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Payton: Credit the players for Saints big win against Seattle

Nov 1, 2016|

Bobby and Deke visit with Coach Payton and QB Coach Joe Lombardi

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And gaining and welcome to this week's edition of the coaches show. KG can't Bobby they were in the soon to be John by Saints coach Sean Payton this week's missed against coach. Is coach Joseph Lombardi well it was an exciting day in the superdome yesterday one of the top. Majors a Saints have had in quite some time defeating the powerful Seattle field. 25 to twenty commendable on today's show will review that big game the Saints had in the dome against the Seahawks will also point towards Sunday's game. Against the San Francisco 49ers in San Francisco. And we'll take a look around the National Football League made it would NFL analysts might do to you what as we stand now looking at the NFC south standings things have kind of and Aniston and control at five and three New Orleans at Tampa both at three and four. And Carolina is it two in five the division with 31 overall yesterday with Tampa falling to Oakland. In overtime they're gonna yesterday's scores it was a Saints of course defeating Seattle 25 to point it was open all with him in overtime 32 point four Atlanta. Nipping Green Bay 33 to 32 and Carolina. Coming back at the about week really putting it on Arizona 3220. KG can impressive victory yesterday for the New Orleans Saints considered by many. Stats you look at the mainly because of how the Saints defeated a very good team in Seattle. And really at times Bobby New Orleans. Played some physical football especially on often today and the way they pound it right at Seattle. Well the gate could get more balanced league got. 35 rushing attempts. 35 passing. And he put that's right he's truly keep if it's all balanced. We gotta give a national pay coach Carmichael and the law but the staff and really the game plan and how they were gonna attack Seattle. Even though they got all a slow start in the first quarter. I even you know had in my notes. That the Seattle like you were at a different speed I got it looks like they are at a different speed that's exactly what I wrote in my notes that league because. Look at it at the beginning of the game and how it started out. Now we were down. Seven to zero at the time because that is who would score. But look at it offensively. We are not able to have sustained drives we because three now. To start the game but it was just an avid flow but it was amazing. How the team progress. And ended at that show some leadership and how the team is structured that even though he got off to a slow start. In that first quarter that the Saints won. The last three quarters of the that they were just better I mean at that that's that's not an opinion. That is the bottom line. We welcome in Saints coach Sean paying coaches make congratulations on the victory we always start out with you a Jason the team he Coetzer you'll be the first they would one victory but. When you when you look at what Seattle has done over the course of time and we know what goes way we've faced him. This was that a a victory from a standpoint but beating a eight team that is why I'm a big considers who will contend of the last handful you. Well it it's been a good team and and credits Pete Carroll and staff there that group the core group of players who have been involved in a lot of playoff games. You know much like probably we worker in the ninth and eleventh that time frame and no we felt with this stretch of the schedule obviously coming back off the bye. We were going to be playing teams like Carolina Seattle Kansas city's overall. Playoff teams in notes it's just important to focus on. The process during the week in improving and we had a chance yesterday Lotta thought we played a pretty good complementary game and that the time of possession was heavily tilted. Art direction I think. There's two element that obviously. You're convert third down when in on the early downs and you're also keeping your defense off the field. No luck coach great yet to be prowl considering. You know look you wanna go to a winning streak are you wanna bounce back and you wanna take care of that adult field advantage. You know and I MacDougal I'd Seattle. They come in your backyard and I thought. This is outstanding knowledge it didn't start out that way when you look at six straight scoring drives. Considering Dell Paul and it defense. I mean out of that Pete Carroll see this in a while you look 28 total purse down 60%. On third down. I don't. This maybe you can enlighten me but in recent memory I don't think Seattle be that has seen that in a while. Not that it's a real good defense and you know. We we felt like I know offensively we felt like we've studied. That seem like. For the better part of 23 weeks in grand only one week but. Do you you just. Struggled on film to see those big completions struggle finding. The long run they do a good job of that married man for on the news in the play in a lot of downstate he's singles that he looks. Our guys up on that a good job of protection. You know we got we got to the rushing numbers. That we needed against that team and it and it kept the chain mover and also get the clock movement. We converted our third down numbers were real good. And then defensively we give up the stops when we needed to and its second half but really felt like. I don't know we punted in the second half but it felt like. You know. We're the only the only book