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9/7 "Go for Two" Episode 1: 2016 predictions, Kaepernick, sizing up the Panthers

Sep 7, 2016|

Formerly the "WWL NFL Podcast," we're back with a new name- "Go for Two!" In our Week 1 episode T-Bob & Seth make their preseason predictions, talk about the Colin Kaepernick controversy, and debate just how good the Carolina Panthers will be this year. (Spoiler alert, they don't agree!) There's plenty of Saints talk for the Who Dats too as Seth and T-Bob can't seem to agree whether or not this team is a playoff contender.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

To us that your. The WW LN FL's. He's Bob Hebert and set the. Welcome back check. Finally how it's been awhile man we've got sidetracked last year we had some illnesses we had some other it's hurt us is we were gone but guess what we're back except a lefty about it or hear from the WWL. And FL podcasts. Glad to be back we want him 26 team recording this on Tuesday. September 6 26. Team heading into week one and fervent up listening for the first time. Just remember that this is a more holistic look at the NFL rather than just a saints Tate we talk a lot of saints on the year during the week we do some live chats. A lot of articles. To smother podcasts on the audience bottom. Basically so horrific horrible as what have you felt we talked to say listeners well obviously as their big story lines hornets but it's throughout the season. Outlook was its weak report on Tuesday released on Wednesday's might as opposed special podcast there as well and yeah. We want some feedback and interaction from the fans as well so if you wanna give us a shout out on Twitter. I'm not set Dunlap. Adds to about fifty. We also have and even he considers an email. If your comments feedback yet story idea for shall make some pics with this and get into our predictions. V mail bag for us is WWL NFL podcast at Gmail. Dot com organism on Twitter all that good stuff down our future though the let's let's get into it today. We want obviously we do week in review we're not gonna do we interviewed because artery to pre season let's be known highest. And yet to be honest and I'd. I don't watch other teams pre season high enough force to watch the saints pre season and I guess it's somewhat interested does not support him that was obviously evident. IE. So why don't. He's aid is. But all it was dressed Seahawks players. Which it did was watch C operates if yeah I don't like. You watch your favorite breezy yeses you know I know I know how it performs a Disco lead as an artist Michael Mann and watching season Christine. Ha ha. You sort of hard pre season predictions. Today than we do weekly previews and suck reliance it and it was such a week all that good stuff. It's really fun show and let's kick off here with our story line. Of bleak. Really. Source of the week. I guess it's up they will touch on because it really has been not just the football sort of build a national story of what we've had a just the last couple years. Why this is now an annual national trend that's. Off the field issues dominate pre season headlines but. Of course Colin Capp predicts. And pregame ritual during the flag. During the National Anthem when first the first three keys on the bench secondly he meal and was joined by another player of the 49ers that's pentagon Mercury man that still hanging around and Italian return to the headlines the last few weeks currency be the last few days. Because other players came out said you're gonna join him. And this that pregame ritual just to bring awareness as they've put it and to bring awareness to. Racial issues and inequality issues in the country and I don't know this is just the West Coast thing now but. Adds to join the police. On the record going to be joined by Jeremy Lyon and Doug ball and bull Seahawks also Megan repeat you know. Who is a soccer player joining him off on the list of links for isn't Seattle actually is well. So obviously this is getting more national tests and President Obama actually spoke on this over the weekend and he said it didn't really condone war. Yeah as an American. As neutral a neutral like the president has to do but yeah when it comes out makes comments issue has announced it. Actually my mom cavernous situation is that he is well within his rights. To protest in this manner and I understand this upsets a lot of people however I don't agree with this idea. Well I agree with its message but not its met this there's some really isn't really as team. MLK quote from back in the day he talks about moderate people that. Say that right I agree with the with the message but not met all the problem is. If you abide by dead in its horror horror it's hard to effect real change tire change take place. If they protest is completely acceptable. And Jean teal in isn't going to make the ways that he too is going to be attention. Odd that you needed to so I'd like I've issue. With what camp immediately vicinity it's just his right as an American what I've been disappointed by is that thus far. We have it. And I even shall we try to talk as we have been able to steer the conversation to actually really looking at it. Racial. This beer duties systemic racism. Police violence what's out of control what's overblown how to review why do we think this is taking place. Like those accounts seized power but it seems that everybody still just wrapped up. As to whether or not cabinet was in his rights that are what do you mean what is the flag means of the military country. These. Conversations but I do still believe that the greater point is being missed. I agree as well actually I think on average been pretty eloquently is actually spoken about it. Very eloquence actually and saying that look he respects the military he respects. Everybody who's died in service of our country but he's doing this not to disrespect them to bring it. Awareness raise awareness about other issues. And I actually saw opposed to kind of encapsulated this on social media summit exceed pretty right of center posted this. And not get not going to get political at all about this but I'd like to mediate in kind of a capsule is the situation when right now obviously with the presidential election coming up. He says one of our. The presidential candidates his main slogan is that make America great again insinuating that it's not brilliant right everybody stands and claps up for him. When call Kapanen does this and says. Let's make America greats and a different way make you greater a different way some of those same people are. Up in arms that he'd he doesn't that I didn't think America's is already you know great and and the perfect country regardless of so us anyway so my point on this is. Take a step back let's realize what he's trying to. Bring awareness to do and and I think I just think it's it shouldn't be as big of a deal. As it is now where this but everybody is saying really the same time I. Making. Light is hitting the conversations have to involvement in past Capra nick himself. But the fact that it is being made into such a big deal is well that is an effective. Bulletin effective protest it. You weaken him to be on the debates as to whether or not he's been his rights and it's interesting about Doug Baldwin. Hasn't really intelligent statements that I don't wanna miss cornered camera multi my head. But he Tuesday very well thought out eloquent. This is her. The one you look at that right now you regret computers in front of us obviously here Doug bought on FaceBook. If you don't fall Doug Baldwin just review what he posted over the weekend about this basically he. Talked about speaking with a member of the military somebody he really respects. Somebody who is a a white man. Who. To give him some perspective on this. And quoted exactly let this service members said to him I think it was must have been and invite your dollar and some kind of social media and its expert. Very Doug ball and very eloquent with us as well also that was that was his way of saying basically that he's going to joint effort into doing business is why. What was it. See here it goes this is kind of what the NFL feared originally. And all of this is. Is this intellectual contagion right lake. As he jumps from carrier to carrier do eventually see the whole team's taking a knee during the National Anthem did the NFL then try to stay active. How long do these last war because when you're talking about. I thought about this a lot asking why it racial tensions have been rising why some people. Some people are very different zip or has it or just club do not believe that there's any sort of like that there's any sort of codified racist because it away there's not like by the letter of the law. This is a country of equality of the law and abs like the sixties where you're fighting against very tangible. Goals right later OK everybody's really uses after everybody that goes in days past when we have that it's much more. Nebulous that you're fighting against individuals. Making individual decisions and I think the perfect example of Powell. Even though the letter of the law relief on my reality beating big difference look at the court system. Everybody's equal. Her letter of the law if you're rich we all know look I've been a beneficiary of it if your wealthy the court system is going to work better for you. It then if you are not even though the laws that are applied to these situations are exactly. The same so. The question of how long did he take this need for becomes interesting. Because how do you say that this is a problem that is just fixed right it. Because it's not something it's not something so intangible. Like the civil rights movement of half a century ago. I think look he probably limited in any in a lot of players little throughout the season and I think it'll just be a story. And 234 weeks from now I think that's out should be it'll kind of fade away like were going to fade away from the subject because you know the listener probably. To an end and download this podcast beaches on talk football with little football talk. Knock on cabinet tucked. Away from our story finally. Let's get into are not we can view because we have a week interview like we said. We've got a little pre season predictions and out of the first. Our studs of the week this last week we do this each week. So the week. We take a look back at the previous seven days if you use it's our football on the field studs split. The fields because somebody is continuing a two decade old rivalry very persistent in doing this and I absolutely love it. Try Aikman who continue. This is viewed with skip Bayless by ripping his employer fox sports for hiring skip Bayless do basically first take type show. On fox sports on what is this so the educate me about destroying it in studios viewed so Troy Aikman at when he was obviously star for the cowboys back in the 1990s. Skip bills columnist for the Dallas. As star morning. What was in his fit into college we have just isn't outbreak basically and and skip Nicklaus wrote an article very critical Bateman. And actually said in the article that he had sources that said Torre Clinton's day. Trying to out is that where that originally came from yes that was skip Bayless so Aikman probably right police level. And has held this beat this grudge with skip Bayless over those two decades not let ago to console violet either somebody's trying to get in your personal life like that went on to say she's claims its hand it just seems. Exactly just like