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12-29 7pm Deke: with the View from Vegas

Dec 30, 2016|

Deke gets the picks of the week with Vegas Runner of TheBigMoves.com and talks fantasy football with Mark Menard.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And welcome back to join the elation sports network and about twenty minutes and have you fantasy football update moment ought to be the leaders. In all the has statistics and also an update on today's bowl accidents and ACC teams in action already today. And offered them a pretty good right now in the third on top of West Virginia. To be the do you take what to set the all they could for as it was this. On argued for Vegas PR man we need to wait a week maybe I can't remember you tell me I can't remember on this and we had a winning week. And it's been awhile date it's definitely been a wild season at this York and it is is one of the worst you name. Not overall. No. It actually known for the entire scene in it but you know. That Dan mound of calm behind you I mean last year was just. Something phenomenal partner repeat something like that. Where overall I mean for you know subscribers. It's 64 point 4% and it felt land here. Here I am lucky Auburn around 5650%. Football. Smaller sample size like on now I should know what you take in every. I mean we did that not enable it put a combination together calm. Week eight week you know what you wanted I was staying well what can you do. Ivo and just jump right and now with some on this take a look at a couple of comments gained first. Forthcoming. Not tomorrow and a lot on a Friday Saturday Sunday but. An interesting one common tomorrow be off. I know you talked about this earlier in week talk about it last week where you're like Florida State still holding tough at about seven and a half holes about. Between 5051 and had to pay no way you look Florida State is a seven point dog to the miscue wolverines. Yeah an and that one went the book didn't need the Florida State's night. Com it in the short money on law and I mean Florida State. But the public so heavy on the Michigan side then earlier this week. Michigan actually been attracted them Shula money so that really put the books that. They were open at least all of that professional bettors would agree and help them. I'll limit some exposure by Benton at Florida State sign but some like the mr. inside joke. Tough game for the books to be seen com that are well. Look at it this way their open and Michigan which they weren't bigger ball with eight bombs you know they at a higher aspirations even late in the season about it means to those playing all that and had the game in hand. At Ohio State just couldn't close. Com so for this may be elected spot coupled with the fact Florida State they just don't get any respect at all kitchen touched down here. You know I think there's some value Florida State or shorn and definitely that's the sign the books have been in need army in the orange ball mark night. I'd be ought now let's move into New Year's Eve. We go to the Citrus Bowl LA Hughes started out this game started off as a picked it between have a huge move with the two and a half. The total has stayed the same but people have neglect they've gone with the Tigers the Tigers at three and a half point favorite over Lugo. Yeah I am and even with Ornette panel own bed that's been the case fame. You know like it's one of those SEC schools that ain't gonna just get respected in the ball game that we can see in that with pretty much all the FCC schools. Com and you know Louisville they had made their betters money this year they may have had good seasons straight up 93 but against the spread they're up five and six spoke ball seems to he had not made money banked in Louisville and down the stretch. I mean the team that lost back to back games and they were seventeen and a half point favorite against Houston and 28 and a half point favorite against Kentucky. They've lost both those games now right I thought the wheels fell off toward the end of the season and I think that's why he's been no law at all for the Louisville side. Come on I've been at this game. You know taken a position on it not too much or money either. But that the Colts are going to need to believe he'll side as no one has any kind. Competency and then the way they closed out deceiving compared Dallas he'll. Might be off with the rest of the bone out of including me. The NASA semi finals you Mayhew for best college police but the rest of the vote him. Right off the morning with TCU and Georgia. I again I think it's lean moving in the right direction in like that it will earlier TCU at a economic mine. One now guys might re I mean if you re in. On that that TCU's side and in the markets weren't like that they're just so much better team. And earlier in the week and surprisingly and Georgia at CC school which getting public money. But just don't like sharp when he came in on TV view it now they aren't the favorite. They have a good against the click here to reunite. Com and I think that's why they brought him out at pick army and they were just on either value at that number. Mama like TCU in that game I still like them up at minus three even leanings might be big covered that game. Again at least that to keep numbered scary to take the worst of it after that come in and Alec North Carolina over Stanford I think McCaffery you know for Stanford. On the flatbed pasted it to school I don't think that the positives where you know be injured pail players anywhere in that well known again for injury game put the the not there. I don't think that's the case now I'm like North Carolina in this spot. I checked in three point mounts down to when it happens the more money on Carolina should point three tomorrow when the public come back. And take this Stanford side then I'll go to us Saturday game at the playoff game watching him in Alabama. I really like the rounder in this game would decide if he's fine. I got down it before earlier today now it's down to 53. I still think that way too high here. I don't think you're gonna see the kind of born in Seoul from watching him when they played. You know connect twelve type competitions he's just not gonna put it up like that against you know forty plus points against. Alabama that just doesn't happen so I think Watson is preparing a much different team plane hit and hang in there with Alabama. I think this. Born isn't going to be. Saw like throughout this season for the ones deciding even Alabama I think want to play good defense and it on the radio on defense this side of the ball. Home so I'm like the under a lot there and I and I and finally I like the under constant state. One as well too. That being too much on the line and games I mean you know ovals with the team to claim the championship game