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1-25-17 Scoot 3pm- Will Mexico really pay for the Wall?

Jan 25, 2017|

During the campaign, one of Trump’s main themes was his promise to build a wall that will keep people from illegally entering America and Mexico will pay for the wall. Do you think Mexico will pay for it or will we get stuck with the bill?

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Sad as this afternoon Mary Tyler Moore has passed away. At the age of eighty. This was a TV show a sitcom. That has some messages in and it was a sitcom that reflected. The new independence that many women in America were feeling. She wasn't married didn't have a steady boyfriend. She was living. On Iran she was a producer of I TV news in it was a chip WJ MS WJ am I think with the station. In Minneapolis. And so for those who for those who say. TV shows inspire behavior this is just another great example of how I can explain. That entertainment reflects the audience. Mary Tyler Moore was featured in this they show as a single woman. Because that was reflective of what a lot of people were feeling and doing at the time the show came out. Now it doesn't mean that some people are not gonna get ideas like hey maybe I can do that too. But if you don't wanna do that it's not going to make you do it and I guess my basic argument is. The media or entertainment or is not gonna make you do something that you don't really wanna do if you wanna do what you may get ideas from from entertainment but Mary Tyler Moore. The show and her character reflected the times more than it dictated behavior at the times. I'm scoot in the afternoon like your witness if you just join us and we bring you up to date on everything we're talking about. A backlash continues against Madonna for saying at a rally over the weekend that she thought a lot about blowing up the White House. Former house speaker Newt Gingrich says so what a lot of people are thinking Madonna should be arrested. Because of an honest statement a radio station hits 105 in Texarkana Texas announced it is banning all of Madonna's music indefinitely. But this is not the first time a radio station has banned music because of the politics of an artist. Happened to The Dixie Chicks went Natalie mains was on stage during concert in London this was right after 9/11 the US had gone to war. And she said that she was ashamed that the president of the United States George W. Bush was from Texas that led to a huge backlash. But in most cases it really doesn't mean very much The Dixie Chicks were impacted. But for the most part. Songs that are banned by radio stations don't cause people to suddenly. Stop listening to that that that music and you think of an artist that you personally boycotted. Because of something the artists at or because of a radio station and the song. We're also talking about president trumped. President truck is promising a large investigation into claims that he lost the popular vote because three to five million illegals voted for him are you a sort of voted for Hillary instead of him. Do you believe that the truck investigation will be fair. And will discover the illegal votes that he's been talking about. And should this even be an issue. At a text earlier this says you know you talked about this yesterday move all while the drug administration brought it up again today. So one of the tendencies of the show will be to talk about the top issues. As we always had that's not gonna change. At the White House makes a big issue we. We'll talk about it because the fact they're making an issue is part of the story itself. Nicely do you think the investigations going to be fair. Administrations. Has sometimes. Launched investigations. Set up committees and commissions. With the purpose of justifying. Not objectivity. But with the purpose of justifying. What they want the investigation to find. And the classic example of that is the Meese commission. Ed Meese was attorney general under Ronald Reagan and after the the election the reelection 1984. Our Ronald Reagan's war on Popper a war pornography. Continued with the Meese commission. And everything has been read a party was obvious that they set out to determine. That pornography was having a negative impact on America. As it turned out they couldn't really prove it. But they didn't start out to just do an investigation pornography. They started out with the goal of let's find something wrong with pornography let's find evidence that pornography leads to deviant behavior. And they're really was no. Directly connector connector at least commission report so I would hope that the truck administration will do an honest investigation into the illegal votes. And not to. A search for information that supports what the president now police. If you wanna join us with a comment about any they were talking about this afternoon our numbers 2601870. Very code 504260187. To get our text. It states having a separate and coming up going in the sprinkle play another song that at one point was banned by radio stations because of content. I L when you're on WW well good afternoon. Yes so do because it almost done here. Prosecutors who blow up the White House to concede that White House correct. Really. Is that really telling is that what you think it would deploy an element of wasting. Is the point. But. As you and president should be. Although I think he stated in. Two women on TV OK and mop point it is. Would like it was she wore this city as it was it was 11. March and she was boast no. And maybe it was very emotional you won't let that I'll. Tomorrow morning at what point is. Kidnapped. You can output and you can convert their flow respite. Because this would be a two weeks old and since you approach. Easily. I saw only if I if I disagree with you I can pretty much say whatever the hell I want about you when you're not