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Jan 12, 2017|

Does the average person know the difference between "fake news" and responsible reporting?  This hours guest: Len Apcar - Fellow at the Reilly Center for Media and Public Affairs and is a Professional-in-Residence @LSU

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And good morning Dave Cohen in for Garland Robinette on the daylight golf ride the eight GB adds Thursday and the think tank here on WWL. Did Russia really compiled a file blackmail material on Donald Trump that included his getting. Prostitutes. For. Gluten to perform. Now unusual sex acts in a hotel room you think it's possible that our next president. Could indeed be compromised by Putin and Russian intelligence. End if the average person knows the difference between responsible reporting and you're responsible journalism can they tell the difference between fake news and responsible. Journalism where talk about that today and I want to know if you've ever been duped by a fake story. I. At of people who have. War if you think there needs to be consequences. For bad reporting or intentionally. Putting out fake news coming up next hour while higher tolls keep you from using the causeway as often as you deal. The final approvals are in its a done deal in the spring. The tolls are going up on the causeway. To fund the bonds that will pay for the safety improvements to make the bridge less dangerous according to officials. You support the higher tolls or do you think that it's money that could be spent better elsewhere and do you think the safety improvements are necessary. Is the threat that big or is it something that perhaps we can live with thank the families of those people who have gone over the edge and died. Probably would have a problem with them and taking that position but others who commute every day. May say come on the odds are very low that at noon. We're going to look at the ongoing hearings on Capitol Hill for more. Nominees up for hearings today. From the trump administration. Is the process of grilling nominees a political witch hunt in a waste of time. Or an important step that insurers truly qualified nominees win approval let's climb inside the think tank. From now until 1 o'clock here on WWL I invite you call me at 5042601870. Text mediate 787 in you can log onto our website at WWL dot com. In voted navigates heavenly pretty jaguar opinion poll does the average person know the difference between fake news. And responsible journalism and I'll put that. Question to our guests this half hour land app card good morning he's a fellow at the Riley Center for Media and Public Affairs. And a professional and residents at Louisiana State University. Let alloy. I'm getting every day. I'm doing well I'm a little troubled by the current state of our. Media and journalistic integrity and the way the trump administration appears to be dealing with this problem but let's talk about it and think about it. Let's start with what we have. Unfolding before us over the last couple of days here. Sure Donald Greg is pretty pretty complicated and travel. Yet Donald Trump. Had in intelligence brief. The leading intelligence officials. Under the Obama administration. Met with Donald Trump and we know they presented him with documents. That they did not have the opportunity they say do determine. If they were indeed. True or not to data that I have the opportunity. To research how much in these documents with. Actually. A reflection. What was happening. In Russia and how much of this information was truly accurate yet they presented it with him they said out of an abundance. Of caution to try and make sure he knows everything that's out there and it documents. Pretty serious allegations if true. That could compromise. Trumps. Integrity I guess. Net. So we don't know of any of this stuff is true the intelligence agencies don't know any of the stuff is true that we had some. Media outlets. Move with this information and share with the American people. Now apparently that was enough that it expects its. Why not it would Buick if what is it true well I only believed him for a packet and that is that. Most media outlet did not publish did the fact that 35 page. Pages of memos that were in the so called code yet. Eight. Bet that they indeed they referred to it they described it generally but they did not put up on the way. 35 pages as salacious. Seen. And other Penn kind of wild. Potentially criminal allegations of the foreign government working with say. I United States presidential candidates. Writes those CNN reports that this dossier is out there. They reported that he was presented to Donald Trump and they went with that story but there were other. Yeah and the president of course. But of course he is still the president of the United States or more days. They've both got an although it is it's not clear to me that they got all the pages. They may have gotten that they were given a summary. US intelligence officials. So that. Makes sense. That the government. Our intelligence officials would brief the president and the president elect the day at Loren that these documents. Existed. Yet they had not been able determined yet the accuracy of the document or if they truly came from the Russians. So that makes sense of course you want your intelligence officials to tell your leaders what they. Are investigating what they know what they don't. Go to Arlington. Wouldn't it wouldn't you tell your boss you know look I want you know this is out there but we don't know. You know we don't know the veracity of everything that's been here. But I think he should note that this stuff. Not only exists but I think there also was pretty wide knowledge in Washington beyond the intelligence community. That certain media had it. Or world where that and had not published. Except with except in a month ago right. Mother Jones. They've left wing. Blackbird reasonably responsible the investigative. Publications web site. Where it was a story you can always remember this because it's missing it's so weird it it was publicized howling. A I did just that nobody knows it and admit it. Right most. That with the exception. There are when it in the air to. Pop collaboration between. Various Russian authorities and trumps former campaign manager Paul metaphors. So that much they were comfortable west that they could move forward with. That would that would substantiated in the early in the summer. Mid summer maybe June or July I can't read my particular event in New York