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1-27 6pm Deuce & Kristian: on the Saints and LSU at the Senior Bowl

Jan 28, 2017|

Deuce and Kristian react to the first half of the Mickey Loomis press conference, and Kristian talks with LSU Coach Ed Orgeron.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Rock and roll on third hour of the fans in the pro Duce and Christian here within in Mobile, Alabama get ready for the Senior Bowl tomorrow. Still to come got seasonal manager Mickey Loomis talked about the Payton trade rumors also. On caps face a team improvements but. And those product caught up with him Merlin we Q you that but also. One of talk about a couple players that stood out this week use it if there's maybe three or four players in mobile that it's. Caught your guy you're you're a bit of a tough critic in terms of talent evaluation who's who stood out to. This is from. Who will expect. And now he'll grow. Now. Like if you pretty and is likely to redeem in his life if you leave and was. I heard him pinkie solidify himself. He knows pars from its its first rounder if fortunately Lee won via adequately and now. Oh. A lot of people well. What's in his overalls the but the balls Q it. Is our house Marty's putting things you do as a return guy. Has ability. They'll think ease again it would changed the game to speak you know that the kickers kick to. And Padilla the dues to be returned and you know so but electrifying. If he. Yes he can break it on to. Kickers won't be afraid to. So there's still gave him so to speak but it's going to be out. So Trey why helped himself. Out and due to do route and got it. Thought he did enough decently. Where he beat me to war second rounds of fourth round guy. You know it's just our races. They keep in the fourth when he was that Ellis. But now if the guys that the audience is personality. You know religious and outspoken that the key to rule out one that. Has probably don't throw. Undrafted. And probably. Immediately is it would endlessly and Graham Graham Ingram was great wide receiver. He pleaded to a bowl. Title games on. All star yet he played in two other he got the quality. You know easy B yeah. He has me to ease ease rules blue you know he's routes move this or howry and how Claude. You know he didn't hear about new look green went out and play. And so Rome. Got it helped themselves as well because now. More teams more intrigue. For him being out how it will be out phase in the so you know giving you now could see the as the blues duel that but I think he really well. I talked to wants out that's it basically if you put. And Ole miss LSU helmet on him. He would get much more attention you would not been so different you know you would have been a difference for you know guys that really watch. And and follow it you know it didn't matter it was straight wide doors it was. Our picks toward the corner he did here knows he wanted to beat him in. He would use his body as far as physical. Was concerned and the thought of themselves you know a guy Ozal. Bull Tuesday but it's the from their cues. I go. Anyways defense OK maybe he was defensively and I think I'll RC cinema Novo. Well the deacons in from Rome. It's gonna it yet it was an etiquette that you can play. You know that that accurately. Draw yeah but I mean just to be a third guy just commuter rush to pass Becky can play. And so obvious to see how numbers come out because he's more aptly playing the tree props. He's an intriguing prospect. Just going through it. Running backs. We're X and O lines seem to be lacking in this. And also drugs but it let anything that really really well. You know windy like. You know when it was just you David Johnson was here couple years ago you realize you're like oh. You could tell when he when he leads his weaknesses exposed. He was Matty. Northern Iowa quoted cool down. On this is where you though bola. You know the guys they think it's good stuff it's also good feet ill but it wasn't anything it was global you know type of deal. You know even off little was when those guys win 101. Pass rush drills. I thought they all count stroke. When inside moves via you know my two previous Adams released today. I didn't see him do it back to back days so eighties the the defense tackled from Auburn I mean but you know the he has -- a nice day he he had a pretty good day and in you'll want the one is the linebacker with twelve points and. And Alabama home. Who who who can. Do some different things Ryan Williams. As is his mind he is intriguing but I don't know how he cultures. You know I think he's Smart obviously nick is close to him you know really really well in that in that system as far as defense is concerned. But I don't know how Willie Culbertson when I say that I really hit until yeah you know because. I don't think he has the foot speed. Mama mama homework. The court to peaks. Rick Ross this state receiver. A mutual get off the ball. You know as far as jail choice I think if you can get in the slot the player when he was out Castro. He stroked. Because asking if