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1-18 5pm Bobby, Deuce & Kristian: on the NFL playoffs

Jan 18, 2017|

Deuce joins Bobby & Kristian to review last weekend's NFL playoff action.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Often on an hour to of this Wednesday edition of sports talk. Along with a cajun cannon Bobby there and saint color analyst Deuce McAllister and Kristian garic review preview this hour for the next ninety minutes of the saints' all time leading rusher in the Canon. Jumping right in of course will talk about the AFC NFC title game match ups etc. but when you deuces thoughts and your body and mind. About Antonio Brown Pittsburgh wide receiver. After the victory in the divisional round of the Kansas City Chiefs which by the way Ellis and holding call there Fisher just for the record. Like Chris your role again I was not a political cant not not not not UK grammar on The Herald runs an announced legs is K okay no he did slip he's slipped. Within the thing is you can't grab the wire on the net you know junior Collette. She should have fell limited Patriots did when the ball Brazil would you bloggers and well maybe to an alleged hit at the slit our fell in my article although department would've called you know. If Fisher. It was his feet and so he never got his feet readjust. And if he re adjusts his feet. Man it's not a holding call but the way that he went down and video Odom yeah even though we slipped and you know you you can't do it now that the worst part about it. It was on two point convert. Rest that that was the worst part about. Yet I think you could argue in that oh okay. If he does it you hold ground and Agnes Lebanese falling into any Gordon. But let's say. That we trying to get that edge in that corner. You you know you are holding them. That does Alex may get the pass off. You know good two and a quick played then you say oh baby gets the sack going disrupts the throated Omega that's why you gotta make the call to me. Let's go back a few moments when Antonio Brown Pittsburgh wide receiver after the eighteen to sixteen victory over the Chiefs Mike talent given a fiery post game speech talking about the Patriots. Have a few choice words are things that. I'm sure are not foreign to anybody it's been an NFL locker room before. College locker room sometime the high school lot yeah but. Antonio Brown decides put this on FaceBook live seventeen minutes worth and Mike Tomlin called selfish say you know saying and I was you know selfish. He considered thing to do easily find because the league policy and team policy prohibits. Social media ninety minutes prior to kick off in through the post game. Interview period. I mean I've had a pretty conversation along with a text of the callers. I kind of feel like hey look it's today's day and age you know about he stands as a that's that there's got to be something sacred I'll imagine you feel same way they fit in. He was he was completely off base for doing that. You know old wire of things when you think about the NFL locker room or NFL team U has hardest jobs it's not the coach is not the players. It's a jock yeah you know it's a charge does while not even the PR staff. I'm told about straight appear human resource at our name because. But my eight years in nine years with the teen China ping Matt. I am a of saw a chart common that locker room in one time you know and normally they would sins of ideals and you know but it's it's it's really because a what goes on in that locker room is not like any other work invited so far from politically correct oh political political correct a news you know even start with anything like that. I mean bit when you talk about a bonding and end this is high school. And this is really. You know I played other sports but this is one where it definitely matters is football just because so many gaffes but that's Jimmy's any sport. The things that happen. In the locker room a lot of times it's no where close to being right but. You mil that you have to hang out. Players that count a quote unquote police the locker room and when you have guys that police to lock room and normally. Police to feel or the team and so when whether it's younger our veteran guy is missed enough. You have Jonathan Vilma better step up and Tony La La we we we not do that. You know you gas cut that out because it's not right for obtained right. The reason that the NFL puts his rule. In place on this this cool down moment for players is so allowed them to kind of get their balls together. Allowed in to a cal let the emotion regardless if you wanna lost. Can a gold now bold down a little bit and so now I can you took thoughts on whether it was a total win a tough loss accent. And so that's one of the reasons that the rule is in there well as we know. As times have changed with social media. Not a lot of rooms of things you know as far as. How the NF bill goes about doing their business so. For a play here. To 22 record is. He is not only breaking the NFL and the team policy he's breaking in the trust of his his teammates. And the