boo when we kick in a few field goals too many. In inhabit opportunities down in the murder inside the tight red you know we have sickle to go on the one. We settled for field goal but outside of that that time of possession. That rushing statistic against that team we thought was going to be real important. And I Sean begin that rushing statistic. You look that she'd take over. You took over you and Drew Brees at the Helm since 2006. To me that this is outstanding when yells setting up a game plan as an off with the coaching staff. When you know all hands on deck and now coach Carmichael and everything. About this is that astounding. That you are now 39 wins and four losses. Since 2006. When you record thirty or more. Rushing attempts indicate. So overwhelming I look at that and considered value night playing catch evidence to go back and forth that you gotta be in that they can think that. To me 39 if Ford next dominant. As far as victories though when you rushed the ball thirty times the more that you make quote Carmichael where that. Well listen we did a great job. We are good I think you're the next note early down the two runner past. And then you credit the players were for the execution because. You recall first down pass and get the completion coach and come back down from and then again you wanna. Nor I I felt like throughout the night our third downs were. Those 234 to six maybe 78 yards. That there were a lot of third and longs in Seattle's defense does such a great job in third down longs where. They get their speed on the field and passers that make it very difficult to protect. And you know that's that's when you see a lot of the turnovers take place and ball security going into this being both of them would be the most. In. You know we ended up fortunately we end up with the interception that kind of loss that that the early turnover so book and I ended up. Release scored seven points off of Paterno. No luck coach they know with this plan are you now look at every phase of the game that being with special teams. It looks like Michael Mata had an great opportunity to block a punt. With that just his effort of that land maybe to get a blocked punt in that regard. I don't know holly miss the ball when he did that was that suddenly he has his effort that an opportunity to blocker that was a called. Did it and if it it was also a technique reaching him in grand. You know a guy like Marcus someone who who consume enough film. CL he's gonna be blocked and take advantage of it and he came became awfully close. Hopefully get the next one but he's an excellent special teams player also played your defense or Smart. In the as a core part of the student. I did Saints coach jumping a lower Bobby Hebert on the ability when we continue mall a Saints Biggio with Seattle. And they have a program to a point toward the matchup Sunday at San Francisco this is the coach's show on the New Orleans Saints radio network. It. Thanks Tony five and Seattle Tony New Orleans now three in Poole on the season. Coach this past. Friday coach Joseph Vick was at the same told of fame luncheon and it was a a moving on to deceive the east is so honoree this issue with. Two gentlemen that we knew and he closed the close to the franchise I mean use of course is about as and to highlight their big hope you guys on and will Smith and sentenced a stuck out to Bobby and I and in on Ressa posting is coach Jovi came up when he spoke. And I talked about we look at Sidney Will Smith would love this type of team because it's a team that the answer to bail they step up because and dale. Is just the next man up and it really has been the case this year were to sentenced him no but those two guys coach obviously meant a lot to the franchise and a lot of these guys appoint toward the late Rio and hopi to a motivation. The two guys who who wore the uniform in ward in and indeed through good good good did good great things in. Absolutely and in us and every year critic can train and his staff those guys spent a lot of time and they could burst hitters Willie. The candidates. That they look at two inducted into the hall arraignment and I would say I'm not speaking on behalf of candor and his group but. These two candidates this year in and unfortunately comes. Right after. They're deaf but world more clearly. To read these elections for that honor him in there at the friendly than in have. A lot of these old time players back you know it's always great thick mop the practice and they get a chance to see the facilities and didn't see that some of the new players. We just. As an organization. Can't do enough to honor their memory and in what they've meant to disorders there. And out you know coach it looked and it now owning to the next. Contests in the this and you want all hands on day. Right now whose fans are concerned that we have building blocks and we sustaining wins and we won a goal in the role when you look at. The status of Shelvin rank it felt liberal. Is Sheldon. If he's available. As Derek pitched down and and and I are trying to tell fans that what that shelved an art Delmon we know there's skill set you beats me. You know Ellerbe look at his contribution this past game. That you got to have patience with it only goes so far but. When you look at it Shelvin rank is number one draft pick that you guys think more in the long term along with Delmon bro. And not so much is he available. To contribute against the 49ers game. We you wanna maybe I have them now only for their 49ers game become dimmer when they come to the superdome the member