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01-20 Scoot - Inaguration

Jan 20, 2017|

Scoot talks with callers on how they feel now that Donald Trump is the 45th Pre4sident of the United States.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It is now official it is president's Donald Trump the we start our ashore early today yeah responding to the inauguration today. Our president Donald Trump I thought it was a very inspiring speech yet today. He is in my opinion not a day to play politics but inevitably that is going to happen. We're here today to not only go over some of the highlights of the inaugural address and the speech but also to talk about this day. Since I woke up early this morning I have been following every moment of this. I don't see this as a Republican. Going into the White House and a Democrat leaving the White House. I look at this as an extraordinary. Jay in America. We're we have a peaceful. Transfer of power. Me to see. Barack Obama and Donald Trump. And their wives. To see them together. To just think about what it must be like for both of those men what they're both thinking about. They don't agree with each other politically. It may be. You or I. Should act a little bit more like Donald Trump. And Barack Obama. These two people have. When they get together and we they're going through this protocol. They have put politics aside. Can we do that as a country. All of those who love. President Obama. Can you act like him on a day like today. Can you bring yourself to act like. President Obama is acting toward new president Donald Trump. And Donald Trump sorting with the birth her movement. Out early in the day. The early to campaign the presidency of foe Barack Obama. Donald trop not taking bets. Barack Obama was a legitimate president. Don't trust an ugly things about the administration when he was campaigning. But today he's put that aside. Can unite as Americans. Shake hands and bond. The way President Obama. And president trump. Have done that. If your choice of comment. What are you feeling today mean I have to admit what I political junkie and I have been since I was a kid. I loved this. There's something about the workings of politics as much as I low if partisanship. As much as I load the bureaucracy that is so ineffective in our country. I Loftus. And I'm fascinated with and I think we should all be fascinated. What are you feeling right now. It's president. Donald Trump. And I thought he speech was inspiring and factors are pretty jaguar he told us our. Will president. Donald Trump's inaugural address. Inspire unity. To be shipping your by going to our web site WWL dot com. Here's a Texas says the inaugural speech said to me. My words during the campaign. We're not slogans. They were promises. Another Texan whose command says too many cry babies in this country scoot. Well that's true. Far too many. And in the same way those of you who don't like Donald Trump there's a good possibility that you love Barack Obama. And it was a possibility that you looked down upon those people who did not wanna give President Obama a chance when he first became president. There's a possibility you to be the morning give. Give those people any respect whatsoever that you looked down upon them because they were gonna give him a chance. And now. You're faced with whether or not to give this president a chance. DC they've agreed hypocrisy either. So maybe this is a day for all of us to really think about how we're Americans. And what is the atmosphere like in your workplace. What is it like with your family your. Your friends. If you like to join us with a comic this afternoon our numbers 26017. Very coach 50426018. Saturday at Texas a seventy Stephanie he didn't take very long for president ought president truck to suddenly become. President of the United States and here's what it sounded like. And in about 35 seconds. President elect trump went to being president. Donald Trump. Here's part of what trust said in his inaugural address which. Again. If you could put politics society you can hit it if you can. Allow yourself to put politics aside. I thought this was an inspiring speeches part of what he said. I can't imagine that there's one American. Even in the red states of the self. They would disagree with that. From Kenner David welcome to Debbie WL. And Amanda from first time on there long time listener and she just wanted to equipment that your body thing com. We should be all optimistic I'm Donald Trump annoyed a lot of pride and ample for a more a lot of I Norton and not happy about it we know we should all pray and into every lead and just be happy that you chapter in our lives. Did you vote for trump. Okay and your messages to the others on book. Give the guy a chance. Like a David let's go back to win when Barack Obama became president there were a lot of people who didn't even wanna give him a chance at being active being very honest and where you one of those people. Outlawed on outlook but in order you know I'm happy to say it'll lead to a bad job. And up Hispanic illegal. Ala says that Barack Obama departed was actually the most present it for the most people that the people say baton and appreciate but. No matter what what are you do it at B you are president you know he did a good job and I'm a better future. David I appreciate the cult if you wanna join us on numbers 2601878607070. Also we are following another story local story yeah I tragedy or this morning on the West Bank there was Waco police officers out. A woman on that shot to death or killed by. A suspect named Sylvester hold to the suspect right now. And is on the Crescent City connection and the man is threatening to jump. I know a lot of you might think Paula just letting field. He's a suspect in this morning's fatal double shooting of west Rico police officer and a woman so we're following that we do have the latest on our web site. At every WL to account I stood in the afternoon we're starting a little early this afternoon are coming on right after the CBS news coverage of the inauguration of Donald Trump. More highlights from the inaugural address. And more conversation about how we feel today is a country and can we put politics aside if you would like to join us on numbers 2601. A seventy. Every code 50426. So morning seventy Texan receipts if you're seventy I'm stewed in the afternoon and we'll be back. Under review well president of the United States this is inauguration day it's a day that we should take a look at ourselves is a country. And not think so much about politics and think more about this political process and this transfer of power before I get back your comments. Here's a comment the Donald trop agent during his inaugural address that I thought was it was significant. I wanted to participate. It. And this. United States and it matter if you. Donald Trump's speech reflected a populist movement in America. There are a lot of people who received the election Donald Trump as being on a statement that America is conservative. And America's right wing. That's not true. America's not far right or far left. There's a populist movement in this country. Donald Trott better than any other candidate. Reflected that. Off from a Plosser Kevin your and other WL. Marco should. Listen to a couple of quick vote things. A sixty year though. And not been around a lot of presidential. Candidates and you know in elections and watching them. Alt and what they do what they don't do. I am extra but just like you mentioned earlier and repaired a torn apart we just need to appear. Quit. The people quoted in your chance to rule to show that there are. People going what they sit they want to do I would not be Obama and bush. Set out to prove to the world that you can't do what he that's not a secret do. And listening to move the clips. Then onto the there'll people from the backs still hollering and bullying and it would disagreement. So I have just two quick things to say about it and the previous night art and put it. Actually number one I'm saying. Those groups. I feel. It's slightly. Uneducated. And not. Sure what they prepare for. And number two so certainly there are of age. They read you or change. That's the mark so throughout the whole campaign. It was separated and and the biggest thing here Europe. There are a lot of people. European poked. Into any situation. Took control of the leadership of the country and pretty are not a while changed they just wanna continue. That we are in the colon. And brought has made his voice heard there he wants to change and make America great again. And I would Kevin that there are a lot of people who are part of the political establishment on both sides of the aisle who are very very nervous about what all of this might mean. Because a guy here's a guy who has never run for office before this was her first campaign. This is his first office. Right so in in that sense it's it's it's a threat to those who are career politicians which is in recent that cultural war. And and our our agree with you mean it's some great leading up to today. I'd this that there are really enjoyed shall. And and who. Shall secure made very good political points. And that's just me Archie is the biggest thing at our associates. So people just refuse. To accept change their spending you know. But it looked all the best male mr. Oprah and actual. Resonant now exactly right and I old. Former president Obama's first radio but he continued LP greatly mean they tried to do with because it do. And and and so then the people of America USA to just. Your president. I'll throw a chance to prove that. She can do you sit wanted to do. Kevin I appreciate the call and I appreciate your dealer or afternoon listeners. If you would like to join us on numbers 2601870. Text is a 7070. There were some schooling win at Chuck Schumer the senator from new York and Texas Donald Trump's out senator. As a resident of New York Chuck Schumer represents his his district. Senator Chuck Schumer was sent was speaking in there where is there was booing in the chance of tropic. I thought that was extremely rude and inappropriate but you know that's the way some people are going to be an an even if you don't like. Barack Obama as a president. It would be really hard for anybody to say that this is not a man. With a lot of class and a lot of dignity. And as a as a family man and as a man. Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama brought to teach to the White House. Marcella your into the WL. Yes I am happy that things that are currently on am eight email me your. I am. They are I think we wanted to write it inauguration beat out at record. Them that. Problem being that high and how many people like me in and thinking. And I'm a bit now about. Immediately and no political experience however we. Did not have a lot and business experience. I. And they add image. Is at an at bat. And should have no problem. A lot of the problem at eight. And get back to make it stronger and change in building and structure. On and not enough. Did not the Barack Obama how wet and buried it out at other Whitman and Jerry Jim battle. Yelling. At navy and a lot of the country. In my late with a very patriotic. And I'd like bad. Respected. Make no comment and I'll hear the carpet. It. That it was. Well according to how it cannot. Democrat. Might change in the mail every change are a good thing. And and in our. The great. You are right about that Marcella I appreciate the caller got a you to CBS news updates following that WWL news update and then we'll be right back with more of your comments of you're told hang on. We have selected music for the show today that I think Kerry is very reflective of today being inauguration day effect of where my FaceBook page last night SN OK let's go to work. Give me some ideas for bumper music for the show. On Friday inauguration day and a lot of people participated in that's of some of the songs replace our from the other FaceBook page so I think cut those of you who went to work last night. And gave us some suggestions now not everybody is happy with Donald Trump being president of the United States. And throughout the show there are a couple of songs that reflect that but I have been I have been feeling very patriotic all Saturday. Do you feel patriotic. Can you put its. The politics aside. And feel patriotic on this thing. A President Obama now former President Obama. And his wife the First Lady former First Lady Michelle Obama have have boarded. The the 747 it looks just like Air Force One by Air Force One as a designation. It is is designated executive Warren Air Force One is the helicopter while Marine One is a helicopter Air Force One is. The the plane whatever playing it is that the president is on and now any claim that Donald Trump is on even if you happen to be on the the truck plane which I don't expect that to happen. But even if you saw the truck plane that would be considered. Air Force One also were following the local story of a double shooting on the west bank and Wes Rico police officer shot and killed along with a woman. The suspect is allegedly on the Crescent City connection threatening to jump and we'll give you updates on that. As soon as soon as we can but I just getting your reaction to how you feel do you feel patriotic T feel repulsed and you put the politics aside and enjoy what this day offers. Are crass here and every WL. Yet. Not not able to. But I'll title. And choice. Because I think that the look at paying. Are you and you're out. What it's been shown here. That will dog which you. Were all the what you state. You can't do. You got to be a person ever been. Pia what's should be personal care and to go to a certain it ought to reach certain plateau level. What Israel and yet that's always true. And that victory out not out. But that's reality and life crash you know did this sometimes sound sometimes the good people don't win today in life in this mortal life and and you're the world's not fair. Most that are not so you actually were my anger it. I don't know tech president. Now trop will be am out on sit there anticipate that he's going to be horrible it's horrible that I sit back by were by mail and wait. And to a whole but because of America. But when you look at it be for the issue what I don't know but yet. Any. You know the person that was running altered. And would have made the remarks spit out maybe that's what in Iraq torch will remain at all would it be in law. So don't listen I'm so they tell me why in the face of all of that and a I don't disagree with. But in the face of all of that how did he win. It is how you see that being two. On the cover. That mole people changed me because that wait you work. We try and leave it and all of that. And lucky cat Internet people want a sure thing they chant. What it would arrive at trump trying at all EBC I disagree. I mean he he he tapped into he did tap into that group. But that group is not large enough. To elect him president. Select he was he was elected by he was elected by will be OK as far as I'm just don't know disagree. He was elected by people who wanted change and he represented change and Hillary Clinton was a terrible candidate. In addition to that she represented the political establishment at a time when people wanted change. Our. I attributed. Yet to look that extremely flawed candidate she well. That true what channel that Donald Trump actually they. All I haven't had any any kind of you give any kind of equally know what you want to check out other than that republic and you ought to have done. Yeah yeah. Well I don't Kress I I don't have time to go into all the things that toppled trots agent and I at that point the point is is that you're not listening because. He did talk a lot about change he talked about changing things in the inner city. He talked about changing things with jobs now whether he does this or not that's still to be determined but he did talk a lot about change. I into our conversation I've I've got to get to break if you're on hold stable this hard numbers 2601878. And our tax is 87870. I hear is. In the text that says so against the president's children will be on the truck plane yeah I guess they get to use. Danny's point. It is a patriotic day in my opinion I've been in infatuated with us it doesn't mean that I'm not gonna call Donald Trump on the things that I think that he does that are brought to the same way that today you'll calling on things that you think are wrong. I hope we can as a country praise what is good to criticize what is bad and not just have blanket praise or blanket criticism. I'm scoots we'll be back and have a bureau. And this was one of the our requests on my FaceBook page stewed on the air last night's for good bumper song after the inauguration of Donald Trump for not gonna take anymore Twisted Sister. I if your hole stay with us for coming right back with more of your comments here's part of what Donald Trump said earlier today. After he was inaugurated president of the United States. To bring back Al well. And we will bring back our dream. These are tall promises. So let's see if he can deliver. The big question today on inauguration day I think is are you gonna give him a chance. Here's a Texas says I voted for truck because he's going to try to change America and mostly because he's not a politician love the show that strips it said thanks. Here's a text are directed to me your bias we can all tell who you voted for. Well if it is being civil. About. The outcome of the election and inauguration day. Is an indication of who you voted for and what you have just said is that you believe Barack Obama voted for Donald Trump. Because Barack Obama is being very civil. So if you wanna say that because I'm being civil about this. I voted for Donald Trump if you're so sure of that then you're also saying that Barack Obama voted for Donald Trump. And from Hattiesburg market under the WL. I don't I'm good. I just want to say bad. We need a way to achieve that I think that. Happened that most took it back from cheapen it. Can't thank them fail listen to politicians Democrats and ripped out and who he is he doing today and 8 o'clock. They are in state indicated again but we don't count and the chance to realize that Bill Clinton don't conduct and that these. Well it certainly is a problem. There are people who who don't think and they are sheep they follow. A few people that they have designated as as leaders not understanding that those leaders are leading them down certain roads. Because the leaders are benefiting ratings wise or money wise. Because they are able to lead people down decently certain roads. Here's a hurry up pretty general opinion poll this hour. Will president Donald trust inaugural address. Inspire unity. 58% say yes 42% say no give your opinion by going to our website WW dot cup. If your health stay with this Ritter did bright back to port your comments in I wanna remind you there were also following a local story. Of the tragic or shooting on the on the west Franco was legal police officer were shot and killed a woman nearby him was also. Our shot and killed the suspects Sylvester holt. I has been on the Crescent City connection threatening to jump so there's police action that's like traffic is backed up their eleven of the traffic update for you coming up. I'm scoot I gotta be right back. It's inauguration day I astute in the afternoon from Metairie Michael welcome to WWL. I've got time for a potential new closer there's a guitar for quick comment from. OK quickly. Politics is perception of you know people. See that trumpet any better he will be them in like a bomb albeit think you mentioned before. That original crew president gave a credit forcing that they really don't have anything to do with. So on this Friday afternoon. You know there's something they're dramatically happened. In my life during all bombing years. That changed my life apartment direction that's the emergence of yoga pants so. You know. You can lament the hit a perception in an economy that is great that think it is. But on Friday afternoon Acco drive and park in front of all foods and on you know magazine however and quite as. God bless America my can appreciate the call. I really didn't have any ideas anybody's gonna bring up yoga pants on the show Saturday as we talk about the inauguration of Donald Trump. I got a text here it is says so I will give trump the same chance the Republicans gave Obama. You know what I'm gonna pick up on that thought when we come back up after the news if you're both stay with us we are gonna get to at all of your calls. I'm scoot in the afternoon that we continue on with highlights and your comments and opinions about. The inauguration of president Donald Trump. It is a Friday afternoon tradition we always simply disarm in the first hour heading into the weekend we just start our show early because of the wrapped up coverage from CBS news. Honey inauguration of Donald Trump Vanessa we're talking about our show this afternoon. President Donald Trump how are you feeling. Are you feeling patriotic. Can you put politics aside on a day like today. And just appreciate the fact that we're Americans. Ended this is what we do this is how we handle the transfer of power. I did intrigued by this all day that has nothing to do with political ideology it is has to do with fluctuation with just what's going on. Ike right now a crank it up because this is what you been market for. We are gonna continue with the highlights and your comments about to