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11-10-5pm Deke: on the high school playoffs + QB To QB with Drew Brees

Nov 10, 2016|

Deke analyzes the prep football playoffs with Allen Waddell, then Bobby talks "QB To QB" with Drew Brees.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And good evening and welcome to our number 20 sports talk coming up and a preview. The prep football roundup but we get into the playoffs at 540 we will hear from QB QB Drew Brees or seven by the AB's weekly conversation. And an 8:6 o'clock it is Saints receiver Michael Thomas here for the Saints players Hugh. On that because you know if they treat you operated jaguar paid people always available for you going to be WTO. Dot com looking at the same tree over our receivers right now they are pops across the board in any team in the league with three top receivers. On him it that you ought to wise cooks as I've earned 96 receiving your own Michael Thomas with 573 including two touchdown since basically. It will be neat. The fourth at. 475. So all the Saints wide receivers need promising cooks. The best trio of receivers in the NFL right now you can't do vote on line that you get you know dot com authority would say to it would be hard to go it's a more cookbooks and Crabtree right now. Because of what they're doing in in Oakland with that whole thing so there are some of the team could do but three across the board. I think the Saints or the best in the National Football League right now starting at the numbers. To prove that we could Texas and eat some of the techniques and he believes that the key attribute Tokyo dot com. Also coming up to 7 o'clock now that though we keep you from Vegas the first with speak with Tulane basketball coach. Mike Dunleavy senior is that weighed in at saint Roy Williams and the highly touted North Carolina talking hosting who the key senate. This week in the big BQ game for the way you've been. Traditional one the Paulus of all of the history of college basketball come to the ones. In the talking. It's 725 they could turn into this without you from Vegas is to keep the picks of the week and Kevin Payne get too caught up on your fantasy football report who is thought who could sit. As we move into week nine of the NFL football season. And I issue and Arkansas on Saturday about a three the most team's 53 and AQ coming off the tee and the ball so hard loss to Alabama with all console has been rolling especially if it victory. Over Florida won with figgins or Kafelnikov played better at the didn't pound it at Auburn. The week before that there was actually two weeks before but it was the game before they lost 53. On the road at Auburn and they came back had a week off. And then beat Florida this week 31 the tee it with their picks six in this matchup Arkansas comes up with. Seventeen. Of them at home to 78 made seven straight opponents they've been ranked. Including this season between the fifth straight to be an issue. On Saturday in Arkansas only to Alabama over the course of the last sixteen games as Europe this record. In the SEC. Next to Alabama so coach Bret being among if you had a massive offensive line alright the whole bit and it's the fact of life and Arkansas had trouble with the Auburn defense that money was in apartment but they did move the ball well against all Alabama earlier in the season. The game with him while sporting an authority. But Allen through full before Mario it's in their confidence quarterback Dustin Allen. So you would want one would think you can look at styles how and if you play defense with Dave ran compared to Nick Saban defense I would think arkansas' game plan what they try to do. It's Alabama global now feel they can apply pressure would be the same thing they were trying to do particularly acute because they have a lot of success against Alabama. It's really only Arkansas at home this with two quarterbacks have had success against Alabama before so I would expect seated Saturday afternoon. Our coverage starts the Saturday. And that's coming up that we will be on location it's always good to go on locations he's definitely go out to Rouse to about eight there myself be out there. This Saturday. The golf course thank you trust tiger to be true Pomona and Jonas at 1 o'clock local for three hours and Rouse this. 34 with 61 he's called we approach he would demand of you who. Will be vehicle went out to eat food they alluded to you by the former tiger talks of an issue football with him we'll handle theology network if four and let the 6 o'clock. The battle for the boot it create field this is they you know they really haven't played. Obviously in all the match at the tapes. How with. Are consultants and if issues on this. In. The but this is they've only played him favoritism just a fourth time that they are rated flick thing if you. Usually when we had done Little Rock but they're gonna play in fate you know this is we this year for just the fourth time. So these two teams the battle with the blue and if you look at the win it back for the first time in three seasons to this day with a hole at fourteen and fifteen. Arkansas seventeen to zero and 31 to seventeen been outscored on a few moments to. 48 to seventeen take time out come back and pull out all the brackets and boy they got some very good match ups and we want the prep football season who's gonna beat that dome. Will be academies who would be kept the event routes repeated as the estimate. Ties the BC champions. Well to win would be in the entertainment on the public side people point toward another classic for a showdown as the favorites and now look to be. Two dome battle tested teams caught in the oval they could battle off at the end. This season was the championship who else is it for eight in the creates a lot of good ball close between west that he should and a lecture you meet saint James Sapp outweighs. Jennings way walks field so we'll take a look at all the big match ups and this week's. Prep football season and he is the one tendency to lose now to go home. We talk about that next year or WW. When New Orleans has a great history of all sports in the superdome serving so many iconic events that taken into boxing matches Ollie winning heavyweight championship