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12-6 4pm Bobby & Deke: on Leonard Fournette to the NFL

Dec 6, 2016|

Bobby & Deke discuss Leonard Fournette's NFL prospects.

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And good afternoon and welcome to sports talk while Bobby bare and he bit me in the 7 o'clock now we go around the National Football League in on every division. Both conferences and all the teams as we move into. A week now we move into thirteenth game of the regular season is this fab regular season games left. At twelve B team and the course this was the final week of bye weeks. So we will talk about that and who is Vance a surprising division leaders and some teams still alive in playoffs especially out in a antsy it's coming up. From 718 Kevin McGuire college football talk dot com might will be witnesses we talk about the big bowl games. The New Year's six bowl games and of course LA issues outing against the Louisville and possibly the reigning Heisman Trophy winner Lamar Jackson would learn about that on Saturday night. The five finalists for the Heisman Trophy and LSU in the review and then course layout semi finals. Alabama Washington Ohio to an excellent holiday is coming out here. At 530 with Kevin McGuire and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are five and one in Atlanta six. They've won four straight and they are in first place in the NFC south with a seven of by mocked I would Atlanta those two teams split. The regular season series and and a the lost at home and we Kwan and and they returned the favor on Thursday night so we expect to Tampa. Rick Stroud who covered the books for the Tampa Bay times in 620 WD EE in Tampa will be witness. At 635. And operated jaguar opinion poll as expected it was announced. Yes today he announcement opponent says he will forgo his senior season and into the can't fail do you think phone net with a arrive in the NFL become one of the league's best backs. Kinda like Adrian Peterson gave when he was expected to be a great pro. And he wants a great college player. And became a great pro you look at apparently out of great backs over the course of time especially those who have been highs and worthy so to speak is not always transition. And there's also been accident and OK I guess you'd say all better than average at the college level maybe being gay. The against a publicity a guy like Frank Gore. But last night Bobby moves in seventh all time in the rushing department and on the way to being a hall of fame back of this guy as who. Do well in college but take it to another level on the pros and those who do great college. And have all picked up pro Korea I would date rookies and ticket situation Ricky Ricky Williams in a great college I Korea and it pretty good programs appropriate. But to to elevate your level at the pro level it's it's hard to do a Pro Bowl has the college and. We have Adrian Peterson I mean and I'm not hey now I along with throughout their do you think many foreign and it will be able to a excel I've been excellent level of nudges be a good NFL running back very serviceable are probably be great. I think that all it right now and Ellis is backyard. You think you'll be as good as Jeremy hill. Would the Bengals are he'll be about the same. Do you think they got his when he you can tell him right now and look it if he hey if any back had discounted career. Other than you've you've you've missed like a Mets make a deal. He already got a bird in hand you got two chips and where are you going to go with had door number three in risk gone beat you could take this right now you have a group like involved. Law are I would say beat David that cannot always different Beckham the longevity and how he lasted right there and Kevin thought right place right time it matter to whose office of line no doubt. I mean if that is far and it was right behind. He has to do it Ezequiel LE at the rook year he's in and but it does make everything easy QL it's like he's in jail but. You know it is right now and the Bobby you you would think you know ago I didn't say if you stay in their in their franchise he stays FOO ample use. You'd think okay what will become one of the best that the franchise's hand. As with Kevin dean I can't say you do easy athletic part I'd be aired because right now alum though. You guys gotta show me. I Hornaday okay I'm looking at the bested him as Bobby Eric Dickerson is one of the best Rams and one of the best Colts have. He's always wanted to get away with it to his lowest you know you might look at who's the best that a bad right with Barry Sanders it from Oklahoma State did Detroit Bryant and ending his late partner now he could be double digit NFL player. You know as a double digit NFL player. Right here from Julie. Matt Forte he's gonna do as good as Matt Forte I don't know who would take that community wanted to great of a backs we've seen in Ireland I don't know what you gotta go do. That's that you got to go out there and do it so release on the peaks of the jury's still out. And you know we can afford day about going into this season from the lack yards from the line of scrimmage Matt Forte was top three. Since he was dressed as him that's not just ration out as best grimaced yards. Receiving and so full every did you know to gain yardage to beat in the top three. Come on who who wouldn't take Dick career that's why an issue receiving could be possibly