present like Donald Trump also are gonna I'm a Texan I I I read right before the top of the hour news. And I'm gonna read that Texan I talk about it here in just a moment but also I wonder what she knows that there is some breaking news from the freight route. The rate hasn't as far as I know hasn't started yet by two. At about 95 protesters have been arrested in Washington DC. And there are some clashes between police and protesters. Some of the most vicious. And aggressive. And antagonistic protesters. I've ever seen in my life. We're liberal. Very very liberal. And this was in Seattle and Portland in the Pacific northwest. Extreme liberals. You know you you you get this image of conservatives. Being one way and liberals being another way. But not the most vicious protesters and I've been I've ever seen the most aggressive ever seen. Our extreme liberals. And that is apparently who is are protesting on the presidency of Donald Trott. If you're Arnold stay with distributed to all of your calls at our numbers 2601870. Text each 7870. So here's the text that I read right before the top of the hour news. I'll give trump the same chance Republicans gave Obama. You know I get it I mean I I get why you feel that way and the Republicans who are now saying. Give trump a chance. Many of them are are hypocrites. Because they didn't give Obama a chance. But at what point do we let it down and in just. Start from this point don't. How long are we gonna hold the drug use of the past what whatever however far back it goes in order for the grudges are. You know we have a choice as a country. And if you don't want to unite and just who had to admit it. And don't act like somebody else is dividing. Don't act like it's the president don't act like it's trump. Don't act like it was Barack Obama. Don't act like it's the media. Admit that it's you. You don't have I have respect for you that. But it just interesting that. I had a caller earlier admit that he did not give Barack Obama chance did not wanna give him a chance but he wants everybody to give Donald Trump a chance. I mean at least the guy admitted that. So this is that this is one of these typical moments in in American history. When the tables are turned and one side wants to give advice that they didn't wanna except. For years ago and eight years ago. Here's our party general opinion poll will on Donald Trump hope we'll president Donald Trump's inaugural address is. Fire immunity afforded X your calls and give us your opinion tubby if you don't I can't afford it backs your calls here is the moment debts. Donald Trump became president of the United States. And with that Donald Trump became the 45 president of the United States. During his inaugural address trump says that Americans need not fear him. Most memorable. We will be protected by a guy. If you wanna join us on numbers 260 when he seventy Texas 87070. We're also following a local story of a suspect in a double shooting from the West Bank as sadly West Bank police officer was shot and killed and one was shot and killed. Apparently there was I do haul truck. And couple people in a 201 of the suspects is believed to be on the Crescent City connection. A threatening to jump and I realize that a lot of you say well it is just when he dropped on justly jump. That's it not the way we do things although I totally understand how you feel so we're following this story as well from New Orleans sir welcome to the show and thanks for hanging on. And it. Include the cardinal. To be into it. And does not mean that campaign I am and with the word that today. Look the speech and Alcoa beat it beat quieter but men and who can remember everything. True will be moved. To speak out and about it he'd good god for that would make the difference. Sir when I was listening to this speech and an I was really impressed with it is well I'm really got the sense that you know maybe may just may be at least it's a lot of work on our part it. You know. What if you know what if Donald Trump really does unite the country one of the country unites under Donald Trump what what if jobs to come back. What if mean I'm sure that's gonna happen because there's a lot that goes on with our our economy and one of the most successful businesses right now is Amazon.com. And Amazon.com. As has put people out of work because people are now ordering things on line it's just a natural progression of an evolving economy and society. So some of this some of the job loss used. On its natural and an assembly in in Louisiana. That good news of gas prices going down hurt a lot of people in Louisiana. Some of that may be blamed on President Obama because of the regulations but a lot of that had to do with justice cyclical nature of the the economy and the supply of of oil and an in demand that panel to do it so you know what if what if Donald Trump does succeed. If we don't know. If we don't give any president a chance whoever the president is then. We're never gonna change. Album and obviously who competed and she'll come and he's sincere and work well today. He can prevail community. Because you. Can't beat the green. No. Fourth in an account that was founded on Christian principles but that's what's so we're on the matter of getting back to the basics. You put out for and the rest on ticket itself. Sir I appreciate the college you're Arnold hang on recover right back with a martyr comments. A silly music on the show today was a selected by on my FaceBook followers on my FaceBook page scoot on the air. I said last night to let's go to work in recent suggestions for bumper music to play on inauguration day. Beginning spy Chicago was one of them. We'll be right back. On WL. And today we go through a change shape peaceful change of power from President Obama to now president Donald Trump not everybody is happy but this is the process in America. Are you excited are you afraid. What's the atmosphere. Like around you in your office with your friends your families and how are you feeling. I woke up this morning is sort of watching this and I just I could stop watching. I'm fascinated with this whole process I was with every other inauguration as well. It didn't matter. Who was becoming president and who was leading I was just fascinated with the process I think today is today for us to be patriotic. To be Americans. Barack Obama is the First Lady Michelle Obama is. So are a lot of people. Don't try opposite ugly things about President Obama. He's thinks it'll. If you like either one of those people President Obama or now president Donald Trump. If you like either one of them why not follow their lead. There are being very civil through this whole process. And this is a moment that I think we should come together and my my opinion of of giving Donald tropic chance. Is exactly the same as my opinion of giving Barack Obama a chance. It's the same opinion that I had eight years ago and four years ago. He's the president of the United States you might not like him. But at this point you don't know what he's gonna do I I I'm I'm I'm interested to know. What is it about his inaugural speech that that anybody disagree with. If you listen to that inaugural speech. With your eyes closed. Or if you read the words. You read the context. The context in the context of the inaugural address by Donald Trump. If you read that are hurt. Without knowing it was coming from Donald Trott. How would you feel about a tenth. Here's part of what trump said in his. Inaugural address. If you wanna join us for the comment this afternoon on numbers 260187. The entire text is 87870. And from Metairie Carroll welcome to WWL I appreciate you holding on. I'm good. But. There. Should. But I'm hoping. I think people should it change the people of course I'd say in. And there. Average. Some people. He. Can't think. That like. Us. Yet but at least you admitted because there are some who are. Who are unwilling to admit there is good and bad. About each present their people who were unwilling to admit that there were some good things that happened when Barack Obama was president. And any vote. That. Put Republican that we. But. There and yeah. And I think that part of the country. That has warned that country. I think there. You don't. But. That's the way. But I think what. Color. They. It. Not just rate. You couldn't blow your college job. That it would the. At Carolina I mean I understand what you're referencing you know political correctness is is really misunderstood. And and there are people who. Who denounced political correctness. Because they actually wanna be rude to people political correctness which is not on something that weighs about. Taking our our freedom of speech away it started out as a way of OK you know what so. You're overweight. And I'm not so I'm not gonna be so judgmental a few. I'm not an I'm not good to go out of my way to offend you it really was whether it was about race religion or waiter anything it was about not. Not being offensive or taking everybody into consideration now political correctness has gone out of control to where it has I guess in some ways. On it affected our our our freedom of speech but. You know that this idea of of being politically incorrect I think that's a cool thing in general but that doesn't mean you go do you wait to insult people. If what I say if what I say it happens to continue because it's my opinion that's a whole different story. I agree. I think. People what. The day. And curb. All. Like to bury. Me. What do you do but what. About. The old. You didn't hear that. It's not really been in that patient oh and oh yeah. But. You hurt it. Yeah I'd like to use it well it depends on the media ala Carol I appreciate the call but yes there are a lot of opportunities for you to tune into the media what was perceived points as the unbiased news media. And it is very biased it's based on opinions and they will tell you what they think you should think. And they are people who tune and it's confirmation bias we talk about it often people will tune in to the source that really reflects there views. I'm scooters a CBS news updates followed by Devin have you elders and we will be back. It's a brand new day a president Donald Trump will spend the night in the white house with his family tonight I'm scoot in the afternoon I'm glad to witness. I thought Donald Trump I gave a very good inaugural address and now many people want in the media were surprised that it was. On the kind of speech that he once it was it was a very reflective of the populist movement in this country and I got a text earlier reminding me that there's a populist movement going on around the globe. It is true this is a global thing. This populist movement Donald Trump was not elected by conservatives. Donald Trump was elected by people who. Are