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1-3 4pm Bobby & Deke: on the Saints' 3rd straight losing year

Jan 3, 2017|

Bobby & Deke take calls in the wake of the Saints' third straight 7-9 campaign.

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And a good Tuesday afternoon to you happy new year to you and you or is along with the Kasey Kahne and Bobby a bear I'm Deke Bellavia. Coming up on today's program at 540 would do QB to QB we Drew Brees coming up a little earlier. This week than in previous weeks as the gates that folio. It drew though it's on the regular season the saints' entire season and now when we go from here at the black and gold are. For the third straight year 120 teams that did not make the playoffs six in each conference. And the Saints are not among them will be drew take on that. And also what he's got planned for the off season as always you're input is welcome their 2601878. You can text us and 87870. It's the a day after Agassi tape black Monday we'll take a look as. Six coaching vacancies are up in the national football only talk about that. On today's program as whale and things clock tower from Nolan dot com at times Picayune. Larry holder will be with the give us his take on the saints' season and of course what's next on the agenda for the black and go covering the pelicans and Tulane. For the advocate is Scott cushion he'll be with the Goosen a date the Panos. Not bad five and two in a seven game has always numb to get involved is 260170. You can text this. 870 eights and the Saints finished with the same record this season making it three years generally seven and nine. Do you think this 79 season is better in the previous two. Coach paid that he Davis and the coaches. You can call and and give it Joseph take a vote on line and operating jaguar Pena opponent WW though Dhaka case again in many coaches including a coach Peyton when he looks up to. Well the first one that think our record for 100 basically since the pro level you are with two record says you are seven and nine. So Bobby what's there between his 79 campaign compared to fifteen and fourteen to two years before. Well I don't think is any different I mean you can quote me Sean Payton might say Ian and now it's in the agree that but that it sounds game maybe you perceived did the thing is getting better. A run deep as they get better who's the bottom of league we night middle of the pack. Total of the Vince. Again I'll pass the Vince has it. He's the one before last or you lives and at the way the rules are structured it's a passing league. In you know when Jack. I mean TD this has negated batters he got to build to get in receptions and now you know you can help up as the visit out. Talking about they entries in the secondary. Pass rush you gotta disrupt the opposing quarterback. So I think going forward yet the seven and I would be better involves thing isn't as ugly golf it is gonna keep Rolen. I know we can always the normal one inning out all of is gonna fall of the face at a map and I'd be at least top ten. He yeah I'm like I'm gonna be in top teams yet so what went when I see going forward winners are these is going to be and I would say odd defense. Did take strides. You know. Compared to after 2015. Season. Whether right now and I think is the run defense so we got better of the middle even though. You know done the bunt if Freeman gash just for that long run you but overall Deke no. Who we were noble one. A run defense up the middle that that's not an opinion that that's something what we're able to do but it it didn't. Transferred into. In the game against Atlanta but I mean it was discouraging that you got to trying would you do in division. We gave up 83 point to two games against Atlanta. That's embarrassing and in. You could say maybe you think you better and and you look how we lost games but if you look at it bottom line. We if you will we did against playoff bound teams vs a non playoff teams. We are one and six against playoff teams and we were six and three against non playoff teams so. To say not used in the past we lose to Akeelah com how we lost to them. But that was not necessarily case but we did do nothing. Oh what was impressed would you view like a playoff team that the Seahawks who else I would say with and the Seahawks we caught him at the right time didn't have all hands on day right then cam chancellor and I and yes well. Yeah that there are totally different defense but. It is what it is the bottom line is has to be unacceptable the National Football League and I could tell you right now. That coach Creighton I think they'll continue to have success. And offensively often. Now as far as the team at the end of 500 again. You don't think owners are still a tree was Sean Payton. Because seven coaches get fired every year at least it and it's 67 and I'm sixty she yes examine because somewhere around there or so's that. Sean Payton will still be intriguing but. The bottom line is and we appreciate when Sean Payton and Drew Brees and what they've done to look. The eagle within this season period the most successful tenure over anyone of five double digit winning season is suitable championship within days are over. It is truly whatever department lately and you look third consecutive losing season fourth in the past five. I mean that goes back to where it in Saints history though coaches I've gotten pardon that was. The longest losing streak I said in the form my Dick in Jim Mora since losing seasons from 94 to 99. Not think this plays and missed him as the bits and had a truly believe this. Is that. Look how we played the second half we lost but that's one they'd be playing hard