this is deeply personal. With that sort of sing with us it's it is the only clear up something. It was in the book Q other columnists and in Dallas he wrote the book and the book key. Included substantiated rumors about. Bank lending. Like here's at least you will about skip Bayless is the odd tape machine absolutely put. Timmy he's always struck me is an outstanding cap fact driven guy if this works this and that's accurate or am I I don't. Like a Baghdad and neither does it like OK he they have crazy opinions but they'll still have numbers that are true to try to support these things are great bridge that's just a bit. It's it's a little aggressive speech to a younger even more extreme. Version of skipped bail. It's slightly says quote to say I'm disappointed in the hiring of skip Bayless would be this understatement. Well co leader currently low box works president Jamie Horwitz I have a difference of opinion when it comes to building a successful organization. I believe success is achieved by acquiring and developing talented respected and credible individuals out of out of which applies to skip the hitless today quotes that. That that was a shot across the bow there. Yeah I wonder how. Now and what you'll feel about that he gets divorced I mean obviously BP the employers are going to be upset because they've made such an investment in this per written did skip Bayless chase in which showed its. I'll sit down in any war room at top boy's lawyer I've got I got it. It's over PTI's done for birds eggs dug for a ticket with luck it Bayless like why. Yeah if you imagine a more unattractive and I don't know I am whitlock for a variety reasons I think. Well I'm yet and that I am not advantages like Jim war. I'm not really a fan of CNN. This ever got into whitlock a bit on. What are the other day and everybody you know who what bought by the owners Tuesday Brett Nolan it. Outscored their anchor now a host of bug college football's on ABC take you to increase John Saunders now. What did you think by the way LS US's non secular Arab allies that Steve Levy doing the broadcast relish. Alex Steve Levy. I was eating greasy. I I was mispronouncing names okay sources say that's it I was wondering what he's. It's been hitting an eight delegates today was all out of trouble telling me getting got you exposed to got you out and be like. Dipping got you involved god show. He was just it was a bit all over the place you could tell that and urged could and it is the highest three game of all time. Being free is being up completely with what your policy of in. Yet it's ignited in a little too big for Stevie figured that out there who lead analyst at what's on your historically had a steadily. Yeah monster of the week in between two people on opposite sides of the deal. It's either Sam Bradford Doug Peterson. So Doug Peterson until. I told were in there earlier this offseason because they committed. 33 million dollars worth of apt to three quarterbacks. And cars and witness chase Daniel C Bradford. Its territories. As. How much how much green to is it got over thirty million dollar cap for Drew Brees. And they had 33 for Bradford wins in god gave you so I'd written about that's ridiculous. Well. In the end. I don't know Doug Peters and really lucky or is it kind of genius GM Phil whoever is. In the the Eagles did just that value they get incredible value featuring Bradford to the vikings following Teddy Bridgewater is really just. Sad so analysts and blow out man who knows it means for his career. The vikings. And I hit some good team who has to strike out right you'll see it over these rosters. Company which really aren't altogether. So desperately need a quarterback. First round portrayal. Championship comes up Super Bowl becomes sick it. Round pick so. Eagles. Incredibly dumb decisions on these quarterbacks there may be incredibly done working out. They had huge gallery Korea this week the agents for. Or Santa brokerage that she's hurt and he also be in this out of the week but you can't deny the Eagles came out absolutely that the oh yes yeah have. The and it's RC Bradford goes. And that day any network management. Always get the best players see him ever get used it and maybe it's a shock mystic powers. Is cute he's got to native American blood I don't know he's sacrificed in tokens do you pay anyway whatever amounts aren't at all. Native American listeners alive I do love and appreciate your people culture either way Sam Bradford that continues. To. Help. When you look at it. He paid eleven million dollars but Eagles to UT eighties he got the eleven million. Did you vote TA and publicly complain with each quarterback and now he's on a play off playoff caliber team he gets the starting job that you audit. Like. The last big contract before he gets to us it's inbred like his war. Really lucky charms. After another really has once every injuries that we could talk about Alec we have last year with a 45 years about. How this guy who's made so much money without any kind of mental track record but. These moves ever worked out for the team that acquired quarterback in desperation like this I can't think of one that has worked out. Pre season or offseason when you injury to shrug quarterback this was a playoff cholera astronauts up in a while plastered bit. Yours are thought IA the vikings urged us to be a lot Imus did two years ago. They did make it went on India even Peterson's MBP season missed here's your Milosevic. And nevertheless in my view in my recollection. He's who's ever worked out. The vikings. Ali it is but it by. The question is that field certainly I went to the table games in the playoffs and that's. You grade your degree that I. Really don't think you do but do you think. What they've barely snuck in the playoffs last year. Red and battling now is they they did but they had to battle it out to finally recedes well yeah lets you thank you think Bradford how much and it verbal agreement Bradford is a downgrade from Needham. Bring it down great for Bridgewater Clinton up by that did not but yes like you are and how long do you think that's. The day wore it because it's so last minute Howard K to be ready by we want to at least be serviceable. Look what it would help the vikings would mitigate the damage is simply their style of team right it's still a team that is defense. Running the ball the kind of ball control style LeBeau. Any zip Bradford you you have a guy whip. He's got experience. If nothing else com. I was gonna say it was a little bit. He has all the physical tools is a guy who do I think. Mentally is is is intelligent enough to do it to pick up this scheme relatively quickly. He's still even at his best I agree quarter but I think is good enough. To get the vikings an okay shot did to at least make them play council wildcard last season muzzled talked about in our predictions have sees a little bit of an inch and conference's future it's different. Very topic you have three. Really good teams in yeah I understand I just focus and yes the bucks yes in the box right exactly and nobody else but he decided for the scraps and IDR lets bond. To pre season predictions. We just we do not have a South Africa prediction. That's not I don't. Once it was clear exactly Chris which was out of the forest that third that do it and hope our preseason predictions and we're gonna obviously realizes there's runners hosted should copy chance general jabs. But let's start off. Make our VP predictions for this point sixteens is about if you want to join in with our predictions go and challenge at a mile down you can tweet estimates that Dunlap is at Tebow up 53 on Twitter or you can email us your pre season predictions. WW NFL podcast at gmail.com. Resume next week on the show so between us are sent us an email next week we'll. Read it. Some of our listeners predictions chair. MVP so well there and this is very intensive pic of me but just looking at the layout now especially with the NFC north kind of cleared. Opponents for the Packers I think it's been a role model plane in that division to the division. Title but I think also probably the number one overall seed the Packers and Aaron Rodgers and here in rock and get another MVP he's going to be that good yes weapons back they're healthy during Nelson is background caught a Soviet offensive line. His kind of jelled and got a healthy ideally see behind him as well it's obviously takes pressure off Rodgers and Mike Mike McCarthy called lazy and thank you all idea for a huge Aaron Rodgers he's once again. If release itself that's always cameo in the team now on NFL but it's picked by me but the interest. Chalk as well and I'm gonna go ahead and say it's the Indian peace and an ice he won it twice in a round. Mr. Cam Newton. Back to bed establishing dominance. I'll work history is frowned Panthers can't DeVon plunges has been tearing it up Calvin did an expectation games coming up a career year. I understand maybe he worries that another Europe film another year. Adjusting to what Cam Newton did last season teams could be better with the problem is. I still believe that Cam Newton represents such a unique challenge. Well that's why you felt teams have just gotten an evil he could have just gotten worse and worse in defending him. As time's gone look at what he did last year with the lack of weapons. What more weapons back and outline that's a year older IU II I'm I'm I'm optimistic we've been doing the job. It got the best player I've ever seen. Do you ever see it real life like it. I guess I played it shows a much smaller sample size but just the way this is able to takeover games. On every level of football that he's played high school college. In the NFL. It is a bit. If it did on Harrell and I still believe his skill set to be unparalleled in that he's hyper intelligent. Julie has it has all the tools of mine lies in physical physically for area pocket quarterback and an idiot then here's this incredibly. Incredible lose it. Let's isn't still like it there's not another picture like that in the NFL Russell Wilson's Mea the closest. I think his size is an impressive and actually Wilson would have been my use its assets to pay for MBE Russell Wilson has been. Knocking on the door giving an outlook that he maybe should have these last couple of seasons. Yeah Russell Wilson would be no he's real threat there's like I think it would. We'll talk about it being on the Billy gray hair yell talk about their weapons and ends a second. When we get to our division I. I think is working to get scared that he's just the thing is that he won last season aha but and I'll stick to things that I think organ against Sam a voters always a really has and its dual aspect and yeah very very hesitant and it's. I agree he should of won last year no doubt not only with yet very good numbers and that team. It was so in the regular season somebody from that team and whenever somebody else a couple of let him suffer and me and that was like. The bill wears off and also be book is you are often does absolutely have this kids in the all the argument of what you mean by MVP vote like. He boys everything that Hoosier running the shop Steward Mike Tolbert tank didn't juniors your best receiver. It is it's been a wide as I would say this would be since may they are far everybody knows his sting and I've been a little bit of aid. A critic of Cam Newton so I guess take us to risk hall and I know gonna come back with but. This the first quarterback in there very long time we sent with a sub 60% completion