thirteenth. Or even that Thursday night game at Carolina. On there ready to roll and closed out the season and not just foursome back too soon. Well I think there's too old number one. Man those guys her or walk him or. In the training room there's a lot that goes in there re and then also the weight room. They get back close to ready to play once a player like that don't know LB this past week in. And I entered the lineup please come back. All of the injuries at that kept them out. Reported that time which will be the case with Delmon. Sheldon. There is a pitch count in that first game back now I don't think a player who's. There's. The first 678 weeks this season what a significant injury comes back in place 65 plays. So you gotta be going to be marked the first you know back. Hopefully that sooner than later both of those players that you're talking about don't look forward. And Sheldon defensive tackle. Are both progressing in and have a chance to be ready. You know we're gonna. Be Smart with that we practice and then you monitor weather heading into the game the first game there up. If this week next week. Will be Smart about the mind snaps yet. Now our courts straight out makers didn't heed your mindset and what you were thinking of when this occurred. As far as you know you gonna have time and you make adjustments and we were outstanding. But Seattle in attempt to run the football they had only three attempts for three yards in the first half. And all of a sign that by the first six plays they ran the ball the first five plays to a nine yards seven yards. And eight yards and yards seven. Plus 41 yards to. That you look at Dennis our Bill Johnson or coach been donated by its like and what the hell's going on. Paula Sunday and they said their product or how we got to run the ball more. In an in not just nor averaged out what what was the break that down when that occurred especially dominant second half. Well clearly. Clearly Seattle going in that happened in felt like he's come back in the second half and and make more commitment to run run the football. And then conversely in the other side that is is where lineup and playing defense is. There's a couple plays they hit it you watch on tape today you make your corrections. We are fitted better niche. In one of the defense is better. There's a spread look there there is oh. I would say ever predictable run look. That picture oh wouldn't we can get there. The right adjustment on the inside so there's ample thing. That that we can clean up and look at your today with the players and make those corrections but. The key then was. They shorten up and make sure that that's not gonna happen all second half you know they had a few runs there and you know all of a sudden. That that that type of swing and how a team's plane could greatly change the outcome of the game and and I felt like our ability in the second half to rush the football. In our ability eat sensibly than. Two to make those adjustments and and it'd better. Will move obviously paid big dividends and you know had to continue to you've been a lot harder the game deploy them because a guy like Russell Wilson he's got the running game alone seen him. When he's healthy and he's move and outside the pocket. And find a target. 3456. Seconds after the ball and snap rather than you know just two or three seconds. You had him in the mix along with their running game and that's something they wanted to do it more real on the football. But fortunately. We will we record it has shored up and then. Often fortunately we we held the ball for quite a bit on. Court straight yet to be encouraged right by this and I think throughout the season realistically. When you look at. Reds' own offense threats on defense third down offense third down defense. Maybe you a little discouraged but yet the considered a defense. In the red zone we only two of 540%. Commit to regain. We had the number one red zone all but as far as us scoring touchdowns. Within you look at Seattle on the flip side that the like eight he consecutive drives that they kept opponent up in film. They were filed finally able to break that and you know get a touchdown that you look. That defense of late they were one of three 33%. So that's a big plus that it even bend but don't break whatever you wanna call it. But it just seems like. Like. Out deep into scoring defense is that thing to talk about but we get I give up give have a pick six our school would score. But yet to be excited. In the promising look going forward. As far as the scoring defense what we've done. Considering how well teams like Kansas native Seattle. That all of a sudden scoring defense has done better in obviously what we've done offensively defensively third down and rent on overall. Absolutely I think. Meant that that's the thing and Ricky and I were just talking here about an hour ago and having long term tape and all areas. And then. You know paying attention to fourteen. There's there's a lot of things workers about it and those who does those things are between will walk into improvement in grip the opponent changes but. I think Dennis is step those guys on defense. There two weeks in a row. There have been a touchdown. By the opponent the branch and engram and you fumble recovered score a touchdown or give an interception for a touchdown. That's challenging you just return yards to the numbers. But defensively we came out in in the course. You know forced to stop the field goals. And then on our side of that you know credits roll a career he eerily like well. You know your big kicks. Whether