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1-25-17 Scoot 2pm- Madonna banned at Texarkana, TX radio station

Jan 25, 2017|

Backlash continues against Madonna for saying at a rally over the weekend that she has thought a lot about blowing up the White House. Because of Madonna’s statement, a radio station in Texarkana, TX, has announced that it is banning all Madonna music “indefinitely.” Would the banning of an artist by a radio station cause you to boycott that artist’s music?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Sad breaking news this afternoon and Mary Tyler Moore has passed away at the age of eighty and my first introduction of Mary Tyler Moore was when she played Laura Petrie. That's very attractive young suburban. Housewife soccer mom I guess before soccer mom was even invented. On the Dick Van Dyke Show. I'm getting some texture because they're talking about the pants the last hour an issue or that they were kind of high cut pants I just could remember the name of them. A couple of people who sent text reminding me that they're called cup freeze and down also there called claimed acres. And I think it was a time when she worthy stir pants as as as well but. You know as you know as a young male odd. There was just something about her that made me realize that I was soon heterosexual on early couldn't help but I was born that way and no matter what the rest of my life I would have to deal with leading the life of being heterosexual. And it hasn't always been easy we are gonna talk about the at the backlash against him Madonna. For what she said to rally about picking about a blowing up the White House or she spent a lot of thoughts about blowing up the White House what we're gonna talk about that if you just joined us to be talking about it Donald Trump. He says there will be big investigation into claims that he lost the popular vote. Because three to five million illegal votes were part of that process also he said Homeland Security today. And signing a directive that is the first step toward building a wall. But I don't I don't want to miss this moment of talking about Mary Tyler Moore. I feel like I feel like a lost a family member. You know she was a very important part of my life growing up in and while you can really lose a family member you do feel like you lost somebody that you if you really knew. That Dick van dyke show she played this very attractive omnipotent cycle receive the writer of the company show. And then in the Mary Tyler Moore Show she played a very strong single mother. And I'm sick on a single woman she played a very strong single woman. And if she. Really at at a time in the seventies at a time when. At a time when women were just starting to become very aware of equality. Very aware of the independence being able to live without husband or a boyfriend she had a few boyfriends. And then do you remember that day there was this on this underlining theme that she and Lou Grant or actually having an affair. And there weren't there were signs were there are things it would happen in the shows you on case so you know when merrier there are kind of a couple. But that was just one of the things that we zone where it was part of the show. I had a chance I was really young I was just just getting into radio. An effective by first on your job that it every appeal AM many many many years ago. And my mom had lived. For a couple of years in a Beverly Hills. And my mom and my grandmother the grandfather they. They knew a lot of people the area and they actually lived around on some of the some of the celebrities. And so. I was there I was a kid and I had a chance to go to Los Angeles. And I mean let's say I was. Must have been eighteen years old and I had my first part time job doing a week in show went on WW Ilia. And my mom centered up for me to go to the studio and watch them. Film the impact and it was still watched them film an episode of the marriage and abortion when it took a break we all end up at lunch together. At the studio. Commissary. And Mary's there and on Valerie Harper's there. Lou Grant is everybody's this year Murray the whole the whole cast was they're. And the conversation. Was focused on me because they couldn't believe that I was so young and I was actually on the air in radio. And I'm thinking boy in that year he can be fascinated with that I'm sitting here with all of view a mark talked to you about this but Jai I never did I never to forget that moment by. He was. And an interest in time but again I do I feel like I feel like I lost and some sort of are a relative. And the loss of her child more if you wanna join us for the comic this afternoon our numbers 2601. A seventy. Every coach final four to 601870. In our text is 87870. Yes or radio station on hit with a radio stations hit 105 hit 105 in Texarkana Texas. At a tougher than action there. On the radio station has announced that they are banding all of Madonna's music. Because she said she had thought a lot about blowing up the White House at the women's rally Saturday in Washington DC. There are people who think that she should be punished for what she said in his radio stations punishing her by not playing their music over the years some popular songs have been banned. Because they suggest. And morality. Drug use or because somebody said something that station management or that a lot of listeners disagree with