part of whether they're directly gorgeous. On vicariously. Part of a a populist movement. And this is something that that America has to adjust to I personally think it's a good thing I mean they're so many reasons why I'd truck when the election. On by the election's over and so today on inauguration day how are you feeling. And are you willing to give Donald Trump a chance even if you didn't vote for. Here is a Texas as thanks astute reporting out our hypocritical beliefs. How quickly we forget when the shoe was on the other foot. Here's another Texas says the conservatives have won. Now they have dealt that they have eroded due to the the public's trust in the media they can do whatever they want. If the press calls them out. They can now say the press is line or making things up imagine if no one believed Woodward and Bernstein. And those with a two reporters that really changed journalism as we know today. Back in the mid seventies when they investigated how the Watergate scandal which brought down the presidency of Richard Nixon. I I disagree there there were conservatives who voted for Donald Trump to conservatives didn't did putting an office it was she it was more of on. It was more of all a widespread. Voting crowned. It doesn't mean that that when people voted for Donald for a lot of people didn't like many of the things that he has said during the campaign. But he was the better off the two choices. So now he has a great opportunity and a great responsibility to live up to some of those things that he sent a from Baton Rouge Brian you're on Debbie WL thanks for hanging out. Hey how you deal. Good. Luck and then in the inauguration. In that war Ole. Ole. Then out there and in my adult life I'm 48. I am a conservative independent. I held my nose and vote for ultra. And I did it for one reason. And dialogue. I'm ruling. For a patent pinch myself to believe that actually actually came true. Which is I wanted to see. A third party candidate. And win the presidency and I think that is exactly what happened. But Bryant isn't it interesting how many people on the far right think that this was their victory this is their mandate when he really has. Well it it is not and they're entitled to think that way but Donald Trump does know more Republican that I. Have a chance to have a big move Evander Holyfield and. You know he's coming getting on an Indian years I think he still might win. Well. I am extremely hopeful. We. You know the same flaw in your double trial that everyone else did. And those were all for me if I like I would in better as an American during the primary. At some of the things that were we even with the media and they were embarrassing. But I either the Republican Party. Has been brought to its knees and completely out there and. By a man Rick. That does not bit indicating mole. And make could not control anyway they did everything make it to prevent him from getting action did you get that warning that being. Both the democratic and Republican parties destroyed completely and rebuilt from the ground. And you know Brian that is essentially happened because look at the shape the democratic parties in now. It's a bit and I'd like to point out one it to the people. Wanna offer that challenge. They talk about all the this respect that we will give Obama agree 100%. The war we had FaceBook Twitter and all of this that same district back. We show it to President Bush yeah him being so multi. Ambient shown as in order. I think in that respect. Has been yet and could probably every president and in my life on the ball. Further to say companies not their president. And two. Are going to from this state forward. Spin all time pointing out everything failed. Not jealous of him that I'm not argue with them anymore which builds social media a couple of years now. Popping now going to be on the negative about bell trial. Are going to be glad to discuss that with you in person. Pat what about mentor meetings were meant to look for disadvantaged youth for the child program. I'll be happy to discuss that with you serving Thanksgiving dinner I think that the DePaul which of them for a couple of years. And discussed that with you as the president of the nation which have been. In other words I'm not going to discuss any bit. Laughs it is an eight forum where our go. Step by we need to make America great. Brian I really appreciate you calling yourself like a really good guy glad to have you a part of our afternoon audience. I here's our about an update on a pretty general opinion poll will president Donald Trump's inaugural address inspire unity 49% say yes 51% say no give us your opinion like going to divvy up you'll dot com. There's a song will play four for Donald Trump and on his wife Maloney and now the first lady of the United States. Time is now is there house might have tickets and I'll say this is my house. And I'm getting a couple of text here on saying that the media eroded their own their own trust that is true. On the media put itself in the position that is CN. The media has to recover as well as both political parties I'm scoots and we're coming right back with more of your opinions on W well. So if if you or your child how are dealing with something going. ADHD obsessive compulsive disorder. Depression. Maybe your child a short signs of Asperger's. There's an option because you might have thought did well I'm stuck with this I just have to deal with it or we know I'll just medicate myself out of it. First of all medication helps you deal with it but it doesn't make the goal way. It's not like you take an aspirin a bigger headache go away you take something to make a stomach so it can go away I mean I know this from personal experience. It doesn't make it go away. But now this another option doctor Nancy prevail and francoeur therapy of Louisiana. People's lives have been changed. This is in neural feedback therapy it works. Some professional athletes use this process to enhance their performance on the field. It's a way to retrain your brain. So you can. Train your brain to think another way you can help your child trained their brain to think another way so you or your child or no longer dealing with that the silent torture. Of one of these disorders. There's over forty years of scientific research behind the process the success rate is seventy to 80% its its non invasive and totally painless. If you want some more information I mean this might be perfect for you or your child. Here's the phone number. 985. 6644229856264422. Or visit their website bring core therapy of Louisiana dot com. It was on this date January 20 1950 eights this was the number one song. On the R&B charts. At the hot any of these juniors this was a classic fifties rock and roll song also on this date January 20 1965. Disc jockey Alan freed who was credited with coming up with the term rock and roll died from kidney and liver disease sets. His home in Palm Springs, California. He was only 42 years old we get back to abort your comments about the inauguration of president Donald Trump Steve welcome to our show. A bank richer viewpoint that would be real quick. You know I originally I was at the border halfway through the campaign reports. Apple watcher now like they'll order or acting in the protesters in the but he caught it. But they you know. Republican. The Republican Party tried China cannibalized the road and beat L trop where the end. Scott Iowa vote Democrat. Bob is accurate or so into and. Politician and ended on. Rob is that he won it yet but no political experience well accomplished no we're going to bet that's undeniable. So you know it's sports you know people. It well or cancel or inform on. What is your patrol the border. And we. Want your job. You're all what you but you well company. Eric in. Support the president because it eat it well. People do well and its first week. I'd like Obama bought its final. Form. I'd supported him 1%. It would pro ball so Wally white white count. In America what. I would want it. So you don't like it it's your part that wants its electoral they. Get. The more jail or. A country and that's what people that vote. They're Steven right in your got a really good point I mean you might hate one of your co workers but yet if if they do well in their job you do well in your job you do benefit. You might not want them succeed but if they succeed you do better. I'll close with their reports pretty remote and that the election like your last call your web caller had a much what I feel well. As an American export but you're the eight I've never been Albert despite the fact that it even care per truck initially. I'd never been Albert and it never had more competent. That we will change because we have out in totally different. Put it in the part where. Steve and I appreciate I appreciate the caller I've got to get to break here if you're on hold hang on we're coming right back with more of your comments. This is a tough time for a lot of people and this was a request on Mario FaceBook page show from the people last night who participated in know what opera music we should use today. Everybody hurts. REM and coming up on gonna give out a code word if you don't have to do anything the text that code word to 7288 born and you could be the winner of a thousand dollars in our nationwide free money contest. That's a few minutes away on WL. It's time for the 1000 dollar nationwide free money contest the code word this hour news. Boot. Text DO OT to seven to 81. That's seven to eighty point scorer thousand dollars the easy way. One Tex going to show you the free money was in for the next code word right before the top of the hour news at 5 PM and good luck from Smart radio. Anaconda and all of us here WB well we never charged protects the individual plan Texan generates may apply please do not text and drive. I'm scoot in the afternoon we continue to get your reaction and I share your feelings witness about the inauguration of president Donald Trump. We'll continue with them more highlights coming up in the next hour show. Steve news. It it is a beautiful Friday afternoon I'm like your witnesses say January 20 today a Donald Trump became president of the United States. We're continuing to get your reactions and and I think this is it time for us to be patriotic. And not think so much about politics. This was the attitude I had when Barack Obama became president and and was reelected and see attitude that I have now that Donald Trump is is president of the United States. You don't at some point I would think that this country could put aside the political. Weapons that we use against each other. And and come together as Americans and and I woke up this morning as sort of watching this as a whole inaugural processed. Loved every minute overtime