it was even even the PAT. Late in the game order the field goal late in the game. That that gave us. That lead worry at this court touchdown rather than settle for field goal you know at that game finished with Seattle drive in the field goal. It's so much count that much more challenging test he sensibly but. You know. They abuse their time outs and our final drive. And when they got the ball back now all of a sudden it's a little different anything completed hints inside. The field clock keeps movement and fortunately. You know we ran out second in that game it couldn't happen quicker and. I am overtime would be coach things take on the next opponent the San Francisco 49ers this is the coach's show on the New Orleans Saints radio network. Recap and essays Tony five Tony victory over the Seattle Seahawks. Coach just Sunday will be at San Francisco facing a four and a team that is coming off a biweekly Cotto went when you're facing a team and it in the odd time to have in the league. That is coming off about week in their opponent is playing that we did tail off. Any advantages or disadvantages that in coaching that you you're of watching the team and that's the team its plane when you're all that we course it just. Our preparation as usual. Well I think it's I think. Generally when weekend comes on on bye week and one of the staff them and teams there are usually off of him. We'll watch it on television more than likely. Than there's always something that could be game you watch TV copy. He get a different perspective. And when you watch and coaches state. Most of our day on Monday. You know first up till noon if you will 1 o'clock it's been on the game we just played. And the corrections. Meetings meetings with players. In and now. Right after. You know that 1 o'clock I'm praying you kind of turn the page and now you're scouting report with the pro personnel. We had that today with San Francisco were well into the 49ers tapes study. The fact that they did play this past weekend. You're really in no position you know you know you can't control it really look at it. So we're this state this season with plenty game tape to study it and you get a profile or at least the personality of the team. Notably West Coast trip redundancy in there and circuses in good trait. So what an opportunity go out there and get a practice and Saturday on that field. But I think from a game plan standpoint. Come. You know when you're the team that they had the body certainly you've got. The week prior preparation. It is additional. Kind of prepared. Did that generally you have no control of that you know we've played teams were obviously coming off our buy this year we have Carolina. You know tempered sisco coming off there by. That they're kind of looked around. Now our coach Peyton I want to go in the beavis decided if football and you know we've been hard on him because so much is given much is required of them but I thought Jared Burton. Was outstanding as far as making tackles an open field boarding giving up big plays aided assisted tackles ten total. And then also we need him to play at this level a game any game out. That being cam jarred. I'm looking in a camp jar and I thought he was outstanding at San Diego at Carolina. And then not so much I Kansas City and he bounced back it's Seattle. With the one play at that I'll reflect on the camp jarred with almost any feels like he's generating its job and he gets to pass defended. And knocked the ball down understand the Robert just. Comment on two veteran players in high you be in the play at a high level that being Jerry is burning cam Jordan. Vocal both those guys that play well. Church who's active when you look at his numbers and the amount actually we were in. It is trees safety looks nickel looks. It and you know a lot of you know productivity. The front cam in those guys from that a good job. Really I think applying pressure even when it wasn't what the wasn't sacked. It did seem like we were able win that battle. And in port the clock in his head Russell said to be able quicker than that he wanted to be you know we knew it. A lot of times he's gonna get that Gilbert ball for a we can get there and he's the type of player we really work on trying to bat balls candor your job in that case you're discussed in the that incurred in. You know the challenge obviously on defense he you know 1111 guys are playing. You know on a mile an hour wind laps. Often times it requires great energy great effort and many arms. May not be involved in the play but. Just don't know when that opportunities don't come out there and I thought Bernard yesterday or energy last. Yesterday afternoon was go to. The home crowd was great record crowd noise to get caught penalties. And it was a big plus for us. Coach Sam sisco Sunday will can you tell us about the four and I as you get a chance to. Start looking ahead to Sunday. Well it made a change at quarterback. He sensibly than got a handful players. Were turned off. You know the roster either you know for years they've been playing real good defense they play out of thirty in front. You know these guys have played some some real good games are important obviously that that's tough losses but. When you're looking at the tape and you're watching players' owner your watch them play somebody's opponents. You recognize. You know how talented they are in. I'm sure after the bye week you know focus in on some of the things that they were corrected and then he. Some of the things that they won't take advantage of so well obviously you have to be. Rated well