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May 24, 2016|

Scoot’s exclusive with New Orleans own HARRY CONNICK, JR! Harry was the commencement speaker at Loyola’s graduation. Harry shares insights into his new TV show coming up this fall, his love and appreciation of New Orleans and the one thing he hopes graduates will remember. And, you tell us – what’s the most important thing every college or high school graduate should know about life in the real world. 2 pm poll -Looking back on when you left college or high school were you prepared to face the real world? Also, New Orleans lost out in hosting the 2019 super bowl to Atlanta ... What are your thoughts?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It. I use this afternoon his son Bill Cosby is going to stand trial on sexual assault charges. Whom you talk about that coming up. Happy birthday today to bottom kill Dylan song writer Pawlenty who is the protestor. Bob Dylan. 75 years old today. Good seeing shaky when no. I'm young roads so that time and then wow. Popular Lewis one of the performers who reflected the the anti establishment sentiment of that terror baby boomer generation from the 1960s. I'm skirt in the afternoon this is where politics and pop culture meets your opinions I'm glad you witnessed major part of this outstanding radio audience in the afternoon. A Bill Cosby in order to stand trial on three counts of felony sexual assault. Apparently somebody from the defense table screamed at the judge as soon as the judge made that announcement. There will be those who think that he's being treated unfairly there will be those who will say. Hey look and there's enough evidence as the judge agreed there's enough evidence for this guy to work to stand trial. And even though everybody did do it in the past and it seems like there's there's this idea that will veto this was something that we all did back dead. Well I mean I didn't teach you so I don't think it's a really fair excuse we've also been talking about time that tragedy in the loss of a five year old girl who. A shot herself with a gun left unattended by her father who showered and this is just such a painful painful thing to talk about. And my thoughts and prayers with the father with the family. And with a little girl's soul I don't know if charges are going to be filed but this is a topic that comes up unfortunately. It comes up too often. It happens all over the country. Where a gun is left unattended. And with. The right to only going comes great. Responsibility. A from a plus Emily your under the WL. Am I. You know. I'm not aren't went on and on and on yeah that one. Your outline and I is that in app. I Eric yeah you're in here and you know one. You're out in. There. Oh my god what a horrible. And they. Eat and general Colin. It attract me by people Polly Utley and on the well. That lady you want an app and and it. Immediately. I I I agree Emily I mean I am I'm recognizing. Recognizing the grief but I I agree with you that I I don't think punishment should be off the table just stood because of of this particular situation. Why aren't they are calling you out and you happened by. You know I don't get in the car and and we beginning of the accord on a 11. Child in the car. Excuse me it is great I mean. Well my justification for my my opinion on this is based on on standing up for the five year old girl because some parents need an adults need to protect children they're they're innocent and they don't know how to protect themselves so it's up to us. Yeah and Aaron you know they they say yeah. Breached aren't they see in in those kind of things my daughter as well. There's no. We don't you share you wanna carry anything. Hello grant them world party oddly though they had not eat that I played without mama we're not allowed by the phone. I think that's I think that's a little extreme blight. Obviously but you know but if that's what you feel like you need to do to teach your kids and do. Because you're wearing what and I ended family and you know on my dad and Don. Out at the other and our brand then it is something that I am I an opinion on what you know. I think we the collective pride that that you've been folk. I mean that people can get in the car. I know what it or. Going I'll never. Let it out wondering what you do and one. And why aren't so whenever. You got there are eight hours did not even got out. Normally I don't I don't understand that either weren't yeah I mean I realize that those are our mistakes and and that there are grief stricken parents involved but yet. Who stands up for the kids to meet people have got to be held accountable for those kinds of mistakes that lead to. Death and serious injury. An occasion of the law it LY and Anwar and everybody is it you're at that somewhere out. Who interpret law as I did not think it is that yeah you know I. It didn't hurt Kate in all you like so much in the crop of. Well will be here to to talk about it group regardless of what happens and and and as as hard as it is to say it is because if I decreases in the semi stealing we. I just I think we have to hold parents accountable when they leave out a loaded gun and that's the simple message don't leave out a loaded gun. While you're a parent and welcome immediately and yet you Terrell and T park following warm and you're you're in you're out. Couldn't. I think the answer to that is