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"Go For Two" Episode 9: Midseason NFL QB Tier Rankings

Nov 2, 2016|

An annual tradition, T-Bob and Seth reveal their mid season NFL Quarterback Tiers! From the Elites to The Trent Dilfers to the Should Be CFL Stars, the fellas rank every quarterback who has thrown a pass this season.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome to the goal for two podcast with the T Bombay there and south Dunlap. Well welcome to episode nine and a Argo to podcast recording this on Tuesday. Arts November 1 November 1 already set Dunlap Tia Bobby bare here for in the W appeal studios in downtown. New oral and in Santa happy post Halloween to everybody in by the join us for our podcast you sure you follow us on what are. And you some feedback on this activism that set them up on sweater. And apartment crowd over there is that he Bob 53 yeah dad. Also you won sent us an email you can go to podcast at gmail.com that's blooper to podcast at Gmail. Dot com special show for it's about area was why is that. As we do a couple of times each season we've reached the midway point of the NFL season and that means it's time to unveil. Our. Acts here rankings for 2016 armed mid season version. We'll be dividing every single quarterback who has thrown a that's in the league this season. Into one of six T yours. And we'll get into those in just a little bit but it's really fun Beazer flexible tears we recommended season we see how they progress towards the end of the season. And you can now there and kind of follow along and maybe you know make your own tears and see where you disagree with us and Syria agree that's gonna do that here in just a couple of minutes. After we get into our story and we knew. And our story line this week as we reached the midway point of the season and we just talked about. Three teams are standing out is maybe not complete surprises as to what they've done to this point of the season but certainly. Huge wins this week statement wins that put them in legitimate it's. Contender. The conversation category for these three teams in the three teams are talking about the Dallas Cowboys are now the only one loss team in the NFC yeah. You've got the Atlanta Falcons who have reasserted themselves as the team to beat in the AFC NFC south with the big win at home against the Packers. And in order in the AFC. Maybe. Play right now like the second best team in that conference the Oakland raiders of the motherland and their time with the Broncos for first place. In the AFC west three teams team Bob. Disparate styles of play on both sides of the football for all three of those teams. But it's for my money all three playing like legitimate conference title contenders and I'm actually gonna struck with the Dallas Cowboys. Dallas we talked about kind of massage it a little bit last week it. I thought this team was for real. A popular legitimately could be a conference title contender not only that right now and I know this will change not hand changed and will change. But right now this team is playing like the best team in the NFC be most complete team. And the scariest team and NFC the Dallas Dallas would not just put that up that line ever talk about the offensive line but also with their quarterback play. And their defense which is performed so much better than most people expected coming into the season yeah. That is did the defense is the big surprise. Out with the cowboys right now I don't weird way. I think some the defense is success even doesn't reflect on the offensive linemen just dallas' ability to control the tempo. Of the game seemingly against anybody they play. Off I AM not entirely sure why men and I'm I'm still a little hesitant. To be too bullish on the Dallas Cowboys I and does not arguably not giving them. As much credit as they deserve they've now won six in a row following their opening season loss. To the judge so when you look to in order and in this a bit with the raiders as well when you look at who they have played set they guests. I want what like any other adult team upon. And that now apparently it's a bit about threaded his deadlier easier matches but there's some tough ones as well okay I this my problem to count his I don't know what to make. Some of these wins like. Cincinnati Bengals on paper that's sounds like a great win and who is this big Eagles team this year we finally seeing. The demise of the very consistent play off making. Always close to division winning Cincinnati Beagle later they do for a bit of a valley in their own master and the Packers as well. Now at four and three we've talked and Aaron Rodgers on this program for what is that packers' Mike and in the eagles' right we were I I wasn't on the Eagles. At all to right it was not a believer with the undefeated start it looked at they'd come back to earth a little bit. And then who's who in the if you buy it right all's and the Eagles back well now they're back out eagles'. Our four and three so I don't want to take away from what Dallas has done but I guess it just hesitant at the end of the day because. As dumb as this sounds an aids it's not lining up with what you're seeing on the field I just had serious concerns. About deck press. AM. Having your rookie running really just at all about offense as a whole when they run into the some of the truly great. NFL defense is all those statistically. In the Eagles aren't that conversation so maybe that was. Their first passage of a true playoff type of defense. They get the browns this week everybody that's it it's Cleveland at Cleveland played better Alaska weeks even losses. Then they had to do when they were just getting obliterated earlier in the season but the browns and drug. Probably when they expect when that game but that the cutter and again and here's Steelers. A good ravens team not agree or even seemed to Gasol ravens team Washington Minnesota the giants Bucs lions Eagles and they don't really get a week off after this one of the ground so. They've kind of had their record enough and they given themselves enough for the of a buffer at least in the playoff race and NFC where. I see them sticking around one thing they've done. What all this winning I think they made the Tony Romo conversation completely healed irrelevant which I would imagine Jason Garrett slots. Yeah yeah I mean. It was a pretty emphatic. They finished their bye deck press got on Sunday. And observers were two ways of looking net. Prescott's performance and they rate are you discouraged by the fact that for the vast majority of the game. He was. Well he was ineffective didn't do much or are you encouraged by the fact that even though he didn't do much it is completely effective when it mattered most. He turned it on let us know what a ninety yard driving to tie it gonna 76 yard drive to win it in overtime. Because it will redeem says says so it's it's a manner perception. But when you look at it optimistically in that speaks of a guy you've even seen his ability to run his ability were on the often stood. Make plays but senior guy kind of activate. Whoo man I Haiti. To call this but in my in my mind I am just. When it might have fighting better that. Clutch gene Wright did just does the ability to make those plays down the stretch even though you haven't shown that Billy Debian tired of the game. I think the performance is more of a positive. In a negative although you do you have concerns. About press guy going forward against some of these great defenses. What about the Atlanta Falcons now they've defeated the Packers come back when at home game but it really needed to. Stop the bleeding rates stop the bleeding after two consecutive losses everybody was thinking it was a seemed to melt down like they did last year again. They get the Packers at home 33 to 32. I mean Ryan again looks like the leader in the MVP race he did that game as well is playing off the charts right now. And people went for them because don't look now but the say it's just that he gave out have hopes that football games so it's not just. Not just assert themselves as the best team maybe in a conference but. Just in that division I yes no I mean do I did the falcons. You to talk body back against the wall type of situation. This was in this was supposed to be the game. Where they were gonna lose the Packers the Packers were gonna go to five into everybody's going to be all right Green Bay spine. There's no problem degree day in the we're gonna same old Atlanta just like last year here they are. Fallen apart when it matters most and they they each they are given a light seeing people stand up in the face of those kind of negative narratives and they did it on the road was it in was in limbo as an Atlanta I was in Milan of Italy and it's not on the road. Reach the turn my mixer dental check a lot and alana I wanna see the game was in Atlanta it wasn't my yeah. Either way the falcons. She could've come out with a more time to win a bigger way and as you mentioned but the Buccaneers and the saints have been does half game behind. Have they lost his game Atlanta now maintains a pretty firm grip. On that aims to sell the problem is set to is in this is where I get confused because. Like you said record wise it's the Dallas Cowboys could who's the premier team halfway through the season who's the number one team in the NFC I have. Like did you still think the cowboys I think if we're just saying what has happened in the first part of the season it's got to be the cowboys. I still think. I still think it's Seattle to toss and done they were really tough spa this week. Without loss but I think Seattle is when it's all said and I'm going to be there but I. I think the cowboys can be there's I'm not I'm completely on the cowboys ban back bandwagon battle and all you want but I am congress seems to be there man I mean odd. Early enough I'm kind of leaning towards this Seahawks as well because when they have canned champs are back to all this Michael Michael Bennet when they have Michael Bennet back. The defense would stop anyone but you gotta have serious concerns at this point about it Seahawks offense. And what they've been able didn't wilt Russell Wilson last the season I mean the same pastors have been what and pretty anemic this year. And Kim Jordan finished with the best passers agree to any defensive end. In this last weeks and that's were you worried about Seattle and where or about Dallas. It just remains the rookie quarterback. Going into these big big time situation on the road in big moments after you left Kenya I could see that stay look to deck press got credit man. May be may be I'm not give enough credit Big Brother redskin game early on in the year where he leads them on the road hostile stadium delegate eighties are yards a game winning drive so. Maybe we're seeing the beginning one of those trends in that type of characters are once the interleague insisted you know they're really good. Always like how Tom Brady went when he burst on scene eases super yellow. Collected. Poised like why is beyond his years to record it may perceive that again. I'm with deck press cabinets lebed are doused and I had to choose. And NFC favorite obviously the vikings. Stock is way down right now and I I guess I'll still lean Seattle because when fully healthy no other team in the NFC Kim well no other teams for today defense like that. You know even after you know did they name ends in New Orleans and are edited jump off their bandwagon by any means Russell Wilson's. We'll talk about that a little bits that I may have a little different from you on now on finally the raiders we mention them I'm not gonna say a big win that. Because it was against the Buccaneers get a win that they had to have and they are now tied atop the NFC west at six and soon they. Monster game against the Broncos coming up this week so for the raiders I actually see on them. Following see what they do against the Broncos this week what Derek Carr who's just slipped fascinating all season long what he does against that bronco defense. Five you know on the road map for Oakland which is pretty fascinating. Of course we can imagine that game lamenting the fact they said the record for penalties accepted with 23 amigos absurd als watching. Part of that overtime period and they were one away from the record of two way and they proceeded. The other one away in the they've proceeded to tie it. On one play next way to get flagged again I got declines