WWL>Topics>>1-13-17 Scoot 3pm- Is Friday the 13th really unlucky?

1-13-17 Scoot 3pm- Is Friday the 13th really unlucky?

Jan 17, 2017|

It’s Friday afternoon on Friday 13th! How’s your day going? Has anything happened to you today that you blame on Friday 13th?Are you superstitious to the point where you are extra cautious on Friday 13th?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It's Friday we are heading into the weekend and for many of view it's going to be a long weekend because Monday is Martin Luther King Jr. day. When I lived in areas where there was a skiing and snowboarding that was a very very popular day this was a big weekend at the slopes first noticed that. When I was living in Philadelphia have went up to the Poconos and then also when I lived in Seattle. And went to our crystal mountain Stevens pass system Kwame pass and also mounds around there. And also on Mount Hood and meadows. In Portland outside Portland. Big day for skiing and aunts and snowboarding so for many of you it is a holiday and many of us just have a regular work schedule it's Friday the thirteenth. So how should they go I mean here we are 310. In the afternoon. This is a point where you can actually judge what kind of day you're having. Is there anything that has happened to you today. That you wanna blame on Friday the thirteenth. And are you that superstitious to think that. Yeah this might not have happened had not been Friday the thirteenth. Part is thirteenth related the this superstition goes back to the middle agers to me this is a very very all thing in a number thing to happen with the number thirteen and on the thirteenth day. A sum month that it has caused people in western civilizations. Two. To have this tremendous belief that Friday the thirteenth is an unlucky day. It seems to me that. If something bad happens on Friday the thirteenth. People go oh my god it happened because it's Friday the thirteenth. Or people wake up thinking oh it's Friday the thirteenth or better be cautious today. We have even more cautious today than you would be on any other day I mean things happen to us all the time. I think happened to his debt. We can't blame on Friday the thirteenth because the stock Friday the thirteenth but if it's part of the thirteen some people blame. What happened to them on that unlucky day. I think we invite bad things happen to us if you think negative things if you think something Nagin it's gonna happen to you if you change your behavior. If he acts like OK it's Friday the thirteenth I really have to be cautious today. Chances are you can make a mistake. Something's gonna happen you can you can make a mistake and then you go okay we just see so it's kind of a self fulfilling prophecy. If you rejoice in the comment. On numbers 2601870. Erick are 5042601870. In our text 87870. Here's a body says Cisco don't forget there's also full moon. I thought that was yesterday maybe it's a continuing into it into into today but. You know I talked about that on the show as well and they're really is no scientific evidence that contrary to conventional wisdom in what so many people say. There's no scientific evidence that backs up that bad things happen when there's a full moon. And it could be that if bad things happen when it's a full moon explained in the fall moaned even though the full moon didn't really actually cause. We're also talking about the guys the new unmarked white cars that are out there the traffic safety cars. And they're giving people tickets have you gotten a ticket and has that made you a safer driver please welcome to the show. And answered your question quickly. I have gotten tickets. I actually. Contest. And I usually we have really and other so called news that he had two tickets they win you know Madcast government. There was one time. They get me away Scot free but they dropped from what it meant media and a fifty dollar fine to. 25 dollar fine for. And lack of seat. Belt views you don't want to put in charge of army Angel money out of me. Now how much it'd cost you to go down there and contest the ticket. You know what's funny is that the first time that I committed. But traffic violation that I should be convicted of my father reichert and attorneys. The chopper was reckless operation of a vehicle. I'm glad you know he hired an attorney because they got that kick in to. Eagle Eagles left in her. So. You patent attorney to help us in the cynics there was an Irish. But not everybody can do that. Oh I totally. Restore in the paper about people that language in jail his demeanor. Municipal charges you know and now they're gonna cry I guess there's a move try to make sure nobody justice band you know in jail for rate. You know all of a minor municipal charter not criminal. Yeah I don't know what the I don't know what in the UV the Chancery inspector should be a more equitable way for citizens to contest tickets and and may be is a caller brought up earlier. May be on the city would have to reimburse you if you want nor even if you have. I didn't agree with that. Well for instance you know I can test that charge of running a red light. I had run the red light but I gutsy you know charge reduced or whatever. Hey you know up. I just believe that people should deal with their traffic offenses I have three children. 