your thoughts. And and of Emily I think this is a really great point that you bring up because you know. There are people who think nothing because they've done so many times they think nothing of drinking and try to not trying to two decent puritans here. I'm a realist and there were many times and in my life and I Rankin an intro to an and I should not have done that and I'm fortunate that nothing happened but. Yes it can happen to you. Yeah and that people you know we are again. We've been here. So quick and our own people by the moment are in. My couldn't our wouldn't well. And I think that's one of the benefits of talking about this because if if death is in vain then it's. I guess the best way to put it is we should try to learn something from the mistake of of the tragedy Emily I enjoyed our conversation going to listening and I appreciate you taking time to call us. If you rejoice for the comic this afternoon I will continue this conversational bit later but I'll I wanna go to a break gone I want to go to a break right now because. We're gonna share with you the conversation I had with Harry Connick junior. A Saturday morning it was at the Mercedes-Benz superdome ripe for the lawyerly graduation he was the commencement speaker. And I was invited did to Saddam has been a few minutes for Harry so will share that conversation we talked about a lot. I'll focus on one thing that he talked about which was the message that he gave those graduates. And it brings up the idea that. There are things that every graduate from high school or college. Should know about the real world. What is it that you think they should you know I'm scoot and go talk about that will be comeback on WWL. Harry Connick junior was the commencement speaker for earlier was graduation Saturday in the Mercedes-Benz superdome and I've sat down with Terry the first question I asked him was. Harry what's the one thing that you want graduates to remember about what you tell them today. How important it is to. Focus on detail you know no matter how loft to your your goals are and I think they should all leave today you know having. Immense. Drive and desire to achieve. But it's really all about. The details and sort of looking up after. Years of hard work and realizing that you've created something. Well worth as a result of focusing on the little things. Is that a party that maybe we don't see you know we see this onstage persona of Harry Connick junior but it's the DT on the goes on behind it makes that person. I think so I think most people who have achieved any kind of success would probably share the same story and you can look at. Drew Brees for example I mean. As much as I think I know about what's going on on the field I don't know anything I don't know anything about his work ethic or. The amount of time he spends trying to understand defense is anything like that. But I I see a great quarterback and you know when people see me on stage hopefully they're seeing a great performer and they shouldn't necessarily. Be privy to. Does the details of what I'm doing or most of them probably don't interest but I think. It's really about that it's not about sort of drooling Diego all the time that's about what you have to do to make those dreams a reality. You are such an amazing singer songwriter composer musician. An actor comedy romantic and maniacal killer and now you're gonna do. A show some describe it as a talk show but from what I read about hairy that's got to talk show gets out of it talks so I mean it's kind of like. It's kind of what we're doing right now like unison there was no guards you know you know who I am you. Probably thrust upon a few things is to remind yourself of who I am what I do. And in you we have a conversation and that's really was going to be an as an entertainers a person who spends. You know most of his time in front of an audience that's my job suit. So make it fun most of the people who I'll be talking to are probably won't have to do that we're gonna have Latin music we're gonna have. Man on the streets though we're gonna celebrate every day folks. Just an an Ericsson angle within the executive produce as of late so David Letterman on my two executive produces so it's a very. Late night feeling show in the middle of the day I think a lot of times from people go to bed too early just. To see those late nights hills so we're gonna try to bring that that kind of party right in the middle of the day. A lot of competitions or it's good you're trying to do something it simply different you've got really heavyweight producers. And they actually read about your talent so that's really nice to hear. I really think that there are some of the most brilliant guys government and I've known for years now and I really feel close of them I'm not only professionally and so as saying the same. Kind of vision with the show is going to be good just personally you know I'm very close to them and their kids and their wives and my family and their families of a real tight so it's just that it's it's a good feeling going into something that. Is gonna take so much effort knowing that. You you you really love the people that you work. So in all the you do if there's still this common core it is Harry Connick junior and it will be can't wait to show is to be successful it's going to be Harry Connick junior. What is your core characteristic that makes you