coaching staff I mean because. You know. How is it got at all no but I did want to I didn't want some of the stuff that alassane. To get out and how I was men have to say look if I gotta say at most and how would have to say. But at the same time until my teammates as from the in my teammates you know and some dazzle bill live out you know and other ways. You have seen. Relationships and teams broken up. Because of things that were exposed. In the locker room that got out you know whether it was to the public. Or to whomever I mean it messes up and let those teams social media with the Lakers in Texas and thing and this sway EP in my book on him and nick Yong you know he was engaged and the rookie point guard. Felt like that hey look I'm on I'm records something on me yeah on. And tell about how he goes he noted every city. He's which you know this young they today young lady right and really put his personal business outs. Not just the followers at a followed Edmonds don't know monks teammate at every their list personally it's that deal well I mean look at all the bike or are a little better and more personal bent a head coach address in new. And to tell you were on the play not necessarily a bit arrival but. And somewhat a bitter rival you know we're gonna play a better highway and with a sold them. You know that we're back and we're a better team. There's not a more parts okay like does this say that they'll need it might come that would game missing speech if you knew he's been recorded by NFL hell. No matter the eyes act not to not at all. I mean in so. Went with when Mets recorded and it's put out in that manner. But it makes me star won a woman you know this guy would do this and that's like EC Antonio Brown going back in there while you're on side. I know that I broke the trust level now well Leo of the may have what team meeting as though you know that. Yet he goes out and it's about 200 yards and two touchdowns right right and obviously that is Steelers in this but it will affect their their preparation this lately and battle them and nobody ever knows how about this you know fans are imminent did do it. Because a player can have an off game you are human being. But of Antonio Brown it's a he has to retreat drops like a bill Beckham did and we'll blow because you're distracted activities. You Ratko minding your fault right now we're it was supposed to be when. Technically he'd been having it can do exactly that he's given them a reason right to do so now you have some players that don't trust me some guys are not gonna do something round and because they feel like well you know if needed depth. They can be out there upfield associate and you know no telling what he'll do to me you know just because we're out hanging out or something of that nature. Deuce Bobby Christian here on sports talk 50426018. Semi tech's 878 Seve think. Antonio Brown violated that sanctity. Of the lot from also breakdown. The NFC and AFC title games in the Saints which it was a south team. Has the best season knocking off the Falcons next season is the box is the Panthers Saints or eight. Analog again the following year it's to be the Falcons once again in 2018. Thought about that next or sports talk W well. I text from 5176. Christian would you agree the Barrick similar to locker room and civilians heard and saw some of these it. We talked about his mouth or service members who we'd lose a good conduct males yes. Apps that agree however will be in military's not and in a form of entertainment like. Players in the NFL that's mile and be knowledge differing point is that what that that's a form of entertainment. And and consume that product well you know diesel is not consumed GI sit in the barracks film as well. But the thing is you have to have some place that you can he skate as the team. And I know where you don't always have you guard that's like to me you know locker room is that plays but used to that we've talked about this kind of ad living at we're talking about. And the guy at colonial brown is the gyrating. Celebrating and in those I have no problem that. And and I kind of par related that to me. It is the no Fun League when you look at some the disallow. Insult celebrations because I can remember. Annals in Atlanta Billy white shoes I mean L mole right with the cheese goal waved back where you know they'd started dancing and it's and I have no problem and as long as you're not actually taunting an opponent in their face want to have a little fun to be that. That's what NFL I think goes a little too far as far as those type celebrations. What I wanna predicts he'll I mean him at some point. I think they over protect the shield. You know not allowing players to cannot really easy read tales of him beat beat beat themselves and you know we talked about it earlier. Maybe that's a reasoning for. Some of the viewership. Being down I mean because if you look at the other sports really outs out of maybe hockey because they do Wear a helmet in the masses will hum. Sometimes fans they don't even know that he's a football player yeah I know