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1-27 4pm Deuce & Kristian: on LSU's prospects in the Senior Bowl

Jan 27, 2017|

Deuce and Kristian discuss the upcoming Senior Bowl, and Kristian talks with LSU prospects Duke Riley and Ethan Pocic.

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Yes indeed often run it's a par five super Friday welcoming to another edition of the fans and the pro. From a Mobile, Alabama the Senior Bowl with Saints Altman the ushers. To the ouster Kristian garic. Tons of information WA Tug of interviews from Ellis to linebacker Duke Riley to coach. And withdrawn eat in post. The office alignment what ails you tires the Peterman. From age. Whistle that's as a manager. Jeff Ireland but that who's your overall thoughts you grow up here on Tuesday Wednesday in practice in. That news from the week. Ellis youth on is really about that tree tree like who's not played Amaro scheme of 130 kick off. But he plea suffered an ankle injury on Wednesday. And ultimately it is. The answers it doesn't matter he need his money eat it all right. On to grow. It and these two. It's more. Army he he. He put enough on tape. Against some guys and now the coaches actually have not to lose Cummins Ian. And and be with them for a week you know in now that's one thing that you really can't do. If your you know RG you know building their early excellence Uga. Laps speak outs his work for him to be common evaluate. At an actual practice he put enough on me you know to relief help himself. Listen just turns in the pedestrian term 41. You know he's he's going to be first. So much to this week. Goosen are obviously it's about the practices maybe in the practices more so than thinking if X records mean a lot mortem actual gains. Just because you know teams don't. If you go out and have an outstanding game yet you can help yourself let you know if you can do it consistently in practice that's what they're really look. You look at this game the past that particular deck press got played this game last Carson whence. Russell Wilson a few years ago Shelvin reckons that play in the game last year. But he played in and practiced Tuesday in the N. A phantom calf injury you know an acidic tongue in cheek because at that at that point. He just proved that he belonged. It was trying to improve his draft stock. But there's some low there's a lot of talent in particular for the world that has come out here in recent years. Its Shell the rankings are going back at John Jenkins also going back at holy keep up how they found. Analysts found in this game with the the ballot if they validated exactly how much this week is about the practices and also just about. The interview process this week. Well it's it is it's real hits start in on that say that the guys are here. Won't get invited to the come by you know there there may be one of two guys that don't get invite to a combined. But you know really would you visiting here. If you lay in 318. That you may not have been on their radar. And they they they want investigate a little bit more you know let me go back and see how he he would you know because he did have an outstanding practice well. You know maybe took some plays often a year but. Let me pick him why. This or that happened and B and you know from a scouting department. I let's stick out as it is his Bagram. You know battle yet at college but at all know how is he beat him high school teammate needles because teams do. Go and check that type of things you know particularly elderly. Questionable Kia that they're looking at investing a lot of money or who look. You know. I had to to talk a lot of guys even to play that we you know battled from obviously the Saints. You talk about Chicago and he truly. Talked Dawkins who particularly. Let's look at it from quarterback standpoint. If you're drafting a quarter. You wall. Have the utmost assurance. You can't handle being the face of a billion golf it's because that's what it is Lou the Cowboys lash at a coach in the scheme. Who they draft that it ran in the end it was because they were familiar. And comfortable with him and a trust me. He was their First Amendment right track and back in and coat yet comic comic comic book. Was one guy that they wanted to grab you know but they even tried to pull off the deal for packs it's but they've removed up and grabbed it you know lately first ran. Sold. Where they had agreed it. You know they are hopeful of making him but it it the day UA quarterback. You know you have to look at it from experience standpoint. I trust has gotten enough to say that he is the face of a billion dollar operation. Speaking of quarterbacks the Saints in particular have done their homework this week on on quarterbacks that doesn't mean that they're looking to replace from brings it doesn't. Necessarily mean they'll look at them replace care Grayson however it's fair to open competition for that quarterback of the future considering Garrard grace's lack of development. What do you make of the idea that the Saints might be willing to it and how I reported this week. It could be his eyes that the second round the Saints could end up spinning. A pick. Quarterback that's always what we call the reiterated it that we call reiterated. You know I. They may fall below which they may already be alone would would Padilla and at this point is evaluating you know what did you see what it's like. Would you what you lost is our gap and this out already in the building. You know is he on another team. There's a certain quarterback up New England. That is quoted corps blocks. And he can be yeah I think I can make