WWL>Topics>>12/29/2016 - Beyond Reality Radio - a survivor of an alien home invasion discusses his ordeal.

12/29/2016 - Beyond Reality Radio - a survivor of an alien home invasion discusses his ordeal.

Dec 29, 2016|

12/29/2016 - Beyond Reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV Johnson - guest Ronny Dawson discusses his ordeal of a series of alien/UFO sightings that turned into an alien home invasion. This is the fnal show for 2016 Jason & JV reflect on the year, and discuss what's upcoming in 2017. Plus listener calls.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

This episode of beyond reality radio was recorded December 29 2016. I. Colonel. The staying night beyond reality radio Jason on Stevie Johnson. Era going to the final final final the final show. I trust when he sixty bulletin Erica and think he the other looks a foot higher and a slick it's something happening in the heart yes it is it actually is news next week will be in big slow next week even if we weren't amused when you first do you like everybody you're right yeah. So it doesn't matter where we are next week but it is the final show of this year NASA original sixteen. I gotta say just a couple things looking back at 2016 in retrospect I mean you and I started doing this show online. Basically the end 2015 and week. Built up a great little group of people follows a big group of people actually that was listen to us online call when we beat three hours every Monday night. And we really created a family and we had a lot of fun doing it and then we worked Harding got and her come to back us to bring us is syndicated we've expanded the Stanley. Well then we are asked by multiple different different syndication companies but the problem was. Too many of them in Raleigh just one of some weird stuff let alone they wanted to own a T want to face a show up. And that's not what we want we can we didn't want that we wanted to be who we are. And and you know in looking back it's really amazing and we have so many people to be thankful for and most evolves the folks specially the ones in the chat room over there every night. With us and deaf people listening all across the country in the world in fact if they're listening online and you know I and we said it around Christmas time and I just think it's worth saying again as as we do the final shows Tony sixteen is a great year we owe so much of it to to all you folks who. Enjoy the show and participate. In the show whether as a phone caller or somebody in chatter email us or on FaceBook or whatever it is thanks so much everybody. And and of course there's definitely a big thank you to answer people who have been with us since the beginning German and also a huge thank you for those who signed on and become part of him. The ever growing family and I think that we've only been doing this now syndicated forward for months for yes you'll August 1 was the start to its what is that that's the truth is maybe not our donors are fine I'm just so that affect primarily go to product and so it's still relatively Vanilla gorilla it's amazing because like I said we turned down and a couple other syndication. Offers just because they wanted to owner they wanted to change it we wanted to keep it who we weren't in how we are armed. And in on bit unhappy that we and we. We're able to work it out with under common and now it's going to be going even more now syndicated gathered jumping up on numerous numerous stations. I next month at some point and so on. It's just been it's been an incredible run it's been fun building with you. You know that you and I believe that equity and we're good friends him and he has been a blast building and with Hugh and seeing where it's where it started where it came from Casilla if you think about it Matt. We are on what we were on some some of the setups are on the didn't have. We have the worst audio and we left that we want to another company who had decent audio book couldn't handle the amount listeners we have. And then we left them and we and we headed over to spree Karen we are with them for quite awhile and yes so it's it's been it's been fun. Well he has been a great learning from you and I talk about it often as we you know as we preview shows to the old shows to use his best of shows and we have some great guests and some of those old shows that some of the audio cohort is so bad because it's a solid way to talk after a microphone in your computer. Yet I mean it's really really funny and we've come a long way and again you know and I thank you Jay for firm agreed to do this with to do it together because they know. That sounds you know it's a it's a heck of a commitment for anybody to commit to a radio show every night and you know we've had so much fun doing and the beautiful thing about and you touched on it we talked to. As we are talking to other companies some of them didn't want to let us just be ourselves. But that's and I think that's the most important thing and the many you change that. The minute somebody starts telling you what you can do what you can't do and how you gotta be and are you can't beat you you're not yourself you're not what. Most people are tuning into it's herein to connect with. They it and I think that was the best part of doing a reality television much the fact that SI planned programs Helms never stepped on our toes. Where exactly who we were on camera that we weren't in person. And I think that that's a big factor and we we truly invest in the kernel prior to the show investigated after the show you didn't even during the show. But where exactly who you see on camera has this exact person that you be awfully camera. Well and there's no different into doing the show as you do it for eleven seasons if you had to read a script in act. As somebody that you're not or beat you wouldn't have been able to make it through to see you to have been so frustrated by that. And I tell my daughter that'll time imminent and my daughter said Torre who she does and she does a lot of plays in school she remembers all the Scripps. And she's asked me about a slick dead only you know how how do it Torre I in the worst person to ask you when you're trying to remember something too I don't have to remember anything even when I've done commercials four. All the all these you know companies out there from our. It is they give me a script and I did and I tell him right out to sing and I'll I'll try to hit the East Point so wall undoing the commercial. But I'm not gonna follow the script I can't do it it's just not going him. And and that always except that it wanted to host so it's just that I love being who I am not gonna change and you're the same women as long as I've known you you've always been. The in the well real and I think that that's and that's why we've always gotten along so well so why do we we had an awful we became you know closest of friends. Tom because we've always been real we've always kept a real. And I think that's that's an excellent point today and that's why we have so much fun doing the shown I think that's why. We've developed you know my family atmosphere in and my people will tune in night after night because. We are being ourselves in and we let them be themselves and everybody just has a good time as we talk about some pretty. We'll topics and what that would Doug wasn't great top expo week. We laugh we poke fun at ourselves we poke fun at each other we you know we we have a good time it doesn't all have to be serious and and in our tests it's terrifying it's scary and it doesn't have to be like that you can be to make it enjoyable. And informative and fun in intensely as so many New Year's resolutions I mean it's kind of it. Minnow a kind of a cliche thing but it's always it's always interests and it to look ahead and say you know on this is something no one try to change your VMware went. Now why I'm not gonna have anymore kids sit. I thought scares you it's about time I sadly yeah that was last year's resolution Russia for a young before you for. Now Tom obviously now it's. I think all the big ones I ever wanted to do I. I hit com. Where weather is you know six years ago when I ended up quitting smoking now we're pretty we're in Florida beginning there's more to say I didn't know on gun person on my American do this anymore and assessment has six or seven years now. Tom haven't picked up a cigarette and I wanted to and also give LT guests are working now did that we would do what's your knees are resolution. I don't know the past due and I didn't really have when I mean. I mean I've actually I've got a lot of things have been trying to do as you know on you know dealing with with my mom situation is mainly to things and some things like differently so. I'm trying to you know improve. My cab it's been a little more healthy and you know it's a kind of a cliche thing to do everybody kind of does that are on New Year's been and I'm really committed to to trying to to you know. And we have him a sitter better me if I get says the. Put it. I don't know and you know they usually starts with taking good care of your closest friends hope is that we're at as the starting at Iowa instead of the some wasting money on possible bad food assistance is sending children's gifts and it's not a good points in them you'll. He always cleared up for me Christian I tried it since I think about these things from the day in day out. No yeah we always have somehow getting money and he's just as well. You could get any money out of our guests tonight runny DelHomme always I don't know the running Dawson is gonna be our guest tonight he is. I got a very very unique story he's going to be talking about a series of events to started. In now I think it was about 2009. Is when it all started he started