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1-9-17 Scoot 2pm- Hollywood award shows & politics

Jan 9, 2017|

Meryl Streep's comments about President-elect Trump last night during her Golden Globes award speech has everyone talking. Trump blasted her on twitter, was he right to retaliate?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We are heading into a spring like week after a frigid frigid weekend it was COLT I mean there's no getting around that it was call I've lived in some places where the climate is very very cold. And that was son that was as cold as it gets done amicus sometimes it's a little colder than that but I mean it was just a frigid frigid weekend it. I noticed that not many people went out although I had to go watch Saturday afternoon and now lakeside mall was packed. And there's traffic all around so of people decided did to get what they weren't actually outside they were inside the mall. Meryl Streep blast site the actress criticized president elect Donald Trump without mentioning his name during an acceptance speech last night at the Golden Globe awards we've got that for you and Donald Trump has fired back we'll talk about that in just a few minutes. Before we get to that though and Orlando police officer was gunned down while she was on duty. There are conflicting reports about whether or not she was putting bags in her car where she was on duty but. It doesn't really matter because and she was so if she was killed this was a police officer who confronted a man who. I came out of thought Jim out of a Wal-Mart Stein near Orlando. And on manhunt as far as I know the manhunt continues and the appeal the police chief says. We're gonna get that guy here's part of what did John minute of the Atlanta police department had to say. The preliminary information is that she was cheap either recognize him or was notified of his presence and then went to contact. She was and this is a guy who has been wanted since December 13 for killing his pregnant girlfriend. So that would be out. Double murder Q you do the math here. He's been arrested I think I read twenty times since 1994. You know if you really think about all the crimes that are committed. It's not fully done by that many people. That just a few people. At every would you when you look at the whole population of New Orleans. It's really just a few people who were committing crime after crime after crime. Yesterday afternoon I'd I don't have the information front and he died yesterday afternoon. I think they said there were like five armed robberies a town. In a three hour period. And. Chances are some missing people are involved. And then you know I left when they wouldn't have a suspect on the news. And ABC this think about it they have a picture of the suspect. How'd they get his picture. They got his picture because he's been arrested countless times. So they've already got the picture on file and they Disco all of this is the suspect okay well B we got his picture on file because you've been rushed to summertime it's. And again I know you're not guilty until you're convicted but. If you're getting arrested that many times. You're doing more than just being at the wrong place. At the wrong time. Also if you just joined us we were talking earlier about the hypocrisy of both the Republicans and Democrats and senate majority leader Mitch McConnell. Was meeting with the president elect trump earlier today. This is a day before the confirmation hearings begin on Trump's cabinet picks. Now. Mitch McConnell is criticizing the Democrats saying they're trying to delay the process. Because the Democrats are taking issue with the fact that. Some of the paperwork has not been completed. And the government ethics office says it hasn't received the and the draft financial disclosure reports. For some of the nominees. Many of them very both wealthy people. They're set to appear before congress on this week for confirmation every but they haven't received all the paperwork. What is really fascinating about this and a sad way. Is that Mitch McConnell. Back in 2009. When Barack Obama was being inaugurated and selecting his cabinet. Mitch McConnell. Demanded that captain members that they had cabinets contenders. For the Obama administration. Complete all paperwork before their hearings. But now he's saying well we shouldn't have to have all that and if you want all that then you're delaying the process. And it is just it's a reminder I mean sometimes I think we need to be in the people's heads. Up about how hypocritical both political parties art. And they depend on our stupidity. And they get it. As a country they get our stupidity. Because we don't hold them accountable enough. Okay last night Golden Globe awards I've I've pushed channel surfing I watched on and off a little bit. Meryl Streep criticized president elect Donald from this was our acceptance speech last night for the Cecil B. DeMille award it's a lifetime achievement award. She also criticized. On president elect on Donald Trump. For mocking a disabled reporter. From New York Times and I'm sure you've you've seen