they were still tied. Not to be you know they don't want that door close to them so they pushed right on their got a penalty for a third player in a row which it got accepted in guaranteed them. The record overall though look it's not the most impressive wouldn't really the greater schedule as a whole has not been the most present all. Six wins coming against teams with losing records both losses. Coming teams with winning records which is a massive red flag but. Be careful with Oakland. Because it's they Gary youthful team right very young team and wind young teams start to pull off these kind of improbable victories like we see Madrid I mean look the raiders. I know genachowski mr. expo Roberta McGwire for the bucks continues to be really really important. Arguably this yet he usually tough gig eluded to say this kind of an improbable type of victories what you rarely see. There's two point conversion win so when you have a young team again they pull out a couple of these. In all the sudden halfway through either Signet six and two they start to think there really bad message or to think. There may be even better in just what their roster would dictates and it's connected up like you said the real proving ground comes tomorrow or next week. Against Brock does it really did pretty fascinating though that. Here we are in November. And after it would seem like years of can now maybe this raiders your maybe this is the raiders years. Defected their plane for first place in the AFC west. In the month of November is a sign that things are working it's going in the right direction. And dad. And and and and you can't say enough about. Dare car recorder that he has been. Absolutely spectacular this year setting the record team record for passing yards in the game goes like 500 of them on Sunday. Now now he's he's been fascinating and we all. Talk about him in our NFL quarterback frank coming up here in just a couple of minutes outbursts are quick class of the AFC there's no question it's the patriot news editor class of the NFL still yep. Greta great. Tidbit in MM QB where. Tom Brady never before in his career and he posted a 120 passer rating are better for four games in a row. And here at 39 years old coming off of the suspension he did just that so. Brady truly is like a fine wine he he quite literally continues to get better with age it's kind of sound patriots seven and one. And I think no surprise planetary order that thirteen nothing win over New England but buffalo excrete narrate. Or don't I don't. To call percent starting quarterback when we go to your you don't agree catches yeah. That's why we were saying that it can be coaches teachers in my yeah that's a good win by. They didn't have to operate in that you see what happens in patriots bills with congress bills are and Rex Ryan is I guess Jeff Fisher. 500 just he's just a little more. Boisterous and Fisher a little ask you a little more. What's the what's the right word he's a little. The prettier and he's. Not I was gonna say obese and he is calm voice jurors are not Symbian so I guess work. Of Hamas we'll double and luckily his stomach stapled wherever he's the he's no better now. Robber on the other hand still still pretty fat so I'm gonna hero I utilized it to our studs that we know he's yulia yet to keep eating. He can't eat anymore. Our bus sides of the week. Ala Abu. Play to our crowd. He Bob and being in the superdome on Sunday. Bob have been here six years now have gone to every saints game you know the work in the six years saints home game. And I have never. Never heard the superdome LAPD lab I don't know it was the combination of it being Halloween rowdy weekend it was Seattle coming in everybody knows this body in Seattle has. The loud home crowds Hampshire debts out their little fired up show. Maybe Zell loaded to allow the dome is but. Loud just occurred at the sixers have been here Annie played a massive. Role in that second half. You could tell Russell's not offensive spark right ready for it to be honest the crowd is lot of pre snap penalties. Wilson looked a little bit phase that office and line wasn't getting off the boat off and lands bad anyways. But a defense line is getting out the hospital well if you sit with cam Jordan. A crowd is huge factor that so hats off to you who dat you are a must that's it. The crap out it's it's nice. And it's you know maybe. If you if it the first time since. The saints had its funny called the glory years of the peak years are better nine. 1112 time to time when when was 1213 or maybe you were a note you relate sixty and I would go. I did fourteen was the last good home either way that I need to go small and mid way it's not even fourteen actually thirteen Alaska merely kind of fell apart midway through the fourteen yes. So every C gain during that area you were counting preset penalties you're seeing how you could affect the team that had become a thing of the past when you looked him. After the Atlanta loss that they were four and eleven in the last fifteen in the dome but with a Carolina win with this win over Seattle now. On there's a little. Life back in that place right now and it eagle take care of business and it would just go. And you pulled a 44 in the division where he'll be what two games and Max behind the falcon came half Macs in the I guess and thinking in the long run like if you're Barack went at the same rate. Actually dispute one out there only one game in Los call so bear they control their one game out controlling their on yes yes yes yes there is always a what are all and say yes you were at their reason for optimism dealt broad returning each other it's not this week. Eventually. Getting onto the field like there's arguments made is the pins will be better that often to continue to be dominant. And maybe they could make their way into the post season I don't see it I still think. This is an 88 team 79 team I think it's this or that same stores or play out but. Like we say going in the year in a very outweigh. It feels like it much better seven and nine team may need in the deep and it'd be good data found Sunday. Heard I did pretty good job because they're giving up more points in any team in the league so this check out of this and weird. Bundle of contradictions. Where babies is to have fallen so close to receivers of different angles. There's some real bright spots latch onto. An end in there's some real. And so we rip on Mickey whose job it all the time personnel and rightfully so they drafted is actually horrendous. They had to want to look at willow looks on Sunday four out of four looks like he's gonna be very good kicker prologue that was you went so there's some good. Along with a bad but. Promise you put altogether still feels. Like an eight main team but for the future you're never gonna ask your looks a bit they seem they seem pretty close they seem closer. Then we thought they were at the beginning of the season but Georgia to enters peaked man editors Pete is it really started and played very good football. And he is someone who was much maligned. And is Percy yes. Year and pre season any saints uniforms so I always like to see a guy kind of deal all that negativity that garage and then not rise above negative posted a eighty plus grade this weekend at left guard so. We can pretty solid. Short flights out of the week I will go back to local migrants come out here cartman. I mean just overall. The raw dominance of his statistics dictate the seven week 68%. Of his passes completed for 513. Yards. Four touchdowns. No interceptions this includes the game winning touchdown so. Right at the in overtime to help the NFL avoid its third tied with his. I guess people apparently hate ties slate this absolutely cannot stay in immediate matter gamer having all those talks again whatever. But their car stat of the week hands down requests to us. Our source doesn't week. And it's time now. Many cool sounder for honesty Bob we don't have one so law dominantly you know one four are we do at sales order record anchor now. The WW LN FL podcast. Mid season quarterback rankings. I Nieminen wow yeah that was impressive that so we just came out on the fly yes it just made that sense welcome everybody. Dog I guess. We evident from WE got forget about Althea how high the production value demand was we started the show but yeah Korea let it all relax. I. At a court record and time again we do this in mid season we do this at the end of the season. For me you might have a different view on the quarterback Greg Steve Jobs yeah but. Minor little bit more flexible. Then on. I think the most people would do this in other words I'm willing to move guys 23 tiers. In a season and just because guys are in an elite category one ranking. I'm not nearly as hesitant to pull them out because of sub par play then other people might some my tears are very very flexible. Some guy is unwilling to give either the benefit of the doubt to give them a little more leeway with some us you know. So go to level a Fred Baretta bird and same thing or the other way though right guys who I've seen perform over the last 56 seasons huge have not been very good. If they put together 45 game trips that stretch that is very good or poor play through that hole I know. Its own songs movies that in through the elite category like I'm sure you have with certain people but. Associates tears here really go to reverse order obviously but it's here's one through six number one the elites. Pretty self explanatory right guys who we think car. The cream of the NFL crop. And the pinnacle. Second here. Guys that are not quite elites or not elite anymore so this cheer for me. Met guys who haven't really before dropping down or. Definitely have the possibility of being an Alley category just point. Aren't quite there yet that's very specific Burmese I'm not going to put guys in that category. And that it's maybe they're playing like in just not widely level yet but I never really think they're going to really aren't capable of winning. A Super Bowl with a tear or two guys whit didn't being kind of the yes driving force of the T yes that is Drexel vis those guys are you can win a cerebral with being the driving forces team because. Great segue to tier three. The Trent dilfer's these guys are very solid. I can win some playoff games we're gonna need some help the rest of their Ross roster most of the way. Tier four place holders and young guns guys that just aren't even really Trent Dilfer saw guys you are gonna win a Super Bowl it. There either young guns on the rise. Or their place holders for teams that are open to get that young gun in the future. Tier five is replacement level quarterbacks guys should be backups plain and simple. In this league and tear number six CF LA FL all stars. These guys really should not be in the league except in dire circumstances. Via via so. Let's start in tears six and work our way up. All just how are gonna do this is domino listening guys that says. I've put these tears are and then you can kind of tell me which guys you don't have men and guys that you do have an and I don't half hour at that makes sense so I have. I have nine guys in this. Tears six BC FLA apple lost parts category and as he should not be you know it looks like I have six however IE did not do you every body is not a wide receiver under that the room pats are always so marvelous about surprised if it's a enthusiastic in this kind of remind me of that I did I put everybody Mikey just said everybody in the leaders wrote a pass this year except for. You know we know about what are prior that. It's no order regular user I've put an undersea regular acknowledged. Not now been easily literacy on he's not malice TB and that's CFO ample all star great if I had to throw Terrelle Pryor prior and a category. You'd be in the category for McCormick. Red and quarterback perspective absolutely so much CO LAF authors and she won yet that I wanted to throw in here but I scratch off the last minute to recognize that attend. These guys Jacoby preset. Has not shown me enough that he would even be a capable back open this week on anybody but like you know a one team patriots yet. Yeah I mean I didn't see. Yeah you're kidding mr. Rupert set light no you shouldn't even know who Jacoby percent yeah exactly able exactly which is why you shouldn't actually know what he's as he had seller AFL. One are you saying is like sub CF LA I would just say Jacoby present you would have to