seeing lights. Which he thought were alien craft and then in 2000 any actually confirm they were alien craft and this is all going on Texas. When he tried some experiments which kind of went absolutely wrong on him. And it became a home invasion situation from mom these extraterrestrials so he's gonna tell us the of what happened to him and that sounds like a might be bit terrifying so bomb mobile greatest hits. Probably a little tip is don't go aiming brightly answers that aliens now. I mean but. Yeah sorry it's definitely going to be an interesting topic and I look forward to this yeah and then of course just to remind you next week and Jason I'll be a loss Vegas for the Consumer Electronics Show so. We we may need de L we shall be easier to teach are going to lose and yet we can't keep somebody monitoring chat 24 hours a day because we may need to be dealt out or we need extra money if we do if I get a little too crazy to do what I mean you and I and Disney. It's so I think part movie but I heard it yet. So about yet we will be in Vegas next week so if you're anywhere around the as CES Consumer Electronics Show in Vegas. I'll be I'll be there are speaking at the flir thermal moves. So allies and then when I'm not speaking origin javy and I'll be walking around probably Masso all the electronics which I'm. Yes we will we'll be having a great time doing that the demo returned to live shows will soon be a week from so be the ninth. Then Monday the ninth we backed. Their life programs but I really do encourage you to listen to the best us. That's a good guess we have to reset on it. And I know a lot of people also Jamar asking we cannot. For when we do and the best of shows if we can load them on Tuesday and then beyond reality radio web sites are beyond reality radio dot com and you know what we will also Lashley start doing that for everybody to make sure you guys can get those as well. Now. I did Frye did get I don't know duck and I'm choked up. So we do have a couple things talk about there's some things in the news fortunately I don't think they're any major celebrity. Pass things today which is is good news. But some pretty cool stuff happening and I wanted to bring up if I can find my notes here the policy board while you find your. It's in 2017. It's going to be some incredible sky watching events worth marketing and your calendars so I just posted this on the beyond reality radio. A FaceBook page FaceBook dot com slash. And yes so you got to market a new calendar February 11 Jim they've got comet for 45. MP. First half of February sky watchers may get a chance to see a comic swing by Earth's. No wait a second this is the wind actually. I had something about that exact same comment says Saddam news he should be in the night sky a New Year's Eve as well. Power so it's gonna start as early that Jimenez says it'll be it'll be in view it's rule February something totally close. Spokesperson points kimberlite in Amarillo that a reach its closest point seven point seven million miles. So on. Saying it should be the best time to catch sight of this visitor then on February 26 you're gonna have eclipse. Summitry checked out our. March 29 X Mercury Mars in the moon after sunset stargazers should look towards the western sky to see the thin crescent moon. Warning forming an impressive solar shrill triangle with Mercury to its lower right and Mars above the pair so. And I posted all of us are used to send note do you spend a lot of time on and you like to star gazing and actually check out some of the stuff wears and wears to where I live now there's a lot better too as and I am. Where I lived prior and Warwick come to a stop because we had all the city lights and now we're sort of on the woods. So now we don't have any city lights so you can see all star as you can see. He you to see this stuff and incredible here so. We we enjoy it like we've got a concrete patio and Bakken during the summer months especially a blt with the kids they have their telescopes and there will be checked himself out. I really yeah really I really do enjoy it infect them you know I I have. A place on a lake here in Cooperstown. And one of the best. Things to do is to go on the middle lake during the summer and night. When the skies clear 'cause it is actually zero light anywhere. In this things you can actually see in the sky are amazing whether there actual like you know big events are just just watching the sky it's pretty amazing what you can say. Let's I love taking the bullies out on the on the salt water during the summer and we when we go deep sea fishing but. Morales there in but everything's Tom we have to blow lights off and everything will sit there and you can constantly see shooting stars you can see so much out of the kids have a collapsed. But I'm so beyond that. We've got the moon meets Jupiter April 10 total solar eclipse August 21. Palm November 13 we have Venus joins Jupiter. Palm analysts goes on some sort of I'm dead movie Florida Democrats are very movie hit ethnic beans yeah and Venus joined stupid. And yes December 13. Mediators sound. Let's just hope and asteroids and it becomes the end for. Nationalist disposal that doesn't happen and hockey if you're altar call and I know he left a message last night makes you give us a call it senator had children he sent another message today just sanity he wanted to call but I. Well he should call I mean. He should we can we would like talking to own people like hearing from so we don't don't has to (%expletive) Aaron. The un re so this Russian scientists says that he is discovered that he and his team have discovered a bacteria. That has been frozen in the Siberian permafrost for millions of years in fact about three and a half million years and they say. This particular bacteria. Because it has lived. In a frozen state for that long. And when they brought it out of the permafrost and actually love was was dormant but it was still intact. They sort of detest this bacteria and try to figure out how can be so hardy and how could survive. And in organic form for that long. Well they've discovered that this particular bacteria illnesses according to the Russian scientists now. Arms when they injected it into mice and fruit flies both the mice in the fruit flies became disease free. And lived much longer than their normal life spans would normally have been so this particular. Russian scientist decided to inject this bacteria into himself. And so far he says for two years. He has lived without any illness and that's unusual we know Cole seasonal flu know anything. And down he feels much stronger. And feels much fitter and much younger from this bacteria and he says they don't know why. This is doing to do doing this to to be the mice to fruit flies are himself but they do know the benefits are real. While that's Sosa and found a youth that's what they're saying and that's maybe that's what Putin is talking about wasn't he talking until the day who he was just meeting with some scientists that were working on this hole well Bolden and all the sort of stuff that. They believed could extend human life to about a 13240. Years. So yeah so maybe that is something doom and as those of the scientists amendments and Ono. Interesting. So we are we are headed to New Year's. 29 so yes we talked funky simple make it. Yes so boom that's good news from sake. Experts want us to know what really happens to our bodies when we get drunk and I think. In the years he just published a completely when it definitely an illness and if a you definitely want to go this one they talk about. Then. Chemical compound called ethanol of course it's much it's an alcohol in it the binds to the were sectors. In your brain and who by and by binding to these were sectors it slows the brain down which. I'm obviously makes you less coordinated. Can't think this quickly or as sharply. On that's how you make bad decisions. And downed it also it's the same time release the stimulants in the brain if it causes a feel good chemical called dope means to be released in the brain which is that the is that happy. Drunkenness that some people feel. It also Alter some vital functions including the bureau breathing rate. And your body temperature it makes you feel much warmer than you actually are which is why a lot of people on the a lot of people book frequently hear about people that were drunk freezing. On him you know and getting hypothermia because they think their warm. When in fact their body is actually not warm. Clubs a big thing you limited nutrient demand the hard liquor when their when their cold to warm them up but of course it's just a mental. Mental warm. Maybe that's it it's just says so it's just has its actually just a feeling that you have that is not real. So they're talking about it does matter what you drink all booze has the same ethanol in an and that's what that's the alcohol that we talk about and you know the amount of notes. You can't tell the rum runners report. That threat is different amounts. But they say there's a couple ways you can help slow down and I think most of us know this anybody went to college knows this. If you eat eat before you drink it will help you especially feet fatty foods and she news sugary mixers. In your drinks that'll slow the process of absorption. Of the alcohol on down on the fuse like a diet soda is a mixer it'll actually speed up the effects of the alcohol. Are you prepared so just need a way to cure the whole hangovers sex and this morning when I see that article we're gonna we're gonna do a whole show up to act because. If we could figure that out. I'll would be well. Yeah. It probably would but and also just a certain alcohol I mean when you and I went to Florida that time Jim. You we we we raced up the big bill of course