that query he does this your impression of somebody who is. Disabled now apparently I'm not I'm not look I'm saying this because this is what I understand. I'm not saying this or defense to try and I just at this point in my career I really can't to and be bothered by what people actually think I'm just gonna talk about stuff anyway. Apparently. The New York Times reporter. Doesn't do that that that's not he is that's not a manifestation of his. Here's a physical disorder. That odd he's series of discrete as I'd like challenge and in other ways is arm doesn't movie doesn't flail around like don't have so. I guess Donald Trump. Has a point when he says I was a mocking a guy. But only Donald Trump knows in his heart in his mind. With or not he was attempting to mark the guy maybe Donald Trump didn't know what he really does and thought that's what he does so. Again you know all of this gets. He gets complicated because. We can't expect anybody to really be honest with us. Sort of a what you hear what Merrill Streep had to say and then we'll comment on it and also Donald Trump fired back right away in his. You know I mean is is this a good thing for the president of the United States to do. Somebody criticizes him and he fires right back. And he essentially said that she says Hillary lover. I don't think that means she's a lesbian I think it means that on Meryl Streep is a lover of Hillary Clinton. Which she was during the campaign. She did not mention trump by name but here was her speech last night to accepting the award the golden global awards. All of us in this room really belong to the most vilified segments. In American society right now think about it Hollywood. So Hollywood is crawling with a outsiders and foreigners. And if we kick come all out you'll have nothing to watch the football and mixed martial arts went. You know the only. But there was one performance this year it stunned me it was that moment. When the person asking to fit. In the most respected deep in our country. Imitated a disabled recorder this brings into the press. We need. The principle of press. To hold power to account Tim to call among the carpet trivia bridge. If we're gonna need them going forward. And they'll meet up soon. I thought what she had to savers was it for staying at a and again I think there is some controversy about trump and the New York Times reporter saw you know I don't wanna Sicily focus on that mean you can. Bully push you wanna believe it he seems to me like Donald Trump was making fun of the guy but since that was not actually the manifestation of his physical. I disability then yeah I guess you could argue well maybe he maybe he wasn't. When Merrill Streep says something like. That someone. Someone who's in power. Sets an example. And there is some truth event. The question is. Is Donald Trump doing the right thing by firing back look at this this reflects. The animosity and hate. At least in so many Americans. At a dead man say say it as somebody says something you say it back at a is that. Appropriate. If you wanna join us with a comment on numbers 2601878. Every code 504260187. In a text number is 877 here's our party general of people this hour. Was president elect Donald proper rights to insult Meryl Streep after she criticized him during the Golden Globe awards last night. If your opinion by going to WWL don't count. Kellyanne Conway is a close advisor to president elect Donald Trump and we'll be when he becomes president as well. I she was on a FOX & Friends this morning this is courtesy of fox news network she was talking about Hollywood still talking about the election. If it is watching thank you lenient to talk about the campaign. Now she's been holing letters to usher out that we're trying to get our cabinet appointees. Confirmed and we deserved that respect and the president elect is yours. And that type of swift action because senator McConnell leader McConnell as majority leader McConnell is right. That on day one for inauguration day 20098 years ago. Dvd Tenet confirmed seven lead that week five more and then thirteen additional Obama appointees by which they that the total of 25 chuck you retaliate and I'll last week. They will get in the way of any Supreme Court nominee the free even underneath your country even know what they're saying McCain hearing yeah it does not this is not a functioning democracy can make. OK well here's another point of hypocrisy. She's right. However. The Republicans were not going to do anything about Barack Obama's Supreme Court nominee. After Antonin Scalia dot. Ever gonna stone wall that we're gonna do a thing about it. So so what's the difference. You see there really is no difference. But yet there are lot of people who don't wanna recognize that there's a difference because well they support their side no matter what. And there's always gonna there they will always find a difference with the other side. But if you've got the Republicans saying we are not going forward on this nomination. And then you've got the Democrats saying we're not going forward in this nomination. What's the difference. They're both doing the same thing. There is absolutely. No shame that's. It we will get our gridlock. John wicket cricket farming because I'm pounding. The desk but sometimes it just feels good account desk there's no chance that we're going to get out of gridlock. Unfortunately it's not going to unite the country. Barack Obama did not unite the country. Period. So don't think that there's gonna be this big uniting of America I wish. That would happen but it's not gonna happen and we're seeing every sign that almost guarantees that that is not gonna happen. If you would like to join us with your comment this afternoon on numbers 260. 