percentage and he's of 100 quarterback rating. Classy papers were going here the last season get a sub under quarterback rating at a sub 60% completion percentage last year. Which in any kind of normalcy for the Panthers would have rolled that in the regular season I think. Case. So 60% yes 59 point eight. I'm going to I. Roundup in a call that a nice you know that 60% is not. In the eastern as. Yes it is sixty Brazil and just remember what happened to it I think that someone thought I'd get out. That's a numbers well I've read about a numbers don't lie you can. The semantics is that is that the term I'd be looking for as far as pro Israel phrase that you can make numbers say whatever you want. Either way either you. Impressive job here is something I also think is going to happen him. DA. Did you look at that suitable film and American athletes in Denver did their defensive line or on the outside. Blueprint was rock solid I'll tell you look well Spain and probably wait that is that's insane people are gonna watch his giants bill and how they beat Tom Brady the patriots it's Asia is quiet now and forget this is what happened now I realize it manages aging. But this is the last your Peyton Manning's was two years ago Peyton Manning people saw was Seattle's did to them and that Super Bowl and every single game they copy that. It's a defensive playbook to AT and it was not nearly as effective even before his injury. I'm 24 team. And I I'm up behind him and the reason why don't think there is I think there's. He is here is completely throwing out the door that teams will not look at what. Was quoted as well I don't think they can legally you don't think they know what would probably think of rock that we want and it themselves know the Broncos can't but the -- in yesterday's those players with the Broncos come up with so like. Revolutionary strategy where all my god we never seen this before what is how these dug in its full Miller. It's Miller Miller is that it literally unblock able like. Like they are there multiple situations in the game where you need to all you have to do is stay on him for two to three inches two spot this one play. In which she plays that it was dominated for. It's when he gets its automatic it was automatic during the I'm grossed an automatic Internet but for some teams out out EU summit these teams. Can emulate it. Close to the Broncos did relatively close to what the Broncos at the vikings that defense. All. Look now I look at the cardinals the problem now the problem is I don't I hawks I don't buy these teams that pass rush no. He. Now it is only figure out how to nobody that's you don't and you've you forget this swears in this economic comeback is well we'll talk about this will be our division pre camp does not mean against these teams want to. Against this that and it matters what are reviewing ways it. You usually away he's still yes he did but I'm saying he'd he's he was not good in those games when he faced teams with that. Would it had a boot pro and against him he wasn't. In that division of Indian Seattle it was not good you bet on defense was. But it was unbelievable but Carolina defense let's move on us evident that we and yet we are at pats I think you are way off it's like. You're you're dirt when she won MVP. You're safe bet is that this singular game were good that if he wanted to BP went bats that's what why could he do that then it's here. NA vacuum that you not. You take away the jerseys you take with a name you just say this quarterback did this in this game. Those games when they played that really that is the for an pastors had a decent to great pass rush and lock down corners and outside it was a good. And they still went 51 he's still absolutely not and each other by said he shouldn't OK so I'd like pornography so that but my point is if he's got this game is still what we're. Does it because that's how he's done none else we're talking about it but we're talking about it BP does this does not think it. I'm not so I'm not I'm not saying that Aaron Rodgers would play better in those games but I'm just saying that. But if you're talking about MVP kind of numbers I've stopping I'm going to reply I don't mod boys ages it'd be weird. Logic trained to use. Which he won MVP all so let's say do you think that is Cam Newton throws thirty touchdowns. Twelve interceptions. And sub have a sub 60% passer rating in a somewhat you know some hundred passer and subsequent police present and articulate Habibie know what he's gotten better as the Bible are he's going to do better and he's going to be even better last season his entire Korea this far it's been an upward trajectory since he was a little kid. There's guys to reach this result is all offers I'll be nowadays is Hillary are on Europe aren't so well tweet us tell me tell me I'm more on the show a lot of people also tweet mats I don't can't you argue in favor timid in these parts. This is they want I I just put a lot of people I'm in Carolina. Our guy from Australia is that the watchers ask. Pointers and our coach of the year. Out of the box fixes such a hot today was that I ought. Homer at this little homers with a dash of hot tea soda double dollars a Brett remained the late two times summer as well I went out he said why didn't you don't get exactly what is rumors although I guess you are actually writes I felt like outlets such shock with my MB if you had to go out of our economy and we're going to totally I thought of March Madness right no party market changes coach shock and one region might get the reason that people if I turn this bracket and people are gonna be extremely so anyways my coach of the year. Actually. Am really. I think Hawkins then artists see it dark horse candidate to win the division Aquitaine. Really I think there doc or an isolated and because every marriage I think. It's the priest is number of power and Allen Iverson no I'm confused about is Matt Ryan. Matt and his gotten to talk about 300 it is staggering that Wright has gotten markedly worse as time. I had to this year I know Iger the Matt Ryan it's easier to equity. If water to wanted to synthetic what these two teams are actually gonna surprise. I think 1 eastern teams with the vikings. Injure Rio with the injury. Annan delivered to Bridgewater with the vikings and I don't think the vikings are going to be playoff incentives with an injury I don't think they were going to be anyways I would be contenders and bigger middle class I don't hear Leonard or legitimate the class that there be sneaky good. I think boulder off it's gonna be really good energy senses I think one of those two defense is will be better than expected top. 2015 kind of unit which is what those teams need so much so it's clear does it because they are picking up. Let's do this it. There is sort of a couple times they're going to be looking to give it to somebody else here I don't mean that was what got Aryan Nation and nobody wants to give it to Bill Belichick anymore although he could probably went and every now Andy Reid is one it. I'll hasn't wanted to speaker broadly he could have been on this list. Mike McCarthy he's won it before. When Sean Payton just. Because I think those teams are better than expected I think one of them will make the playoffs Lan or New Orleans ends. Bill Milliken for somebody else to give the award to really have not given to yet so would those two considerations Dan Quinn. Slash Sean Payton one of those student in my foot here it. That is correct answer here is Jeff Fisher after he is 8816. And have the Los Angeles rams firmly planted in 500 since then that's. Finishing it just didn't think about so let's say the rams they could be a lot of people demands this every year we said this every golf recorder refuted or corporate golfers. No golf has started trust officer I think you're sorry sir. I don't think visual of him and just demand for. I'm originally quarterback controversy there's a lot of there's there's there's three there's three young guns right winds is starting. That was announced yeah fairly and Simien overtaxed avalanche. But they're like Paris and apparently like daylight where he's headed they were released the sanitize Mark Sanchez. And then. I don't know I guess we'll go look up look up on your golf for my coach of the year ago. I wanna do your adversary and but I guess you're actually right what is Marvin Lewis wins and playoff game. If it's not gonna Marvin Marvin Lewis eagle fifteen and one and marvelously not when description here or. What they'll vote. Is dead Prez got the cowboys to back days keep him. Will be the ram sort of mentally duffel be number three man Houston's role opera and cubes. That case even starting to doubt in Oklahoma. What that proves that cook's comments give me. Washington has a lot of FC Washington State. Fan and they are so you are got big winners update you guts I don't really know actually how good Jeff Fisher picked actually not to mark I mean I look I've got this joking just pitcher Doug Peterson they're yeah tough to help de Beers and because of how these guys value for. I don't. Is that what coach Byron areas that you kind of talk about an unexpected coach frank happens every year at least one blog more Lovie Smith would have been in that firmly for me daggers. No abilities it's going to be fired after a isn't it John Fox. I think John Fox I think the bears are really gonna struggle again in that division this year they actually think they're gonna finish fourth again. And it's I don't think he'll survive I know he's got a track record of proven track record in the sleep but I think vets. That organizations don't wanna go in different directions Fox's older he's 61 as well heeled or coaches in the league and just one year rebuilding the gorilla project isn't coming together. I think he's got to make a change and I think nobody's talking about him being on anywhere near the hot seat yeah hi yeah. I even dude there's. Just become holy Grail that and that it weird web negative. And let me shorten the time right and Fox's defense easier to news. In Carolina and in Denver have been really yet really strong yours. Relative suit his first years in those two spots via. So I'm just I guess another kind of dark horse I make fuel you Villa hit the chargers don't expect much coal. That's really not did you like all the hot spots and new wells I had on here was Jason Garrett I didn't put him out some of that would be too unexpected that bill doesn't feel yes than feeling good. Well I guess dinners with the geared. Did they give him more of a leash because of the injuries. We continue to play photographer that's on there is not a monitors did you think people are gonna think that but I don't think Jerry Jones. Frustration magic gets frustrated two point in the series this matter what still. To act jackets that broke get to get good luck press guy about to them. Touchdowns Jim guy but he is better he said Mike McCoy whatever yeah. Bruce area. What we are all areas have to do to get fired from the guard. But I guess it's such as a child forgot. But it's one thing that is he's been vaccinated. What are thinks not what they're noted pentagon not only present on a good job for. The biggest surprise team nobody is paying attention to this year I had a few I talked about it felt like hours a falcons really I think the Detroit lied to my office actually pretty good team without Calvin Johnson. The defense is going to be better end. What broke drugs injury clears the way in the NFC north a little bit that I think