but I mean we. Put Alex fourteen pounds just from drinking rum runners with those rum runners were delicious they were strong. And they were flowing constantly from the moment we got there to the moment we left pretty much and and fortune we're lucky to escape with only fourteen points. Yeah he expects bill that we at with at the end and not from her for that on and fast and get a call elections a our telephone numbers 8446877669. We're just doing some happy banter here it's the end of the year it's a last. Programs 2061 wish everybody a very very. Happy new year and wish there was everybody the best for the coming your of course. Was sealed take a break. Beyond reality radio. And also from there are asked to do that you had to be under reality radio dot com if you listening on a station you can also join us for life and chat all all night long and as well as the tons of other great people so. Just click the listen live button and join us live in chess so. Listen to Jason and javy on the unreality revealed. Our prices should be illegal in fact it probably hour. Vickers an offer we pretty much sold so many things abroad yeah. The new dealers cheaper than anyone else. Our products are slightly used comedians lately abused bold in working order. It's something you'll before you. Instead it. She checked out charities why introduce youngsters. Gang scary time might be over for this year but there's another scare economy works you owe it to yourself to check out the details Judas Gary Condit dot com. That's scary time. Dot com and sign up for the email list and be informed you need to know what's going on with scary con because it's the best weekend of the year scare com include celebrities fans. Vendors parties panel discussions film premieres and so much more it's a week and he'll never forget it everyone is welcome. Visit the website scary time dot com dad's spirit conduct comes. And I. Back to be on reality reading Cheney's influence and cheesy. Jones and our telephone number receipt for 46877669. We invite to call at any point during a program when gates calls us. Quickly is we can throughout the evening renowned you know he might have some questions for our guest coming up running Dawson and you know always. And of the year Nam Mallory and your staff and here wishes whoever so okay purity of the spring money and you know she's gone on this conversation exam really really really curious as to what happened around it. Not running welcome beyond reality radio great to have you on the show. Thank you guys it's a real honor to be down here as it is it is show and I really enjoy it. They get their top notch. Well thank you all the sorry it's always good to hear from. Tell before we get in your story running told a little bit about yourself you know where you grew up you know what your background a little bit to kind of give us the flavor of who yard before we. Do you hear about this experience you have. Right OK yes I'm I I live aired right ridiculous and I Joker smile I. And that. You were so that'd be it into the airport and that eighteen man senior Latin it and we're California. You'll flowers. Wrote readied hill country area and then actuality it record rigger takes. A lot of truckers know it is we have ranger ill read and hear about twenty yen. Like it's a new it girl delivered right to take it you probably never beer rich. Or famous and now. You know and you'll never win many apple pull out gains in net more likely that ranking on you. And it's good to see their profit and that's it's not highly populated areas what you're saying correct. And I it back and today we had a big old and here in fact this is this a little bit and make claim. One World War I and ended tremendously well and it was a a lot of population most most people living in camps. Bank debt at Patrick absentee. And so we're very little area. How many how many people do have their turn its hit it. The current Latin are out there and I think a thousand people living here I mean most chants. So. Imagine now. Now again you know did you have the inclination or. Propensity to. Paranormal topics or he or aliens are you a foes was assuming that you kind of had to drive all your life. Before you head this stuff happen to you or is bush didn't do it all just come out of the blue for. We've got always held in my hand and now he's probably got. At this somewhere and it. You know integrate this station that means that they're never gonna do an epic in life skills they act dead you know an area that European where I get it Patricia we like it. And you know we had a we actually had a big split shouting out my area so that. That big skier at your running in the big that. Does that. It is here where but it Metroplex comes on it being as we have a lot of light Shatner lot of lips aren't here. And you know air base spear was running and basically that they're you know are really worried that. You oppose. Woman taken an area light that also without all the city lights. You're able to see. The sky a lot better than than most areas and we were just talking about that earlier where I used to I used to live in Warwick, Rhode Island took a smack dab in the middle and course to highly populated area full stories you've got all the simulates you really can't seats in the skies stars anything like that and now I live in a wooded area and of course to see all the stars in which has had a blast now. I'm sure I'll there it's probably very similar you're able to see him everything him in the night sky. Yes in you know we actually have Charlotte is they came out and which it could be Syria to look at this cars now. We got a great view that here and now. And you know if you work and also laggard app accrual trains were in. You know I get it'd take 200 our equipment and accused them and I did. That country leases that you could imagine me now. I get to go private property I get to places where people get ago. And record actually in on abolish dot us early afternoon that there it should be gas market sitting counter. And yeah. The most and most of my life you know I keep saying it you know I didn't really see you not seen a usual thing well. I sit and watch crude all of my truck. And it takes you know. Guillotine played thirty minutes and then actually it is we do a lot of planes spotting are watching. This can't you know our you know solar. Are no strangers to watch him or not a guy here. And now most likely not and never really. You are asking a lot of Mears sister I wondered why it yet but maybe not a can. Happen. And you know I've been doing this is not any. And it's you know now at this big actor you know actually really play it out and it is really strange you know. Until recent. Until until 2010. So yes so yes strategies going there so in 2009 now all this occurred in the area that you. Describe to us right it's all on the same area. It says. You know it. A lot of Automask that is it was almost like get a lot about it or distributor a whole lot Omar meg either. Actually tracking earshot then and I'd like that is you know who I reported on. But we're talking about that in that area of ranger Texas a you described it where you grew up where you live. That's where all this occurred right. Got travel mostly county surround experience the bottom exciting happened in different areas not our team. We've seen this general area not particularly just strange text. So basically this all started viewing 2009 you started to notice what what did you search seeing in the sky that made you a little bit suspicious. It is it was volleying you know you know India has demand chatting January generate eight to go out and I. And I am I remember on and not vaccine. I seen a hot start this guy and I grab my hand Google's guy gaseous star that. It's kind of weird sort of looked at his target by. I'd get my game my phone out and I'll look at a guy and enter or it. I'm at machinists are not the only bad policy it is openly gay they'll try to close to get a and I got in a must own up and start gone. And the next warning now heard about this team they'll match happy nobody there. And I actually on the passing and that's card and then I'll shouldn't you know it doesn't people as people pictures that Malan craft. You know do it it was kind of like a cult or retrieve it. Like a lot of people I just got the point where I got shutout work outdoors and dispel it. It was going on that there you know I disagree everything up there can be explained and is no expansion. Ain't too much attention to me. And so it was a real what you call. Well now if they if they're claiming they saw a mile long craft that would have to of them low enough and altitude for them to be able to to make that. Alter actually figure that out correct. Yeah it that thank you Obama Larry King shallow end and we think that said that they got great art now. That there was such enlargement and ran the scout amnesty and I was in there. Didn't get rid who did they give an idea of the altitude of the object to be able to make him answer and be able to tell that it was about a mile long. You know Ricky Soria was that your honor and he got there outed their. You know about as it and it was it you know still on late afternoon. And Stan. You know actually it is as a pretty credible sightings actually you know I never create -- seeking an art that. But our case I never eaten so he thought it was obvious he thought it was a cloud so he'd once thought it was about 20020000. Feet up. More. Not let the way they talking dismayed by this very low her crap they like our governor Pete you describe somebody killed them. You know I'd say like as low flat and pretty. In yanish and it's pretty shocking pictures out maybe you know you see it each correct step. Anybody can eat out any pictures that. Not at one I felt like