hard. You have to be objective. You know look at Jarome madness. It's government he partly is Rams yeah he made the Pro Bowl as a rookie. In the it would be whittled ago with the Steelers you. Putted number of different examples but this eight. That then and it born and is gonna crush our kick ass in the NFL and you know they'll now. I'll tell you right now you'd think that Alabama demons that you face and right that you face and act have a deep into every week and. In this advocated to look how many how many how it is that we see does have unbelievable. Unbelievable this. Fall ball in pros but in the last five years when you when you think about just. Dude just smash somebody the first run to come do you mind if beast mode. As a person you know how Longoria or. That was what the playoffs 2000 teams that was January 2011. As to my obvious point. You can run over and dominate in the college level in the Rose backs ran over people like that it don't happen at all. God doesn't happen and dominated mower and household nationwide. Player a guy dresses filled in Joseph McKnight. Right Joseph making night went to USC OK he had a thousand yard season on the Raiders has complained of even our special teams player and NFL ya. Ran back a couple along kick offs and what successful. Yes it is goes to show you how hard it is now Manuel didn't think that that is part edges there's nobody did it's a dog or highlight to put an elegy to. That he's going to be unbelievable. In the NFL you gotta latency it's. It's I talk about the latter approach it's you climb one now stand right on another one and see where you go we started about instead of the pro. And you move on up I can go back to win at the beginning of the year they did a feature on his name escapes me the running back from a South Carolina that was so good with the 49ers and throughout both his recognize retired. He did a big feature I mean you reduced talk about this all ears in what he's doing now. And based and he is ease in their motivation and in dealing with things like that back to South Carolina area down in Florida. And he was talking about he was breaking down film and he said he's in Indy with just before receipts he said doctor tell you right now may for pros. One that has been in the but look at Elliott now I don't know if I'm Stacey just you just don't know and if Elliott in is a good back we saw him do what he did against Alabama you know it was a great college back. But he is he is we have one of the best offensive like if not the best in football. 00 right place right time at all Cubs at the plate you know realistically. I think you can look at it number of positions. Just because you're storied college are you going to be a starter and fell. With Tom Brady has started University of Michigan. No not not only are huge and I was Joseph Montana consider where he was drafted. Know what though Joseph Blanton and a think about that Joseph Montana Tom Brady equipment were drafted Marcus I have had success throughout an Lattimore soccer yeah thank you for detective. I could tell you right now. Who I know told that a number of coaches who could have been the best ever but what is our ongoing problem and all that shot Monty took months I'm Geigy Bo Jackson whoever you think Jim Brown the best in a best Bryant talked in the nation and their funeral. Shot Monty was on a level. This and he showed up at a game. On Sunday a game god rest his soul to. And he did great things in it latter part of his line. Marty minutes before to kick call later and run by a 185. Yards and a game. I'm Heidi was. And I need to owners impact on how wide bottom out but I but I can't anointed in currency he was he would have been partying all night long got on his clothes and just boom broke the role ruled out there you go with the receivers corner route Bennett any receivers. Goal in the weight room and outlive everyone. Run over you run around and so it's all relative you know we we prisoners of the moment. And will we see beforehand. But it takes a lot of discipline. To be divested of bass a consistent basis in the rational thought. It's not a matter of opinion you have yours everybody has a 2601878. Texas at 8787. This is sports talk on WW. Batting the Earl Campbell is great on both knows you nine times and on a high school level to the Tyler Rose and did it in seven years every day if you are a college football player and put it any anywhere but particularly. A gaffe from around you your way. And and you don't go to college and you know burning bridges there. And you have a great career. Like ought to ball Archie Griffin. Steal a guy who is hi how they thought excellent in Columbus on the campus Macon and a great living goes the same way. Oh accurate tack obviously in the moon Ricky to him he's had both his knee repaired toe he's doing a lot better now. And he and his son put together his means in the supermarket Earl Campbell he's got to align a pool of sausage. Mine and also. He does a lot of things about the university like those big things that go around the country is if I take it does there are they activated is I don't turn out to be a great pro you can go back DO school with him like regional. You go back Q school and have a great Korean drama. Financial lives in has not wrong with that probably would you do in college into something for the arrest the line. Yeah argue that your right now and you look at us football players in Louisiana and the