1870. Area code 504260187. Tex embrace 7870. I'd skewed in the afternoon happy birthday today too early singer Steve par well a smash mouth fifty years old today. And I'll be right back on to be a hero. All those crazy people in Hollywood. Merrill Streep getting criticized for criticizing Donald Trump wanting Meryl Streep said last night Tim wise. Disrespect. Invites disrespect. Violence invites violence when the powerful use their position to bully others. We all lose. As she never sitting by name but she was referencing Donald Trump Donald Trump fired right back and essentially say she's terrible actress. Is is this the right thing for Donald talked to him. Me are you happy that he's responding. Like this if you wanna join us with a comet this afternoon numbers 26 L one a seventy. Erick are 504260187. Taxi 77. To two your text here just a moment but here's a quick update on our party general opinion poll. Was president elect Donald Trump right to insults Merrill Streep after she criticized him during the Golden Globe awards last night. 64% say yes and 36%. Say now. You can give us your opinion Debbie if you don't like come from every day welcome to the show. We. Are absolutely right now of any age aren't back. You know so that was built Obama. Supreme Court nominee I mean. When a patrol every single by Democrats and rammed down. And portable correct note there is. Constitutional. Thing and it against the constitution in my opinion but. Robert. One on. Stowaway eat good. Consciously poultry. Ordered they do. They didn't even wanna consider me it didn't matter who Obama put up they did more to consider anybody well and I well I think it's wrong not to consider somebody mentally you know we use. At least looked into who this person is well. But wait we're on track record. And it. And apparently no that was Tuesday. On what went. There's there's just stall concern for sure. I all of a sudden. You know and present were thought into it and then they post this. That maybe but I think they should vote. I guess on day I just don't think I appreciate the call I have I just don't think there's any difference. Between Republican stonewalling in one case. And Democrats. Acting like they're gonna stonewalling and not the case. It's it's the same thing. But people don't see it that way because they only buy into. Their son. So they can make any excuse they want for the other point of view why the other point of view is wrong and there is right but in in essence it's the same thing. Jerry UW. Are caught you. You you you know. What about I don't it. Meryl Streep and I'll vote a leopard you their outlook they have. And no are not here with the real world there aren't these movies or somebody write that line arm up like that. Now people the United States spoke they don't care what you say what you saw it on a national stage all. Mark on the national they Uggla. I mean what it outright. And makes us so market should note that. You don't know what good for me you live enemy now you take out money but make it movie. What do you Q would you say the same thing if a guy like Ted Nugent who does the same thing from the right. Oughta know part out yet but aren't there you know they've been pretty good celebrity's them both. Yeah they do it you know they'd get them out there express their opinion but nobody is of course the at all. We have just bare spot but in an olive. Nobody in Boca now try and make it admit it but they can't handle that true. They ought. And it won't admit it and Bob where are elaborate said that you know leave the car and truck become partners or I you don't want to get a plane yet. And you know they never do that they just aren't very about it Terry appreciate the currency Terry was critical of people writing lines for people in Hollywood and he quoted a movie. A few good men they can't handle the truth. I'm scooter the afternoon if you Arnold stay with accurately to tell you the actress who is also supporting trough will be back. I wonder if anybody would apply this aren't sure Donald Trump's. We come on guys that the guys the president elect he's gonna do a lot of talk and soreness called talk too much by being called coin. Or maybe as a performer coy and I'm not that familiar with us discrepancy at certain brand new sonar charts. Here's an update on a pretty general opinion poll was president elect Donald trop right to it sold Merrill Streep after she criticized him during the Golden Globe awards last night. 