312927. Board girl boy he only one that is being in a MP yeah. Was the girl you know life was like she hadn't taken care of parking. Lesions traffic violations so. You know they stopped me be brake light out or something you know check her out and this. We have a war on news she entered a partner in. Traffic violations by guest amnesty that's. People take care your traffic violations pay tickets. Tickets would agree it will do but you know take care. But I'll also say that it seems to me that if fish in jail crowding is as bad as safe as they say that. That's not the person to put in jail overnight there's another way to handle a person. It. Our place appreciate the call if you wanna join district Euro story or your comments are numbers 2601870. Erick are 5042601878. Or text is a 77. Here's a text I think people just wanna blame something on Friday the thirteenth. I'm in if you can't blame President Obama and cuddling Friday the thirteenth. From Metairie Camille here on WWL. So thank. I have an acute that talk about the traffic camera you know we're still talking about it. OK well not question how often over Campbell calibrate. Law. Why don't bring it to your approach it ought to turn by the camera that went it was clear Calgary. Because that field cameras and just put out there and collect. And could you have to go and pay to park naked as inconvenient as possible young compared it. And you venture term and any party. Aetna confederation. For the person I have been held a camera can call. Because I'm like shoot pick. More going over the legal and by a camera. And I hear him speak. Cannot. If you watch that I am so every minute when they're dropping. But if you don't watchers and honor and it's you do speed that you don't you appear to be held accountable for that if you get caught. Why but I'm talking about on the street and no I would not doing over twenty prop my old laurel. But card there's so many get to demonstrate. It and how comfortable did that. House tested they say you are going to cameras a year ago. Baker scored 31. Well. Well you know there's not a big difference between Tony five and ten and 31 and if you don't look at if you look at your speed they're very often the you know you could have been doing 31 I mean I'm not standing up for the for the city Camille but. Yes sometimes when I I I hear. The criticism that it's a money grab and in some ways it is a money grab but. It's generally from people for the most part who are breaking the law. Yes. But I do hope the cameras are calibrated I do hope they're accurate Camille I've I appreciate the call if you wanna join us your comment our numbers 2601. A seventy. Eric on 50 floor. 2:6 so morning seven Tex Amber's a 77 here is that tax that says son I live in Cleveland Mississippi. I already avoid New Orleans now with the cameras another reason not to visit and spend money in the city those cameras are not. Accurate. Has that been your experience. It sounds like there are people who are actually. Justifying. Speeding. And while everybody probably speech to some degree of mean I'm I'm very conscious of the speed that I drive especially in the city and on streets and the highway momma little more relaxed about that but I don't try not to ever go over ten miles an hour over the speed limit. A look at if you get caught speeding whether some money grabber nine year to be held accountable. And have you have you found that those cameras are not accurate all right coming right back with more of your comments it's Friday afternoon. Friday the thirteenth but every WL. It's Friday the thirteenth argues superstitious. At one of the year reasons the number thirteen has be come and I'm lucky numbers because here if you think about it this goes back to the at the last supper there were thirteen people at the last supper. I don't think that's a reason to team the number thirteen unlucky but that's one of their ways that it got that. That's. Our reputation. So here is after 3 o'clock on a party afternoons at thirteen to have you had a good day is a bit of a lucky day or an unlucky day. That's a pretty general opinion poll 92%. Say it's been a lucky day 8% say it's been an unlucky day. And either give us your opinion by going to WW real dot com we're talking about two bad luck and how easy it is to blame something on Friday the thirteenth just because it's Friday the thirteenth when the same thing might have happened on an ordinary day and you wouldn't have anything to blame it on except that he just. It just happened. So Friday the thirteenth I think you use on our part of that thirty to kind of bring on your own. Your own fans like if you think bad things are gonna happen to you and if you get ten and it's taking on like gotta gotta be specially careful today. Also we're talking about the nudes are trapped the new traffic tech safety cameras. And the city is putting out terrified mobile units of this week and their white unmarked cars parked on the side of history with cameras detecting speeders. Five more will be hitting the streets and 45 permanent traffic cameras will be placed around the city with a priority being in school zones. Do you agree or disagree with a city's new initiative to put these mobile and permanent traffic cameras. On the streets of doorways and I I got enough protection saudis customize it I'm not gonna come the New Orleans anymore. So. If you don't speed and look there there are flaws. Nothing is is is perfect. There are flaws. But for the most part if you don't speed you're not gonna get a tech I mean I've never gotten on. Traffic ticket from a camera I got a text from my friend in my here's the radio station. And she it just sent me a text saying that the woman on the air. Worse. Was in correct because you can no longer. I'm going person downtown to contest ticket. You have to do it through the mail and I know some people have brought up the other constitutional issue. Facing your accuser. So I think if the law has allowed. For radar guns. To determine whether somebody