going to be offended you're not going to be upset you don't think anything should happen to me to say things that are not true about you when you would not be upset was that. But now because then that their children. That took. What if I say something that would be damaging to hear your uranium to at a price of something about it. I drugs or alcohol or perverted sex what if I said something about you would pornography and if I said things that weren't true I can say those things that you wouldn't be upset. Know that you know I wouldn't you know it would be upset. Because. It's not true. Well a lot of a lot of people are not like Q a lot of people would be sent. I don't know I appreciate your I pray I appreciate your call. And I appreciate you making the point it may be Madonna. In Washington DC on Saturday. Maybe she wasn't talking about that White House she was just talking about. Some other White House. I guess. That's possible. If you're on hold hang on if you rejoice for your comment on numbers 2601878. Texas a 7870 mark your calls are coming out. This song was banned by the BBC in London because it is like listen. Now it was changed. To cherry Coke. Originally Ray Davies saying when you drink champagne taste just like Coca-Cola. And they banded because that was considered advertising in the context of of of a song and so the BBC bandit. In fact this would have been in the very early seventies for resent anyone. Ray Davies flew from London to America to New York to re record that one line. She I don't think you have to do that today right. We're coming right back with more your comments time scoots on W elm. Know the song was banned because. The establishment of the time thought it was all about drugs. It's smoking pot. Why is it. I don't know. I mean what mother dragon names they're young dragon off. And what he does smoke pot. Whether it was really about drugs or nod since I don't know for a fact it'd stated that a wise it might have been just a song about Sarah about a kid. But he established at the time thought the deficit by drugs and that song was banned I'm gonna get back here calls from Kenner Larry here into the WLA good afternoon. Like they're McCaw calls to blog to show you ordered to return to say yeah let's call real. Or maybe Madonna okay she's in Washington DC may be she wasn't talking about that White House maybe it was just a White House. Yeah right she need to go to jail I'll give each year of the which he has. You have that then that probably thought I'd be in jail. Well there which you know maybe at least detained and there would be some action taken I think the CIA did I mean the Secret Service I think they did and I talked to her name they figured that it was something that she just said because there was no evidence. On her computer or anywhere else that would back up if she had plans to block the White House but she should be treated like everybody else. Right now it'd be cute little dog and noble on America and and not drink. Geez all Powell op program at all like it accurately tell the United States and the people. Scroll wheel it. You know and Larry all those people all those people who. Or talk about leaving the country I don't take any of them have actually left. I here's a Texas says the problem with any voter fraud investigation is that even if 3.5 million illegal fraudulent votes. Are proven to have been cast. There's no way to prove for home the votes were cast. And that's true you can speculate and say that everybody voted for Hillary but are you to prove that. From river ridge Quinn your under the W well. We. I don't Kyle up and talk about the voter fraud investigation. Well and look at it that ugly just the perfect compliment because you're the third kind. Anyway. I mean you think it was about drugs it was it just had a roller hit advocate Elizabeth Ellis who meted. If it makes sense in puff the magic dragon that lives on drug stuff going on back in those and tell him. That I think that. The whole reason for the senate investigation is the same reason why trump one that his crowd to be bigger than bombs as scrap. At the inauguration. I think he wants to be popular. He wants to be the popular man he'd let the biggest crowd. And I think it is very caddie and I wrote that in focus. No plan no matter how popular somebody is in it this shortly usually came to me during my career in the eighties. And Michael Jackson and Bruce Springsteen and about 84 band these guys were monsters they were soul. Popular. But yet I realized that not everybody like Michael Jackson and not everybody's like Bruce Springsteen. And it made me realize at that point that you know you don't have to get everybody to like you to be huge success and in my business. I don't have to get everybody to like me to be successful and it doesn't matter what anybody does there are always going to be those people those customers whatever. They don't like the way you do something and that's why they go to your competition. Absolutely and I don't ever remember. Any president. Complaining about these petty issues. I don't ever remember anything like that that. Well you wonder if this is just a result of somebody who never ran for office who ran for office for the first time and became president of the United States may be this stuff will law. Will will will diminish and it won't be. A main part of of who he is because I would think that at this point. He would feel strong and confident enough to where that kind of superficial reassurance wouldn't even be significant. Right and yelling at Kyle said if people don't like trial they should leave. Oh yeah this country where. Now that's true that's true immediately if you want to orbit. If you don't if you don't like the way this country drawn why would you wanna stay in and can use your energy to to change. And I appreciate echo. All right. And from New Orleans on your