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Think Tank 1010am dealing with foreign countries

Dec 14, 2016|

Should Donald Trump learn to use some diplomacy when dealing with foreign countries? The war of words has begun between Trump and China. China says he is as ignorant as a child and Trump says they’re cheating America. What’s the end game of this? This hours guest: Mike Fuchs - Senior Fellow, National Security Team at Center for American Progress

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Good morning welcome to be a think tank. Bloom the it will have very encouraging short and I'm sure how many people or we're it's. Supreme Court is considering their case. That could bankrupt. Religious schools. Hospitals. And their ability its end. Obviously. Crude could take down employees to Wear that. And the irony is. Its employees. Upset. With a bang their pension funds have been been funded properly. So going. End everything every it is the only one in the lists or lawyers. Handling the court cases. Mobile talk to world a couple of big words is seafood really breeds have wary of so it's. Little scary for religious organizations. Or even those. Associated win with like hospitals. Like groups caring for people in the name. Or image. I'd do is globalization. So makes cents historically. Free trade believers and non. Has not been a constant I mean from Hamilton to album did she governments and to Washington. They all had to bring abused some of them birdies similar to what from posting today. All of his big specifically on free trade. And apparently. The only time were recruited. Were beyond the shadow of doubt there is absolutely no argument. Is like 19401960. Viable in the mind seeds from recovering from world war two and so we'll talk about globalization. Does what we've always thought old and bring more competition. Doesn't still work to do with him were police who would something you know it's. Several we're gonna talk about president elect from drawing. La Cruz's. Forcing US is barrel by one China policy what what that means. Trump said that you. Were not necessarily. Be bound club won't China policies did diplomatic understanding. That underpin its all advertisement. In Washington and Beijing. And did the show Arnold and China's rival Taiwan. Or on the diplomatic side line with the human and states. So on one side who have to agree. Breach of diplomatic protocol. It's does that looks like. Something the dead hand it's possible. Sure his rep cautions. Ever understand that so often turn to Mike view answering your ego and and security training Center for American Progress. Mike welcome ms. Owens are appreciated the call. Or around Britain back there so what are your thoughts. Well I think that this is that the very. The days that the region is Matt protocol. But I think it's actually a lot of work then back to this is. President elect trump really taking shots are now. You have strong relationship he only reason why the united. Beijing have. A relationship. Is because of the agreement that the two sides. Strong over how to approach. I want forty some odd years ago. And everything else in the relationship. That is built up over the decades. The stability the economic prosperity that both sides are able to benefit from. A wide range of other things. And the built upon both sides being able to believe what they want to believe about Taiwan naturally what the one China policy. And geeks. And if Donald Trump is planning on undermine. Yeah and you opening up just about everything in the US China relationship to negotiation. And that's not a good. And and good China won't policy. Means that China considers Taiwan and China. Is that correct. Well. Our agreement. In establishing relations with Beijing in the 1970s. Band that we recognize. That. Chinese people. Whether in Taiwan war in Beijing. Believes that there is but one China we don't take stock. With respect to. Who belongs where we recognize. That the Chinese people believe that there is one this will put diplomatic and one certain that people can't. That enable us to put this issue stock. It's not as that we agree with Beijing it's not as though we agree with Taiwan now we did obviously switch our formal diplomatic relationship. From Beijing. Opera and Taipei to Beijing but with respect to them raw water. Issue. We basically found away with. Beijing to budget. And that put it aside for boats. And get out from the going to reopen that issue is. Probably nothing short earthquake in a relationship. Move or two women take rigged her morbid comeback. Let's go to. Talking specifics from says hey. I'm drawn to make a better deal. China devote you lose their currency that her actions taxes. Every of the border and we don't tax them. They're building a massive. Border truce. And middle of the South China Sea and they're not helping them with the North Korea so consequently. Trump says what he's doing and trying sit down at table and make a better view rocks covered right director of thought comments. Two's are general 187. Are worth doing good about drugs and Lloyd trump is she's making a mistake by getting