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11-15 5pm Deke: on the Carolina Panthers and the Florida Gators

Nov 15, 2016|

Deke analyzes this week's opponents for the Saints and LSU with Thomas Goldkamp, who covers Florida for 247Sports.com, and Joe Person of the Charlotte Observer, who covers the Carolina Panthers.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Negative you look at our number two of sports talk on them next now is the Saints players surely hooters on veterans boulevard Metairie where we're on location at night because the black eagle partly earlier this week they play. Thursday night at Carolina. Close a couple of to a story at 3 o'clock on Thursday at the new with it first take on about it by my count down the kickoff. And then a seven point five kickoff from Carolina New Orleans and the Panthers NFC south showdown of black going to compete to find out there that's therefore. When this season we're taking it all care about how they all that's going getting outscored seventeen to zero in the fourth quarter. The full court the contest. To lose to pair Donaldson they went to seventeen Joseph Pearson with Jonas two person. Becomes apparent that this felt so what about the Florida game I just saw something on line. It it was written about sanity dance now just give you an idea how. Infamy tickets out that is not true it's about LSU media department. Has about the wrong mediocrity tooth to the Florida game. That's so wrong. What LA shoot the aid for the media gain for the game is they used the same critics as a south Alabama so this who would have to promote. It's save them money they've gone green who have not talk campaigns for the Florida game this week is this south Alabama. My immediate chance this week it's at south Alabama eight season opponent so that somebody making a distort historical to BS. Try to make formal Matt Hughes not that it if Florida should be met him as you. But it definitely makes the listening to anybody knows he can't prove that to be turned this tournament. Everybody who is going to date game Saturday immediate dates here we can we had an opportunity to. The week of the first game of the season if they're not in the OT. You can build with this month they usually would you go LAQ so before LSU played. I was content if you the hit you couldn't you couldn't. If you begin in the end because it was a home game you got that that following Monday the week for an acutely Jackson you know state. And the awful we liked what I knew exactly what they were talking about that's completely wrong with the fabricated report. All of the predictions week everybody who's now pocket passes this pain that's going to the game on Saturday it's in south Alabama they'll say it was humorous or. An issue with that was supposed to pay fraud this year at home. That's why it's is it that that's that's up there at least that's been the bad publicity whatsoever and put and we should be appalled if there might in the if you overall I'd say is wrong but it. There were all the people who report it said it themselves so. A consider this so success and reputation as a so with so to speak it's not the case in point all. It has to be department it's insane things that they've done before when it's like it has taken points. All right to think so when he seventy you could take the city 78 Saturday. The New Orleans Saints before Pavel obviously coming off a heartbreaking loss in Portland Sunday. They have seven games remaining. Of the seven games currently only two games on this inning games remaining schedule all the 500. That's a factor for Detroit Lions at the six appointment now. The third best record would be 441 Arizona Tampa Bay is four back they played him twice. And they played in the rain this four time and it McKenna who currently has the worst record. At 360. Those seven games how many do you think the Saints the week it. You could get to vote online at you that you know dot com let's go to any deal for jock on last point I think you called WW. Yeah out of the moment good. I want to call an awful I'll put my foot and Momo want the pilot. Because before the article and thought you know you're Bobby. And happy the year is a good thing in Israel rabbit beat you so who would scoot your competitors entered the time in order. And children rink is. We champion bay. Lou we'll move by a bit and learn and that's what you know is much pressure. Along with the and this course of the Little League outright and draw we don't know. Was weak moment so yeah you know. I was not immediately as frequently as living and having issues because I haven't seen you at I have Al Al ahead take your word for it. I have received PDT play and you see you played here and. Yeah you know has has he looked. They're not that that ball. That would be in an answer I'll say you know hey you know him audience that article putting bodies that. They got there for a real. Oh. What the report all three point stings yeah. There are certainly. Okay I got you got two years here or lose so they they got him owning any Kelly Campbell. Younger I got to I think you need my opinion football one side and camp little outside the audience that we're making note of the report complete him in the war and at right. Right was not cut it to you what you you could certainly tell the difference in the win over the spot came problem when a team beats six sacks as as dearly you know that's obviously from everybody would just. It was just one guy you don't knock it up Saxony