's not new words easy to forget the point remember Katrina is people are going through could true not all over again. Did did anybody received via the drone video and think it from from Dublin PO. Just from the easing. At what part of the video. Had three trailer. Boom in the middle was totally Jewish and and warn the Brighton lip look like there weren't touched. In them and he got the broad view of New Orleans these were bad torn Beirut tracked the result in them and up and we knew if you're at home that virtually untouched. Where your neighbor is totally destroyed. And mean. Gosh do you do some good. In my thought of it is even though most of those were not affected. Got to do something that I hope these people that have already been through Katrina. In so many many of them. Don't have insurance. Because those places it's a league getting a little bit more and more judgments would deliver her doesn't work groups who will. Our news department to interviewed a number of people a one brawl on some of them so much John. Very very very scary just you know I've defended really quickly conclude our Rick Perry will be terminated and we were frightened to death. And it would level out hits it was became a quick and then left that weak spot is about the whole bill was going caving. The mixed up this team it's already revealed this'll be doing all those who. We come own disasters and read we come back. About missing it through financing it. Part of it ended up right here completely demolished. It's amazing new moon loser needs collapse hired. But this is material things you know we just thank well like everybody got out okay. Yeah you heard the dementia. And accept rebuild. That what we need to in New Orleans. July even raising the question. Seemed wrong. But how many times can we keep doing this. The job August floods and Louisiana. And two months earlier there were on the blogs not quite as bad broad boots. And now builds. What was it and look at some new answers and things like each team tornadoes. All of settled through Louisiana. And and no dog cut on the morning. News. And they had run turns what caused that tornado. Outbreak and had talks through it and it quote climb but how votes. Paralytic. Combination of factors including extremely high humidity. I'm warm warm there temperature tests. In the gulf Mexico. Outbreak of severe tornadoes also hit and lead ever worry last year. I'd forgotten all about that. Loading recorded bring apple programs August. Is an additional Louisiana is facing. More and more numbers of major well there events. And I'm colleges their bitter Carol. They say events. Very hard to attribute. This habit or events like it is. Directly to global warming but having said that there's some things in groups and consistent. Global warming. Warranties serve as temperatures. At gold supplier. Was all lies and his big hints. And tomorrow. Forward try and Paducah other Chicago. Team GOP hero sacred former secretary of state. Former secretary of the treasury. Very much for veered. Republicans. Probably. In matters seven. And liberal or an opinion piece from Wall Street Journal not nutty liberal and and journal book long shot and and they have what we need to use since we'd each asked. Weren't sure. But we think we're beginning to see more and more indication. It's that I'd be under problem. Moderate problem. Huge for them we need you do in shorts. And again. Talk about the pants were. Quoted in the advocate. That cigarettes. And I can re yeah. True widely. Total loans were on the church's home. Everything. Can get it all again. Amended it and it is all moos includes quote June occasion which I think. Is impossible. X.'s stock. I think going forward those that handle board. Argument that the north sure slide though more. Other's dates. Because those that can't afford good so apt word in New Orleans. There's no transfer nation. From the North Shore. Slidell. That they could get on the regular Britain's. So. Even though. We look at these civilians quickly. Not toe boots god yet. Not those that have their homes destroyed. But the vast majority. That didn't now. We move on. We forget. We forget what they're going through. Can anything be done now and in the long run. Should anything be done to help him in the long run. I don't know the answers over and the questions are about. Governor bill brigades of the 81053. Open. All right this have or just between you and me. A bit but how important but it's something I jewels for. On May sound like a broken record. And vote for trump and Clinton. I didn't care breathe one still don't care for a one. In particular because they're buried during clones times towards three. That cause votes on about a loss. Our June British in our children. Our children's and reduction that next June race. Six. Trillion. Dollars. I don't forget that showboat or somebody you know it's odd. A judge sentence on pin and I'm sure to be liberal pros and all. He's he's talking about the courts battered deciding. For or against it vandal and immigration. And he said quote. These courts seem to be political. It's QB. They oral labeled. Political. What is our birds that short Circuit Court of Appeals her New Orleans conservative. Jurors heard an interview was somebody in the news. That say. Where there's sending does integration. Debate. Is situated liberal court. Quote anybody and everybody know who's it's a liberal court. Whom may be I did I don't have enough education. I always assumed. There words in lever. True golden ball. And you read the ball. And you major or decision. Based long ball. Not owning your political viewpoint. And I. Saying you're for or against poured fuel and Oregon said to have been pretty. Some of that is gonna create them. Would you look you letter. A bow law. Ordered all outs. And and that's a good problem. Is gonna get pounded. Or saying. Oh please these courts and move did political. Bit orange literally labeled. Liberal. And conservative. If you if you were charged with something. And this system. And your lawyers sent some of you which we often hear. Wouldn't cry he did and journalists who consumes all parts. Because it's day or less. Or more. On something. That's going to be and did you. And they know that. They know it because they see evidence over and over again. It sets them do we. If trump says the courts seem to be political. And there's. It's only hope wrote plummet. What did they have burglar arts system where am I wrong dot com North Shore Richard. McCall call it polar order apparently political there urged G-8 just smoked or shall I can. Congregate in order. The god amended and drifting. Okay here. That that. That our courts are or you're not Jewish and went out with a precarious state took the position. Or more. Or. Will they follow what party basically it. There are a bit appointments secretary there are more shall. What responsible for the commission which that would create our our local paper on the court. Or. Are. At that cheap jobs. The change that. And Supreme Court. That group. And a commission. To take much more. A plot. And political. Always been political. I lowered you do game needs some education. I didn't I am. Probably issue will listen to raid podcast to this show. A surge toward Jews saying unit to ride out do her show and but let's say. Done wrong. Let's say. Overall. That I keep hearing. As a liberal courts and conservative courts in its judge. And that gave Butte is if you do here is. There's yards in the appearance this smaller than the more amenable to human. Let's say I am totally wrong. Actually done. Is totally wrong it looked problem that is. He would he would he would shoes. It should rooms. At the believability. After a page in a worse system. In dolce and assess them. To get Hussein. All. Tired. Wrong behind. Over it's a best in the world. Or stay ending in the cancers sooner. Telling you got cancer but don't worry. You've got to les cancer. In the war. I'd submit and you tell me world wrong. If they don't it's hard to whom book add. What is. Your slowly. Not only goal not fair. Why it happens to our street in the system. 200187. Double up. A reg coming up next we're we're gonna talk about it education. Does the Department of Education in regulation. On teacher preparation. Need to be overturned. Or. Does Department of Education regulations. On straight account to build do you plan news need to be blocked. Dub dub I would call a thing to Garland Robinette with the outcome and right now.