throw in the unknown insufficient and look at it like appears to have been lighting it up in mission like. NA not apple Clara right Eddie. The look and and plus a 11. These two on one. Well another guy who's very similar to percent. On a video aimed a very visible team to bond Boykin is actually due back in Seattle right now. And I've seen enough famine precision and end the one game as the dolphins game where Wilson came out yeah. C yeah amber sets. Eyes you know Boykin right now. It's hearsay so these solid liter six this is safe type situation so. If you're there and here's exactly because chances are these guys are going to be backups who never who never play. This tier should be named actually we should re name mister next time we do this to Charlie Whitehurst here because I have Charlie Whitehurst gets here clipboard here although. Just from quarterback rating standpoint. Whitehurst has been kind of solid this year has the yeah late let me let me but he pulled the exact numbers here but it's not absolute. Lou the tier bowl bowlers and they get a yet been going down Lindsay got put on. So it undermines tempered only seven what step was no match letters that image is right Charlie wider scattered dot Abbott Josh account you never. I actually had more I think he was here fiber voice level and he's. He's regressed in Sioux he's not before Josh McCown should not be at quarterback even holding a clipboard in the winter morning should be a quarterback coach perhaps. Maybe he should be on the the staffs I edit things should not be. Jolly cross town is a very competent very solid back up NFL. And really disagree as he is as his career did take a look. The back of quarterbacks you're you're never going to be starter good that's what you are back this just shows you how hard it is. To possess the mental and physical skills set required to play quarterback and we go to guy like me counts sticks around that said. McCown is better MC FL player you know. Yes he belongs in the NFL I know don't last for over a decade. Blog writers so give me just reach down into your fine. Okay well I think he was tier five he is solidly to your six now. He is solidly. Look he's got the FO RCF Philly be great I've they're while still rare there is still a ton of value to be had by Josh McCown as the back of course I have a young QB no teach you know like. Professionally it includes him positively as far as family values are adjusted count not in my CFL. Shock hill in this category for me. The vikings jogger I absolutely read editorials for the ego John we don't do it. Stared at David I'd I'd did not bother putting John Hill that's Kevin Hogan. I feel bad about this but I put Kevin Hogan in the I know he's maybe he should be like that not enough information in the NBA customer is definitely in the NA list as well but. After having that sweet touchdown run at the beginning of his game he just proved that. Whatever I don't know the president Brad just don't anybody out there this Matt Barkley I've seen enough for him over his career get this dad I did not recognize Matt Barkley was still weeks yes yeah he's thorough he's. Either start your hard little second half and again this is OK Rio wall on the vine that AFL get out of here CFO Andrew Stanton again maybe this could understand category as well. He's an aura Bruce area. He. Announced on a car or why. Why is your stance on that roster you still can't fight or competent back competent backup quarterback in Drew Stanton. Oh that's what. Apartment it was pointed out is that. For Syrians had that reputation as a gambler right. And he doesn't want that insurance policy he league still live on the most awesome again Mr. Bush the look man it right it's like. Alpa chino too for the money who talks about how losing like Reno and that is all that he's alive and his family that's. Kind of really what it's all about that we are we will proceed eggs is the same way just beaten one play away. From all that hard work you put it being wasted one play away from having to go back a plan that's. Periods operative but for really understand. Selig just recap a better backup quarterback juice tiger I mean there's there's there's different levels inside these levels drop and I'll say it because it's out of dear Chris Roger's stand out yeah he would be I. If I didn't make it worse quarterback at. One finally that would not on my roster ams Madrid iPod that's mr. arch duke that was really our genetic data shows that accounts for community and the cherry on top of this. Tear sick for me is EJ Manuel. Yes another person who I looked at and just didn't even feel relevant enough to put on my list so that they like it yes evil category than you 26 so that's my tears six brisk set Boykin whitehurst. Josh McCown can't tell Hogan Barkley Stanton is Emanuel. I think is so I got a couple. I guess the only one that I disagreed with the wasn't McAllen to your five that I had a couple of war. In my tears six level and it's couples and for guys tell cabernet in Blaine Gabbert what. Yeah you say you think call in cavern action not Limbaugh beyond NFL roster and a gas and you really and what does he done to prove otherwise I mean he's played one game and half. Two touchdowns one interception and I mean you see it all 46% I think I understand what percentage is he currently has 46% completion percentage that's or reread in shorts. 462. For wanton averaging a 110 passing yards per game. Yeah not out delete. Apple it's I don't know what happened and I don't know. When he was maybe it was the style law and to Jamar browser and maybe it was Roger or ski he is table what I mean is for a divorce what's really don't remember Ron Jaworski is around the world and he's saying he's the greatest quarterback of all time for tomorrow. Look you don't want I'll forget it. The next season after they blew the brakes all the Packers to start the season colleague Colin Cowherd having to rant about now. This is like the age of the new quarterback he's wholly unstoppable and how do you stop his right in there are. But while I believe can't tamper Nick's talent to be of one of these higher tiered levels as Ross talent. Don't know what's going on it's just not your duties really bad of course now that obscene isn't that you people are getting used to looking good she's proved his team like redeem. This is just football talk just couple book as you football talking area. College predict is a durable NFL quarterback at this point so. This year fell if you aren't. I anybody else yeah I like that and what if colleague Catherine was you address at the back of cabinet adjustment all Catherine now you know stuff. At least you got it have a little bit of a glimmer with a cap for next Josh McCown CF well look I am and all this glimmer with targeted something that's. And it's buried under mountains of you know. A forty offers sixty garbage gently it that's it guys. You know it's buried deep in side of the soul of Capra comedy and I am a glimmer of hope that. That diamond's still in the rough perhaps I don't mean maybe I know that you care and I think I hear. You're willing to give up on cap and you were written you're giving Bradford. Fifth 67 chances that's. I'm not okay rule we all have our Sam Bradford fight. Yes. Him. Bradford in Blaine Gabbert can be in this year's six. All the way to second may be is that Bradford and you know those are cabernet and after I could be GAAP results in my years of are you need to be made big efforts maybe widen OK Rebecca my physique just just because it has experience. I mean plain as much like nobody started more games indeed that quarterback Vince has. Blaine Gabbert so. And flirting with your thought but I believe there at the U. I can receive organ to have a little bit of a different I guess that separation separation and definition for these tears you have some other guys in the steer. As well at half. Part so now we are into what's your thought I know you had he's just got to go yes some guys that hadn't mentioned oh Gina Smith. And RG three also in this tears exit RG three's. This is because of his injuries because he was playing like a pretty competent quarterback until his injury this season for a quarter. Well meanwhile Bob Griese isn't into corners IV like I. I guess so. That's pretty harsh. You Josh McCown RG the result. Now or just like it here and had a tear thing we'll put it that way. That does do well to how this thing neither and that's like RG three is in my AFL. AFL. Nobody. I'll put it into account in a steered amen I'm there I'm done here I'm out of that here. I would I think back up I still think I would take just a town over by the way there's not gonna show in this country that has talked about these quarterbacks longer than we have now the last ten men so this felt I guess I guess I'm done with our three main Lee. Because the did you these don't think argue threes in the NFL relevant to get off will be out the world but I definitely he's done. And we'll see you can't put in my CN FL if it's even though with RG three from a pure talent standpoint. He's probably a player who deserves to be a bit higher but I'm not meaning geno Smith is just. He's got passing or things like this painting is RG three where there's so much baggage it seems like it's one battery caption on the can itself mean part of that's. Bad luck pretty RG three's injury this year is a bit self inflicted could've been avoided if indeed they play hard you got to be Smart as well. Obvious but those guys don't think you're ever gonna see them have India NFL success. So I had nine guys in the steered granite you didn't have a couple of guys I threw an even not a court anymore. This next here is where re diverged greatly I am willing to put a lot of guys in the steer TA dot I have nineteen guys. In my replaced so what is your replacement level to replace a little here premier guys who should be back up just replacement level. Ali you're using the old course that right wins above replacement was actually starting to use in the NFL little bit which I think is great incident baseballs that now guys to be like being negative. Negative value wins above replacement. And NASA just up the good baseline guy guys source in the baseline guy in the league guy so I do not think should be starting a football game Ellis is because of injury or otherwise in the NFL. About because you have such a shorter list only go first there on Bosnia. He's keep him obviously got his and mine as well case is done enough. To guarantee that he should be asleep agree Greg easily come very competent backup. But yes it capabilities that he's there and you're seeing wired right now in the LA nothing was. Josh cal as we just talked to you talk see I have our further is even starred in the morgue is he's never got hurt or. Whatever. Ryan tam L yeah absolutely I mean there is. But what he had so much potential write anything. Well he was struck in the first round. He had to show our lady showed a little bit of the cap and a couple of schism arm strength both it's certainly better awareness inside the pocket. And just are obviously better head on a shoulder so there in on the use of those guys I thought could turn into may be nominally level that. And a second tier guy early age hasn't Nissan happened I think its part is the coaching staff earlier and give it maybe get that it is a little bit of time of them but yeah I have ministers while. Any player we're going to talk about it's it's it's it is a larger than individual players they're all affected by. Good coaches pork coaches could situations bad situations. Tanning hill has not necessarily be in the best situation and a lot of why he. Where is so critical of is because of the contract his job he's like what he didn't he even cited paper they did but he did today doesn't matter with that kind of money. Comes the expectations. And he has not just fall short of those expectations on woefully short and he seems to be regressing which is the most damning thing. You can say about any quarterback in their battle escorted back having here is Jay Cutler to. Let's go to be crazy is that a lot of teams are going to fight very hard for Jay Cutler this offseason. But. I eat is. He is not. Very dark I don't know our into my new government ID they will and I so yeah tears well I think I think teams are going to buy particular it's going to be hilarious I also liked his response to. Somebody as a bit along the lines of you know indeed do you think John fossil leg