the argument given to. The other 342. Wada that. Arrival here. Obviously salary with the Saints were high downright coming now you're you're right obviously the salary is going to be a plea of factory unit for him. But at least you know he definitely Spears the public get to. I dugout toward two that I want at least got Ukrainian. You know fourth round. Second rounder. If something does. But it each note Jamie. Spears on. I come back oh will visit with. Duke Riley Ellis to linebacker he posted the sinner Nate Newton mitnick Peterson actually Peter out ultimately. Also Mike Tripoli you'll hear each element of human skeleton this week. Our list this show as the week it was here at the Senior Bowl yet who's the state and number of topics talked to talk about it particularly the Saints shopping. Are looking for in the market for a quarterback of the future also where they need the most help we're pretty clean the most help. Here at the Senior Bowl and also. Let her Cornet in the class in the junior on the back and I'll shoot coming out one of these there at eleven what the Saints do in pass up on. What appears to be out Frank's eyes running back in militant. It seems a little far fetched to use his thoughts on that along with the Senior Bowl as well you can jump in the conversation at 504. 260187868787. Era depleted Molina. I look back to the fans in the pro Duce McAllister crushing air live from mobile here. At the Senior Bowl tomorrow and a couple misses here rates of 870. 4662. Used a high pick on any running back is a waste of the average career back up for five years with Alice. It's very obvious that the running back the most important person running game. The linemen our. I dares say out there it's a credible linemen. Will make it. Superstar looked bottom line 31 out. Who's is that one break there. We tease the prospect of so the Saints on the clock at eleven what would report it falls right and it. In all likely only going to do he'll come mine he tests out compromise Taylor paid for him. What if by chance he falls eleven I'll have to think. Just by just by what the Al that he is. He ease the transition from the Drew Brees post the post Drew Brees there. He also helps your defense and he's held off so what he's at eleven passed up on him. Your matchup runoff in the went back. You know I notes on cue from Mississippi. In the 2001 draft was. In a very similar situation with a kid because of Dallas or do believe so you know the thought process for me he was. Why in the world thing stressed me. They see that he district to get ready. They just traded two draft picks work of picks to get Ricky yeah you know it Rick with studios and and and Prague. But one that the two years Italy at the day was immediately Woodson was thing that you have to also remember was. Coach and staff did that draft. You know and so he has been drafted by another staff so that one thing came into play but just looking at it from this point. If you take care of your business in free agency where you do to address the needs that we all know that you do. It would that be reached to draft a warning. You know because he is the highest rated player on your board you know maybe. You have some other guys that some other needs that it would be something that you really would have to think about in at least process that ball. You know. Take take take. Let's let's look at the situation. Last year. For the Saints you know the Saints knew that they needed defense to attack they needed they needed to shore up their defense line. Units. And I'm fairly what you felt like even his deal the way it was structured he knew was only one year deal. So you're giving yourself some needs here it's and that's it. Will army totals all. You go to make it look this guy that we have rated really really high but. You know we have a young left tackle and you know we we we we know what we have it and he's beaten out left tackle where else could we play. You know because you knew that Pete probably was better serve on the left sock it right you gotta be flippant hip to the right. At that point so he stuck to what you have your draft board and winning it and took she'll make. But it is something that comes across and it is something that they will have to consider if it does have you well say bye he eases the I'm transition I understand it 100% I mean because mean you know if you wanna help. An older quarterback. Where he doesn't have to throw the ball as much in he can be protected you run the football yeah and now if you have two horses. Being. Marketing room and Leonard fortnight. Think it's gonna have to commit and say what they look drew you're gonna have to beat us because we're not only to write about it through. So how many how do you suppose. Mark Ingram if you are that running back establishment. He's the guy like you that situation re I would fear. Social how to how do you take that if that does for and I understand or or playing with hypotheticals I understand of the world to relive the right now. But if that or is that where you how do you take that. I'm mad I'm upset. At I want at least the team. To reach out to me if it does happen. You know I knew going into it when Houston got the deal done with Mario. Oh Mario Williams that the Saints oracle Tuesday Reggie Bush. And it Tom house coming off a knee injury ideas are the deals in year two of my deal really you know. There's a lot of emotions that go with him because you feel like that it looked. I'd give it everything that is organizational to this point they're not believing in me let you know us on traded draft. Yeah that was about it Jaffe the views so I