unique. Probably spontaneity not only to plan things too much going back to what I was saying about details you know that that's the stuff that you do to allow you to be. Spontaneous so if there's a huge amount of internal structures there. I can kind of do what I wanna do I've worked really hard my whole life to. Should be a great piano players if I can be in great singer and great performers so. All of those years of work at sort of led me to a point where I feel very comfortable as doing things as they come I don't wanna do a lot of pre interviews I don't wanna. We did a show and tell segment on the pilot. And I don't know anything about the kids I don't know who they are what they're bringing this show me it's really important. For me to discover things along with the audience and that's at least you get to. If you're a certain type of performer does it it doesn't happen much anymore usually things especially on network television syndicate knows. Things are very very very planned out because there's too much money involved so I made it really clear to the people that NBC universal were the producers. I really don't wanna do a show where. I have to stick to some kind of script and they say no that's what you do so I think spontaneity is kind of the heart of where I am. They used as an hour showing a positive light on your world insurer great ambassador for your hometown what do you tell people about heroics I tellem. It it's the reason I'm around it's everything that I do sort of seen through. Wins that. That is that is New Orleans. Everybody always talks about the amazing food the music the people in there absolutely right you you can't overstate. How unique this culture is and how important it is to not only the United States was to the world I mean we have. So much and it's important. That we not only embrace our history which were the best at doing. But that we continue to evolve and improve. And have this incredible balance of history and being modern at the same time which I think we're doing pretty it's. That was a conversation with Harry Connick junior's Saturday at the Mercedes-Benz superdome before the oil to graduation. I also asked him about being a celebrity and being a father and will share that with you on the Friday before Father's Day when we talk about fathers and celebrities are just are just being a father. When I started the the conversation I asked him what's the one thing that he really wants to graduates to remember. And I thought it was interesting how he said focus on details. And he's right about past. It might seem at times like we do know planning for the show at all but there's a detail things that we have to work on before we do that it's. But what advice would you have free graduating high school or college student this year it's 2016. What do you think of graduating students from high school or college. Should know about the real world. It's beyond school. What lessons did you learn. It proved to be valuable in the workplace things that you've learned from school. And also there's so much negativity about today's high school or college grants how how often do you notice there's no good paying jobs out here. The economy stakes high student loans. And these are just a couple things that are constantly mention. Giving young people are very very negative view of the future. Met and why not tell him you know you can accomplish whatever you want to accomplish. But yet we berate. Young generations with this negative view of the future. Is the future really that negative. I mean why not tell OK so you've got sued Wallace if you're graduating from high school okay so you're the world's not perfect. What lesson would you like to to. Shared that you learned that you'd like to share with those who are who are heading into the real world for high school after college right now. If you wanna join us for the comet are numbers 2601870. And shouldn't people focus on the possibilities. Rather than the pitfalls. And what lesson again what lesson would you give young people today about the real world. 260 point seven in Gary could 5042601. X every Texas 87070. And here's our party general opinion poll looking back on when you left college or high school where you prepare to face the real world. Give us your opinion by going to WWL dot com Cyndi Lauper is the latest eighties pop star to go country and she's got a country album out called detour. One of the songs from the the album she does with Vince Gill. The title of the sewing is you're the reason our kids are ugly that's why he's coming up on this news of a data here's Chris Miller on WWL. Yellow I think we're gonna add that to our conversation right now. Cyndi Lauper she's governed country. Sydney law for Vince Gill the song is your the reason our kids are ugly. That's kind artery and it. We're talking about Harry Connick junior. And some comments he made about to what he was telling the graduates in. You know that wanted to that it'd be going to talk about the idea of what advice would you give to young generation today graduating high school graduating college. Yeah it will have this sent his conversation but we've got into the conversation. New Orleans not getting the Super Bowl. In 2019. It's going to Atlanta. I know it's their game. And I know the NFL can play the way they wanna play. But I think the NFL is being unfair. To hold cities hostage. If they