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"Go For Two" Episode 11 - Football, Food and Fresh Faces - NFL Thanksgiving Celebration

Nov 23, 2016|

This week the guys discuss the fresh faces emerging from the NFL landscape as multiple teams around the league have unexpectedly turned their fortunes around and are now legitimate playoff threats. Plus, in honor of Thanksgiving the guys countdown what they are most thankful for in the NFL. Color Rush and Thursday Night Football! What could be better?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome to the goal for two podcast with the T Bombay there and Zach Dunlap. Everybody welcome to go over to podcasts. Recording this on it since day November 22. It's Thanksgiving way Cappy. Early Thanksgiving everybody to listen to this might be post Thanksgiving as opposed and it could be hope this week has gone or we'll go. Well for everybody on my favorite holidays of the year this is episode eleven. Of our go to podcast this year in 2016 as we head into week twelve of the NFL football season. I'm Seth Dunlap you can find me on Twitter at set Dunlap and my partner in crime or there is demonstrated their team Bob Hebert T about 53 you know excellence what are. On. You don't Hagan is I feel good I am feeling yeah I'm feeling good and feel and fully refreshed I'm ready for a great triple header football on Thursday first Tyler had three really good football games held for Thursday may be ever. Religious started this triple Thanksgiving sleep. A few years ago yes and artists are glut miss. Colin early on Thanksgiving. They decided to bring just a little football let me in the play exactly fans about football so today of course our podcasts show we're going to. Give banks a little. Go for two NFL Thanksgiving if you will we're gonna tell you what were thankful for in the NFL little bit later show about midway through whatever we can review like always a am I gonna say greatly attributable ball there's only a couple of standout games bowl run through. The scores and recap. At least the ones that we thought were interesting and then of course we will preview this coming week and make picks against the spread soccer lines locked the week. And all his stuff but as we start off our show every single week let's start with our storyline of the week. Really story. And I'm gonna go a little bits. Glass half empty I suppose I mean usually the optimism the show I think there early to a degree threat that I've always via the bright side of the show. While Michael departed over their brings us now. But I'm gonna go. Gorilla Glass half empty in a moment ago the the completes. Rebalancing. Of the NFL conference and I don't think anybody suck up we're talking the Packers the Panthers the cardinals. Have all been completely dreadful who writes he can throw a couple of other teams there as well. And we've seen rising to the top of the league teams like the cowboys the vikings the lions even the giants who are now seven and three even Washington who has now. At least 63 in one. She is is a complete rebalancing record complete reshaping of the conference's upper one team. I guess you call him Holler if you want but the Seahawks who were still Brett there with the cal doesn't Judas in the conference but I don't think. Anybody saw this coming Christmas is my story line of the week team Bob. Is because last week really put a stamp. On this especially with the two losses by Green Day and in the cardinals this for all intents and purposes to eliminated them from playoff front. Yeah pretty yeah. Emphatic exclamation point from Washington at Green Bay game. Now are the cardinals. Actually the or race round of play close on I think they've gotten I think they've got they're four and five digit games on the day and want that they still are the now remember that 10 they are organized I guess there are 451. But that said. They still have the top rated defense in the entire NFL when it comes to yards for him not necessarily points allowed. Per game and in the dolphins kid being more consistent may be that and squeak things Abiola. The Packers feel more dead in the water that the cardinals are to be let's say where we shall I what what it is as a negative this rebalancing of the conference audit events incredibly sorry. Actually I kind of agree I met a glass half empty because I was. I guess big pessimist for those franchises right for the cardinals for the Packers for. He for the Panthers you can even they have an outside shot playoffs on the reason lives that I don't think the cardinals have any kind of shot number one because of that one that high. They're not gonna have a tie if they go it's a and when I'm when I haven't won right here not there either gonna have to went out it. They would have to win out in this slate T about at Atlanta at Miami which looks like a really tough game now New Orleans Washington. At Seattle and even at the rams in a real loss programs earlier in the season so. Yeah they want out that sleep on them but I associate happening and yeah I think they're done it. Complete rebalancing and I. Thing so pessimist for those teams before me. I'm Angela. Or am I mean even even. And you mentioned. The dolphins here having now won five in a row. The raiders do they need to have won four row including that game in in an exclusive I guess everything that you know it here you bring a point here. I can expand national conference is right not just Nancy and Obama folks on the NFC you have my story line it would just be less about the teams that have all of that is relevant and more about the teams that have kind of arisen. This year it and the big surprising ease in gently especially the teams that. We wrote off I thought this was a terrible dolphins team but Bryan Taylor hill was very bad and well. Franken will actually be in very good lately and look the emergence of JJ Daiei cannot be. The the importance of that emerge I'm guessing overstated to that point I wrote some admire Lucy articles that I thought the dolphins were turning into the most dysfunctional franchise yet in the leak another six point four and Adam's case is looking good and he's a lot of coach of the year talks started to swirl around him. Yeah and deed raiders by the way. Piggybacking on that date now and this is flying under the radar raiders control home field by destiny. They would have the tiebreaker. Over. Over the patriots that it would not have enough common opponents for you that tiebreaker should go to third tiebreaker. And because of their division. I goes the strength of schedule which they would have the cleared an edge on. Case western Maine strong agency and 5730. Broncos seven and three even the chargers are four and six. Have still scored more points in their opponents I don't know if I've ever seen. Eighteen that's four and six. We will wish they'd plug with it would be positive kind of plus minus different was pretty wild. Be it looks at so surprising is that throughout the league com. Even the AFC north look default being Eagles that's another one of those who haven't. The colts the apple knows to make an easy sell honestly at this point I'm not entirely sure but are tightened it tight ends are relevant. Yeah point loss the times you you have in my hand. The colts now and mold into it but. Exciting times afloat in the NFL that's my big takeaways and a lot of a lot of teams yeah a lot of questions about emerging as surprising and consistent. Which I won't work when I look at adult and 25 in a row and the giants now only five in a row. They really stand out obviously Dallas extended their winning streak to nine who is the most surprising for you didn't count or not. All these and I think about it she's all I could kind of see. I have a candidate cowboys felt like a cop out but. I didn't see the cowboys and biscuits rhapsody cowboys and Larry it's just dig and it's. Hello cliche at this point all of a cop out with how much publicity and rightfully so they're getting but I still think the cowboys smear the most surprising in this entire group. I could say the dolphins as well I just concede I it's evolved to be competitive a five and five ish team which there are game above that it does I do I never saw the cowboys this. This far superior right now and everybody and edited that's that's a fair point. That the kind of height of what Dallas is achieved right now is impressed enough to make you Mr. President when are you gives a point but. For my money I would doubt look and nobody saw the dolphins income as far as you know when you start one in four. So one of four and you start one and forwards Ryan can help look in. Really bad. Looking like elated it was targeted like you tended to reset button on the franchise. And now here five weeks later. Dude you are a bit more by relied on the run game and right to know quite frankly just played better along with indeed did that looks pretty bad ass right now. This is a dolphins team that has emerged as a legitimate while court judges and I'm gonna get that division. With a page into the fact that they'll be playing a relevant game with the agents this late in the season for Miami fans. Is probably exciting and of itself so I would still go. With Miami. Is my biggest prize now our hats are the judge exactly easy to understand it beating the bad start from the giants was the most perplexing part of they're season. Might it definitely the most under the radar seven and three teams have only team plus in the league. Nobody's talking and nobody stock but but I was very high and then follow their original six game. The first two weeks the money they invested in their defensive line. Really seemed to be paid dividends they get they start to Renault in the lawsuit and everybody kind of grandma forgot the O'Dell Beckham dysfunction. All the jobs that are that are now well. They've done this they're proven that these investments they made what was it over 200 million dollars on the defensive line it is. Winning them ball games in the offense which. Eli Manning is being very quiet this year kind of in a weird way probably. Good way he usually when Eli Manning has been in the news at least in the regular season it's because those poor play an extra rarely the regular season is he making