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"Go For Two" Episode 18 - Super Bowl Pre-Game Pre-Show

Jan 25, 2017|

The boys recap the Conference Championship Lames, sorry, GAMES, and what it means for the future of the two losers. Are Green Bay and Pittsburgh's championship hopes growing or withering away? Plus, whats the early read on the David vs Goliath Super Bowl that is Atlanta against New England. Also, don't miss how T-Bob broke Seth's heart at an X-Wing Tournament.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome to the goal for two podcast with the T Bombay there and south Dunlap. Well a little early but that a little preach the word for. Do better as quickly once again look for richer isn't over to podcasts epilepsy Bob a beard here. Our pre pre Super Bowl show. Our third the last show of the season in the conference championship games. Just wrapped up and mid quarter conference championship lanes. Conference champion chops OK okay did you I just came up with a isn't spot did you eskimo yes but yeah. Pretty pretty ready rhino you are bad week of football really was specially in the week that I think is my favorite week. A football of the entire season is you have not only the one big game yet to begin its government threat but to begins turns into two big stinker is. We are those your vigilance would seem to diverge it's consistent and a mega hot. I could follow us on Twitter I'm upset Dunlap he's at T Bob 53 was sure to share the show with everybody had a lot of fun with it as the season. Winds. Down trouble this week monogamy you're talking about the parole eyes there. Bomb. Our 8 am excited to skills challenge are you deliberate act I don't Thursday night out you know what I'm gonna be on air work you know definitely on the background man I look I. It's not gonna be reading skillet. It's still nobody's going to care of the game and I I guess I guess it's interesting is I will watch the skills job I doubt I'll watch again. Yeah I really lost approvals are to be honest I really wanted ought to our land title on nothing to do clearly want to schemes last weekend. Well they I'm gonna see this exciting I would have liked tuned in but I mean I think would we've. So Saturday. They had a extreme regional actually resolution doesn't argue and to Jake Madison are yelling at me top aide dust up they got that sweet dice stars that are usually is sorry I'm sorry I've been thinking about this more more exciting Kelly yeah really her by now aren't I wanna know what happened yes against Salvatore. People what happened here so this is a big turnout there is like 63 people in the tournament like the other regional excellent tournament. I was rating Atlantic champion to notice your you know this kind of like my attributed defense if you all right so. We get out of four into after the six rounds of missed the cut of the topics on right on the borderline right like Hambrecht and allotment because I. Don't think I'm getting in a guy at just the way the math works out. I telling it straight to victory how much you beat people by. I don't think I'll get it but I think everybody Jake's gonna get in which is really cool but this is his first big tournament like that so I hope we're also getting to this diet. Before this happens there kind of tally up the standings. And teared up after an autopsy on the democratic reject thank you are I think you're pretty safe you're it was pretty cool to give up his words out hope that Jake makes it but I certainly hope. You don't. Okay this certainly was not there but yes it's at a yeah yesterday that Gaza. Also there is that you would very Syria odd comment I want is serious in that I thought you were going to make up guy and you're a man and he has. Challenge cup going going to as shields on your ships like. You you have multiple wins under your belt I assume this was the classic. False Dunlap humility which viewers in there they don't not sure about your head and am in my defense. Did Gary did there and I got apologized to win the results came back and that made it easier but I doubt that was a classic Hebert Polycom hopefully now I don't know the ability here Hebert I would feel I feel badly I really didn't wanna shake your hand but I Edberg you know beauty of this Bob Bennett the decided I've CIA I feel badly. But you look it's a good yeah yeah put in the trophy case at home. You're gonna be just fine although although this in Wenzhou dice are. Two loss and they were pretty us metaphors that are down force in my three last year couple of things that happen because this number one we got to face but lives. Jake's final you know you're dual color commentary your best Jon Gruden a bit less I think it's incredibly awkward as you tried you comment when the people. Her right there are you can't really do it and read your article I that was about it. Exactly should really graveyard. And the sec all it is I did my first ever dip. I can that is emitted so I guess that smokeless tobacco which kids you should not try it now until either of agent if you decide to that is your prerogative it was at the scene it's something I'll probably never do again but I have that experience Q so you're you know you're in the news this belted a definitely you