for us on no doubt even though and the things we talked about on the coast and I like. You know you get shellacked and metallurgy didn't seem to Sagan have a decent on the first half. If there was ever seen you know you think about did it it was gonna like OK okay Sudan. When you're down like that mean they really truly is the ounce he had every right every opportunity but. You would've thought being down like Damien Woody have to look forward to and gone to a coach paints him as 91 about you know. The next quarter it was about the first position in the third quarter Bobby's turn things around. They way able in your day and and they've forced the par five yeah yeah Atlanta that he is their partner with that. And that the game it was yeah it they all embarrassed and the say the least that. Big outing. As the visibly looks that Jim Mora with the Dunn arena Jim Moore would which green is done and it's not like the had. One Eagles three in thirteen seasons Wright are you know. It's losing season as a loses season but it is different to me. Three of thirteen and 79 now but the thing and the standpoint. Noland at the bottom line is. That you gotta win now only when you gotta sort of well I mean and that's why you have 678 coach skip part every year. The because you have to you know people well now. The only thing that I could justify right now I think we're Sean Payton breezes that and this will happen. But it did happen in NFL history. The Raiders. The now mentally John drew led the Raiders. Yeah the Raiders beat him by big east in 2002. They were given. 21 round to the second round picks and onus is about eight million dollars they gave. But candidate gave the Raiders the Jon Gruden and indeed they wanna assume global did so the days they'll look at the value of that but I did today does day in age. Considering druse age. Now along Sean Payton has been here that if if you told me in troops there Mickey Loomis would have to say OK it's a team right now. We give you 21. Round to second round picks I think you get to Drew Brees and challenging. You can have a bye in the right now due to our track you yes values that habit and that's a ridiculous valued yet. But I mean it and had haven't been an ass haven't before yes and and I even look at to me not Cuba haven't managed initially to about the Rams are. You know and availability estimate of the charges nor Sean Payton Philip Rivers a slight chill and Payton and Drew Brees so. That big that opportunity might even be their next year you just don't know what's gonna happen right to think it could turn a corner and negate the double digit wins I get today. It is truly playoffs or busted sitting whereas. It that you gotta get that kid when I think. If you get that kid when you should be up a playoff team does that mean you you will be what you should. And big is going to be a challenge because you look who we play we play OK it AFC east room. The old AFC east have two playoff teams in Houston I mean the Miami Dolphins Miami and the patrons page I'm glad we play New England here. Voted greatest game in Saints history it was last time you and it was clear when McGee and economy in. And and that's it Tom Brady in Bill Belichick raised the white flag a little in the six minutes and that a big win that we had but. The okay a look at dollars of their structured. The offensively. So then also you look at the NFC north. These could be challenged you don't they have two in the lines in the Packers did. The Vikings to discipline is says I got to get an easy but you know get a path. Announced that and I became an easy 500 to ease was very close having 318 and there washed NB image that they would a guy that ones ride it did the Redskins I think you'd become a that a Mercedes-Benz superdome so it is going to be challenges and to get to ten wins but. The bottom line is. You got to go out there and accomplish and you gotta do it. I mean I still think Drew Brees is ready to rolling he's healthy but what are we gonna do defensively in. You know who you want a cold hold accountable whether it's. You know Sean Payton Miki moments I think just talk to a coach Peyton I think when they brought Jeff Ireland on board he has a lot of Cecil the personnel. But the bottom line is you gotta hit again on the draft. He got hit again on the draft and you have to have. Key free agent. Acquisition or you gotta he's been money the right way that that player contributes at a high level look what Atlanta did. Atlanta. They might have the best. Free agent I was just in NFL I know in the NFC in birdie brought on board to me and are different Alex Mack yeah. Their thinner made are good in every place Todd McClure right also did bring Alex Mack the Falcons can run the ball and look would they were number two all the behind the thing yes. Yeah and then made a couple of key moves to jasmine a couple of key moves so well the Saints you know it's not out of you know we're not. Pointing out some and it's like from zero to me in a mean mean to turn around quickly and they've gone from ready. Outhouse to penthouse when you look at the giants' defense so we're asking you that seven man mark. Is it better than the previous 279 seasons in 1415. Connected JD Richie Collins. Drew Brees Georgia's and one hour and fifteen minutes right here on Sainz radio WW. Torre want winds Tony nine losses when you think about Tony seven losses the last three seasons for the Blanco going seven and nine. 141516. Out of the post season for the last five years he's cajun cannon Bobby Hebert and Deke Bellavia. This seven and I campaign 20167. And season. Is it different. In their previous two mean do you feel more like the Saints are heading in