cast support your person and he's actually tested it did color just your statement. This call against starter but hey. Street should reject and invest any different cities they've just gotten life. Really knows if he's ever played is ever really liked him right biggest. There for awhile when they were when they went color each image Libya was a play into cities that have saved the Denver and every right now by the end at all advantage all right does a real little by the end now. I don't know maybe. I don't know anybody from the and mostly content that's really out of total non sect or hear you heard you say Vanderbilt is that it's just confuse the hell lot of it is a school here. In the New Orleans area called Vanderbilt Catholic when without the RN. I guess that New Orleans accent anyway yeah. Well but but yes so. I think it's going to be funny that you could be another ugly breakup between color W these games go on to me is gonna pay him. Lot of money because they're gonna think that they're the ones who can I get it right Cleveland coat. Bazardo so I got these all of these guys except for. McAllen who I had in the lower tier so were were kind of in agreement here and I have our C sixteen more guys. And here's on the gonna go down the list item again a very interested to see where you find these sixty plus some of the guys you probably don't have on atlas is you I have like 58 guys you had already yeah. By Cody Kessler. Who I think right put Kessler could put it in there Trevor Ximian. I think he is not in the young gun level at all he I'm not ready to classified Trevor Simien as a young gun this is yeah. I young guns to me is somebody who. Young has a chance to be only has that chance that Laura hope that they give that it sparkle in their so I. So so it is they're not the if they're not a big draft pick or they analogous sexy name. That they can't get in the younger and had it not true because I would had Russell Wilson in this category and is repeater. We'll tell you played the first half yeah we did we put him in oh play in this category category fall and I don't know category four. Our I haven't category for I'm sorry yet so young they had executive Wilson got a gory for most credible much better first half of his. I know this is a senator Susan yes is can I deliveries and completely and were winning. But I remember some completely anemic. Stat line four years at our yards per game yes you're talking about a quarterback rating his completion percentage is touchdowns interception ratio he was. He is good so you're not gonna get Trevor simian the bigoted and no doubt no name law it still relevant statistical category that he's been. I guess is complete complete in 61%. Eight touchdowns for receptions and two to one ratio as a rookie what you were decorated him. And it's yours for as corporate greed in his eighties that Aniston yards per attempt. I don't think they have yards per attempt on the site that I am I they have the avalanche are exactly is that you I heard telling us that it's real yet. Not preachers are completion of the completed. Test is there. Either way he was if it is George birds and then I think Simien would be. Did not gonna go back the Clinton interim stuff. Earth that's definitely our experts announced. Are there in he's right at them six point. That's not seven a six point 90 OK well let's where's where is your boys. Weird. Is Russell Wilson to seven point five. So I better have your better but. I'm not so lucky he's in the neighborhood this fact that Travers I mean I feel like you know you are still. And I knocked off yes the fact that Jefferson in his nodded and not given the chance to be in your young guns you're having no way William Blair dollars level this is isn't he the if anything you put put him in the next here here's a place holder for Paxson lynch Ximian is not going to be long term starter in Denver or anywhere else in the league and I guess let's think I don't know I don't think figuring out and not next nick foale's. Guy who's. Have to be Italy probably but very replacement at this point there Derek and actually play I was tempted to put Derek Anderson in demise CF fell by. Has been good when he's backed up close and when he's been forced to play Carolina couple years to a couple years ago you had a series in bad but what is more about Carolina being really bad this year Carolina being a little years ago a little bull. Paxton a lynch I could throw him in the haven't seen enough category yet. I suppose how do we how do we don't know opened excellence yet again it happened in a bad game. So I yet men not applicable for me for sure Landry Jones very replaced he's been typical right he's going to be back if he's good enough to be about it at this point but he's not going to start later items just falling in the story puts that to judgment to torture of Landry Jones and Virginia haven't gotten accompaniment of I mean he only put in the starters Justin. Cody Kessler already haven't here yep Matt Cassel. At this point very baca should be in the league. Matt accountant Matt every that Matt McKnight is a little bit of the count ash. IG was witnessed here did not have been massive philosophers Ryan Fitzpatrick ran it just. Very typical. I liked Brooke I don't I I had its Patrick in the place holder because there is not more perfect place holder. Somebody who is only one year deal. Odds literally because they're just buying time until leniency they wanted to see that place holder here for me meant somebody who I he should be a starter. But teams are gonna draft to find somebody better. I just after it should be just eating rats is Patrick should be a starter and that he should be a starter from the perspective that I don't think there's 31 other quarterbacks that are better. Well I mean I don't have 31 and my first. Ports years so by that definition that I mean and that was my definition that's July like that all I'm saying is that right is Patrick is not good especially not within six nothing else it just two weeks now. And it did it. That is skew his numbers of against the old married to the numbers with his tragic because it just felt unbelievably. Bad. This six pick game was. A pretty big game after it was two it was against it was awful and that's the only yes but but but it. Would you could you find 32 other people that you want to start it over no I'm by that definition image that was our definition of who would even had a tier five or six is. It I think it's Patrick is a is is a place holder I have about Blaine Gabbert here actually think Blaine Gabbert is good enough to BA back obviously from what I've seen not just artists he properties. I guess being a bit. To get a load that you for dashing -- ever going right everybody wants to bashing just as he started too many games I think yeah I think it's gonna be an NFL prospect of fair point and he brings. That experience does bring its undervalued I've been there Gabbert in his situation. Worse than what he's experienced in a tough to know I RG three I have here I still think that he like I said before will be in this league. Won't be his former self but given opted to carry clipboard on the silent and you have Kong cabinet. In this Kellen Clemens. Very back up ish. Now this is one way and so like. He is he played this year he's yelling please throw a pass our oil passes all these everybody named to thrown passes in the league this year. Brought costs Weiler. Very very tear number five for me he is nowhere near as young guns here obviously not a place holder respect contracts are thrown into your five. And then I have public portals here as well Blake morals no longer young enough to be young gun. And mine mines and and you've thing easing him for a so Oslo others giving your report you've already met you know he's got it replaced him that he's deserving. Because they are not going to viewers can pay I don't think his oil get replace I think he deserves to get replaced. I think and we talked about he's off here I think that I think the Texans shouldn't jump the chance to trade for Tony or along while they still have chance he is caused Weiler is he home. Me and I know is young I well he's not as Chinese think he has to how how how how many years he definitely this is his fifth year and fourth your fifth Carol I didn't realize that a putter is the second and third now Los wilder now. No loss Weiler is. Police are young dish that I mean he's not. There's not as Venus is a second or third year I have in my a tear for a look at IE is actually age no I don't know he is 25. What should just war comparison sake I was pretty shocked or cock. He's just 25 per coming seasons my granddaughter and her policies and as the older isn't pretty this credit to him who he. Automatic plain ads on the Internet Yury horrendous person idea of it is his fifth season. So I I might actually. Oslo microphone down my list I do not realize he was this old I thought he was. Compatibility was younger what careers or earlier in 25 it's an old. Wolf it's not currencies aren't very it's it's. How he was even thinking 021 on 100 shocking as of today so she know what may. Now I'm I'm Ricky Basel I imagine him for so I've been very critical of him but I gotta last summer for maturity and approved so replacement level it's a place this and and move on north photographers gathered hours ago. Our cheer for place those young guys this when SRC uninteresting for me on the east years. The place holders not to mention right bees like us that before these guys to me is I define this tier guys are definitely should be starting in the league. But there's really not a lot of long term hope. But on the opposite side in this here you have the you know the rookie second and as the young guns guys who. Their fans and fan base is hold out hope that they could be elites in the soon to near future a so for me. The really these are all young I have one place hole I only have one place holder in here. Adam and I look through it I guess as you're talking about I could throw fits Patrick in this place holder category and up. I once he's cattle one I can move back and forth the other guy I think he definitely solar and deserves to start this leak somewhere. Is actually Brian Hoyer. I think Brian Hoyer is a big place holder to ask quarterback if there ever was one. This actually Holland yet he is the place holder has quarterback oddly enough. It's we have. I think Brian Hoyer won here high low which may own now that may be too. Especially in light of the one of the worst playoff games have ever seen last season that that that or play. But it that you this adage that Texans wish they had Brian war right now and sort of brought us. Well now. Even as much as I'd used thank Corey it's a bad rap I don't know about that I think Texans Sauna and a playoff and market that is regularly gets a bit reactive to a one really bad game cause you to go her way everything goes court it was just like Brett Edwards was not. And an idiot team know he was agreed in season but. We are greatly Brock got one bid. Any better now bride or the way it works or not I completely agree with that and we're in agreement that where should be starting summer and he's young enough to do. We place holding some good this year Gettysburg six touchdowns no interceptions he's ease bin. The only good part about the Chicago Bears win win win color resembles you know again they've bought a big immigrants Minnesota so you know he's he's saving jobs Fox's job. Now I'm OK Darren did. The color and upload let's go to a color was back last night. I thought it was lawyer putting more I obviously to be honest I did not I could be wrong I don't know watching him yesterday Cutler played last support or without it. Porter played well in the interim. If I'm a coach around this league you're. It trip Dover is a bit hard for Brian where. I thought I thought if I. At all and which cancel of that I'll opposite ought bid to ease his solid place holder in your four like if you need to bridge the gap like the jets tried to do with. Bryant is bashing this season Brian hours seems like. That the perfect guy do that or. At worst he's eight. They are incompetent that you have any other place holders in this here before it's land it's. No I don't think so destroy there biggest word out of really or long before that was Fitzpatrick and it makes it right yep it's it's a it's pretty pour gee you mean strategy if you're having to get into place holders at the most important position