camp and line. Cairo had a point across the board. They were just they just got a good who they got a clear with it it would it will open a quarterback. But I mean it is not EP 666 sexism but he. Yeah well name me a couple. Of where it was. Is we don't know so. Yeah fan fan it's having a Pro Bowl kinda year if you get an out of body he's at he's got a sack total to forehand. And they'll. Yup no family family's really Havoc and have a very good years I think it's got to keep. They got to keep improving you know one thing I would say it is is that you know in that case he is of the Saints defeated seven in. The the ebb and flow of the season the ups and downs. After I had thought there was seemingly more there was it down right at the so even if it strict when the Saints before 41 in five now forward to a six. Is it pretty solid play in the Sixers beat consistently. It's not just like you know one week it's a good game and expertise in the completely different. They've looked like a team that really used yet and coming together now and again they got a tough hand dealt to do this week so we could owner rope but. It is what it is they got to go out there and got a win. One real critical right right you're right you're right that that makes it then Mason you right. Well Amanda copies it out to about and they don't you call dean. Oh I Zach thank you so bugs come in front. Have you do and we you know I would take a timeout we'll come back. It will be familiar with the Florida gays Thomas go can't he's a Florida day's beautiful the 24 sevenths sports players came to go to two. About to be put into that. All right this is sports talk between these Saints place or tonight suited rank as as us this is here on Saints radio WW. LSU and Florida surprise team this game is I don't know if it's ever mentally if they c.'s Saturday November 19. Both teams diskette to make earlier in the season but due to hurricane Matthew that came with. Moved to Saturday November 98 to noon kickoff they would easily at a 230 kickoff but just so happens. The one time in picking on a TV rights. It's the same Saturday which ESP in gets the first pick. It's as CBS that's less people a script and it's gone like Tennessee event field. 230 what kind of offense if it's ever been at 230 game before but they are Saturday because they couldn't pick Florida on the issues that would it be in the game. Joining us now is Thomas go camp Ortiz beat reporter for 24 sevenths with that com. Thomas to finally play and I just want to bring this up assault with some new competitors we're out to compete in this. Over it's edited down south of us have anything else to write about. But there was a feature of this and it LA she gave out the wrong credentials. Two people in the Florida media that's not the case. They will all wearing it all having the same talking and the same credentials as a south Alabama. Because that's who it was she was scheduled to play on Saturday November 19 it's it and have to replant it in do something different viewing of both to play floor. But I'm sure that you immediately. Doesn't write stories like that that's what we've got to walk into account with the you we appreciate that we appreciate it. We appreciated. Thomas Florida now what is the quarterback situation like over there right now as it is any chance that they've they've pulled a youngster off and offer redshirt or are they gonna go or what they got save him the rest of the way. Yeah I'll see anyway that this was pressing this point I mean you talk about ball. When it plays like it was cute let's admire and he'll be a freshman in their burgers first ever. Also I think is all about the game I think it is when I was born in quicker than. Thomas look at it at Florida Arkansas seemingly is kind of do it does the same things what LA huge dose you know all that's all the better passing team statistically it over the course attack daily Q both of them run the ball well. And you saw what pockets of success they had against Florida. Woody Woody UC Florida doing good they take that approach may be like Auburn did in Alabama the it this week because face if Florida wins they go to Atlanta. They lose they have to wait to deceit. To see what they do it and it took me. Yeah you know people are you can think of the bigger obstacles or right now from a personnel standpoint. And ability it seventh starter be enough for the game in a couple of others you know what what was right now. Or had to stop Arkansas who recently because they didn't have the bodies are not you do your best linebackers is that they eat. It's funny you know very hard we were gonna have success analyses an entire game. Thomas now when you look at the four defense it's been the one constant even to the coaching changes they've had a stout defense. Last week I went out. With a victory without an out how much did you win at the going at it Arkansas the week before all room where is the defense right now compared to. Where they were when these 22 teams of both to play. They were really beat up they were hurt. I have kept that would all the eighty bad nobody here at least you got nagging injuries take a stupid defense that was. Basic going to be NB without maybe three or forced autos had these teams played a reason when he was scheduled planned October. What would more Agile and every game. We'll be up to starter on defense the line hurt. And now you've got a starter in the back and hurt that you are applying himself. So short break up on in relief in that