the right direction their close. Cancer vote online at WW dot com now not only 79. But you look at the teams that are in the play with the exception of the year that. Seattle won the division when they won seven games a couple of years ago Carolina when division when they won seven games although they did go on win streak. USC team's lease with a couple of pregame entries more than likely win streak it's four more for instance. It Saints at one time before and I'll. After nine weeks the same identical record as the Steelers the Steelers want him there assuming games and moment by the green bay Packers and losing mall. What do they do they when their last six to pointing games and we in the AFC the NFC north division. So those numbers are telling within themselves and able comes close Staal too but what's interesting about the Saints in the last three seasons Bobby. They've not overcome those slow start in this that you. Go here though it isn't who I damning of no hall is very telling him isn't really instead it's not like it's fact you know what occurred initially well the Saints cigarette. New Orleans in the Jacksonville the Jaguars are our New Orleans Saints and Jacksonville Jaguars and only two teams in the NFL. That have never. Never been above the 500 mark in the past three seasons. I think about that. Did Sammy do not even starting off like one and oh. That means this that you didn't finish seven and nine that means you are not in 05 and four at one point four and three. Like I said the first game one and oh the never been above the climate remorse in the path through season only the Saints in the jaguar. Now. You throb Aaron Antonio hang around with him and like every year almost seven NFL coaches around their lose their jobs but. You look at different scenarios who do you think Woody and he should be a better scenario for the State's next season that you did in Shoney's and drew. So when you break it you have some man decayed to just get rid of them. But I think. Let's. They going to be on the hot seat next year's that that's just the way to NFL is and I think if I had to benefited doubt considering. The guy you know is right where he got apartment you know where he's right where Sean Pate was that. Even though he won his doable Baltimore Oakland Brian Billick got fired seven seasons after. He won is doable. Jon Gruden lasted six season. Now to show UK two who blows you get more of a pass coach Shanahan with the Broncos over the won back to back in 97 and 98. What he had hit seasons but took cotton Tom Coughlin that he went seven and eleven. He lasted four seasons so there's different you can look at him it to me right now that. Okay so would be of sharp pain doesn't have success that you would be eight seasons. So that that's why he is on the hides the weather. He likes it or not it is do or die playoffs or bus simply because when you look at the history of the NFL. And through bowl winning coaches whether right but again askew. I don't say I would coach Belichick. Composed to say to that lead in New England. You might say well a little coach Belichick. Look how long he did it matter how many years he's doing it and I get rid of him when there's always an exception to rule game and now the coach that is last last analysts say. Easy Jeff Fisher and then the transition from the Houston dollars the Lehigh he lasted seventeen need to advertise that is easy to Super Bowl and these next base year. Was viewed in all to Ravens in 2000 but I bubbly and suggesting that besides. Bill ballot size coach Belichick and naming of coach that has lasted one place. Like the analysts say. You know 1112 years and a lot like a dozen years does that happen in NFL. All right come on bag JD Brian Jay and Tony were coming out Duke opened last I'll call is an expert Debbie did understand this. 431 time the first news go to Johansson. I welcome back to the phone to go here in the Big Easy for JD JD thank you call and WW ago. A lot. To me and I can actually a year or three years ago doesn't matter at this point well last year I. Not it shouldn't get. Now I'll losses. And and got rid well patent. Green. And started to regale me you know it's one thing. JD how about this they more people within the agree with the news. That he drew they get ready Sean considering the high level they Drew Brees is playing and he is. He's actually right there with the best quarterbacks to be a pro bowler. And a Woody's but it looked at cheap it was like aren't between him and Aaron Rodgers. And a who was gonna go to Pro Bowl and adding Aaron Rodgers with the hot streak that he went over drew so lets you. It. And humble. That are doing. Me. Yeah. Gil de. Because the wind. You know. I. Well I'm not. Going to. Well at age eighty to show you though how bad it is. And that that's why me go look at did Davidson side of the ball where we always. If we not won before last so last week was we knew that category. Shonn Greene as the head coach so he's in charge of the defense but you look at offensively. What we did this year going to second time in our history. You have a 5000 yard pass that thousand yard receivers that thousand yard running back. And his second. And you know the points scored. Atlanta was first at 33 now with scored 29 points a game and you win while only seven. So as the defense that's lies today. Does not understand debut to go to David directives for as the head coach but you've got the right quarterback you know if you would won Drew Brees and he did level. But that made it even. That's part. No. Secret. Tom Brady's a little bit on Brady's ankle. But the. He's right behind them rotate don't want it managed Tom Brady has over Drew Brees this