you'll be rate they're fighting with teams like Atlanta and New Orleans. New York. For that maybe LA I'm not totally Somalia but you know those kind of five teams that sixth and final playoff spot. I actually went into our division and division picks but. Can't see as clear cut the F five teams I think negative for sure and end. It was kind of bunched inside that six spot. The lie this which is is it is this him ideological angry becomes passed it. The lions play well and this is Matt Stafford plays well in the post. Mega drive and air. I think you expect Matt Stafford to be the highest paid quarterback. In the entire NFL do better next aussies Cher let's just just inflation. Because it. It's not that the security here if you belong to the top tier when it's your turn. You get the most money so is Matt step. I guess it actually people a bit more doubt that we've gotten in numbers it's a bit more pressing the games last season. I think a couple there's at least one of the raffle reads this is presumably work. Better and they appear to have more than one officiating yeah costs and the gospel choirs area. Kids figures he'll hold down now it's Detroit man pulled out tomorrow. Now for surprised if I mean this isn't much surprisingly to coach and a rise. It's a team on the rise but I I do like the Oakland Raiders and the view good reasons may be they actually push for play offices it'd just be happy with the idea. A few more wins and I'm very excited. To see income to two and 31. Shock. In the Jacksonville Jaguars always intrigued me as I guess some of these young quarterback teams of sixty offerings as he self goes. That's a pretty terrible division. All of us to beat Jacksonville one reason I wanna resigned in Oakland steered it is mainly because. Well I wrote down as big a surprise team nobody is paying attention to act like almost the raiders are so hyped up. Are there yet yes or heading into the year potential law. Vegas. Expansion. Which is going to a look at the stadium looks deceive you what some of these incidents to people. People want him to be good today because it brings back notions like a late seventies NFL and and then minutes yet the raiders in Vegas just seems like a perfect marriage especially at the raiders. It's great it's the perfect name for a team in that location to my philosophy distributors yeah. Sorry I look I although they will win a ton of games. I am very much a card carrying member of the dogs around. I believe there's a Cleveland Browns are on the right path RG is very intrigued to see if of hauled into desk and the the and the league's new Mick if he can be as effective in the NFL as it has been in a Major League. I'd love that no absolutely love them and we talked about the honor last year I'm on your show but yeah I'm I think I think long term it's gonna pay dividends will leg of the problem of the bounces than ever stick with a plans they got a sick of this plan for. And many years not just a couple years I'm talking 5678 years. If I don't you know I didn't success rate I figure if I fuel from protests. Well it would it tobacco like it I do well you think he has most of the Mets are five years it's still alive and well. Here's a row only time that there's no improvement at all no but I'm sick and criminal and pretty yeah yeah. After five years of the champ calorie out there but you look at this track record and he is Jonah hill's character from money ball just with the name change. He would couples says the case the Red Sox rather royalties the Mets were in the World Series last year he was ahead of operations and now he's in control of the browns. He hired this is kind of like heist movie where but it may instead of hiring east he's like hiring. And next door to get an Ivy League front office now they're safe they're making decisions 16%. Based on data 40%. On traditional. Scouting so. It saves a good test us yes it is a it's. In real implications. That it holes for the rest of Lee. Could potentially be. That's why why why you football. Old school football guys doubts front office members think that it didn't do. Analytics when the planet are sport it's weird it's it's well invaded every single sport from soccer opposite of baseball basketball even as sports like swimming now look pretty ironic. Four teams they think you ever inability users analytics does not choose the nth degree. And the manner that the brown spots on our I'm talking about. Pro football focus football outsiders type analytics that's what I'm talking about very. Deputy mayor you props used I disagree I think. The head your influence in decision making comes out traditions and it. Easy this blowback. LB yeah baseball scout who didn't do it has its separate years there. Yep and look analytics has not infallible it's just it's just playing the odds right and you figure that if you. Make decisions based on these numbers that they're not all going to work out of that in it you should come out. Should come out votes of Angela luck and I analytics and metrics in baseball blades at far a couple of years ago and how to solve the royals swing back just a little bit too old school. Singles hitters steal bases that kind of stuff. So the pendulum like I also like there's no one way to do something to mixture. The middle ground gray area but I just intrigued to see the browns and their front office. Taking the first real step in debt more alike openly saying we are going to be a data driven organization. It. Biggest over hyped storyline of the offseason as our next let's early prediction but I just kind of wonder is do you give your thoughts on this my and it. Absolutely unequivocally is that brief suspension of talks tough about it over the last two years and everybody thinks this means a little bit not everybody. They're frees up a lot of people are spank. This remain big problems for the patriots in that division because they're gonna blow 132 ensued. Kind of behind eight ball Alyeska alcohol I think period. And talk to is the worst case scenario for them. I think is more like bigger screen offline without Brady and I will be just fine and I think it'll be them on the Steelers out they in the it would. You don't read too much in their priest preached and yet today they did did not good problem you sense they got there there for his team did actually. Did dominate but you're not game plan grants same week setters that are you got croc man they are other quarterback. It's death taxes Alabama and New England yeah there are all sure things. I have. And I think the patriots are. Going to be justified now is sort Britain suspension though it is. How it affects the patriots is over hyped but it's still very impact of the decision the eventual decision to choose sides arrived at where. The court upheld the vote throwing because we've already seen. Roger Goodell and league use this conduct detrimental to delete statement. Two. That they didn't do. Includes a player at you that's advocates are. Did you hear about the other guys and in the Al-Jazeera report yes actually it was never ever goes it. James Ayers. I don't I don't. President bottom line. What he would have felt threatened them with these that you have to talk to us about this. You tell us whether or not you took these. Performs as they just statements so there's no there's no evidence there's no real evidence beyond this like kinda shady reports. And they the players are talking it's like what just because of a little suspicious and now we becoming the talk of the office. And what do we do it with was suspension under conduct detrimental to lead conspirator broad. It's very vague they employed it in the players eventually had to capitulate. The players had to come in due to interviews so because that ruling was upheld it conduct detrimental to lead. I you've already seen employed and they're going to continue to use it when they media player. Deuce in a nutshell my view on this. Is that I am completely on the weak side with this 400 a 100% on the weak side because you meet that clause. And your and you're in your CBA because you cannot spell out every single scenario that comes up that you want to. Suspend a player for not have been visible in front of all of America every single Sunday and every single organization in America. Has a policy like this every one of us who goes so goes to everyone of us who goes to a normal job right we do something outside of work. Or even in work patent casts are employers in a bad lights there's going to be consequences were let you have it doesn't even if those. You know if I go out the French Quarter yeah. And I go out early don't do anything bad and I just have few drinks party a little bits what my friends like a Friday night's bloody knowing what is its value gets back to now what difference it gets back. To the boss and how did you know I was doing very nefarious things the French Quarter right. Even I wasn't he's gonna call me into his office and see what happened right and I would have to answer for those why should NFL players be immune to that kind of I don't I don't I don't view I don't. Think of it as like I'm on the league's the players I just view it as. Delegates or delete just when they made his ECB date they include this clause. They have soul arbitration you know and soul gut punishment decision power belongs to Roger Goodell. So I don't few days to agree to disagree it just that under the sea behavior we did a good job of getting themselves re a it large swath of power allow a lot of Brett there within that containment that one. Single sentence and this'll be a fighting point. Next CB I alleged that stays in. But there's no way that in the next day third party arbitration is not agree it's not a ball hundred Jim all right so I'm using marijuana. Alone. Know yeah I don't I. Has there been any other big and it sort of gives the raiders was out there on the raiders I'd look I'm on top of the raiders' man I am to have him and so hyped up. As the heir apparent and NFC asked that everybody wants and the threat. Sometimes it's not a good thing for that organization. Let's go against your predictions for division winners conference champs and are Super Bowl champs this year as well as the fun part. Again you can make your predictions with us to be to be all of a podcast at Gmail dot com's email you can response what are. And that set the lap is that he bought 53 and we will reasoning your predictions in our show next year percent to so less than a month. And it was let's go let's start in the AFC. And certainly it's. It's what is a death death taxes and how patriots and the Ajax is at pictures here right I think it'll need I think it'll be closest you'll think it'll be. Elicited little thing is gonna come out of the final weeks or do I guess that they're gonna lose 23 games of the first four weeks. And the jets. Or did he do it passes the jets for a yeah now I never have been the Sony don't like it if weren't just. Being objective there's a lot of reasons to like a top bulls in the jets did last season and it's the team there remains really unchanged during. Going to what did you think. Yeah. I think doesn't have found its confidence that you sort of climate Seligman another year and that's gonna do item may be true. At least sure I mean look I don't think they threaten the patriots for the division title I don't think too. I can play the odds to pick any AFC east teams I graduated as they dare not bad. That's not that patriot it's you know my bills do they gave Tyrod Taylor is a big contract at its best mob. What he was