don't have a new stadium. And I got detectors or body a few minutes ago says they live in Nashville listening to two radio in Nashville. Sent me text saying that there's a guy and the or Nashville called the Mercedes-Benz superdome. Dump. It's not the most modern stadium. There are some problems with the press box area. But those problems. Really our only serious problems when it's a Super Bowl. So issue we have to build a new stadium in order to get the Super Bowl. And if so should we just be willing to say you know worked so what. What I'm not one to ever settle for. Mediocrity. I'm not one to ever saddle I'm not one for not warning to be the best I can be the best we can be as a city. But it seems to be event. The super dome is. Adequate enough. And it was an absolutely revolutionary state. And theoretically. The NFL is saying you can build a new stadium out in the middle of the desert. Hours away from a hotel room. And we might give you Super Bowl. But even if you're a great destination a great place in so many ways to have the Super Bowl we're not gonna give it to you if you don't have built a stadium. If you wanna join us with Euro reaction to that our numbers 2601. A seventy. Erica 05042601. It's every Texas a seventy ace every house or share some of these text with you about advice you would give to a young generation because this is important. It's important for us to add as adults. Set an example and also. Safe certain things to to to a young generation and if you've got kids particularly teenage kids. As a parent as an adult you you've got a responsibility. To. Tell them about life to tell them what to expect the got a text here for someone says son their advice to young generation would be followed the rules. And how often do we talk about. An initial people who get in trouble because they don't follow the rules are people who don't follow the rules and think they're entitled to something. Another text says. Lit a balanced life. And here's Texas says stuff I told my kids to not even look at a college they can't afford also told them. You're going to get an education not an experience. Do not get a student loan to go to work and I'll help out some as well. Most importantly. Do not go get a degree in left hand puppetry in other words. Make it count. You know I'm thinking about simple things like. Life isn't fair. Now life is not fair. And by the way they're gonna be times that you're gonna be offended it. You might be offended in the workplace. It's also important to do a good job even when nobody's looked. Because that builds the foundation of of a strong work ethic don't just do a good job went with somebody's looking. What message would you have for young generation we'll talk about that were also like talking about New Orleans not getting the Super Bowl. This city is so perfect in so many ways for the Super Bowl. And yet apparently is because in and maybe there's something too distant I don't know but it seems as if it's because we don't have a new stadium. I'm from New Orleans Kevin welcome to the show. You're. I work in the service industry. And hurt the Atlantic the inaudible I was grateful. We never get enough to hear that. At all. Now would your. Which your bosses feel differently because there are no hospitality industry. I don't think so it's a lot of hard. You know light. Light. There's only fill me in a bad check their. Related warrant and mark in the airport then they'd want as it is and our all. They. I don't mean like he already does that mean more considering all of you know higher. It the 75 temporary people. In now so I mean. So from your standpoint in the hospitality industry you think it's good we don't we we don't get it. We don't need me. And they bring in a law of Allah I'd workers could go that are. Little Billy. And our local people relieved. And it that we get that you will scrub service industry jobs you know you don't get there. Really you know they'll fly and the people. And put them in the hotel. And hit them just ridiculous amounts of money. Oh yeah you know. I'm innocent people let me know. Gratuity. Life. Almost the whole time this big old news. And my impression was that this would be like and I just around an incredible time for this service industry. Haven't I oh. I appreciate the call and appreciate your perspective. You wanna join us with your thoughts and comments we have just learned breaking just a few moments ago New Orleans is not going to get the suitable for 2019 is going to Atlanta. Couch. Numbers 260170. Every coach final four to six so when he symphony X numbers they sent an ace every I'm stewed in the afternoon it will be back on review well. On our part go to calendar for today may the 24 there was on this day in 1970 forward David only released diamond dogs. On Wasilla an album with a very controversial cover. David volley wise half man anymore didn't do half dog. And there was a hybrid genitalia. On the album cover and I I remember sir young DJ growing up on a Iraq and Norway's years ago there's I've I've played some of the songs from diamond dogs. And I guess on undercover you would describe David Beaulieu says trans species. I'm scared in the afternoon this is where politics and pop culture meets your opinions we're we're talking about. The on the NFL owners awarding the Super Bowl the next one up for availability. I think it was Super Bowl 53 the one in 2019. Is