headlines. For his stand out like the way the giants just kind of in this consistent force and they're one that you would have expected. To be this good so. Map cowboy you then and obviously we expect the line with outlined some regular yeah. Our credit our that's our story line of the week is due to our it's. Civil. Carlos Dodds of the week. Got your deck man gotta go deck stacked deck press got 30 and three touchdowns. No picks became the first rookie ever to go back to back weeks and three touchdowns. And no picks. Been sensational and slow he is. So as he did this we were in the year that both the MVP and look exactly or I was going. He is creeping up on the fringes of the MVP discussion and it's hard to die and that he's played he's played too well. I know he's there are people it as there is there are there are many quarterbacks are playing better than him right now may be Brady. Maybe you could say O Russell's eleven numbers rated and other raw numbers. Yeah bit like I I'm not gonna hold your feet over the Russell Wilson fire right now because he looks healthy yen and he has played incredible again. Even if his numbers are bid dampened by the we give you that set yet you know you're still right Russell Wilson died in a factor into the MVP conversation because but. I would take Russell Wilson or deck press not yeah anonymity would do yeah but yes it. I review objectively speaking just by the stats by the winds you have to be considering. Deck press guide for. In it indeed how they do not yet know it's it's seventeen that's ends too big to insure hockey man it is truly shocking day that he. Can't help it keep asking myself. Are you Witten is seeing the beginning of light the next great great note Tom Brady is the easy compares of because so many of the simulator is how. He replaced Drew Bledsoe who is here being good all time quarterback mean even better than replacing Tony Romo but I remember how shocking it was the kind of coolness with which birdie operated consistency in the winning and you're getting a lot of those same qualities and feelings of vote by press guy and this is a ridiculously like sports talking compared to talk to I'm taking. But let. I'm I'm not making this point I'm just saying it is. It is truly shocking and jaw dropping oppressed I was done and it's not too crazy to wonder if this is the beginning of something just it's Sarah credible. Incredible career. And I know you mentioned this the hot take heed of but I would also say. The Aussie paerson that would be right Nichols who had won sensational here and everybody thought maybe wouldn't be the next Tom Brady do you certainly going to be in the next lead quarterback in any completely. Fell apart so yeah let's just. I ON six. I have to go back and look what hopefuls success built. A bit more manufactured. Maybe one out of here part that's probably just chip Kelly's. Reputation and I hit the novelty of his offense in the NFL and how is affecting teams but to me deck press god is. What I've seen is a team trustee in this rookie quarterback more and more every week he started to go downfield. He truly he makes a lot of these plays on his own engineering these late game. When he drives and really that's been the most impressive part about that pres Scott has been his. Performances in the crunch time like when he struggles. Had to begin every game committee this day it doesn't faze me comes on when it matters most so I was like evil bulls thought of trees that I was never a believer. In Naples so why do you think. That they're I think it different situation but he's had time. Only time will tell me always feel. Reason Iowa Lou. A little caught another reason I guess I put a little caution and that is because of the schedule they have played they have that one really signature win is a great win on the road. At Pittsburgh rather that they had more with the softest schedules in the league other Mac game the games against the giants and Washington earlier in the season they split so policy that was they've got a chance recruit here they go watchman at Minnesota. At New York destroyed at Philly five of the last six weeks or sort of have a chance to Adam. That's why haven't you finish last in your vision you need your schedule right I think it's petting the numbers but still man to be your rookie. To be this efficient seventeen touchdowns to interception and a half yards per attempt and you love it or don't and that's pretty solid. I think it's is that what it is I think it's the market and exploit files not just an efficient offense are quarterback grant an explosive one wanted to make big plays and he's proven that he's not he's not a trend over less obvious via watched the cowboys. He nudges dink and dunk in or out right he's really not play action may be really big explosive plays on the field. Yeah and it looks like boy at the beginning it was indeed the right no doubt woods that it's the difference to me for somebody may do admit foale's. Is that this is Vietnam there the more they get them he just seems more more well equipped to handle in the morgue on the teams get I mean you figured they'd be able to stop and figure out some sort of weakness. They have it now do your team is always critical because that's when teams have an entire year to prepare their counterpunch. But I shocking what dec what dad has been doing. Thus far really the only quarterback they compare herbal. Touchdown interception for dec seventeen to two would be Brady whose dad got sixteen to one. Yet gradient in Wilson's got to fewest that says just only has to pick Shia elevenths it now. By the way just a little stat that I heard this week I guess it's my muscles that correctly or not. He's now third in NFL history in touchdown interception ratio for seasons of his touch and I kind of knew that wasn't caught a touchdown via sort of talk about the notes. Hurdle down. Mr. bin BC do you watch the taxi Nazi that was there was not only for all talk and daughters Kendra. What are. It right that's the most impressive part of it there was a little pitch back to Doug Baldwin. Who got it means he gets intense pressure space and dropped his back put it the perfect. Spiraling passable cinema corner and made Canada. Diving play and aliens now. Live Greg Russell Wilson's injury history then you degree got a little quarterback controversy are. No but I was dead Doug Bolton first pass the year wears his quarterback rating and it's probably pretty high now both got to be right up grabbed the ball in the highest rated quarterback in the NFL currently. Record QB rating of 158. Now look. I'm not a coach upset a carefully thought that's man look at the numbers right numbers don't like quarterback controversy in Seattle yeah. By the way they did play they're back at quarterback at running neck and much was weird but we'll talk about that during these are backup quarterback Seneca Wallace true on Boykin who is very cynical it's not like ask is is really wanna saw the blast from the past I. I yeah absolutely. Yes. Actually I'm gonna go with big guy from Miami because I've been. So hard on Ryan JNL and I am I judging guy that you know and he's been terrific guy he didn't. What did you eat crow you want to give credit where credit is due wilting in the hill. Losing ten nothing to the rams you look as bad does that rams team is has hit six losses. Did you games have been pretty fifth or sixth time in a row. But as bad as it team is set the defense is still amazed there until about the Indian game. What is there he'll do support. Last couple drives twelve or thirteen. 124. Yards. And two touchdowns and now during this five game winning streak. Tim hills led three comeback wins the guy that I didn't know they they didn't think he had done so. To see you gotta flip the script and throw that all back in guys like MySpace well that's that I incredibly impressive take a bell. Janet hill never thought I'd be saying is you are. The start of the week. You put large Cheever. The. Wait what do you wonder if that's a good governor and then amble all not is not. On the net yeah yeah yeah. A lot of times when people wouldn't be throughout the sets like CJ process for generators completely running our Mike Seaver college ball he did but he was. Converted them. Deep into early on in his college career cart. So young ward. Next we can hurt you. There's no week in review. I worked or Cyrus on his hands are so far into it I hourly would you wanna mention anything about that saints Panthers game has been a week now so I generally are just that. Although this thing's laws which read kind of expected. They went down a different manner than expected and there is positive for the saints. It did his defense remains dominant this New Orleans defense does where does the office of the special teams. And it cost him a few times now this year and actually got dom should Saddam get ahead of myself but. These deep it is making strides consistently now in the right direction and they're improved vastly. And it looks like it's Allen is deftly to pitch according to a movie for you finally might have found a guy. After seemingly he decade of searching through Sean. New oral abuse city right. Well kind of scary at times put this point out to me on Twitter by Michigan's Gergen Jake Madison that. Good the last three years through ten games the saints had six losses each year you know that means there's a six a six. Six the mark of the beast New Orleans is officially. Kurtz I think is John Carney who lie after Sean Payton. The tee shot that apparently cut Carney the night before his wedding it's pretty well pope's historic Carty the real upset and talked about how. No I can downfall was coming you don't do that to people like a visually the seeds that you plant will come you'll reap what you show considers it well. I don't know Sean they may deal the doubled him but the evidence is starting a map passed a little. Remember that story and in hundreds defense I really don't think in probably realize or remember that it was opened in his eye. I've talked to people in the know in DC but very confident that hell that he realized that was quite literally the point. So I would take great result. Medical anonymous sources here. So there's so few people are people telling