particularly important buzz and if I had late just done a couple of shots of you know one particular interests. It's it's it's it's. You know what though and kids do not do smokeless tobacco until you're old enough to shred of your listeners are old enough anyway but yeah look again and I know our all. Open an office is show up unless you have now. Absolutely c'mon admit I not senior realism. What was it. It probably actually. More upset over the PX went to the bottom line Lotta fun as we can but but we don't watch games yet this is all I ought salute outside of Vatican ordered your house and a we can at least that's of bad and play the reason we didn't watch. We NYS ultimately Regis yeah we just had to turn often go over watch out yet so guys I guess is all spin from. Ottawa stroke. Yeah a lot of skills I am finally adds we're now 56 minutes into the show it's it's our story line of the week. Really. That we do we do have a big storyline coming into the Super Bowl it truly is David vs Goliath here. That would be in my storyline you have Bill Belichick going for the most liberal victories of all time and that's not just as a head coach you count his defensive coordinator days. With the giants this would be his eighth Super Bowl title. Obviously. You've got Tom Brady going for his fifth. Which yeah I would tied the mark as well so you've got some really big story lines here at the patriots. Three point favorites in this game but it feels like they are more heavy favorites and add it all the other said the upstarts the team that nobody in what exactly do. I disagree here I know I I can paso on the backs and I thought they'd be good but certainly didn't think it would be this good and they war. You look back over the last five or six weeks of the regular season and into the playoffs. Push solace telling you about this is team that was absolutely steam rolling everybody the way I. We actually called once the playoffs program I think it took me a minute to really realize how good disciplined teams play it. We chose him to be both the we did Seahawks and the Packers did. Although in my last minutes of course a sucker line ridiculous as that continues actually chose the Packers WII. Shows. Yeah I think I'll spotlight and there. And I think a lot that we ditches like it prosper and have a better passer and number of days ago. Why you don't listen this podcast target of that. Alessio are here just to hang out as bad out there. The thing battled a motive for any information of actual bow out what's. So. Back to the story I'm I think it's David vs glad this the first David vs Goliath Super Bowl that I can remember true. I don't think it'll be a mismatch on the field but the the general public perception is going to see this as a massive missed mismatch at some personal we've truly seemed. Since probably new England and the giants in 07 and Robert Howland turned out. Well as David usually it was it would close the undefeated team that was 07 it was the 07 going into 08 season. Deeds and still miss your head there that. David Tyreke situated from being the only undefeated team ever like. That would keep yeah yeah what I where you are those players that the only year you caught on with the patriots that was your one shot at it that 18 boss I'm able to David how are juniors he fizzled out yeah yeah well yeah whatever side that is currencies you have a million times just wanted to you see it historical values he's a matchup. Obama well so that's what's interesting because I think that. Hardcore football analyst. A lot out there that make the argument that the falcons are a better team top to bottom in New England is but. As you mentioned the experiential. Difference is so vast. Where you have during the Brady bill take care air however is that the other day on Twitter as one does. Germans air they've won more playoff games than like 25 franchises have in their history yep personally and certainly it. So you were talking about a group that is more prepared and more used to Maurer. Just are just they they they know what's on the horizon they know did you this stage we've been here before and I guess so much the argument that. Always rages when you talk about this sort of thing is how what's the difference is that make on the field. On that I'm not entirely sure but. It I think it speaks to how big the experiential goal is. That I feel like it's David and Goliath even though in our analogy dig it might actually be. The better team so it may be dead still yeah I have like some sort of secret weapon it's just that Goliath is this. Crew in dominant force on the battlefield. Who has you know slain just build chief Dave after chief didn't over the years in his his reputation is fierce and is now. What's the seventh time now that at least breeding embellished jacket a lot of members that coaching staff and front office have had to prepare. For this game but I think the map Atlanta's victory here that's yeah it's my mask idea massive massive advantage. At least in that area for New England. So we'll talk about those in outlook that right now the biggest storyline but the big one is that broke well. Is kind it is history of the NFL right now eight out of ten playoff games are pro DDM. Bore. Really that's