WWL>Topics>>12-30-16 Scoot 3pm- Should boys and girls be on the same sports teams?

12-30-16 Scoot 3pm- Should boys and girls be on the same sports teams?

Dec 30, 2016|

Bob Mitchell in for Scoot -If a school does not have separate sports teams for both sexes should they all be allowed to play on the same team? One parent thinks so and is suing so his daughter can play on the boys’ basketball team at her school. Is that right?

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This debate Bob metro the real Robert Mitchell filling in force do it in the afternoon. This hour we're going to continue to talk about how old were you when you first start shooting fireworks with Al adult supervision. And when it comes to New Year's Eve other. Then New Orleans world did you bring in the New Year's. And also saints quarterback Drew Brees says the saints need to make a statement. In the season finale against albums. He needs to make a statement step up those who we are. Well what kind of statement does an eight and eight season make too you know before we get to that look forward due to our phones. A you have just a couple things from. Boots pop culture calendar that I wanna share with you and I just wish you guys gutsy discount amid a tumbled almost the whole wall. And every day as mobile social little things that happened so. On this date. In 1978. Ohio State dismissals were the days as those football coach and I remember watching the game that cost him his job. His team was trying to make a comeback or whilst it was trying to make it conduct. And they were rocking down Theo do not remember the guy's name but all of a sudden there quarterback. Was intercepted in a black and Rick called the to post back caught the ball in and ran and got pushed into and out of bounds. On the Ohio State's side of the field and what do you days. Is black team on the side of the Fed for queen that got angry because the intercept has QB and then of course she. But ten later. On this date in 1979 rock group emotionally can Paul Moore broke up. And on this date in 1973. The NFC championship game Minnesota Vikings. Beat the Dallas Cowboys 27 that an hour of go to Deborah Deborah thank you for calling. Yeah and a story for fireworks. Came at the end date died when he was much much younger. Probably around eight to well. Came in at Nate and neighbor kids expected battery and its empire where they're playing they went up some but not. In a single wide trailer with one cap room. Both Detroit and did so. Our children and then we'll early it was I'll I'll involves time after that. Yeah indeed it ever got out there. I tournament. Debra have you ever us celebrate or brought in the New Year's other than New Orleans. Yet Spokane Washington in Seattle Washington. With a lot of people. Lavender and it would be pretty remember being pretty. And 43040 years ago did it was a night. Com and yet nobody. There were tendered. A the idea being dropped from Robert there was when the drop you remember I don't remember. That picture right and that that much on. You know on on my. Right online book list I still want to see the ball and plunge where New York Bob a scene on TV and I've never been there in person. And every year I want should not have a couple brands that a new York and every year as a in oh player next year we have to go watch that all yes great it was never it never probably never well. Are you need to do I am Mac but it was and you got to Europe we get it. Went before the season and it went in got startling and Eric failing that would that most AM milder continue to did that was. But. What else is on your bucket list. I am planning to. Q Italy. I guess I'm Italian had never been Graham a front man. And I would love to go there and and key and learned a cultural stuff. Well what what is on my bucket list on want to take a donkey ride. Down to the Grand Canyon. But my behind too soft right now got to toughen it up as a I think that dungy rods pretty tough. Yeah. That at. What battles getting bots are now. In advocates some Campbell all the time once by the on the culturally the name gilded palaces so. I. All right Deborah thank you so much okay. Yeah. YouTube. A couple of other things that they do around the country tonight his fourth of what they drop strange that we drop poured a leader in New Orleans in. Bethlehem Pennsylvania. They dropped a heats. Check and drop a 200 pound its chicken. Will be dropped in Bethlehem Pennsylvania to ring in the New Year's the national peep show. This part of the annual gave us post at the maker of jeeps just born quality complexion never ever heard of that. Let's go back to the phones let's go to Aaron and homeless Erin thank you for calling WWL. I need are doing. Gregory remote file or sure here or you. Grew up in eighty pop and fireworks and million have perimeter that strong but. In order OK so we we pop mostly below black cat and when you have warned it didn't pop you know we were not cheap yeah I don't know whatever anybody else. We call all shoes shoes we call him she assumes there. Or through here and essential. Go to guys I don't know what got but he has a good thing. And put it between his fingers. And put it in it like a cigarette market not beat so is paying a lot of guys that would pop and I were the and he went into we have gotten