how many people CNET thank archer and look at are not enough. Not acted decrypt inch crack. And outside message changed somebody can get a picture of something you know and now I'm evergreen that was seen anything dad Kirk did you ever seen. And you said and he said the data that sighting was 2008 in it was a mass sending a lot of people saw it just seems. It seems a little you know at that point Smartphones iphones were available people had cameras on their phones seems like somebody could grab did a decent picture do you think. There's something going on these crafts that you just can't. Photograph them. Yeah I. I think that I have noticed that personally do not rushing wind and Eilat and no late afternoon Guatemala and was in their late at night. And that and actually saying it was over Alex and it real black and I thought maybe somebody in the barn in our cars are that that it was in a vacation home on private property. And I thought maybe he'd actually like the smartest entirely here herb and then I got that digital maybe that. Katrina are and I need all art art. And and it it. Are watching in broad daylight it was real Haiti dark looking at the end. And that I didn't recognize it as they have to deal they would not or are light blue lights. Came on it and it is certainly in an arrow missile crap that is you 00. Overrule farm passed. And and it was late and opt in and I. Am I tried the pitchers this thing. And now I'm I've gotten a truck to a better vantage point. And the camera open and the battery just and I know this this camera and it gave buries it on the art. In the batter's just drained and a camera. Liz says it as it. Opened it is stopped and it is stated cameras albeit I mean I don't know what happened to it. You know is equal pay but I'm Coolpix camera and it was working flat and not at an opportunity ahead early get a date out. Picture the craft is Rosa. Sign that Al arbour. Aren't broken it hasn't worked Tuesday so in other words of the electronics were fried or something something like that limit. Yes I've been happening to their patent. I mean it was right on the whole purpose of me saying they. Which it is not a market. You know and it was still date back in in it and I take Patrick Lucille Ball off the property. But you know how many people all the whole world ever ever take you. We're talking with Ronnie DOS and he's sharing his experiences with the C had very very close encounter witnessed some UFO activity in the sky in the got a lot closer Matt. As the story will continue we'll get into those details. Don't forget our telephone number is 8446877669. Gonna take a break today and when we come back we'll continue their discussion with a Ronnie. Harry Olsen Jason engine TM be unreal derail. We should refuse to come true. Now they can we do wish you each deep. I was an ER and had my eye on this hot Anderson's ground when I had my wishy HD along for the ride. Big blind campers by that and now I'm getting grabbed Becky we've seen HD. Which city to use the latest in new technology to harness the power of that in the real points and grant your wish not just did normal to me what is the latest high quality beach Jeanne. I needed money and fast right to use my wish today's. 76 and again thank you wish city state. They're crap go widget HD guaranteed to grant your wish in stunning HD. The Greco we should HD is not guaranteed grant any wish. Aaron Carter yeah. Paying and we are talking with a runny Dawson dynamite his experiences. Basically read this hometown media. Started in 2009. Ronnie started to see some lights in the sky a runny described for us a star Alicia thought it was a star. Turns out it wasn't from was there more than just one might did you see several nights away and was an ongoing nor is it one experience at that point they're tells gives more detail. Dallas activist Steve Mills citing you know our audience seen acre lot in that start nine Albert and he's here today network in Kirstie and I. There's this yet that I work machine looking at it started. I started Cheney's lights in two over the trees and trees the trees. And that. At one point exchange actually when Albert Albert feel that bow out and it looks like this dark out simply drop dropped about a heartbeat big brown sit there. And pop back up. I mean instantly and I'm going man this is hot is you know I started make cement on reports and all that good un investigator. And talk again and he became at that area it was to the point where you could drop that many area not cease. It was just that much activity going on and now. Anime upon a bit familiar colleague Becky is optimized thank thank you but I don't my hand accessing this site. Where were speculated why you know it's not been up to be a crap that is a lie like all like that may have been. Over the trees and fields and that it would just disappear that our you know life which is go out. And how I helped me to say how big would you say the bowl it was. I thought he would I mean. I looked like it was maybe two feet in diameter. Can certainly is Bob into the trees yeah. It's have you ever heard of a phenomenon called my home and will weigh explorer ball lightning. Yeah I. Do literally similar. OK so it was a similar to that where they're usually the size of a basketball or soccer ball in the whipping and now. Yeah well. I don't know it is I've never really seen anything RTS and I mean in this afternoon here whether there was no crowd. I was clear. That are you know. And if you almost see it is still light. Admitted he would think that street got to know that it would meet that are in now would it. Be eaten into a and and then so it was just some really strange stuff going on in. A lot you know a lot of activity. And it it was just really. It was really weird and it and it was letting. Impact it was just didn't you know gore and in not out there and say you know our stance and we're at here. Actually landowner. And they have their area where I'd been seeing all this act it's yes it's. It's day helicopters military helicopters and training you know and that training. Not right not to criteria enough to wait to see come to believe do you believe that they were working hand in hand with the UFO's he would seem. In. I you know I speculators or it isn't like alien problem and resource and Matt in. In. Second in the near. Lebanon. Yeah they're trapped and manners. You know to adopt in the ground there. Tickets Apple's top and a near wannabes they're not simply be joined by aspect along and ballclub pick up together in disappear get in now. And then I'll stop my truck and a modem I went to a lot of yet because you're on the deck player wants the growth. Reflect an optical at Communists that grows you know when I'm intrigued stepped out. I stopped the truck had rolled Weydedat stick my head out make sure to see it action there was no explanation forward. And you know we were seen a lot of and I can be in any school in on a lot and extreme get bigger. You know and I enjoy you know you know aired it is in umi. You know I can't think pretty interesting. Ronnie your story it's it's much more frightening in much stranger but we're not gonna go there yet because we have a phone call or someone to share an experience with us this is Adam from Pennsylvania Adam. Welcome to beyond reality radio around with Jay. Jason Jay-Z and honey DOS. Yeah how's it gonna. I had some experiences let's Europe told myself saw him. Growing golf ball through my childhood I am. Would you kind of like our strange like China like amateur might not bedroom window. Where I lived and knocked up and scratch and what my godfather for a little bit. I'm not second story and you know about not enough bit. Wake up in the bat like outbreak up the next morning I'd be on the other side of the bed. Right you know facing might keep chasing my head you can read my feet were and you know vice Versa constantly. 1 morning I woke up with a black guys who don't even know I got but as the years went on down. When I was about fourteen mean my now friend. We're we live up by a golf course and now rural Pennsylvania right to tie in the country. Now we are. Those summertime thing we were. You know stargate and night watch and one not so the one and I were watching him watching this story it's just kind of going across this guy. Going across this guy in my body starts split in the wider than generally to your apartment or whatever get out here if and this thing just kinda makes ninety degree angles and drops straight down. Now it's about how to about a half a mile away. And this this crap State's suit I'm saying it's about fifty yards around. You can literally hear it like if you ever took a stick bandwidth between the wind and it makes that. Consider making that noise. And there was bullish white white. Who light's green lights and on like a reddish pink like my Bible and like a circle shape top to bottom. So now I'm getting scared 'cause now fourteen and whenever that time and I stick head and that doorway to hell. My Al buddy's mother right game its history don't come outside you gotta feed it. When I stuck my head in the doorway and stuck my head back out the crap Oregon. Yeah my count my pops about it he does that you've been doing drugs I am right now popped it up and do it that. Scared the living did you decide this. All throughout my years now like growing up and stuff I I have some really Jews and problems. Hydrogen green. The one time. It was right on to bright you know friends and one not people the town that I noticed. There's this craft landed on the golf course and the role trying to just watching like violence towards this craft. And then my dream of mine I'm kind of behind a lie and I'm like you know trying to comic friends over my adult that ship like you know people are going like