feel free to not believe not a sauces plenty of sauces the most delicious sauces. But yeah. I I had that you did you know per student work that's either here and there are five is the saints are curse by Satan. And I do not know exactly what they're going to have to do. Maybe some sort of blood sacrifice. I'll do some more recent. To a team that needs no sacrificing currently Dallas Cowboys they beat Baltimore twice have a senate seat Baltimore. Did. Have at least spies to Siskel measures. The best run defense Italy it was a little and clinics they played the browns twice. Played the NFC south bottom dollar so great run defense minded it's it's the best league doubt it's done at home we talked about deck. Again an offensive line malls we've got Ezekiel Elliott viewing point five for 97 very pedestrian but exactly what they need to happen. A does Brad a couple of touchdown passes and Baltimore is true we thought they were at least who I thought they were they are not left in the share I saw that I know they're getting. It when the isolate their head that division is as you still Steelers the Steelers that's the Pittsburgh's division where you don't like you don't like Baltimore for a I don't and I guess the west is too strong currency givens walker raised that stood and looked go prove me wrong. Part caused didn't do this is not even Baltimore's father Jeff Flock missile is great looses all. Taken shots at Flacco who we know what this threat. A little bit and apologizing but anyway I'll get two minutes Twitter apology he said I aidid and his out. I should not said that I've criticize it backwards that big apology Ray Lewis yesterday OK let's tennis president or you don't hear that often. Him did you cartel. Looked at that you step it would skip Bayless on the super successful Hampshire undisputed courted and shows. I mean is Jason whitlock. No it's no simmons' hip there was an economics of our credit no matter I'd ever sought but out rake mark and anyone used to. Where you get it shut two year old boy does it's kind of weird little bit in my opinion and Flacco put on this one not the average excuse that's probably loss on the tickets went away from the cowboys and I didn't give much credit here. Yeah ravens still had a running game. And this one west is 42 yards eluded the forty yards from their back abduction. And they are about us and we covered a little bit not instantly but should the ravens are Gregory writes ha. How abouts. Justin Forsett then I they Greer is better player. Colts beat the titans 4470. Innocent hurts this hurts because. Your Miami and circle line again it was so we should notices and an epic. And I hit a second ago hook line and accuse him for my outlook for the week because Assisi picked the right some Smart man Graham viewed on the show for three years now so you understands. How things work. Big news out of this one obviously Andrew Luck injury the concussion it looks like he's gonna keep madam authors and oh. Governor I was at the big news out of this one was that it was actually relevant I don't know when the last time there is a colts titans matchup that had an actual. Impact on the playoffs and that is trying to look at the one that's true that that was big game towards the end Havier I think. That really makes it hard for Tennessee to climb out of that five and six role and look and easily back at your sensitivity right. Mean it is certainty that we think it's as a year during the next year get their real threat absolutely probably this year they are right what that political that we are very similar to how I viewed Oakland last year right just just a little bit too early and got a second year quarterback. Who looks like he's originally going to be a star but they're just not quite real. Well rounded enough in that division diva who really knows map Matt yeah because I'm still not sold them Ross Weiler. Texans Albany they will talk about the that frost like that Ross. Yeah just combine well in addition it's like he's dating himself. I was. Indy which is probably saving his job yeah that's what I keep hearing highly. Our bodies have been fired I think have lost the ability to care about chipper got his job the last two or three years and just got his job got tight you notice it's there he's got a little Mike Gundy and the back. The normal here's a little bit that does not at all all it's not that it's not that Gundy mole I moments ago. Out of touch with the AFC south that I don't think that he Angela yet this season on the television may receive a couple of times I'd argue anybody chemicals. Is your mercy is still the owner. Yes and out of the news in which is an odd to present for him next deadly reason. Those angles bills keep their. Dwindling playoff hopes alive to get to 516. And gets front runners aren't too Bob. Are so I've got to believe their funds by now don't take a moment your area west sixteenth it's well over Cincinnati news. And nobody side lists. Adam season comes Cincinnati they're done really talented roster but it's not their year. Bill sees itself is so what does that mean is it talent roster than does it it's very it's very Panthers lights right I don't think they have. The raw talent at the it's the impact positions that Carolina has but they certainly have the overall depth and what they have they have great pieces assay of AJ green they've got to really keep mullah quarterbacks here yet race doesn't exactly did you that's a big news there too late as JJ green for the year right yes. But manuals done. Bills still hang around all this is is Rex Ryan the new Jeff Fisher is TV Aden a guy in the in the deals that wave but it. He's in this case it what here's the stress yeah school is too early on never had a mustache that latest. Yes it's true budget officers never had a gut that Vick. Early on but his mail order if we're afraid if you ride was still fat I'd probably. Be. Much more open to getting back on his side I'm very turned off by Ryan and the deals are. You always internal is coming adults but right now the pills I used to be proud member of bills Moffett. I was I don't Tyrod Taylor bandwagon for years Mike is yours or let him my dislike of riot has forced me off of the tyrant alien Rex Ryan I don't know I mean he's good. There's the prayers of the Fisher just to hit oldest debris being serious for second red early on his season may get a couple of conference championship games to stop to be the next great coach got fired by its first team went through his second team and can't get out of this 500. Ish Meir yeah. Yeah. Right now anybody then. And the funny part about that is is it probably a slight to this year because I know this last what decade that bad did you pitchers could for eighteen years in Tennessee I believe. Some around there and it was it was a really believe I mean it was good for the most part they're saws and anybody might be even. Horse in Jeffers horrible Fisher might be in trouble. I think this year might be easy. Yes I was and how does not that rule six let's go up boxes. You have idol you don't have any faith bills' playoff Reno Air you know this and there's no wildcard no. Spot farmer and now unless the AFC west completely falls apart unless they go ought to heater light. Scalping the dolphins are currently on doubted now. But his. Chiefs and Broncos just threatening the hell out of every one whose 55 right now. Speaking of team that is squarely. Now on the playoff conversation fringe we didn't see this coming one a member of our team did mr. Kim Zimmer. Bucks. Big a massive winter and this is does that have arrowhead emphasis does not happen they go too early edit plays the chiefs who is anybody outside their own division. And they beat the chiefs 1917. Winston looks great in this game the chiefs can't move the football again. Looks like they're really gonna struggle in the running game throughout the rest of the season but the bucks. Five and five now and they get itself home game with Seattle next week which. It's kind of feels like one of those games that we're the Seahawks coup. It and they got they got the tiger did they lose they played planet toys that being in the home premium on the opener. To double check on that what you're doing a damn bit of a statistical quirks here you said you're going to Tampa. We'll set the books are one in four element four and one on the road so I don't know maybe just hate their own crowd. Tampa seems a bit greasy place in my opinion so you definitely see that. Being the case also they've been outscored them more than twenty points on the season so I'm not. Not a wholesale believer in this bucks team but now they're playing better as of late. And it even that they're they're kind of in the conversations that as far as things teams that we didn't see coming path and they don't threaten the falcons. If nothing. Well that Atlanta Falcons a couple of weeks ago but they split it honestly that's yours but I believe they have the better. Division records right now they would on the tiebreaker well. Shocking stuff tea today. Chiefs here as a big loss they were again on the they have their first round bye and maybe home field advantage things worked out. In their grasp. That's a big loss for mystery in the sheets music they'll lose those games and army Tennessee because they need other helping in the playoffs of being an error and would be. Us. It still too early to say in the that is US rivets we thought about the chiefs as I thought about. Chiefs and indeed just. Don't have an old meets. Piece of that team that is going to be able to carry them to a championship like you need you need one piece of that team to believe and they'd be proven again it is just not that defense is. Even called and rates may but they're not just completely this bleaker than a championship out Smith obviously is not an offense. Who offices at times looks completely dreadful. You know I mean that's just my boys here I'm really just when the chiefs. They've had these catalogs this year I know they're seven and three skull maybe you get an ahead of myself here a little bit bit. I just say I expect the chiefs would be better than us losing to teams like the Buccaneers and. I think you also make a fair point as far as kind of outings in the delta people