understood that it you know. That it looked in his jacket help this off it's real pissed Neitzel from me I didn't want to treat rid our house treated when I was drafted. You know in the same situation would Ricky. And so it makes it. For an uncomfortable. That is today I wanna help you know because I know he can help me so well when bull which is low winning. You think market could see that in other words because he has it's just been the Saints uniform other than 2011 dammit playoffs. So maybe he looks at as a I welcome him just because he can help me when he can help me chase or. Well I mean you've got to look at it from that's their points. Or they gonna say look well you know. Going to trade and sold at that could always be an option as well blip. You know like we said we we talked hypothetical. Up until this point but it's something that at least think about it. I CBS news that they do Riley next here on offense and pro. I look back to the fans the pro Deuce McAllister Kristian garic careless in that protects 877 calls at 504260187. In. 130 kick off the senior showcase their talent from an L scouts while one player that's done well quite well for himself out of LSU linebacker Duke Riley and if you consider. Want Alexander come over Foreman the go to Jones doing the year before him. Wearing numbers hero here this week in mobile he talked attitudes catch up with a merlot week it was. I do pretty weak so far feel right. They're pretty do we Emma to compete with some of those guys in college football mass hoses made me dead every rep their play. What was coach go like last couple putts to you know weeks when he took over I mean he's now that the head coach who we how how good he's he's gonna do. Often he's on do really well man he treated the bond that. Man I was just kind of was I had not the end on ready for the Knicks that would if I have no idea Madison and I just wanna be a portable consoles. Brings with with those type of man and he it's crazy because the new practice style that he. Brought as soon as they say music press side that we practice and ran around in NFL over and so. That those practices that we actually done prepared me fluently and if I didn't realize how much he would would it tremendously this. Gregg Williams part of the staff for for you guys what's he like he sounds like he got kind of like coach so yeah a lot of juice and you know he's always. Loud loud and ready to go man so he's just as many in this is part of the practice. You have really kind of last month or so month and a half really cup sanded. They've you know a lot of buzz around. Do you feel that. I was Shell of the I honestly played those things too and I'm just working on but in my craft every Davis can that it was anything I don't you know. I'm I can't get complacent you know I don't so I don't mean didn't see any of that people say I'm doing good practice and on the bottom again. You look at linebackers have come out of LSU here recently Kwon Alexander. Deion Jones had some good success. I mean it's this kind of lay a foundation for US tally is almost like Houston is a piece of you know and aim it. You know I had those guys and I'm just blessed enough to have those guys in my right about it. And I've talked to Kwan and down a bit rated regular basis and I took him about this week he told me what it was about just spun around just having fun and being sevens make plays. Who do you what do you Phillies team maybe model your game after whose play that you you kind of watched closely in a lot of desk compare me. Beyond Jones and you know climb because it more they can run there on the fast guys is that must have come from the same placed in the same position so. I love watching those two guys because I mean we have the same place I mean those guys flat to the ball those guys. You know just have fun with that and dislike us I look at those two guys have some out of the last compare myself to for a team that drafts you. Woke up clearly getting. Against somebody is going work. And be the best and do the best he can be on and off the field he's been the people around him so much youth. Once on the itself is going to be tougher some hasn't gone I have no distractions. On off the field. So Muslim so often times you don't step on Phil price a game. He met the Saints policy. Yes right when I got him out of once that first team on network and ago who really would not on the with the whole deepest staff and we had a we had a really good so great town again. Would would move would have you thought about what it would be like him to play in the world is completed John Curtis right with Tigers guys who have played LSU than. Played in new loans I'm sure have a view of an injury right. On the no look I mean now my life I've been seeing program go blame goes on me of the amount that discipline and so enjoy any team but. You know playing the Saints are just beat. A big thing for me in my family could ever want someone being home crowd at if you look at my past history games in this that we don't have school. Went crazy house Gaines saw me it is this is the beef on the clintons who don't know what would Celeste. Funny things are actually things you've been asked this week in terms of from teams. Mother really funny are insisting on news possessing the business things or things like home. You know my family family I have anything on the issue of sorts and off the field issues noise and stuff like that stuff that. You know that matters I guess not been known known funny things and think it's all business what are you looking for her to go to to accomplish Saturday personally. On disarm go out there