really where 80%. Of playoff games are bad. Well leadership thinks broad strokes Roger what do you do to men got to get together. I don't know what you have to do refereeing lie is big by this. This Super Bowl needs to be closed need to be exciting I have you got it to some indicated the Seahawks. Back in the day it's Steelers let's past or is it should go ahead and get divisions is knife in the what not and hard as well that now we're seeing the exciting suitable. It was it was also an extremely poorly officiated super day by day due in just means development is that bettors should be too talented to rings on. Paul Allen's in there but I digress. Let's get you up and are we can view let's of course given to our studs week. Here are both sides of the week. And my certainly is a guy who should be MVP if he is not the MVP I think you'll be feeling stud of the week I mean I big runs yet Matt Ryan Matt Bryant four touchdowns no picks and insane 139. Quarterback rating. Even more insane at ten point three was is you are experts and average. And if you go back to the season. Of the season that he had a second half of the year this is one of the best second half of the season and quarterbacks and the well. The reason why overshadows because yet Tom Brady doing ridiculous things over in the AFC had Aaron Rodgers making his run in the Hennessy to bigger names the mat rat and you have Matt Bryant history. A failure in big moments play out in the kind of shaded. The story if you will heading into the play out however. He's proven. At least this season into the playoffs that he is. He's the hottest quarterback in the league but with the weapons he has I think he's the most dangerous quarterback in the league be entirely right now. An end to weapons speak for themselves you get via what what is that the record that are very spells were there and that's only fourteen different guys. This year and then back here today it's a noble he's heavily Jones you don't need. The other thirteen guys when we if you do not this actually sell out. On trying to shut down who have CIA I think it on the head what happened was. Odds are very like you said they don't especially in the NFC. Rodgers. He's already more legendary than Ryan and they or any deeper hole that they were climbing out of and it was a vastly more intriguing NFC north race I would say he didn't was the NFC south. And so as they went on there any game when you rarely talked out of coming in the playoffs that's when it kind of got when I got alerted to the fact of like oh wow look. How could Atlanta's been playing lately especially. Matt Wright it's no wonder everybody knows it was like the Packers this college shine brightly within. For the off in the distance there is one that was. Growing even brighter reads that no two is inclusive I don't know where it needs any as he can you used are amazing disclose and when you look past that remembered going in that game. Matt Ryan last five games or five know he had them fourteen touch and zero picks the 131 passer rating. He added four more touchdowns he raised that passed her eating even higher we're looking at eighteen touchdowns. And zero interceptions in six games as get goosebumps that's. Absurd that's. That's a let that is level locked in then meters Aaron Rodgers when he won his Super Bowl back in. 2010. Tony yet just nineties bonus points and that's correct. It's also a level of scary for the rest of the NFC because that team is he on that team is a really really done this this and this word conservative minister rumble is that. The same way that they greet and a future the yet the starting nickel has five. First or second year players who are drafted in these last two drafts or or one I'm just recording. Yeah hey look man Dan Quinn has made a believer out of me he when you look at with the falcons defense has been from the first. Ten games so what it's been these last eight. And a lot of peoples and all the thugs even still isn't actually that good is it when you got bad and you come. I disagree I think this is actually a pretty good defense and they get to look any further then what happened to the Green Bay Packers. Okay let's talk about now the Packers is their season is ended and in this version just. And over pensions beginning of the show but to our weekly preview next weeks or give yeah we please don't actually use your review our week in review sounder citizens are gonna talk about the that I guess. Here's the week in review. We kind of already jumped into it 44 when he won the skin wasn't even that close relate. Atlanta blows outs is 31 waiting right who asserted their chorus was. In the last game in the Georgia Dome. Our air would do which is a mean if I get that a lot of it loses rob easing since he hated Atlanta but I. I love. I really liked the idea of the team's last game ever in their stadium beam the one that since then do super well that's that's a happy like Qaeda finished set you can get behind the if you don't hate that team Korea. Indeed a Jordy Nelson he played in this game so there William although he. It was an a 100%. A Rodgers who's good at three touchdowns one pick just slightly under 300 yards but what really killed them obviously Atlanta's office is so he