may have about the chiefs come a time. Very consistent teen who Lincoln great regular season team that Greg just feel like you. Talked about made a good point last week on our the show the LSU right even though they have mentally record. They would still be favored over all the report teams in the entire country. The chiefs the favorite against in the playoffs to start now. It would be paired against the Steelers would be favored against the raiders wouldn't be big effort against the patriots now probably not the Broncos. Yeah and it's. So and so wait and see where did you US and a lot of shaking left to everybody here is that they're all of that play each other here and for cigarette and assuming. How we talked about this next game briefly earlier vikings stay put maybe the second final nail. IndyCar most often 38 to 24 they score on defense this score on special teams. And Carson largest. I don't know man he's this he's done I. All of your friends and not done he still occasional NFL quarterback but he's not the elite PI that we saw the last. Year and a half season and have previously. Aunts. Their defense continues to be not the elite unit that we thought they would be coming into the season wolf. And there are one I don't know I agree the denial unit I think the image of critical gaps or kill them but they delete delete in total yards and a Purdue put two weeks after. To ridiculously good numbers they just can't find ways to win and it's been special teams has been noted they give anything missing cardinals you've got to look back. And really just kick themselves about what could've been because the defense is really like I think they're deep it's still great it's just. The rest of the team that isn't working so well. Made about look good role whatever. I'm just thinking about that I guess. Yeah I guess I usually take away this scam and they lost seventeen points sixteen points. From their defense it was for this Gordon's up that I mean there's still top ten the top ten in points given out that's even with all the did pick sixes Palmer's thrown yeah yeah so old yet and prayers are divas are regularly they just it's the office of special teams are killing the vikings. Cool Mike Zimmer. Officers I've watched. Did present are not going to see you Lou she's my big wins and what would have happened you have if oh no that this is her first break as they were five and a they moved to 54. Is stop the four game slide faster if they had gone to five and five what would Mike Zimmer done. Where you really yeah I don't even know fat cats gushing water already I. I I don't a high winds not I am not however don't be surprised if he would have are committed. What is it some cuckoo what what what is it Japanese culture where exact O two yes I'm along those lines are re like stat is not in the senate. If Mike Zimmer would have lost Sunday guaranteed they would of found him in his office with a sheet of Blake do his stomach on Monday morning so faithfully. Thankfully vikings won it we don't have a dead coach deal with. Also is anybody's actually a fan of Japanese samurai culture I've no idea what appreciable in his or. Really made out like we don't know that he announced ahead we don't know what the actual rituals golf course. We helped us on Arizona hitters are focusing on Arizona here just snipers much love as we've given and people give impresario and strap the air. How is also has showed her shoulders at least offensively why hasn't he. Morphed this offense change this offense through hauler on David Johnson instead of Carson Palmer that's where the sob should head and I think it's. Is an area around where they've been heading them. Not enough. The I mean writes yeah outer edges jobs has been of great stats every week or productions who you figure that's. And they've been trying to use I think Paula still throw forty times him. Why there is I don't watch his game wasn't committed to urging that Taylor tape though like well until the Minnesota up early where the yeah because evidently from behind. Cardinals haven't played from behind it's still are not talking about in the plane from Honolulu it's been far too often this season. I don't understand why you don't give Johnson and your other running backs 3035 carries a game and limit Carson Palmer. That name rings late this guy's got to throw the football he's he's not been good you've got to. Will limit his opportunities for mistakes. I just I don't understand it and that's that's adversary and you said it before right. He's the gambler he's the guy who loves to throw lots of threw deep loves to go for the big plays that I don't think you can do that with the solvents right now so. I throw a little bit of blame has way. Aren't you obviously an enemy a look at coach always deserves. Blame. If the team falls apart as does it's a good feeling very well built off and now they're necessarily it's it's got a lot of holes to go for the lines are too good. Which is surprising no Scioscia wanted to softened slightly Larry Fitzgerald's. Is still really get a driving but it what are others years you have no right. Brown bit. You know he hasn't been great this man Floyd who's not been good and I'm here so disappointing times of mayors are likes it looks ended up by the vikings stale. So bear. Seahawks Eagles this is. And not give the volume I thought it was going to be good for Williams final score much closer then it appears the two point six to seven game with about six minutes ago. Seattle is clearly dominated this game not offense looks like it's. It is getting and it's scary office now Russell Wilson is healthy and play these toxic hot. How spectacular that wide receivers to Wilson. Pitch past Wilson scored on the touchdown at one point in the fourth quarter he Bob. Wilson had as many receiving yards as the entire Philadelphia wide receiving corps and precision how went. Four. Philadelphia and the my lock of the week did not injure I thought Carson Wentz who had been a pretty turnover free this year. Would take care of the football that did not happen yet to really bad perceptions that change the flow this game midway through. And you can deceive Eagles is not quite on that a league level yet. I was fortunate with couple Eagles fans actually in my place this week in this camp and I really think that the Philadelphia. Isabelle you're next here I think they could be championship level good there's not there yet they're not there yet I think this kind of show joy I agree. Welcome to him code it's it's I think it's kind of funny Philly fans are actually going to be cool wouldn't be okay this year because expectations. Are gonna be so I've mentioned a good reason why would the defense com and posted his Caribbean here they're pretty out of this world am I am sure there still. So knowing that you were going gear lock of the week right you basically said Carson went up. Yes I know I want you variety reverse jinx on him. So that he would have a bad game in Seattle because there is no way. That you actually expected a rookie quarterback to do that good against Seattle I expect him to answer regular. So no no turnovers got up at Peterson and Hewitt played very low risk fission bombs later and do. There were a throw in the bar for deep ball for us that question on this all I'm saying is are speculative we don't use it to help the Seahawks in what let's. If you're locked. You're ugly you have a lot of better quarterback you raspberry I don't know adding significantly better quarterback rating go into the guys who believes it did. Lee this is the question John Lyons yeah exactly exactly. That you that Mario is still lives for that word regime. Business is you've given me. But mile walk leaks was pretty weak was it has Mars Mariana has Gregory from a hundred point three. And Andrew Luck has courted rating of 93 point not that isn't pretty significant different yet they were awesome and Indy. Our would document. Oprah assault obviously oxide coming out of this game if you're concerned can be really concerned about their injury situation now Earl Thomas. Hamstring injury don't look like he'll play this week UV does will be very limited Shonn shed. There corner opposite Sherman who has looked like he's able to get a big contract from sales in this year he got a hamstring injury he's out Michael Bennet is still out CJ pro size. They're starting running back he has lost maybe for the year with an injury kept at it and look there I had to let nobody knows there. As far as what he'll sit at a pro sports. Pros that's been big news last couple weeks. Their backup running back home let's let's let's pull the average in itself and what his college big news. Opera's speed. I bet you most people now processes remember you didn't know Tom control analyst yes mr. All of that out and have bought out if I let it exist and I guess my point is if I do this. It covers sports and I don't know these guys aren't admittedly I'm not exhibit may got to do my job well enough. I think doctors say the average NFL fans in Metairie CJ. What's improved site as well he's he's the kid you add seven is a sure touchdown on the first chorus and men pulled. OK so all Americans just as everybody who has one touchdown runs now that patients haters and your is a look I'm I'm just saying I'm saying I say I'm very concerned about Seattle's under situation okay as they admitted CRY know who Michael Dennis and I know you do too early thomas'. So I don't have to tie it and currencies on nortel's I was trying to target. Next up Washington Green Bay the Kirk cousins. What was his post game liner this year it was look at me now not how you like how you now I yeah off classic. And that the best part of that but ballot he does what insane that cameras is that. Two of their general manager yes got a colossal. Was walking up to Kirk cousins and shake his hand. Cousins are still in edit and how you like me now slaps his hand. Says it again slaps his hand and name it. In in that really awkward thing where I think he could just tell that it was pure motion to fuel in the moment. I rubbed the GM's head. And I don't know about you. Wait did I have like do not rub my head. There is nothing more emasculated or condescending. Like I am above you you are below me titled body