tough with China. All or. It is the making. It's a two way action that good could be adjusted veteran somewhere eighties. Whereby Duke's with the senior fellow lone national security team sooner or American progress. Mike. Boone when it comes to do about you where you should move recruits we always hear. Chara and you've been doing this for over her and and it puts a burden on us if you would explain. How people think that some burden in sugar beach Tuesday. Well. I think that a lot of people do agree that this is a big problem. But. One thing I think that people don't recognize actually that. I appreciated. In recent years Chinese. Currency and that is it issues that one matchup problem for time has changed in our. Here's the core because China's making changes to the oval. That will actually in pretty bad. But again I think that it brings us back to your original question. Which is that the one issue that currency devaluation issue of many issues with respect to China. Economy back. On they're. American workers and American businesses and American job. And the question has been for many years continued. How bad push China to change the aisle. A level plane for American company. And I think that the Obama administration. Some things with the brink Biggio cases against China. And there are other things that I think that can be on but. The question again comes back in what is the best world are true it. That's available the US policy makers can get to change some of the economic. Unfair practice. And I don't think that opening the Taiwan issue. The way to deal with. I think that opening a pandora's box. Herder workers American national security wide variety of different ways and her other tool act in what will president. How would you. Her new miracle workers. When he Taiwan. Issue joke. I think what. Now I'm doing my opening the Taiwan issue is basically opening an action before every issue with respect the US China relationship. So it. We think for instance right now back. Chinese. Undervalued currency war subsidies to state enterprises and other private enterprise that undercut. An air in. Businesses. Trying to invest in China. They can take note is Powell the hurt American workers there noted word. Trying to go to their ability to get out there take away sometimes. Chinese practices. Economic practices at home. They angle action from where we want to go they can decide it in order to Kirk. American. Workers can hurt tree between United States and China. That they were going to. Take those policies whether currency devaluation or boosting subsidies that are in the prizes. And private businesses in China in the other direction that would further. American workers I think that this is I think we need to focus on strict in the US track. Relationship. They are looking at the entire as we should be as well. Taiwan issue that is wanted to you know not being sensitive court should. Perspective their form policy international security it is so she and we're going to take shot across the now that issue. Then the chances that they need put everything on the table in terms of retaliation. Are a lot higher than it should be. An action transcripts. Wind President Obama took complaints concerning truck series the head of do valuation. Other current suited to the WTO. Were observed result it's a bit of positive results. There have been results. There was at least one where back. W will in the paper statement and other it actually they'll. Some of them though remember. Is being done. It also possible as partial account against China. And a possible punishment can get them to change their policy which again and play hard. They. The currency. Has actually appreciated. But decent amount actually in the last five years. I was reading lends money. The water is dropped 6%. Against the dollar this year in news now Eddie gear loans. And the thing is go up and how is part of me is one of the reason why people. Right and so focused on it amongst other. That. US China economic issues that are being that are on there. Now look. Part of it also. What are part of the question. What is ordered the tool achieved before that bill policy makers to try it should have been. Beijing to change these policies. Saying. That the Q is are some of them diplomacy our is. Some of them. Some of the things that in the business community itself. But right now. Beginning take another second will act. How old optimal conditions are predicting business in chat. And one of the things that I you'll hear from private sector and other human that China is increasing CEOs. And business officials. Doing business in China. All over we can and are telling Chinese official exactly why because they're it's within China that you know. China is Chinese economy right and B you. Staggering conversations and debate which could be. Changed their economic policy where did she wore it there. It is that and hurting American. Workers in businesses. That was our bonds. Means in which you need private sector and convince Beijing that this is there. So. Final question. I would submit I could be important. One glued to big problems facing