politically. And I think we all remember The Dixie Chicks. Effect will do 21 of their songs going into our our first break. I'm Natalie Maines of The Dixie Chicks on dismissive shortly after that we gone to war in Iraq the first the first war. No it was the second war it was George W. Bush. I believe are correct me if I'm wrong but deadly Maines of The Dixie Chicks while on stage in London. I said that she was ashamed the president of the United States was from Texas. And that led to a big backlash and there were people who burned The Dixie Chicks on music. They have had an especially in the world countries they've had a difficult time maintaining the popularity they had before. Natalie Maines said that on onstage. A lot of people really took offense because she said on stage. On foreign territory in another country. And there was a lot of reaction yet discussed in this sort of been George W. Bush this would have been after 9/11. So we may have been going into Afghanistan at that at that point but anyway we we were involved in a war and which she says she was ashamed the president the United States George W. Bush was from Texas. I cause a lot of reaction mainly back here in the United States I guess the question is disbanding and artists' music. By a radio station. Dissent caution to boycott the artist's music making you think of somebody that they used stop listening to and may be for you was The Dixie Chicks. Can you think of somebody that you stopped listening to because of a political statement. And as anybody banning Madonna because of what she said. If you wanna join us on numbers 2601878. Text 87870 Troy welcome to the show. One could come on your own. Conscience. The greens were congressman Tom agree with you that should should not said why should I mean absolutely non com. It again on this side course you know we you know everybody. Else for speech there. Yeah yeah yeah. McCain would apply. That it. And that the district. The station and community is not doing things because you know people have to these maladies him. Obviously you can all the protection that I've thought of getting their stock into the station that. Definitely doing things. Do you do you think that people Troy are are going to stop listening to they did listening to Madonna music and because she said that do you think anybody's gonna stop listening to our music. Now now not some cheap not getting in the I'm the problem during conservative quote. Liberal I am now. You know the fact witchy I would suggest to me. In addition to that the I would suggest you mentioned you agreed actress so you don't agree that politics. Now. Now did you want to see ya I really don't I don't let politics in between me and entertain. I don't think anybody should Wear because my elbow. A Bloomberg. Has chart he's without. But universe. I don't like me don't talk about public support. And the net and I think abortion to death political. Inertia you know just enjoy. In John McCain has not terrible with that let's. Linda Blair the other the other argument destroy well then why don't the entertainers should shut up and entertain. Well we wish they would. We have to do it means you can do you could tell all of Hollywood the commitment would guess that there. Would like now which city we still don't know I mean. And that it's. But the real doll I mean there there you know what by one Burton forty million dollars Shani you know. You know. I read hybrid or a written article once that pointed out Troy that one of the reasons 41 of the theories behind why celebrities get involved in in so many. Do good do good type charity projects is because. The intrinsically feels so guilty about the life that they have when he really didn't do anything other than something like act to get there or be discovered to get there. That they feel so guilty about it that they. They they find. On a lot of comfort and satisfaction in getting involved in charity taste. I gotta get to a break Choi a really appreciate the call if you are holed stay with this if you gonna join us on numbers 2601870. Erica 0504260187. Tech's number eight Seve Saturday. I'm screwed in the afternoon India The Dixie Chicks were banned from a lot of country radio stations when Natalie Maines made a comment about being ashamed the president of the United States. George W. Bush was from Texas. Coming up out of this break a song that was banned. A few years back because it was about drugs. And I agree this song was about drugs. Italy are next on WL where this song came out the establishments. At the time. Thought this was about drugs. And a song was banned from any radio stations. They were writes this song was about drugs. And that wasn't the only song about drugs The Beatles did. This our our corporate music going in and out of breaks will be songs that for whatever reason were banned and I coming up out of the news update at 230. A song that you you can believe that this song was banned because of nudity. Mean it's unbelievable that this particular song was banned because of nudity. But those were the norms that there at the time if you've just joined us on heart breaking news this afternoon Mary Tyler Moore has passed away at the age of eighty. I astute stampede into talking about the backlash continuing against Madonna a former house speaker Newt Gingrich has echoed what a lot of people have thought and that is Madonna should be arrested. Donna made a