infatuated with this. This whole process just as much as I dislike. The bureaucracy of of government because of its inefficiency. And is and as much as I alone with the politicians that have taken you NB for granite. I I still. Enjoy this process to mean this is this is America. This is what we do this is how we do it tonight I think that at least this day is it data we should put everything aside I realize what some of you are gonna think like I can't control that. I if I say anything. There's not negative about Donald Trump and other people who effect on the truck supportable if you put I think that that's that's fine. And then if I say gaining positive about Barack Obama having class and and and dignity. He and the First Lady. I'm Michelle. There are people who think certain things our youngest being honest I'm honest with you every afternoon. And I'm I'm sharing my honesty with you later share your honesty with me how do you feel. How do you feel of the office so what are people talking about in the office is this a good day are people becoming more political. More divided as a result of inauguration day do you see any sense that people are coming together. If you wanna join us with your comments to Felix this afternoon our numbers 26 cell. One a seventy. Every coach 5042601. A seventy in our text is a 77. Donald Trump gave what I thought was a very inspiring. Inaugural address and I got a text from somebody earlier this said he didn't write to somebody else wrote it. Yeah okay so what's the point. I mean do you think Barack Obama wrote all of his speeches. These these presidents and presidential candidates. Can add to their speeches by it as far as we know. None of them. Write your speech is entirely. They all have speechwriters. So that's not something that is more on likely with one then another. In his inaugural address and Donald Trump talked about two. Victories. Victories for the people. Please all across. Our land. This is exactly why Donald Trump on election. There were too many people who who voted for him. Not because they like the racist image that he had. Whether that's fair or unfair repeat he does have that image with a lot of people. It's of people think the ultra supporters of the same no people voted for Donald Trump because they wanted change. In the face of absolute. Discussed in disenchantment with the political establishment which. Hillary Clinton was. Though the perfect reflection out. So Donald Trump was really talking about now he's gonna have to prove that he's gonna do it. But you gotta love the fact that he wants to be the president for everybody. I no longer. We hope that's true. Don't Travis talked about a lot of things in now is gonna have a chance to put those things into effect of these president of the United States or also following a local story. I guess that guy is still up on the bridge. There is a a guy who is a suspect in a double shooting this morning in the West Bank. Was legal police officer. And a woman were both shot and killed him this morning and Sylvester holt is the suspect. And one of the people killed wise apparently his wife. Along with a west real police officer so this guy at the suspect is apparently on the the Crescent City connection I guess he's still clear. And so you might be in a traffic cal right now I color I called a few minutes ago and suggested that we mentioned the I 310 bridge. The what is at the hale Boggs bridge. There used to be used to be known as a Huey as used to be known as the lowly bridge I think Stephen hale Boggs bridge. On via I 310 bridge from the West Bank to the spanking and and and vice Versa that might be an alternative. You've got to drive more miles but you'll be stuck in traffic so consider that as an alternative. I'm scoot in the afternoon let me get back to our your comments and from Algiers prince welcome to the show. Agents who go to operate though it. But I it is an every day thank you. Dramatic way. Though from when he took the about the plant clones. This stuff is like. A debt to the people who. Work there at those places about that man bill Plante and on the Euro. So are good honest then. What biases you Bowden in what I couldn't vote for loan speak. Basically negative growth being. So women I couldn't get. Yeah you know and I wonder look I'm I'm not saying this to defend Donald Trump prince might you know you wonder. How much he really did that we see a guy bragging about the fact that he does that in and you know we don't know be that was a very disturbing thing and in it the truth is there are a lot of people who didn't like that I mean there are a lot of men in this country who thought that was just. All horrible thing to to say about women or and especially if you act that out with women. It's light of all of that faith still thought Donald Trump was the best of the two choices. Brad Miller allowed and no. These these people men. I think it's two years ago when not. Never built in the late this is being quote terrible people. So did as well maybe couldn't do as or. Well there were a lot of things that people couldn't get by mean on my understand Chris I I've I appreciate the call. Out of Saint Bernard Jolie you're on WWL. Okay peculiar role in their. Area and went oh. What program. Could wanna change oil and rate them you know people are a lot. I didn't agree with there. And you know. I. You know change and and that's you know you know what we got here Oreo urgent. You know we don't need. Much when they're in the country they're about money and Euro and a pretty Smart. And I think that people. It can't hurt you know four years goes by. You know bill we a year like. Jobe and an eight you know as you know when when business is make decisions because of the very you know margin of profit or the fact that there and in debt when when there's a suspect decision say yep they put people out of work. And that's not a popular thing to do and they they do it anyway and a lot of people who work for that company get get scared there are afraid that they're gonna be laid off. So there would be a lot of pain in fall in Donald Trump running this country like a business. And I'm not saying we shouldn't go through that pain but I there's going to be some there's going to be some. Times. Yeah I'm in yeah. Here you know are you took congress you know. Loopholes you know and and you know what. This search or change and more. Well you're right about that now with the exception of if North Korea does something stupid whore if some other nation does something really stupid and Donald Trump. Acted as impetuous Lee as he has acted or reacted with some things on the campaign trail. Yeah I mean that could lead to a major major problem but outside of that. No one man is not going to either save or ruin this country. Exactly you know and you know like and other real the now. Are a lot of people they trying to work on the table trying to say that because they owed them on. One. Weeks ago. It'll we're here we're aware. And what should start actually orbiter in oak you know they can work scared that the government. I'll earning them regularly and I bet that there. Joseph I appreciate the call if you are a pure joy is your comment on numbers 2601 a seventy. Area code 5042601878. Texas they sent the case every look I I love this audience but no. I'm not gonna play jumped by Van Halen for the guy on the bridge I'm scoot him we'll be right back into the and our Barbara music today reflects a new beginning for America whether you like it or not it's a new beginning and is the song suggests every new beginning comes from some other beginnings and and the end of the Obama administration brings on the beginning of the shrub administration also some of the suggestions for proper music compromise FaceBook page. Last night I had put my FaceBook page which is scoots on the year. I said okay let's go to work in recent suggestions for proper music some people are very upset they're not happy with the truck being president so some of the songs reflect that and other songs. We're very. Reflective of the excitement that many have now the Donald Trump is president of the United States and here's are pretty general opinion poll. Well president Donald Trump's inaugural address inspire unity. 37% say yes 63%. Say no and you can give us your opinion by going to our website WWL Todd company affects your calls here just a moment. And here's what does Donald Trump said during his inaugural speech that are we thought was worth of repeating. Hard to pick you. You know he said basically. If you patriotic there's no room for precious. He's got a point. The question is is Donald Trump ready. Our lives be our act. And don't trust says he is ready to go. There were some protests are earlier there was a clash between police and protest toward the end of the inaugural parade which I don't think he's begun yet but this is gonna begin very shortly. Police were are clashing with the protesters. I saw and let the scene that was absolutely destroyed all the windows were knocked out of it they were dancing and everywhere I mean it was. It would it was destroyed. And then there were some are garbage cans in their trash there which are being burned industry. You know you can have your opinions by this is this is not an acceptable protest that you might disagree with that anger entitled to your opinion. But I don't think this system right. Wait to be a patriotic Americans. Also got a text here for somebody says that they had just took the looming bridge 310 heading to Hammond. And they said that there was serve very little traffic so that is another alternative that maybe you haven't thought about. Although is a look out of our studio windows it looks like traffic is flowing in both directions on the Crescent City connection you'll have another traffic update for you in just a few minutes. If you would like to join us with your comment this afternoon our numbers 260. One a seventy. And our checks numbers 870 ace every from Gonzales Zachary welcome to the show thanks Franken on. City bright orange there's good. Are all. In my power all because the mark our racial background on black man put. I'm in the minority group ram and an apple so. And I'd say the year I've gotten all the fallout below negative being back. Friends and family. Call and you know. It. Look at it like it's been. All. Oh really think that. Though it did it really great you know being. The rate of well our data engine and they want. Yeah a bit the bank bit normally. Career politician would leave it approach what that of your regular politician. But I think that the racial. And it needed the associated with him coming more so well. I'm not at all not all out war weary. Which Leah so his supporters that armories. And they held by saying things about Obama. And when