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12-20 4pm Bobby & Deke: on the Saints' playoff chances

Dec 20, 2016|

Bobby & Deke discuss the Saints' remaining chances at a playoff berth.

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And good evening a low to a special edition of sports so we are on location in the heart of Metairie 29 aren't veterans boulevard at arouses. We're coming up and about a 25 minutes branding cooks thank receive will be in a lot of fainted come out and see Brandon you'll be signing. Book could be here at Ralph does and why you can pick up on all of the latest for you holiday shopping and the clock is that. Inching closer and closer to the big day Christmas Eve of course the Saints playing on Saturday. And then Christmas Day is on Sunday and you can best believe route this has all day you need to stop on by Taylor grant cook and say hello to the Kasey Kahne. Bobby Adrian coming up on today's program will be the latest instance LAQ speaking to the media today after their practice getting set for Louisville and taking only. The Lugo caught with coming up on New Year's Eve would talk to Ross to but at least you practice and also. And looks like that there is guys will be eating the full workload in the four and it would not be playing in this contests who can relate it's on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers they had their five game win streak snapped when a close call Sunday and into the DeKalb office. Roy Cummings Buccaneers inside that UF LA new Channel 8 in Tampa will be with us as the Tampa come to town a slight dog here in. The dome on Saturday and then from 7:8 PM its offense is how we do each new week. The go around the National Football League all NFL east division each conference and we hit on all the match at including the playoff. Scenarios going into week. Fifteen the number to be involved 504260187. In you can text us that he 78 sick Kasey Kahne. Seemingly everyone always nice to kind of talk about the draft before the season is over. And what happens is is that. People like to give her draft I had a ten before the season is even though it's Aussie you know it. Would give the people what they won't so I coach Tom and asked to date us in that this is hypothetical but that's I'm sure you're gonna have to have a high draft week. But. If the following players are available when the saint Pete. In the first round of the 2017. Here at notre of these following players which ones should the Saints take. I have listed Alabama linebacker Ruth also. And I should run him back then at four net. Texas a and and defense to the amount Garrett. Alabama defensive lineman Jonathan Allen and and the huge defensive back Jamal pats and by about all account I was five players they all five of predicted to be top team. If you get down leave my house Garrett would be to say he governor Von Miller. Yeah at that I'd say Cologne though little on edge pass for a shoot yeah that disrupt opposing quarterback listen boxes I love LSU players and I think. It takes out at a high level in the National Football League. We need to address your pass rusher yet are we trying to get the Saints better yet it all those guys could be stunted in Colorado and that's why we do that the Garrett. And a projection. And they got to watch him Von Miller need him then it's in my he's even gotten I think he's a very appropriate right so I don't know is he got bit better approach it than that now people are speculating that he will be yeah. So in I would pinnacle of that direction how and it that it can't guard all you can have. Another interior guy Allen is union rank and yeah but the thing is you don't think they gonna pay fairly ago oh with a view of what is going on I mean I. Yeah I think they would but I mean you got this guy here in the right right right I mean who. Who is a Lance Sammy would we think of we told them to post that we use that but I was a guy like Warren Sapp so many interior got that. From all account by the heat he is predicted to be one of the highest graded out in your defensive linemen that they've had in the long time going to drag down the now. Well it if you dominant and you winning and you know who's been probably the most Donna and a dominant NFL player from LSU in this series Collie yeah. With the Buffalo Bills could look at all the glib or is it all that come Glenn Dorsey came hole Collins is jock in the NFL no. You look at all the linemen and who's been dominant. In collagen which you need to get you in the pros Collins. Has been dominant with the Buffalo Bills at that point and he got paid accordingly right. You know not our stadium of those guys but. Because you know we have Brandon cooks here and now boy at a time he's perfect for Christmas in. He could have had better gain. And get the caller to be look at it seven receptions. Those seven passes that he caught it's a career high 186 yards. It was his third game of a hundred or more receiving yards this season and now the seven of his career. But he got out does this interest in when he made that. Reception at their record at thirteen yarder that he reached 1010. Receiving yards and 2016. Season. Becoming the first thing with back to back a thousand yard campaign it's it's a wide receiver Marcus Colston. You know did they needed a number of years I still think. As great as Randy cooks is. As fast as he is it what he brings to table. We need him to continue to be a stud and we need Michael Thomas to be used to. Between you compare. Would you if you objectively there shortly because that Everett cover receivers you compare. Randy coax a market is called the right different body guy. Now don't you think