defense the one that liked to rotate and guys they should be mostly Elton we. But really they. It is going to be the ones that have to count on slows you because you walk to better linebacker you viewpoint freshman linebacker out. And can't count on that back in by that much you might have been able. You want to go. Thomas now what you're looking at it of course the down dispute we see young quarterback Steve her twenties villain at Alabama we saw last week C Patterson coming in had a great second half against take the same hand. You guys have to eat beef franks George has got Eason. Wait where is franks feeding into the SEC is he thought of some of the other high touted freshman that came before that it gave well rated TV game moving forward. All that the biggest thing for him as a team and very. You forget it did not work really extensively with any quarterback coach in high school it is mechanics but needed the work and that of the border by the U. And so I think for him the big thing so far in getting back now and then once you get that there's more out of plane. Wore it very very excited about his future and I think he's you know got very very good arm. But I think the question right now is in the truck in many in situations where you are old man and I don't know in school right now yet that collection. You retail Anthony's EE EE DIQ you don't harass and at the receiver position Thomas that Florida's got coming up maybe you recruit ranked. The. All the laws right now you looking at kind of now obviously he's very productive playmaker. With the I think that is really going to be the next star recorded Barry Cleveland. He that there be he's been is played at your visit freshman you know probably in all of it slowly but as it was there that think you last week. And I think that didn't work out rated shows you lack here. Opposite tiger you know a lot of coverage his way and this could be a gamer I read Cleveland you know you are or that or think he is he could step up and be pretty productive. Thomas go camp Thomas had to keep a body on line you don't put a few but it would negate. On the line in. Or aired on the order. Thomas Mann thank you so much the town was see you Saturday Florida and early kick off event route. Accurate all right Tomas go can't give us the latest on the Florida Gators to come mean Nancy. The Mets with with twelve point on the though maybe global minute that it's an issue outstanding a new kick off October starts yes. It sent an EEL sanity moaning on the image you can't just keep that they've been myself. Who left I'm Mike at that there in the vicinity of oh we do we care medical. Have a colonoscopy to well like you know didn't do anything else but anyway had that medical considered the we'll be on a 7 o'clock Saturday morning all right. Coming up next we will have Joseph person. Give us the latest on the 36 care not a parent but first he CBS news update. With the Columbia broadcast exits. Seven games left in the regular season for the black and go. Double up on Tampa. Only two current teams have a winning record batted for each Freud on Sunday decent before in New Year's they'd be playing at Atlanta. The Saints also have Tampa Bay twice who's currently 45 they also have the LA Rams currently 45. The Arizona Cardinals a 441. And Thursday night's opponent Carolina is 36 of those seven remaining regular season games how do you think the Saints what we can't devote on line. It's operating jaguar paid your pole at WW that come to the quota for Rocco Rocco thank you for calling WW real. Iraq who are you don't. I don't know that one bit. They'll shoot the ball. Well double. And the people here. I'll let him. But Joseph Miller would you Wichita I didn't know which you don't Rocca you do computer to have a Daily Mail them. Were people lining. Up. And I get. To what do you most it was maddening to Ricci he took you Blount did. Well the court. I'll work on. And number 20. I'll lights. Out period but now toward the ball. I'm anywhere and they would be. Like a walk. And it would be important to. Rocco Rocco and I honestly I'm not anti Rocco he he you're the first person is called is agility and everything Tuesday in the complaint. Well I. Suppose. 10. Yeah great. Well they used to go about feedback on that and if he begged him pretty good. And yet they might only hit them but it don't matter to Iraq where you bomb out to reach the yeah. Pain and wrong with him man and I knew you win. But I don't I don't know Rocco at a friend's quality incentives that would PA system the bowl okay. And myself as can be the first thing about local camp this ceremony at 7 o'clock at will be the first thing I do rock we got outward. You know throw a beer who went out. There. All we. All the and that directed to leave. You know. A month. Ago. Yeah that's right where. He eats at you and it directly. Our. Identity every season you know. A B Rocco some of those people that you mean we think it will have a say so too can promise you. Now. Notre. Shall make you Whitney that would be teeing it people who think you would point to money that they called it. And the open up the tick but regardless it was on all they have a say so you know it. 00. But probably one. You know miss him as an a lot of money to go. In and out of money be you know one day and week. Not in Iraq or. You can go. It. War. As. Well. I continue Iraq or in these surprises there keep that they ought to go market the that is openly advocate that thank you so much Mikhail. Joseph person one