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Think Tank 1010am How old is too old to have a baby

Jan 5, 2017|

How old is too old to have a baby? 35, 40, 50, 60, there is no 'too old?' How old is too old to start a family? This hours guest: Dr. Robert Maupin - Professor of Clinical Obstetrics and Gynecology in the Section of Maternal/Fetal Medicine at LSU Health New Orleans School of Medicine

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And good morning Dave going in the think tank for Garland Robinette on this date before Friday yeah I caught Friday eve. Just distress how close were getting. Shoot the weekend three great hours of stuff to think about today in this thing to make this hour we're talking about how old is too old have a baby. Janet Jackson just had a child at the age of fifties. That too old. Birth defects skyrocket the older woman dances and irresponsible. To have a child that late in life is it anyone's business once someone decides to have a thousand. Any amendment have children in the 60s70s. And beyond. Many celebrity. Actors comedians and others have had kids late in life. Well you know even politicians. And their children are gonna graduate high school when they're in their eighty's or ninety's or beyond is that there. In the next hour talk about whereas although flawed money congress approved for Louisiana so far it has not been distributed what's holding it up. And when will it flow will also talk with saints great Morten Andersen. Is this the year he expects to be inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. And then in the noon hour let's talk technology. Why it's hop to the global consumer electronics and consumer technology trade shows start today. Out of monster Vegas what is coming soon to the tech and gadget world near you. And what is the thing you'd like to most C advance. In technology what's on the that would make your life better or easier that you wish we could see as the technological. Advancement that's call comp all coming up in the think tank eating cause that final four to six 1870. Or Texas. And 87870. Because now we're talking about how old is too old to have a baby. And is there are too old at this time and how are things changing in the landscape. Of child birth professor of clinical abstract obstetrics and gynecology in the section. Maternal fetal medicine that allies you. Doctor Robert Mark Penn joins us now good morning doctor. More important and I'm so glad you could be here to help us talk about this is nominee you know you everywhere you look on the Internet now all of a social media. There's all kinds of votes buzz and about the fact that. Janet Jackson at the age of fifty just had a new baby. And a lot of people are being in critical of her for doing that others are not. And I want to talk to you because I want to find out what's true and what isn't about child birth late in life. Simply put his fifty too old to have a baby. Apparently it's important recognize that it is not cool. If there's always a little tricky Wednesday but there's no specific kind of age. That sounds sort of defines. What is or isn't too old to have a pregnancy. I think what's most important it is sort of on an individual breezes. Examine what the woman how does. The woman's hell really is what defines. What shape and what's potentially viable terms child there. In terms of the health of the mother and the ability of the mother to carry. Baby to full term and deliver. Correct yeah I mean one of the things we don't know. There with the late attempts at pregnancy. I'm leaning into. You know mid forties late forties are strictly. That error are worried mr. urgent so that the chances of pregnancies are clearly lower. Why. The chances that the and so on while the pregnancy. Again where carefully assessing. What moms help listeners. I think we'll real ago. You know once we go from our thirties or forties or their. And anyone of the league start to develop. You know underlying health conditions like blood pressure diabetes. And those things corporate. So clearly a mom. In her mid to late forties who has one of those conditions. On how. You know greater likelihood of health challenges. Which turn out to. Look at translated the rest of the pregnancy. Back to begin. So of a woman comes due later in life and says hey worth thinking about having a baby. You start by saying okay well it's technology your house how you're doing and if we think you can successfully carrying a child to full time. Exactly we're gonna begin a careful. In inventory review the status. Oh wait a nutrition. And whether or not you have in the underlying conditions. Are anything that would have an impact on what we can lead to pregnancy. That process. Would also include. Going through you know clear. Information and expectations. About what mayor made. Happened. Depending on the model and depending lottery you know we go again as higher chance that mr. We know that. There's certain. Complications related to pregnancy which. Might occur more frequently as long world where a bird those include. Having pregnant let it happen pregnancy related. We know this infection rates are much higher probably work. As someone mentioned there either their forties. And so those things after the carefully explain the pros and concept of the you do have to be understood. But again