this country in the world is North Korea. Well the knob that you actually get in India nuclear device small window up. To middle of the missile that can bridge you know and states already can reach Japan and South Korea itself or. Is there anything probe is doing the blue leverage China in to helping those without problem. There have been the thing that we do in China there are things we continue. Fundamentally. So where will we be doing with China. In the last year so. North Korea conducted a nuclear attacks. That series that missile launches. There who's. Have spurred. To support. New UN Security Council sanctions. That have been enacted this year that further tightening grip around North Korea. Preventing it from getting access to material that you would ban is. It was that. Missile and nuclear programs as well and the other. Like lines that it needs to support the scene and so Beijing has been clamping down according to those. Solutions. They're not dealing in. And get some of that being the biggest issue here beating it scared me and now we're Korea and they do not like having nuclear weapon. But also the year perhaps. And much more the collapse of the potential uncle North Korea. And so they are all really in very fine but there's more that we can get pressure. Then and I think that you looked over the last couple years China is getting tougher talk or it may take some time. And the company unity but that's the direction. My ego always a pleasure thank you broke call you have good day. Aren't coming back just you and me what you think of desire on doubling of the Oprah and judge Moore opinion poll. Should Donald Trump blur and you lose some diplomacy when dealing with foreign countries. Like the blunt approach. The blunt approach a wig ahead 64%. If they gimmick called tubes eggs are 17. I see why you like the blog approach but do you think. We're dancing on the edge with a blood products that we can go along Earl Ford or the potential of some kind of outbreak of war. Financial. War. Military. To exit 01 that heats up. Are we doing thinking about drug like from getting tough would try and and men the issues in particular. When it comes a time more and when it comes to. Currencies do about wage and with it comes to taxing it their border board oh words. North Korea Seoul on and on and all and we use of birds thirty amendments. We had represented to have a club Center for American Progress shall liberal organization. Was trying to get their Heritage Foundation board for am. And these stories very conservative angle has cup with time and we haven't been able to get them. Our double dubbed Leo pretty jaguar opinion poll says you do is review the former Adams trumpeting. Blunt in tow truck and 59%. Of you think that's the way to go. Here's some good messages were getting from listeners to engine changing we need a better agreement they brought two today in negotiations. I realized. Relationships. With China is the key issue without taking. To Taiwan. But President Obama is printed for normalizing. Relations with the Communist countries like parts of Cuba. Reverts and over to viewers of foreign policy and trumpet bash. On calling the time we need time when news leader. I think there's a lot of validity in that complaint these I think eight. The only. Concern there difference between the two and we're not real concerned with Cuba. Making our products. Too expensive for alleged move forward. War. Tacking an office financially. Or militarily. It's I think that it's did that. I'm selling fighter planes and weapons to Taiwan is much bigger than just taking phone call we're talking to a we made it clear deterrent would try and we will depend Taiwan in the in the event that and to me that that stood in producing flawed. Because. If we shouldn't be talking to them why or weak selling them fighter planes and weapons and we war. We go to word Chinese expert Ari China expert. Bonnie Glaser wrote center for strategic. International studies. But it conversation with the Associated Press Charlotte would play those Cox. Up ending. The 37. Year long. One China policy would be very dangerous for US China relations at the same time they're trying to not overreact. Because trump is not yet president. And I think that they hope that he can walk back some of these statements I don't think that they anticipated at all. That Donald Trump might lose Taiwan has and lever against them and I think that siege in pain is quite concerned. About appearing weak on an issue as sensitive as Taiwan. Interesting John the brute Bonnie Glaser. A China expert. Several important strategic. In the actual studies. All the go bowling didn't I couldn't pond in the partisan slant. To grab organization that you do. Let me know unfortunately you say you that they've got only able. But she use a win Burleson is sound bites through around the Internet. Oh boy and bred these. Publications. From room even stumbled through drew conservative. Articles. There does seem to be your concern room balloons or expert. And China US relations. What do you think tubes that 018. Celebrity double them Diaw gives you call. Is a true being tuned to open his Cha know policy. 