for the third final timing is great career. No Maas reverted to ranch agreement that system boxing. Chris Webber timeout the general Bob Knight hitting his final national championship is Indiana beat up and coming Syracuse team with Derrick Coleman running cycling in Sherman Douglas. And of course one of the greatest teams ever in 1982 type of thing which Michael Jordan hit the jumper to give knock him on how one point victory over the in freshman Patrick Ewing and Georgetown Hoyas. That means with the fortieth anniversary. Which would be 2020. To 20/20 two the final four will be in New Orleans found that out the gates aggressively to the Crayton to a sports foundation and everybody. Well blending that 2 morning Tony two final four it will be the fortieth anniversary of Michael Jordan. Both will be you OB over. Georgetown in that don't fully get a prep football while they were and a whatever is gonna rain man on the knowledge to a great man thank you for calling that the W yeah. We know you. Now is that the yeah it. And it's been. Keeping up. Actually. To partner something. Like. Where there's a report in Philly dot com that he is facing a four. Full game means suspension for aren't substance yeah that's all I know at this point. I hope not could completely get all the help yeah but he's he's going up primetime play yet we need. But it. I'm happy to still has definitely been outlook outlook didn't count on her own shot but. Don't hold out hope to keep it up but I thought. About it you know good he'll be. You've been active Sunday so we'll just wait and see what do with the outcome but there's been no official word from the saint all the league as a Allan watt dale Allen do you watch you at Twitter joins us now host of the Allstate Sugar Bowl prep football round up in Allen. Play also excited you know I guess to talk about it would be one thing but. When I look at some of these districts and I see that some of these teams like he would command. Dallas now and election plea for district championships. Game we used to look well where they went wide open the brackets could you know to face each other in. That's not the case now. Once this regular season over the select schools go once and not some nickel on the other. This is what the third third before you we've seen this a happy you'll take on how that's worked out it seems. And I realize that only a few Eagles fecal Collie and there might not be the majority but. You'll feel on this due due to scoot to the fans like this have been elected that we used to be which is five state champions. Unfortunately ethnic. I think a lot of. People really all of those adjustments you know in a week where he has to whatever things have been politically you know actually vote. Count the same way it would come like not let another. There's a lot he will like. And a lot of you know like I know for the most part the media doesn't like he'd he'd on the field when it comes to the super them. Now with the commitment batted eighth largest match yesterday and they're all on the wildcats the number one's the in men that we typical. There of one beef it's in their home on competent I would round with him walk. And I thought for two teams that en route battled back from him recruit to who I am over in oh when it was a coached him on the field. Close it was so many games welcome all of the Euro and out at the thirteenth seed they nets who has expanded beat them you beat the game. They become a competitive I'm. And it is one of the stories in the year you know it's session higher air eat eat because nobody school in the mr. Cologne. Where it by the blooded you know back. In the summertime with. You know walker had a great year you know classified day you know there's a lot of these in that area there's certainly. I ever hosted a playoff game. And the top sixteen seed with Easter this year mr. on the field with stories collapse by the common thing in the all year. The bracket I'll look the most forward Sidney because I think there's ever seen that too when they can't you know what it's like. Boys because that we have to talk to a company is god bless you it wasn't but it did take there was an enormous second round. But third seeded Hank and he thought sort of green wave. Take on com both in the end for the second time in three years and if that goes by the favorites. Costa will play at Indiana appeared at home in the swamp the second round of the playoffs. Week it'll actually be three. Years to look at me Katie and I. In the first and Torre in that round of the playoffs. I'm partial to work to do those in in a round on now coma the good football team a couple of points or. If you look at the numbers as I can easily. The you know not one that you. But it didn't work out that way it's again. Man but you can't take it year round to be credible again a very good match up and around a class by the that your business as we. Speaking to take care of business that there are some good matchups looking out there but I just. I just think we are we destined for car never want to gain in the dome these two teams have been the best of 48. To the fifteenth in the state the last decade certainly this season as well. It meant act. Cannot wait and then coming at us and a man like who what bought that he can be a rematch as they can keep game a year ago. Other teams employ it very good football team certainly don't want to Eric and those teams that are in the playoffs. But right now on paper those two teams look at that. Collins was not an unbelievable. Point you know they beat saint Paul's earlier in the year but they didn't we can. Just I'm excited about thirty Bob was impressive the priest he also on the market here just a scoring machine and. But arguably. Is there anybody any better than apple or in better than oval program locked in years. Now we've moved to this so makes that that he's won the law that gave attackers on defeat of the season number one seed have a back. They will face a team they've already played there courtesy that is Rommel. That's a good match today Q any comment on Saturday evening you can do it ain't holy cross tomorrow night in saint Paul Bako our guys talk about. They're a good it will be season one losses was to caught. The other foresee