sneaky little oversight and Brothers don't touch her until it was really didn't last season that's got they but it. West is. Boy you got three teams just hours before himself fortunate we have an exodus because they think the charge can be just a little bit retarded going to be I've seen I've seen some. Some talk and some sites like he's meant a drop in some people. Tell me all article available to all withdraw and go out of race this decade ago rob. Cut I I. I think. The V predictions of the Broncos demise of that in manager Greeley or exaggerated Peyton Manning snuck past there. You know clearly we're blessed are you like the worst that he tied league corals from his picks despite playing again. Like what six let's yeah this team that I don't understand why they are getting more Lebanese cedar in Kansas city chiefs of all Charles that yes I -- raiders will be good I think the Broncos will be I would not be surprised at all at all three of those teams actually in making the playoffs this year but I know the chiefs in this division I think the announcements out Smith needs you know a top fifteen ish quarterback. Always very consistent Andy Reid it. Forget about his play out troubles right at our regular season he's been and hasn't. And Jamaal Charles Beck. Rich on this it seems weird bit reaching certain legitimate. You're in Europe playoff team now under Andy Reid like the they have what they are so bad for him I think they were victory had a previous four seasons before they lost. At least twelve get rid that that's why I think it still feels weird to gonna wake up and recognize. There's arm. You're always. Very tough they were never you know they were never championship worthy but even with Montana and after Montana where error and he had put that helps her box that they have Christian boy those teams and the order. Rough was OK here's the Broncos. Once you're able to mid ninety's that was. Trent Johnson is on track grant. I'll I know those years or zinc before the Broncos won the super ball may do when they were still build the Dublin which he's like thirteen three they are very good team they just couldn't get it done now. In the playoffs be look Allegheny read only achieves I. We're the Broncos because defense is. Yet there are you paid what the problem for the raiders and division is the Broncos have a defense to match liberators yeah and offensive attack. And the raiders defense we aren't built to stop the Broncos threat they've got a great pass rusher on the outside a fairly good secondary. Which really need to be the route just up the run at him. And he got over on the football so I just don't think it stacks up for the raid Israel Albany office divisions will will have to see by our eyes and cheeks who will choose throw punches. Questions pressure all right now let's go to the AFC north is fun division two lots right. Even with your comments about the browns a kind of an audience seemed like it did hear clearly clad bodies yeah tonight yeah it Rossi talked about that. Nobody's talking about the ravens here which is odd to me. What they lost like. Twenty games by four more pressure something that's easily as they do is Esther yeah yeah here with logic in it though because. Every game is close but still. Had an exceedingly. Lucky season this seemingly as far as the final result of their games ago I think it's usually really given a ruling unanimously via bill. The start of the year yeah. And I'd just tied in knots. I cannot make a prediction that the Steelers are going. QB championship worthy of my mind because I cannot picture Ben Roethlisberger threw an entire season healthy anymore I just can't so that said. And got my lines that everything goes well we're going to be very very very good. Butts. They're just an injury away or a suspension away and not be angry anymore. And on I'm a little bit of listeners are are just the consistent ones I think it's consistent pick. I think that they're just do as they were the last couple years they've got back to connect it I. I like the Steelers I think. And did you mean one of those dances with that being goals where they are the class but they're kind of trading spots every now and then. Think the Steelers had they won the division one of few years out here during years. I think that this is where they did it feel to it did against say I don't like whatever that could be coloring. I could be caller my opinions but what you look it they have but it all parties it was Bryant's for the yet. Antonio Brown modest Bryant was really good really good and it looked. In an off and Ben Roethlisberger has the ability to make receivers much like Drew Brees again to give me these other guys. There's nothing away from Bryant but I don't think really look Smart TVs pride cripples. That it now you know that's. Not a cripples him but what I do think that think it it's Israel allowed defenses to a lot more attention to sue brown. Yeah and deep exhorted do an aegis of the dominant he's dead it's whatever so I give it robs her they'll. Yeah and it didn't mean. I mean just look at where they dropped a reality they're everywhere are batteries are now lucky now what is your view. You don't think some quarterbacks are more fragile and others just. They sustain a career Romo Roethlisberger. I mean. And he wrote on it I ID for the most part yes I think injuries are. The vast majority unlucky either Sunday it was where we're sliding. It. Some pretty on my third win allies like. You could it be a voice. And I think you put these situations things can be done differently but I've never big ones you. Hold injuries against players did too cute too much against do you still all yeah. It. SEC how health but still the worst it is thought grows for Mya. View. Here. I suffer Miette and I think because there's not a lot of talk about the colts I think that gets the pressure off their back and Lex back to McDonald's back the coaching staffs back a little bit here. And takes speed the media guy away from just a little bit they're always going to be there with Andrew Luck. I'm real colts in the citizen for readout here not only for them I think general it's gonna have a much better you'll stay healthy. Com BR zero minus all office line is still there issue. Butts I just don't have faith now those Texans are playing in number one schedule. That they're going. That they're going to again be able to with Andrew Luck health and molecular one division of golf's all sorts probably when Matthew Hasselbeck was quarterback. They would have vision of the colts well I just I mean also I hate the I don't like us our contract I feel like time stood a fan of Brad Ross while contract. I think that Bradford won it still discourage you know who's here Bradford is Andy continues to use this kind of money we don't lost filers play at least there's there's potential why here's the zone and there's a large upside and a Oz was that is not there. For Bradford. The jags go away that you may go leave pagan types going to be terrible obstacle Texans yeah but Angela conclude this is what are just stick in the air seasonal job back around. We love I have your correct so I've got the patriots. The the patriots the chiefs the Bengals you know Colton life for yeah so much a wildcard teams coming out. I think you'll see I think you'll see the Broncos is one wildcard. And I think you're CDC loses it while current Ahmanson the raiders just on the outside looking in I also think that the ravens will be a lot better than people think. But it's scrum for that six spot I think that's six bought into music spike it's incredibly. Does it I have a couple is it seized in Genevieve. Could somebody knows or the Broncos. MO wild card. I got dollars patriots chiefs. Steelers and colts went in the divisions that bagels are my first welcome our hands down I don't think can win the division of the have to be. And then after that man. I don't take any of my problem is I'm not mistaken is he south teams that don't people have the records don't allow it to its. I like the ravens use editing bay they're due for bounce back here. The Broncos are still on the board but you know ridiculous. The bearded one. JET. Asked did you accept jets that yes that Fitzpatrick context contractors which was weird to me what my contract situation isn't as freeagent yeah and so on and on page who played that better than jets of their Fitzpatrick. Well do I. Followed closely uploaded every sign a deal has quietly are easy get the money it was him or that he more or less like we're all really remember too in Italy is what you're deal all right. Bret thank in the jet's owner. Or I think he got to respect that it. Well Clinton jets despite all this and yet they didn't get there quarterback it a little bit Dave Ryan Patrick who. Did Fitzpatrick lose it. Like he plays at but it went on your deal what's wrong we shouldn't really you know you know no one billion dollar. Where things that they were never give more anyway is Laporte yeah right. I shoot for them and they launched UN don't talk yeah. It can choose sides just playing chicken chicken place Jake in saint lasting images are the only team that I. The chief sand and got the jets crowd got I don't know I'd probably I don't know to me the other she sent yet winning the division by the other reason and a mark my. Hearts well how quickly back up from all your raiders I don't know he's a potential surprising team wherever meaner like undercover team yeah. I don't. No. I. Just sense that it's like ticket dark horse in the our course. Except you it goes it it is dark court. If I'd this dealer I can't keep the playoffs how big luckless kid. So I Steelers in the division. This one's. And of New York sun mr. about the yeah it the jets are eight. Which offers yet this is stuff from me if everything goes right in the Steelers of the best team you know I think. But the patriots beat very muted. Obviously I mean that's unsaid that is and a Brady gets back. But I just think that office. Is gonna continue to decline. They weren't last year they had been in previous years that the defense without him accounts. Most speaking of patriots. Do you pages are resonant patriots fan here David Hahn does our. Pro football game of the week on Friday night's. Obviously they were last at Lear's objectively. Objectively speaking you know me without Tom Brady the Patriots offense obviously can't be as good as Andre I'm I'm saying. Is that when they are great they are in the AFC with a when they AFC championship that we're trying to get ugly gas meant they would if I. I will say this and get its championship game and will they win it I don't know that's kind of how I feel do you like another going to be. Central weather I don't know really depend on the first four weeks goes in the rubble I mean. Realistically I'm saying to ensue between those first four weeks and I think if the rest of the season when top comes back it depends on. You know how they do the right the last twelve games this season but I think they'll be there well they went up to it. Everybody. Everybody is sticking to the patriots and Steelers this conference was makes you want think this is a little bit. But I just can't brilliant light enough I don't patriots I have few pitchers in the Arianna Steelers and I'll stick with my signaling Chaka Tucker that Roethlisberger and a voted yes and males NFC. All right. And we'll start off with BN FC east always fun division to keep an island. Miss at least from Italy's arena. And that we can discount the talent and they had a press loved actors got