language we knew then rubbed my head itself. Kirk cousins now pulling punches on skull and often know where he stands illiteracy a lot of you'll be like Bo will do cousins. Oh yeah he served as suspected whatever the golf will be the right choice will OK yes look they're gonna be. Co exist features you're right it's got a call for Maine the right choice in franchising Kirk cousins in my opinion it was the prudent business move but. Lot of times these great athletes. They are fueled in motivated by what they see as people. Who doubt that she even know McLaughlin made the prudent business decision it still is fuel for Kirk cousins that you saw it. Come out after. This game but I can't run and another man on the head. Drug maker Philip B keeps winning he keeps kicking ass like he's been doing them now in Sherman Coughlin will be happy to have rob mom. Tough Purdue our quarterback here's his last couple. Two weeks actually put Kirk cousins squarely in the second to death. Yeah I agree I agree on his early release or an act by the and a long time says it's got a key sneaky. Little. Hear the you can go against the great we always talk about Matt Stafford might yet. The largest contracts is in the NFL could Kirk cousins surpass that of cousins in its effort to counter sure about that yeah. Bob smokey clubs whatever it branches. That would mean Andre has been one your thing but yet it's still there even that they mean by rule right it's the average can imagine I just wanted to do in other singers who had something. Would be about point seven million franchise against okay yeah. There are differences in the they're gonna several alternatives I'd be bigger and Stafford Steele I don't you know I guess he's younger. Bloody war against him maybe knock them. Our governor who forced it to I still think separate union and Contra noses to up their product now on without thinking about it. Don't know what the solid argument force every year in the big country because he doesn't have that much more impressive resume outside its debts. Maybe because staffers here that make it true on this year in their winning. I don't know what to play like that amendment is better here than it telling that did situation one. Finally another quarterback up and comer obviously Derek Karr elites seem to come back when on the road against the Texans are when he says he pitches I didn't I think Mets averaged better anchor 'cause that's his patent so too did not pay. Tony seven it's funny. Operators when again they continue to hold on hold on for its August games art and I noted erupt here but. We're not talking and Rogers at all. In this Packers game. Realist you talked Packers the Packers team looks absolutely abysmal champ bill look like him. That football team went crazy man out of nowhere to get over this ban to be in the year it didn't look like. Army but I don't want to alienate going to get other quarterbacks to break when the rest their team falls apart too much important and I'm going to give him breaks from Aaron Rodgers. This season did you music not about his familial relationships are we talking before at just those on the bachelorette yes. Trouble in paradise and I don't judge you first it's Finley situation out there looking and I the relationships between games is there that says it seems like it sadly. South Hadley deteriorated at this point and would that high profile of a person. And you start to struggle for what you worded it would you argue in and these are the type of questions connecting the dots the accusations that people are gonna make. So. So operating there and Roger's career that's the and him. That's a big equator so don't think Mike McCarthy is in trouble but I guess now we'll see if I don't I don't think there did you write it that. They're not a panicky franchise figure that somewhere. Where they read that now. That makes sense to me I read somewhere earlier it's a music agreement is not a panicky friend John McCarthy's financing agreement raiders Texans talent is expected cost what are actually played pretty well now can't escape and report. He's developing into the did a better quarterback and a buddy via the well put that we're talking about narrative of exhibiting the increased role Lamar Miller has helped him. Of the one thing in this game. Actually that completely do not understand why is bill O'Brien hunting down by seven with three minutes ago and only one time. I don't know but it what's the game to be he's got the ball it is his own 45 yard in the got a fourth down isn't and shorts. I'm as a medium India has execs are masters anyways seeds in the football three minutes left of the of one time. It seems a special. Leg before decision against the raiders often discredit me if you really help your defense and I didn't Texans like their defense but I don't know I loved the Texans defense in that situation against their car who's been so good. Late game so why you have a bit of no I think it's 20/20 but. Can you make the right choice right. Not only that but let's say even if things go perfectly get three now do you get the football back after a punch out the same spot I guess if you did a perfect scenario about 45 yard line. You think with less time left the you're not gonna face a fourth down at six like you're going to be in a better situation. During the into the game like did you think that's a bad situation what's gonna happen we have no timeouts left to got to go down the field and not unit faced a fourth and six imports makes no sense I guys. Yeah I mean you you are making a lot of what is an app point your drinking on their car and then leaving the field. After three downs. Your brain you done hopefully he wasn't going to a complete pass to maybe saving some time already timeout your regular good return to say drug. Read your banking and yet you everything yes. Yeah your thanks and all that's correct in my weight in my hands which are much yes. You're probably. Forty per since to make that fourth down play nebulous that 30%. 35% a still better odds but now that. I receivers and it's kind of an equitable situation they're gonna find yourself in any way and the more. Appropriate choice was for tiger we'd ever you want and you want to. Mentioned it was really really good to hear Mike to Rico calling a game on Sunday night again he's now the one of studio host for Sunday Night Football. Com and Al Michaels obviously does sent an affable he was off the this week I believe he's doing with with an illness so trickle filled in that Imus. You know that's why he's blows guys Wear because he is with gruden gruden was the top the star of those broadcast I think that even I've been like. Kind of a broadcaster com source that it New York I kind of over I kind of overlooked how good Rico was. Imus and you never know when you have till it's gone right now I believe an old woman says that once she's actually right. Because the new Monday Night Football broadcast is a snooze past. All this week McDonnell was about he's he's grow it in neutral. And it's a genre and really be fair with me down I don't know why I feel so aggressively against him maybe just because I feel like under appreciated to Rico so much. Did little to do we have the advantage this week of playing in Mexico City makes some pretty exciting talk. Shot except we asked this before shopping done as a really good basketball earth that is baseball. He does that because baseball but I did hurt a lot more with college basketball it's a really because fastball guy because of the quick paced game right he's always calling action he's got a good voice and he's pretty get on the exciting is that sometimes and yet time to fill it's only strokes I wouldn't do an analysis failure analysis broadcasters here but yet Mike to Rico glad to have you back. Are like Thanksgiving week here is recent and point of our show team club. It's time to. Make her a little that gives thanks to yes yes our NFL Thanksgiving if you will. Here on the go for two podcasts so the first to tell you what I'm thankful for. Andy can follow the semi automatic or anyone's. You go first out of India so. I am. First. I'm really thankful that finally the last couple years that having an elite defense has again become an expect an Angel you went to like. Through the muted. That part of the year 2000 there. Really do live this through 2011312. Where. You generally have to have a good defense wins championships but a rebalancing started if I'm being fair kind of start with Harbaugh started ball ball for the heart buzz. Ministry entry through with Pete Carroll and even Bill Belichick and his had a great defense but. Denver last year it's beat dolce requirement now that you have in not a good been an elite inability to insulin Jenny yeah. I've always been a defense you guys have always guys I'm very thankful that. That's been the I feel like that's been the rule for the vast majority of the history of the Shia I think the exceptions. Are areas where. You can get away with not having a lead keep it. Also this and not just for everything because I don't think you just review they just an interesting quirk east is they. I ran across today. Hey if you look at the top ten defense is yardage wise. In the NFL as far as giving up yardage. When six of the ten or 500 or better. Which I found to be a bit surprising a year where so many teams are 500 or better reliability. It points allowed everybody Compton's 500 betterment except for the ring. Yup next. Eagle putts and you wouldn't think I was innocent medallist and I'm actually really glad that Dallas is relevant I really am why. Because every single sport show in America whether or national show or even a local show. At some points you're almost forced. To talk about the cowboys right just because they got married and sing national shows or. I don't think local troops. Where there's going well when they're bad. Adam and even accurately that result is Romo it's on is always something happening. And a putts even that little bit the are forced to talk about the cowboys and now I'm grateful that there could because at least that are relevant. We never really exciting young football team to talk about whether yet yet I know a lot of people around here really in the more New Orleans really dislike. The