statement. That she has fought a lot about blowing up the White House and they're people who believe that she should be punished in the backlash and as soon continue. We're also talking about some of the of the songs over the years that have been banned for various reasons if you wanna join us with a comet are numbers 2601. And our text a 77 here's a text or you really that small percent extremes that the old that's a reference to a picture you were talking the other day. About alternative facts. And I put up a picture of me in the in the studio standing next to Zach -- I mean I don't think on that small on me average sized guy. Zach Strief is gigantic. But in this picture to to establish what an alternative fact he has. I said in this picture. I am bigger than Zach Strief. But Panama FaceBook page as so daddy is a great example of an alternative fact. Obviously. I can say that but I got bigger than Zach Strief. I here's a Texas says I quit listening to Tim McGraw because he played an anti gun event. In the northeast. From gin chilly John thanks for hanging on your on WWL. Its problems you referenced Mary Tyler Moore yeah wearable both as a as a kid that's why I watch the show because at that she was attractive. There was a show prior to the one that you result Dick and I called Richard diamond private detective doomed bridge. She was in this is like 5859. Up there. She was of these. Ohio where you know what I was punished in the bush years and I wasn't allowed to watch series. She would she was be answering service and I always saw. Was great playing and you're Byrd was the sexy voice Edward those two years that was very doughboy it was historic. Wow well if you saw her legs they were sexy legs kid. That she did she wasn't and she was a dancer. Yes I think the common. The the illegal votes were elected to question why would anyone who want the electoral vote and presidency. Come up with a conspiracy theory about three of liability and legal votes it's a diversion. And it's a diversion. To take the media focus Oprah beat the national intelligence reports of alleged involvement of his campaign coordinating with the Russian. With regard to the election and I got it from credit for one thing he knows how to play in control the media. Any doubt that by taking the attention off of what's. What was yesterday's story. And he can do that for years it will be to his advantage. Tom I I appreciate the call it what we're talking about other stuff is there as well Britain to me this is just the symptom of what may be. On May be a problem I'd just focusing on petty things. Because in addition talking about trump but watching a big investigation into claims that he lost the popular vote by these are illegal votes. Three to five billion a month you know we're also talking about something else and he's doing he's affiliate campaign promise by signing a directive or a Department of Homeland Security today. Which is the first step toward actually building a wall are from New Orleans Mary Jane welcome to the show. Hi I have my person talks odd. I I. Not being sent to ship and I think as I said Madonna can't act that crowd now I would have been arrested. It Ireland and airport I would have been in Iraq and rested now I think she needs to separate act. I thought our Irish should you know I don't think. If there's there's no if there's no evidence that supports that she's actively working on blowing up the White House if it's something that she said she should be treated like anybody else which may be. I'm being harassed or at least detained an end in question and then when he realized that they don't have any. Anything on her come to sipping on a computer or nothing itself shows she's got a working lined a ball to white house with a new let ago but he I would agree that she should have the same consequences anybody else. The win and I'm old I can't I grew up as a Catholic. And avenues paper out on it was every month or whatever. In listing the names of movies and things that we would not. And books that we can not see our league and consequently our Mary anti censorship you know and and if I. I started reading a book once it as a very weak pound out there. Man I like the third or fourth chapter. It was supposed to be passing and the analysts at sleeping with his mother while simply just discard the why. I think you have the choice like that he's the attorney. I I in now I am not. I do not malignant. I Jane I I I agree with that I've I've got to move on because I gotta get to a CBS news update and and I WB will news update coming up with that with Chris Miller. When this radio station is owned by the Catholic Church there was an interesting country song that had been banned I'll tell you about that when we come back on scoot. And a graduate us on this Wednesday afternoon on WWL. This song was banned from some radio stations because it was considered to be a song about. Nudity. Because. He was taking a bath. And we generally take our bands naked. Really. As Bobby Darren and that was that was the world that we lived in back in 1958. And this hour featuring songs going in and out of our breaks that at some point were banned by radio stations. A radio station in Texarkana Texas. Has decided to ban Madonna's music because she said. She has since fought an awful lot about blowing up the White House and get back to your calls are from Arab east George welcome to the show. I