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12-21 5pm Bobby, Deuce & Kristian: on Saints-Cardinals and the NFC playoff outlook

Dec 21, 2016|

Deuce joins Bobby & Kristian to review the Saints' shootout win over Arizona and the current NFC playoff picture.

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Rock and roll and our two of sports talk the cajun cannon body there aren't crushing Garrick in for the BT TLV and join us this hour. Saint color analyst Deuce McAllister deuces in the house for our review preview August Saints NFL LSU in the college bowl games deuce armament. Wounded are you doing Christian good. Real good. And holiday spirit will be getting closer and closer Chris was deported that ought to do now it's just it's an ice cream because my nine year old. Bequest than on the list and that put down his. History so obviously the Christmas and I mean Craig Dahl has. I've used in that around the well led slash I asked the make catalyst. A week ago it does this analyst and is a dead list. And on the dad listing polygamy meeting meet you over and not only organize people I know we've got. You have to say like he'd put I've found it odd that he would put that on the on the as the Bedard had some of the freezer. As they need you guys you mean we if you would be done as a bit intrigued enough I could yet that that it felt like they need the pops almost my scoring. I do the start with the Saints 4041 victory over the Arizona Cardinals on Sunday did the defense take a step back a little bit yes I mean no doubt about it you look at it from the last round the second. Second quarter pretty much all the second half. Home now and now granite. Carson Palmer and David Johnson is really good often to me in into an outstanding job of running an offense but. From what we had come accustomed to the last 89 games for this on defense it was definitely a step back. She dated just to be considered in the evening becomes as. Note no I I I think he'll be he'll he'll he'll be considered in all pro. I mean I which is probably more of Bala validation because. MVP you eat you better be leading your team to other people are already in the NFC west was a great me to believe into the playoffs and you've got to be making a significant contribution. Two that I mean the Pro Bowl. Even the Pro Bowl it is probably in what used to be. I mean just because it's being affected too much by popularity. And the other pieces it's being affected by wins or losses of your team. You know that's not what the Pro Bowl was intensely nor originally set out to do now you get a true figure even though. A lot of guys will make it is is by all pro. Which really takes away because. All pro really you're gonna have maybe a two guys at a position instead of six guys and the pieces but at this. Now I think he is. And VP and deservedly so because where a team is that and that being Atlanta Falcons in Matt Ryan. Look at Matt Ryan he's an MVP discussion because 32 touchdown passes. All seven interceptions. He's led his team to pour in 69 points that the Saints are second. It's above and at the same it's amazing the average and point nine points a game and an idea a playoff team be a miracle they make it 1%. But they scored 63 more points than the Saints astle four. This season and appoint a bring it up the last hour deuces and and I covered the palace at this time when they went to miserable and they lost the Broncos. But that's season they had scored. 442 points for the whole season with the ad for 69 is still have to being. So what we talked about what they've done and they've shall I look look at the last two games it didn't matter Julio Jones didn't play in how the weapons they have. They crushed departing on its 4113. Been there and what they just beat they're transported to fourteen and and you don't have like a guy like Julio Jones so. No I think the balance have something to be regulated doubly impressive boy it. If Venus and they played anything come new years day begging you know the close Odyssey and think Atlanta yeah definitely willing and on I think you adjusted keeping. Hum. For Vietnam the only thing that they would be really plan for it is a playoff box. You know that stay right you know really depending on what happens with the Giants Dallas you know who who can get that two seed so they knew may still be in a ranking. At that point but if they're not while they played stars. You know it. I mean I know bill like the Saints when I mean at that point wildly while players are it'd trying to get back to us through Wimbledon and trying to win correct or. It would be meaningless game and while Agee I mean. Regardless of being able to be here you're bitter rival it's not worth sacrificing. Our chance in the idea that you get when you guys injured it's going to be how legitimate are they as a playoff as a playoff team like that how other what they can score. I mean that's the biggest problem the problem I have with him is I don't really think they're taken stopping about a consistently. You know love big Beasley is finally showed that you know for a couple