west been in a real good team and an intricate game. Coach on paying coach thank you so much for the time to look this week at San Francisco. I all right coming on next hospice against assisting coaches week is coach Joseph Lombardi. Let's Boston segments for station identification and this is the New Orleans saint two radio network. It. All right coming on next move is it would Saints quarterback coach Joseph Lombardi this week on the Saints coaches show this is a new. And welcome back this week at the program we always welcome an assistant coach in this week is. Quarterbacks coach Joseph Lombardi coached a Marty thank you so much for joining us and a big day yesterday against a very good defense and your thoughts on a quarterback drew brief. Well I think you excellent game usually does you know just does so many things force. You know at least we plays and we prepared as it is in and out of the right place so. I think he played the kind of game we needed to play yesterday being patient. And are protecting the football. Now our coach Lombardi. And along those lines and I thought. It's unbelievable when you look at the production. And considering when you look at top defense is and now quarterback ratings than. Passer rating. That there are only given up 76 point two the Vikings the Cardinals the Broncos were all over. Wall outstanding. Work through who has fourth in the NFL in a 104 and a half. But then against that defense against them getting a 107 and a half quarterback rating them just along those lines. It is today is saved by you get kind of evolved. And you expect that from Drew Brees but you also have to look at the team that he's going against him Seattle is about as good as it gets when you consider. That they had held opponents Ott at the end zone eighteenth consecutive drives. That you could score touchdowns though the with that being said. And you comment on that and what you elaborate. That Drew Brees reds on offense stumble one as far as scoring touchdowns. Which is sustaining drives it in contributing. And I keep in chains moving on that third down and and obviously scoring six straight scoring drives. In his game. Yeah I know like that I mean if he does spoil you. And you know but at the same time it is it is a team effort and you know the way the offensive line played the way that the yeah we got efficiency out of the running game and certainly their receivers and tight ends and running backs run routes and catch the football so you know. You know drew certainly stirs the drink as we say but you know there are a lot of other. Other players that were were helped them along too so but Patrice he he does spoil here. Now coach look Marty would you look at an fans ask me them and you did those meeting rooms in you know organization. What goes about what the process. When all the sudden you bring a new quarterback during the season that the joke Callahan in he's hair almost like a cup of coffee. And I try to explain to him us that was kind of a look see there wanna see what they have prepared maybe to carry Grayson. And they did did you go from there and obviously grace is on the practice squad. I've Callahan was here on the active roster the week if he's gone but just break that down to the fans as far as that process. Yeah I mean I think to say you're you're you're trying new take a look at the player in and you know kind of see what he has to offer and you know I can't say Joseph was here long enough to two relief answer those questions you know it's do in this season there's so many. Issues with the roster juggling guys on and often and for a week we kind of had a free spot in. You know because of injuries and other things that spot one way him and someone else claimed you know so. But about it says you know you're always trying to gathering information. In this game and you and get a chance to bring in players that maybe you saw some positive things on film. You do that. But you know again. A young quarterback comes and and and he's trying to learn what the heck we're talking about and were you know or 67 games in the season that's certainly challenge informant. So so it was hard to really get a feel for. You know the kind of player you haven't just just looking at a 41 short week in week that he really didn't get a lot of reps so com. Since. Now our talent yet and now of course the party. How do you feel it throw about. This situation. Because. You only one play away from getting in the game that when you look at the league as a whole. And and all you experience. Where do you view Ludwick pound obviously took advantage of his opportunity. As Carolina. Put the team in position to win. Of the what did you take a whip moved with cal. Now god forbid you what Drew Brees to be that guy now we can we count with well what is your take on the McConnell right now if you if called upon given that opportunity. I think we'd all be very confidently come and I consider to be one of the better backups in the lead. Tom you know I think that we're fortunate these she's off an awfully intelligent quarterback as well so. You know if things that we ask our quarterback to do here are this challenging and you know you guys it's not just mark has that the mental energy to do that may mean you know about a year. Make him. Protection Jack should make him play Jackson and then you've actually got to go play in the game physically and and that's part on some players and and we're lucky that. You know Luke can keep both withdrew on the mental side of things and so all the stuff that. You know were able to pile on Andrews