can't give them extra opportunities. Elena had a chance to close the gap to attend the seventh fumbled inside the road ten yard line after a nice run and then Atlantic coast and the field marched down seventeen up and at that point. Pretty much over even what Nell I. I I just I do want to point this out is that a lot of burden I'll argue that some people. And whatever is tapped into EC rule you talk about everything some people said blatant you know maybe this game. Would have gone differently without his big momentum swinging plays and I agree that it could have gone differently but I want everybody to think about this. How often easy teams get a player like that jump out to an early lead in the because the NFL by the end of the game it's coming down to a field goal or elastic and drive. Like these games normally even out that you maintain that strangle hold two weeks in that lead all the way to 31 nothing to keep daily. IAEA. That proves to me that this yet this that this day Atlanta is. But god I don't see a huge element of flu grower or as much as maybe some others during that and how big a win was. I mean Alanis yet atlantis' stamp it like we said now I'm not sure any team at least in the NFC you had a shot in Georgia they get the two best teams. Go at the last couple weeks label this kind of got batted around like four yeah I mean may be I think that Dallas was better than Seattle by the end could young but. But look I don't ornamental whatever law trip to sports properties L season on the Green Bay what within on the road and map out exactly our rights of questions on an askew here for the losers both these camps are Green Bay obviously their season end this team Bob. Did today exceed expectations this year or. They fall short of your expectations for this and. I think they exceeded his we have today I had been second in the division is a mind that I was completely off the bandwagon. When they were four and six. Yes we had healthy spirited Rogers Aaron Rodgers just debate Taylor earlier in the year. And that run they went on is let's hear it doesn't take anything away from that run so I guess is a part of podcast where re discuss slate every sport sure has done what did you think about Aaron Rodgers comments. After the game already making too much of their moral is that it pretty clear you know wean wean need to try to win now for those Dunham. Digital adrenaline what are what are broad base it's time to go all in play each and every year. While he does well but why that's intriguing is because that is kind of the antithesis. The packers' front office right out or at least there they're kind of guiding philosophy. Well I think that's one of the reasons the Packers have been so consistently good not great I don't think they've had one great team in this front including general they torture it but they've been consistently good on the reasons that they're always in the mix because of the way there on the front office though. It's a little bit. Literally a low risk low end zone over war has to be called evidence about like you said it's not like. Making the a lot of ID CDC bookings made you ultimately fall apart look at that Denver brought cars are you go over this all the deal that they may think it just it just happened no it's. It's there's. There's three franchises are exclude the patriots here they can't do the same thing for some reason their teams are right they do this there if you had a great it's a desperate franchise the kind of run it this way as the Packers and Steelers on the other title talk about it and a Seahawks where they run a team low risk like you said but maybe not as high the ceiling where they don't go all in all the time so they don't have those opportunities to be absolutely great -- have a team a couple years ago but since then you kind of seem pretty boys yeah. As I mean even a couple years ago though where I am almost none of it built through free agency in brightly just a great homegrown team in those will happen. From time to time. Yesterday so so well I'll be intrigued to see what the Packers do comedy go ahead and give the benefit of the doubt the Packers front office here. That they are going to figure out. Dumb idea how to make Aaron Rodgers happy in free agency but not. Overextended and put themselves at two monitors printers and a second question for Green Day. Are you optimistic or pessimistic for the future. I mean I don't know how you do you can I don't know how you can be pessimistic. As we just discuss the consistency of this franchise Aaron Rodgers kind of just squashing any doubts as to you where he was at his career. BL and I don't think fifth in the future looks bright for the Packers even even like guests are gonna lose pieces. But like he's everything to wide receiver playing running back they had I mean I know I can name your single Packers did defensive player. Played match play amassed yet exactly let him play and so. What about hop off. I didn't know Hough and excellent team. Whatever I hate that name I I don't I don't know who would tell them it's just. I'll get a final question about the Packers here is there window. Open. Close is that closing now I mean that's insane result Jim Rogers front office and stability is