of the best the business that beat reporter columnist for the Charlotte Observer covering the Carolina Panthers. Is with us now and Joseph you've seen an awful lot. And a twelve months the last couple years and Carolina when the team it's. Gone on those secondhand win streaks of us we're going taking the son yes it is is that like a Carolina team they could make a Rolen down the stretch. And everything was going their way I mean they've looked comfortably here at the fourth and the tendency is to pick sixty kitchen night they scored seventeen unanswered. Was that just was at Carolina fall apart or Dick can't concede this the perfect game what happened on Sunday. You have. Panthers fell apart for sure. Though it back into. In Panthers history. That they have blown a lead of at least fourteen points in the fourth quarter so I don't really inexcusable I mean not stand the Chiefs are good at it I get by. You've got them on the low. In your LD. Stadium. And you're gonna let them get back out it was that I was. It is not that good he's good for the Panthers and add that to me was was the low at that point they've so far to be interesting to see. In this being impacted and now in and it does kind of acted out. Or do they rally like you that this team has done it the past yes but boy I don't know they come back from a loss like that the other. And doc ironically you know while while that's going on in Shawnee in New Orleans you know different ways of loosen the Saints you know the they did kind of like fall down they they were like you know back in it they played at this ball to the second half and looks like the Atlanta put extra point to go hit when the plane and you say it worth what he misses the board over time but. Then disaster struck inundated haven't dating you know could get the ball down the field it. Want to lose it by scored 25 point three so you hear these players talk and not at all costs out of joint yours they say any time you come off a loss like that that's. Really heartbreak and it's hard to spot the best thing to get back on the field as soon as possible. You think that's the case on Thursday night local publicity and it's my game will we see what he's typical Thursday night games where it's kind of you know low rates and is not much to look at. Boy that value was I agree with wood ledgers and mandate currently. Both teams like that that tape from last weekend it was clear they can't but. You know it helped. And now that their divisional rivals the united Baghdad on base about that today we had him on the conference call. And you hit it the only yet basically what you two and half days to prepare. You but but but but luckily I was these games are very familiar with each other. Sean been down there alone Ron Rivera now that the sit here with they know each others it but. It's still see your point about the quality of play. Guy's body can only recovered though to us where. It. It's it's not a deal and it years here right a lot of the there's the game's been pretty ugly. I think if he'd he'd he'd though that'll put on a little bit of patsy you know like you. I think you go along like it is now last month that the belt and a lot a lot of well in the there aren't a lot of points we scored. 88 you know Jillian not to be again host the think a lot of people that talked about this before you need to practice itself. All it is so they've taken this ain't you know post negative who handed off to rocket dale and we've got to be you know this year or we go to the discipline regardless tolerates though. Aunt and my SAT is it to the forefront. You know they say eat anything you do what you try to do different Mason is somebody you trust the fact that they'll double what they you can do. To make somebody weak on a prone to injury or just. Anything if sleep that race not risk that you come back out like he's got to say put their bodies on the line and they used to have a basically 64 days mostly seven. And I if you don't like save the two hours below the day it just immediate. It is a disaster waiting to happen because of meat that he is the worst thing to these guys have it is only so much time advise you rook over I just think mover forward you know. The ratings are saying it with. That that's something that. Moving forward on the Thursday night football clouded of football Estes is not being good with the safety of the players this is seems like you know how can you say safety one point that you put. You put their buys it they do it you know into sandy two outs and less than what you normally would on a regular work week. And you know Roger Goodell gonna say. He's gone. I would drops Thursday night game but you know mediate the game rank if you schedule. And that let's figure out away the problem money in the pocket the mile owners. Yeah and two more additional regular speed and we. Will definitely do that. Let let that. That's more where it there on the ads body you. I've brought up brought that up the day that answers blocker. Would you be in favor responded there Anderson been around the league along. And that that would you be in favor of a drop in the third tight game. Is it you know meant playing a couple extra regular season gave the cup. Is that what that that got you that that's not like that no picnic eat though. Yeah I don't know what the answer is that that. I don't. It's a lot put on the plate. You these guys who were or put their body out there. No they get paid a lot of money. I understand that art it. Well we're rock