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2-7 5pm Bobby & Deke: on Pelicans-Sixers trade talks

Feb 7, 2017|

Bobby & Deke check in the Philadelphia Inquirer's Keith Pompey for the latest on a trade that could send Jahlil Okafor from Philly to New Orleans.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And good evening and welcome to sports talk coming up after the break we will visit. With. Are antsy again name again at it on the road off decades in Yankee Tom paint over the Philadelphia 76ers. For the Philadelphia Inquirer could Julio Okafor be coming to New Orleans word is at the end of one of pelicans are trying to get. DO former lottery pick. That debt is with Philadelphia right now because they're in no well and some of the players that are starting to blossom in a young Philly rotation. You can know. Time in 2601 eights and also Bobby there was a yeah a feature they came out it's been making him wades in and Bos. About recently because LSU last week at the signing date. Reassign coach you barge into quitting and they department formal call coach and with halfback coach miles a year ago to be running backs coach and recruiter. Foil issue and also Damian Craig Craig Lewis and ago. Injured nuclear reassigned. In the athletic department. Now coach Jim Luke is now. Rex had gone back to Texas Tech Henry elevate himself he's being named the associate head coach and a coach flip Kingsbury when he was once before. And the a running backs coach at Texas Tech he once upon back in a place that he's there for me which had a lot of success. But there's a story out that is a lot of success how many are as players we got to go to Lubbock Texas no no none none he was there right but there is there is a story out about this most recent meeting among some area high school coaches. That are are planning to boycott Ella issue. And I thought we were bringing out there and I'm I'm not sure everybody knows that you know I'm that you with the book that would be because coach in Lucas to boycott the way it. I mean he's in any capacity I mean listen it's all about production. Is that affirmative action. IE EEE era you don't get a position just because. You skin color duchy capabilities well then yeah I mean it elicited no matter view white black whatever it's all by getting it done. Every year and I think it has common says that a black. Coach at LSU staff. That has a background on your wallet but you think the -- coached the same. They got coaches that white coaches Blanco Denny got a budget or. Then our our coaches are all the same some are obviously more capable than others. Mickey Jones of as have been hired as the and also coached Johnson from USC as a running backs coach in the Q coach wide receivers and making only does that allow. Phenomenon track record of success in New Orleans dating back to when he played for. A coach. Turning and Shell when owner coach Osborne and Nebraska and then of course his brother bans while we don't know as the ultimate level being the head coach at the Denver Bronco. But I'm looking on on the scale of seven SEC schools last week between. A while at the signing day. It's in now and the coaching changes coach miles was always one and there may coaching change for an active in the season. He always wait after signing date the greatest or you got a nucleus coming in. QB this spring practice at that the Wheaties I mean that's just we've abuse that you go around every conference in college. On a country in a lot of transactions a lot of coaches on echoed it I'm within a week yes because that's if there ever is a time and it's not. As difficult as are those eats that. Right at that time because. You're starting on a new class that's already going to board. You having gone to spring practice today and that's basically when coaches start to sail right now we're working on 2070. So that's that's the mommy coach amounted coach cro. He didn't coach Pete would toe when he is different corners and on the list goes on and on. Coach stood though the coach about when it would there was coaching changes made and that's the thing you in this fight among the judges do a little homework and you go back and look in main enemy quote unquote. Thigh with reassign. The coach decide to lead it was a mutual agreement that. Part ways I think that now now in daycare and not cut comment on this is you know more bothers and I do we've got a text from 7988. And he said. David Johnson not David Johnson that's name obviously you know people are familiar with it. Any didn't get the job at LSU now this for the Texans that being get the job. From Memphis is a former saint aug guys the guy who's to earn a pot since eating get the job than nick jewels of gotten you to tell me though. Now we don't know and considered he was one of the guys that was consume anybody turned on Darryl came antsy having interest why old he turned down time. LSU job this day would admit this tie school and I Hugh is not. Now like Clemson Tigers elegy titles in Memphis tiger and I as you did make contact with him democracy reputed ties he was most recent homestand for coach. Johnson and to me no it just makes sense now I'd do it detects right here. The might be the same 179 media and would they know made his opinion. But you do have to help with the game plan recruiting got to be complete coach right there Jabar Jean Luc. Was no real held to the game. And that's all you look at Craig Wilson Tommy Roberts and all of that is coming from USC look Lizzy you want the best coach in the staff don't you ought to care again what color your want him. And images and mostly is animal move because I think coach Luke's in a better capacity. I knew coach to Luke was talking about coach Bo was to ball to Luke before. A lot of people deep in the scene because he was one of those guys that. Always on Friday night he made a few con bowl and you feel good about what he was due to a Lakers obviously his success sham by anybody in New Orleans because. Call was so dominant I mean the car program to steal third down Christina today and coach by don't a tremendous job just like coach Pam is it walk. But when you look at the whole grand scheme of things as far as coaching and what went head coach to Luke while wasn't he considered for the sun and a Sullivan though like you had him X amount years. Of college coaching experience so you have car he went to tick for a little while we didn't take any with the Texas. He only has a few years of college experience and his bail Mickey's got over a decade of the coaches do well and also talk about Katrina hierarchy and how coach it's hard. You think about it. Coach Jim Luke. Coach great a warm coat or draws hires. Coaches sometimes might get their guy their all people to not give don't think how many can we say national aids got. That's not the about a text gas and yet or not his quarterback