it just feels right and out of the Redskins and giants is a lot of giants hype. But it receiving corps and inactive due to head coach has written. A single. Damn thing about him but he was there office coordinate parents. And it. He's got a new stat was salvaged that's like Indy is right zealotry that Tom's upgrading your privacy your seat yeah. You moustache now analysts at which time tubs and like that obstacle. That sounds happier than that not just I don't know why people just automatically right off the reds games as not Redskins right now I think it's public or Armitage as close as it is that Kirk. Kirk cousins I just because the New York factor is totally. Not NASA wants and you can be because so much focus on the giants do that weird way the game and maybe go ahead. If he mediocre yeah border way to beam me LE rams of that division. And I sports. Team last year to lose their first two games after Rio it's going into the fourth that is. They're deep it's gonna be worth it and that's that's negligent there is no. Washington. It's like Google's percentage that's when. The group effects. Kirk cousins but it fought us is times on the business and most fun. Fox though the company's botched it trademark that NFC west obviously I think two best teams in football. Are the cardinals and Seahawks yeah. As much as it pains me here. Ha ha. How must it pains me here to do this is because the way the schedule or out there beating the patriots without Brady. I'll they've got some other breaks on the schedule with homes and always breaks the it's not like there's nothing and let us destroy us are out the cardinals here in this one. But I will say and we can now not only moderate. Debt so if this happens it's like. Is it comeback it was a statement scenarios in that direction aren't that deals like you bet you against your team if you're actually pull your. Daily. Yeah. Don't have holes and offensively or defensively they're going to be really really good problem I cardinals things here's an idea is Carson Palmer. Diesel not only oil is recite carried regular is now so well to say injury and yet. It's really worries me. Historically but that we make my other day he deeply horrible last just last Saturday. Remember. There are coming up because of how badly put away cars and actually. Bad play but the interesting thing about the Seahawks here is they have. Eight top. Wedding on the top 23 proceed accordingly notice document which is interest and provost office and so atrocious that. They've got Tyler Lockett they've got Jim Ingraham and guts a German anchors and Paul Richardson. Lockett was first team all pro last year. For his punt kick returners. Are Tuesday as a rookie last series of a second player I think that bombs wondered finest receivers in the league now. Yeah he's up and immediately or whatever you can argue to just subject subject yeah Andy and once Jimmy Graham insult you look at what is the biggest there's no limit applies. Office last year Jimmy Graham earth that's like dollars it's is it freed them up a little bit moved his injury kind of coincide with Marcia his injuries though. Kind of allowed them to reorganize their offense it usually run around us that make everything that forced into a passer by way. So. If you have to get ahead. Some 113 quarterback rating last year gas thing I heavily used incredible that. It is often probably. Please list on it is yet he had a terrible but now it's just he. He has like Cam Newton in that these skill set that he possesses. Mentally and physically is really out on match against those studio advantage that Newton has been even over Russell. Is that he's like twice the size. So I just. A little apples to apples oranges that little it's your own flavor bulls and I think he's turned into a better pocket passers but is he stepped on athletics tools. Or. Slider creative player needs got a little portrait atlantis' mission will have a bit more towards pocket. What's weird if he's on Newton pocket for the agency roster will know what you thought if you look at look at them when they were drafted just were there. Tools. It will be biased and was known as the pocket and a lot of people said in the NFL with those whole offensive lineman that he would have in I would be a pocket passer evidently it's like that people's Leo two reasons. I've ever bought you as much. Because corporate short that he's going to like an easy issue quarterbacks who do good it's just that. Half if that test no and the things that the reason I'm taking Arizona is not offensive line even though I like assessments -- seven top 234 receiving corps office labs tests. That. In a beach and see what they do on that defensible line Bennett and April are going to be good. But they lost Irvin and that Sam positions so that pass rush on third down to serve regular realists were raiders of the door openers. Here it's. Just the quarterback situation for that original. Fisher caught earlier clinical he would take it is and obviously I got here yeah orders I'm about ready to hedge your bets out and out of our rivers mark my audio when you know out of there is government is. Whether or not. Tired map view is on to present because when he had a lasting injury he was still good when he came back. But this week's all it can't get back to super sick and last year. Will he be kind of like hi you can't like will be able to get back to supersede this year I'm not. Entirely sure played well know is what is Kelly Johnson and shout out to him for pay entire match Geeknews. I think that is always had never shared a lot better football player in the get speaks that after two major injuries team which still. Make that sort commitment to room Aryan Nation let's go. And as far as the way bush Ollie out of jail journalists yet. And they'll be here that are outraged that Kiki media in his first reason being is to force fumbles. Man he's going to be good pitchers forget pitchers pitchers. Toxic instance in the glory in the back FC north. I mean c'mon Packers hears us after an injury and yeah. I would have gone I would've gone vikings pre what are yet I don't know him pre injury just whip. Both of us. I didn't make that a hundred moment on this I think he didn't matter in the divisional alignment of Vanilla ones they. It it was patently Erica Richard Rodgers meter or catch. Oh okay so it should be yet they shouldn't be into and out by the ago what went up Richard gross audience lions you lie now right yeah I don't either of these split but when it mattered. With the two teams news division was outlined by Antigua that's an interview by. Teddy Bridgewater is lag also sells they sleep attainment that it's. Seeded in this isn't for me not the vikings action line like that I thought and that office would be good I think the schedule kind of clears the way for them to win. Nine maybe ten games this year in the right there I think we'll. Pak us and VP pick this is just going to be so good again didn't some players at least just written yesterday I was pretty interesting and then. Was too he nails and hurt that lost someone else on the other office and George Orwell is snowed in it was last year is back. Gobs. Of dollar weapons lazy so leaders. Easily he is leagues if I. Mean as Lee's government then matters. To your point and he's pretty good. Yeah the Packers of choice here hands down after. This stuff are saints fans out there. I think we're both probably it's Panthers in this division putts yup. I guess and pre season and other predictions for his predictions. I think this eye of the falcons or the saints are going to make the playoffs I think one of those two teams. Whoever's defense Joseph little bit better in the top twenty ish at a unit. Are going to be a lot better than people expect. And my pick here. This is this sneak his present NFC south. That's his fans like this that are the falcons early in the offices of some good at a Dan Quinn is gonna mold that defense imaginable defense better and it got. For them true fought. But doesn't trip on it seems turned into it legit guy but he's he's really again grid the problem is I don't know man I I think the falcons saints are both 79. May ninth and said in the try to I think 99 and seven. Maybe a sneaky tenant six and he in the playoffs Walton six mutants it's you probably get analogue card if you do it's it's you don't get the wildcard in new war. You are on the books. What are they want it's they that team that nobody is talking about. Bet I'd like a lot so what the Bucs have I can not commit the oh. I just. No we're hesitant to actually come to him is Doug Martin please well I like James wins a lot alike to receiving corps that they have. Defensively. They're good players at every level yet. Junior and cool way they've quit. Dallas. And get somebody in this offseason delta rushed us. Got her on court Kwon Alexander. Going separate crimes now. At quarterbacks mean I liked. But the books are working with. It's not just talked myself and to and to thank you the Bucs are going to be that he'd I guess as it is Phyllis that your quarterback and a to hold its bills and years to excellence and all of them. And it was a year Nazi think. He needs Panthers in the business and yeah yeah nobody else and I can't MVP toward the other I think detectors are better. Passes while I think an easier or tougher schedule there are enough that are she's. I only did he visits an obvious question when you lose just. The secondary is not. I mean you brought back Kurt Coleman. You just look. They're structure and started to rookie quarterbacks. I work now I giving days I'm giving Dave get and that GE that G in the benefit of the doubt he'd go he just go. Right Josh and Josh Norman won so much money for. One year's super help us get gentleman was like look. Our philosophy we built deep inside out. We believe quarterback is important and teams Lee. If we continue with our. Kurt Coleman had like 679. Pictures of last year he's look I. Rookie quarterbacks are the answers are better this year I actually think offensively you get weapons Baghdad and flood just it is indeed he Carolina's camp. Thus far. We mentioned town Calvin did you mean going to be so yeah gimme against Caroline she's out. I I absolutely on that points I just I don't think they're going to be as good for the reasons we talked about earlier with teams coliseum blueprint for Maine about how to stop them to have slowed down. A defense I don't think the headrest cue on the conference but Ortiz ever remembers him right so let's go. There are wild card teams we've got the Redskins but I think we went chalk here about I guess there would be chart and you'll pick the same for Redskins carton of Packers fans is what we've done that well Seahawks cardinals risk the one yeah. Mr. Eddie could you could make that argument Redskins giants. In it Tennessee's split ya well yes I look at the teams I think you've got five teams that will be. There assuredly. And that is well got four teams are to be in the playoffs surely some of the throw the Seahawks and there's a lot of current list less of being. Disastrous happens they're going to be in the playoffs he got the cardinals. The Seahawks. The Packers the Panthers and I do think the Redskins. What kind of running oil that division plus an injury some unexpected force happens in the agencies and ceased. The other wild cards to me it's it's much dark horse and I think it's either going to be an alliance or the falcons saints river from there and risen and I'm talking the opposite of my pick before I guess offices on