franchise that of that I think it's always say this is one thing one area where I think we'd. Divert I would agree with the last two answers to questions this one I think there is closing I think Roger's Roger is good he still grade still only a definitive policy and law. But they don't have been hammered you know 67 years. Yeah air and America I don't I think I got a couple you know that's pretty things that defense is old bulletins. I guess I'm giving the benefit of the doubt that bill to have a serviceable defense I mean they'll have to rebuild it it's got to be complete rebuild I don't know. If I was up front office dot Dom Capers would be there but that's another question okay let's go over to the AFC now. There are way did you did you hear the Mike Florio. Hunt and it's a rose I got Gloria always has been here in the big sport you backers are so pleased that we did this apartment thinks that perhaps is what he did did dungy but he sold it well enough. Where did it sounds very different message scroll he that's a key role it's. You would argue it. And whatever it Tyrell out its he's regulars had to do reviews argued that. With how good is going in without merit how good the Packers and Aaron Rodgers have looked and played this season. That really people should be. Upset with the Packers because all that means is that they've been under performing. Over the last couple of years like we've seen how good they can be so therefore it last year was a complete failure of your voice. Lake so they were so successful that ended up flipping around covenant medical. So Michael Oreo with your troll take weak real sound or for that. Let's go to the AFC the patriots roll my Internet browsers 3617 correct yes and a third 3617. Patriots this obliterated the Steelers. I have to say it and to this I guess to answer the questions about the Steelers but the pharmacy was Kimberly display it here because that was you bill or season. And you build your team in the offseason to be able to win these type games guess what he had two opportunities to do it here. Are was he chicken when you play a role. This storm guard answerable times when he played the pages that she got walloped. He just got absolutely walloped. That defense and the mind to bella check in at defensive coaching staff resist. He knows what to do to be able to set down what was supposed to be deemed most explosive offense in the league that doesn't look like that. And Pittsburgh's defense was even supposedly improved and it just so I guess immediately. You're exactly right and who's who's a girl that's on. Around Arnett case they didn't generate great. She said it best when she said that she failed. To absorb just how good Tom Brady has again been against the Steelers to like you talked about yeah and I heard it. And I too and I still obviously there's going to be this close to highlight keeping a failed to absorb. And really think about that information and I was it. It showed on the field due date dvd patriots have these Steelers figured out about as much as I've ever seen a team have another one thing. And definitely. It is it's got to be partly mental now the Steelers have not been able to win in Foxboro they have rarely been able to beat the patriots anywhere be at home or away and this is the team it's not going away. Brady's going to be there for other fortified you're calling your game Brady for a while I mean why would. At this point cadet class if he is to blame got more time to make his birdie putts I like being stuck that thing as britney's older than Roethlisberger by a few years but people got about the same time left on a regular at and say yes very he is it vastly better shape right Ezra the spurt raise itself you have open window that's closing between these two teams that Pittsburgh does not know England's. Because that's been massively this year when he does say that. New England's windows close in this point even in the posed Brady error really man yeah Levy and bill did absolutely nothing in this game obviously we said early and take and we want peace who would it be you would be living in bella that's what happened only six rushes for twenty yards when he beginner Sig is her second writes earlier that Jim but even before now and February like yes. But DeAngelo Williams for as good as he was an early season McCown who has not Libyan Billy's not able to the same things on offense. So that injury obviously played a big role. But it's for the patriots just like usual Brady fantastic three touchdowns no picks and leader brought Kerry is loaded again no Ottawa. Immediately Gary Gary across stuck carries the brunt. Of the load and unload the others Dario in. Fronts the world. Blogs hey idiots there McCluster is analog and it the pay how to hold and he's the big story regular storyline communities and you know today. He plays lacrosse really Mon may well. Yeah well I'll dude was undrafted yup yup crazy you have now I think the. Real question here is and this is it T Florio I'll take. People don't think of the northeast as being racist correct I don't think a lot to you. However when you think about New England. That old old northeast there is racist is anybody including the deep south. When you look at New England Patriots