fours and drew. Would have to get better in this area and that's why I think it separates him at times that Tom Brady. Even Aaron Rodgers you know it is the interceptions. Yeah the day in that protected the football you know as the difference between you look at the Packers there's success in the Patriots. You look at the turnover margin. You let they'd be doubled its like all of a sudden you know Atlanta's weather. They're plus eleven that we minus three so would you could to help in that regard to help us win UK turn over the ball. Because it because we don't take away enough. Week. True. That can get it and now. You. Don't it. Ain't so hot. Ticket and I mean being. All the way JD how about this. OK let's say Sean Payton. And he did tell us last night that he's on and his contract he's he's not going anywhere. Now play it changes thirty year. Would you be willing all the Sidon that this say okay is seeded do or die next year. Mobil one more season. You know playoffs are busts. Are are you being in the east and cut bait now are 'cause a lot of fans predicament Allenby but we will give him one more chance. And enacted next season it was still the same old same old and you gotta clean house. And you know I want it get caught I want to call and it at a point where. Ellen all my ticket and not the pickle ball contract and now I've actually he went and it's not about you know despite they had an actual on how you think you can get out this coming you aren't valid ticket out there like. Oh OK okay JD got to he's got to be ready now I was not the error. And Elvis and he going to be wishing them that you had a quarterback like drew reason you only scored about ten points a game. A lot just. Now you got out of well finally. Know that we that we will be rebuilding phase and there would be light and that some way that we are. Well. I think you're right cornerback. I'll keep taking it. But. Yet there he might be one way I don't know he right now on though he played he's playing at a very high level. And now look at the top quarterbacks in the league it would not necessarily wanna be on the Saints know what I mean about that now it's a Giants game. And league the Tampa Bay game that would have we seen that bill would have the last few years right now there's a number of the top quarterbacks you could sit a franchise quarterbacks. We're not wanna play on a team. They added defense is ranked 27. And at them and in the passing defense is Dan Lashley now not said that run defense we fourteenth. I still think do we what we do and offensively. The look at the rugby it's a fourteen can we get to the middle of the pack who been saying that to be seen as I'd I don't know. Is it passed hors economy did givers and obviously cam Jordan I think shelled and rain is in the middle I think we are more style in the middle and apparently. I think where he's at the guy linebacker I don't know about the Mets could turn around that quickly in all of assigned. Get us to be is that a seven wins ten went off I I don't know. I think thinking. I mean I think they can mean New York is it think it was the right mix they had their front guys I mean they brought there by Olivier you know from Miami. I think I Eli average and ours did an eight days sub base they are mean and but they've they had most of they key pieces in place. I've really you know obviously you've got to retain you got to retain fairly you got rank has gone in the right way we know where cam means. You know I think you tapped talking on the pass rusher and an eagle drive the thing. I mean just just dread defects grant defense and defense. Draft defense and shore that up on the base and that's sport that's what did you guys do you know even the Falcons Capitol Records that time in about Alex Mankins but. A game they're gonna say Disney he's up a couple of years a new year and he's had he's had a great memories here in the neighboring net so. He got the right mix and if we go about what. What we here and we believe in I think some people do believe that they have you know locker room for the right guys than they got to be closer. To what they won't have the didn't follow the way. I'm mean I'm glow about what they say so. Back to the phone we go let's go to a Knicks by obvious idea for JJ thank you for Colin Debbie did you know. Thank you bomb. They did you realize this attention so if you care anymore but still your best and an eagle or Rico series. And Orton and agrees or to me. Yeah one without the other. You know election and the quarterback. Or yeah it's a bit quick study. While you're. Even with a new quarterback. Fans you know their that you would do and it's just. I don't they could operate under drew has made some law. That decision about it all you know we. It got those two significant gains when that we have not seen that and Drew Brees and is H uniform where he threw three interceptions three in his hands in the tires. And hasn't haven't think about over a decade as the first time we witnessed that DD bounce back from that. Right there and thinks I think we're gears to who has yet so much dead cap money you won't be this year. You had bad drafts you know you all right honey in. Austria the right great receiving corps right now you're probably. Aid and an 88 and they saying that the Saints might have the best trio of receivers the. And into. And now but. What's. That. Yeah he had five other big we have not. Yet. Nine total of five. And to win. Brees. Has to be written. Bubba Bubba Bubba. 