you know it's an individual short little difficult. Kind of think that the broad brush. But it at an individual tours have to be locked in a carefully approach and Arctic one video elective at the back in principle not necessarily. Are strikingly different what would it. Will occur occur with any woman. Would consider pregnancy. And we know that. The best part of the outcomes. On the plate that's pregnancy and those that are planned. In that moms. Peru it and optimize their hell orbiter or whether there 3040. We're talking with doctor Robert mop and at the Ellis you New Orleans schools Madison and we're talking about the fact that Janet Jackson at the fifth safety. Just had another baby. I wanna get into. The older dads in a minute because someone just activated Evan hey tennis is paying Mick Jagger is 73 and he just dedicated. This is true and we'll talk about the age of the father and how that impacts not in a minute with doctor mop in the right now focused in on mom so a woman who's in her forties. Maybe into her fifties. Not necessarily. Too old to have a baby but you wanna look at her over align our overall underlying health conditions. Before you recommend if that's a good idea or not. What about the health of the baby I have four. And when my wife and I were get ready to have the fourth we talked to several doctors and we did some research and found that. The birth defect rate. After age 35 for the mom. Get dramatically higher. And continues to increase after age 35 at least that was the science at the time. What does it mean for the health of the child and the risk of birth defects as a mom ages. Well a couple things one week after the you know we have heard. I'd be careful when we have to be clear when we're talking about the term birth defect it directly. What things are related is and what things are. Birth defects may include genetic syndrome or almost home problems such as a mom having a pregnancy were. Where the child has an extra chromosome two Down syndrome. And in the open and serve as we do see good players. & Associates webpage now. When you think about. What that restrooms it would be association. It's important to understand that. Changes slowly. Over time as a monitor sold or not dramatic. Historically and that would put a lot of emphasis on 35. Years and so on magic one man but it really. The real horror. Chromosome related Burton's dark soul or or or genetics and drums are at age 35 is actually less than 1%. Although. Statistically. But grip at higher and would be if you were. Still relatively small when you look at the program picture. So it's it's not it's not necessarily an issue of eggs getting old and that you know can a woman is born with a all bragged she hasn't are alive and so it's not an issue of well the older warming gets the more eggs. Stay inside of her the higher the risk those bags would lead to a child with some sort of birth defect. Well again it and what's important as to clearly understand it you know what we were irked and we're talking about. Pay these forward or effects such as you know and a heart condition. Kind of the range of different physical birth the correct thing to actually change. Directly functional page. The things that do well but more frequently as mom it'll that we will be higher currents. Of conditions such as Down's syndrome that. Charge would be a change. Well yeah and the number of chromosomes that occur after conception. Now. When we talk about the you know the concept. It's aging. And we do know that check things change over on. In terms of the tunnel so what is early common. And in terms of our understanding. Is that as one moves to older agent in terms of fertility fertility which drop much harder it. Much harder to partner pregnant. And also the chance of having an early in the church go up significantly those things are auctioned. To some extent how helping the bar at the mob of people. Revealed the woman has the harder it is for her to conceive and to carry that child terms or she may lose. The baby prior to it becoming a viable. Child. Yet that care rates are higher all that we may be our current and early delivered preterm birth which we know. You know put the newborn at risk for all of the type of condition and the experience that they're bored or. We're talking a doctor Robert mop and over Dallas you about later. Pregnancies. And the fact that. You're looking around the landscape and it looks like people are waiting longer and longer we get back I'm gonna ask him. Why is that needle moving our women waiting longer in life. Is it more common now to see older women having babies and we will talk about the age of the dad and does that in. Any way shape or form a fact the health their viability. Of the fetus or the child met Mick Jagger 73. Just had another kid. So. Decade graduates high school McGann early 91 years old but believe that that out but we'll talk to the OB GY and about if dad's age has any impact as well after this and take your calls at 5042601870. You can text a sedate 7870 and we'll check out your voting at WWL dot com and our big 870 pretty jaguar opinion ball how old is too old Emma baby. We're talking with doctor Robert mile print analyst you professor of clinical abstraction apps that tricks and gynecology Janet Jackson just had a baby at the age. Of fifty is that too old. Navigates