played because he can handle it can handle it too and I think that's important that your back up. It's not just that he's a good player but that is compatible. Tiger starter mentally and we certainly got that here fortunate. Now our course though Marty when you look at. Obviously supply and demand they don't have enough quarterbacks around. You look at experienced quarterback you looked timber all the sun their situation with Sammy in. Being the quarterback. Looking at the 49ers who they only cabernet go with Gabbert. You can go on and all when you look at the remaining schedule. And and now what's your take the Steelers fans who always looked to the future. And the opposing quarterbacks. Why today what he's saying like he's avenue especially a year and he threw milieu and him. That being Matthew Stafford wouldn't Detroit Lions who got to face him companies simmered a fourth. In the superdome. Yeah outlets and I'll always you know I'll always thought the world map and spent an a couple of years with some. You know got a lot of you know admiration he's he's one of the tougher guys who have been around. Then again he's an awfully Smart player and and many control as well as anyone and and he's certainly got off to a fast start this year so. You know he's he's the kind of quarterback can always gives you chances you can make throws where throws. So yeah that's the that's a few weeks down the line but yeah he's right he's have a good year. Now course of Marty well what is the process obviously got the running back coach went. When you look at production is did cruelly by committee that you go with the hot hand. Now when you look at marketing or vs hightower last goal but what gold at that it gained plan. We look at number of touches. A number of snaps that. Maybe it running back we get I mean wouldn't it be a case in point that case it's Tim Hightower had a nice game. Nothing against marketing as we need him down the road but you go with the hot hand outgoing Florida just played out if you see what happens. Yeah I think you know. Here we've always. Tried to. You know we understood each running back has a specific. Skills that certain plays maybe that that he excels that and try to match them. But to those plays or call sheet you know your personnel groupings can be. Can be a little bit. So longer maybe just from some other teams to were tagging which receivers are going in which running backs are grown men and so are. You know obviously Tim had a really nice game on Sunday and had some big runs in and in recent those games mark too so. Danica with a that is a little bit of it is is going what's that the players got the hot hand but also. You know what kind of what kind of game plan is which running back we think matches that game plan and obviously mark. You know he had a fumble early which I think contributed attempted a few more touches to and so. A lot of factors go into it. But but like you said those were and all those guys. By the end of the year. Now I've coached them Marty this is a little personal. I'm from may what you fathering and you grandfather. We knew. Have the name like Lombardi how many people are that you prefer in a way it and they actually few related to or. How high do you handle that situation. Then all of a sudden DelHomme Marty throw trophies mean that you grant well. Yeah you know it as it comes out some with you know I'll be honest I think. Nobody died in 1970 one or 270 ones so it. Yeah he died before as more so I think. And certainly in my peer group grown up you know they're the guys kind of understood that I have. Grandfather who's really good football coach but. I can't say it was a big deal of them. So you know it's been an issue but it's never really been negative issue and and you know might my oldest brother his name was since. And and and so he had the name and and I think maybe people connected to him a little bit more than they did me. So you know I kind of got off season you know that stuff but listen it's always been positive. Some obviously we're proud it was a family put. Yeah just you know it was a long time ago and I don't think people are you know they just don't make the connection as much as maybe you think. Saints quarterback coach Joseph mumble because the Barney thank you so much for joining us good luck this week at Sam and sisco I Porter got thank you all rival hard time will go around the league with NFL analyst Mike deviate this is the coach's show on the New Orleans Saints radio network. NFL analyst Mike deteriorated at Mike that Didier onto it in 98 that can't take a look around. The National Football League and Mike interesting weakness today. The Kansas City Chiefs come up big with the Indianapolis Colts in my for a long time they had their west of China always open at the bottom and then you know where it was B San Diego. And it's it's Andy Reid he's been in there. Won the mall committed divisions in the NFL right now. With a logjam atop Oakland gamble paid as we might quite six into in Kansas City is at 52 in a very accurate. San Diego teammate three and five but this division has improved a lot greatly in the last couple years. No question about it the game yesterday Alex Smith gets knocked out the holes. Tag you win. Runs the same office so you know it. Again we look at what made you read his it's gonna win championships multiple league Kansas City probably not. The main he gets that team Roland and they've just been ruled it you doubtless yesterday there would be the rate has a lot of shocking part of it. I don't know how you can commit to what journal when