really it of that it'd go are rumpled waited aerial. It may well and end. Content. In. A manner you know. Be it aren't go well there are around it. All of beat Nina do an American and not. Well we should all ought to strive for that Zachary and I and I applaud you for for for doing that I'm a you know you can look. You can look through history and if you look at the frustration and in many areas of the black community not only in this area but around the country. There's great frustration so you know it's it's not as if a Democrat in the White House suddenly ways of magic wand and everything gets better. School one old people all real art would be if they look at all it'd be on the black perspective. They're riddled Democrats would want that were with labor and an aggregation wave back in the dark. I got a lot of people real well are like I want I was worried about how poll where I was taught that you know being well outlook. Had the Democrat and an app like out all their. Distort researching aren't learning. And and aren't exactly I'm gonna have to get to a CBS is a David and I really appreciate the call and deal part of that is also growing up in the south they were more Democrats or Republicans here I'm still here CBS news followed by our news it will be right back. This is really request from my FaceBook page. One tin soldier. I'm skewed in the afternoon Glazer witness. On Donald Trump I thought gave a very what I I've talked about many of Barack Obama's speech is there were excellent have talked about any speeches from president's in the past that have been just excellent speeches. These guys have great speech writers make analog to their speeches personally but they have great speechwriters. And today's rather short sixteen minute speech I thought was an excellent speech. Now president Donald Trump needs to follow up on. It's not so much the specific things that he said. But it was thirty against the philosophy. The the concepts. Of what he was talking about. Here's part of what trump said about jobs. Me. Here's a part of the speech today it's really resonated with me and I thought this was an extraordinary part of his speech and if you listen to the words that a quarter read. Not coming from Donald Trump you can hear these words coming from Barack Obama. You can hear these words coming from any Democrat I mean like let's remember that Donald Trump is part of a populist movement not only in this country but around the globe. This is a populist movement. Even though. The conservative right. Is taking credit for putting dropped office. The numbers were not there. There are not enough of far right conservatives or far left liberals to put somebody in office. There were a lot of people who voted for Donald Trump who were not deplorable. There are a lot of people who voted for Donald Trump who are voted for him because they felt like he was the best choice out of the two. Listen to these words in his speech today. For too many of our citizens. A different reality exists. Mothers and children trapped in poverty in our inner cities. Rusted out factories scattered like tombstones across the landscape of our nation. And education system flush with cash but which leaves are young and beautiful students deprived of all knowledge. And decline and the gangs and the drugs that have stolen too many lives. And robbed our country of so much unrealized potential. This American carnage stops. Right here and stops right now. We are one nation and their pain is our paint. Their dreams are our dreams. And their success will be our success. We share one heart. One home. And one glorious destiny. The oath of office I take today is an oath of allegiance. To all Americans. From uptown Charlie you're never gonna do well thanks rang in on. Group don't do what that picture you're. Over Democrat. Other people were the president of the united. They aren't but like any other week that the duke and change that talk about. The reason they're there. It was all under the respected heated national limits on the floor window war as they about it. It to about the symbolism of a beer. 911. And became a bear country we had to do what we do we get decree. We didn't have complained that we had to go get on track. I you know and so on saint all the all the but that being given America to agreed to disagree. Asking for peace in Albany and give the guy. On an apple that they couldn't get batted became give. Gently you know. You know scouted and chart from our war. We have done that we so good that we couldn't be forget that we India but without that commitment has put all our current. Let's take pre and hold. We got an epic data would it be you and prepare and given the change. And Charlie there's there's hurt there there's the possibility that the that the weight of this office will actually define who don't copy is and as president I mean I think I think you can go into. This kind of this kind of position in our society with one attitude. But the weight of the job the magnitude deeds or history of the job helps define how you handle. And Donald Trump has shown signs once he was elected once he won the election he showed a lot of signs that he was a different person that he was on the campaign. Now if he is not a different person that he wasn't a campaign. And if he does a lot of things that he said he was gonna do they were unpopular with a lot of people who voted for it. And he will be held accountable for that and may not win reelection so girls at all can't. Give up in the air that. YouTube career for him via debt what America. I'm hoping that he'd be that. Could go. All in going to bite. You know we have four wanted to be it was going to be prepared. And I am a period Democrat I don't want to be I hope you don't feel what we did do its American spurts. Whatever you distinction. Of American bridge when he knew when he shoot at you because in the Cha. One account to do is that Italian you know they had to wait in the back of the road America and so now. Everybody quit sole. Object it into it happened here in the chain and so I'm sure we don't government. I appreciate the call I am so impressed. With the listeners who have called their shoulder today. I mean really impressed with with the attitudes. Really impressed with people who who didn't vote for trump but yet on this inauguration day they're willing to give him a chance. And yes there's a recognition that you know when Barack Obama became president. The very people who say you should give tropic chance they did more to give Barack Obama chance. Okay. That's hypocritical. But at some point don't we put the past behind you say wait a minute we have got to be Americans first. This is a challenge for us this is as much a challenge for us as people. As it is for Donald Trump as president. I dispute twentieth 1982. That Ozzy Osborne did it he was a concert in Des Moines, Iowa and I'm sure you've heard the stories on urban myth. A fan threw a bat onto the stage. Delights or something stunned the bat so it was motionless on so on stage. Ozzy Osbourne thought it was a fake rubber bat he. Attempted to bite the head off of what he thought was a rubber bat then things start the flap around and moved. He realized he was real. That's are dangerous to carry rabies. Ozzie Osborne was immediately rushed to a hospital where he went through a series of rabies shots. I'm scared in the afternoon here's a Texas as a great calls today I was dreading your show today by its it is surprisingly upbeat encouraging. I agree with it. You know if you assume a regular basis you know that there's some wacky people who call some times and added their fun and entertaining. But the people who are calling the show today. This really does represent our core audience. So and if you if you have a company or product. He wanted to expose that to really a quality. Group of people. In the show would be great place to advertise. I really am very impressed with it and I know that this is audience didn't show up today. But there are lot of people who haven't called in the past were calling in today. And they were inspired by this idea that this is inauguration day. And this is what we do in this country. We transfer power. At some point we need to put politics aside and be America's first Cornell you're under the W elegant tie for quick comment. They're good up and I don't mortars that. Column author well. I don't very seldom do agree. One of the leading. That amount will you try to put science for all of it. Nobody wanted to do rocket science he is the goal. Lot of people don't agree it. The policy there is fair. But it was dormant bank that he. Stock market went and local. Wrong. And you and recuperate and number gone out. It is price and now flatly. There are scores out there and eight amounted to so much. Do it again. You know congress and it. What President Obama train now the Republicans try and make them one. Terry you. Ireland. Where there are. All in. Oh well point. And but the people of course. Are married. Or. But of course I'm bamboo. Occur. And of course there's no comment. Or go marched. In the proper equipment and the people around. Oprah millionaire will have to will want to see I mean he's there's going to be a lot of pressure on Donald Trump to to perform but. You know I I guess you wanna keep the cycle goalie. And so if you want and not give proper chance. OK that's fine. But Denny when a Democrat wins that you have nothing that you could possibly say to anybody who wants to not give the democratic chance. At some point we've got to be bold enough to break the cycle. I'm still we'll be right back on WL. FaceBook page for today inauguration day all of Confucian by the temptations. Here's another part of a Dell trumps. Inaugural speech that I thought was important at the bedrock of our politics. We will be we will we will be a total allegiance to the United States of America. And to our loyalty to our country we will we discover a loyalty to each other and I love this line. With an open heart. I'm not really sure what music was going on there and you with. You know what this this done boot was broken here with the to music I got to distract itself. What we'll do is that holds is because I want to reduce in its entirety so we'll do this we come back right after the game. Hey guys can't talk to be on one year it's confusing. I'm scoot in the afternoon will be right back. WL. It is a Friday and we heading into another weekend you've heard the forecast is cutting it cooler by Monday we've got some showers are coming over the weekend effect the worst part of the right apparently he's gonna arrive. Tonight after midnight so. Many view but not all of you will be will be sleeping. Our congratulations to one of our listeners here in every WL had a record line right here in