61%. Of and third double of the Oprah drug more opinion poll say act resolutely not due totally agree Wear them. We we have to be very liberal organization or in the first half hour. Try to get to Heritage Foundation a very conservative organization couldn't get them tried to get a couple of vote their. I think the closer we pit crew is much more difficult it is again addicts birds professors. Actor Damian so political analyst you name. And so one of the things I'd do is go to some of these interviews it's Tuesday interview with Bonnie Glaser. Expert on trying to. She did an interview with the Associated Press center for strategic. And international studies. John if you would though pleased settled by a number of. We have actually seen. Aid Chinese nuclear capable bomber that flew. A few days ago. Around the South China Sea which may have been a warning. And to the United States. In in that's part of the concern. That this could turn. I think most people down hundred but it could turn to a military. Confrontation. Of some sort of another. 11 of the interesting things don't want to Wall Street Journal. When we realized we couldn't get conservative. It's been around for a conservative comment on. And do and you're here aboard. The article says that ball through journal Prodi. Comptroller of the business. Publication. Missed tropic huge chunk of rape in America. By us and doing it show up and entered trading practices. He's threatened to labeled China a currency manipulator. Thought about because slapping at 845%. Arab foreign Chinese exports. And he's positioning Taiwan debris. And Borg ending ship. And I got to you have that. Would win burnhams reading bought through journal of police expect did sees them brie brought here is what they're broadening. All bold headline data showed sharp and accounted for 50%. Of the trade deficit last year. That number gives heart and distorted view. Syndrome 37%. Of those exports consist of imported parts Japan and South Korea. A wall and in many other countries. One of the top you're columnists that he German building toward each. Should China accounted for Joseph 16%. A view its trade that most. And Wall Street Journal goes on Wednesday war with China. Would you war against all pursues some participants. In the global supply chain. Including US companies. And too many. It's one of the things we could Waco with the New Jersey surprise. Did take the boots Opel take Al. You can look it up but I think it's early independent. Broad views of the potential. A general cap will carry up or bring everything back to rule of producing all the employees war. Putting some got a big terrible on Cha and votes by 600 dollars cellphones could end up being 2000 dollars. What happens if that happens all the movies ports or anything else that China's supplies. I'm not saying it would happen but something to think about Jake you're on double dubbed Leo preach. Just as I was so upset broke or opt out there. Decode tour to be screen was what I was gonna say that this is probably some. Chips all orders in its strategy. I wanted. Ball a mile under the population immigrant or anywhere near you billion writes about that. That Taiwan would actually have the kind of in their trade policy here or anything like. It is pretty insignificant. I think it's more they. But nationalist type the logistical thing with the Chinese it's going to. Sovereign right and and courage just you know. I IQ you that started its military style. No inspectors. Well wouldn't negotiate. With China it would what you are chipping. In though women that you eat. At 100. You know so we can't take it off the government. You I say I agree with you I don't seem mug ruby military threat. And we would we get into duty decades old. Diplomatic. Wounds that say we don't talk to my wallet. What we sell fighter planes and weapons. I think it's a legitimate bargaining chip at least. What I understand and for. We're at an angle and work on their coach. And I think. But the thing to do with China and India and all of libel. It's just try and partnerships with them where we made arrangements were a and in the much. Though but they are still out. It is as simple. They dispatcher there had been assembled here like they do some callers now. Yeah I agree would you lower end in the next I'll war. We're gonna do usual and globalization. And its gonna talk about jaws that. You've you've globalization. Is dead is porous total pre trade for them now open borders it's. Then why don't we were police had weird and or the repercussions. Come up and already like I've said. Cobra and a two won't talk about globalization. Is it is is it viable and more room looking out to India. Headline big Hedlund says. Globalization doesn't make his mark sentence as you use two minutes of their league for grants of publication. Liberal. Publication would lose federal. So we'll talk to a couple of experts and you'd fraud that Europe. We do we keep free trade with keep open markets and if we don't want to we were pleased at where. Double rubbed oh big celebrity AM 053. Have him come in right back.