you know there there there were holding angle it could do in college but yet and bill. His routes. But he kind of struggle getting off the ball as far as getting off press coverage on the guys. He's he's soles. Knee caught the ball he really really really well to. But. Ebony. Moments yeah from home is that that that's awful. He is really really really good players you know he doesn't he feel there's any fear Kyle mighty. With the scenes look at if he loses its clear. He would be the there Sproles. Tight rich it was tight obviously I read that yeah but he is beaten this next tie. It's on wood you know Younes to create and look I you covers. You know if we put Kolb cleaners but ebony game what he's a place where you play. You know saw you playing nickel. Oh. For hero. If you'd can legitimately. Fifteen miles in BA from some forty you know 250. He. He will you know we. Is what's the read you know in Washington. The just read or I know read. But he's ornery sort read. He reminds me of Jordan I mean little undersized into the week decide internally not he's not a receiver but he's going to be a 45. He's probably about a week two but then. I would never run its I'll always cut off. You know he could do little lead blocking. It would be on the backs you know runner that scored. By. He can create so mean its axis or you'd. Make defense the clear that he's going to do really well Mike Mike talked about. Alabama tied in. In our own problems those boats out be ousted from office personnel to books. You are my first gap. I'm this this this this Hercules. Because he's coached is. He six eighths to fifty. You know it probably opposite body and you need to first outs on the bus and have seen the thing yeah all of look like yeah. He'll but my problem with him an oval that was only if oh well. So look every game. You know he consistently. Hits balls you know that are easy to should be easy for. He doesn't catch. And some of the these rules or Hart girls. You know he looks news he's your first round of the Q Alaska. Bull where. And been bowl where in bowl where Rome. Mode he's in the right place all the time and mambo to serve out rock I mean because Tom OC. I am going to match him up every. All Coleman I've got to match up every on Freeman to give it coverage I mean. Ability to die Cardinals and while teams. And himself. There replace. Either. There's some of resent that men in the NFL where you know you look Scott Shanle. Was a player that always was there I mean he was in the right spot when I was at bats is the biggest but. Beat employees. You know the only thing is you gotta have at least some speed around yeah. Or at least some other Easley athletes. He can help you because he's got the Cardinals place. You know he was calling Alabama plays out this game. Before the rain just because he's starting to look to reckon it's. It was only one day or two days of practice he was the same thing at here at the Senior Bowl I mean in it was amazing to watch him. You know you know he's gonna struggle against him he's gonna struggle against. On more marketing. You know it forced a pass coverage is concerned so. He's gonna have to know it looked his way to be because these are actually. In these scouts know loves his his intangibles in terms of being in the right place and also his leadership come back here all the fans the pro visit with LSU coach and o's Ron. I caught up with him this week in mobile on W that duo. Are welcome back 5042601870. Taxed 87878. Deuce and Christian and out here at the Senior Bowl Mobile, Alabama and or seniors. Making their case one particular. Do that. Is it probably plays the game Jacque Plante and covered our office of one minute. Suffered an injury from western Kentucky but I know I knew acquitted himself quite well in. In office aligned shortened group if you will across the board most seniors tee he had pretty good week for. Yet he was one that I want to experience it intrigued by. I really wanted to see how he would have went up you know against the guys really all week and yeah in the game now not that it would have helped or hurt you. To be played in this game I think that he is put himself in position worry he's he's going to be topped Marrero guy. You know some of that because of the need. Does the teams and not a lot not a lot of grief there. From the off that line you know you you talk about a guy. Is it you know Robertson you know from. Alabama left tackle. You know there's a lot of blows about. And usually that's. In the past that it's been ops it's been oh ops and you know I don't know how much has changed. Normally he would be eight tops in god. But right now you know he's probably struggling he hit it to be topped it is probably going to be two in the week I arranged. Whenever you get left tackle that goalies is about in the twelve years where and it's in watched how he is. Kind of or hit and miss prospect for a lot of gas. Still to come LSU coach and those drawn also general manager Mickey Loomis from the world Saints earlier this week in de LSU. Media day for baseball LSU Tigers