Michael Thomas come with like a more physical the type you know or even guys here so we. I think a lot of yeah season yet a lot of different ways to skin the cat who went on when I look at. How we trying to attack people it is it would drew has done an excellent paying with the offense where. It's anywhere from eight to eleven receivers every team to have a chance to attribute. In truth does spread the ball around like Britton to a who Willie's the he led all receivers in targets. He had eleven target Randy cooks at eight targets Michael Thomas and you'd be kicked dead to market that would five that you think laws and he commented immediately dropped that touchdown pass. Against Tampa Bay. You went back Toby beat Patrick Peterson but touchdown that was a whip brought Patrick Peterson had him. And beat you put that that you are charged out to eat it look at. Leave here not wish they had more contribution. From the tide in position this year because we have not beanie with the replaced Jimmy Graham. I don't cameras by committee. One and that one man band that has not happened. And that's all right you know if you'd gotten production at that position to go man here right at you you can get it some of all parts put together as one in the unique strong. But you have got their production and I think a lot of people frustrated because obviously would have price today comes the man production I would say the name of the game. But that it drops in the east it's disappointing I think. Yeah which later what you paid them you'd need depth production in his eyes beneath them on line from to argue with the Ravens got hurt meaning if the play and Watson that blocked it. Yes no along. That you UK this year with nick knew immediately you wish Kobe cleaner had the kind of season it's that Watson having a compared to what Jimmy Graham right where he's at approval Albany I don't Watson you know it would have been done that at that you look at Michael Thomas for it is look at that I've done he's courted through April ballot like almost like Alley you. Box and out. Eight type throw would you go with a bigger receiver open he'd be when he caught that one touchdown. He now has eight touchdown reserves on the season now that's a franchise rookie record that he now shares also. We're Marcus Cole go Colston. And like vote but it was taped on pace to help them you know not they Staal or I didn't realize that. He did it back in 2002. He reading in this league where he had eight hours hours and is so. I think we're also added dealt with two games remaining Michael Thomas might break that rookie red reckon that surpassed. More difficult than it done please know. All right toward and a current veterans boulevard in Mary come on out and see as many cooks would be a solid sound in our grass a lot of but I can go fans here are. Set to meet Brandon cooks going to be sending our grass by the Wu as well we're here to 8 PM tonight come on out to Rouse is negate everything you need for the holidays and not discourse that they had everything combined gives in the wind diploma deplored apartment of course every type the gift court you can think of you can particularly if at Ralph trying to hurry bits in Metairie its sports talk on Saints radio at grasses on WW. Coming on Jonas a lot of folks out here to take out Saints receiver branding cook sees it arouses. You know off the causeway 29 aren't veterans will avoid signing autographs. Kasey Kahne about a bear he's going to be its sports talk on 8 o'clock at night but don't forget to Stop & Shop. Take out bank of volleying it's fitful that the eight day Christmas Eve Christmas Day you can do all the holiday shopping you can that Ralf is. Do the cooking for you this comedy seats and it goes hand in hand that browsers do the cooks the cooking in that ran it cooks. Cook that the fans like he did it Sunday thought that might be in it commercial it would can you give credit for it. Yet due to copyright. But if it means that deal with it. Somewhere in DC well that that the ball would appreciate that he would have definitely. Operated jaguar Pena power is a bit WW you know dot com asking you right now with. Much like them that we get to this time this season in. Don't look like you're gonna have any second season people look toward the Knicks the witches these points or to drain. So if one of the following players were available when the Saints picked in the first round of the 2017. Grant. Who would you like to see thing and we've got several choices the Alabama linebacker group in Boston elation back at that point net. Ian and if it to him out Garrett. Alabama defensive lineman Jonathan Allen Allen you to think today. The mall at keeping K to vote on line that we did you know that come and only about him. Come off the board. Rewrite mid it would it would stand to reason because they're familiar obviously with go home grown talent in the department. Right here from your plate fidelity tiger is that they would say. Particularly Barnett. Right and as a minute Barnett can beat in exceeded Peterson NFL I don't know I mean if he turned it to Matt Forte with Matt Forte in two lane with you know on a slide I'll leave it at the Bears. It is weird and Matt Forte would be ultimate success I've said that before. No one running back as far as production. And what he did his four all purpose back Marshall Faulk. Right and I mean. That was a win win situation when the call political the Rams and they decided to go would anything change. And you know well below market. More this that Marshall Faulk it with a brand to support me right rated show with her. And an ankle it you know suitable and then having the best office that they