a piece spoke oh boy but it is just blew up between here the base unit and bill. And he actually talked these days. Well grow at a now that's less money. On it but I ago. Now you know it's it's it's terrible that we laugh at things like that but I I can I can understand if not we'll talk. But not the. Yeah in mute that they news department that would go one. Natalie punishment of Aaron and there was celebrated on New Year's Eve. Out of the state or in the country or. Oh. They my country of Mexico or Mexico when hollows or ten houses do well it was different because they've told that they get the heck out there about the start shooting guns vote. Our. You can talk you know that really is the all right errant thank you so much OK. All right Bible or 260187. And we'll take you phone calls now we're adding to our talk table at this hour. Saints quarterback Drew Brees says the saints need to make a statement in the season finale against the falcons. What kind of statement 1008 in a season. Mean to you can call me to secure 170. You can text me 87878. I'm Bob Mitchell and for spewed in the afternoon on WWO. Well this may be your last chance to celebrate the peach drop. In its current location since 1989. 800 pound peach. Has been lowered. To bring in each new year of the city as in the proposal of selling on the grand underground Atlanta. Where they peach drop cars the city isn't sure whether the peach will drop next year so. Other than New Orleans were als have you brought in the New Year's. And when it comes to our New Orleans Saints Drew Brees says the saints have to make a statement in the season. Finale against the falcons so what kind of statement does. Eight and a mean I'll get to the phones under the second did one read this note to expose that to mean the saints. Are not stale at seven and nine and an end of the season on three game winning streak of a great way. To get into next season something to build on. All right let's go to let's go to Bobby wants to follow up ball on the saint Bobby Eitan a McConnell a statement does that make for the saints. Financial afternoon. Off where George hours and these bitter perk of the job this week thank you. On a neat sound a lot ordinance seven and nine even know rate may not Quincy and now mutant season. And ought chew on patent since he's been in his tenure I think he's fourteen and up against the falcons. If my math at this correct Tom. It would go into next season went a little bit of momentum. Are no expectations. For the ball club where are higher then what. They've all played that. But you know. Audio belting two minute break camp have the same thing on that a unep block port. There's sit as we get to ot the playoffs and build on play all out get some momentum. And actually when that that the Super Bowl our student so much parity in the league. Any given week anybody can beat anybody is too much talent hit it in the week. If you breeze is right. He eats I have a lot of admiration for all work done on the on off to deal. All at departed and and an individual leader city's streets but. You know eight date it is. Does Britain's 79. Com. On the multiple formats and hopefully what outlook good draft I'm originally from ought Boston so our grew up as a as a youngster at the giants' brand New York Giants and manipulate Yankee Stadium. The friend talk and and then now. And neck and neck crew Allen channel was Coachella where super though season tickets for the saints since that move down so. All right Bobby thank you so burn much that's go to a Roland Roland thank you for calling WWL. Alert the world and I'll Romans Romans I'm still important. Well you love love love this show of Bobby rules that. Call Bob yeah. I think he got a completely wrong. I think it. Eight it would give momentum and it actually we've been cabinet. Well when he's talking about is that will be on a three game winning streak that thought in my home. All right so what does what does Eitan aides say the use Drew Brees said they had. It. As far as my bought it let go. Com I have I'm a huge fan of Debbie got real. And I've done I went on the cruise. And I had three and a charcoal my pocket. One was. I wanted to meet Tom outcrop played shuffle board. That was on your luck to us to meet Tommy Tucker. Good to have them. Oh. I. I send out we do that he around the content you'd. You'd bloated. Apple and and clean now that your your your your bill but I play shop old boy he's lip or that yet. And you blew out at me but he's getting there yes these are all thought want to have our Elwood new ideas that dual pop. But the last award yeah. As I wanna meet general partner that in the I don't play well I've yo would like to rock goes pretty bridges and. Reluctant to do that I did all right well thank you very much out all right let's move on to Patrick and get back to New Year's Eve and fireworks doors to our U Patrick. I'm doing good you call it what part of Oregon are you calling from. And how do you sell pot use all the news there party bring him. Are here now our. Guard bureau or call them. It outside Ankara airport outside Seattle in in Butte. Call art or thought about it I was gonna say that. Where or by Yeltsin and Seattle that big Space Needle. Patients spot were thought that thing down opened down payment that thing so. Cool look at