60% say yes and 40% say no give your opinion are going to have if you don't don't come here's a Texas says it's about time someone puts. Fairyland. In their place. And another text is very critical of Hollywood for being the biggest bullies and so hypocritical. You know I didn't. But this is nothing new Merrill Streep using that as a platform to express political views in this respect to the seventies and I don't remember the year but the first time I noticed this was when. Went down Marlon Brando. At the Oscars got to receive an award. And I forget exactly what happened but he worries. He was on a rant about it native Americans I mean in this country and it was served a very very political speech so you know this does happen it's not going to stop it's gonna continue. And it happens with people on on the on both sides. And a lot of people look at Hollywood and go really. You gonna tell us what's best for us I can't wait to tell you about this actress and foxnews.com describes her as an actress and I guess technically she is. An actress. But I thought it was interesting and that's where here. Somewhere. Jenna Jamison. Is supporting Donald Trump now and criticizing. Merrill Streep. She sent out a tweet that says. Suck it up butter cup. That's from Jenna Jamison. The actress. She's a Republican. Is that even possible. I think it's possible but there are a lot of people who does don't think that's possibly TB a porn star and Republican. What I think he can but there are people who think that. We'll tell you mean you cant he Republican and reports are. I saw this picture Jenna Jamison along with the story and I just didn't recognize or Wear their clothes off. From applause Russell you're on WWL. And India and he that. And you should com. I do think he's wrong but they wouldn't but is well in Kenya. Me a lot of people including myself feel like on equals on what crow in the media. In Hollywood there is an air. There is he at a two. That people will try to pick. We don't know what we don't point. And Spain there people are packed our the way that they have been call and it is not it's not anti Obama. Perspective is just an anti. Wheat country it below and let him into high political establishment there. And one more thing there about the court and I did. He'll be ready to deal with the car and that means that people in the middle class. People on the basis you know what what and the crew back. Somebody work on immigration. Eat eat eat and to criticize that because you know. Equity people it. It's going to be people that were there you know speaking as compared. Ottawa. Well I appreciate the call Russell they definitely have been a different world and and and for for all those who have said on this show and and we'll continue to say for the next four years. On America vote for Donald Trump get over it. It's a stroke. Donald Trump won the election. But in not winning the popular vote. This is far from any kind of mandate. Donald Trump we'll have to perform over the next four years or the people like this last call war. And so many people who voted for Donald Trump don't agree with everything Donald Trump says they don't like everything he says. They're not liking everything that he's talking about doing. But they voted for him because the idea of no change was more frightening then. Changing with Donald Trott. But even though he legitimately won the election. There were a lot of people who voted for Donald Trump who don't really like him that much but they voted for him because he was that the agent of change. So he's got to win those people over over the next four years because everybody who voted for truck percentage die hard Donald Trump supporter on the conservative right. And then there are a number of people who admit and the the experts. Show this are saying is that. A lot of people didn't go vote for Hillary because they thought she was gonna win they assumed she was gonna win it so beaten bother voting for. Do you think those people are gonna stay home in the next election. But I doubt it. If they go out and vote and this is anything but a given for Donald Trump look I hope truck changes. The country in the right way. I hope that some of the things that he's talking about doing do bring about. Change. In the right way. We'll have to wait to see I'm all for blowing up the political establishment. I hope he does. But I'm simply saying that there is still strong sentiment in this country that is anti trot. And this idea that well the country vote for trump I mean there aren't enough for the country voted for truck in the right states a truck won the Electoral College. And he won the election legitimately. But that doesn't mean that Donald Trump doesn't have his work cut out for if you wanna join us for the comment our numbers. 