years their people call the bucks you know but my biggest problem with the Falcons and and an aunt and and there rookie safety canoe Neil he had a lot you know what they wanna do defense Alou but my biggest my biggest deal is. I don't think the safeties orator corps can cover consistently. Against detain us just say a Green Bay let's just say a New Orleans. You know I don't think that they can cover them consistently because a defense. There's really admit. You know the palace have done and things did this in their magical 2009 season and into if you take the ball away all of that is you opportunistic. And you all of it to scoring and then. And you getting points defensively our new position that's when all of a sudden. That in all the Balata plus one no matter who they play they got a great chance to Witten. With the offense and I am back to what the way Freeman is Roland Matt Ryan has just driven the ball you know what they've been able to do is they've been able to hit two would be placed. With Julio or without Julio and in Freeman has been a machine Indian Nolan called Coleman. And India I think it's Gabriel who the young the young kid from Cleveland. Who they they Cleveland thanks Cleveland oh Cleveland. And he's got what Tristan in the whole receiving corps for a vote for for for the brown so I mean they'll figure. Hang out to pros Deuce McAllister. Bobby America Christian you are here on sports talk WM well enough in the daka. On attacks on an 8787 days is outlawed bodies take me to the Saints game to buy you boys. Some dome phone. Them bombing. Think the gaming it's doubtful they'll. Our. Forget the full. Hallows dome and as those. Foam fingers and so I. Am I'm one would own Promos I'm glad to clarify that the beer in the here so it's. You know. And expensive than. They'll like twelve bucks a pop right Selena. No and I get one out of body like you know. You gotta do you'll typical. That the Indians. Chuck abilities what's going on W to go to. Are you don't right now in America who call you. One thing I would like to say that while Owens the the Pro Bowl but as scratch that that's a popularity contest. I'll bring you back dodge ball. Oh yeah a bit produce well but nick and army. You know argue that Auburn players and we are about those that. You know I don't sing over the years and well. That is not even come close. One particular law schools that. Vehemently Pro Bowl not now Ortiz the winning its importance in its history. You know Eric law and Bobby that are on government control. One. 311 yeah and now that is the largest growth of might be the great receivers to nab approval. Though history considered. There's that that you aren't they he put but. Yeah I but it is hard breath. Look Jimmy Graham with them. But you hard pressed him Michael Thomas a brand because whoever it might be let this thing right now. Have a chance to have 31000 yard receivers. Absolutely that's the way it is structured so it's hard to have that once I might one day but it. Like Julio Giles or who every. Like this one might think is that ball he is for sure the normal guy like I had anything to gain their branding coach had. And eighties bill. I think Woody pitch in the year and you rub because of his size and believe plays known to receive I think you'd be a top number two receiver. Every team. In the NFL but at the level one. To me like he had a perfect example Kristin you do call in the game and you thought. He grew up a little radical is caught the ball across the middle outlet went down and Andy Andy about any win down. But being he got back out and went down again. So I'm just saying when people or is it time and space compared to like rolls them making view him as he is healthy and they couldn't. Doing that and he's and is Emeka I mean you look at Toni over all these major holiday receivers but it does feel different. Now Brandon coat looked he burned body back to when he caught that ball. And and not so fast and he took that I how's it being on a vertical route. That's why branding coach if it is legit. And now we at this tags earlier Christian and are we talking about branding cokes and ordered to read it and you know we were at Ralph is yesterday and branding coach interviewed him and signing autographs for the fans. You know who would agree time to have removal. You know and in the fans depreciating as an ugly game against the Cardinals. And then now and then the question is about. Defied description. It's about dealing. With Brandon cooks and you know going forward and and how the Saints could utilize wow what they can again form. When youthful like that that like they would want to trade him yeah like if he's not going anywhere until I know asked not going anywhere and if you trading got to get a first and at least opener for me and I think he's in an opposite yeah I mean I think anybody would give beautiful. Okay here's the question Bobby. Now they cooks is in the air you can add some likewise. If you would general manager. Would you rate cooks the late first early second round pick to solidified estate all of that of line. Argue that the