he's beat I know these you know. He's wide he's black X better but I mean that out out of that a list you the star player the quarterback to wide receiver to run him back. Know fans don't really know or see it because they can't see see that players space. You look at basketball human look at baseball and is totally different and that really. I'll fix when you talk about. Marketing and merchandising is well. I mean because. My brand. I feel like is this as large as. If the Braves is brain amoeba. As a fan. I see if the Dave's face I see his emotions you know somewhat in the NBA. But as it as a football player hold ill Beckham. It takes him beating up on it or are getting a fifteen yard penalty opponents along alt or a punching a wall. For him to have a quarter local brain and and it's not just about what he's a really good football players well what's it like that slighted or what's your take on the helmet until you get beside him and well run more and more tees it players who watch it. Pregame introductions they all run now that now with these days Djokovic well he's been that they wanted to know who they are both right and there's a brand for you. It citizen he didn't do she brought up above the the viewer ship. The total viewership according to they NFL fell an average of 8%. Among his broadcast partners in the 2016. Compared to 2015. Regular season. That many felt any percent. It was preelection numbers another word from week one. To nine that showed overall viewership down 14%. So with deadly. It was the bottom line was it was because an election if he were to admit that I but look at the viewer ship. From weeks ten to seventeen. Were off by 1%. Compared with the same time paired a season ago. So it really became a strong admitted to to see now the playoff numbers. What where where that's at. But this is an interest in Texas that Chris who got an hour ago Bob and awarded to say this because it came up. About the popularity NFL and what you wanna see in the locker room and all that stuff. And in this 3727. Says the reason the ratings for NFL is down. Is because players are starting to show their political views. And that's it to Montreal. So a lot of times do we just wanna see football like we college cabernet. Would you agree that this view that. That affects a lot of people and how whether they turn on our turn off by the NFL. A lot on offense don't want politics and sports right time and it and it's wind. I'm more our reads review preview we'll get into the NFC south and as of a shot of knocking off the fountains next season. Also Falcons Packers in the NFC title game in Steelers Patriots in the AFC title game only to hear bill horse bill. Belichick's response to home field advantage or Clinton today. Sports all roles on ER a W to draw after. CBS news update Chris Miller fills in on the news headlines. A game that comes with a little more pomp and circumstance as a backdrop to this helmets as a trophy there and Sosa. Having home field advantage in playing in front of the home and how much does that help you. On them because those in Kansas it. Bill Belichick. Majors echoed played Atlanta get good games like. How big is is to have the report plan now at least that was asking them hey how important is it Ted to have a home game in and in the NFC and AFC title game. A game that comes with a little more pomp and circumstance as a backdrop this helmets as a trophy there and Sosa. It's. And it via the Sith lord Bill Belichick strikes again. Mean the one day he showed he's a little emotion. On site it's got old for Bill Belichick as you've been to eleven of them. While the one thing it does get him excited as far as that of players. In need told him don't turn over the football. He basically said you know tolerated too that it sends the whole year and it to give the tenth and then fumbling and all of that. He said no that that's one thing and I'll never except it's unacceptable. He says that if we had eight feet or overblown you can lose this team's bottom line. But I mean I was he had and have an opportunity to play plea. Com. With the pages. I did visit. Him and I don't really remember a lot of much conversation with wood coach Belichick you know at times pre draft yet pre draft. That at the time it was a Charlie Weis was OC. You know that's less spent a majority of my time drawn drawn on the board and endure some different things but. You know for for him as a coach the way he eat insulate himself. From the media is like a look at all to get a true feel for me. Because I don't want to to understand how operate while my players respond to me and how we do do things as far as business. Around here name because you can go back and look at history. And I would really have to look at me and just look at bill O'Brien. He's made the playoffs where the ending really really successful and you know you look at. Quarterback coach mcdaniels. He made the playoffs but he wasn't a lot you know really downhill fast again and you know he can maintain brought rock Romeo calmer course male. You know outstanding bee coordinator Charlie Weis