and the fact that they going over reliance for. Tom Clancy and pretty much the same thing. They all made by themselves make gains and there opposition plane now they're they're playing each other than not playing Maryland and Michigan State's anymore you know the Pittsburgh Wake Forest. On this is two heavyweights in the ring and I think it's gonna. Play out like that on the field I like beyond their and both playoff games on Saturday. I'd be off quickly because I got it going in there will he show only in about a 45 seconds gave me throughout your four best NFL picks of the week. Are they were anywhere Tennessee I think they're gonna bounce back here I know they they're playing for nothing in their receiving back clause last week but I think this line it is his. Really like too much to marry a an injury and I think temple's going to be just fine not turn the ball over like he promised prone to do I like to have seen minus three over huge stand ugly basically that's the big element when it matters. I like that game legal under the total. Com I don't think it's going to be played out like the first time they played looked herb. Both these teams I'm not that many successful running one dimensional just pay it from the ball and I think it's gonna end up staying on there. And finally the Phillies. Oh win over Denver another injury plagued with my blowing comedy can be just fine and Denver is not in the plate for the eight seed if they would. At any moment no excuse motivation it would heal up last week not the case to the go ahead and take Oakland that's gonna do a pretty if we kind of fell. The off how to beat the people we get on social medium and make out great on this poor gambler. On Twitter at that creek on the sport gambler on Twitter. Reach out and hopefully we gave get some winners are playoff coming out VI happy new year my man was held next week thank grabbed me. Now we go this well. And news Whipple accidentally suit a long wait that's right. LSU has dismissed Craig Victor from the team. For what team called team rule violations of being reported yesterday and the norms native six foot nine was. Averaging over ten points a game more than seven rebounds a game but he will. Obviously not be active for tonight's game against Vanderbilt the kicked off the teams that's pretty big news. Out of bad route one of their top players and men on that team is now. Done for the season because of rule violations. In terms of your scoreboard for tonight college bowl season in in full force here. Arkansas Razorbacks in the third quarter Bailey Virginia Tech 24/7 623 to play in the third in that game that is. The bell bull and it's me tell televised on ESPN earlier today Birmingham bowl action South Florida 46 the 39 winners. Over South Carolina that game went to overtime. And the Bulls pulled it out and then later tonight it will be. Pop fifteen matchup with number two in Colorado. Battling number twelve Oklahoma State in the Valero Alamo Bowl that game kicks off at 8 PM looking at your fantasy football numbers. The season's just about over it's over for a lot of people if they if they ended their playoff after week sixteen some people still going into week seventeen. The new year is upon us I will give you the top scorers for the year top fives coming up four year starting quarterback. Number five at quarterback this season Kirk cousins of Washington. Andrew Luck of Indianapolis and number four Drew Brees of the New Orleans Saints. Third best among all quarterbacks in the fantasy season for when he sixteen. Matt Ryan Atlanta and number two and number one after a slow start. He still came on strong at the end Aaron Rodgers of the Green Bay Packers are top fantasy quarterback for two when he sixteen in running backs. DeMarco Murray rebounded from an off year last year he was number five for the season for the Tennessee Titans. Levy on bell missed the first three games of 2016 because of suspension it didn't matter he still ended up fourth for the year. For the Pittsburgh Steelers LeSean McCoy of the Buffalo Bills committed a number three at number two the rookie Ezekiel Elliott. For the Dallas Cowboys and the number one running back which when he sixteen. From the Arizona cardinals' David Johnson wide receivers number five with TY Hilton of the Indianapolis Colts at them before. O'Dell Beckham junior for the New York Giants number three Mike Evans of Tampa Bay number two Antonio Brown from the Pittsburgh Steelers in the number one receiver. This year Jordy Nelson also making a big comeback effort Green Bay Packers he missed all of last season. He's your top scorer among all receivers heading into the final week of the season. And at tight ends at number five a newcomer Cameron great big breakout star for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. As for Jimmy Graham of the Seattle Seahawks three Delanie Walker from the Tennessee Titans at number two. Greg Olsen of the Carolina Panthers the number one tight end for 2016 Travis Kelsey. Of the Kansas City Chiefs at pelican Richard defenses. Number five the Arizona Cardinals for the Baltimore Ravens three. The Kansas City Chiefs at number two the Denver Broncos at your top defense for 2016. The Minnesota Vikings and finally will take a look at the kickers. On number five Matt Prater the Detroit Lions before Adam Vinatieri of the Indianapolis Colts. Number three Dustin Hopkins. Playing in our nation's capitol in Washington Matt Bryant of the Atlanta Falcons at number two. And number one kicker for 2016 Justin Tucker. Of the Baltimore Ravens Albie took notes on that filed away for next year those are all your top scorers for 26 team. All right mop up the beat people with you on to them all I can follow me on Twitter at marked men are thirteen. All rye and Mayhew as welcoming them next night as it's not a SEC they take on the then they'll come knows how to be one of the better teams them this season. Along with the Kentucky Wildcats have him. And all you heard all he knows it great that it but off the team. Into a team rule violates the part peaceable at least coming upon it. Well for them one thanks so much back and Theo moment on Chris Miller on location on that he has now makes him. To Chris and mark they happen now so now the fine folks out here voters go to c'mon now and they'll all the game actually hooters on veterans boulevard. In there on the ballot the it was in Ewing it was a happy new year I would join you in Saturday morning I read here in the UCL AQ. And the review all the poking that's coming up on Saturday morning. Happy new year mayor Christmas happy new you to all of you out there and be safe corner who we would see you. Coming up. Friday Saturday morning with the type activities do we keep our base there. Thank you and this is the home of the Saints and Tigers that you get you were pretty.