line is he's making a point where how we spread the ball around and Drew Brees has made a number of receivers. To fill that role instead and get maybe a starting right guard has been an all along Arian does he play in nature Jahri Evans. Has an outstanding game is the Cardinals are dominant Davidson and in the 2000 with the injury draft maybe opposite a candy jar to that question. Actually meets it could give themselves at times to get them and I know they traded Kenny stills. I know branding coax my understanding is you probably can elaborate on this a whole lot better guy in the locker room being Kenny stills. And I I do think the view Bryan coax even though he had an Albers and I think that lowers the Egypt about getting to targets. That I don't think he's and and maybe. A negative attitude maybe like Kenny stills Burnett went down with the Dolphins. And what we got in return so. To me does that add four pitch. That when you look at players whose untouchable you know as fours and you might make a full caller stolen college and you listen. But we know that all but the blind. Still needs to be addressed and got again the with the an opposite camp for instance what happened in my opinion. A look at the lines game in Tampa Bay last Oakley of what's it like they're behind K. Dmitri he lost in the trenches you also without Matt summer. Yeah what. Which giving Max going bald heads on an interview I'll tell you without any differently against him yet yeah yeah yeah yeah I was actually. Exactly yet would you comment on him but we fill. C'mon. You know we still need to guard going and actual footage our image he played those you know Mara. I mean I mean it is debatable you guys got Blanco who whose bad I mean I really young guy that in the end you would be gambling going into nature words are one you don't know he walls to play. To right you've got to see what's out there on the market I mean if if my trade Randy coats I've got to give at least immediate first. Nets' top fifteen I mean because you did draft him high it would thirteen. Thirteen yeah a lot I I think yeah that's really what what what what were we took him so I've got at least kid. A high first you know fifteen an up and at least a third. You know I'm not just in the first round Iraq Ryan makes it makes zero says it's just trade him for one you know it has to be a solid third if I'm gonna trade. And as you or players are in LA was an established player. Well it's kind of like we gimme Kenny stills we've got an established player innings hell when he is well with an LL OB. That that I think that was good value considering. Now you might hindsight you look well he's always healthy. But to now Ellerbe note that gantlet with Ireland and and knowing his background and he got paid well Wendell because he did agree with the Ravens so. We animal lover I mean we know what you know Al he's healthy he's in the top two line backing. He also got talent they lose and happy pick. You know he he's gonna I was job which is which is what you want in any decent alarm. Michael in mid city sit tight coming TF and the headlines with Don aims. Saints quarterback Drew Brees threw up at 640 tonight. QB QB with a cajun cannon Bobby Hebert Deuce McAllister in the house along with. Bobby and Christian Derek in four Deke Bellavia do review preview talking Saints in the NFL right now. Get into L issues of college bowl games all of the next hour Michael in mid city was going on your on W him to a Michael. You are just called Cabrera bow. Drew were massacred Pro Bowl. Called fort the record there that your. Yeah sticky. Year. You know. You know. Our fear a lot of the World Cup and bought two goalies. Of all we are we all which or your natural. All aware ball. You know I don't result when we knocked told me column. You know all he then goes on talk about the situation and that it should. We always stole the ball. All. Well you could be newbie didn't trust grounds. He got more you'll. Win your number one also and the you know Dan. Or Ronny. Out and it meant that would be. And not too. What Obama Michael you'd think of this thing it's a playoff team two reasons I'd be in the approval of the basic can it be. A 500 team so what would you think that in the states does it over Atlanta is right now. And in the playoffs Uga talented Drew Brees wouldn't via. Pro Bowl. We're just in the Warren involved duties now and are well what. Not a pop and 00 all pop and it's now that that's not true. Are you. You know Auburn's all worked out. On the are so critical to the playoffs yet. And then Aaron and I also I do in order or number of iron to work well. Purdue credit card for him and. Buffalo the first loss against Buffalo. Well and doing the pages first also against Buffalo. Well and Michael Michael Gayle you piloted. And it's and we coming from touchdown then. Yardage and all that if you now winning what does that all mean. But I know this if you look at that position. Are you completing passes are not RR are you throw an interception as we've seen through Reed throws in your sense even went to her ripping gained. Back to