get it it's amazing. That I'm looking another guy that just shows you that you that NFL lineup wherever that. You look at David Johnson. People still like David let pat Johnson & Johnson. That though that David Johnson that's kind of a common name. That lets you follow football you know the Cardinals people don't realize that David Johnson in the category with Barry Sanders Marcus Allen it seemed like it. Mitch is not a production peaked he is tied Marcus Allen. And and if he does it the next two games to surpass Barry Sanders that's consecutive games and a couple of short that from scrimmage in a single season. Now he was able to get a 108. Against the saint now. That we didn't utilize him enough in the back those four part of the ball initially do you did utilize him at the end of the game where. He was getting five to chart the puppet Timmy youth outstanding. As a pass receiver but he also became the first player in NFL history to start a season it to do with a fourteen straight games. Now they just look at the yardage. From scrimmage where he was that. And beat these and other household needs that he's double on an NFL. Ahead of Ezekiel Elliott. Maybe on bell. And DeMarco Murray as big name and at it and nobody knows both media not know people and I guess you look at total yardage through a scrimmage. That right right under 101000. With two games to played David Johnson. So that's like at least from northern Iowa and an eighty's from northern Iowa bill would you look at. Okay where do you find running backs that it part of it will only LSU Heisman candidate right he's doing with a high ankle sprain. You know what it actually achieve its better than him going forward. They get ready for the NFL. I would just note to me you're more likely. To find a top running back he took at a high level. In the later rounds now Ezekiel Elliott. Got to give you Jerry kill a lot of credit Brian and I told my today in the Travis and I'm tonight attitude judges Jerry tell what that things go win that battle. And he took what the fourth overall pick you viewed by a perfect example for us would you say that now we we hit a home run. We've got Chris Ivory Kerr and Robinson you know it's there when we drafted him that's why if you could hit don't truly an edge rusher. A pass rush has become a bundle of them out there not me our Houston. You know it bitching again. And JJ watts on the wanted a successful. He's been around for a long time I mean you gotta if these distances mace you mean I think he's got what 78 sacks right now but even makes you a guy like Julius Peppers. I mean he he is if you if you demands that you will way you can out of the way the way the. Rules are structured. The way the rules are structured it would offices to exceed what you gotta do. Disrupt the opposing quarterback rushed if not I'll. If you could make a pulled the quarterback on easy. And it and not be on a roll now to show elect a veteran like Drew Brees was the Cardinals made a lot of quarterbacks right uneasy. McPeek. Not so fast what went when I saw this in this is not an opinion. The Cardinals were the only team in the league this year lobbing Hewitt 300 yards per game this season. The Saints had almost 500. I mean with the Cardinals forgot how to play no knock it to you right now you don't you know they honey badgers. And Aaron Matthew an impact previous to what to do good against the Saints who wouldn't know this game the Saints got that night but the last year is last year. But when it beat New Orleans the Saints got the better of them in this particular game. All right Debbie video news time is approaching full 32 with an in downtown it's not the first news of a loaded jam hands. And we are Rouse a tornado and our veterans boulevard and Mary come out Saito branding Cooke's coming off a huge game for the black and gold this past week. And he holiday shopping at routes at 54 to six so when he Seve you can text this city seventy eights and kind of going around there. Gauntlet so to speak about it and all bank tonight he pelicans they'll on the road ways that you can embarrassing loss a couple of weeks ago. Analyst at home to the seventy sixes is the battle of the seven win team in the and we team in New Orleans is at the sixes tonight trying to avoid getting swept. But with 76. While big a if I can recall the pelicans. Lost in last place team in the east in the last place team in the west right. The Mavericks in the 76 and made the mavericks' mind the most critical line. He hit it and think about it. You look at they're record in very disappointing but they still only four games out of eight eight C yeah. Now I'm still a long ways to go without the ball well when you look at coach gentry and and right now he's still puzzled about the direction and a team. I don't think they're both well I'm going forward for the future. And because it's very frustrating because. This right here lovely delegates looked at in Napa cadets on the pelican state team. At 76ers. He did eighties slump and you should not be lose in the 76ers at home laurel are all the rope. Bryant has to do with his with beat him was to write nice so. 26 so when he tipped the you can take this the 870 eights and and also by what's interesting now it's been a big topic on. You know national radio and so forth is this a new norm so to speak or is. You know if Stanford and LA issue in the playoffs. More than a point it increased in the camping be plain. Compared to not being clean. Well I think. That abetted Barnett birdies hurt Ohio recklessly that he had yet but being a current predicament at all like he the integrated. Now I don't know enough about Christian McAfee hit her values that