city of new all. Let it for a net could be a great NFL player and not even to be the best running back the combined annual. Don't want jolt from the qualities we get a ritual at that owning up aren't as your target there right now. If he has a ways to go until he proves NFL level and what Marshall Faulk did. Right I know there's so we've got to get Diebler is it's all speculation but the game piracy got a wait let's go to do Joey knew all of these Joseph why you think we hate you don't have on it tell us that are. No no we hope would always say host or 00. How are you. You bad Todd Hayes do parties did. Yeah okay no Joseph are you about aids parties at the okay I would guess that you you go to barbers job Utah Belichick. It was this this of course first off first if you would if you can ask you this in due to phone not to radio where you ran. Leave this beautiful. We I'm a game atop the one the one thing I wanna a's used. How is saying we don't think somebody could have a great career as a hall of fame pars. How does that take on somebody you think somebody else's data because he was Dudley bullets in nobody talked about probable at Ellis who had unbelievable gained no Isiah needed either being like as to when he sees you say words he domino that into HL player. A. I have. This problem I thought Dwight Gooden of joked about you Joseph that you get out of high school Joseph what they do wouldn't you ran to Florida. It. Man I know. No football later Joseph Joseph Joseph Joseph Joseph we know it's I don't know if you don't wanna talk to doesn't it talks mag pizza that I'm not Hamas might come back. How we usually do in aids default imbalance to round. What you wanted it to you man I joke around in your own backyard Jolie is that it note okay you are a joke joke joke. Joseph Joseph I'm not to allow fight it's so I'm play and it doesn't know. And Joseph Louis note oldest. 00. Oh I don't know what total back to talk about in the doesn't know what ideas. Even though it there it is. Ice panic about who you don't mind I don't wanna tell about it I talked. About it aren't aren't they get personal all right go he's I'll call back. I'm gonna tell you about it Barnett. They used their running backs got a on the NFL level. That's always say it right well we went hate it Joseph Linda Barnett to one thing you see it I say it about Eric Dickerson I said listen where he have a good is Henri I. Dickerson Kolb goal but yet. The right where everything is the best I said if he can have the career. That that the Slidell native. Program Matt Forte and rock right here at Tulane right if you would June. What what what Matt Forte is an NFL it's the unleaded paredes had a great NFL career. You might be and I think he's a starter he's legit. He might be another Jeremy on NFL it depends what team you go to right Jeremy dale as a starter when the angles he's legit. But it is you like nation wide easy world wide right on Thursday between Barry Sanders Jim Brown era digs it let it Barnett gotta still do it at the next level and adding Haden to just wait to see what he's gonna do I think also yet in the. Which is seasons for instances like Adrian Peterson came out in this in saint somebody's arrogant or cocky. This is if attack is projected to be you know top five in May say well if I continued to progress at this level like I did that last level. And they say I'm a supersedes it however you also have bags and out Abu comparison. If you're Antonio Pittman and you look now and you with a with a big TN offensive player of the year number 11 team while I was right. Saints move up to draft him. You're Antonio in the come out of college Antonio Pittman never what does it all out give me a career like Pierre Thomas and out take it. He would take us something about it every day and played there there are people now backs it'll be ejected may be first round aren't Amy first round maximal in the first day of the dread the first two days regret. That would say not to be better in the free agent there wouldn't they wouldn't trade but would love to had tied a career that a guy like Pierre Thomas. And as it looked ahead and Joseph I've continues to be back on because. I'm telling you right now and that ended Barnett. Can have a great NFL career but think what he has achieved. To surpass like a more shall fall who's from your right and what he did. Now Colts ran was dated different places just things got to do to achieve now. I acknowledge. It doesn't matter you supporting cast of you playing with Ezekiel Elliot hit a lottery. Being able to play behind that Dallas with a right ankle had a best not a scenario where he has that kind of right. Boy took a bye get it's not about not Egan and bull Tommy hate you all but when EZQ and a the lights on him and his biggest challenge. He called him up like a Turkey out of Alabama wooded and do gets out of them. And I know La diva sail out but look images day. Great ones sometimes even went out blackened I ate a guy like Barry Sanders what was of the various and put him behind in the Smith offensive line. I'll tell he had that type of thing and it barn and it's gonna have Wheeler and I think he will cause I think he's very humble. Knowledgeable a student to gain and he's it'll Ernest and I've got an artist on his that are trying to hit a home run and get bit real four yard gain instead. You know running sites that they're trying to make people who Jude because and you have a positive