back where he threw six picks right. And that is now he's still the fourth ranked passer. And make it into consideration everything you do touchdown interception. You got three AFC quarterbacks three NFC and that sport in the NFL as far as his eight. How is grated over a hundred Indo. Look at his QB rating well over a hundred. And and and that takes him. In. In that. You know the whole formula when he does have those negative plays and Phil thought it right better. He's still playing at a very highly of you for best in all the quarterbacks in the early here's a thing. When Iowa allowed say is. And I want to lament the fact that. He's not in the pull an approval which you know du salute to that and I agree with is that it's watered down it's not it's not what used to be. The more poorly we should be lamenting the fact that he's put up these kind of numbers. Into the backing of his career. And Saints are win. Well not only that but Jiri here's here's something about the Pro Bowl. Any time I can panics quote unquote my science to go and vote. Numerous times. You know regardless. If I'm doing well from doing bad. In they're seeing me on TV every week. Alyssa is use the Cowboys for example. They're seeing the Cowboys on Sunday night there's animal Thursday night they're winning ball games been well they must be playing pretty do it. That is that that player may just be a product of the system. And not necessarily playing well but they're winning as a team so he deserves to go to the pro ball when asked not necessarily the case I mean im im in and it skewed because. Any fan or any person any computer can go and vote as many times it chooses to that day. You know that doesn't mean did you. Well well look at US Drew Brees would you rather would you rather be 86 right now and missed the in this the probable or six and eight into the pool wise it is it's really clear what you have to look at it is going to be examples on both sides really well in a playoff team he's a Pro Bowl are. RD going to be a playoff team and have a great chance twice on the Pro Bowl threats as I think reputation. Like Aaron Rodgers vs Matthew Stafford in the NFC north. Matthew Stafford is that text that we have it makes it is 3149. Not make in the pro Bulls asked to do absolutely ridiculous right now is 3630 yards. Leading their division. The lines did you have a a chance to be a playoff team and he's gotten approval when you say just of pace guy. Well what does Aaron Rodgers have all the Matthew Stafford reputation. Repetition and possible yes so I mean at that it just looked it right there and NFC north. I think so that doesn't play. Now on this one Dexter 3105 Cleveland Browns have a Pro Bowl you know you look at Cleveland Browns. Oh times and been ten years and a little yet an everybody know ease the best at the position. And average and. Everyone knows of him. I mean he's like the Browns never won anything I mean he always wins and nobody you'd always like that is not with the Falcons and he's a pro bowler. He's the back of sinner. Behind Frederick what Chicago it would Dallas is Alex Alex Alex that was like that Cleveland so yeah that a guy that would pretty lazy wins. And that's I just south of the Browns so. When you have those dominant players that. Really didn't matter what their team doesn't go as an analyst at the film the man who all knows who he's blocking the date they always line. We'll start looking at the NFC and AFC playoff pictures next here on sports talk on W. I look at the NFC landscape in a playoff picture with Deuce McAllister Bobby Hebert crushing Garrick and obviously. The Dallas Cowboys they've their end they clinched the a playoff spot along with the Seattle Seahawks in the NFC west they clinched that division with a New York Giants attendant for behind the Cowboys. In the east at the twelve and two with the Giants to an attendant for. In the north it's Detroit in Green Bay looks like Vikings are gonna need some help and ordered a team in the playoffs and from that perspective of the Green Bay wins out they would have the better. Tiebreak he record over the lines and lines of be awhile are perhaps the Atlanta Falcons at nine and five the box and eight and six. In the Arizona Cardinals. The second best team in its US only one playoff team come out on the west. Christian and it was like oh saying. The stars truly have to be a line because eight games a total of eight things eight teams have to go through things way. Over the final two weeks and I talk about now the way the light up when you look at it you know. I never go well things and I gotta you gotta have a Bears win Saints fans don't like to bear does concede that parents got to win twice so how big of odds of that happening but you look at this thing Canadian Nate will hold the tiebreaker over the Packers. The Vikings and the Buccaneers now we got to obviously win now we got to be the Buccaneers and Falcons. But we need the Redskins to lose that Bears. The Packers to lose the Vikings that you're going to be and packed Packard anti redskin. And annually the risk at Portland they might