and compete in my head up high intensity and I'm being around some of the best guys and as this is why they're being myself I am fine. Do coverage of visibility that they keep it. LSU linebacker Duke Riley earlier this week with me in meant you talk about a player that's intriguing number of wells talk about deuce. Leading in that interview with one Alexander playing quite well without him the bay and the coach Jones played quite well with Atlanta. He's with us who bolster LSU star and all the sudden. Push some linebacker these BL you know the EU with the push it some linebackers that next level and Little League but I feel like Duke Riley I mean obviously. You know I have I have seen him play on look how he's matured he is always going to be a fun guy. You know the only question is what style of defense or you know played former mean because that they. Home because ahead of them a but the bigger they're going to be compare the weight wise you know mile all only thing is you know looking at two division from. Knowing what type of teams you need a fast guy you need a fast back personally I think that would definitely help. You know we could have some athletic linebackers and he's gonna kick that field so I mean. I don't know if he's in my corps will. You know and I think he can do a lot of good move the same things were. Any any type of team but I mean I think he's a culvert Tuukka this horse he can play the Mike and he can road. But you know I think he gives enough versatility where he can be a wheel and outside got to be able to come over the backs in the flat be recovers in time he has work. On when you look at them at the key you can go anywhere between. Second and probably. Late third you know. Well early forfeit a bit worse. Early porter's words what. When you look at him does he fit. The Saints won improve their special teams. Are always wanna have depth. Does he does he fit that smoking place special teams and also give you a little depth because look the Saints have Saints. At it would be the will linebacker position they would have who they'd have that LOB. Well you have a will be a mean but it depends really one which went to a great routes well I mean because wanna move him up or do you want him experience. Means so he fits that mole. Just because he he can Rolen. He can play real special teams and unique anomaly probably BA first and second now now we know pressured he's a third round draft board. Are. Thought a 66 sixteenths is on the football expert pompano by no means but I have been a Saints fan all my life if the Saints quite an expert. If the Saints waste their first round pick on and off with a player it's ridiculous that you put. Of the points on offense but the defense still needs work a lot of work he says. But here's the thing I know this this is senator around the winner when it comes score and they're getting helps your defense look what look what Ezekiel most. Ezequiel Elliott did for Dallas and they had an off it's a line that was top notch but. But he won't talk about prolong life and drew preacher talk about helping your defense helping your offense. And like I mentioned when I say transition from the post Drew Brees air asked Mickey Loomis about this earlier in the week. How much thought the key to the light at the Drew Brees says. A little but he's more about that now and I think that's the right approach however. And we talk about. Move on from me that facing your franchise and afford it could be the face your franchise. Once Drew Brees says hey I'm done. Well I mean I yeah you know obviously everybody talks about easy you'll look at David Johnson. Yeah look at David Johnson would he was able to do out in Arizona I mean what makes that situation so so much more different you know. Obviously you're not going to be able to get worn at Andy a late first round I mean in. This is all predicated I think this is what people don't understand this is all predicated on them doing what they have to do and create its. If they can't lay of the pieces that they need in free agency then the urgency is gonna have to beater in the draft I mean insult. That's what we're banking on them being able to do. When they have thirty million dollars of cap space to be able to go out and get some other pieces. I mean and so that's what you have to understand when you talk about take him and offered some guy at this position. It's because he's taking care of all the other heats. That you have on your team. When you look at the saint salary cap situation now 35 million dollar roughly the spin but there are twenty other teams that have better salary cap situations in the Saints so. They're not gonna be in this top five category where their. Competing with very few teams to sign these guys is going to be other teams and just that this is much monies they do so they're not going to be able to. Go out there and break the bank however they have to add some nice pieces. You read my expertise and they look at those other teams. Cleveland probably leave that lives. In Cleveland and create. You know that they don't have overpaying me if I'm from a goat there yeah in an opening he's just because they're very user. So the Drew Brees factor helps it definitely helps me you talk to guy this and last year it was because the greens and now I can attract you know. No knock me about it was but a better product I can go out and a little bit more for Heidi in the ability PP. Or someone on that level who is in the multiple Robles because now I can pay. Saint color analyst is the gals are crushing Erica on back with LSU. Office alignment he can post it next European pro on WW.