though it is that you says let's let's keep it there long term now but mine as well. Joseph first game Saints jumped out to it looked Michael a big lead the Carolina you know to think this in the week we know their team if it is a team we knew they won't make a run an eight year. If you got to be a house go to they went back and forth back and thought it was anybody's game late. And you saint you'd you think it's be surpassing Carolina how have they been against the run since the first me. New Orleans has been one thing they've improved on. They've improved on the points they've allowed the fans only can they be approved on a Russian the football. With Carolina in those areas there rush rush the football at stopping on. You know why it the Panthers have gotten a lot better at stopping the run and their plan a lot better their own board in particular. Yeah they RD out the linebackers have an apology implant so well and keep it Bob Davis and now. There again the good penetration from the likes to starlet to Elaine K once sure you ask me about the running game for the fans there. Bad Finn led all stagnant the past few weeks they got shut down by a very good Los Angeles Rams defense. Then I thought they would have a lot more success running the ball again it cheap. It seems that as their run defense have been porous. You know Jonathan Stewart and Mike Tolbert and company. They could not get anything going against against the Chiefs run game. The best runner for the Panthers on Sunday it was via the rush is the twelve times for it before yards. They don't want it in any more hits than they have the but but albeit part of this running game for sure it's not Thursday night even if it's not carried the ball twelve them. Covering the Carolina Panthers columnist and beat writer for the Charlotte Observer one of the best visit to a person still have of people of people. People people we know we can all laugh it'll social media. You really can't add that body and it's at Josip persons. And can always hit the web site and Charlotte Observer not. Down Joseph is always a pleasure of my man we will not talk to you later enjoy the game bonus I guess it would duty getting to tap awful Sunday when he put out there tonight. Yeah I'd do that this canonized. Minute they. That some kid you're darn it. Get out there a little bit and and I who years I'm not take them out Chapel Hill. All that a lot of watch the Tar Heels here I don't know how well fought game that Saturday the weather. That's alright do we don't thank you so much a dog game Thursday night our knowledge in doing regular Joseph person assault of the come back to support your calls it be to set the 6 o'clock hour. We like to be aware and Balkman knowledge had Sosa not on a ball to you we give back this up does have a new name. Lord numbers this is sports talk on WW. This season is Sama. The New Orleans Evans came out with a fan. Involvement. Renamed the franchise. Q when do the things so to speak it because deficits they've been here and how would say who that was the talked him offered so what's it been more talk about the Memphis. These last several months with his name change if they have ever. Ever call and text talk email talk about a mystery people don't have phones so. Kudos that's what you want you wanna be people talk and that that's the way is that they're mapped it felt good a variety of talk him. People and the marketing business they consider that a books well its efforts haven't announced what did new name will be bought my dog here to tell. Yeah as Deke these efforts will now be known as the New Orleans. Baby cakes. Thanks to an announcement that they just put out about ten minutes and what what exactly is abate because I know what the team KP is little baby it it. I know where where it would would a regular Tiki is no doubt Kiki is a skeptic he is looking at that basically I think that there is referring to king cakes because there's the baby are the king case. Well hook told me what that they don't know what they're without a yen little baby Tate is a marketing or maybe it. For the marketing firm from out of state I believe that came up with the these suggestions and we got a country. Up their mind maybe but I can't you know can't you know. In this day and time mark the idea of about your brain is to keep people talk about I remember a few years ago own. Labor Day night. Win Maryland. Wore the state flag as beautiful universe that man and they had more of them than they've really got more negative publicity out of it anything with it it was trending on Twitter. And they get so many people talk about it it kind of roll with Dave Brandt a bit so the end result was universal Merriman. And the brain I remember it that's the same thing here so be it that they are brought to you like the night. This deficit got a ton of people talk about you can best believe they were talking more about it now beginning to be because we'll look at a lot of talk but the question is will anybody buying merchandise that has baby kicks. At least out of football all of that in the program all right mark thank you very much we appreciate is that the name. Is they'd be at this point eight indicate that you know. Are right look at the Bobby in Metairie and the rest you college plus our special guest this week is Saints. Talked directly. Rookie class of 2016. And Alou who shielded rank it will be with those who go QB to QB sports talk beat the Saints players that continues here. Next hour on Saints radio WW rip.