that I've seen him play against cal yet he looked good to me. Because he could see he's different it was a different Baylor. Dallas the rivalry type game it only got its values that he skipped in the Sun Bowl. He's not scared that the final four right you know I think if Stanford and Ellis shoe. The green and in the playoffs playing in the semifinals to win a championship does that have an exhibition game. Because realistically a bowl game the Sun Bowl in the cabbage sampling that's an exhibition game right and speak. Caminiti died doing so than that I'm sure he'd like getting it by Newton is that actually an NFL. Middle Iverson yeah that Bronco you in the camp yet yet so. Let out when I say oh he's selfless and all that and and I well you gotta look at the big picture going down the role collected a putrid that I think truly. Now. You could talk about the time being with Forman and that. You know how much money because you know once you get a agent if for you money it's. And all of a sudden you got a lot at bat. Yeah you know is that skinny thin kind of guy and all of a sudden maybe you do it's only a mama you know I'll argue favorite needs whatever you don't know fruits of your evening. Yes so when I CD signing with Jay-Z. But an ounce they want to have a late Christmas. Bug could new weights but the middle of January or two weeks we'll we'll wait wait to do well to have leaks its just I would JC didn't maybe have some late Christmas gifts so I think I think this them. When you look at this to me humidity is excluded from any. He was saying well that's the university you know the public to you why because if you go back now. Anybody would be given minute advice they were told him do not. Do not then what happened on the field. Minister of him that angle on his game late but the Florida and Florida yet. He talked about a rolling the dice in risky that was a huge greens compared compared if you play in this and so to meet. He already put my heat broke me I want to body Ottawa place the last home game and one played LAQ so full. Sort of put him in a category 30 I don't I don't think is the case to him because I can promise you. Any info exact. Each it would it would it buys him do not only he would you don't stress out about what we've addressed that he go to go to Cotto. I want to play in his voting and he goes anyplace so to me that he eats excluded from that he's shown as well. Up to me that they extend their college lifestyle and reap the rewards in. You get to hang out in Orlando and hang out with your college teammate does that bit days have gone yet now that he signed with JC it's over. Why not have a little Lang yeah out on a two week. Tour what you team at peak almost threw a PR perspective. You know all of a study that was in the team and he's doing this and that. So so I mean he's still he's still gonna get his money that's why don't think that that's gonna puzzling. That even make that decision. Because he wanted to play in the bowl game. So why not wait till right after the bowl game and are talking about months you talk about a half from the right and that it because it. I don't know was financial situation I don't know wears them is that I don't know who advisor to do this. But I think he could that is taking needed to prepare for the come by in the future training. It still be a part of L issue and it with the Bulls over the next they signed which DC's hot pot and who advises today. Through six or warnings in the you can take this in the seventy eights in the about the course. Looking at the NFL last night and Monday Night Football. Carolina game the rest of fugue in C and some help and they knocked off the north and it and it is states are still mathematically is that I have. Not now that 1%. Yeah you are a look at that 1% that that government numbers that. You know so he's saying we have a chance Waco soda and everything is not over and he hit it as though whatever the percentage is now. You'd get all of those things now where I mean yeah Green Bay. You're in Minnesota. Unit Washington. The Tampa unit that was seemed to lose this week. Want the same nick goes into like a like forty feet these hit he has hit start right about a week because in basically it's all it's so you know winner take also with standpoint but. The club that don't think they get an outlet that kind of numbers errors and those scenarios I look at all of them in the one thing I don't have confidence then it would have to happen. Is. The Bears yeah. The Paris. OK they play Washington how they just laws the Redskins. It is still in it. It played in Saturday and they had only been legal act and Minnesota just being green you know probably shot late awesome for the Bears. With Matt Barkley you thinking outside the California guy in here. He was that the coldest game average Chicago pro game I think it was I was up most physical and it was amongst the cold yeah he's an unbelievable yeah. I mean that's I think Jay Cutler Ottawa now when him. Market supply and demand that might give him another opportunity but it may be coached boxes that they look at they they've already found it got that would be big for him move forward draped over the defense than vanity Matt Barkley in the Bears to take care of the Redskins come Saturday you know as hopefully it will take care. And the Buccaneers this Saturday afternoon now. Because the reason why not an attack unit to start the shield. The big because. I know you look at the spreads it all and then when it comes about. Okay if you look at that this Stevie come into play when you are placed an event or whatever if you look at Tampa Bay Buccaneers. They have not. Let this thing since 2000 