260187. Harry coach final four to 601 A senator taxi 778. I mentioned just a moment ago that side Jenna Jamison. Told Beryl street to suck it up butter cup after she criticized. Donald Trump I can't read these tax but I'm getting text. Indicating then to Jenna Jamison would know a lot about telling somebody to now. What she said. Happy birthday today to Jimmy Page of my simple and 73 years old today still plan to help the guitar. I'm screwed ever be back. WL. One of rock's great protest songs were released on this day in 1967. Here it is. Buffalo Springfield for what it's worth. Very applicable. To 2017 isn't a from a town Mike you're on WW LA good afternoon. Hello Mike who are without scoop tonight. Good. All right I wondered. Comment on. Is not secret. And I'm you have a problem. Wit. There are pretty what she says it well enough but platform. See that you have. To figure out. Like oh well it is it all out. But it they have out there. It. Number and you do understand Mike has some people say they should use the platform for politics since that's not what put them on the platform in the first place. Everybody you know I was there on in Munich Chicopee. You know debated. Holes but I. But I I think that. I hope president elect should our response. We got audio. Who are as standard. And that he thought that was you know ignorant. Are so response. Are apparently comment like that we have. Is it is you know president don't buy. You know it. Well hike I guess one point is might. It Donald Trump is not necessarily the one sitting near physically doing the tweeting guess it's somebody who might be tweeting for him I don't know that for sure but it it certainly could be part of Trump's team doing some of the tweeting so it's not just. Him focusing on this. But you would think that you you know I don't mind. I don't mind verbal retaliation but when somebody is so thin skinned that it's verbal retaliation when it comes to something like an actress. Referencing. That they don't like the way you are it's at you know at some point. Doesn't a person have to be confident enough to say you know what I'm gonna let that bother me. Or. Amoeba withers trash talking in the NFL Mike I appreciate the call. I mean the people it essentially this is this is trash talk. And you can argue that Merrill Streep started it. But again the guys the president of the United States. I mean when you're on the top of the hill. People are gonna try knock you down. And this is just beginning this is gonna continue so we will be interesting to see. How devoted Donald Trump is or his team is. To responding to all of these. Insults are all of these criticisms because you know and here's here's something else. It's not fair. For trump. And the trump team. To immediately bash the media if there's criticism. And this is what they're doing their marketing themselves as we are never wrong. If anybody says something about us that's wrong it's damp it's the media. That's not fair. And it's not good politics and and and you what I need to be Smart enough to realize that because if if if this guy does it. Then the next person's gonna do the same thing. Sometimes. The criticism is warranted. The criticism is always. Part of freedom of speech. But it's. It's not fair to just condemn. The messenger. When you don't like the message. Because sometimes the message is it wrong. If you've got to come at our numbers 2601. A seventy taxes 770. I'm scoot. And we'll be right back went out of you'll. It traffic cameras watching the streets of New Orleans that new cameras designed to catch speeders especially in schools also talk about that in the next hour. The reason that Donald Trump is not going to unite America is because America does not one of the united. The reason. President Obama did not unite America is because America does not one of the united that is the sad truth but Tim oh Tim welcome to the show. Country wouldn't. You're human emotion in the situation but from nation to follow zone boxing analogy. He considers himself a counter puncher. Well he's in no position to counter puncher anymore he's got to take punches. And he's also got a lead. And he we will see if he can do that are not certainly reason I don't want seem to. And I think everybody else have stopped OP 10 AM. But it's ridiculous that he would allow. Criticism. From anywhere not just Hollywood but from anywhere. Two on him as did bill. Well at some point you've you've got to be above the free I mean we're no matter what you do in life Tim appreciate the cauldron after two break here. No matter what you do in life you you've got to get above the fray I mean if you're. If you're in sales if you're an account executive if your lawyer is what you do but I mean at some point. You've got to be of the ticket. And talking about on the country warning don't talk to succeed I believe the recent terror arrest recent poll now shows 57% of Democrats. Want want Donald Trump to succeed as president because they're Smart enough to know that if the guy who is in the White House fails then our country fails. But I guess they are people who are willing to hope for failure whether it was Obama or now trump. They're willing to hope for failure. If it makes the other side look bad. I don't know about Hubert I want this country to succeed. So was Donald Trump right to insult Merrill Streep. 46% say yes 54%. Saying no I'm scoot in the afternoon hang on we'll be right back after the news on WWL.