on the football field. App the young guns in this here and it would realize here Jack press got solidly. In here for Carson wets. GMS Winston boy I was very tempting easy is not played well this year I was almost written attempted to put him replaced but he's at all he studio damn these three tiger is two year old dad Jimmy Jean regiment drop below I've seen enough for him where not replacement level pursche assuredly. But not we have seen an up tournaments here three. And this is the one I had the most trouble with kind of putting in a tear Tyrod Taylor Hall thrown here. A given through this season and an easy they're going to removed police older level. Or possibly Trent Dilfer but I'm not an entirely sure yet so those are my young guns press Scott let's drop below Taylor when some. OK so for my young guns I have Carson wins. Trevor Ximian. Gee it's Winston. It portals and planet the year I am very literacy where we portals into on your list. It to our guests really that's it as far as young kids go morals as in my replacement level. No he wasn't damaging your Douglass on I've already seen enough. Even though he's played the jacksons singing those subjects seen enough public morals you know hit it really good rookie year. Three with 34 touchdowns seventy pitch he shouldn't have morals should not be starting this late infantile and less than a dire circumstances like bait. Are and have I don't know of I agree that so I'm pretty isn't worlds that year. Third third still Brigham young guy and three years. If you judge if we did during this procedure brings his first two years is real quick world mr. burns. We've been doing this director freezes first two years he would have been firmly planted in the replacement level. In this century that is go look at his first white did you pilgrims because they want to replace Drew Brees quite literally he was interplay and so I'm quite so the portals as your next agrees I'm getting to yes put more extra breeds and Joseph Callahan the design of the browns next Brett Favre that's conversation for another day. Yes so. Was it Tom public portals in my young guns category. I I don't know that's an oppressed not yet that they do not have deck or Tyrod in this category because I. Think with what they've done there are ready. A bit about this IIIA. I think they're two Trent Dilfer a level where there on the deck press that's kind of played like the definition of a Trent Dilfer right now. Without it teams when he but it may be even more impact full. The new deal for so I'm I don't those guys up to be hey you didn't you can win with these guys but they're maybe not gonna be the main driving force. Behind says I have seventeen guys down my top three tiers how many you have I'm curious let's see. Our differentiation. I have five and only 85 in not elites are not elite yeah uttering these are about 24 in these tough through tears well yeah. So even though this is interest thing. So even though I had it. I think a dozen hurt Baker's dozen more quarterbacks on my list is I was including everybody and you still have more guys. In your top three tiers the idea that intersect. Mean ads are really you're very kind so you're you're weights you kind of don't know does that as you go to and list your goal when I mean I looked at her don't think there's arguments being made against a lot of these guys all make them you lost art you know may rival tribal BV the counterargument. Here today in the studio other Trent dilfer's category that's your number three to Trent dilfer's right solid can win some playoff games but they're gonna need major help. To do it they possibly can even when a cerebral that they need lake historic help. On one side of the football like the defensive side. It starts I was me there's no more three prototypical trend for quarterbacks in the league right now then these three. Kirk cousins and Sam Bradford and Alex Smith up those three if I had an Ames birdied it just define this year for me it would be those three. What all I want you org you. In favor of Sam Bradford the beamed into your cute week do the first five weeks of the season he was firmly. Planted in the tier that you category but these last couple weeks used do seem to have exposed. Some flaws. And two losses and rose can kill momentum. And because he is doing it with that is now not historically Buddha very very good vikings defense it does feel like he's a it feels like people in this category all the statistically. He has been much better met this season. The next quarterback some lesser altering your misses we agree on the east or I actually I had Bradford into your two but. Hey you. I. And it has been four weeks of Redford talked honest podcasts and finally have you wavered and now won't be why because he actually played poorly these last two games you're you're when he was five and don't put out ought aiming at a better today than I did have mono altered to two signature to file a five. A lot I have 1234. 67891010. Guys. What did you also laid back and forth there's no make that determination or. Now how they're absolutely Zedillo's look. Bradford until it flip flopping here IE IA I am I would say that I malleable to to new information and where that. I it's an uphill battle for me to argue Sam Bradford and tier two. With the last two games that stick it. By the end of the season I think that but we do this was next time it rapper will be. In that tootsie but with these last two with how average she looked. He looks like the definition of a Trent Dilfer where it's going to be like the defense. Has to win and he's going to do enough to help them win our right the next isolate it by making a bet he will be in here too by the. I'm real one by one here and I don't know how many in Israel agree on now. Eli Manning he has regressed never silly for me. But he was solidly in its year to for about five seasons there are several seasons even to a couple years ago but the last two and a half seasons three. Yeah I mean admin Dempster is a Trent Dilfer type of quarterback now or he is not going to. Go out and win new super old by himself I he does not have. Enough years left in the tank to progress back up so the Romans here three from Eli Manning. Yeah I have in my in my. Tier three is well I'll like like like I said just very pedestrian as a late. I think you'll sleep eight touchdowns to six interceptions. What was so disappointing about this from Manning's perspective is that. Wasn't this supposed to be the year these are new offensive coordinator that he by gone off with last season I. It didn't all kind of numbers about how he played more efficiently and better the last season that he. We are at a time magazine encourages you hear us OK yeah the thing you got tree in this off season. Of great years CBS now what you look a touch down six picks. Treating three game that's. Been I don't know days gives us some would argue cuter he's won the super balls. I think he wanted to set the oyster suited hero thing now that he can carry this team not knighted yet ms. Eli two. In India this alliance I had a tough time with his my heart's wanted to throw. Andy Dalton in tears to. But I just couldn't make the job to say I think he's gonna progress enough to possibly believe or the other definition in my tier two is. She can carry the dangles on his right arm. To a you know leads to multiple playoff wins possibly suitable parent championship as I don't think Dalton is there like I said. I don't I think he may get there right now Andy Dalton. This moment is solidly tears well. I don't think you'll ever hear what should we. He's don't mean any obamas need to be separated in the regular season Andy Dalton vs. Post season and don't present a regular season he is a type. Quarterback making go out and just win you games. With his dominance but he is an abysmal. In the playoffs and so if this is about quarterbacks UK and William to that final game I can't put Paul mintier to also. The Beatles Manson that's your for the the that'd be the the fairy tale of the last two years of being one of the most dominate consistent team in the league seems to be it seems to be a swan song seems to be coming to an end of it. So why any adult and you're in the trend of tech. Three quarterbacks were going I know I having peaked actually on the history to be honest I can see your she'd been happy to see or have these guys and I'm pretty sure I want to disagree on these guys. Philip Rivers. Was. I actually and I can't ocean with a look this up I may be in Hammond a weak category a couple of seasons ago when we did this. But I don't think. That you're winning playoff games anymore on the right arm of a Philip Rivers and facts. I think this season is bearing that out I think they have been decimated that roster in such a fashion. That they were expecting Philip Rivers to go out and win them games by himself. And this season he is proven. That he's getting yeah no he cannot see that eight and a lack opt out there what 335. Yeah you just mentioned not yet have so sorry decimated brought it irritable grown louder. Gilbert is Philip Rivers was on. Oh man. I. IE is lobbyists here OK maybe he would be it can put your 2.5 rivers till now you can upload tiered 2.5 look I. I get it Philip Rivers and and look to your point. Statistically he's not as gaudy as he is normally. And he's. He's got a good touch and Anderson ridge. Mr. an interception that committee compared to the best but it would help does have to you. San Diego as a franchise is garbage. And I don't know I mean yes look rivers committed to stay in the air but it. The ownership that did the level of interest because it's it's it's it's a garbage franchise quite frankly am. I don't think it Colbert as well idly film Philip Rivers. Absolutely capable of being the driving force behind a Super Bowl winning team and I think the fact that charger team has. Didn't so impressive and that sounds weird retrieved by people we make jokes about it the best 35 team and it is there could be. I think the big leagues and so president speaks to his ability. He's kind of innate Drew Brees saints type of we're ready. Executive Jeffrey is far better OK but he is dragging that T well by its bootstraps to remain relevant in these games so now I could not disagree more Philip Rivers. And Trent Dilfer. Category. OK so everything you just said it. Defense. Or supports a Philip Rivers. I would say for Andrew Luck but on a higher level and that's why Andrew Luck is not in this category which I'll talk about a little bit so that's my differentiator between. Rivers and all the arguments is made which I think is Andrew Luck right now. And the next quarterback overs we had this Trent dilfer's for me. No more Trent Dilfer. Well I've already said that about three different guys so just throw Joseph Flacco and here as well. Name. And that they two pretty big mistake there. Joseph Joseph Flacco firmly planted in my tier one. The way we are still plot there we've talked about. And that you're carrying any release. Leaked quarterback this at the station begins and ends our eggs immunity in but it does begin with Joseph Flacco all it is and if that elite tech talk conversation might in with Joseph Flacco he began with him as well I think everybody well. Two Super Bowl stock pay you back cover your metal that last run let touchdowns and a picture of the way I would say can he does not have to see violence. Yeah it does doesn't and one voted him. No better way has won the ravens only answers apprentice what is the one team that the patriots beer in the playoffs. Lead Denver Broncos tell Joseph Flacco in the ravens are you crazy. Brazil. And now even that's our tested a lot of good flex its August are tested. The big huge really do you fear the ravens. In the playoffs are yet to reflect what you want. I can understand you can put on his inability. I'm I'm hits. I'll have a lot yet another guy I wish I am happy to plant here now in and throw it in your face is Carson Palmer. There's no way that I always been proven this year that bids Carl's gonna go on win games little playoff games and super role. All the right arm of Carson Palmer they've got to have. In lethal levels of their team elsewhere which the leaderboard lining that defensively now they're getting people healthy but. Yes Carson Palmer here tier three now turning into it Trent Dilfer and his old age. Yeah better armed and obviously they're not the same kind of quarterback different systems different age cars