you know they're just likened. And they just kind of looked I mean would a blank face and just kinda kept market. And like I constantly had dreamed of like I guess. The call out of body experiences are what. You pub where where I'm like he's leading in my. I'll be right floating towards like my back door right almost going to out of my mouth and then like I pulled myself back into my body weight drop. I've had small mobile recurring dreams don't buy. When I've powerfully on the couch my mother's house and this low grade guys like trying to peak you know. Am I gotta catch up on sarge is because we have a hard break at the top of the hour we're gonna get Romney's reaction to your story when we come back it's beyond reality radio Jason NGV don't go away we've got a lot. Hey gang it's JP from beyond reality radio reminding you that taps her magazine is the official publication of the tax organization that's right. Dressed in the when you need to subscribe to taps her majesty. Now's your chance to do it at a special rate and the best news is that taps parent magazine has been completely redesigned. And re launched to serve you better. That's right go to the web sites caps Karabakh dot com that's task experiment dot com. Click on the subscribe now button and turn the promo code beyond at check out and save even more on your subscription. It's that's a paramedic team where every issue was filled with the latest information regarding the kernel community whether it's TV. Weather radio or whether it's happening you're neighborhoods it's. Arab magazine again go to the website captain paramedic dot com. That's happens paramedic dot com use promo code beyond just say. Now Hillary and I can. Songs Jimmie Johnson our guest tonight is Ronnie Dawson and our telephone numbers 8446877669. And Ronnie is an oil field worker this hadn't amazing UFO alien encounter and none north central Texas started pretty much from 2008. And is still continuing to the steak restaurant. Yeah. Now aren't so we talked about yet we talked about the lights you know you saw some some strange lights 2009 sort of give a little suspicious meets her reports but. Let's take the stories step further what happens next. The next day I'm gonna get an area where I'm seeing knowledge activities the Internet is an I'm not travelers out and it's a picture as. 183. And headed towards the count count rises stardom there were have been seeing a lot of activity. And get a patent. I looked at this guy in his seeks huge. Why I'm curious to cross this guy. And man and it just appeared did it mean it would appear. I'm not in the trailer truck on the back and reduced air damming and make it. Far across both sides of the highlight. And I was like man I got you know and any thing to each and that it these are okay and I mean they are a lot. It was an ally in this like a lot to me into a portal we endorse. And it was I had this guy like Eric in a loss of C. You know actually a car that was pulled over now wondered if they look at delight to edit to contribute and how a car I mean make. They turned into a Turk downer. And I was back on the Howard pretty much I've actually happen and I can't travel and would like. And I thought they edit in. Amazingly art in his own explanation of anything being it being you know and these flat like had to be you know fifteen feet. Circular like eighteen inch size. And there and the success and victory mark emotional it was not analyze all the yet. So we haven't that how this thing and I'm like my god look at their the helicopter that I'd gone under the law could explain it. Now with what you're so I'll tell you what you're saying though is it almost seems as if each one of these lights was its own individual chip. I think it. I think is seen anime like it was it was one big crap. One huge crap and it is huge holes and now like that portal went ahead and and I have noticed from watching east saying it it's like they don't seem like they're completely dark and money out of wall. They make too emotionally they make too much power of the market opposite. Inside these total liabilities things flat out in an anxious whitish blue light in allegations saying collar. Shadow political went on and it and it looks like black is not actually I. Beat him beam apply it's like a really large light inundated portal. An issue this would look like a giant crap in three more lights came on. And it's a little bit and I analyzed stretched across this guy economy cross and I'm trotted them out late spring and and I'm going might give it. An entry in the light. Broke off from there the rest of arm and started gripped in. To lay up short to ground elect on the island that is certainly shouldn't elevation or organic. And well. And I was coming towards this thing. And it has been I wanna get that quite Iraq could Osce election more almost like acted in an honor that they gain just. You couldn't and it was still there and there are some go out just like. It weren't invisible anymore as a reluctant broke up are still Kenya. And then they went. Closer to the ground any other crap. And that's not gotten them hours look at some outlet and it was probably about a quarter mile at a yield there. And Ellis coaches saying truly look at politically picket look at it. And looked over the area accuracy it is polluted being calm and at the bottom up. And not a bright. Not a bright eye it was a kind of the darkest blue color and it shot to the ground the Kraft did not only ran it still a good way to build program. And it is blue light emitted from it all the way to Bagram is adequate knowledge Ingraham and there's not a brilliant by no means. Dark blue light. Being can't sell this thing on the ground not far commuter there was yellowish kind of a yellowish green or at some I lol it. And it and then I looked at legacies of the loan scheme they almost like you had a Bobble. Huge hit her body and. He should did you say you know Bobble head running Bobble head. The recent yeah I'd like it had I had Lucy here you are you know this happened was it was unusually large for the body. Yeah eight it's a natural light jacket tale that this thing is not is not built like rigor her enemies and shoot. You know almost like the body should mean minimal court. And edit green lack water act it. And action there and and insisting on dot amateur public and it. Amazes me. And on out like I'm I got in our you know getting out in atomic camera and I didn't have any early in wherever. Anna and and I certainly can do that the current. There's that we haven't. We have action in bag an head to disposable camera out and look at this bank BC uses are probably uses disposable camera are it. And I looked around and then. And Erica excited and a truck in fact it looked in and try to get it got asked it to our shock it wasn't even in the truck so I can't sit there watching and no lawyer recorded. You by yourself. Yeah by myself proud and Ali intentions about star I don't wanna. And you say. You say how far away from you this preacher once. This thing this probably. And atrial quarter. Out materially it was like quarter full or guard out and. I was obviously close enough that you could make it out but it yet it was actually an anarchic gate. Wasn't within arm's length though. Now if you know it was out there I was kind of with a lot lower in the kind of freaked out. He. One Republican at this tainted the hell out of here. And a but I can take matchup than. Because you you know just to make him not to look at. I'm glad to log collection it is Manchester road trying not to. Not as it's on on air Biehl. And I'm looking at that little inundated to Bagram. Intercepted in the Blue Line about thirty feet off the ground. And and I am looking at the last I looked like it here crop could shut the and I'm looking at is being trying to derail what it is and and Allison are seen as a cab and it was look at it it. Like it was an agony is something. Oh my god it's a cap. In his caddie is X cannot start feel to Grammy in the air is light this is probably in the economic Browner. And then. All my guys you know I just really wanted to are now I just kept driving you know. Return did you feel threatened Ronnie did you feel like this thing was might be coming after you next. I. I lost their freight able it was that it was gonna do mean. I don't it was just I just thought you know asking more than our policy and a lot of detail out of your gut only record nobody and probably. Is there any note any sound and an I'm race. Any noise or sounds associated with the. Absolutely none not at all you know. Can't hear anything quote in my truck is Ramadan ways and you know outside of our time here being that it did occur acknowledged that. You know if I'm my amendment on report it I didn't say anything about I should you know I mean it is why. About how much have you are you know and at that point out like I you know I got really got your arm it's a collection out there senior could jeopardize our year. Cadillac airline pilot you know your current taste in beer psychologically evaluated. And you know my and you know we get. We have a lot of training on knock people let other roads or Erica they get you are or are a lot of security training in N. In. I'm out literally cautiously wrote about the main thing on the court all right look at our music they're very eager it doesn't tell the story. It is very. It's it's attempted to me is you know I does want to catalog deciding see anybody ought to. And I and I totally understand that but and what you were just saying though it's a shame but airplane to airplane pilots. When they claimed to have experiences a lot of times they end up on early retirement they end up. Where it was different different things and not being allowed it and to continue flying the planes