these other worldly young of the giants didn't now. I don't like how to wins the division. It. That Purdue was less than one. I don't know I guess between between the giants. Exit line I mean. I still won't count out the vikings a 100%. A bit too if you could hear I hear from liberal and well it could be compared Sam Bradford and Teddy Bridgewater numbers that they compare favorably they're pretty close. That's your plan you had things to point the problem is that you know Florida office or what yeah anyways and all this kind of deal ran like. Catering to Teddy Bridgewater. Skirt and Swanee tends is it because last time the chats once and then got up and Avandia and Mike let's go but Agassi got the via. At all. You got the vikings and I've got the alliance Odyssey magma falcons owner says I thought. It's opposite lives are ten clients. So if you're gonna. Okay however it is it's tough I think I don't know what does it seems are one of those who Tim's now I don't think either we're gonna wanna it obviously I get to choose one. Correct NFC champion. This to me is going to be so fun to watch where you ought what's what age you get to choose what other alliance and our nominee and that political ads and stuff. It's. This is gonna be as fun as watching. The niners and the Seahawks for those three years you don't want need most of 2012 through 25 team. I cardinals as you are just negative I really do. I think that there are battered them the Panthers. Now the Panthers may end up getting what they likely will end up getting one of those two teams on the home field which will help. But the Seahawks cardinals are still loaded and they're still deep on both sides of the football they're from the same division government knows that so they have asked with each other people each other's whole deal last year. Which also has interest in. I don't know him man I don't know board and I think the part of the reason that I think it's always mean here nobody's talking about. None of us in this room haven't talked about the Packers here as possible apps as well as they could be but I just think. So easily that there's no chance now our London no chance tomorrow. We'll have gotten like they're not your conversation. You certainly in the top three teams. None of the top three teams. I think that you get that hackers mortgage and some place boys don't know the reason I was gonna say is I do this matchup so Orleans three teams. This treaty pisses. Have pummeled. Aaron Rodgers passed before yours and is consistently. The reason the good thing that sways me here and call me homer if you want in his Carson Paul atrocious playoff him the last couple years I'd pick the cardinals to remember when the divisions that means Seattle have to long road for at least two games and play if I am saying and play the cardinals even if they're in the divisional. Or in the NFC title game in Arizona where Alex I mean they've they've one group of twelve games they have been it's the last couple years. Or should say it one last one four years ago. I agree Seahawks the Seahawks I I don't know this to be so fun to watch the clip is put it was a lot of fun. Your target fun again this year however much like last year I think there are a lot like it did it emerged weeks as we've seen this and we've seen this not only in football and every single sports is. Ever since we're on the big stage right to become so mental at that point and and I distinct Carson Palmer has gone so mental in the playoffs last you saw he was so yeah yeah it was so bad night game they should not mean date. But just the Packers actually got lucky and it is close they did that still. It's a testament to how the cardinals and tigers team is made out there they were you when the game despite struggles I still am like. I'd encourage kids to grow the jockeys to sharpen that you never pick a team to go twice which it regards as a group that's what's so I. They didn't get it and rockers this way. We're interior justice let's last couple years ago and look like they say in the barring Josh or loss which I think it's still it's a dairy interests you I'll tackle that is. Because of a bit of two minds there. I don't see greater Carolinas on any words I still think that's the best defense. In the NFC and so I've got has got some rule prediction now so I've got Seahawks vs patriots. And that's why. Cut well do you fund international of that happens mentally might be enough to our significant Steelers negated settling a yeah dealers and hiring you'll Steelers Carol rematch wouldn't that they've played miserable Beck. Early 2000 her EJ two long days and I was patriots good pitches to hit it in and they want only last Juno here. It added an answer that's. Thus the oxen pitchers pilot play in the regular season it will be with the help out I'm suspended Tom Brady and Els will Tom Brady. So this would be a rematch not only miserable but from the regular season. We thought is okay. You just bought from the media hype surrounding miss and I would probably not watch any TV those entire two weeks just for the loop of that. One interception the worst plays on medical history from a couple of years ago and her from play that I shall not name. Hi I'm. With yeah I was your browsers. You're hurt and you went from the highest of highs the lows of lows Leo that not expect and let the beast mode retired. Premiere and that they have are big consistent and if I'm being objective here which is really hard for me to be in this because what I just said. In that scenario on the big stage becomes. Such a mental game that you know Russell Wilson and everybody else especially coaching staff would be thinking about that moment and I think it would be really soft spot for the Seahawks. So I would have stick the patriots aren't patriots Super Bowl champs until it got to stick him with. Consumers Caroline. He's agrees I literally I think I only wish they get Sarah Palin as one championships on every level of football he's ever played on. I think I don't think it takes a while for him to get back when he gets back immediately and to give exit on this here. No solar and press conference come February oh boy no that's stuff have you seen them. Put a little bit of presidents have a quarterback. It and this is not candidate here but just to stick it takes to take this comet politically. It's been no I don't we've ever seen a quarterback had that bow out of the performance in that much of maligned performance in a Super Bowl and come back. Immediately and in himself not even immediately. I. Always maintained though that there's never really. That there's never been a quarterback like. Like Camden as far as his speed skill set that it possesses mentally and physically I still believe that to be true he's like final four and freezer. Unprecedented players do unprecedented things. You could argue the fact that Peyton Manning didn't have such a terrible performance asteroids Seattle I. Re yeah yes and dignity comes back a vehicle last year and destroy Reuters the Carolina that the only way to get him immediately but it's pretty. It wasn't looking good in whatever it is it's here and Lovato says he doesn't like California is not that meant that I well yes I know it. I think what will happen. It has I but yes I agree but my. My day at a rebuttal that would be hit man who was atrocious in Nazi rule he did not already has opened alias he got a ring oh yeah that was I don't. Should not do that fares he was intrusions are in this season he was not a Jay Roach is in the super. I was serviceable in the super respects. You searchable what he was Blaine Gabbert who verbal. I think bit quick but ugly guy that doesn't lose a game. Leahy did what they need to in order when he. Stepped up one point eight K this is it's going to win the Super Bowl it's really going to be mainly because of that defense and I mean obviously even according to know. Just as general end and we just about first through our analytic start right watch football I think really needs to. Implement more analytic solid grounds across the games because there's way too much emphasis on wins and losses quarterback when losses is weighted to their performance remember the and we old school baseball is right. Vettel wins and losses war V defining metric of a pitcher Reyes for not only for Cy Young awards afford it legacy and we found that. Thank goodness through all these metrics and Alex Witt who wins the mosque is zoo should not should play such a little role in analyzing pitching performance I think it should be the same way. The quarterback performance. So so anyways that's you hit a nerve with me by saying yes he got even use that as few times right is totally disagree yes he got the win and I don't know it's yeah. I think I think that's going. Q4 analytically understand that it's a team sport in the you have to be careful about. Give any single position too much credit are too much blame for the outcome of the game but that same token to fix the game like him too dense. None other what other player accident so it I'm tiger that Leo okay. Whit whit the using his ability to win on every level of all he's played there's a means for somebody who is April what are what national champ when it. High schools teach kids in junior college kid to college national chipped it has now played it a Super Bowl. That's a pattern QB that's multiple different teams that spans multiple coaches that spans multiple sets of circumstances are I believe that it guys. Ability to rise up again this is the same logic that I used to argue in favor of just due to heavy cloud. Coming out of iron Kolb stimulus the economy yeah one high school he did number one in college in. I I think clouding the Goodyear this year could a Mac is definitely. I had the much more fruitful. NFL star we'll see how noted indexes. We did it out here in Carolina podcasts through bet I look I just the economy is really didn't anybody can do is I think Cam Newton is transcendent. Seattle. We don't get it past him best players of the generation and to me that's Camden the by the end of his career. I'll bear that out. I guess we'll see men it's hard to argue with that right now yeah I suppose that's where is Russell didn't he wears looks VP. Boy that's as possible some of the the not for cam Newton's real pastor problem when it went and ran out of Israel got. Is one Hitler during during his pocket as a last couple of years it's. Dead ahead. I was asleep or Brussels or for the beginning of his career has been incredibly good I've it's been so sweet see you fall off man on stake for about one I I I I'm. An objective a credit to run through it please yeah sort of pick Angel when our weekly preview we see. You actually go into the games but we're gonna make some picture I'm. And for those weekly preview. Denver to open the season. Forever. And this home team is never lost one piece there's an opener stone and I believe that's culture I think the home team. And that's not true the ravens the ravens lost their opener against the Steelers rates. A couple leaders yet so there has been president for this. I've actually going to go with Carolina in this one as well. I think look at his job's going to be a very low scoring affair. But it's. It's. I personally Denver does offensively even with Eminem contradicting myself because I said that the Carolina defense is not going to be asking it to the going to be good enough. Here hot and back taxes on state issues court is court. I mean whatever. And yes the Broncos went well for with terrible corner play last