Times being front page story. Government early in the summer and shortly thereafter either because of that matter because look. You know about compiling should have a bunch of things between trumpet main airport. They can't afford initially steps down at the campaign she goes in a different role and then eventually leads entirely. So it simmers it's there. It's from October until really this week. Nobody runs with it but then CNN rearrested and starts reporting on it and buzz feed. Gets a hold of alleged documents that do you have the salacious details that have the intimate. Allegations that have some crazy and wild claims and that. Attract and put it is important for all of us to now are on and to realize that. And I'm not. Depending Ian and I think he probably did the right thing we can talk about that. Yeah and refers to the fact that. And uses that it's jumping off point that these documents were presented to our two leaders one Arnold Arnold president lacked. And one of our sitting president. That are or some summary here documents some foreigners were to tell them look. You should know that is out there one mr. trump could pertain CU although I might. I think there's a high likelihood. That mr. trump knew about this for months. App and it releases existent and to maybe mr. Abbas the president did not now. But he was told look Mr. President I think he should be aware it's endless spurious stopped. But he should just be aware that we know it somewhat cheated generally be aware that you're not blind side. We're talking wetland app Karr fellow at the Riley Center for Media and Public Affairs at. And the professional and residents at LSU. About what has been unfolding. For before the public by and large of the last couple of days but as you poured over several months when we come back I wanna dig deeper into did CNN do the right thing not in your opinion. And did Busby do the right thing or not. In publishing these documents. That neither our intelligence committee Catholic community nor any journalism could confirm whether or not the allegations in the MR substantiated. Or whether it's purely fictitious and made up. Will talk to our expert about that take your calls at 260187. Ian text messages at 87870. After this. Also see are you voting online at 87 at WWL dot com. Does the average person know the difference between fake news and responsible journalism. 1024 Dave Conan for Garland Robinette and the think tank on your Thursday morning were talking with the land app Karr fellow at the Reilly senator from media and public affairs and a professional and residents. At LSU. About what we've been hearing in the news over the last couple of days it had Donald Trump so angry during his news conference. Calling what we were hearing fake news and others saying. That it had to be have released an information had to be disseminated. That the Russians allegedly have some very. Compromising information about the president elect. Plan let me ask you did CNN do the right thing in reporting the existence of these documents without being able to determine if any of the allegations were true or really came from the Russians. I though it yeah. I think he did do the right thing I think what put it over the over the line in terms. Pot go ahead and publish will win. This synopsis of the doce it was presented to mr. trump and President Obama. When that had happened. It now meet mated I thought I'd say. Information that the public has the right to know of its existence. So the public should know that. The intelligence committee at least is aware of documents that may have come from the Russian guy that could compromise the president elect. Yeah I I think so I think it was a close call I think it's definitely worth debating its it was probably debated in newsrooms. Around this country but I think. The answer is CNN. Did it did it right and did it right away. But Dennis. CBS NBC ABC New York Times. Washington Post Wall Street Journal they all got it wrong. No I think those that did not linked to or publish the details. That could not be confirmed. And said so. They you know yes and very clear up front. There are many essential facts and details in this. That we cannot verify confirm. But and nor did they don't mind is that it explaining all all the lurid details or even some of the complicated relationships between. Russian figures and trump. Invading going to they just said look for some time this this negotiate has been in existence. The Intelligence Committees were privately briefed on this I think last year on Capitol Hill or certainly earlier this year. Because there is an exchange of letters between the director of the FBI. And Harry Reid. Senator Harry Reid the minority leader of the senate. Asking the FBI to look into that months and months prior. Then mother Joan gets all the bad end and over and write an article about it existence but doesn't go into the into great detail it yet I think. Responsibly characterized as what they know when they don't know. But at that point in it now I think government to the president. 012 pages of this in some reform went to the president into mr. trump. That became I think a public a public action a public information that CNN was right to disclose and report on. Everyone else followed that only a couple. News organizations and I'm aware sleeping one. Linked to the documents. And say here's 35 pages of under by apple that. You'd you read you to. Right in Manhattan now they had announced lay by the speed anyone else who did that had to note that once these kinds of accusations got out there that involve unusual sexual behavior that involve allegations of prostitutes that involve other kind of weird and out their stuff. Did they do the right thing in making the specific allegations public without any idea the claims are accurate or even really came from the Russians. No I think been Smith it and bought the wrong here. I think that this idea is that. He said this in any end in various TV show TV interviews and also in his explanation readers. That when in doubt publish. Essentially were to that effect. When in doubt publish is not responsible journalism. When in doubt you've got to you've got to leave it out I mean these businesses in the details of this. Are incredibly damaging. On a number of levels to mr. trump and others. And I think that as an editor I was an editor for for decades that the New York Times in the and elsewhere. I think you know my god is you've seen cheers. Put things out there and hold it hold out hold on information that is