get fired group likened by asking him to the Redskins Adidas laws that the loss to the Bears. And he lost a giant wreck happened at me like three games in a row. The damage and we want the Packers to lose to the line. As luck opponent and in the Vikings lose to the Bears the Bears what was the opponent misses the point that you were there reds went. Think that that's why don't have much hope because a lot is of the gays but I don't have a hole. That the Bears. Beat the Redskins and the Bears beat the Vikings the close of the season on Saturday our time these what we'll look. On Saturday about a time that they kick off that we you know you will know whether. All I at least three out of the six have already occurred what it's all these Christmas well while what others two games imitate. Look if you could detonation. Could as Eli might say that game all you know with the talent you whenever. But at twelve noon giggle like do is talking about. There ya go Bears and go Vikings when the Redskins lose that it Bears and Packers Luther Vikings because of the Redskins went in the Packers when it doesn't matter. Whitney do against them. OK so a lot of ifs I so let's get on to the solid twos at least what we knows fact right now Cowboys are. But the Giants could. They'd be. May be the this sneaky team in the NFC that could and a big it's a real noise they're sneaky peek there is very they're they're winning in and that really playing really well. Defensively they've probably. Played the better. Than normal you know you look at the the Giants in. You don't even the motor running back here you know you have the trio. Of receiver though of Shepherd oh bill and cruise you know and he laughed and played tactically well. BO but they're they're playing well because. That defense and I could today in New York is not somewhere you wanna go in January to be playing. Football as far as playoffs is concerned. I need to about playoffs. Now that two quarterbacks. That boy the fan base to be on him. In the utility got to play a whole lot better. But I would not bet against Eli are Joseph Flacco. Result in a good Joseph Flacco could be. They do unbelievable elect in the post season yet it won the Super Bowl the twos I've been to the two times Eli Manning is one a suitable it's been. He is red hot a post season. Gary and I made they'd backed into it you know they've backed into it both times you know made eagle on a two game winning streak or they they they beat. New England the last game a game that they have to have and you know this is it's been a while how they've done an inning you talk about Joseph Flacco Joba Flacco bet on himself. It's early look you know you don't have to give me a contract I think I'm good enough that. Like do pretty easily you know you you're not a very good quarterback would be and he goes out and he throws the ball after deep ball and it's obvious Garnett Denver yeah I gay India it's perfect and I mean. He he's a quarterback or right there admitted it was difficult I mean he's shown that he's got enough savvy to that the women in once it's playoff time and that's one team that Ravens post season. They'll the patent patrons dominant hole. But the Ravens are scared and I and I think also that's been had been robbed in the Steelers to Kendall the I would not bet against the Patriots. Gradkowski not being available. I'm Timmy on that saying they beatable but that hinders them but I'd definitely. President Raiders legend Robert drives the Steelers are the Ravens against the Patriots. Kansas City could be team. Seeking ave N and they're playing at Kansas City yet and you knew it would okay that's the only the only reason you would give Kansas he had little chance now. Is because of their rookie that they have you know because that's not a bad Maclin didn't scare you. You know obviously Kelsey is it is is a playmaker former mean but if they're not will in the pushed the ball down the field. Like they have been in the past and you know safety is just a walk in the box and you know you'll you'll you'll play. You played man make over two million under all Kelsey and you know. I'm hoping Alex Smith can be too. Look at the AFC playoff picture this is right now headed into week sixteen the National Football League. You know we have talked about Tennessee Titans in the AFC well I tell you I ego that we got a text about 7074. I think he's right on. I would Elena played it tightens that they get and now the other ANC's version. Of Dallas and I agree that to get a win in a trade is good defense. All a good offensive line good young quarterback good running game. Underrated defense yet the tie it's a one of those this imagine a mile. And now's a good analogy right there the ANC's version of the Dallas. Cowgirls especially on the office of on offense and he was aligned to trade to. Who's the biggest threat to the Patriots in the AFC with Ottawa that Nextel also get into some of the college bowl games and the co QB DQB would Saints quarterback Drew Brees come up at 640. Sports talk roles on your deuce Bobby Christian on W him well enough the knockout.