New Orleans what a thousand dollars in our nationwide free money contest. All she did was listen to decode words she checks the code word to seven to 81 it's all you have to do. And you're eligible to win free money a thousand bucks. The easy way. The next code words coming up right for the top of the hour news at 5 PM. I'm skewed in the afternoon going to witness to be talking about today being inauguration day and that this is and has been in my opinion a very patriotic day. Not everybody sees attack that way there were some protesters set toward the end of the inaugural parade routes the praise and is underway right now. And started at that time at that point. But two there were some violent protest. Police used tear gas protesters and I've just totally destroyed oh limousine. I mean did not look like any of the presidential limousines and look like just a normal limousine but. Now all the winters were when knocked out of it and it was beaten and just he was trashed. And also there were some trash can that was burned. You can protest I did my opinion this is not the right way to protest you don't have to destroy things. Two to get your point across how effort. There are people who don't know how to protest. Without. Destroying things. And you know I guess the argument could be they're not Smart enough. They're not Smart enough to. To. Express themselves. Without destroying things and I said this earlier this showing this is from my personal experience of being on the year in Seattle and Portland. The most violent. Protesters. IC. Our extreme left wing liberals. And if you're liberal don't take that personally because if it's not you are not talking about you. Buy it. Those on the far left. Our. The most aggressive modern day protesters that I have ever seen and I had person experts say this in Seattle and Portland. We got confused with subsidies to toward the end of the the last the last hour and I just what I read this line. From our president. Donald Trump. You know I I'm sure they're going to be times when I'm gonna say President Obama because I'm just so he's just saying that for the last eight years. But I'm trying to be very conscious and say president Donald Trump but it is it is it is different and you know when you do it is sometimes things just become become habit. But I want to repeat Islamic I think this is really an important. When you open your heart to patriotism. There is no room for prejudice. When you open your heart to patriotism. There's no room for precious. That's true. If you really are patriotic. Today's a day that you celebrate the transfer of power. And I am so impressed with so many of the people who have called the show and and their attitudes. And this really is reflective of of the true core audience that we have here every afternoon on WW. Here's what it sounded like when Donald Trump became president. And with that Donald Trump became the 45 president of the United States today. Truck in his inaugural speech which only lasted sixteen minutes you know we were all prepared for to go a lot longer than that. But you know it's kind of good when you say what you need to say and then and then end it. But don't trust that something really significant about this day. The transferring of power. That people. If you read Donald Trump's speech. And I mentioned this earlier one of the most brilliant parts of the movie a time to kill storing a cent Republican Matthew economy. Why is. Toward the end. When he was asking the jury. To close their eyes. And instead of envisioning that. This was not a young black girl. It'd been ranked. In addition that it was their daughter. Envisioned that it was a young white girl. And by asking them to close arise. He took away a lot of prejudice. I'm not saying this to defend Donald Trump I'm saying this because today is a patriotic day in America. If you read the words and if you hear some of the highlights of where we playing. This is a speech that could very easily have been given by. President Barack Obama. The question is how many people will listen to the words. And not judge the words simply by the preconceived image they have of the messenger. Here's a text that says how can you compare far left protesters with far right protesters that bird abortion clinics and kill abortion doctors well that's that's true. But there are fewer of those and then there are of far left protesters to destroy things. And the far left protesters really your your right there are far right protesters that are. Very very violent. But clear that that that's that's only educational thing and I'm not I'm I'm not. To doing it but it doesn't happen that often. But the amount of when you when you put it in general. At the number of protesters on the right in the left my first hand experience is the ones on the left are. Even more violent in the want to look it's it's hard to pass judgment here because they're both really that I'm just giving you my opinion having lived in other places. Here is the Texas says this is a historic date and part of our history we can't ignore it is educational indicate should know about it. Yet they shouldn't. And I wonder how many families are taking time to talk to their kids. I wonder how many families are talking about regardless of what mom and dad said during the campaign. I wonder how many people are sitting down with the kids and talking about this day. This is what we do. You know you you often talk about. How kids are not taught civics. Any longer. And as far as I know that's true. That was the best classes I took civics and I remember specifics. Lessons that I I learned and I carry that on today. But you can't blame the system for not teaching can you kids civic civics if you don't take time to teach your kids civics. This is your opportunities appear to explain to the kids look no matter what mom and Wright said about. Hillary Clinton or about Donald Trump died during the during the election campaign. You don't this is what we do today and we we try to have respect for the office of the presidency. Minister job as an adult your job as a parent. It's your job as an American. It was another request on my FaceBook page for a sort of plated generation day living on a prayer and don't from a two references to god as well are you are joyous or your comic 2601 hates every taxi Seve Seve will be right back. Back to our show that that suspect is still up on the bridge is named is Sylvester hole tease a suspect in a fatal double shooting on the West Bank. He have a shot and killed not much of a shock to kill the west we go police officer and the woman he killed has now been identified as his wife. This guy has been up there we've been on here since I noon today and he's been up there since we went on the air. Any still up here. Mean would you think that this guy might have to like use the restroom or something and it's something would have liked encouraged him to to. Go along with the negotiations as me. Look if he jumps. He's dead. He shot a police officer and his wife. If they catch him. He might be dead. So I guess this is why the negotiations continue but a tie I know a lot of you are feeling really upset with this guy because you were stuck in traffic because of this guy committed a horrible horrible crime. And he's just holding everybody up by by threatening to jump off the bridge. And I know I'm I'm getting texts from people say telling the jump. Again as somebody as suggests that we played the da has bought her music jumped by Van Halen. And then there's a song by Third Eye Blind jumper which is about you know somebody getting on the engine you know come back off the edge my friend. No American played a song that would be enough importation tonight I know it's not often do I actually adhere to something down. It would be good taste and I'm I'm doing that and then that I've I've got a text here that says that they're they're screaming the sky at life on the bridge on FaceBook. And people were begging him to jump. I mean that's that's that happens. This is not the first time this this has happened in fact. There was a controversy once in Seattle. Win this guy was on that note this woman was on a bridge. And people told her to jump. And she jumped. And there was this whole idea of legally with the people accountable. Because they told the journal. I'm thinking now that's ridiculous but he had a tear out your calls have from the North Shore Michael welcome to the show. At age group and Michael. Payment was gone off. I don't excellence and the you know you Obama the protests. Kwame opting out. I mean they call it a little throat yet amid. It and stuff open. Mario Boggan in the army. Their broken and build them if they tore Medina. He can almost call why not approach to yeah that's and it's it's accomplishing because you know. I'm that we used in a new partner at the semis it. You know it that just get together. And that we children optimum. Monday and like him as an end zone. In the open and you know. The US. And everything and let him know and people thought. That you know. Everything can thank Bill Clinton and I read everything and you know now. Now Michael you're your enemy eat you your rights this world is gonna continue and there are very few things that one man could do to to ruin this country. But you know this comes under the category of I love this audience. I Tex has sisco who do play play a house of Payne jumped around no I'm not gonna I'm not gonna do that. Our president trump and First Lady Maloney who by the way is just she is stunning I mean she just looks ravishing today and I hope that's an appropriate. Where did you use to describe the First Lady she is a beautiful woman in my in my opinion there's nothing to do with politics it's just an objective view of her as a as a woman. Now on it judging somebody's looks says it's a subjective things so you might disagree but I think she's a stoning woman. And she was wearing she still is wearing a sky blew Ralph Lauren dress and done had done matching sky blue gloves and and pumps. And president trump and First Lady Colonia. Are now in the when the scene and their ten year old son Barron is with them and you know it's a ten year old kid he's probably gonna be a bad I mean what is this going to be over. I'm Mike you're under the WLT Mike. Our good lesson on I'm a Democrat and vote with Clinton and I'm very pleased to see ya know transition of power in this country I have no idea. What people are to honor it's such pretty. Common that we didn't science. I don't like this guys speech our politicians are elected Democrat to the truth you know. It took me it's. Whatever protests are happening that's what you hope not. On such a torturer. Your concept of even ten in this area and I cannot believe why people are acting so crazy. But that's