under the WL. I'm. Nicole because did. Beat. A moment. Yeah and she's it was. Because it takes it can you legion. In nuclear. Union anti. But didn't need the people need to go out deep. Creek. And I. Think. I'm one of war and autonomy and net of okay he's going to be able to think he believes. To being let go it is what could be. As brave and noble will. And an important thing is it is about this. You bet. That if he. Bet big roll back. In inaudible. And where it in the United States black why must you Christian would. There are at war on. Currently and continue to carry. It. What is gonna. Bob and I don't think there will be any feature role backside I I don't think that's gonna happen. Pumped out and I'm telling you haven't seen it the actual sweet man in the in Portland. On court. I import it. Will be before it was all you. Need to respect at all. Is it eagle you know. But it's not it's not and it's not gonna happen interest trump what's rolled back rights for minorities and rights for women. In each and about. We are in growing countries. To help. People Indian cricket cricket who. So we certainly welcome the. And printed what did you. Mean. Fortunately it could be of people there and against the United States. I'll put cotton because. We India country and you know it's going in. Well in. Yeah it's pretty. Yeah. Make it. A while we sit tick or we needed it's. People in these countries biting. In need that we. Bob I'm gonna have to and I'm gonna have to get through CBS news update I mean I've I appreciate your call and appreciate the the passion sometimes we go to war additional receipts for this reason. For our own security. Will be back. When hours our young DJ's skewed in the morning America in his seventies. The radio station I worked for. Band this song because. Listeners are calling up and complaining. That they were talking about the monkeys. As. Al asked the monkeys ans giraffes as. Instead of Pakistan attempts flooring the way they say ask. Penzance its own. People complained every and that's on which I totally disagree with. It feels good to people play this today right. Crazy. We're talking about but Donna backlash continues against Madonna. And our radio station in Texarkana Texas is banning her music because of what she says at the rally Cedric here on WW LA good afternoon. Take it up in the arm. Couple of things one. I am that band however want you know popular wave that Madonna should be. They're students or convert me but I don't honestly believed that she met. Literally likes to say it probably wouldn't give him. I think he did need a bit sort of wars with which but to. Took that make an example that received no different from you immediate department veto you of course you know what happened. In early to say things like you know I think she meant it literally like that it and in order on but it I think it would chapter. Armor on Iraq gave up my thing. It's. I think that song was banned for awhile my dangling because it was I. Heard it on the radio. Bob it's I think I think some people found that very very offensive 'cause he was talking about. My dangling. Obviously I mean it. Was. Aware that. John let's go to the next break through my dealing if you can now if he could pull that out. I I appreciate the call Cedric from the French Quarter chuck welcome. They're very good. I took in about an hour ago out of it but it brought up I've I've never boycotted. Actor or singer Brandon and suddenly they're actors singers. Our guys are ever agree I never let politics get between me and good entertainment. Now but I tell you what I remembered the biggest boycott of all light traffic loads. Well and everybody broke The Beatles records that eleventh certain. We're bigger than Jesus which he was misquoted of course. Well he did the quote may have been accurate but what he meant was something totally different or run or that it would ever that's exactly right and the establishment at the time when they heard Jon line and say. I'm we're we're bigger than The Beatles. I'm sorry we're bigger than Jesus Christ people thought oh my god that's that's defamatory it's inflammatory that's as horribly shouldn't say that. When John Lennon was saying is. We should not be bickers and Jesus Christ that kids were kids should know about Jesus and they know about The Beatles and markets know but the deals and Jesus and saying it was really sad. Yeah and then what happened is that they're but it went out bought. And we're merger of the outbreak of bird expert. Yeah well again and people not to by the other party appear right and then we we all remember the of the big burnings have a Disco songs Disco records beckoning I guess it would have been a late seventies. And we. It would not mean what it is that any different than the German burning the books during will work you have you know it would get. It shape. Over. A word or saying or port deal. They wanted to what happened video library in Alexandria. Yeah I just I just wonder if and if anybody's gonna stop listening to Madonna of the cars she said that I mean if you don't like Madonna. Then you're gonna really be angry with what she said if you like Madonna chances are you're not gonna suddenly you know stop listening to music because she made a comment. Here's a pretty general opinion poll this hour do you think president trump. Will follow through with building a wall or will this be a broken campaign promise. 