01 last Robert JI gotta quit the next few what if next years they would be seven in nine again worried neat what would you say you ski you missed a right now ours. Still producing decent. Do. You mean not to say get it right on. It. You you'd think. Are hoping you quit situation. You know. And yet we gotta disrupt the Bulls quarterback. That but that could really use. And built a true quarterback. Puerto beat very good old. And it's that we would make good crop but still the majority of the problems with was a little. I a person. Yeah. JJO. Eight to show you artist Saints are at right now we're Drew Brees and Sean Payton. If they were in the playoffs playing the Raiders started Texans they would be favored. Exactly and is it. Like. The Lakers deal. Good little. Extra. If we don't think their quarterback makes a difference hula Stephen wise they gained the Raiders and it takes. Right middle yet as a quarterback genetic and Jay thank you so much for the call all your policy folks in to five fought as we speak to Drew Brees come back. Brian Gay Tony rob Ronald tee and David is a sports talk on the BW yeah. Seven hour for the New Orleans Saints tough the next hour we will look back at the entire starts and how critical the start to a season off for the New Orleans Saints. And again. You very seldom you can look at any team that wins double digit games Duke on Halloween streak. More than three most of the time if not three probably a couple of game. Cobra pregame retreat like the Saints they never had more than a three game win streak he coached in the first year but they did have a couple of pregame retreat to sort of a season three and one. Alabama Tennessee with three game win streak. You gotta have those streaks and that it's just a fact the Saints and that had to streaks. As of late and they came out of the gate slow in each of the seasons in which it not gone to the postseason particularly. The last three wood seven and then finish it. Back go to the phones we go up Nixon we have opponent to Shreveport Louisiana and we will go to rob rob pretty good thank you for calling WW real. It will issue always. My comment recording that 79. It below average. It's painful. Period them and curt being signed by the BP and especially the front seven. Billy might might my comment I. I questioned the law be of the organization that's on Payton had wrecked it in his tenure in here in the count. Look at the championship. Means over the last decade or so. That the thing is that why it's if deep again. Is that a beat with that my coach I know I'm beating again or but look at it. Deep that the minded coaches and team. They do we actually well on the road and they're always unit in December January whenever matter. Always. Philosophically. As a team. Going in the right direction. No report next year to the next by eight and beyond. Comically. While rob comment lashes suitable Robertson coach seeded Davidson coach coach Kubiak said Robertson coach Ron Rivera is that the Galaxy is more than balanced team you've had some unbalanced teams like the because the rules are too I think old school defense ashore and the public today even over there Ravens I went to 22000 rate yet not yet every recently you look at it as of late you know and he does have to do rob. They had a date with a football. Yeah you look at the teams look at the cheese and how their structure Andy Reid's and Dolphins have closed I might it be boring offensively right but how they win. On the plus side they take the football I'll I'll wait and see that that's one thing that that I've noted. That one thing Sean Payton is not done. Over a decade. It is. The will will we won this rule at 39 legalese you look at Ingram plus eleven. We have with Smith that. That's yet to overcome so much. And the thing is I mean from the standpoint as much as an emphasis that's been put on ball security to. And right equally as important though how about if you're looking at a team okay who wouldn't want to be our second at third if we were going to deceive it's an art. The Saints both finished top five and a turnover ratio. You say damn well limiting them to the number they got. Great creating turnovers is where it needs to beat. Is in the twenties it was 21 at the same number that you there when you played Sunday in Atlanta created 21 journal new Longstreet 21 journal. The difference in Atlanta gave the ball away eleven attack despite their blessed in New Orleans. 43 point one minus two did go one thing he did we we did and they passed the ball much sleep you go nuclear as good as anyone this year was forced fumbles and recovered fumble it is safe without a first call about winning it depicts you know we had twelve foursome was going to have balanced game which half of first. We and then interceptions which is you know it's not bad but you won't be double digit to. There's if you're given a ball away in March. Ortiz Taylor it's an haven't Torre three takeaways will cut it down to sixteen and have said this as graders Drew Brees is because he does have doubles at him he leads and everything. Is that he'll tell you that at times. He forced the ball too much in too many instances where it tasted them M Bobby what does it take for us to be sitting here next you do that you win not an offseason mode. We talk about in in a while glow around all hopefully hopefully we've got a week off. And we can scout the first round the house was not take all the clothes and again there. All we dream is to sports talk on WW. All right come on back out of college and I think I wanted to all of you folks he ample time particularly Lama were to call us now because sucked. As you say look on an offseason move with the Brian Rolle and David Thomas Ronald TGF in Dave. Pain tie all open minds next now pretty much to the show but it's 540 would talk to Drew Brees this is sports talk. On a homeless say the Tigers WW.