anything or it's a challenge at the bottom bracket yet Catholic waiting problem on him. It's got a gateway Saint Paul Byrd is at just the run through for Curtis do they haven't selected a team that contemptible that's not. I think it certainly means that encountered an starting note ugly out taxpayers are there any chance from your be you know there's a lot with talent with. Now it is so funny. Is that there's so many rematch in coming your teams that are gonna play each other for the Simon Willis or hard to beat you twice in one year. Chance up for a lot of matches there round to beat us out of bill played all of earlier in the year they could possibly be in round two thought about it maybe Curtis person's. Either gently. Rematch as well out with the Baltimore played last year in the playoffs so. A lot of scenes. They all play each other they know they're gonna do and there's a lot of really good coaches not a really good players they want. And a lot Dan. Allstate suitable crippled by a round of the coaches do about that sets them on I thought at 7 o'clock Allen how can people follow you on Twitter. You get Bobby an out. Z line now is split out as much information knocking it on up purple ball on the daily in and also not southeastern line. Do you what do it quickly hosting typical prep football around IG man out talking literal. Arctic. All right so good about Douglas now that both of the number one seed to beat him to. They have a bye this week very impressive very presently put them with them and looked at the Tokyo and that's. Coming up next another update from CBS news all the action and the hand QB QB. CBS news right now. CBS news update a whirlwind in Washington DC for the president elect Donald Trump he met Barack Obama for the first time. Then sat down with Republican leaders of congress trump vowed quick action on immigration health reform and creating jobs in the Oval Office at the White House the president elect and the president met in private for ninety minutes. Afterward mr. trump called mr. Obama. A total change from the rhetoric before Election Day mr. Obama also graciously. It's important for all of us regardless of party. And regardless of political preferences. To now come together work today my money at trump had tea with Michelle Obama then joined mr. trump and going to congress sitting with house speaker Paul Ryan. I don't know that we do. Ryan said later he looks forward to working with the new president and the speaker just told Fox News that obamacare. Must be replaced quickly. CBS news update on Dan ruby. And welcome Matt. The sports August down. Time now for QB to QB in not QB QBs brought you by the goal auto low cost auto insurance for that we welcome in Saints quarterback Drew Brees drew thank you so much over the time it. As I talked you drew before each so weakened and we do the pregame and if you wanna think you were you positive about talk about is how the team it was a one game was two games. Over the course so well over a month now the team has been playing good ball. You know not to so for your four want to. And that's what the team is game four because it sort of thing you thome drew you don't feel like these team has played their best ball. As of yet your thoughts on now and in getting set to take on the defending or champ Denver Bronco. Yeah what knowledge are still where the so Cilic there's more to be desired. Bonita. Listen we're we're happy when we win and we're happy when we have. Some of the performances that they got that on Sunday. Him you know come up with some place you guys made him. The the big pitch Mark -- big if for the run game beat if we offsets what it basically it's about all you can hero big turnovers. Are you when you walk or use him in a lot of positive things but. Certainly some things we you can walk on it and assume that this scheduling it's stopper. Some as we university here with the defending world champs haven't found that overall gross. And then come back or short week against Carolina and then you know the rest of schedules so. Men in new you really can't look further than than what you got right side and think we'd like you know we like our progress. Like the momentum we have going in we'd like to stack some wins together here. You know I think there's there's nothing better than when you went to an injury and you win or just keep pebble and then. You'd really like you're trying to step on the field you're you're finally went. You have to fill a pretty good about your chances. That you look at you at the Helm since 2006. When you scored 31 points in the in the first half. You on the road and and having 31 points and one have that kind of speaks for itself would you look. Would you had a helmet knows Sean Payton says 2006. You improved to 36 wins into losses when you score at least 21 points in the opening half. Sosa is that all about lifetime is enough that a fast start by the not only did you score Antoine when you got 31 with about that was industry with 21 points. Nobody had the other 36 into wrecked it. Yet world may predict reward points or more the first there are a both yeah. I think don't this game we knew that. You know that star of the import and establish the run game really establishing. You know Padilla. Taking could control the game for which are always a step toward. You know trust rushed the ball forty some odd jobs. Throw it ignored other Giants at the O line out of production that that it was. Pretty novel those guys guys like great about it done everything we asked to do. But you know I think you need your wish every game all the different sports he's a player like. We know our latest. Book different that we saw. So it's going to be an adjustment. What that would get your sport's big plays that. Drew a speaking of how they play and things like. He had a real good feel with the 49 is where doing what their blitz package. I was reading. The average per Tim wasn't right fourteen yards. Annually with a complete 83 and a half. The completion percentage. So and I thought that was edges than that you look at and in targeting dance of a ten yards or more. The seven of eleven so it seems like you're able. To figure out the foreign matters that they have it where they blitz she'd twelve times with