aren't gonna throw for many more yards. And just throw it plainly more than Trent Dilfer did but. He's that guy that can woods playoff I mean. Clear if Carson Palmer's in this tier which you make a very strong argument for it's not because actually light turned over just because of this season. Grandmother is actually like other seizing Carson Palmer would have ended up in this category and that's what I wrestled with as well. MIA did not giving him enough leash for what he's done in the past. But. This is the cardinals team had to get space once again. By the Panthers on Sunday there's a card Q this is done is done for. This year part of the reason why this is that deep passing cars par is not what has been so all policy TU again here I will complete even in my notes here Carlson Palmer and for a disease. Potentially tear up and I see it so I will. I will bump Palmer down I think we can stand agreement there emitting made a good car. I like that so that's my tier three anybody you haven't here's three Hawaii's senior tier I cousins Bradford Alex Smith. ER Manning Dalton rivers Flacco call so I eat so like I have. Outs and then you don't deck press got Kirk cousins Eli Manning Sam Bradford Carson Palmer and art take yet and Tyrod Taylor. Terrance Taylor feels very much like to Trent Dilfer me more than young gun. I had about say they can't get better I think he could give better right now he's going to win you games. But he's also not so bad day you're looking to replace him like that equal Terrance Taylor bean. The quarterback of my team I think Israel must to grow. As four and I think agreeing rat that everybody in here. Is. A capable and oh yeah I like me that you started jet V this year begins are really capable NFL quarterback. Dot ranking agrees that. That's like Taylor in there and that's also like a deck press gotten if we just gone but look she's seen enough small sample size and information but. It's not just that he's winning. He's been pretty yeah we efficient you have so right I mean as it is is numbers you don't hear from and I'm patsy he reminds me Russell Wilson it's here yeah I really don't I agree that that that feels that deals are similar in with what Wilson is done that's. Agreed it's good company to have so I guess that's where we differ is that president and really you. In terms of the stronger arguments you have mr. Borg you know Bradford especially in light last two weeks shall see that meeting good point parked cars Paul is unwavering. I disagree fully with the Phillip rivers take a how fully that at a (%expletive) yeah are so I'm guessing you have rivers and tears you want yeah well money you mr. tootsie first all right so for my tears to into these are players like capable of winning a Super Bowl on the road are yet Jeanne towards elite status. Ben Roethlisberger. I I I do not have him in you want because of what we discussed the injuries what you look at that you one guys never hurt. Whether that's because of luck. Which I don't know it's a relief to the girls are allowed to deter because. That's kind of his style play holding on the ball scrambling around. I you employees and available have been prosper MIT too interesting. Subjects that we need to talk to our routes for a little more here's Dan. I think. Hall of fame Billy you're gonna throw for a ton yards atomic touchdowns. Came by himself if if Antonio Brown got hurt. As we saw Levy in bell is out of his car earlier this season. There is. Perhaps I know we throw Brady and reason to this conversation certainly as well as workers right here with guys. Who what is on the field can single handedly. When a suitable for their team still and I know he's getting up there and is he still can do it I think I have a few guys that I considered about a might tear or two who were not in 91 because like you. I following up five answer I keep it pretty intense. Application process to get into TO that. And Roethlisberger is first deadline on it to first in line at the the injuries are all that. On well see he was my fit into one spoiler or close there may dividing line is you know we're closer than we think yeah. To prosper without matier Q Aaron Rodgers do who he's one man yeah. Have you seen the numbers he's putting up this year other than his yards per attempt. He's been in Italy leveled yes he has at least touch that enters at Butler Ben Roethlisberger America but Aaron Rodgers and you're one is that lead. Touchdown interception region Aaron Rodgers is eight and court just like we talked about but it. There's no denying that he's not what he was last year's does not the package of port three. Just got out dueled by Matt Ryan in the Atlanta Falcons you can't just as you are you were gonna go when Los argument that we can't try to put Drew Brees and yes you can and he's so I know wedlock such affirmed dividing line would so we shall we don't have the ability to. Give a person the benefit up to their rosters better and another players rob how would you say here today that error doctors say the same level of talent roster larger reserves of the saints I think offensively. Met Aaron Rodgers has. Much less talent around him the Drew Brees does. Actors and that that that release me offensive line EB Brazilian anywhere else opens of all I. I would put you talk I'll get our output Thomas cook's and Snead. Right now up against almost any receiving corps need and I love Willie's. She's a greats like I don't agree Amber's team and we judge any of these eight receivers after we saw happen Lance Moore. After what we saw happen to he's got into Miami kidney. What's that just hitting still snapped these deals. But still isn't doing much he would still producing way more than any is now we had a few big games my point is that and look at Britain could result in my top meals. It's hard to judge this saints' weapons. Because of he Drew Brees effects yeah definitely Aaron Rodgers. And right here to calm person much as you answer my rivers pick I think man I just. Utterly. Disagree. With Aaron Rodgers not being elite started we have a oppositional previous podcasts as well. But I just think that he's proven sense you know all the talk of those articles. From the local papers up there in and Minnesota as in Wisconsin came out. Daddy he's putting up unbelievable numbers to me. The only thing he's good at I don't mean like view only big but. The ones fiscal category ventures touchdown reception issue which you could argue the most important but outside east. He doesn't seem like he's taking over as much as he was it is hard and the and the Packers are 43 invasion that's really theirs for the taking. And big media day game against the falcons on Sunday and the and a lose so yeah like I. And Roger are into the season he could absolutely be back to that tier one can ever get through eight games in 2015 he has been. Very very very good but not here. All right next Sunderland. Tears you are right next semi tier two list Matt Stafford oh come around very disappointing did they will lives on Sunday though a believer today and put it. I can't remember it's alive I look back at there point being sixty collision completion. Averaging about 27 average sixteen to four look that's almost an identical stat line. To Aaron Rodgers so why should I don't Aaron Rodgers in tier one and Matt Stafford into your tip. But it is literally. Almost the exact same numbers. That loss of the Texans twenty to thirteen yet millions so disappointing lie that we tell back on the bandwagon they kind of throw me down I'm able to buy it. But Stafford is certainly played well let's average going to be the highest paid player in the NFL after ice Iger is just salt in my answer to some degree yeah I was using exact himself on his Aaron Rodgers so yup coming up next. Pierre Karl yeah tiger absolutely. I did not see any key to our course and BP can't yes I did not expect anything out of their car when he's originally drafted and when you look right now. He is smashing. The staff in East Coast bias is 290 yards per game seventeen touchdowns three interceptions. And it's not just the wrong numbers to talk but there are quite a bit on the podcasts this year. A lot of times it's the plays when he's making them this duties making some crazy aggressive throws. When it matters most in two point conversion in the Crabtree touchdown to win a couple of on this last Sunday was a trooper credit I don't know it feels like every week of watching deer car. There's got out. That's we're. I don't think it from every week though watching Derek harper some kind of how have how lab to give you have to sewage kids is that is that it sort just that. Yeah royals who admired every won't -- you're watching your cart protest Sampson yeah absolutely tear to so hats stats that's actors. And it we don't we compare him to earlier this season we talked about him in the kind of what he young Drew Brees I actually think. He's much more Brett Favre like I think he's Leo you just talked about right he's willing to throw open. Yeah into it really tight windows were breezes and a lot of times it's what I think makes breeze in Holland and mobile quarterback is he knows the difference but it. Karr certainly fun watching him that gunslinger and everybody's analog watch for awhile and by the way out is. Now. I don't know the tight windows the best friend he's got him just a more effective deep ball the breeze does this one's career they are you pretty good reason he isn't sure that they did detectors C and his ability to updated in their between geysers may be on airline. True and I was a little bit tongue in cheek about. East Coast bias but there's arguments he made it just because he came West Coast Fresno state and it was drafted by a franchise. It's threw up oh but it's true I. I guys on this bandwagon from the starts. But because he played a school that nobody watches nobody pays attention to much like Carson once. Nobody gave this get a shot very few people get. Did anybody. Not scared you got to dead there to get yours you just pat. There was under cars bandwagon mused after a lot of it fell experts were I wasn't threatened or maybe there's a reason that you sit all a lot of I. No I think they read you sit as far as keeping him off my radar magazine. What was mostly a made for him was just having an older brother who have been a number one pick cannot work out if anything. That no more than any kind of proceed. East coast's slight. From your crazy Pacific north west do for citizens I am getting out. On East Coast bias all season low post is this is indeed a citizen of east you know there are that it waited BP because to me like it was by I want to visitors went out go eleven to make it. A playoff and guess what when you lose to an SES team you don't pay as you can't example is inroads in the playoffs. You get the UK where there at all. I mean in all on his fifth goal in all honesty. The college football national playoffs should be tournament of champions so I'd be cool would then get it over. A one loss SEC team Murray to like. I I do or not I do not want to see anybody that did not win their conference championship and that's what's gonna happen can and Texans come in here with text sent them. Now if they went out there will leave RD seven. Yeah. We'll see doesn't always has a way of doing exactly you don't expect. This coming up next to their horror. Andrew Luck yeah I governor's got a guy kind of like Aaron Rodgers who is trending downwards although. This team is actually are missing he's still put up good numbers most disappointed if you look is probably the win loss category which I guess there's factors team. This team. The next guy I think we both have him here T Bob is Russell Wilson and actually I am. It's injuries I mean I had a lot of its injuries read this guy can't even run around and it's it's bad. A but he hasn't thrown a touchdown since early October. On these other all of his other statistics will it he's been very efficient east throw for yards completion jitters as well. He's a little bit down industry arts for attempts but is that touchdown interception ratio just up on touchdowns and a lot of it has to do with him not being able move around the pocket so we've got a guy that's out in the youngsters are scored just office is really bad right now has settlement plan man rating to insists he's your right you might not through the season -- was you wasn't. One of my favorite radio issues which I never hear people talk here maybe it's a little