outstanding be coordinated but when it when it's heat coach situation. History is spread out but I don't think they've had obviously the same success. Now whether weakened correlated that to being. Tom Brady. Probably has a lot to do weighted mean because obviously. Those guys didn't have. That type of quarterback. In house I mean but. How he operates a lot of them have tried to use that model you know in and make the new New England Patriots as their franchise. But you know nobody's really had that type success answer me this cells. Parity does it really truly exist in the National Football League. No because that everybody has agree quarterbacks. I think I did I think it does. But it a Qaeda and they Munich dues you point in the life of saying that big about this. So blind to make you know they quarterbacks make a difference. You know for the thirteenth time. In fourteen years. The AFC we will be represented by. I'm Manny agree rob rob has burger Tom Brady or Peyton Manning and that's in the symbols well yeah I don't think it's a first point almost anybody in the global thirteen out of fourteen seasons so. I don't know to me you look at a Texas number one defense. What if you put. Like you know Peyton Manning or Tom Brady or Osborn on the Texas. What did you put tolerable or Drew Brees and the Texans RD meeting wanted to favorite teams and ANC. Since to me that that I asked though I like Andrew Luck grammys it looks supporting cast a nickel eyes that opening. Look air Roger is what he's meant to the Packers. I mean it's unbelievable how dealing with injuries and and and who stepped up for them and now I think Matt Ryan. Matt Ryan to me is a top ten top twelve quarterback did you let him win this noble all of the studies amongst elite. But you know wanting to Falmouth have done as of late that team got better. And at that according can and that's about about say give me an average quarterback but would really good players around and an and that's a really good players. You have to have at least one or two game changed. If you don't have one to two game changed in your quarterback has to be lead I mean because he has to keep you in every game. But if you have one or two games dangers around that quarterback if he can be efforts. I mean because you go back and you look at it let's just look at the sent to score 49ers would it would camper. You know. They had game changers on that beat the hell yes you know they witness Google it but we got there yet what what what they would do as a bowl but also in its Egyptian game. Right oh they had game changes on the defense in the and they you know. We take away Frank Gore. Who scandal office Anquan Boldin. You know yeah who who was in his work on a nightly here here here. But I mean. He really eaten you didn't have any other true play makers on that squad which he had really gain changes on defense and he was an average quarterback. Well you know a lot of faces change and as far as your roster and all that but the quarterback if you have a quarterback that's a keeper you keep them. Or would it and the fans are paying the Falcons fan base is still there a one to come. NFC championship game this weekend it is in the back of Falcons fans mind and even Matt Rhein. You know four years ago. That the talent sort of top seed. At a seventeen point lead in the first navigated the party niners. And and then all of a sudden. They the 49ers in the beaten them twenty to toward it for the voters who Ruble and if I was limits everything the pack it in 2010 to do this and to see Matt Ryan because I'd tell you what. He'd like he's ready to roll against the field well and things like a total of a different team and and and now he was one of Florida well now he's he's one is taking it. It it here's the other part would dim losing cal Shanahan you know and I know it's different from college but I think now Shannon's Austin not only that but I mean. Where is his focus going to be is it totally steal truly. Ol old Atlanta or has he started turns on the floor I think there's there's you know foreign you know now I understand you know that's a Lane Kiffin situation that he fell in. But you know lay was Dillon would recruiting and that's not necessarily the same case with NFL they are. It distracted you know and that's exactly it parity does it exist in the National Football League to see so won it seven tech's 870 eights having by the way. It been allows Byrd doesn't beat Tom Brady of the Patriots. It'll be for since Tony twelfth it's the last time a quarterback represented its impossible that was not mean meaning or Corey. Joseph Flacco back and point to a here. Into Canada man every at thirteen out of fourteen years though path. Thirteen and fourteenth he's going back Chris grinned in Virginia here on W it well enough on the dot com. Our review preview with saint color analyst Deuce McAllister and cajun cannon Bobby bare. Chris in Virginia was gone and you're on WWL Chris. I it on the lead. Did Nike boots and thank you volley earlier years with the fans talk about archer and you know okay thank you think