that down now sound article. Op meant that a lot. I don't. Good. Out outside lightning caught it and you can match it outside anyway it sort holder by our war. Well. We do things so different new ones I had done a body in my income and all I don't know and copy of the when he first started coming to New Orleans. And we were set around the house when he says something to me like you know is that. It was it was war recent acted legal a die. Yeah that let's go to one. And is it well don't have to put some clothes on hello will ultimately drive and it is. One lesson will go through the drive through. Is it what are you talking the most watched this. And he is jaw almost dropped in the putt that you have drive through. Alcohol sincere and the fact that you wouldn't believe that you could go almost any supermarket while alcohol you want. Well I think in my. Walled wiping out Smart football country but I part of my in the war on over in public view and promote that now right away and many people out there and do whatever you don't know. We wondered there are people from the war on one. I thought about that. Like that and then. I don't realize that not everybody out there are different we are different but we got that will be. Enjoyable. And routed out where write ago that it a lot of it is just not say it's not there. It's like the mom who was watching the parade going by what the soldiers. And everybody was in step of one dollar and the mom so to see that that one my son is the only one who's in stuff and and that's the way we think sometime but. You're right it will we are different New Orleans is a very unique city. And not I would not wanna live anyplace else. Well they'll do it well all outward mention that that the bank you know they've great portrait baited my daughter in the Autry is now like the only guy like. Everybody. Out and yeah I do and Craig. Trying to start a second line nobody followed that are. I know I'm goggle it boggles your time here are more. All right Patrick I appreciate your Arlene and some tapping new got our rights doc and Marty we're going to come right back Drew Brees of the saints have to make a statement against the falcons. If the saints make that statement. And were Nate Nate want those Eitan aides say to you coming right back after the news on WW. John WWL on the riverfront for a no New Year's Eve the fun starts at 9 PM tomorrow night with live music from the Allstate Sugar Bowl ban a stage watcher of the floor delete comes down 2016 and welcomes in the new year. All part of Dick Clark's New York rock and able to land Seacrest as their first ever of central time zone. Countdown now and in Boise. And Boise Idaho. The kettle potato drop. They are a problem for their potatoes and each year a mess of potato is lowered at the Idaho State Capitol. A best while working text message or best fireworks watching it Lotte volcano eruption and my old country. Nicaragua in 1970. I was seven years old. Drew Brees says that the saints have got to make a statement against the falcons now open make that statement. They beat the falcons are eight and eight what kind of statement does that make deals go to Scotland little Charles Scott. What what 88 mean to you what kind of statement on the saints making. This statement is it weird extremely average very pedestrian quite deal. And I think. The fact that we have to fight. Could be average really he would be very telling. I think the solution of the problem. It is the pelican sign in new president of basketball operations and there's no way want to convince me that you indeed. Six well in GM and expects fold. President of basketball operations are in the French art but we'll have argument that stretched out. That. If she can focus more on one. And what we have one successful aren't done with you look at both franchises that both of them are thirty. And I am last the last tally I would. Of the bank payroll those players are on the team at bat on the I don't think it giraffe that chilling out. But to be able on dime for a third or since the ground. It's free agency is. Well. I will agree with we've made some bad choices in pre it's about heard Christian and Bobby. Indeed talk about the dual role of Mickey will most and they all say to amend it. He's not involved in the day today operations the pelicans and it has no effect on on the signs of world. And then that's the only thing I can Goebel. But I I appreciate you toning and thank you very much let's go to Marty Marty what what statement has eight -- make you. Yeah. Well first well sect or disagree with that gentleman as well as. You take a look at Miami and the dolphins went two years of nothing while their basketball team to repeat it or they. But it wasn't that wasn't owned and operated mostly in person wasn't. That that's the main east the general manager. Is the same for both of the or whatever his title as executive vice president. Out I guess that I applaud Wal-Mart. If they ought to take justice. I think this statement was made when they twice couldn't get to foreign four or other arm and a shot that tied up there. Too many. Children are not a Albertine. Even though occasionally it could be any about. What but when it could do that to put them in the just like play our game. Or equal rather Beck that. And Arctic access so open