whoa big and you dig all of that of coach you know they coach Canada has some influenced by coaches he had he has done him exactly want and the thing you can be deceased or not they coached Luke was. But he he came back I would one of beating coach. That was the coach brought in the replace frank Wilson I wanna be the coach that replaced the coach that they brought him behalf frank will listen the frank Lewis and Jews. Let him a lap not. What pretty damn big to feel because he had a great fabric and frank. Was a guy a coach on the college level for a long time nickel state so amazed Tennessee. Ole miss he's entering his aunt and who brought coach frank Wilson in their college football coach or coach or. And he had so is not is not act and understand what people want to be a sick look on notice he coached Luke stealing two. I love him a debt. No doubt about it I got cost which are two jackets are in my house doesn't abroad and Luke. Interviewed him or Friday night he in Friday night at that you lost twice doable for the dome and I had known as you. But at the end to date he's in the bay capacity now and LA issue feels like they've got a strong and lower median you Mimi deceased all he has struck out the gimmicky Joe's. Inane and during the track record you making their success to. And a brother isn't a coach at Bronco and yeah it's a net and it speaks to get an NFL ordered a break. You know look at this same tired of course and those Bobby did the Saints signed. CJ back as the receivers coach Susan yes so CJ is back you know Tennessee's piracy CJ is back in the house all right this is sports also we know we've run better this year by the regulars you could see Jesus pick only received with. And I'll hook without a doubt we are well I he'll help our running game and you know in the work ethic is going to be there you know we got the skill set because the ball with the. Would be to set LSU best about nicks on WW. And welcome back. Two phones we go Gunner to sit the Joan LSU sports never in the novice got to talk about the big move or talk about. Been there done that in state their long and got to have a lot of God's peace talk keys in non. Maine when you don't have to do it I would say even know he showed donating can go coach Matt Ryan who's got 31 years but before would be about his take on that the Philadelphia 76 as a young ballclub with a lot of young talent including a draft pick lottery draft pick from fees go to Leo Okafor. Said to be on the block covering the Sixers team being for the Philadelphia Inquirer. Keep Pompeii joins us now Keith. Smoke file they say is this smoke this fact is they any substance to the possibility about New Orleans acquiring Julio Okafor. But a lot of you know I think the only way or. Give them Okafor. Is is this sick as can get about all. Not be shocked if it. Is you know juggle all gopher or will be on eighteen. You know there's been and I mean if they don't get it did oak at the trade deadline and me keep on an and they may try to move collected draft. But that'll age a little oak from being what is sick and you know the Internet seems. He is it a situation where and there is no Ellis started develop mold what he was he a foot just a few minutes and an attorney went down when we got to have drew. From fairly. They feel like that date there have got to sit on the bigs they haven't set a Juliet there's not a place form seem like he's he's he's a good player well you don't play defense on though that. Did and he doesn't need it but I don't think so well it is like. But that is they want you may happen if he goes somewhere. Like yankees player was in the lead Cowell forward. You know and and he doesn't at this meeting guys. It in the right they want you know everybody being here and he had to do water running and now I'm more. And and you expect everything to run home. You know whip Welker out up out play like richter wanna play it the ban it. And you know he doesn't play defense. You know his defense that's up our. But you Alter the course. So you know you compare him and he can create space for Anthony Dave. But right here that's not a bit. All right keep pump pay to Philadelphia Inquirer he had to be the key to await your social media. Probably on Twitter at popping on the. Eight thank you so much of the time we appreciate. High eighty and it. Steve so rookies in Maine the offense going if Alabama that week at the semi final win a washed him Lane Kiffin was they said OK we're gonna go give direction with miss their program. Now Stephen less than a month later gets a call from Dan Quinn whom. He's their offensive coordinator for the Atlanta Falcons and I think much much much easier situation for him. I'll easier official of the weapons that balance that offensively. And grew up and you're right there public at the saint as far as all the total offense scoring office they would Novoa one dead in agony get old overnight. Right Julio Jones. Matt Ronnie look of Freeney Coleman. All of this is like boy talk about timing. They couldn't at times are better for him. Speaking at bat and putting public coach Quinn vs. Nick Saban and that recruit enough gap exactly Riley glided Julio Jones and you can too. Well because they've done that the whole season did not know just four times a year yet the first time against that he had thirty yards in the united Marlins -- that third to the next week my community yard that's the way they structure which in and and Matt Ryan yeah Lotta times. When you see Matt Ryan how he's thrown the ball he would tend to shy away would Julio the at a pre snap read in. They were playing him in and out of chart along and a double team and if he saw a better matchup that the single coverage because they had these kind of weapons. Now I think doing Julio was playing and is old he was in. And they catch as he was making of all you have to targeting highly touted out Anke that's what I'm saying yeah. Mean it's hard it's hard to argue routine it's going to mean you points OK right they scored enough points to win in the doubt about it but. To get that do you the best players meet the best receiver in the game today and I'm I'm not that it's easy makes unbelievable just put them somewhere and try to go on down wind and against a bill Beckett and whoever you might hope is now it's available until the best and and a I agree I agree whole Ortiz abyss and it and probably did it did the best teammate all the diva receivers only he's out of it though he you know right you know same night and now the real all right. Welcome back to mobbed with 48 and those who read your preview with the great Duke's Mike Hollis next it's LSU fight tiger basketball the Tigers. And the Kentucky Wildcats the Bobby Hebert ID been that they tomorrow Menard engine hands or. A big -- always a Medicaid came back beat a bad bundling alleged all good night people.