Dallas felt a lot of people across the country do you can't deny that they are the most. Exciting young team and a threat there the raiders who's kind of entering both of those franchises are surging at same time but I'm excited to talk about signing up football teams so let's say you didn't think it'd. Zeke in the deck. I mean I'm not I'm not going to thank him. I don't. I don't talk Dallas unless they are relevant. Bets that it is Exxon to want to develop but not woodlands maybe just just to be thankful for me how big an end to your report. I don't really have any ample teams that I love. But it there's one team that I was raised to hate although this is eased from last year it was the dells I think that's an imminent threat everybody's got an opinion on the tablet and a beautiful and your point or and I'm thankful for color rush uniforms and Thursday night football hot now people me they gonna beat a bit sarcastic with the color uniforms. And I'm here to sing but I am. I actually like the color uniforms. I find them aesthetically pleasing I think the crazy combination while some are her in this market horrendous I don't want to miss the mark like the dolphins. Pops are ones other ones are greatly. The six white ranger uniforms so they rock this Thursday against Pitt or shall I say I am thankful for cholera if you Forbes I like it. And Thursday night football I am thankful for being guys did I gave me a night off last week. When it's a couple of I did not have to work yeah thank you Thursday night football I hate by the way not even. Just being homer this waits leases Seattle's rush it is. Fast but I'm I'm. Your dream picture neon green heads so tell all in all watching I did probably look like some sort of traffic safety police and the guys running around school it's all I lighter. Is all islanders who are looking to see that sent us here that's the spear over its color rushed that's that that that's what I'm. I think over Drew Brees did Bob and I am thankful for her recent lease. Office by extension for at least taking this season bearable and semi exciting I guess from since without them. Sued via a snooze for us this season one that would be hard to get through it and speaking as somebody asked to be the dome on every saints Sunday home game. Makes it'll lots and makes a lot more bearable for me on the Sunday is yeah I would. Will say this though ironically enough. In the last two games that you lost is probably more on the offense and special teams and it was on that deep it's it is not to say. The offense is bad because that's obviously not true Drew Brees leads the NFL in almost every pass seemed. Statistic out there right now he has been very good but it just to say that the margin of error is so small for the relevant is how this team is built. They're all interdependent. And when they make a couple the Ayers like they did it for and says six turnovers. In these five days in these two games you're just not going to win. When that is the case unfortunately for us things but that said. Yes you're right maybe what. One and hope they. Yeah big body with a bright highs he Brown's ass yeah right yeah without without your resort I am thankful for. Fresh face is me and got some movie kind of talked about it earlier in the show finally seems seems like. We're start receiving next generation. Come and they're out. Does it bring in free these. They're still here you know there's there's there's still kind of seeing their swan song and ended they're going to be ever come where yours but. Deer car Kirk cousins Russell Wilson. Matt Stafford. Dak Prescott. Brian ten. All of these guys right now Joseph flat as it stands are more relevant to the playoff picture then Drew Brees then Aaron Rodgers. And that's pretty impressed that's a pretty. That's a pretty big guys statement that was kind of funny gross write this I almost wanted to put Russell Wilson in the old crew which is via. Testament of how good he's been in the league yeah I don't want women in business back my buddies but he's yup but he still these guys say to you can't put a mediocre he is still technically. What are the fresh faces you won't be watching for the next decade plus. Do crazy things in the league. So easy to operate got there. I've been wrote a letter in the old guard sort of Roethlisberger out they're bouncing around playoffs Matt Ryan has a playoff trip did in this Charlie Whitehurst. But no days and cooler man it's it's it's. With the Manning era was long and we're still we're not out of it like we're not completely out of it good this year deals. As far as just the disease kills more different and has years. The next. Can't audit from the deepest part of my heart's into London I am so glad that I do not put real money on my soccer lines that you because I would be. Completely broker is less the players if you vote followed our podcast the last few years I am. I'd be better flipping a coin I'll be better picking blind I would have better spinning wheel and picking games that I have been on are sec alliance. I have now on this season. On the Susan I'm three innate to him as an alliance that was after a couple of years ago and live finish two and twelfth just assert US would just as good as gone Adrien twelve into the so. So I can't believe it's part of my heart I'm very thankful that you're not place real money on NFL games. About Walt little fatter. I am thankful for bad ratings and Roger Goodell and the reason being first off. I think you to be dealt for trying to unite the country like you mentioned last week after bit of rough election. He's made sure he's paid the rest of you just enough skier in there that. It feels very exciting going into the close of this season how we saw the best week of the league just two weeks ago like we point out on the show com. Don't think it was a coincidence that it took place right after election Tuesday the healing begins now. I NS works better ratings go but you maybe you forgot what I am still intrigued to see how badly enough and if they do stay down. You're going to have some television companies that are free yeah I gonna have a lot of pressure to engage in some sort of change and make its. I don't know maybe did you see. Less but more expensive commercials do you may be to take an emphasis. Out of the pass in a group maybe a little less likely I don't know. Might be some spectator friendly. Change is coming along the way than they did and in that kind of testing the waters. Like my one Dunlap rants of the week one thing that just drives me absolutely and aimed to piggyback couple you're just saying why. Do does the NFL mandates that you cannot review a play during commercial in other words in this scenario that was an injury in injury happens on the field right so they break away for the injury timeout while in commercial break a coach throws the challenge that this happened this past week. I believe it was in the Seattle game. It was either a Seattle gamer of the longer watching before before I can end anyways nevertheless they had injury. During that commercial break approach coach throws a challenge man said that when he had to wait until we get back from commercial. Every can tell us. Seattle was challenged the play and then they go straight back to commercial break what in the world is that about then. Analysts. I I'm I'm trying to see what the Genesis of that rule like why that would be in a place in that it would I'm imagining. It is something to do with Biden networks not wanting to cheat the viewers and homered in the different experience is that doesn't exist because you had some body aches is that you give back certainly go that's my point yeah that would be something. How were. Looking at Tony Julia it's just the you don't see this and you actually don't see this all cause and it's like that. The score commercial kick off commercial guy classes in all of college football's. Horrendous of its commercials well I'd say call it belongs in the long jump yet is exactly that yes yes. Next. Speaking of extra points is on my list common throw this out there remember it. Do you really really grateful and I wasn't released before I am super grateful that extra points have been moved back its hot topic this week that makes that play. Really exciting and really meaningfully had the most missed extra points since 1950. And only Headley whose twelve in his swing. But it's no longer a sure thing right when a team is trailing by six they score a touchdown in an extra point tied up. Like saints in double weeks ago then the blue not a sure thing anymore I love it it makes every single place still an exciting yeah. I'd be winners here are the percentages are this last season they were what 94%. Which is where you got some of the two point arguments like OK won't you can complete U2 would merge that 50% rate and you actually you know higher. Point yield to by the end of the year it's better setter but yeah I agree that's been that's been a great change that degree change that. I thought was going to be. I'm going to be impact. I thought as kickers had a year Tutu he used to it delivers images are rise back closed united and I I didn't want. I don't LC into you know we've seen it's actually on the opposite side of the football we've seen special teams coordinator is designed to block played up. That's we since becoming not only obviously you know leaping once we seen some. Some twists and stunts on the end alignment had been a little uninteresting to as far as the blocks so I liked it yeah. I am thankful this NFL think sitting. That every down backs are kind of the position of running back is slowly but surely. Creepy that you believe camera back by committee seems to be not seven had died in this is and I would say every down running back coming back. Because I'm not entirely sure here. But it's trending that direct you look easy go well it. We midget DeMarco Murray in Tennessee is increased workload would send the titans. David jobs and Arizona are you argued they could maybe use more. Melvin Gordon got a lot more play in San Diego this year Lamar Miller since he started playing early in the early in much better. Top grossing JJ giant Miami has completely turned around. Letting them know I don't let me and bill actually