about that particular banks now are as. The statement. I honestly because and anybody. Who Atlanta Falcons probably you know. Major to be in the game but the out they wanna make a statement. Ought to calm like it is the skull. And here and so. And I think the falcons are so hot. And they want this game so bad for us to go into. In their home and beat them I think that would make a statement. Back at what point did that with a question that it's gonna be far different at all it would appoint a watching run. Marty I appreciate opponent we will take. Up a break and before the break according. Disputes pop culture calendar something very important happened in 1968. On this date. Frank shall adopt recorded the song right here. Oh and if you don't know if you world. A rock star are rock star fan in the in the fifties. Remember Paul anchor the gun at what. Reported puppy below that and I don't know what to mothers on. He wrote the song for Frank Sinatra all right coming right back on WW well. Drew Brees says. The saints need to make a statement. Against the falcons this coming up Sunday for what kind of statement does and Eitan a season make to you won't go to a Marion Carrollton Mary how are you today. And but it we would be a statement that that my statement. What what what weight what statement that they use. Prime avalanche all all the saints okay isn't made I. My statement that same thing hit statement but I do want to give the shot via. Is that went out with a teenage yeah. We hit open Margie couldn't and we went to school to more than drowning that we get about pop up. Get the rotting whale. And not me but the other one that's on fire cracker company asked. And one landed on Mars that needs bloated and Obama that and talent but being the homecoming court took a we get to later I made it anyway you in the about it. That lit the Nate. Good night kissing up. It's funny because I don't know Al where. I don't know how that they it and at that age. At this and at that age group that not all night. Here today. But anyway he had been beat by an amount that you and are now what I mean people you know regular black practiced. Our I'm very away at once and it went to the fact that. You know one another fat lip then. Well look when you have a great holiday. You to do thank you so much. I have masters than Jerry I'm gonna get to you we have a couple of lines open should have time and again in a few more caller shall you'll call. Right away it's 50 ward who's 601870. I'm Bob I'm going to try and call and I'm working I have a question for you. I'm 48 when you were younger were you able to shoot and by cherry bombs and eighties ports over. Were you able to shoot and bomb. While I did the as volatile we were supposed to but yes. Well yes I could I can buy those kind of thing all right. As far as a Drew Brees saying the saints need to beat the falcons to make a statement in us us. Allies say what is that statement and this one's. Bob the statement is the saints they'll all in the the pal is on the one this one's Bobbitt says we still don't have a winning season let's go to jury in the plot. Jerry what those at eight next season say that you. Yeah thank you well works well when you look at the beginning Nazis. What a lot of problems in the way your sport outlook Nick Jonas. Four winner shall cease. Then all of a sudden. You know rock you grow. Cup challenge and at peace mantra became darker or while outlook for statement within itself. So then. As well talk with Bobby. Can be you know on May agree we berries he's pretty. You know haven't quote unquote would or should go to now we ought to be Lebanon for so few belly in any. I tell you what that says and to all the science that followed sites and no thought well that's sort of a lot because. Not only or Eudora at least break out pop culture what you possibly could be and wade Oates and he'd charge me defense program that's problems and we've had a lot of entries. You know what let's not make an excuse as an idiot or via. But an eight may go in the beat planners ball there so accuracy. That makes such huge statement and they'll locked operatives wanted to begin in the next year's season. And well my whole ultimately will. LP here gee these younger are common on. Talking guarantees. That he would be a whole different cease and all of that takes place horse against the falcons. Note now Ahmad were born in there would've been engines will be out. I certainly hope so you know I've I've been a long time same span and I think one day during the week on. I had a Chris Jericho on the show. And we were talking about this and what he said is it is so true about this team. We need depth and we need better back ups in the week we just need an over all. All stronger roster with who we need a when someone goes down we have someone strong enough to step and right on and I believe if we can go into Atlanta. And bill of falcons it's gonna say an awful lot about the character of the team. Here we are no shot of the playoffs and we're gonna go when we're gonna play a very good team well. I can guarantee you Bob. From watching coach but he grew worried. Different player we've thirty years. But. In longevity with coach Payton and in Drew Brees but you know. They eat or competitors they're professionals. They wanna win and end. That