you've. I keep close to question a little I didn't got law it would not releasing any kind maturity and Ernie thank you got him in. Ideas but making them. The beach and could go to a pitcher rich and the knights into the end of the season. You'll start here and a little bit next week you know evil yeah at the Senior Bowl that's really where a lot of the meetings partake. You'll you'll you'll have a lot of the coaches that are. Even out of coaching now that will you know basically talking to different teams accent or so you'll start to hear. And see a lot of movement next week. You know the only thing that and I made today yesterday Christian and Jews. Nick underhill and offered a bounce or would advocate he got to mention a name that could become an infant and a view. And Darius Witten if I'm pronouncement right he was the 49ers special teams. A coordinator in 2016. Now he would interview with the Broncos last week. Now when you know it's crazy the in his life he's young he's only 31 years of me and let me just take a guy you look at the head coach with the Rams. 31 years of arrangement. Boy I tell a lot of experience even though he's young his assistants as team coach with the Rams. Or nine to eleven to Chiefs in twelve. The Broncos thirteen fourteen Bears at fifteen before a forty niners so. I still think of this what do you think. Because he did such a good job with well let's I think Kevin today. As being like be kicking coach that makes it's okay now what the coverage units but we gotta get this that the hole and all that down because of Willis did so well. You remember 43 or four years there it was John Carney you know John Carney would always come in whether it was just toward training camp or just on offseason. And he would always worked with a kicker so I mean I wouldn't be surprised seek him out based AL. In that role just to make sure you know will look continues to develop you know particular and with a place kicking I mean because. As we've seen from last year. At three or four games you can win or lose just because of something as simple as an extra point. Well to show you Christian do's how winner beat apartment he got off to horrendous star. But high you finish twelfth straight the end of being rookie of the year of rookie of the year all rookie team. For 2060 about a pro football writers association all the Michael Thomas. Case in point look at this this weekend's game between Green Bay in Dallas Mason Crosby had a similar stretch early in his career he struggled struggled Mike McCarthy was patient with them any kicked three field goals to which counted one didn't three field goals in the a fifty plus yards in a matter of minute. I to think what I'm saying is instead of I shall apply pressure shopping finally learned a little bit in terms of that cycling through fifteen kickers in eleven years and having a little bit longer leash the east that well the thing is Dwight get cycled through Garrett Hartley. Day today Garrett Harlan Ellison was in a funk and he couldn't Granada I've enjoyed pay little wanted to keep Garrett Hartley and he's a big part of Saints history. The thing about it obviously but what he did. In the Vikings game Elvis voters who've all been in its approval. It the F three kicks over forty yards cowboys' record has got broken for the vote for vogue mostly ovals and opposing post season especially you must do about it Steelers. Knickers I mean the one thing the one thing and you know I I'm kind of disappointed he and been able to Tony. He gets picked up by Pittsburgh in any Terry is ACL that being Harley so. He can had some bad luck I mean but those kickers big and cute for 1215 years would I write you know without any problem but you know once the one thing that you have to be encouraged by at least will it is. You know for the next ten to twelve years. That's a position that you shouldn't have to worry about you know Faulk learned a non fault if he can kick consistently you're probably talking about. Anything under forty yards you need to be 85 to 90%. Now as we go to break doozy Chris who you talk about this also. We learn about the puck remorse that no I think he was the fifth best Connor when you look at netting growth over the whole NFL but you know one thing. A living and have him restructure you know he's making like three point one million to fund. Lacks a lot of money. At Indian areas in the to have I believe we even after they wouldn't even have to restructure it's only an extension it'll it'll be an a conversion for him it won't be a pay cut. Deuce Bobby Christian you are sports talk W well I am adamant aka. I rolled it to. Our three sports talk here Deuce McAllister Bobby a bear. Rebuke preview looking ahead to the AFC and NFC title games also. Still to come which has C south team has the best chance of knocking off the Falcons next season is that the Saints the Bucs at Panthers are. None of the above it's the Falcons division to lose or win again next you can jump in the conversation it's easy so 1878 taxed 87 he. 87 sports talk rules on here on W did well enough in the knuckle.