a boy threw for a lot of yards in high percentage. That you know we. You're you're always ready to take what it Egypt is that it is new but. When they decide the which you Orton get aggressive. In that it would major that you object that they put so. Always will be at that I get a lot of matchups others. Obviously took we went with it lets out a bottle faster that. When guys get open get separation and it to and so that we're all afterward that go to our generation replaced. Drew have you ever been involved. Would this kind of frantic strategy. I thought it was smarter on the 49 to sport. To close out the first half you know with on the thirteen yard line I think I believe in in there was eight seconds. Austin ages decided to tackle almost every every receiver. Within a game like three holding calls and they obviously did that on purpose that can prevent. You know getting had given up a touchdown reception we kicked a 26 yard. Feel Glaus who went six play 71 yards in a minute five seconds to make it 31 to twenty with. How will they be doing this strategy will what can you do maybe to combat that are you really came in ages and out now. I'm trying get a penalty could you know get the second back ending at the end of the short you can if you oval. You know it actually a pretty brilliant play and train you're on your every nursing pebble for. An out usually only 11 situation where you can do that it went. There's you know. Probably under ten seconds left right and you're in the right. If you're deep in that range right it doesn't affect local. That affect you or that much it's only. Additional five in yards but no the to prevention or even have a shot and touchdown and mark. No drew. Right now hello when you look at the numbers. And it looks like I kind of speaks for itself that you had the best three men receiving corps in the league and you know look at him like that Thomas branding coach Willie Snead. Andy competing with the lie to look at that raiders' receiving corps a Mari Cooper Crabtree Robertson and you look at. The lines it and what they're doing we Golden Tate Marvin Jones and Anquan Bolden but you had to feel pretty good and confident. That they K double team everyone. That and is being compared right now because it in numbers that you maybe have the best three man receiving corps in the league. What most guys guys that continue to impress. Or. Each week. You know I got to could be could be happier with their approach and there are. Attention be tailor made everything we thought we crucial situation between us and as we spent a lot of time. And during practice I practiced. Just fine to me he just gave plants or we get out there. It looked like we know what's happened before it happens and those guys other opportunities out you know that also come their way their chance to make plays and you know you never know who it's going to be ever result Jody cherry that. When you could have the ball all the way we've been able to do a little bit short order be touched it he wrote an article got. Drew a couple of questions on dimmer. The first one. When you look at where they're ranked what they've done when their consistency now. In obviously their Mbenga they're dealing with injuries that I love looking at one. That and I guess you have to be patient and have the sustained drive which have been an outstanding job on third down righted to be 3%. That's number one in the league it. When you look the only given up yards per play with the Dallas in his in his first and NFL. Only given up four and a half yards a play in. And he yelled and really successful fourth in the league at the route righted think charge so. Who what what have you seen on film. Within what makes him such special defense. And and that to rewrite their yards per play when you're running a pass and it's almost they want you have the sustained drives considering an argument of anything. It goes with that without pass rush you know I think they feel like. If know that they can drug. They can you go to better at 1112 play sixteen play drive should give them more opportunities rush the passer you know. Edmonton they feel they try to like eventually the other predictions. And can be a negative players in return or something like that they've thrived on that last year's. Von Miller is the best in the league right now it would be toward dollar athlete so explosive club. Can do some things in the past Russian just disruptive in the so disruptive. And then chamber a young player be sensitive to that restored a great job markets where so now so. You know they got kind of a good mix these guys that they rotated out but. That are there are extremists on the secondary to you know should provide. A really elite pass rush was. The secondary and the other. That's a recipe for you know he'd rather rapidly carts do the best pass he answer and probably. You know. With the matching teams to order to play. And gut draw along those lines in looking at past games or previous games especially this season. When I look at Atlanta with the Denver and I applaud it really exploit. Exploit it might Matt Ryan did a nice job exploiting our linebackers and underneath coverage with the running backs. So I Kansas Phantoms doggie again it to a wide receiver to bottom line is though via an eligible receiver. You know yet to make yards after the catch and on I thought Atlanta. I'm just watching that game and on the you've seen the film that they did an outstanding job I thought attack in a game or defense. Yeah they do they ran the ball well to. The other day it's seem like you're pretty patient yet you know they they had a couple big place. You know from the run back in the passing game so there's and everybody involved our passing game you know that you know receivers are obviously. The guys to get a lot of the credit but you know started to sort of backs and everybody as a whole and you know whether that's just. The other way that's play action whether that's the drawback. Quick game screens you David you know we we we try to mix up enough to where everybody about averaged. QB to QBs brought you by the go auto low caused auto insurance drew thank you so much for the time to look you in the Saints Sunday at home against them. I got things through.