sometimes some change will be look at that the draft picks. We're not work about the update because we've got too much get money out there to beat you wit. Well look at that built momentum building tops and it. And also. A law. Believe it coach Payton Drew Brees wants to beat the falcons as bad as the war. All right Gerri thanks so much could go to notre may Bob got about two minutes how laureate from a Bob. Are doing great comeback you to. I'm doing Dimon would do what all the pleasure view polling in this afternoon. Well what more detectable for you get copier. You year. The order right though wonder eight game here. What message you'll have to say if the saints go eight Nate. We still not a knock our roads are as of the mediocre are and we're on our life. What they will be very great dream. Only I think. You're welcome but I Mika. They ago or you know and art be like oh yeah. Maybe ago. They would. Oh would they would break it is true but not between every year. We need stronger back ups that's what we need so. Good player real good right now go out big bill would gain. I'm Lance. Are you shooting a U shooting fireworks New Year's Eve. No no life and I'm but I will. Just have a little. Drink and that's about it now probably. I'll walk out about it 1130 a lot my boat dog. And you load the fireworks. Ali. For a strange dog thank you dramatic about. All right same new text messages that means they can beat a good team and that they are on the right track and here is well liked. Wait till next year a bad day. We'll take a quick break and come right back on WW well. It. On the go right back out to the polls we're talking about Drew Brees and the saints need to make a statement Sunday against the falcons if they win their eight Nate. What kind of statement does that make to you Jason of this presidential season Peyton a. Not occur because we're gonna lose about her fourth spot in the neck and neck at torture that would that mean you don't need. I think making a statement sounds nice and your but it boat and actually worked. You latched election won the last two games and finished what seven and nine. And that those two days like you know got momentum. They need they finished on that note we're gonna seed in the team is looking better and you know won't want for. So. I don't really fit that transition between the end of this season and flat he's in Atlanta party in the hope they need smoked in the playoffs I can't stand them. It help the same in any way shape or form to win it skiing in. And I want it seemed to beat that I don't want the team to be better it's possible. And we need you know we are five spot in the last year we got shot right into the night. But in the corner. Arteries that go to the line and burial for use in this year. On and we ought a couple of players that really could use. Of course the saints row have a record if they want someone in the purse for all of a moving up so I'm not really sure. And I mean I don't know okay. I heard Bobby Indy talking about it yesterday. As for as the difference well it would make so I really don't know for instance if you got a chance to pick. Five spots higher would that really really make a difference that I don't I don't have the knowledge to know. Well when you're when you have that it's a lot better. There and if you have the thirteenth there. Now about what about a hams and what about if you have the tenth pick as opposed to the fifteenth. Well I mean your spot spot in the spot where he'd go five. On the thirteenth it looked at the same thing Goldman you know between between 10158. Player we might want. I mean they're always a better chance. At pat and somebody be interested and gotten sick and adopted being picked. I mean it just might think I'd. I want it okay well I'm not going to be two games because it'll help in the long. Gotcha thank you Jason Pritchard it's so much. All right our question is no Drew Brees says we have to put a strong with the make a statement well if we go Nate Nate what kind of statement. Those that make let me on let me read a couple of book. Text messages were quick like people really forget that the slate. This is a truce saying that this is a true statement people wrote forget of the state should be in the playoffs. But don't we lost a bunch of close games by two point but no one's mentioning that at all so weak. Should be in the playoffs I'm finishing the season eight that will be a huge deal last time we finish eight Nate the next season with a Super Bowl champs. Just Flynn. I had not realized that so thank you so much of a loving the saints of Kenny stabler. No matter how much they went almost in those they are my central that's going to do it for this week it has just been announced it will great week. Chairing this airtime to all of you just apple wonderful Estes thank you so much for all the nice text messages. A new thank a big job running the control board. For spurning the phone calls. Ted Manassas who. Producer of the show and of course Diane Newman of the executive producer here at WWL. Executive programmer. And is the person. But calls me at home and says Bob debt Europe. Boom boom but off the couch and come out and work. I will see you all next week filling in for Tommy Tucker six to ten on WW most sports doctors coming up next. Right here on WWL.