59%. Say he will follow through it builds a wall. 41% say it will be broken. Campaign promise or if you're on hold it stay with us for coming right back with more to your comments also Ted Nugent has set some really ugly things about to President Obama in the past. And some of the things he say we're not really direct threats to the president but some of them seemed to be more or. Direct threats in. I don't know if he was ever read I think he was investigated by the FBI. Now here's there's tingling. I'll. Minding Aaliyah. Now we get the message. Two silver. A when he went repeat that. All right there's a lot of hidden in some songs we'll be right back on WL. This was another song in the days 76 drew a lot of criticism and because of the lyrics which are not even gonna repeat we're rocking even played a part of the song even though we legally can. There was so some very suggestive photo lyrics in the song and does his son was banned on a lottery stations tonight's tonight by Rod Stewart. Here is attacks that says this could be careful taken out of context you asked John to. Pull up your dangling. Well I know I was referring to the song gotta carry you urine Demi WL. I think you protect. Our. I don't condone violence and let me try and down projection you know threatening. And blow up the White House that ridiculous however. Worried watched them at. Performance why it's happening television and someone may have brought the apartments each element are the top spot. You want to talk about the fact that she. By saying it was not the way. And then she had a battle and paying a lot of the way. Yeah she did she did say well I don't know that it was taken out of context but it died she did say those other things. I think the poignancy Karen I mean nobody really thought Madonna was gonna do it right but there what would people say that they're sometimes seems to be a double standard for celebrities and I simply think she should have been treated like anybody else. And I don't know whether the Secret Service and we've got their attention I don't know whether they actually looked into it. But I would I mean I would look into matters just as a formality because that's what you're supposed to do. But that. You know she opened the screen entered her she has made. Knowing it off from rule outrageous and extreme idea why people are paying her then sleeping on the financial manner that. Trial. Really pop nearby. Ship. People will hold. Off the truck and a point 98. To a higher standard. Then what they're holding meant. Well I think they they should hold the office of the presidency to a to a higher standard but when it comes to you know a threat it doesn't matter in my opinion does matter with the threat comes from the should just. They should look into it just isn't as a matter of particle. I mean I've I appreciate the call. From what town Lloyd you're under the WL. Page scoop on the that they back a little waves. When you'll rise were Asian state in it was a couple. That was banned in the Q okay and Sambo bode well outrage it via opportunity could be used to. Yeah well. Real work to make it's that he couldn't play much music at the. Why don't I ever I do remember that now. Oh we acted. My sort of you know I was known to do that in the innocent times. They were in charge in my mind that that goes well integrity. What you feel strongly. Yeah I'm pretty consistency there with the freedom of speech and I was back then I was quite a rebel attack type. I appeared it to just a high school and then because of some things that I set and not just worked on holy cross. I'm Peter just as relevant. Holy cross for a period of time actually banned me from from going there because of something that I've I said on the air duct. A freedom of speech or innuendoes or something like that attendees may be soon lifted the ban that I was Pakistan only cross which is cool. And and a couple of years ago I got invited to one of the class reunion so that was a lot of fun Lloyd I appreciate the call I've got to move on. I'm scoot in the afternoon and for coming right back with. Morrow show. On this stage January 25 1975. The carpenters. Hit number one on the US charts with this song please mr. postman. This was originally done by the marble let's in 1961. And I think it was a number one hit for them. This was just another example back in the sixties I mean back in the seventies. When there were a lot of a lot of artists. Took songs from the R&B community. And they big hits on a vote. And The Beatles did that as well in fact rod Stewart's. We're gonna we're gonna come out of this break with a rod Stewart's armed. Rod Stewart took took a song from Sam caulk. Which was a big hit effective became a big hit on on on this day. It will play that come and out Rod Stewart was among those who borrowed from the army community. We'll be back. Are you VS 25 1962. Sam cook released the song twist in the night away. But yet there was a whole generation the seventies they thought that Rod Stewart did this song but this was something that he borrowed from the R&B community. At Texas says you say borrowed in many cases it was outright theft ya is it's true. And the deal such a talked about this before I believe it was their their very first concert I thought this was really into state. The deals very first concerts at Tehran. Washington DC. I forget the I didn't forget that the had been in a senior at the time washing coliseum. But their very first consort in America in Washington DC. The Beatles started off. By playing an R&B song. Cover of an RB song. And they ended their concert by playing an R&B song I think it would what I'm not sure which was which one was roll over Beethoven. By Chuck Berry and the other was long tall Sally by the Richard. So. The Beatles did a lot to introduce RB music too young white America and they realized how great that music was the stones as well. What do think Diane Neumann RW WL program director Todd and assist our assistant program director and John wecht our studio producer. Thank you for your calls thank you for the attacks like tremendous source arc is coming up next with Bobby antique. And review preview with Deuce McAllister QB to crude QB with Drew Brees. As 640 tonight tomorrow afternoon it's gonna be a lot colder than it is now. I'm skewed have a great afternoon bloody New Orleans.