place and I haven't last without album. Mean in the AB and above and August. Weights with the Irish government to. I would tell them back. WW news' Sam has put 34 I thought the first news and it's go to Christmas. Well you know we talk about running backs and Matta and Alex sometimes that's the beauty of the Internet. When asking you about do you think an opponent will thrive in the NFL become one of the league's best. At the approach that like he did the college level and we were talking about some great backs and and we looked up yeah this is a show within itself. You know what college has produced eagle by each position but that that the greats and in state. Could well I'm the guy is a great in state and let them out. Great and it fell out of it's they Yankee and bring of this exam about because I was this this is not a lot younger but I was you know Franco Harris. And fans you know a guy like Hugh Douglas you know Ricky Jackson. But who was the guy that was a lot of aunt. And it it. In those days I had to play in new EPA and and and it's beat Ian I'm back with. And I argue with the have a better created well while I'm Vicki it. This whole run and think about it you aren't running back OK I'm back in state. No Franco Harris was blocked in lied dale Mitchell you to all of thing okay. I'd dale Mitchell was only able practicing. Back for the Colts. And was legit. Legit pro player the colloquial on the with Franco Harris they would the Steelers. So this evening alignment position Hugh green and Ricky Jackson at right okay. Green was a Pro Bowl and the balcony Buccaneers Ricky Jackson was a hole. And when you think about about at that level the college level if you was saying okay. Let's go by university in the go back conference in the will go by against cock you know air whatever and you break it down. Common out of it come out of it both Ricky and Hughes would have been okay. Back in the independent independent great lab back as the all time at appeared use. Douglas in Ricky decks. But if you would take him more I'm at the college level at because of he would pick you up even Hugh green you create green and they can and that's it you've done that in my bag and eat with you Greek. But you're Thomas who was a better college lab back to your body right they would agree that at a college that that oh Ricky. All right when they got that NFL. You know it was a different story as it does that I took it upon Bob as quick as Joseph is bad about an opponent go ahead Joseph you've been. It. But you know hey you know and alumni. Joel McHale you look at what he. You know as a professional I do it meant. Don't I say if you want to talk and smacked like me in the dozens dude that's when Osce. They'll would keep them. Adultery you know it snapping back. Tell me almost on the radio and I'll credit that people you know and at that snapped it. Joseph okay here I'm an amateur that you talk politics are as you call he would call us now okay you came in my in my show called me up but anyway go into running backs we have about eight. This that. And demand that a bit and given him the way you do it. And and I grew. But yeah you know he'll do much as. Well yeah. And that they won that day. Jo we are at there where we can't what we AC do you think he would rally in the NFL. And become one of the many. I'll always and we as you would do you think he would rather in the NFL like he did incumbent. And become one of the league's best so where do you think it's in the players right now that well right now is not I'm I'm I'm not in the backs of the number one right now. But he's not as deep as it was Tennessee earlier in the nineties or even five to ten years ago. Because yeah. Parliament yeah I'll be the people call. And of people it ought to talk about the real work to do. Yeah you. Are looking at it yet. Or do we get there and and yeah I was opening day and do we we know we haven't talked I enjoy making night was one of the greatest guys that Joseph is the there's no I'm telling Joseph McKnight was one of the greatest highs Ku players ever. And all of us I recruited nationwide Eagles USC he does great things pretty in the NFL. He was a returner. He was not a top running back with the big cell that little stretch right all I'm saying you know no matter what you do in high school. What you're doing college. NFL's a different game and an and Matt Forte. Al Lowe all of a sudden under the radar. Goddess like I'll go to two lane road he had. A great NFL career goal on the Bears in the jet that's all I'm saying. Once you get an NFL it didn't matter what the hell he did in high school now. The something. All right see the run. Marshall Faulk and Marshall Faulk LSU what do to recruit him that the that the back. So we go this and Eagles state. Running back edited Marshall Faulk in pro football got it from you are right do we gotta get to right now okay. Alright do we and ultimately. Now I think you got a better understand also is that you see at things like dig deep twisted. He thought he thought we would hate known in the four minute and talk about Joseph McKnight I need me I art anything is nobody in the dooming nine more in the on the first people to interview and it. When and it was on the coast Johnson. At saint Augusta before we got this thing you know as a freshman. On Friday night football when he came out his first U has to hit back to work a sharp gains so stuff like that when you hit close to home and you