damaging to an individual. Our communities. And say OK we don't know what you should you should know this much and he should have all the details and all the fact is you'd decide. The public has no way to verify whether that whether a consorting with prostitutes. Or complicated business deals in Russia took place. Or will offer. Or that trump had a five year relationship with the Russian government in some way would they have no way of knowing. That's part of juror of an editor's job of these organizations job right is too. It's yeah is to institute is to look into things that would mean Serbs do. The Internet has has sped this up and I don't wanna I don't wanna point fingers at the Internet yes the Internet is. To blame here. But that doesn't mean that the bad thing. I think judgment still have to be decade and and editors have to make it and I would say that the New York Times the Washington Post opinion and those folks I think they do I think they did. They handled this responsibly. And with. Credible defense. Posture. I don't think. Both feed by just brushing it out there and they okay the president knows that you should. Here did you decide I don't think that's what I don't think that's responsible. Lap car we're running out of time but we so appreciate your expert opinion and kind of trying to make sense of this to people who don't necessarily understand. The process. I'm glad we're discussing it and debating it and look forward to continuing this discussion with our listeners here on WWL thank you so much for your time. Oh thank you good to be with you. Let mapped to our fellow at the Riley Center for Media and Public Affairs. And 35 days gone in for Garland Robinette thank you so much for joining us and the think tank while this is a tough folks. Because you have national security concerns. You have concerns about the credibility of the president elect. These are legitimate things to be worried about. Once you learn that the US intelligence leaders have identified. Potentially damning information about the man who's about to be president of the United States. And when it comes to light that the intelligence committee while they are on able to substantiate the truth. Or accuracy. Of any of this information has presented it to the president elect and the president. Of course that's important. But when an organization. A rating as being journalistic. Puts out salacious details. About wild and crazy sexual allegations in behavior. I'm not even sure you can even consider that remotely journalistic an effort. Keep in mind the point. Of web sites. Is to get. Page views to get collects to get people to look at the information they are disseminate. That's how they make money. By the more clicks and page views they get the higher rates they can charge for advertising. On there site. Now the truest truth is is the same or similar about traditional media is well the more people to read a newspaper on a number dwindling amazingly quickly. The more people that read a newspaper the more they can charge reds in the newspaper the more people that want to TV station the more they can charge for commercials listened to radio stations so on and so. So ratings. Audience all of those things have always been important but what has to be in. That equation. Is a responsible. Gatekeeper. That can draw a line in the sand or put up metal bars or do whatever they have to do. To keep that organization credible and responsible. And to a point where they can be respected. And they're not just a bunch of both Boone's. That are just trying. To get attention. That's why the news organizations of this nation have lasted as long as they've had because they have credibility. That allows you to know whether or not you should believe what they say. Whether or not they can be considered responsible. And accurate. Now order a situation where there are millions of web sites literally out there. Plus you add in social media and anybody who can tweet or FaceBook or answer grammar snapped out whatever they want. And those lines get extremely. Blurry and far more difficult. For someone who is looking at their daily news feed on their social media. Or looking at emails that are sent to their inbox or surfing the web to determine. What a what they're looking at is responsible on what's irresponsible what's real and what's fake. What should they believe and what should they not believe. The scary thing even more than we have all these irresponsible both fluids out there. Who are just trying to get clicks and page views without any concern about credibility. Reality accuracy. Or responsibility. Is that we have a growing number of people who have no idea with the differences. I cannot tell you because I can act count that. How many times someone will say to me hey did you hear about thus and such. Did you hear about this crazy story did you hear about this did you read that did you see this. And my response to them every time is who is reporting. I don't know in tonight's FaceBook news who is reporting that well I don't know I decide pop up on a website who is reporting that they don't know. And increasingly I guess they don't care. They just see it and they believe it. So you have. This horribly. Difficult situation. Where were. Hitting critical mass wary half of that critical mass is a growing number of people who don't know or don't care if what their reading history are accurate. And a growing number of people and organizations who are willingly. Without any concern for truth accuracy or credibility. Putting a bunch of polonium bull crap out there. Knowing. That little spread like wildfire. And they will get more clicks and page views and can charge more for advertise and more attention to a lot of it's about. The furnish egos as well. The urban tricked by ethnic NeuStar. Even know if you've been tricked you care. If what you're reading is real or fake do you care if it's and let's take it a step. Further. Let's take fake out of the equations. Do you care if it's accurate or inaccurate. He care if it's from a responsible sorcerer and irresponsible source. Does the average person know the difference between fake news and responsible journalism. We're gonna see how you're voting at WW weld a commoner negates every project our opinion format right after this. We're also going to take your calls at 260187. In reits and your text messages at 87870. Charles in Metairie Europe next. I'm alive line here and the think tank and WW. 10:46 good morning it's a think tank gave Conan for Garland Robinette. And Charles thanks