avenue pretty jaguar opinion poll how old is too old to have a baby. Log on at WWL dot com and cast your vote we'll see how that's on hereafter while doctor before we took our break. I was sand that I want to know. In general are you seeing women. Waiting longer in life to have children or continuing to have children later in life in the recently in the reason that. Yeah absolutely and back at the trend that we observed probably going back. That we try to in years or more. That they are that the average. Age or my. First pregnancy or with additional pregnancy and slowly though where. We've seen now far more significant number of pregnancies that occur in the thirties and potentially in the Netherlands towards. He is fifty unusual and Janet Jackson case. There is unusual if any is when useful for for a number of reasons on one just in terms of you know. You probably don't have as many women corporate newsroom making the decision to pursue pregnancy advantage. But again as I mentioned earlier. On the opposite champ of the actions achieve especially in achieving. Are far lower. At at victory and so. Willie. A significant number of the pregnant is that mayor her home in the very early forties or page fifty probably. You are. Are involved where fertility treatment. And so. That it's probably going to be a factor that we cities where a greater number of pregnancies that occur badly in age. Just given the fact that the odds of the successful couldn't construction. We'll hear a much much smaller page that. And does it make a difference. How many children you have prior to that aid to the history of childbirth. Influenced the ability or the success of a pregnancy. Most reports say this is Janet Jackson's first child some. Indicate there may have been a child much earlier in my I don't know of any of that true or not but it doesn't matter if you had children before as if you're gonna try to have children later in life. Absolutely I think. We're one of the things would change. Is that. If there's been in a our history of supple pregnancy outcome that it probably one of the best indicators. Subsequent pregnancy we go to when look at pregnancies that are correlated to that bit where we're women of the experience preterm birth while we know that it backers as a higher. Odds the chance that recruit another pregnancy. So having a track record having healthy pregnancies. Isn't that. You know a good indicator. Of potential to. Again though despite that history is important to recognize that. We're talking about someone Janet Jackson reached. He hit it in terms of the likelihood of getting partner with a like getting pregnant not caring. I'm but that things. You know become much more on the child. And is terms of the age of the father we look at Mick Jagger who just had his umpteenth child that he settled victory. David Letterman had a child very late in life Edwin Edwards. Had a child in his eighties the list goes on and on of men who are having children much later in life and some very high profile. Does the age of the father have any impact on the outcome of the successful. Pregnancy and deliver. I. Com but it's relatively little in terms. But direct impact. From a help medical standpoint. I think more recent data suggest there may be a lie. An important terms. Risk of chromosome conditions such as mentioned earlier. That Britain's. I think left for now we're talking about the fathers and put them. Will burn in contrast to the bombs so. You know those are considerations especially again we talk about patrol. Those are things that. That we look at why. You know fortunately there's probably somewhat. Lester were at risk in terms of in terms of medical impact. You know you give him talking about. You know it's somewhat like projectors and becomes and issue you know you know at that age you are you gonna keep up with. With the new warning GM. And after you mean I'm. You know I'm at least twenty year war or so in the jagr and you know I don't know that. You know. I necessarily have an interest in going back to change diapers and you know running around after two year old. You know should it does look at. It is indeed doctor thank you so much so bottom line women are waiting longer and longer life than they pay if they can do it healthy healthily and and all of these factors are in place to let that happen it's not necessarily where there's a line in the sand or any age at which they know it do it anymore. It's kind of an individual case by case basis. Exactly exactly and again. I think that played the bat like always began is making sure war that you haven't been very detailed and careful review with your position. In advance it was a decision that. That your considering. To really wave. You know based on your health status. The potential rescue and that's what the consequences. Of that may be important. Doctor thank you so much for joining us on WWL. 10:35 good morning Dave Conan for Garland Robinette on this Friday EU this I like to referred to Thursday how old is too old to have a baby it's our big 87 deep ready jaguar opinion poll 5% of you say 35 is too old. Forty. 35% say forty is fueled 35% say fifty is too old so 70% of you believe we should not have a child over the age of forty. There is no two holes. It's a 24%. Are saying however you can text a sedate seventieth avenue call me right now Carolina open for yet 504. 