speeding and I think this could be legally. Justified for determining whether archer speeding. What happened which was a problem in the past is it's police officer. In herself was not actually looking at the tickets and they were going directly from the camera. To you. And so this time they're going to make certain that a police officer actually does look at the look at the tickets from Lafayette macd are under the WL. Yes good afternoon that afternoon. And yes I'm retired officer. A matter of fact I'm a retired dollar commander. It and that you're speaking about a porn problem is speeding. Yeah when it went a police officer. Is dot. Not responding joining as far as we can tell when I know that sometimes they might be but there are police officers who who get off work and it's obvious that in their marked car. They feel like it's okay to speed. And we. What's the justification for that to citizens. Well there do a justification but. The commander I had a couple of incidents where he had all been through that was speeding. It's on the way home. All of that was brought to my attention. And I mean. Completed an investigation on then you're able to determine words by being. Knowing all of them and then lost. Privileges to user that technical vehicles or one of the attitude of well. Well it's good it's good to hear from somebody in law enforcement because it just days it seems to to me is a citizen and I know allows a lot of other citizens feel the same way that like that you know what you shouldn't. You shouldn't be breaking the law you're you're off duty and you know then there's the police officers who is not many but some they get right up behind you like Q gonna be scared of them and intimidate you because your police officer. You're not doing anything wrong but they get right upon you to try to almost push you I had in the traffic. Yeah. I have never had any complaints of him bow out of doing that I was working. Bana. Let me read it and tolerated the student. I mean if we if we could Krugman the incident occurred. When we get an idea of verification. Of the appropriate actually. On Mac that's very reassuring to have to citizens to know that tie your fifth police officers are doing it it's not something it's condoned. Yeah one thing we wanted to do is that there is a problem you need to notify the police department. Because a lot of times that you know department I'm not aware of the dove into the situation curtain. And I mean we have ways of determining how fast vehicle runs traveling over those certain. Area. And then we can use that you know equipment that we have. So outside the police is so so people should turn in the police. Yeah I mean you do them that you have a problem in good provinces and I'm gonna have to. Mack I appreciate the call I'm gonna get to CBS news update here are following net debit of Google news and if you are Arnold's they were this will be right back to a more of your comments. So is today fighting is thirteenth in a lucky or an unlucky day for you. I'm scoot in the afternoon were coming back. Our Friday the thirteenth 1976. New Yorker day has Baxter. We're so afraid of Friday the thirteenth that he decided to stay in what he thought was the safest place ever. His bed. Mr. Baxter was killed when the floor of his apartment block collapsed the same date. It's like kids at thirteen has today been a lucky or unlucky day for you a 90% say has been a lucky day 10% say it has been an unlucky day. I'm gonna have text about the the traffic safety cameras. As being a monogram. There are mistakes that are made like this one on Friday December 23 populace is avenue and Algiers point the school's own camera popped me school was closed for Christmas. The school's own lights we're not flashing I was going 27. In a 35. Mile an hour zone the system is flawed. I don't know what to do and in in cases like this because that's clearly unfair. And if anybody is in that kind of situation there should be a very. Wrap it. Reconciliation of that that violation and and if there's any any time or money spent. Challenging that the next should be reimbursed by the city so it's got to be fair. But if you don't like if you don't like giving money to the city. Don't break the law. And look I'm not saying that I don't mean that there are times I catch myself going over the speed limit. I haven't gotten caught in polls opened there in in the past but it's been a long time. I hope I learned my lesson in fact it is the city has says stats showing that since 200880%. Of those who received a citation from the traffic safety camera and paid eight. Didn't get another citation 93% of those who got a second citation and paid it didn't get a third. And over 50% of drivers admit they drive more carefully. If there are known traffic safety cameras in the city up from uptown Mike here under BW a good afternoon. Tiger happens to. Issue with the opening with the traffic cameras that makes him an option that you can have received depicted in the mail. Alcohol is getting other people now I wonder what male mind than in Europe and other people's Bucs hope I don't get the ticket I have no light years. I guess although obviously now on Topeka. That's a good point and that's why you should not go to OPP for that kind of violation. Now that's a that's definitely a flaw Mike and so some of these things need to be worked out but they let let's be honest there are a lot of people who are getting tickets because they're simply speed and not paying attention and we need to do a better job of paying attention mean it would be less accidents if people time for a little safer behind the wheel. I'd like I appreciate the call. And