hot team down that route number two overall a lot of rankings. The couple SEC baseball next are also Mickey Loomis and LSU coach and those drawn out that CBS news update our news headlines here on WW well. I'd if you miss an early in the week Saints GM Mickey Loomis addressed the media. At the Senior Bowl here mobile thought about a variety of subjects in particular his relationship with Sean Payton. But things might do in the off seasons salary cap space also went. Team motor. Tom Benson had this day this offseason about the third consecutive seven tonight through periods Saints in the U. That was Saints general manager and executive vice president Mickey Loomis here at the Senior Bowl earlier weaken. Part two coming up here a few moments. The thing is a pro Duce and Christian and out here on the B well. Nick Saban was here in Alabama at the Senior Bowl so of course keep up. Oh shoot coach Ed oh Enron was here. Think it displays by the way to pick out of big billboard on mobile. Two sides of mobile thing in the LSU players for their service uncommon Duke Riley treaties weight eat the post it. All driven the row here in mobile at the Senior Bowl and a couple of coaches go drawn to it was. Ellis you go to those run here at the Senior Bowl coach for I'm sure you're pretty proud of Italian guys put on the field for the CU no question probable forgo a bit the old Bulls what team it is or isn't doing a tremendous job here of their excellent things about abortion but us. What's it been like for you know two to three months and this deal as the head football coach knows tiger you still beaming years here for a little delivered they've just unpredictable to shoot. Most the we're one championships. Are great recruit several grace well. So I host a show every night with T Bob Hebert. I'm just you chuckle a little bit and I guess she should I ask for reasons do you live at a though questions plentiful Joba love him and is that a competitor of great friends of a problem left open so walk away I'll walk us through this with the offseason until you guys now for LSU football and get national signing day coming up and excited about that. You know you gophers just told him a winnable we will recruit a huge world killers. Going home as a school all over themselves. Get the best players of cultures or will Louisiana approach. Handled it great size doesn't solve root for him well. He told him I Duke Riley whose plane in this game he he he's climbing up the boards pretty quickly is a good player can do the same thing Welty musicals of the of Ramallah. He's in the beaming in victory of the target this year are extremely inspirational leader of the depth. You got that candid in place now as he often scored and locked up Dave Iran knowing you're delivering on promises that you gonna get one of the best coordinators in the end and the game. You don't want to do administration allow me to do that bubbles does she or. Below issue but we will produce you mentioned that there and you're over impressed congress and this is a dream come true have you. Analysts say woken up in the dream that it in other words. Now these two months as it up and what's been through your mind was what with which you would review aren't eligible to rebuilding process and show them the significance of him and coach emotional. Position. It's a rule that on a roller coaster of procedures of Louisiana. In the south but out of a job. Or go to the British to bring to associate. He talked me a little bit about you can posted his versatility playing center playing guard we do for you guys and also I think he's gonna do you coach at the NFL level you know what it takes a bit of going to go out of their personal. Irish more yeah isn't what it takes to work ethic he believes in themselves are strong. Coach and no draw thanks much for the of his appreciate Agassi who tiger's yes indeed. Are right so we talk about closing to produce in particular ticket Phillips he flipped him earlier in the week from alignment and it was reflective or that's big yet she. Wells he's probably one of the if he's operated Mike linebacker and current. He is one of the console since they won they won the in. You know what the Orioles count. To force him X. Star Z. You know. With coach O. He'll be him being able to bring in the you know me then so be somewhat they've been and a they haven't gotten a lot of out of state recruits like he is one of the state ally under smiles while they hit them and they stated you know quarter. They've been for success. That you played so to speak but you know. Even and even you know you look at record roots. Out. You know so they assorted. At least he needs that route. Whose. Next he went to he went and got Salmonella and columns writes that surely it is at least as well via some good Syria now how Knicks even. As they reach I think that things about the change a little bit when and coach Ron. As a head coach of LSU still to come to Ulysses GM. Also some hellish baseball media day sound coming up next here on the fans in the produce aggression here on W ago.