so. And there are a big thing for them is when they have these experiences to charity keep them private so themselves and it's it's a shame that. That it happens that way. Yeah. If this is saying they'll actually realized you know I decided at one point you know. The only industry Ellis. Slightly out except wait wait more important immediately being taken at meted Hitler I don't eskolaste lenient in giving nobody is doing now. Everyone you know outline how I feel it's there was an invasion of supplement is due to an alien inmates had it on this now I'll be. So right don't you think you had this experience which obvious who was startling enough but at some point you decided that you and I eat and I think in your report I see we being used from not sure who else was involved in this. But you decided to try to figure what was going on didn't you. Now you're not I actually need scratching. Got a lot browsing atomic Brandt now. I am not the sharpest at. Tech in the box that. And I'm also a guy that I understand and I actually world. Last opportunity at a conference in about him now. And I talked to smoke it or united ease that it acted to try to cigarette. About the stunning post assistant scraps you know that is thing is we don't know how to get ordinary here. You know. Iran I got to ask you know I've got to ask this of all the things that you could you know that you were curious about why were you so specifically curious about propulsion. There's there's there's there's something behind that. You know beat because when you know that's you know that would net the main. To maintain and you know they he educated people illicitly owners that back to stage keeps getting. The speed of light. Yeah you can't travel pessimistic allied missile or at predicted that are geared it would make it bird and it is actually one of the big mystery to think about your closes out here. You know I think the technology that we have. You know right now I if we had this bill if we had an anti gravity technology. These guys have you know we'd be up there with our. You know maybe not another galaxy that we be traveling. All the things that McCain days. Yeah yeah yeah we just can't we just had at one thing at Akron beacon you know we could be. Well you know we're limited now about weight and everything out trapped on the change and inspiration cash in collapse seen. You know especially the bit later on this letter Saudi and it's. I'll talk about it later is that Coleman Texas outing this thing was like a rock it was like a city built on the circuits that you'd lock. Then planted cast these guys you and I gravitate artery to links that we can even edit. Well and if but it if they can travel at the speed. Avoid or faster. You why you why do you think that they're traveling over certain areas so slowly do you think that they're just doing. Some sort of a survey of the land or survey of the beings on the land or. Push your thoughts. Yeah I must say that you know I travel all this lack travel all that way in an hour or older today. Perhaps feel it's fiction you know quality you know while program how do you want anxious Suu Kyi traveled that war in and it. And it had to be at least unionize. Not thinking it actually shall stand at a dual match. They're mapping. Shifting our resources. And and a good actually he has stated that they're doing regions. And as you read about it now it should now is it gonna declare war and other countries were not just gonna go blindly charging and I don't know that that. In you have to wonder not that it maybe that's what's going on. I wanna make sure that we get your full story in here before we run at a time and we do have some time last but died just wanna make sure we get it all in and you know you decided and again I think you had some people working with him on this that your gonna. Do some experiments. To determine what kind of propulsion system these craft had so tell us how what you did in and what you found out. You know. I bet a little research as well. A lot like it actually get it done yeah I'm seeing crap like aideed and pretty much limited to what you can do because. They're usually there shall also agree that an equal or secretly in. And that. Not about how to read about this at the border of course flat EOK that is about David digging it. You know an uncharted vigorous elect beat me in a round bodies that match regret BO you know it and these. Medication noted they got there at Atlantic car yet or at its deputy nick Olympic policy rhetoric. And this location at an April matching seeks in it Victoria Australia. And I you know I have I have this top partly it is particularly dislike a crack in the classroom and detrimental at. This is one I have my gap and China to artery picked email watch. Little bit stronger than it wanna eat in a correction you can actually Welch I can't two this. And and I had to pick out partly attested to where there is semi clad feet later and later. Operators fly ash. The lessons at the same yeah yeah absolutely and an added you know. I agree not a candidate playing their animals. I swarm them and they're pretty powerful. Yeah and and but yeah this stat audio this banks gone up or she'd wrap my head at. You Iran act like it's here. Deviation being which indicate it is powerful magnetic. Gravitational field and the crowd after that the crap beaten patent stakes around a lot Whitaker to beat and it that was that they could attic. It was as simple as that we. Not like it to stop the alerts are paying you anything about Chris Wells and editors nobody else out there. And it you know this this is our chance to do it and and it went on out I had to stop the shipment date period. And I contact most renowned Ossetia is here rendered it and you know I've seen a lot of these. Wanna legislative kiss on the east bank could we get that opportunity and Matt so like I'd like yeah el Amin Salem normal exit. Any agreed to it and he obviously in the marketplace. You know look at it appears like at the park place scout lots. And so I traveled to an option. And it and actions except there when we look we are looking around anyway we're here to military gets left out. Am not a machine being east at around Armitage hit slept. And we're not seeing things I've got to light on how she acknowledged a lot of ground. You know he's in my loud and brat like she's ever actually yeah initiate it. Senator Parker condition it was treated being in my. You know and now. Anyway solution and a lot and then he's an analyst decrepit. Crept just appeared out of nowhere sport like crap here. I got look now look over there and that is to lie actually came on. And congratulate you are not fired it into circular motion around it scrapped. And I seen being mediation at all. And be added that it is shouted on the circuit to crack at it again I should talk about carry out. I would like you know this thing out seeing my lighter is being that it makes interpreted as a weapon and he certainly couldn't. Despite our scorched bodies laying on the perhaps yeah. Able to handle aren't like this crap now and in my heart beat Adam I guess my uncle my gap that don't back. Sudan. Jesse did it was a win but there were no immediate consequences right. There was no immediate consequences. I don't look at my friend you ought to demand that camera you've just got to be an aberrant that were. And I looked hard not to do that and the cameras layer and the chair. And he should stay in their docket this is about as Lotto. I pentagon I'm gonna. Eddie not seen when previously I mean he not had one of these earlier encounters this was the first on for him. Yeah yeah that this is that it will this'll the first one for him and a bit. Are they IE. You know it is my best friend and known for years and I think Adam kind of wanted to believe me but he he. May be. You know announced that maybe you didn't see it in Albert is you know willing to support me on this thing at college and I re out in there idiot you know that's what I've been seen that was whistler dirt shutting in any day. Army. And I mean that's and that's why it was like entering your current cap and saw it start but he absolutely. Track it means they're all mania. You know somehow or another they don't want Matt consider this thing Amanda weren't that show. I don't know they've got implanted or what they do not believe that we haven't seen much they have no problem planet. We have about two minutes before we have to go to break again and I want to I want you to take the story to the next step because these things can ask you didn't. I'll yes yes against pretty weird. And it was like it was like two days later it like it is like a day or two reactors are we did this. I I went home and start trying to later in my house. And I confess I had to start the room you know meg actually attracted a laser. No magnetic solid laser at it and maybe that's what attractions parted around our backyard. And I go about thirty minutes and nothing happened. On that showed. Disappointed strategy becoming go to bed. Had to give in go to work the next morning. Became an apt to go to bit. And it and then things got we're six got here. And move it later. Yeah let's. Doug about his experiences in Texas where he witnessed some flying crashed that he couldn't identifying some new flows. And many tried a little experiment with a laser tried to determine what was making these craft move what the propulsion system was. And he had there's a bit of a consequence it is gonna tell us about whom we come back from the break our telephone numbers 8446877669. Feel pretty common if you have a question for Ron here you wanna chat with Jason and dying and I don't for itself by the FaceBook page if you like it. Hello FaceBook. Dot com slash beyond reality radio. Again FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio make she'll like the page and then had to be on reality radio dot com find stations we era in the area and a also listen lifer there. You'll soon Jason GP. How do you rate JC JDR toll free number 6446877669. Our guest tonight is Ronnie Dawson in I think Ronnie we're getting right into the meat of the story here you. Had a couple of it sightings basically one you fooled around the laser you were mere point in this laser at the aircraft and then other words provoking these ethnic sellers they. Only say that right he can't act so I'd tell us what happened at home. Can't you I can't mobile market Dana Ers we're analysts. I can't addiction and it's big Teddy. Tank and in can't call striker. Indoor house cat. And he caught it. And and I can mean an academician. And I do assert China cargo jet and it might Wear Bagram. I am the short acting as it in the process should be. Need to be remodeled actually don't use it at my age and anyway. But he had a working bullet and networking chariot it it is not really takes that. And I'll sit there I go in there and there's a huge hole chewed him up Laura and and the caddies mission and how shut down line. At camp in I don't know how he chewed a hole is also being can get my whole arm and here. I'm always actually elbow is like a huge hole Q in the floor in an excellent opener of the journey out. And it and yeah I'm calling enacting hearing out of step in our region they're trying to acting. And it upshot no idea China in a line up in the air. And actually seen it in its annual academy and and I can allow up in area and near east to I. Looking good and so. And I mean scary looking. And I taken that is you know that might not be the cat. I don't know why that might occur at an aquatic I cannot we like it got what you do is stick your arm and trying to grant that you had a couple of duke grad. And then. You know it I kind of scared up are my guess I went out the side panel right in thirty. I. Mean it. Does not much room underneath the air that's crossed about it. Then they've got a that's laid out their children here and creole. He really had caught Ernie is going to level it in secretly actions in. Not a player Plaxico. Or maybe X system on the side ask a noted it was kind of cold. And got twisted back. I pushed it back and actors are on the cat and and back here to cash in on a cloudy can't get caught. Up putting back and out and actually the bats and Allen got a ATP could stand and little hole. And now. I'll block all walks in you know I can imagine I call war choke. You know and then election later layered look what I would I would bet that are near you later. Came. Out it was time to go to bid. And I just. I cannot even apply to my liking it into the ground. They'll like a light shining in my eyes why they like and the lights in the after all get a vote Tibetan region and I am I. Be able to go to the kitchen. You get a drink I need to adapt fallen almost Alina like my house the new program. And Knight because is yet to do that night. To get a degree though the cats are sure that they just you know just glam it up like yeah you know also. I'm and I just like again go to bed and opposite I hear your luggage in the kitchen. And I hear her class has been knocked on her instead. I. Hal and I think an extra cash you know and taken the can't audit pit stop that block is a law that Alley. And that. And I heard some get knocked over in there again and that and I look at Albert go away announced that there's a camera you're looking. Is breakage son. Towards the other part of that house with a shout his camera up again I'll scratch not. I live better of the two countries and danger and now we have a pretty frequent public schools picketed the attic and may have a lot actually in all of this. I think editorial on elected do I don't look Angela yet Trout. And Dennis in and it twice etiquette school. In I have so many decades and all of that the country and release. Not that you're okay I know the routine is obligated to school. And so when I try to get out of it. I couldn't do it could not load it was like Ellis wrote it and are tried more pressure. Filled me in life. How long how long were you conscious. Running how long were you conscious and thinking about him listening and trying to assess all that before you started to try to move. I'm able to tell all I'm not. I had laid down that long. I had like Gallo and a huge attic. Not as it was like apartment earlier had been in and play yeah I just laid down. And and the analytic you know an outlook syndicate. And in Israel like topic is oral. Oh crap I gotta give up yet. Gotta get a peek did you take it squirrel and how are you know where things that could have done it on and won an account daughter might. Had called the police ordered kiss me and add a palatial gonna shoot this score all of I'm going now how could you can get slammed into an error. Oh yeah. So used you know what you wanted to get up to addressing you think it's a squirrel and you can't move you and you had no sensations about used that you sell. Prior to trying to move is just when you tried to move you couldn't. Yes it was an act don't absolutely not it. There was no reason to not be able to try to get it it may do. Slightly in and outs but it is not a forced grant mean element to that it. And I I what hail in them are potted that order and I. Of course you're gonna get an accurate by the Carter are in the more act spotting it. You could actually what would what I really count for more accurate do you get so it affected your are agreed and. Did you soon mart didn't see anything unusual indeed strange lights com did you see any creatures anything. But it may cat decided to join me in a bit so they can't let the cat running into the rough and jumped on the bit to me. And then. The first thing happening asking history about it. Now meanest thing whatever it. You know actually this squirrels not cut the school are not at all it's that this thing was shocked at. I mean it was just a brown streak. And it it was a novel. And then went back but I need to admit it well keep your head head there. It was catnip implore them so that was open and then actually related to an Egyptian anymore and that it can deliver and now. And I and my paper and try to let him I'll look into the open doorway. And I actually anything streak by. Any enrichment missile threat that he can't actually you can get a look at. I mean shouldn't is she was a brown streak and then another. In and out and it's racing back in port knocking in the go or not you're in October in October Atlantic advocate you're gasping and broke out. What they do and running well they after what was going on. Yeah they have to run and where they asked you what with a master. You know I was thinking I guess you know and that's fine I want to visit there was too little matter racing back up and asking one. Walk and run. If Iran. They've run across a Berkeley law. I mean inaudible Milan I would like gravity didn't affect just an apple won't run across walk. An epic you know correct there's no way inhaled this squirrel I squeezed in this world at this point. Not squirrels. Not in town and it's about a way to anger management and street it is in many lenders to local and Terrmel mr. Is there and they were kind of ransacking the house source that. There aren't you ransacking. And then no and then Ronnie and I am all we've got about three minutes left with you know wanna make sure you know the important details in so the ransacking the house did you figure what they're looking for. I I you know I kind of figured out and later that election what they got a word allegedly being. Palin asked. He also talked again maybe they were after the labor wanted to take a look at laser. The did you want one able Scott right front door and actually get initiated it and initially it was about eighteen to. It is no luck at a place and an angry old man. It almost like an actual skeleton on the like. But I was like humanoid and add real it can have big. These guys make in my head big attic what role model but he had a real when he actually I liken the bitter old man out. And I'm like a Honda. Did you say eighteen inches tall. Aching need to talk very real small. British law. There really released America. So did and I were you hurt or harmed in any way other than not be able to move during the while they were ransacking the house were you harmed. Yeah I'll let you know it's got back and Doleac regular academy looked into it a bigger. Economic and look back to gather to Altria. Running it ran under the bed that was slain. Under the is this what this is where it's scary. OK you got about a minute to have to de Vista to Tel plus scope. Okay at this boat that they've run it aren't that bad. In it and and I am. Course hostility that track decade did in. An air and actually an orbit just about these things are actually match element be it. They're good at bat social and is bashing me are actress. And an option no action on the day it. And then today it stops it and I can. And here they care underneath the boxed link in the and the Damascus security and you auction and action and action hero on at the bottom of the osprey. And yeah and damaged is attic and the cat. Politics and Alex was acting ability. But he can't arms program. And I didn't see anything chasing so I think like you that there that I am still stuck here in these things on at the box spring soccer trying to do it. And I date. But they can't get good it's almost like they felt like they were trying to get the Mac. Waiting to market weight and all mean beacons. Stein dictionary brick and I hear these sanctions to commit tear me apart. And now. And I decided I'm gonna make you know money. You know how to cite one last X Amman