2601870. Janet Jackson just had a baby at the age of fifty. Is that too old to start a family. With birth defects increasing. The later in life is it irresponsible for women. To have a child as they get beyond age 35 beyond age forty or into their fifties and the incidence of miscarriages. Really starts increasing the older woman gets is that there. You attempt to pregnancy knowing that the chances are increasing that you will not carry that child to full term is it anyone's business. Who decides or when they decide. To have a child let's talk about it here and the think tank commie right now final four to 601878. Getting text messages at 87871. Person does David you're rich. There's no age limit. On having kids well money is a factor. You've got a point because you do have to start talking about how much more difficult it gets. To conceive a child. As a woman gets beyond the age of forty. And closer to the age of fifty so many times you do have to look at fertility options. Many of which are very expensive. When you look at having to harvest eggs when you look at having to store those. Embryos things like that you're looking at thousands and thousands of dollars often that it costs for a woman to get pregnant. And it's more common to need those fertility. Enhancements that are help. Later in life. Another person Texas today at 78 that says it's nobody's business. When someone decides that the trial and also my friends have four children they were told after the fourth child. If momma attempts another pregnancy the blood pressure rising might he'll. And that's a factor that our BGY and we just tell us is is important that you would sassy at the mothers healthy enough. To get pregnant and carrying a child for nine months on birth and says god. Decided. Decides when there are no more children. Now the president says I know. That and I am 38 years old and a father of two boys eight and four and I can't keep up with them now and that's another factor. There's a psychological factor that goes into this and asking the question is it fair to have a child. Later in life. When you look at me Janet Jackson OK fifty. So when her child graduates high school shall be sixty years old 72. If they get to college in four years and how does that impact accounts like but then you look at a Mick Jagger what 73 years old. Yet he'll be 91. When his last child. Grant who eighth. High school 95. If he makes them on when that Kate gets through four years of college and thanks for calling your on WW. A morning morning. I had a different comment at my. And it was important. And she were 20. Nine. Year. Well we know they went to. Tell you that I country in the back but it. I. Even well. See we don't occasion. As a country and he was able to retires that we are saying and take the. You didn't retired U area. Ali you're at it. But keep in Argentina. Where where. He'd country. We we took a train car with a we. I like how our. Country. And see. And that was Dan nineteen. So there's a lot and audio there's eleven have you in the station wagon mom dad and your nine and the nine to January simply. Yeah. And an outright collapse and new year Britain great war and my dad. And. And where you want to marry you in the order children right okay well old is your youngest sibling and dad. I. And yet that's a factor when you look at your dad used to it was in his forties when he started but he contorted to have children for ten more years. Okay but are there and look at a man Jack are all right David Letterman or an Edwin Edwards having children in their seventies and. And I think that bay art mic Jack are you at at at what at what each year are. There. At. Right yeah and is it fair to that child. You know how it online and I'm sure you're glad you had my dad fourteen years would you like to them longer. I would tree. A day. It was actually. Child. Are. I went right up at the parent you're a male and you're going to art that some. Not that bright campaign but it yet. So still a class you are if I ask you are big gates at daybreak Jammer opinion poll how old is too old to have a baby. Your answer would be wise. My answer would be if you are all of them not to see. Got. It can care for them. You looking at and brought them all we. Fair enough and I appreciate the call. And I'm glad that you share your thoughts and the think tank and WWL we want your calls at 504. 260187. Via text messages and 87870. Janet Jackson just had a baby had fifty. Mick Jagger was 73 when his latest child was born. Oldest tool. The have a baby. Texas right now it's 7870 calls at 504260187. After this we'll check on yet the voting in our big it's seventy British jaguar opinion. 10:48 good morning Dave Cowan in fort Garland Robinette and the think tank here on WWL. We're talking about how old is too all to have a baby Janet Jackson just had a child. At the age of fifty this week. It is now long ago the mig Jagger had another child at the ages 73. One person to access to date 7870. Says I'm a 43 year old female. Just starting to try. To have kids my husband is fifty. We are surprise. And it. For both those viewed. Volleying on a WWL dot com. How old is dueled have a baby it's a big its MD ready jaguar opinion poll 4% say 35 to. 40%. Today. Amazed at sometimes 35% say forty is 20. 