them. That'd be definitely a different team different year on all of a call on that on aspect yeah OK in 'cause they have they. The irony beavis and yet not let the states. You look at Kennedy even be forward Dallas team be right that that this thing took duplicate. I mean Estes so what are you look connected the unique. Tampa Bay handled the adversity because in the opener playoff lives. Realists in a lot better than you think you look at their record. Our party you think I think united division game that is hard to sweep a team. To. If if if Tampa with more established. They've Micah the motor oil and even Mike Green bailed me and him have that now you're right. They've done it consistently pull off Seattle you're looking at some different because Tampa. They play where Ortiz you put the a sample size in in the course of a few seasons. It's basically it's it's a about it you about it in the game fits him which they were fat right you know 15 let it be a little bit lost three in a row right so I think that's what you call by name in the backcourt they take into account with the Saints offense and you know what they Kapler to a new course to think the coming off of two it will. Mean like the forty point five Orioles offered to get to that is the number one defense. Well I can't tell you right now in going to beat the dead haulers. I think right now QB does though it is Saints lose that they plus one against them me. Now that monetary award they can lose. Because the head syllables in the MO. Well okay blow what you think hindered the Buccaneers have beaten Dallas tonight journal yes yeah. Bruce Davis would then pay here. The defense played well enough but to have that be to win that game in Houston. Telling team it was that I think he has the featured the Bucs. Young Hlavac on the quarterback but it goes to kind of keep you gotta win you know and look at that Rezko widget to order five. Six yards and know what you want I mean it will he only had four completions yep over thirty completions c'mon. He's the case he came by BA badly Billy Brandon cooks is that Rouse is torn and a hundred veterans boulevard in Metairie why you shopping come out say hello to one of the top receivers in the game today Brandon cooks. He had routes Estonia are veterans boulevard this is Saints radio WW yeah. Wherever houses torn an Arab veterans boulevard Merry Christmas coming out the holiday shopping it's a low to one of the best in the game sanctity of banning books is here. Signing autographs for a lot of members of The Who dat nation to the phones we go about it let's go to the prosper rock rocket even thank you for calling that you get you real. You guys in Iraq. Are you dorm party I write columns go to our arms from our our car leave here about. This thing a bit of country she'll eat and I I think that is that is really. Because even admit you put out I mean we are not probably gone on our the world. We got enough problems trying to eat changes on the right all of Spain. On saint Pete and wouldn't it be put out yeah I mean it just drove completely off track. But labored. And now all antsy. And Hawkins thing on neutral now. I can yeah you couldn't eight were. And yeah ATP counts on eight behind this team no matter what. Struck me. I'm looking out the year bested the slope there and body yelling and Jimmy sixth. Who was it then they say in ever ordered that means Jimmy sexton who unity here that. Are spread a lot of rumors behind the scenes though when you look at coach Payton trade rumors. That it is scenario coach Peyton. Knee out on top of that but now agent. Acted in every situation scenario and it hull's goal. Journalists and people are speculating trial that crystal ball what can happen in the future they might throw something out there at the statistics. Yours that yeah our guys yet Steinberg. And I think it does in the team he coached great unit that is I don't know what you talk while like my job on him here. But that doesn't mean nothing that happening behind defeat. That he does that yeah any any control over definitely. A that people bow. I totally agree I did what I mean the way your arms speech that ended he's gonna by how much about the team you love it's heating up the people who came up coaching anywhere out Indian cricket he'd grow out you know and I that same you just keep ATV. Chip. On the pitching beats. Don't know. Right now it in Little Rock Ron it just makes it Jeff Fisher gets fired you look you know they the Alley rants that I call it there all of a crock you have to make the big splash. Wanted to get them are innocent. Look it was Sean Payton and Drew Brees has done over a decade. You don't think you like to have that kind of office in Los Angeles Bryant still get the bandied in this the see it building it would have been eight dollars stadium. You got. And who knows that that all termites they want it. Why Drew Brees is pretty good it's and they go but he got even better when you all of you know in the maybe keep Jerry Jerry Albany Pro Bowl quarterback. All of that doesn't play against supply demand all of note you look how long NFL coaches last. And I'm there to about this next hour the regular coach Billy. With the Ravens. Coach gruden you looked Shanahan. Coughlin also bowl winning coaches you don't necessarily steal on the same team I don't lifer. All right we're Rouse between Arab veterans boulevard in Metairie to south cause they come on down C a Saints receiver Randy Cox is here. He signing autographs for little while longer come on sale go to Branden. Maybe indicates he came by the B anti holiday shopping here at Rouse is torn in our veterans boulevard sports talk continues on Saints radio WW real.