about this and is it. Or at least campaigns and I was gonna grab a lot a golf club at Albert the corner and declare hold on me again. And I this Saturday you know moment you can ever in too much forced to do it and as to when I try to do it that's inaccurate millions. Couldn't yeah still couldn't move it sit there government here. Run on an Indy we got to wrap this up here so. Work and PB you have an e-book out that that tells your whole story correct. Yes yes how can people get ahold of that. Quickly. Some Barnes & Noble right now they can actually be negated app. And had any copy yeah now still at the Barnes & Noble over the they don't like mine it is Adam was gonna become an and it shall. And get it to tell you do you have a website or something the people can go to. I think you can count as well the main abuses might I don't YouTube. Might lot of my videos and air. Number it means being sluggish and I've got several videos they were actual happens every year it is I didn't get to knock him out on the air. And you eat. I'm sorry right we're just we're just at a time so I'll will put this post that for it's beyond me. A game scary time might be over for this year but there's another scary kind in the works you owe it to yourself to check out the details notice Derek Carr and dot com that's Garrett con. Dot com sign up for the email list and be informed you need to know what's going on with scary con because it's the best weekend of the year scare coming clean celebrities fans. Vendors parties panel discussions film premieres and so much more it's a weekend you'll never forget it everyone is welcome visit the website scary time dot com that spirit con dot com. Beyond reality grand Jason on Stevie Johnson great to have everybody along and we're gonna go to our phone line now and bring in our special guests recklessly kitty says so we're going to this call for a long time welcome to the amazing plucky. TE chief V Jason Kenney is change. Yeah I can hear you can hear you great handle on calling because Sen last night after and it's instant hanging Chad who's listening to Michelle. I think Jason you are talking about money my phone call that I collectively spell currently they really didn't come off his that is my voicemail was. So I just wanted to calling clearly true. I think you should clear the year because they think that left manages some reason but I was confused by the whole thing it definitely was sort of a mixed readings or go ahead cocaine well I I understand that let. I'm and it's it's tough sometimes to really understand my everything's gonna. Explain them that well one that was a reading what that was a prediction of everything in our meeting prediction. Okay thank you came back so I discipline that he couldn't hear about twenty seconds heat and and it if you're OK am. It makes implications Ventura. Yes Jeff I'm okay tuna can. Focus cocaine. First I want to Cullen who wish everybody a wonderful 2017. Especially after all the listeners Trenton. Tune in so many times to listen to me. Penthouse and sometimes to listen you hate you Jason and JD rarely mocha and and right so hip and he comes back pretty tense and tight right so. There aren't going to be some good things have happened in 2070. That's good to hear that but that's the prediction the Olympics more you know America has always monikers of hockey churn is gonna. But there will be some bad things that happen in 2070. I just need to make everybody aware that okay and in that seems pretty clear okay. Now this is there's consent cards I'm gonna talk about that some power. Could. I AT&T some people passing it in 2017. Just want to make sure everybody solaris. Now everybody prepared anybody specific but I don't want to see that because my hips that some people. There will be some people asking her into it hasn't anti. And a positive note there will be some people staying out lie in 2017. But let's consider the act at will definitely and how. Packing them on okay hopefully make sense some of you will still be so good news tonight good news psyche. Almost. I do see some people. In the US winning the lottery in 2070. Is going to be anything amateur will be. I guess anytime you win the lottery it is amazing so and again do we have any names that are well he'll be people who weren't rich writer. And though the rich. Can you give us the numbers that they play better yet anything while he. It's gonna be one through 49. In the numbers that the teams. Okay that's all powerball numbers anyway as I so this will be we hear from many. But it Libyan thank you for others and I just want everybody to understand it. And be prepared and understand that there will be a 2000 ET OK very good news weather re hearing that 2018 will. You know I guess so yeah what's gonna happen when your music career in 2017. I don't now. Had to turn down a lot of big Oscars recently and paint and the sheriff if that's. The relative like I'd like to take we have I recommend not 2017. Will open. Out of stores and close a lot of times. Okay. Eric but without being sent I just. I'm going to go rest and home and I just wanted to wish everybody had. Happy medium a wonderful. Wonderful and meeting 2017. And I. I assure you the amazing talkies yeah I mean you can't argue with this predictions I don't see how we can be wrong with any of those Myanmar say all the time he is amazing. So move thank you (%expletive) you for calling plans. And I you know I just wanna take a second there's merit to that went to the psyche call because I know his time was limited but. You know Ronnie story. We we can't had to rush in the best parts their murderous rouge is simply ran out of time and that you need to check out his YouTube. Channel. And I know he's been posting some pictures I think in Chad I think that's been running in there because some things growing through their so it's pretty cool story and I you know I highly recommend people looked into and and hopefully get him back on the show and have a more time at some point. And that's old tool it will make sure we both come again we'd actually have a longer period to discuss everything going on with them and stuff if he has a minute after. I the last enemy he says the the stuff distilled ongoing and we learned this from site started getting terrify you started about these eight tees creatures running under his bed and its wrenching as president embarks free and you can move idea that's just the slate. The honeymoon is that who was there in the Romans used to stick the wraps on people on indication that the rats each room. You know it's son it's a shame that we it that we did run out of time there because we were getting ready into the into the meat of the story there but. Running we've that we'll Ambac downloadable we have more time with him in the can tell the story and it in its entirety but we've got. A pre recorded shows coming up next week and remind folks of that it's best of stuff some great guests will be on I think wanna remember a Wilson we did the first show we did. A syndicated in August August 1 Graham was our first guest we're gonna you have that is one of our best of its next week. Yeah and we get a Wii and a bunch of great shows and will be a putting them on by well I'll be out flir. More at the CES that clears Booth so it's so if you're around. Stop on all over sale IG via via around there with me as well. The big shout out to around Dawson for coming on Jim would you think of (%expletive) he's reading. Well I mean he plays a pretty safe from and his administration you know as some people have a good year some do have a bad your he's gonna stick by those predictions and able lives and bullseye people will live some people -- somebody when the laundry dad and numbers one through 43. Hour 45 and a quarter trying to. Now been in that span that is all powerball practicing so well I don't know and its. I love again and Clint it's. Pamela this is one of those I think he's he's very sincere in his in his very safe protections. Apply appreciated him calling. So I appreciate you calling in tonight to say it's an earlier in the show I have issues out there listening to to give a call and but. I don't want a ticket I was talking trash about this news phone message and identities of the figures Wednesday that's well yesterday we were just a little confused by these weird pauses like he was waiting for me to respond to and then it's not a deep carded a real iPhone is probably thought he was on the air I don't know if a bad enough to face a recording session alive but refuse might. Judge but I get a big shout outs around Dawson for coming on hanging out with this and you haven't yet had over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio. Some Meena made FaceBook page for this for us. And then from there you can go to be on reality radio dot com now you can download any of the shows free of charge there you also listen to him if you don't wanna download Emmerich from a website. And during live show just clicked on the listen live button. You can listen right online and you can also join TVs and myself and and most of his family and friends and hang on the chat room. And it becomes very interest in place. And I just wanna wish everybody do a terrific happy new year let's hope when he seventeen builds on what we've done here and then we've reached a new heights and have a great time doing it. Jason javy will K actual 2070. Media is to discuss its into the rooms that exceeds three Johnson yeah. Arianna don't forget to stop by our FaceBook page can also like to say hello it's beyond reality radio all one word if you've got information you want us to follow along were you liked being Gaston beyond reality radio emails too slick Eddie. That's slick Eddie ED DY at beyond reality radio dot com thanks for listening.