42% say fifty is too old and 19%. Say there is no too old to have a baby. Announced access to date 78 Demi says he keeps saying Janet Jackson had a baby at fifty. But he yards saying how sex she's how sexy she still has a fifty a month and well what does that have to do it that I can argue with you yet she's a very attractive fifty year old woman but. I'm not sure what that has to do with the fact that you just had a baby now are doctor from LSU health New Orleans. Doctor Robert Malkin did say that the overall health of the mother is a very important factor. When determining if you are too old. To try to have a child did say that the older you get and the more pour your health news. The more difficult it is for you to not only get pregnant but to stay upright. And to carry that child. For a full term he says there's far more incidents the older you get of miscarriages. And premature births he also said they do see increases. In birth defects such as Down's syndrome. As a woman gets older but all of that having been said. He pointed out the average age of a mother. For the last fifteen years or more continues to get a little older a little older and a little older. That's a combination of factors because we have better medical. Ability. Better treatments better technology that allows a woman who can't not get pregnant. Through the traditional means to get fertility assistance. And to conceive a child through those fertility assistance methods whether it be. Medical and drugs whether it be. Test tube babies artificial insemination or what have you but also because we are seeing a change in our society in a change in the way our society views. The role of a woman. And the further along we get in that evolution of the role of a woman. Means that more and more women are establishing their careers. Egged getting their education. And waiting longer in life. To decide to go ahead and start a fan. So the age is getting older the average age of a mother even a first time mother. Continues. To increase. Or a think tank on WWL. Post you'll have a baby. For the mom or dad to 60187 to Texas and it's 787. So. How Long Will the cool weather lasts and will we really see sleet or even snow flurries be the first to know when it all changes sign up now for WW well weather alert all you have to do is text the word. Weathered 87870. And all the prompts message and data rates apply I'm Dave Conan for Garland Robinette how old is too old have a baby. 77%. Of you logging on it WWL dot com think that after age forty it's too old. Of those 40% think fifty should be cut up only 9% think thanks 35 is two world. What do you think text me at 87870. Sub text of a little while ago saying here's a 43 year old woman. And her husband is a fifty year old man and they're gonna just start now trying to have kids and she said we are spry. So what health texted back at 878 avenue in that if your 43 and fifty and think you're surprised I wait to yen have. To go with out a full night's sleep ever again. Because you. Have spilled. That'll snapped this Pryor ran out of via another present Texas today 77 he says as long as you can take good care. Of a child for the next eighteen years years you are never. To cool to have a baby. Another presence as life's not fair anyway there are worse things in life that old parents. Parents die all the time in car wrecks at center blessings should never be rejected. And then there's this text messages dates seven be that I think it's great women having children when their older because they're better educated. Better able to raise that. When their old there. Am wiser. What do you think Janet Jackson fifty. Mick Jagger 73. Just two examples. How we are seeing older and older parents and I think there's also something to be said. For not only having older and wiser parents but also more financially. Sound. Parents. I think that it is probably. Better later in life from a money standpoint to wait to have your kids to you've established your career to you. Raise your earnings to you put some money in the bank that you've gotten out of that initial major debt that many of us find ourselves in his young people. But where is that line and I think increasingly. Just like so many other things in our society now those traditional lines that we had drawn in society are all starting to Butler stayed away. Are completely disappear. Now. I think there has to be top there has to be an age at which you can no longer at least as a woman. Have children and at some point there's no Doctor Who is going to responsibly. Helpful men have children. As they get into their forties and then fifty and beyond. As doctor mop and explained earlier. You have to assess the overall health of the mother and you have to look at the statistics that show the older she gets the less likely she is to not only conceive. But do you avoid a miscarriage and to carry that child full term then you start having so many miscarriages premature births. And that's when you start really having questions of ethics. That and to the question. And not only is it fair or not only talking about having older parents. But you're talking about having premature babies that have serious serious health risks we'll see where that line gets right now he said it is. Fifty is just about where it's topping out but we'll see how we move forward in that I'm Dave Cohen. In for Garland Robinette.