east has by. Some might be you listen to do it Jacoby. Once I'm not here to listen night so. I why listen they're going to have hourlong podcasts ago whatever ever it is good that Burger King but. GO rose. Had a very. Interesting say words interview or would you meet these that you are where you have vast right. Where the Seattle Seahawks invested. Everywhere at several deadlines are a doctorate at this point they pay. There are for the blind the least amount of anybody in the entire NFL and what you're getting our results that reflect. That investment so statistically Russell Wilson should not be in this category he should be firmly planted. In the tier three category but because of what I've seen Wilson do you before. Because I know how good he is and because how obvious it is that just having zero protection that all. Is taking away from this year I absolutely put him in a category two. I and two injuries from me like he's just not the same quarterback you washing you'll into. He is ran for 500 yards every NFL season high he has I think eighty rushing yards this year. Any head is even that much money and it was like. 33 yards and 22 cases since I keys is not the same quarterback because I I agree but I'm actually using that as a bonus to Russell Wilson because. He is somehow still playing which it agreed 3M C delta air whatsoever angles LA and so I'm giving a Mayo plus there but yeah Wilson for those guys where. Absolutely his stats do not reflect this rank him. I have in this category and I moved him. From a all the way up from young guns. Pass to Trent dilfer's and because of how he is Atlanta now to save me to. Marcus Mario yeah he is playing lights out and he's got his team's squarely. In her division championship they're winning their fourth quarter second in their division right under the Texas Yeager absolutely not sold on right so. We're unimpressed I was a huge markets Mario and a better East Coast last I thought for her exotica I thought. For sure that James Winston. Was going to progress faster be the winner of this battle even look at him after week one right. It's really changed have to be following the seven weeks in the Al qaeda's presence and under my list today. That is again says this is kind of where Mario that it's an end. Now doesn't throw fertility are jeopardy does run when none of these other quarterbacks really today that we talked about do that efficiently and fairly efficient for young quarterback fourteen TDs to six bigs. And he's doing Internet titans team that is better this summer after good. Lol that offense like you that weapons man is artillery doesn't know I'm talking receiving you never seem like Sarah Leah they saw Kenny Britt got they have to Delanie Walker. Yes so I I I don't problem that I I didn't complete agreement on that I thought maybe we're gonna come to a pirate that Bill Maher Smart shooting tear in particular. Richards an easy time very now. You are really happy with Ford for things are looking up looks like you've got your guy. It's one of the rising teams and they go to the next few years. You'll see start to become a kind of perennial AFC south contender which means of him ideally the eighteenth and nineteenth best team in the league. I did just take a peek here list because I know we have both that this guy on our tiered suit on the start off of this month and analysts say with this guy. To me if we. Take lessons from history and recent history. I would be very worried about the potential decline that Cam Newton not only is having to could have for the future this could be. And I don't think it will be can I think he's more he's more talented he's won more wherever he's been this to be called cap and 2.0 man with Cam Newton awful. It. Sure it's. It be. Unbelievable. Now hold on your word yet it did then I think the cap and it was second in MVP voting that year. Took them to the Super Bowl almost the same exact scenario we're talking about. Width. No heated ones will stand him gave you multiple agencies is that true and not not elite level seasons yes it's Cam Newton did not hear multiple seasons the big Panthers were garbage when they drafted him and he's giving you solid tiered Tuesday at every year of his career relative huge roster look I would cap cancer three good years -- -- he had this seven gains at the end of one year in the media was OK the next few OK no wait now and now. He had seven games plus didn't he. Was a seven games in med NFC champs of the CR here was that I'm glad I don't remember what it was it was not the full year when he. When they made the Super Bowl he came on him late. Correct does go through his his stats from I guess in between thirteen and fourteen. Right but this is very. Q was he was. There ain't no weakness and I know he was not. 21 touchdowns to eight picks in 23 team. Nineteen touchdowns in ten exit what he does talk about your particular okay this is okay what do they what do winner what what are you yards per attempt to get what you would do. As we do for 3100 yards and 33 and only yards for it to seven point seven cents. Very terrible what about your completion percentage right around six 5860. Corrects what about your rushing yards. Congress in Russian and I don't know if mayor pro is quarterback's eyes that. Nevertheless. I think that you I think your just your cam love. If you're worried about Cam Newton and now. I think your little bits you don't know him and wanna talk about being reactive you are in the definition of reactive and there's what else can you say I've always has an agenda this year broke I think this is the height of absurdity. It's of its way to second you are lower way to say it with your whole spiel about Aaron Rodgers. And you're seeing Aaron Rodgers has declined to the point where it is it is causing you a little bit of concern. What the numbers and away Aaron Rodgers played this year used to Aaron Rodgers and steer. And candidate minister which I don't as well and I cannot hear the bottom of this year and I have been brought it to the top of this to Leonard. Your dollar and Howard are you worried about him not in this lies but you are worried about their doctors. No he's just not played like Italy cornerback not worried about their grudges and I was worried about roses it. He does not belong as you'll see. He doesn't belong in the Flacco category. I'll show alliance in the Flacco category get his listeners can you read off cam Newton's numbers this year. Let me try to buy a big step to completion a touchdown six pigs I know he's been terrible this season just like your border Russell Wilson. Are you were not kept pretty 2.0 at Russell Wilson that's my point if I'm gonna get Russell Wilson the data the Dow. How might not gonna get the guy who was league MVP just last season the benefit of the doubt and by the way. Looking to cabinet steps Jersey 0% chance he ever finished second in the MVP vote. There's no way I know that's true or not if that is true that is the height of absurdity that's why pick on him. And I are okay go to the high class and a look bottom line. The exact same benefit of the doubt that it was well I'm and I am too old I was not sure how is that I. And actually worried are also was just named reasons I'm OK so good so that you showed it. I believe Wilson's fine. Utley became named by. You believe that they both are next on cap on at first I had never that is twisting my alerts sent a big guys. Four Cam Newton Iowa would be very concerned about a very persistent what about why his production what do Russell because of the injuries absolutely not. A 100% and I think if I am now getting big got cancer did it tell doesn't have a sprain and CL a high ankle sprain any torn packed oral so no. I gave folks what you're hearing now is an Alley deferred due West Coast bias no wait wait now. Now it's where he's the it's skewing them they're the highest insisted I don't. Insisting oh you're loyal little inconsistent I hit his second. Counter that this. You just have a fund the my friends. And I and well we've had this conversation so many times and I'm sure the listeners are rolling their has added a weakness have a completely. Fundamental difference. On cam Newton's season last year. His rushing yards and because the way this season because they've been it now. Because. They went fifteen and one in the regular season and because he was by far their most important. Impact pool player last year. I a 100% agree he should have been in the league MVP I am not disagreeing with that I had a vote cast in Whitman for Camden for MBP. How ever. He did not have any elite level season throwing the football last year he just did it not he was sub sixty completion percentage he's yards per attempt worse. And that's important. Let's get. That's just because your number is not only eight. Yes it seven point eight easily his quarterback rating this out 100 Russell scene and that's a problem with this logic is Ken Russell Wilson. Org quite literally on the exact same trajectory. That is cut that is just not good talking about throwing the football last year. That is not truly Russell attic and much better. Yeah here as a quarterback yes trust Camden do a period power you could equally Newton's running the ball because that's part of it is because. It's not me taking away I think teams he's gonna get banged up man. He's going to get himself hurt you can knock on the football that much as a quarterback I don't care how big strong physical this guy is. It's going to take eight Seoul July starting to take it. Ran 430 in the same can be said Russell Wilson is absolutely right and that wraps her 38 earnings of 3835. Touchdowns ten picks. He ran it for 600 yards five yards per carry average in ten touchdowns. He also happened winning MVP. He also haven't played the Super Bowl. It yet here a year later you believe this man going to fade into obscurity of the next year's become the next aren't happening. Get it Russell Wilson who's highs in the fall this year almost mirrors against the complete opposite and edited out. If it what if what if rules and I say this all sincerity if Wilson and it I told you last week I was determined it was and it was Jim Henderson Osaka to but I said because in our touchdown pass even with injures a little concerned. But because of the injuries. I want to see him healthy with Seminole probably later in the year these changes that will feel even a beast playing but if new. Get a new report picked moral high ankle sprain and a straight MCL I wouldn't be as concerned if he was putting up the same numbers he is now so. That's different from me deeply difference from. The asks can I daddy gets whatever I still not getting ever everybody injuries you're not giving it an other and by the way. By the way if you look at anything but the touchdown passes the interceptions only from two this year. Any thing but touchdown passes and Wilson is having a very similar season to what he's having last year he still he's a little bit slightly down in yards per attempt. He's seven and our allies seven and a half an arts for ten mideast constitutes thirty to forty game. Com news completion percentage is still on the you know and lower middle sixties you know he's. About yards per attempt is an herb that is that is an excellent step like Tom Brady Matt Ryan are Italy isn't really indicative of Mexico or reject colors at eight point one. Yards per attempt an adult and that will have to point two yards to combine it with the other I don't care theaters and eight point can't just single out one statistic I completely agree with that but. My point is here even put these injuries. All the touchdown passes Russell Wilson is not having a horrible year by any means. That's just that's all I see these kind of having the exact same year that commitments. He's completing a little bit more of is. Passes and but he hasn't thrown six and so he's also hasn't Ernie Hudson soft five and a different. Oh look I like I. I just think I think your real consistent but we got to move on we're here we we have review will be fun to. Disagreement RR OB steered our affiliate here in a row on the elites here these are the elites Tom Brady in check on unless I'm talking about IE anybody on the list that we had talked about no looks a bit of that yes. Joseph Flacco in this tier one I'll authors of I he said conversation starts yes Joseph flag exactly and I didn't next Tom Brady. Yeah who I'm on to say we had a debate about cameraman and escorted actually last