he penalties in the game and what it. And yet they do it almost weekly big double digits but the real talented in all buckets against their cars the real McCoy. And you just all what not but ballot yes and it did but certainly. Great defense Travis Evian is we years but and they got some weapons there and those three. At San Diego I mean they're competitive football team. Haven't been that lucky is the but right now I think that's the best division in the NFL. The AFC west and of course to Oakland Raiders now have all five in oh on the road only three runs and you know in the vacancies and Micah for the 49 time yesterday since he began starting quarterback. No team in 49 tries has been able to sweep in a division that New England Patriots Buffalo was a team had a rare chance because they defeated. Knowing him back in week four with Tom Brady and and hence have not been swept Mike by divisional opponent. 49. Times so if even get a split with doing and you look. And what Doug about that yes you have to regain joke ma'am this is this was the Salem a for Brady took the light him up and that's what we did yesterday and against since he's been back. It's been good gronkowski radio show. They gave up just absolutely sports people and just all global global sports on that football team but yet. Well I'm healthy Tom Brady healthy Rob Gronkowski. Made it they rolled would be in any trade away today. Somebody who's really now looked like Jamie Collins you know they traded balked at Cleveland. But got a guy it in the landfill Roberts why actually scouted coming out of high school. Is that he's gonna step right in and do a great job world but man that offense would score that many points. Each and every week and it's like to the world we knew we can put 41 points in the game. I'm Mike is beacon of a TO two world you know not many people would know his name and now but because the a couple of years ago he was really Russian National Football League but we changed markets. It doesn't make a difference but still resting and how level Mike and surprise in now just a game out of first place in the AFC south. The Tennessee Titans getting it done a DeMarco Murray again having in a brushing the on the year Micah MVP weren't. Yeah the economic connected with that you know not to get there in the cranked up too. But really don't know what's happened is that they've rebuilt offensive lines you've been baucus. Or yield an opportunity for a ball now you'd use just tells you he has yep Frontline defensively it's really good and other secondary is war. But they had no hot. They don't want that deal fashion we've been running the football with the buckle Murray and Derek generate the offensive line is within the ballot in the trenches. And they got a young quarterback that would it's all said and done. You go light up a lot of teams in this league markets are you'll lose the real deal. Mike speaking note lighting up yesterday of course getting it done of making the big hire. A couple years ago bring it over a defense have a coordinating coach staying claimed it has been all offense but the Atlanta Falcons and they come up big yesterday 3332. Over the Green Bay again Mike Wood and it's a big mama's boy amana 367. And not getting the most Donald rush him but man ran again efficient pass in the football. And we need you to be made to be blades and how will sleep act that was there rod does his best game of the season. I mean so they took. Green Bay's best watch offensively. And we were able to squeak out a win but again. Matt Ryan and Julio Jones and not offenses got it going now that was a tough game. And the people that out after losing that game in the manner in which you lost to San Diego sometimes mentally that's not our it's to jump. But man listen I give them credit the Falcons are auto real vocal everybody oh well they host the San Diego. That they've gone downhill that's not the case this rebate really late level on all that just. And Micah going to now to the NFC east attacks with it the day off and Dallas Cowboys get it done late last night in a close eye on over the Philadelphia. They announced six and one in my car right now they in no New England of all it's either one loss though the team in action night that beat Minnesota. You can that wasn't a pretty game for the Cowboys but they found a way to win it late in. That's what's so impressive about that press got the crumble under that pressure he was able to picketed that a fourth quarter and make some big plays is he certainly was involved with that through the running game but. You know that that it could easily slipped away from them. But their defense had a couple big stops they got that opportunity. To win the game Foreman. You need players like no fourth round pick rookie of the election that you. And might become of the biweekly looking more like they did in more traditional Carolina. 63 offensive play 36 rushes Carolina might as I 'cause they give up the one of those second hand Ron Rivera run. This is like an old sampled it's not what we had seen this reruns so many times we can actually mouth the words. And that's what the Panthers would do when they're shocking what is I'll let Cardinals not just crumpled. Oh over the last couple weeks but the Panthers we've seen this happen before with them making a late run in the season and fourth so wet. They will be pressed and the Falcons put at division titles. NFL analyst Mike. But I did Didier am Bobby Hebert I and he Bellamy Jonas next Monday night from all the coaches show on the New Orleans Saints radio network good evening.