collier on WW. I just wanted to say I agree with everything he says for the commercial. But the problem is it's like the trump campaign. I'll hang. Well what do you mean by that what sounded like the camping. It sounded like the Tom camp. Don't know what it is but Charles appreciate the call. If you're saying I sounded like the current campaign now I don't know if this is fake news are now about now. I don't know what he really did the things these crazy wild things. That are alleged in these documents that may or may not be from the Russian government that may or may not. Tell about truth and things that really happen I have absolutely zero idea if any of it true and when I do know though. Is that a responsible journalist. Needs you know if any of picture and needs to find out if there's any way to substantiate its accuracy. Before they publish that information. I think we can have a debate and discussion on whether or not reporting on the existence. Of a dossier is correct and a if it's located say hey. Our leaders and intelligence went to the president and the president elect and that Russia may have some stuff. They can be really bad. Okay it may be okayed a report that much because those are reporting actual incidents that actually happen. But I have no doubt. That you crossed the line when you start reporting unsubstantiated. Allegations that even our best intelligence agencies cannot figure out. If they truly came from the Russians are not let alone if any of it actually happened. Text messages are coming innovate 78 Saturday what does Dave trot can't say anything about fake news. He put that births are things out there about Obama for years. I think given accurate point. It did take many years for Donald Trump to finally admit that he believes the Barack Obama was indeed born in the United States not overseas. And he did perpetuate. That position for a long time without any actual evidence and just because it was something that was catchy. And get people's attention and got him the support of the far right wing you're right he did did that. But he wasn't president elect the man he was just an average citizen and he'd never claimed to be a journalist. But did he damage president Barack Obama with those allegations. Of course he did the nobody was doing sure he did. Did he ever responsibility as a businessman and private citizen. Q not do that kind of thing now that the debate we could definitely have another person tax I doubt if you need Russia to get dirt on trump. He's not known for being a classy guy. Another presence as CNN socks. Along with several others media gets schooled yesterday. Priceless. This text message comes and an 878 that any day of why do you think trump was going on and on yesterday about high profile people. Need to watch themselves while in foreign countries and did say he tells his staff. Whenever they travel particularly to Russia and other places. There's probably cameras recording you everywhere in your hotel room and everywhere you go oh you should not do anything stupid because he'll get caught. Are you implying and I don't know from the stacked the trump. Was speaking from experience because he had been busted by these cameras are you implying that he knew better so we never would have done that kind of stuff. Margaret text messages and 8787 by the way does the average person know the difference in fake news. And responsible journalism 75% of you voting online at WW up dot com does know. The average person can not tell the difference. What's real and what's not. John thanks for calling your and the think tank on WWL what you think about. So. There aren't there are waiting word believe it and state news and yeah art certainly believe that's great news because there and that that the period problem. I'm but I think we need to be careful with outward using terminology and make news I'm current and you know it. You report their own boat shot yesterday. And I'm actually didn't happen. That would be completely fake news that in this particular eight. The news is that the REA this year. On our intelligence agencies we're hiring government official. And I. You know we're being created news that not. And I and I can agree with you on that that it's located report that our intelligence leaders did share information with the president of the president elect the earlier may be. Black male worthy material out there. Sure that's finder report that happen. But do you think it's located then do what buzz be dead and publish the specific. Salacious. Allegations. That may or may not be true and may or may not even beef from the Russian intelligence agencies that may have been from someone who just made it up. Exactly and that are out I had seen in this. That the controversy here is that speed as an organization. Decided to release you know the actual document through the trouble I'm. And you know from my understanding of the covered a lot of the other you know news outlets. I'm have had that thought it for long term bear reporters have been trying to substantiate court and but see. I'm made the decision fuel you know release it to the public and then from my understanding based on an interview that the editor at. It was the decision to allow the public to determine for themselves whether or not they believe that this sacred are. What do you think that you ought to be public as the arbiter. Yeah Republicans that ability determine if Donald Trump really hired prostitutes do these crazy things that the dossier alleges that he did. Yeah exactly and that's why it's a very controversial decision in that discussion I think you know going forward. Indian environment. We're living in now is you know should news agency to release these corporate document. And that's the question and will have to leave it right there John we appreciate the call because it's now time for us to give away some money here on WW Ralf thank you so much relevant us think about this. Over the last hour time now for the 1000 dollar nationwide free money contest the code word this hour is. Curve. Text CU. RVE. 272881. That number again to text view is 72881. If you wanna try to score 1000 dollars the easy way one taxed to show you the money. Well listen for the next code word before the top of the hour news at 2 PM good. Not from Smart radio that are common all of us at WWL whenever charge for texts but individual plan text and data rates apply. Please do not text and drive coming up. In the next hour we're talking about higher tolls on the causeway India think it's justified and WWL.