do grow as usual are great you'll let them anyone yeah our guys are in the patent. And when Madonna made it. Read it thoroughly investigated. That the court would spelled all. I actually did threaten the president of the united state people are gonna happen. He is the president of eight million Iraqi captain already. Not only that the president of the united state walk to the White House a lot of Democrat. Lot of Republican congressman. Represented. People want concrete. We do not want congress to be put round around the world. People recognize that we've learned that from. And did you feel the white did you feel the same way George when Ted Nugent says some very questionable things about Barack Obama when he was president. Well. Any school anybody anybody make a threat against president. The United States by president congress and Tokyo and one hole. But all. And elect that all that and remember one. Madonna need from them and being being. He retired agent. The White House belongs to. Who brought people. It belongs to the people it doesn't belong to a credit to enable the way you write a White House. All along to people are tax our people that White House. How can doubt that wiped out to be protected. With Jack I'll pay it that. Way out into a title of president of the United States to be protected. Anyone. That may come down all coal. Status saying they went out to yield a ball that if he would be investigated to. Yeah but I'm not sure he would have and made that mistake George I I appreciate the call. Guys Ted Nugent says some things over the years that many people on thought were real direct threats to work to the president from shell Matt Howard welcome to the show. It's apartment don't want during the month so this virtual. Drew him out are out trying to open two of them out it'll work. Bomb. Than those on her speech by. That's pretty problems on our secure against did you yet. I didn't hear bullets and was. Did a couple of both amber and her my problem tomorrow. I'm like you know people get very passionate tilting. You know the law that. Really you know I couldn't believe that Obama could say that you know bush you know then again you know weapon. Could understand. One man march I mean people aren't think that woman at the board and demand has counter. And I really don't know while we want ma and Elmo light. On and I bought. It away. Donald Trump is not going to get away with taking rights away from women and he's not gonna get away with taking rights away from. Minorities that's not only change regardless of what people think of the rhetoric. Arnold thank you what they need to panic and you're gonna get law because they gonna try to prove himself the choke down that debt not Aaliyah. And that they're related to stop and wait and Arnold and city what is on the duke but are better do it eroded look all of the world really gross area. I heard part of it was a pretty amazing Howard I appreciate the caller here on hold hang on if you wanna join us with your comment. Our numbers 260187. Eric 05042601. A semi tech's Amber's age 7870. Went would with the banning of an artist by a radio station cause you to boycott an artist's music that's a pretty general opinion it'll give us your opinion Devi of google.com. Yes after 9/11 this song was banned from some radio stations after the attack the World Trade Center in 2001. A Texas based radio network. Band you drop the bomb on me. Mary to Peter Paul and Mary's leader jet plane and they also banned walk like an Egyptian because it was a reference to. The Middle East. And coming up next a song that was banned because of sexual contents. It may surprise you I'm scooter we'll be back on WL. Here's a song that was banned this was a hit from 1957 the Everly Brothers I want you to listen to some of these somebody soars. OK so they went to a drive in movie. They fell asleep in the car. It's 4 o'clock in the morning. And the song is about wake up a little Susie because we're in deep trouble and we got to get you home for your dad gets mad at me. It seems to me like there reading a little bit into that that if you really should. Here's a quick update on a pretty general opinion poll would banning an artist by radio station call issued a boycott that artists' music. 33% say yes 67% saying no. You issue opinion at W dot dot com here's a text that says so your last caller said of minorities and you said minorities rights. Won't be stripped back under president trop. Well today the Texas Supreme Court just decided to take up the case. Allowing cities to ignore marriage equality. As same sex couples rights. Attorney general Jeff Sessions a supports legislation. And so. That's. Not rolling back how can you tell us to sit back and wait. There can be challenges but that's not gonna go through. It's already been determined by the Supreme Court it's it's like these sound. Stupid people who who who still try to fight. The fact that you cannot. Bans sodomy. I mean there are still some do gooders in the world who won a bans sodomy. That's unconstitutional. You you can not like it you can discourage. Your friends in your family from doing it you don't have to do it yourself the government socket a force you into that. Pretty campaign and it's unconstitutional so I am confident that the precedent to the Supreme Court will hold up and regardless of these. Extreme extra business not all conservatives but the extreme