receivers choices. I think bella check. Bob Kraft. Old rich white guys fits I got today are a little against black receivers I think they're little racist towards black receivers. They being the white isn't Tom Brady threw the ball more. I don't know what you pay out there are no game. Am in Dele. Wes Welker I mean look it's it's bodes well all of scene is. The evidence is there. It is a little interesting talk about it here obviously but it is little interesting bet the stars that they developed have been movies that I take a break in the link direct rays element out of it is fascinating. They get these four tiny white receivers you seem to all be the same person just like. Slightly genetically mob a lot of that it didn't really care for this modes a hey day and age where I mean how many time anyway receivers there. And there are and there are not to run out and others but I mean Jordy Nelson's had has he's not a tiny guy I forgot his other big outside guys in the league. Yeah so tiny light receivers and Tom Brady advance on to those who came to light gym or pretend like I do remember tent or go lay in a falcons are back at duke you know any wood heads maybe. Kind of nightclub in his right about Apple's rep looked podcast talking about the Steelers here this week sought to the same questions I asked about this New England are you who do you think they exceeded expectations for. Fell short. Or maybe it right on par. This and I would either write about ran on I would say yeah I had in the UBS said the team that meager coverage chairmanship but I would venture to guess that. There's a healthy contingent of Pittsburgh fans who wore a disappointing exit telling this is their year and it looked like. Perhaps it was going to be the case that it went on this incredible run going from five and six was a note. Where they one point they were 4545. And that it is eleven of yes so. So did your family it's portability get on in my top Clinton. There's so much chatter is dollars a year he kind of shut the door odd question to you optimistic or pessimistic about the future. I mean you still have Libyan bills' young and under contradictory attitudes and turn your brown are the problems are going to be better than me or this year. Well I'd be pessimistic I do a pretty young and there is other quarterback. The to get better I guess. Just pessimistic because the dung he can't beat the patriots I mean I. So they're better could you all wired it doesn't look like at least we're sitting right now. You're gonna get through that test though and is the win though open closing. I Garrity answer you know I think. With every Chaka Tucker that Ben Roethlisberger eats that wind gets. It's small or I guess really what you should do. In relation to Roethlisberger in the Steelers is that waste been getting tighter. Or looser and right now that always begins to feel a little tight little last it and the more elasticity. Well the steelers' season ends the packers' season and and it's new England and in Atlanta where England in Super Bowl what does that narrowed to sound like new week in New England because he had did you have an ethnic elect at a in Super Bowl fifty. Gets the biggest show of the year. In two weeks the using an excellent last week I don't know that them. Now there's no are totally finished those Adobe cunard right now I don't know Bellevue it is it was yeah here's. Dublin is a two countries and it is conscious and camera. But Mike and I out yet he has over the years is going to drill hole in the roof she said descend down yeah that'll happen or not not excited. I'm excited for the several David vs Goliath. And all the little Moscow Bedard does use. I've I'll be intrigued to see it the general public gets is pumped for this concert as you think they well. No probably not but. But I think you will be held a show I watched. You say about Lady Gaga grow. Was she puts on I labs who admittedly I do not version immediately gaga you know who that is not like that for I think she will be hard pressed to be reverted. So good luck was to be hard pressed to be beyond that it last year I don't show. And proposal content editor now who that we are lighted the Bruno once in a more than me yeah. One I don't know to zero you get girl hates you I hold my gun registers a racist sexist and he's actually think about white or snow that I can't be races there actually is breeders not like. Bruno is mixed yeah exactly. Skip that or maybe I'm just a little why is it anonymous sex as important as the lion is it thanks he looks to have a little. Polynesian verse on the unit. And he spoke about it migrates to give bio I don't know different it did so all I. Well here's the other abbreviated podcast next equally bad example preview show might even have a little rattled quarterback rank hopeful about the seed or reader that after his much of that yellow apples yet if the B yeah this game and some. Were you gives him on the. How it is true and that's very true and are right receive about nonsense. Thanks for joining us and enjoy your liberal always handle your bag match and yeah me originally to resume and ordering certain quietly on the. I don't don't don't don't don't don't don't don't. Don't don't don't. I. Yeah. Oh. Okay.