there and then you look at guys like delving cooking butter for neighbors as being in the league next year that people. Do you like these towns and we always talk about the NFL meta. Kind of rubber standing back in shifty back. I can't. Help wonder if we're removing and direction as the zone so to get top ten teams toward him crested kids that. Out of the top ten rushing teams in the NFL eight of them. Are currently 500 or better with Tennessee dean wanna do too odd man out and their one game under 500 so it's. What are the ball up that Bobby finally couple remained. I would truly actually being a little serious here for second and actually early thankful. To you friends is. Out there who listens to this show. After making these weekly or court excess is a really truly look sports and sometimes. It's always fun to talk sports and as little surreal when you talk sports reliving Brett coming out is will you do for a living but. Sometimes it becomes sly officially done it for thirteen fourteen years like I have professionally. But this is true I never had a week where it's been kind of like gay you know a bad thing Sony had dreaded coming into work for and if Annika we have a lot of fun in here. And the audience is still. Pay on the week Ian tells me it's the most downloaded podcast the second most and in the week back and forth. So that's because of our audience threats of bad in happen on Dallas do the show anymore whatever so thanks to our audience for listening in keeping the show growing thanks to you my friend. Making this so fun to come. Coming into every week the sky. Awkward ID wood is not going to be thankfully yeah but analogous all right have four guys and work your hand hey in all seriousness actually. Did you know it's mutual we have. Did you go on and we'll just whatever we have. Explored the lonely mountain together we have flown and countless battles throughout the galaxy. Believe we've. What battled over control of the throne of westerners multiple times. We've tried. Our hands and being space traders basically just looking for a job in the firefight and it's been fun the entire time during this is a lot of fun just a big thank you tears well and of course. Tour out wonderful listeners my final thing that a big board this Thanksgiving. Is that everything is up programs in the NFL which is great this exigencies and it's not aren't like this this late in the year of premium and QB Monday for someone to do exiting its awesome. And Peter King pointed out 21 teams currently. More than two games of first place in the division race is 21 teams. More than two games of first place in there six weeks left ago. Even in the most unlikely of scenarios are still not just mathematically possible look like very public a lot of these four and six teams. Delaware county and elegant technically now. Act four out of it to its gay and it's been pretty spectacular man and this Thanksgiving specifically. BF three games featuring six teams when not a single one of them being below 500 that is awesome. All of these sixteens are part of that was 21 team's misery tour watching dealt Indy it's like it's. It's going to be very good Ole miss Thanksgiving like we said really the whole into this NFL season. Is excited watts there's nobody knows what's gonna happen yeah. I know it's a scrape by mule on the kind of scares me a little bit. Carolina past first. Trying to open and we talked we talked to there and sports psych guys listed outward and he didn't think they are out of Hilliard now that said the off and still doesn't look at their offices and scare anybody out in fact the same held Carolina to 832. Half yards and I think three point six yards per play overall. Camby missed fourteen of 33. If the saints don't get their blocking before halftime which ones. Well it's it's. Did that blockade before halftime they went back to pay up to vote little bonus thanks here I wanted to pink helmet I want us. Thanks so much to think Sam Bradford. And the vikings for imploding here over the last five weeks of the season so I do not have to listen to your insane hot takes. Bradford for MVP any laws are released do let's do semi you wanna play the compares as ever Russell was again. The scale all right. Russell Wilson completed 66. Percent of his passes Sam Bradford completing it. 69 point eight. Russell Wilson is don't for 2012714. Yards. 2100 aren't she's got him there. But Russell Wilson eleven touchdowns to interceptions Sam Bradford twelve touchdowns. Tutors at short temper efforts better Russell sources yards per attempt there they are in favor centers and putting. Shell important. Exit that's pretty new age I'm not a analytic skills that's pretty new statistic you are out there did just that it's at Bradford is still better and Russell Wilson Heredia what the record job I cannot wait. For Mike Zimmer to. Do something I mean back at no he's gonna pullbacks and actually insane. Maybe he will look up like an ancient viking ritual sacrifice to motivate the team but I cannot wait. For Sam Bradford the vikings to heat up again so it. It's mostly we'll see if that happens Nevada weekly preview quickly run through our they have clear I mean who again. But it loan fund is really. Here. And for those weekly previews. As we talk a little bit about our until Thanksgiving we are just going to give you pics of these games again not really previewed them much. I was there the Thanksgiving Sri goatee bobbled the vikings the lions lions. Three point favorites here this is our alliance the one team that is you know us now is our. Disparate views if you will of teams and players in the league alliance had that our team. I like lines here at home. That alliance. Is going to be a pretty good gamers can lead us off on Thursday. I daylight like is it a case Entrust myself in this one because I'm such a huge detour line supporter and I always have been. From my entire life so. God let this go Olga Detroit. Also I look Jalen Rose. Jones goes from the best rated show on ESPN. And I want a woman in jail to be happy and he's being wants him to line up. What is this for all intents and purposes ended. The race in the NFC north as you put them two games ahead with five to play if the alliance. Never say never lines I got beaten there as if there's eighteen not to trust it's probably. The detour lines. How about Dallas there at home against Washington Dallas. Seven point favorites in this 1 I am all over Washington against the spread here I still think Dallas women's football game yeah but it. If there's an offense that can move the football he's the seat it's. In that part of that money morning quarterback art organ referenced that again why. It's been kind of diving in Dallas. And Saddam Hussein while they have statistically pretty good defense that's probably mass there meddling into their eleventh in total defense. Someone around twelve or DV LA. Your analytics. Actually do not know but what they argue BO at a strip and outlook I know the Eagles were number one and he VOA in Seattle but don't Heidi heredity that dominant. Defensive. Deficiencies are massed a little bit by that ball draw is just how. People wait good to. That offense has been I. I think Washington and really with a football here I would not beast present policy Washington when the skin are right but I do like Gaza finals I'm Dallas just straight up a Washington against the spread. I agree you're actually Omnia on this critical look at any time. It got it to seven in the NFL I get I attempted to just take seven which is maybe why am terrible gambling. And much better than I've got my picks and in my pigs and actually not bad this year even though I'm still a bit of selecting a lot about that bounce back as you got double check. That said it for this game was gonna say on it. Oh also Dallas defense bit of a cruel twist of fate Marreese Claiborne finally playing very well in the first round pick from years ago. Tor is crawling often the hands off the bone I believe. So I think he's up there belittling the off the me in the growing of the book I mean that's you imagine how unbelievable painful that would I don't wanna match enough. Speaking and got to get like surgery is right next year ball yes speaking of random groin pain did you see the Drew Brees take hypodermic needles to their growing. Us yet the identical statement trying and guys out there and I've done it. And it's not that brought back in a worse. I had my lower back when times journalists were still tight I couldn't squat kinda over can do anything to lay me down there. And they just gotta pop it needles in your back so you heard take a quick little like. Staying I guess summing. But it was pretty spectacular delegates that I could've been or could squat. It's full range of motion and a little later in the citizen the growing take the got a lot of muscle then where its ordinances or you can take it doesn't hurt that little. Our deal might hurt the nightcap of the Thanksgiving trio here on Thursday Steelers. At Indy Steelers went from a three point favorite to a nine point favorite after the and looking gushan again looks like he will not play a lawsuit is the reason that is interesting Xoom and Ben Roethlisberger. Was lost for concussion earlier this year the steelers' line shrunk by nine points so apparently. Vegas thinks that Ben Roethlisberger is worth nine points and Andrew Luck is worth six flights do they think now is taking the opponents into account Dina or is that I don't know investor on Nadler. Either way the biggest areas that I would actually like I'm I'm actually without it elect I don't know they don't have Matt Hasselbeck backing him up anymore house Vick was certainly very confident. More than a couple games Lester seal up our costs dealers as straight up on lawsuits against the spread here Steelers need this game. They're gonna play hunger on Thursday yeah bitterly disappointing night yeah. Where is it don't doesn't you can cast you're looking at. A residual offences smorgasbord. For you go woods kind of finish off the night but I would say this if you will examine sucked out but like. In all seriousness here a few words is going to we're gonna ban on the scam I would probably bet indeed just released slight chance and Andrew Luck does play