right. Trying to manifest error. Their views on on everybody. It's not it's not gonna work and Donald Trump said after the election that he accepts. Same sex marriage and I I thought Jeff Sessions said Jeff Sessions personally may not agree with same sex marriage but Jeff Sessions said after the election. That he would support the Supreme Court ruling on same sex marriage are from Kenner Eric welcome to the show. Yeah and that's what we're told a couple of things. Dean. Into who would doubt something that came content about the illegal well. I don't think that they are saying that people vote for our rock fraudulently I think what he's saying is is it the year are undocumented. Workers for example. In states like California in ample about the states that did not ask for an ID and so they are. Oh it's an illegal vote how how would you party think I'm defining illegal votes. Well you know there was a lot of callers that they had about the B roll and people who get on the gold and from an open pocket about about. I don't think I don't think he is either that or that's that's part of the overall conversation but that's only a small parties talking about it. People who were in this country illegally who voted for Hillary Clinton. So for example. They need so and the new entity to be voting polls. In California you'd go and sample stage you can just walk in there. Went watercolors and you have bill in eaten or you'll thing on earth are fitted him again. So let's tell me like to me what you believe. I believe that there is that there are some merit to that a lot of illegal workers were ample could vote. Why what about all of the I mean even in red states. Perry square. There are Republicans who are governors and secretaries of state they're in charge of the elections. They said before the election and Donald Trump said this and they are also some senate after the election there is no evidence to support this. Mean you you don't agree that they're doing denies illegal workers in the country and I'd undocked. Based on what I've piece on what I know. In his face and what I know I have no reason to believe that Donald Trump lost the popular vote because of illegals voting. I think that there are so many illegal an excellent if you think that you're not positive but you think. There are. Oh undocumented workers and attention to detail about it. Yeah any of them tried to vote in California well you'd drop. And he is hello a lot different than three to five million. Dinners voter fraud in this country Eric but there's nothing that supports. I mean what has competed talking about this if he. If he stands on the Electoral College which she did after election because he wanted one as you so focused on the the popular vote I mean it's almost like he's saying. Well this is important so if I didn't win this than maybe I'm really not president. They are trying to delegitimize his own presidency. Yeah I'm not sign the deal with the time entered there to fight back. You'd see. Allegations that the Russians helped him get elected but fortunately it's it will be it. Boat strike you know Hillary get elected. You know what. What kind of a real about the confidently about the White House and so vocal. As it was it should be thinking about it they can practical to do we should we. You know thinking about it probably delicate topic kind of been able actually do. Well that's that's true but when it comes to things like the White House and the president of the United States if you say you're thinking about doing something that has taken very seriously. Just fascinating to me how how people. On justifying what are you when he says there was no it's if they didn't mean that well. To some degree maybe they didn't mean it but if you say it there's going to be a problem. This was a song it was banned by radio stations back in the sixties let's spend the night together in fact when The Rolling Stones played this on the Ed Sullivan Show. The censors made him change the words to let's spend some time together. The world has changed its okay now to span and I together in certain situations. Really deck under review well. Back in 1965 some radio stations. And the song because they said it made fun of the disabled. I was unaware of that. What about Barbara turner overdrive viewing seeing indignant nothing yet. Amazing that that wasn't what's invent. I'm so we're we've talked about some songs that have been out of band you're gonna continue this conversation to the next hour if you're just joining us here's org got going on. A backlash continues against Madonna forcing a rally over the weekend that she thought a lot of not blowing up the White House. I Newt Gingrich a former speaker of the house says she should be arrested. A radio station I hits 105 in Texarkana Texas has made the announcement that they're banning all of Madonna's music and definitely. And that led us to remember that The Dixie Chicks in some of the other songs of Lucy in the sky with diamonds stand because it was about drugs. And Bobby Darren is splash splash in the fifties banned because of the implication that he was naked. In the past tough. We're also talking about Donald Trump watching a huge investigation and so he describes it a big investigation. Into voter fraud did three to five million people vote illegally. Is that what pushed him. Down in the popular vote. Our conversation continues I'm scoot on to be a hero.