from New Orleans Larry welcome to the show. I. And it. I. And two law. Winds mean coming. That finally there are big. Screen. You want to. If you. And on it. Fortune dot com. Am. Oh yeah. Right so let us. Sell more. This make you a good guy that you just figure out where you can species beat. I don't get. The attention. Of all. The. Scoop people and own up. To give up. Anthony's. I in. And that. She put a globe all OK. Okay. I'd get. What he. Did and and it. I. Don't want to talk and I don't. Sanction. And that now is don't know quite when it. Looking into that was your birthday present to yourself. At. On the what. Opera at two. Dimensional. You'll you'll. I supported. Yeah well let's say they say they're gonna replace it Larry I wanna I wanna Alicia got into our. I wanna wish. I wanna wish you very happy birthday. Well you know and that's if if they don't then we're gonna know about that pretty soon because descended to I took the first step toward repealing obamacare the house is voting on it now. And they claim that. They have something to replace it in the green Donald Trump said in his press conference this week that they would repeal and replace obamacare simultaneously so. Let's see what happens. Has it been a bad luck day for your I had a great day how about you I'm studio will be back on Debian do well. Aren't eligible listen very carefully to the lyrics of this song and then I'll tell you why this is on our pop culture calendar. For today January 13. Lots. Are you kidding me. That's a on this day January 13 1979 a YMCA he filed a lawsuit against the village people for this song because of the implications. Of what we just heard in the lyrics that savior. You know of your blowing your Dell you can go to the YMCA and you can have a lot of fun with a lot of young men from Gonzales Derrick here and every WL. Page through right or do you do. Or comment about atlas air that the other Bible for the cameras on the highly. They're like air president of Baylor and keep people. In order very viable auto it. Ignored in yet this old man could unit is boring. In all throughout the guardians that care for the yanks. I thought it without a little while ago with acute. A lot of I would probably do you to afford a market in the third. There are nine and Derek differ you know sometimes kids just run out into the street and it's not a horrible thing that happens if you're going to speed limits then you can argue it's not your fault. Even if it's not your fault if you're not going to speed limits are gonna have our time. Winning that case. Exactly and the other Friday at thirteen grew they'd never bothered me. Other popular my market's. Create a girl. Don't you know on Friday the thirteenth Morrissey gets you up. Yeah band local mayor's camp out depressed I'll always think about that targeted their you have always been a it to me so I have nothing against it I'll listen to my Marxist field whale. Derek I appreciate the call John let's do this find it find a Morrissey song he did aside Morsi. C and Morrissey it was flip from dismiss and and Morrissey to me is just one of those real. Real down kinda guys there's a business a Morrissey song called. Something like on. No more than I know either close or get the closer I get the more than I know you odd to more than I hate you or something right there. The closer against CC if you can now find Osama go to the next break with that here's a quick update on our party's general opinion poll is Friday the thirteenth today is it unlucky day or is that a lucky day for. I am so happy this so much of our afternoon audiences haven't a great Friday the thirteenth. 84% of our audience say it's lucky 60% say. It's unlucky. Amy here and heavy WL. Allowed near. You know. With some of the caller you talk about. And red light that they were topic on and making right hand turn and getting him. But in the on July 4 I was in the EB he's looking parking. And I had gone around and act and play twice on the and I thought that lie for making my wife and earn. They never quit it. Every. Are. There was an option he. The car parked on the left and the war on your right but apparently you are into. Action. Why. Not because it stop weary eyes now I. Here. And hired here on. Out because I top 30. For turning red light on. UIBU I aimed at. Back in to. And eating on track and app they yeah that's they're dollar. That's a problem sometimes you have to scoot up into that. Pedestrian walkway because she can't see the traffic. Well listen I applaud you for making the effort to to do that I'm I'm sorry didn't turn out to a better for you bet. I appreciate you giving us that information you gotta stop at least three seconds. But way. My IV infection in order not get the red light to claim it back camera click a rebel. Amy I appreciate the call that's information that some people could refuse yesterday. All right John we'll wrap up our show we come back a lot of football this weekend and I certainly am hoping the Seahawks upset the falcons at home when I'm not sure that's gonna happen. That's the early game on Saturday. And then does a lanky Saturday is the Texans and the patriots and then on Sunday the Steelers and the chiefs. And the Packers and the cowboys. And dad are we talking about this coming up next it's more stock this is the Morrissey I know I know I'm Marcy is just different guy that I thought would like you know be uplifting view. Something about them. Yeah of the more than I know either closet that you wasted this is the skies like I'm glad he's and I'm glad he says Simonyi who my ex exterior but he's kind of a downer. I'm scared in the afternoon we'll be back on their VW well.