year I just think it's Meehan and national history right listen this is our best quarterback in NFL history ever it's kind of it's unique it's almost unanimous now I don't I give us got on this. For last couple years. But really when he made this six Super Bowl that you just made it didn't have to tell you right up left. A lot of and now earning amicus Reza mentioned at the show beginning 39 years old yet for the first time in his career he had four games in a row we hit over 120 passer rating. He's averaging more yards per attempt and even did in the need to bring moss here Regis don't all over the place so. I don't know how long he plays because he keeps getting better date in music and he is obsessive. He is like insanely obsessive about his regiment and. How we train eats setters are so. I'm not grenades on us market. Solidly this second best quarterback in the league right now and it's not even like these two guys had talked rape is a step ahead of Drew Brees Drew Brees is a step ahead of everybody else like there's -- do you think that Dahlia Bailey I think for this year alone I actually have met rhyme and really your reason yeah I mean Ryan's number three there from rides on a better team so I guess it's the tree it's been tough to pars between. Brees Iran Prius is just so they key is if there he was altered before this year bit he's a first ballot hall of Famer with what he's doing towards the end of his career rightly does this guy's assembly. I mean it's good day. Like Peyton diddley his career like Brady's doing like freezes during this is a reason why these conversations always have them at the top because they don't we're grassy somehow. Continued he would seemingly better better every year look we talk about things weapons earlier. I think some of the uptick that received breezes here is because he has some toys. To play with now that he was missing in the immediate post Jimmy Graham air. IIIYY. Two I feel like Matt Ryan blondes and have them. Paul writes having an MVP tapping your right you are probably agree with you speech just this season. It may be just because a little more visible because of their record. I think it is just this if it's really the reasons he buys because if I don't think any else in your cap I was very low on that ride entering this year and the only difference is I guess. And I'm not even looking is statute Karen Abbott in my head breezes thrown more bad interceptions this year. And Adler a lot of interceptions all on he's thrown a couple of pick sixes. Other big moments or Ryan really hasn't had those his bad mistakes down Ed and slightly edges of their breeze eighteen to five run in 1904. So. Whatever I mean that that that such a thin dividing line and that'll be your warranty debate over it Bryant tier one mobile that was yes I think we're both in agreement that map right now and the only true. Tier one boy just you go more but my model is the only true. To your quarterbacks in this league or Joseph Flacco Tom Brady Matt Bryant injured breeze but it Aaron Rodgers get out of here. That Roethlisberger get out and those of the two guys that I have. I've been propped her is a hunter is surely attempt on quarterback for me. You make good arguments on Aaron Rodgers we don't know I'm all of the bump and downed of that tier one point. 25 not at one point five and one point 25 Erica right bit for me man and Rodgers had a great season he's I don't how to. Good season a year he's but the thing is that he's having the exact seems easy and has Matt Stafford. As bitter car correct as I hear in lecture nobody's Jennifer waters that's why you know and I agree it in my mind I guess at the beginning minor little more flexible my in my tears so. I can steal Stafford car moving up to this Vienna this season but I just want to keep a little more. The lake unlike you I don't wanna put 25% league in here one. So I just wanna keep a little more 5% pace McGinley yeah that's math we experience its exact map alone give a little more exclusivity. My two my elite QB that's interesting because you had 24 and your top three tiers now only had seventeenth day. I mean my had to go. That is your I guess on the whole I'm a believer in more people about your. But as far as what it takes to get it. That it's into the mountain top on the red zero or more people aren't your bandwagon bureau letting a couple people drive what I'm like rotating malice like you know you you know you get back here take it over us Dexia great grabbed the reins at. So that's our quarterback rankings to treated so we have brought the spurs are you did in the end but down Rogers to YouTube for the record I. Since you summiteers are not going full tier two but I don't hear one point five pick up one point 25 for me like he's. He's running behind that hero on a wagon right he's there he's running behind it like maybe just losing his nose and a step a little bit hard earned. And you did that Roethlisberger wary only differed zero Padilla and two. Is let's have a quarterback rank in the mid season. It fun of this you can text us yours you just hear this and it's tweet I should say assets Dunlap. He's at T about 53 runway overtime here Cuba so let's just quickly what does not even just wants to make picks. Mean are we rebuke him. And for those weekly previews. All right first step falcons. They are three and a half point favorites over the bucks. I Atlantic falcons and displays who I know it's on the robust government argument falcons. Yeah. Look candy you don't get that win over Green Bay not. Then and so what's parlay that into some sort of momentum and it probably won't revenge for that embarrassing loss week one in the dome in the end the George Mitchell. So viking six point favorites at home over the lions I like the vikings straight up I do like the lions ever. Harder I don't really know we hear I don't know what to make him vikings anymore I get it manages and Bradford gets back on track Bill Clinton is this gold album and works his way back into tier two. After this week. Eagles' road dogs and the giants a two and a half points spirited spreads remain a ticket I'm going to Vegas here how to giants and home I do not know who it's against spreads or Michael did you see that seventy sixer. Fan flicking off Russell Westbrook the other day I did not have now RA and it looked as passions in Philly right now they believe. In this Eagles team or Carson which is you who think the Eagles on the road and beat John aren't that would keep that division interest and I think it's three point. Favorites on the road against the niners. They give me the saints to cover and to win this on the road. The better. Beaten to a certain 500 yeah pretty big week no I mean which. Is maybe a one word to say sometimes feel like that team where you discuss the opposite direction of where your gut is telling you but. I'll take six. Colts. Stop playing well seven point it's got hammered by the chiefs last week and by the way. Packers seven point favorites at home over the colts Q and Packers year to win now and again I don't know I'm taken against the spread it yet how that compares to win if I was pigeons rid of the notably colts seven's it's. A lot. I chargers at home against the titans turning and actually it's that this could be pretty darn good football seat at game. I guess set to go charged at home but when Miami's surprise him titans when this and about 500 yeah. To go with David in bullets in Myanmar is Mario with two let's keep them in just super Souza Eminem or Super Mario and whatever currently carries he's too important to warrant an end and again. What'd that through. This marks its bigger born and you kind of at a loss in the field that bright green. And finally a pick and game Vegas says. Oakland's to Denver Broncos game of the week at the Oakland Raiders out of Denver in this until you do throw on the champs. Give me them against that passing attack. Again I was gonna Oakland but then I remember that he saw in town they'll go on the road five note on the road one into town so. Would not be surprised if they drop in all seriousness though. This matchup does not look bad from Oakland standpoint because Oakland can get after you you get the Pastor Wright they're gonna legal after Trevor Ximian. That Bolton Broncos pass rush is going to be going after their car has very good O line which indicates that end. Their cars much better quarterback traversing it didn't rated just logic my. You're all that video of our that's our weekly preview and picks this move onto our soccer violence. Oh as director. Soccer line. I know a very. Awesome three and six on the year now in our soccer lines as I took the cardinals to cover. Against the Panthers and not only it demand that they've lost the football game. House on three and six Tia Bobby your now up four and three as you also took the vikings to cover they did not losses well to go plus last week. This regard I told you I like the titans to cover here against the charges that would not be surprised esteem when this football game they're getting five and a half points has a lot of points together as a charger team who never Wednesday's. Well alone and does not winning very much this season so I like the titans. Come on I'm using it and stick with the raiders I batted them mom I'm going to an autoimmune. Editorial support out west dispel any notion of the last five East Coast yes exactly this to dispel the notion he's just bias in the they're my support behind. Card company. Our rights there's our reliance. Finally airlock. Lock of the week. I'm four for Imus fired greatly on high. Oh boy on my ex. Blog last week at Russell Wilson 300 yards three TDs through the yards and quite get 300 but obviously no TDs. Again last week had been since again that first week of October and storm touchdowns so I'm for what I thought we. And being generous arbiter of the lock of the week picks and I am I gonna give you a half a UN last week. I could even give any tie here you actually enables bought Lockett ever seen on our luckily you have portals and Marcus aria and a bowl yeah. With 890 plus quarterback ranking on the same football game. It all knowledge of the you do that they almost had 800 quarterback rating in that game so I give you half. But went for that be also had a last second scoring play to win which did not come close to happening in the book that's a or else ninety plus court their pregame. As most portal stats do during garbage time yeah. Who did so you're. 3.5 points four point five losses. Since XI three to happen for a half. And guys don't have the other luck you know the other early on and survives this that doesn't make your anatomy and since I'm gonna put your 34 and one. Bargain that you and your ties ties ties or anything nowadays in the NFL. My lock of the week. I would double or nothing my Russell Wilson at home against days at a bills defense that hasn't been very good. You're treading in 300 yards. Three touch cancer Russell Wilson can't feel at home against global bills but dreading them. So speaking of going back to the well since are short on time I think when I go back there with you because there is an old friend that needs a little pick me up. And nothing's gonna get a pick me up like a little lock of the week for myself and happened earlier this year and informed of extradition. Therefore. Sam Bradford against slides the senate what did you say Wilson 300 TTP 303 tedious and I'm. Give me 303 TDs trust me. Aren't your toe to toe little possible have multiple million similar middle in defense is like it. All right all right that's not hard to podcast episode number nine. Again have behind quarterback ranking glad to join us and I'm sure did tell him about art Jones shared on Twitter reads we did some hands yes and its wings and followers on Twitter. I am off to would be well. Actually world championships yeah home from Minneapolis and really little I could actually wants that read you really want to ask and I should think about. And as we re really going to Friday morning don't know yeah. Best of luck and best of luck for you and I. Or Santa way take a lot of pitches that is I believe me world's serious illness can bureau. It's your experience came. Mine at least listening everybody room and we'll talk seriously when I'm not alone by the way that's one thing votes don't. Right isn't cleared into non. Cern site. No don't don't don't don't don't don't don't don't don't don't don't don't. I'm going home. Yeah. This. Okay.