season. I under the age factor. Yeah Alex. One team loses their starting quarterbacks he has team loses its starting quarterback and the old full cited the team that lost the quarters. Actors. Thanks yeah. I don't think. Yeah it's tough it's really tough for me he semi and much hear it and he's an early test by which patently Nationalists and real easy as you'll you know Davis Brister. If you these corporate immediately followed John Elway some good Broncos teams team goes fourteen to sue what it was is gonna pick an area that's obviously my fault raiders. New Orleans Saints. A great game refined today excited says that it is fun to watch block vents in the slumping offense to be over by the way. In this game but in the dome home openers and abdomen who'll percent to done at home last couple years has not been good but given this xmas. I think it's raiders. That what for what this is all that's why I am bill whether they're right approval by both clubs yeah. Bullet. If this schedule this year so guided stuff in it there is an easy portion t.'s first four game it's easiest. They have to get ultra hot start. I think he could have proved. To be good but look man I how does that lie hold up against a a co Il back in the rural urban and Bruce are quite. What do we see this pre season it looked at odds that it would actually horrendous. So lie yet you give me the readers fortunately giggles. You or JETS jets jets jets. Just throws it at home I got accidentally stumbled on this one ounces I was nervous before it's really tough for me to pick. The manuals and Isner looks so good so that's it but yet at the home it is the home field advantage in this one jets. Our network lockstep still your picks no he's at the rate of each exams are alive and operates the iron finished 66. Wiser colts another entry matchup number my dark or speak here. Alliance throughout this podcast will not back it up with this pick however because like I said I also think the colts are gonna have a readout here. And that meant lions' defense maligned secondary or Stewart. And Stevenson was so good two years totally lost pieces. Lost a lot of base consistently the first one ago it was Chris April and the dollar console from. A colts in this cubicles and two start off the rebound year for gotta land in a and I mean it's kind of not that sexy matchup I guess it will give us a measure to teams that were kind of ensure the other. Yeah I was there and. Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah. I isn't as locals to Hillary's doing culture notes to Hewitt colts and that's not a did basis with which to make decisions and not a sexy matchup here I put it down just for name recognition yet giants at cowboys. Got it right are Mexicans account no let's take you weren't that press Scotland. Dallas Dallas at home to surprise here everybody's gonna take them out why ankle line is that a giants' mastery why cowboys. Could do this why deck press guys could make life easier it. He'll line if your rookie quarterback would help or what helps ease the transition of young quarterbacks more than anything. Is just being protected. Having security in the pocket. The in the trust those guys up front in the does not get better than the cowboys office of life in that group is wholly shoes kids I always run. All of your steel 120 plus yards a couple of touchdowns. Still that said. Decal that. Slowdown. Team. We'll see I don't count out their target. Automatically backs OK good at a solid whatever but. John junior. Pitcher it is. Marquee match a week other than probably Caroline Denver another easy pace. Yeah this is this is the Brady less patriots at the cardinals again. And let me set it for the suspension was announced this is one of the reasons that tipped that division in the cardinal cigarettes they're gaining knowledge patriots home but for him patriots Brady squamous yuck after wrote. So give the division and give this into the cardinals. The big game for the division I don't recall one but I think coming back into the season you're gonna look at this game Wednesday may be one game difference between two clubs. I think it's gonna be what they do against the patriots that suits him so it's it's going to be the difference if they lose this one make it can't lose this early camp. Cardinals I mean yeah. Be delusional lies and refine the oil that would. And cruel and there'd be missed opportunities they released that the fact that you hit. The radio speeches those yards have to play the Brady patriots mean what you said is if they didn't fantasy where you're looking for. A key differentiators. Or whatever it is three really exploit and take advantage of the match up well this is a schedule matchup that they have to take it I. What question I asked resident patriot homer here about what Steve Belichick do. At times is when he sees games on the schedule like this debt seem almost like losses. He goes very basic with the office of defense in game plan is looking forward to. Weeks you know 234 anything that happens here any kind of just it was very plain kind of chalk this up to loss. Doesn't play anything out of the bag of tricks and saves us for his original putts and that's. It's Belichick actually goes pacing I think Easter egg problem acres basic here and I know that. Belichick actually has more on the defensive side and John McCain houses you know is Yahoo!'s court interview runs Colin Farrell and so I think he goes there's been problems first game especially because on the road. If their home. And as a New England I think people have more tricks and their sleep I don't think Belichick the rose this one away I do think the cardinals win. I think it's close but I think the cardinals would actually it's at home and because of what is that it's a must win situation I think problem is very basic lets you know Julie cattlemen. I. He tries to let other people do what do they can't form that's after a couple of frivolous he always does. But you know. I think the cardinals do win. He says it's too much good test in the end like I think the Bradley they've patriots of course you're going to miss respectable job of keeping it close we're talking about this on the podcast the last couple years is this all. Always the type game Peterson boiling. This early. Does it really is I don't see why it over the last few years. Especially the last years have always played. Better against here they're supposed to lose two strokes snuck. Against he adds that they are true would be but you're still asking Jimmy problem to go two hours after it. Instead defense game I think it's stupid to test a bit Arnold went yeah. I agree with sentences of the game the patriots always when it wouldn't surprise when patriots fan so it resembled one. But I do our debt Texas Alabama and New England they are the only sure things. In this life. Let's move onto our soccer alive act sorry our favorite police sounder Vietnamese media obviously best I mean this foreigners here. That was an area space aliens. Let's get to our soccer and sucker line. If you followed our our podcast last of leaders you know how atrocious at him at his pockets. I think two years ago except I think two years ago I was something. Ridiculously three in ten. In the second ads on this thread. I don't see that jumped off the page to me I saw a couple low earners is actually gonna go with this one butts. The Steelers are favored on the road at the Redskins in this one right this is kind of did that and the height. Machine that has been the Steelers this is lately in the Dulles Steelers going to the Redskins. And that turf we all know about this is not conducive to big offensive outputs. A let alone saying healthy. I'm gonna take this the Redskins who actually was thinking about taking the Redskins to rim when this one out right this is claimed to be a fun game to watch. In nominates say did this is my sucker alive and it if I was gonna put motto one game this week is that we do this by the way a solution and introduced the segment. For new listeners. Our guys you look at the Vegas odds of that consensus on an alliance during the week we kind of pick one that we say it if your if you wanna put money on his hands. So while the money on and I would put money here if I'd choose one on the Redskins here. App plus three issue pushing it three you winning you if they lose vets who were one now familiar with how those lines working means minus three means the Steelers. After wind died. Well more than three to make you money there why am I reading this right is. Is. Is Indianapolis given six to neutral yes. I mean that's opened this here looking at the second row and it opened him open MI six and careers with your diets all the sharks refute. Putting money on on Detroit's that line is closed from six to three and a half I still. Feel the biggest social cultural growing Detroit and that situation Q3 and a half we just talked about the lines every certainly get I don't think Indianapolis is great. Which has spread of this or New England. Actually start opened this game favorite present pre the Brady news maybe being suspended was pre integrated. Minus yen outsmart them hand. New England plus six counts sounds kind of yes Kenneth tasty as well. I was too. Always a threat clustered. Finally he has a lock of the week. Am. Here Lou block although weak it's what like this is very general. And vague we always see it Imus say there is one that superstar. On a playoff caliber maybe in Super Bowl caliber team that goes down and changes. The outlook of the season in a conference. In May be entirely to look for this week. Big time name quarterback receiver running back goes down we won and all its prediction Regis made. Mr. Evelyn. This happens every year I was going to be and there are a lot of predicts an injury obviously for obvious reasons that. Better hope it happens I hope I'm wrong. Other instances it's kind of weak week for Spezza said. That's why the core Pacific century's greatest city is about specificity thicker. President yet proved the photographs it's tough ones. That more explicit. Management says the area well did you. He's like an old profits on how these words what was out there. You see anybody get hurt in week one week is a network alliance into it. Word that you gave me. It's superfluous as a favorite schools that and I noticeable element is there an L Pacific northwest. Well accent. My week. Sam Bradford to exhibiting. He's now. But could surmise that you are pretty confident our 120 plus two touchdowns are the bonus there. Our immediate kill her birth lots and asked gonna do if we want the WW well and it felt podcast all right away. She has over the top in the view that it was this whole thing we're looking for a name for Alicia we hear from these kind of cool. Hip name renamed the show as. Oh week through or taking. Which he's missions they stripped. Twelve I love group B I think that. Taking advantage of your audience's minds may be. We concede. Their way to more creative let's don't want to me that's rightly. If you can't is that viewed in the Asia. As well. Are sent us your suggestions also for. The new podcast names. Tweet us at sets Dunlap he's at T about 53 or you can citizen Yunel. That's WR's you didn't do well NFL podcast at gmail.com does arrive at a time okay. They're going to each day or you can email us right. WW a podcast at gmail.com. Thanks so much listening ports you wore special guest that yes and patriot half hour. He's the secret that I'm set Dunlap tot him next week appliance everybody have a great. It needs.