is cleared. Right that is way too many points to give. If Andrew Luck is playing a bit of light is so probably. Cardinals falcons this is a season. Is saving your Enders for the cardinals here there at the falcons they give back the 500 and the cardinals. The falcons again only gave up on the books at home four point favorites. It's really hard to pick against the team T Bob when they're up against their back like this in a must a truly. A must win game for the cardinals however. The falcons are coming off by the falcons are at home. And I just still think there's too good this season numbers put again my money where our mouth as I've been on the falcons bandwagon has the pre season might pick them make the playoffs. On it without its. Yeah all oh. Alex the falcons although I think I would take the cardinals of the points I don't what do I think that the falcons win a close game here. The cardinals defense is too good for this team he had two out of hand and my opinion up next. We've got the reds the saints. Noon here in the dome in New Orleans stand. And then points stent is too much to get that rams defense I'm sorry rams' defense is playing like we saw last 34 weeks like. The best you know football or like seven points is too much to give any saints' opponent. Like that exists there when you have that and the rams defense playing better anyone else yet what I'd like saints do. To win. Yes although. If you look at their recent history. The last two years 2014 and fifteen they started the day were four and four and they went on to lose their next three to go to four and seven. This year their fault that exact same path and as you mentioned earlier this team is at first by loose for. The prince of the underworld what's the name beelzebub I believe prince of lies and I would not be surprised if it it would be unbelievably. Jeff Fisher like an unbelievably saints' Sean Payton like. For the rams to in this game just I do deficit a plane. That's emitted. Tracy showed quite a bit over the last appears because of where they finish in the standings and so they've actually the saints went to Saint Louis Lester and velocity Gregg Williams factors well. In a skin. Seahawks. All the road. And a half point favorites on the road going East Coast west goes out the bucks. I dissing the west's rap he's been out west eastern Canada well I'm like Jared off I don't know where the sun rises and sets apparently. It's. Well he's a rookie at this and saying he's not the smartest cookie in the jar. Spurred in the trap game and not only that's what it looks just Anders Earl Thomas. Probably won't play federal money on it Du'Shon shed not going to play. This is a huge trapped in Idaho actual seat pick to. Well I don't put on extra I'm not using year easier strategy to try and not a name is Jane it's notices would like legitimate if I was looking it was him gently I definitely take the bucks for the points and almost be tempted to take them straight up but it just can't expect the Seahawks offense is too good right now. And really feeling a little too low with the Bucs team I know I'm not displayed this sort of consistent I'm not in love with the bucks I just think the Seattle's defense is so decimated especially Michael Bennett doesn't come back I just don't know how he truly. Stop an offense that is. Pretty darn good if you ideas even more worried about durable courted killing. Russell Wilson. Right time in arrogance that often predators that have. We got here are home. I've got over I was gonna take UCL to cover and can talk government that is secret CI album and give him. A big credit here in the neighborhood looks image credit also remember one port town. 41 boxer wrote wars they're tiger stepping sits right what do pirate goes back flights. You have these pirate towns right at people operate when you go back to your home base. You don't worry about like waving their heating that you're spending all your winnings all all the beauty that you've got you're just getting drunken master that it happened doesn't there in Tampa it when they're raiding these other cities when they're really locked himself. Track no surprises. Pampers at raiders raiders three and a half point favorites. Here. Coming up short week Monday night. I wanna take raider series because I think they're motivating you think it would be a trap game but they still have number one seed memorize number one overall seed squarely in the original raiders yet you. You raiders government they're to I. And they did nothing is going to she's himself neutered cor reg it cut that Marc Cooper and oh my god the things. Just chiefs or Broncos rockers my point favorites. The chiefs a lot we see teams such a good team like this they don't play bad back to beg him to view McNamee Andy Reid era. They actually do you usually play. That's what's the trend that saw it play other speaker here our earliest bronco but the rockets are straight up and the cover. There urban street even knowing the chiefs and I think it bounced back who Broncos beat last into the play. I certainly don't Pablo is dead and have a buyer wasn't. I was on a new know what's bad though because that means in the seven and there are golf. Mean coming off buying insurgencies. Are still in his cheeks. In his cheeks filing Packers and Eagles. Packers are done right Eagles are now point favorites. Number one I think they're number two moody VOA after this week at that CL UMB yet the Eagles defense is too good. And they're opposite good enough for the Packers can't stop anybody Alec Eagles here. Documents so as you Rogers I know I know wages that would I think my hesitation comes son Blake having this internal monologue late. Doesn't course not it's not our metro Detroit didn't seem to then it's like that much to love Carson wins in the eagles'. It deep it it feels like they're the second when I finally knew. All in and declared him dead that Roger's gonna pull some sort of like zombie like perform obviously goes back to slow show yeah renovation yeah yeah like I said Erin I'm not trying to be mean. But you and Olivia could you only passionate he needed he gave comfort to you for him against you beautiful poignant. I think it would be a fool to pick the Packers just like if objective of the about a in terms of what's more likely so. Give me Eagles are finally get sucked reliance unlock. I'll Wear yeah. Sucker line. Again I am three inane I have the titans plus three last week I Lawson hit off of the Versailles and the season your under 500. It's a Baltimore plus the seven now lost by ten suitable and lose your four or five I'm three and aids. And probably jinx seeing myself peered at its analysis seems like seven points and let's get water here that offense that's really really get somebody to wash in the plus seven doubts. Yeah I think dumb I think I did I mean that's tied the game and then I was looking as well com. You know what though on the try to do counteract your jinx that you try to put on this on the pick the Seahawks to cover. And I've heard and and that way if they win then I get to be right Britain we lose won't Tarver and he gets cumin and revenue and actually helped Russell Wilson's phones aren't exactly how to reluctantly. Lock although week again the weakest lockyer had three years during the show us you rob good news and local bitterly in the Marcus Mario and a and have a little man. And that would. Some weeks OK or we will lock up what was your reliable parcel it's no turnovers in Seattle 200 yards and touchdown okay well that was. Unbelievably stupid you were just try to educate all of you were just trying to jinx Carson went so you're just like he's so that it worse off being cheated. Respect the lock of the week and second all. Let's go back to circle lines last week you talked. In this city plus three as you're so good lie from an artist or go to it's rated higher they did yeah. This season by eight points to get the hell out here. I wouldn't have done too many seahawk blocks this week. I'm due to think Ernest Chirac yeah wanted to Thanksgiving dale lock here as well so amen to go Washington and kind of piggyback on my sucker on and and I think that Kirk cousins as a monster game here 300 plus yards three touchdowns and no turnovers picks or fumbles. I still say Dallas one's that ought to throw Dallas win in here elder for the quartet here they're pit three yards. Three touchdowns no picks but Washington's solutions but it that you get that you're pretty sharp. I feel like what loses cousins at least give her 12 pixel like dollar took that. Hmmm I'm going to try to predict all three games both against the spread end. Actual help citizens must look at horrible project so here are all here based deaths so the lions will win and cover him write this down. Lines went in cover. Bomb. Washington will cover dal also win like we discussed. And coups the back of corporate. Drina. Yeah I should know listen to argue you know I apologize to anybody else heard it ultimately it is the oxygen okay column. And then the Steelers. Will. Win. Eight covers up a bigger it got. Life wedding coverage and Dallas went to Washington coverings you bought your early years just like twenty bucks on this soon. I'm proud I was good at them or not usually Marla Jews the world depends on the. Our slip. The casinos giving nobody could talk dollars to be like I don't want to put you do that's that's almost worth some idea. It is that Alec every gambling addiction started. Until it was worth the summit bad ideas here for her to hack away immediately and a. And that's probably got a hundred. But it is that's our show a happy Thanksgiving everybody again and quotes on her comments on Dunlap belongs what are these ads he bug in three let everybody know about the show Ireland though you don't want I think it's on iTunes finally differently on the first iphone's blogs like punishing. It's so nice and you subscribe to our general again I don't know it's Leon thanks again everybody for making the show really fun one for us do have a great song on Thanksgiving enjoys football and global talk tough on our job. Happy Thanksgiving saying then that there would be news here. It's. It's. No don't don't don't don't don't don't don't don't don't don't don't. So it's. Yeah. Okay.