say stuff and throw stuff out there. That nobody you don't know what you're talking about and you say somebody eating it up in May not be a fan. It's incorrect. And it's a viral movement never bicycle when you talk about this guy and he wouldn't be fair and you say we're talking about Jim and I from a football standpoint if you talk about being fair about something that happened tragically as we we can't we talk about that. We talked about football we talk nearly about football in he has. Korea it would Joseph DA has the kind of level was a perfect analogy into this equation. That's all we had to do nothing at all with the deal where all of it. Terrible stuff to get him as we as 'cause this is an escape we don't want it turned his into nothing like. You know news because you go and nationwide. And as of late. Or recognition. The two players that we'd been filming it Ornette right. When you considered the best that have been high school and you know I think our crowd will you eat and it's easy happenings kind of morph into different topics. You can flip that into okay. All of those two caliber players who has an issue landed. In his only want. Right he did Jo and again Landon. Beating Gaylord bought in march of I'm implement my rank well and I like guys who can't rabbits there was gad my day and that's what. When we talked about. And more than another conversation with coach old told us last week. They're going at it those guys Bobby because just right now going from high school to college those are guys who have thought to be the quote unquote. Possible next. First round I write those type of picks they can always acknowledge development is so receptive conversations. All right do you think then it won't arrive in the NFL become one of the league's best is the sports talk on their BW. And welcome back over get around the league in a 7 o'clock album around all the NFL talks with each division in each conference as we are. Twelve games into the season. Five regular season games of that but hey Bob Bob Bob in Metairie buddy Bob thank you for calling WW yeah. Bobby they cheat they by about what's that about it and knows. What. I hate to say about him a huge something and you know he can brought some of that memories or experiences things and but I hate to think we saw last that aren't any last week didn't when he redeemed. Okay so you think he he shot you know what again you Rams. Yet you know what gets around to that last bit. He wanted to redeem himself against Greg Williams and you know. Dario OK but about OK I know he's going now you point. Things about this from a national perspective. Local perspective. And is being objective. What was your expectations for the Saints team at least today. Even after the draft. Camp now I don't know anyone telling us that all of us equivalent fourteen to. Well noted that we still think they'd be up 500 team eyes said. I thought they could be one better and is 798 in eight running 987 days K cats a bit best case scenario but he got to run the table that they did it but you know I don't think about it but they get this thing this. Now you know why joint pain doesn't deserve a pass. Who has no NFL coach deserves a path you hear moment and I football time. In Jon Gruden or bring your championship the Tampa Bay in his who blow yeah. Beating keep them. But I'm telling you that's why I think next year because we think the defense is better. We would tend to hole the Saints organization mortar beaten a far considering of three streets is seen did you 500. And you know get that double digit wind yeah out of twelve team. Then you might have to go to different the result so by about your enemy as is Barrett. What what you said about the fired a pass that beat you think dead is something to you you point out you've seen this season are you talk about. Come understand why you come to buy you think that. Well that lesson into it had a miserable that he beat you sir Felix to feel that you could feel the the passion that he had. On oh okay ready Bob booted about it that we feel patent today week. They get the passion a lot of that momentum. What does sterling Moore when all of a sudden Matthew Stafford throws so hard to go through receivers and what does sterling Moore pigs at all. And it's a pick six and you winning 70. It's been a losing three to zero. Early. Can't you can't agree on one play you're actually on sale and let that but it is and gives. Well lately but look at Sean Payton came back from his suspension. DS thirty. And thirty. That's Butler coach. That's unacceptable considering they pay them I totally agree that but you can't say that initially. That Bonnie gate affected him you know why woes are wrecked the money gate that time. And when he came back and yeah. So I mean. But we didn't have to do it doesn't take people texting right now but about that agree with you. Buehrle is sure. Is that yet to lead by a couple years on crude true leadership Corey you know he's he's in what Bobby. Yet the you know the right there is no. He the scandal like it and yet if their intention and that. Adding that that would have never about a week and we had a real good in no speculation and doesn't lie down like I don't know male or I had no room you could dogs they would do wanna say you've got to come out by sky lame that you guys talk about those sensations c'mon bright note no speculation. Our room it's all right this is a sports talk you're listening WW.