like in America these days. Well it is that you wonder when is gonna stop when is it gonna change in nearly everybody who says will divert that they were Republicans who didn't give Barack Obama chance that's true. I mean there's no doubt about it. But that was wrong then and it's wrong now to continue that cycle and at some point we we should be willing to like go OK look. We are Americans first so what's the Americans first. It was actually act like it. Of course I actually not once I mean that's that's like child went to people. Really which is yeah or surface it's actually you know I like. Koenig was good for. Our industry with I agree with everything sure at some of the things I thought were really really wrong. Fortunately. I think that our republic. The republic and it can survive these cards. And and it and it Carney that police. Anarchic at all. And and Mike I'm gonna keep his speech appreciate the call I'm gonna keep this I gonna speechwriter I'm gonna keep the inaugural speech right here and you know if he blows up till it will applaud him if he doesn't live up to local cable wedeman he said this during the inaugural address and he's not doing that now or this doesn't seem like he's following up on his inaugural address. So he's going to be held accountable vote he I give the guy a chance. You don't have to give him a chance that your right in America but at unit at some point we need to start acting like. Americans. You know I want to to do the inauguration I did the show whereas under review on the early nineties I went to Washington DC. And did the show live from off from their during the inauguration of Bill Clinton. And there was a feeling it incorrectly in the states that because Bill Clinton was elected president or governor of Arkansas. He was going to ruin America. I'll talk more about that when we come back after this break I scooter the afternoon here's our CBS news followed by WL news and we're coming back. You'll get fooled again obviously that's for somebody who was not happy with the outcome of the election but today on inauguration day were just talking about. This being a very patriotic day in America I'm skills in the afternoon click your way this. Here's part of what Donald Trump had to say in his inaugural speech today which lasted only sixteen minutes but he has some really important things to say. Basically his message is a populist message. And you know again I remind you that the Donald Trump. Donald Trump is the winner of the election because of a populist movement Natalie in this country but are around the globe. And that does not mean far right or far left and while some will take credit to veto we put him in office this is what this is a mandate for us. No it's it's not. You delusional if you if you think that because it's not true. They were far too many people who do not share your specific ideology. Who voted for Donald Trump it out putting in office but let me share with you one more thing from the this feature I read this earlier but to me this was them the most. This is the most important part of Donald Trump's inaugural address. Listen to the words and out the fact that it came from Donald Trump. Far too many of our citizens. Are different for far too many of our citizens differ reality exists. Mothers and children trapped in poverty in our inner cities. Rusted out factories scattered like tombstones across the landscape of our nation's. And education system flush with cash. By which leaves are young and beautiful students deprived of all knowledge. And the crime and the gangs and drugs. That have stolen too many lives. And robbed our country so much unrealized potential. This American carnage stops. Right here and it stops right now. We are one nation and we feel their pain. There are dreams. Are our treats. Their success will be our success. We share one heart. One home. And one Korea's test and the awful oath of office I take today is an oath of allegiance. To all Americans. Remanded till John welcome to the show. Yeah I have a question for you. Apparently it that all sides. Equally. I would like you give me one example work. Equally. Well abortion doctors have been killed by right wingers. Oh. I. John equity giant got the hang on a minute John you wanna argue with me you want to argue with me and that's okay but listen you and I basically agree I'm telling you. This from my experience in life and radio in different markets around this country. The left the far left are more violent than the far right so what is it that you would argue with me about. Well when you and I wonder what my street Wall Street yet women wait. Dropped on tour site. Yet people want to launch site all I approach yet people and are now seeing a cheap. John what I like John Judd here's here's here's that you can you you've got to preconceived idea what you wanna tell people you don't want to listen. What I said was that on the extreme. The very very extremes of both. They're both equally bad the guy who kills the abortion doctor the people who burned down the abortion clinic. Those people or as violent as the ones who are violent on the left that was my point but he general if you actually listen to the show you would've heard me say that in general. Though there are more on the far left that are violent and on the far right. Very quickly I have vivid memories of doing the show in Washington DC. During the inauguration Bill Clinton. And brushed under the W on the early nineties along with rob nationally he was sent part of the show he was with WB a radio time. And I went to DC to do the show with this idea that. There were people who were saying this country is over. The country as we know what is over America is plight. I didn't believe that when I got to DC. And sensed. The ambiance of the inauguration. I realize that. As a new as we are as a nation. Relative to the world. As young as we are relative to the world. We are still a stab bush enough. To where Bill Clinton was not going to ruin America. And he didn't. And all those people who thought Bill Clinton's gonna ruin America what wrong. An all those who say Barack Obama was gonna ruin America were wrong. The people are not called to. Reconcile. The ridiculous things that they say in order to try to instill fear in you. And that goes for talk show host around this country. There are people with the sole motive of just to rile you won't get too excited accent they don't care by. Dick cares much about you. As politicians care about you. I just was a request from Saudi obviously takes that this is not a good day. They were so popular in this part of the country played a lot of fraternity dances and nine dances everywhere John Fred and his Playboy van. A number one hit on this day with a song Julie in the skies with glasses. It was inspired by Al Lucy in the sky with diamonds this was there one national hits nationwide on this day in 1968 hit number one of the US charts. Made it to number three in the UK charts. And I will never forget when he appeared on the Tonight Show a from uptown John welcome to our show. It scared if there are what are really teach their kids something that I about civility and what a great country we live and why its abilities so important. Our day like today they just need to get out of self and you know lookup on Google are. The country and Gambia and right there in Gambia in Africa they elected president recently and it won't give up on. And the president elect it was sort of the country and that ought to be civil war involving several countries in the region because there is no peaceful trance. Yes and decide to authorities could you wanted to yearly things a truck just to deal with this president. And it's it's such a special that we it choke precious that it can't be taught. It has to be in the old I mean are bad and Paula we're not perfect people but base that government that was. Better and before and probably better than any book after it. And it because the senate on a road we're not part recorder try to be more per. Each step along the ways to get a little closer to there we might get there orbital the ability is such a huge part. He argument and shaking. Yes it is and you know if it's for those who for those who want to criticize me for. On it looking at this as a patriotic day for those two lines after they're credibility for sucking up to Toronto I had somebody attacks earlier you'll now we know who you voted for. You know if if the way I'm treating today. Is your. Is is evidence do you that I voted for trump then you must think that Barack Obama voted for trump because Barack Obama and the First Lady are handling this the same way that I'm handling this. Donald Trump and and and and President Obama and now president Charles. Have been very civil about this whole thing John I think you bring up a really great point and I got some text earlier one of from a teacher at east Jefferson high school my alma mater. The that the class of civics is still being taught in school. Which is good. But don't just depend on the school to to teach it to something that you can teach your your kids as well and yeah I mean it's I think it's the the responsibility of every parent to. To talk to their kids about events about things that are going on my my parents of what would not my mom. But my dad talked to us about politics and talk to us about things like this. And this is a good opportunity for you to. To your pick and your kids yourself at school. They hear all the hate. They hear all the stuff because they're little parrots for their parents. And so this is an opportunity for you to teach them. How to best. Deal with these moments when you disagree with somebody being president. On this state in 2012. The legendary Etta James. Passed away complications of leukemia at the age of 73. She was inducted into the rock and roll hall of fame in 93. I'm scoot hands will be back into the doing. Let's see if we get sort acting more like. Americans. Thanks for being with us this afternoon I joined Deuce McAllister and Kristian garic also T by they'd be here for fans in the pro coming up next. It's today's inauguration day which quarterback in the playoffs would be the best president of the United States. I'd I'd I think Tom Brady that's just my opinion but that'll be fun conversation coming up next. Effect Tom Brady apparently called on Donald Trump to congratulate him. Before his inauguration. Here is Texas is they scoot on a college freshman and civics was my favorite class in high school passed it with an A and retain the classic and in a heartbeat. Yeah I enjoyed civics as well far too many people don't understand the basic workings of our government. What do they Diane Newman RWW a program director tub and assist our assistant program director and a shooting appreciation.