going to Atlanta. As somebody from the hospitality industry just called and said that's good news we don't need it. There are so many things about new world and that make this one of the great cities to host a Super Bowl. And yet it seems to leave it on the city's being penalized because we don't have a new state. You know and and you think breed in America. Is not steal. Driving us. So our stadium not good enough. Even though everything else is in place. Not good enough. I think that's a shame. We're also talking about what message would you give to. Those who were leaving high school and college right now and going into the real world that I just got a text and somebody who says. I'd nobody gets ahead by doing less than the other guy. And they're similarly important thinks to to tell young people today that I think I've. That young people go into the real world and say. They're not really talked. Basic things like life isn't fair. And you know you're not gonna start at the top. From New Orleans and that you're under the WL. Well you. Forty iMac and I aren't here in the greater new or panic and I. On the corner Decatur on the eagle and question. That a while come how. How old am. The eagle. And and all the people and market geared up front about it can be. And and the Dutch and and it only by. Allen that. Many people. And I'm. Corner but brainwashed on the act should he. Do you think crime played departed new worlds are getting the Super Bowl. But I'm at it. A pretty bad. In you. The IE. Yeah in like a good cry was bad this is not the worst crime that we've had and in the history of a city but it is it is bad and it seems like you to. It's it's it's threatening people who haven't always been friend a net I I appreciate the call thanks for sharing that with us a motivator Tim welcome to the show. Pressure. On the advice to the chorus small follow watched so maybe there's simply. Nothing is as whole hour. Are as easy as you anticipate it at that and also Paul Williams. You proper term program. He's. That Tuukka people in the world vote to listen and those who wait too tall this album is dedicated to the four. Yeah that's that's true some people don't listen do you wait to talk Tim I appreciate the call. I'd if you wanna join us with your reaction to New Orleans are getting snubbed again not getting the Super Bowl is his son is this fair and and it is this a is this okay yeah I mean I know a lot of businesses are knocking to generate the money that they would generate if the Super Bowl team here. It's quite an honor to have the the Super Bowl in your city. But is this on. Is this a good thing or is this a bad thing we're not getting the Super Bowl if you wanna join us our numbers 2601878. We're also talking about what advice you would give to a young generation. Is leaving high school leaving college going into the real world. Because obviously young generations or not. Taught enough of the right things area code 5042601. A seventy attacks a 77 he will be right back on WWL. Running some kind of a technical glitch here but that's hard because who had a reason to play The Spice Girls and if we don't like to Spice Girls I guess it's only okay. I stood in the afternoon that you witnessed here's an update on our party general opinion poll looking back on when you left college or high school where you prepared. To face the real world. 58% say no 42% say yes give us your opinion. At WWL dot com. We're talking about New Orleans are being snubbed again not getting the Super Bowl some people might think that's a good idea but overall I think it's good to the city to have the Super Bowl but now it's because we don't have a new stadium. You know Deke Bellavia OP talking more about this on sports talk which begins right after the show at 4 o'clock this afternoon. Here on Debbie WL. On I got a text here and I John wicker a studio producer Justin told leaders say during the break. I he thinks it's because the the power outage the last time we hosted the the Super Bowl. As I thought that was just one of those things that that that's it that happened that is the the NFL would not. Would not hold that against the city because so to think that could happen anywhere and and obviously we. We we did corrective put something like that could happen I guess the argument could be made that while she was in new stadium maybe that wouldn't happen but again. Things that are built by human beings have can be flawed in some ways. Hi I've had another another text here that is have brought up put a lot of people brought up and that is about crime also let me share with you another text. About what advice would you give to a young generation. Leaving high school and leaving college. And we're talking about this because of my conversation with the Harry Connick junior Saturday before he gave his commencement address to the Loyola. University graduating class since Saturday. I he said that the thing that he wants them to remember is to focus on the details. Well here's a Texas says the advice would be drink plenty of ice cold beer because life is short. Here is another taxed. Then it's assist my advice. From my dad was. Get a job because I'm going to spend your inheritance. I love this audience such a great creative texts and calls. I do if you're not paying armor coming right back with more we continue this conversation into the next hour I'm screwed in the afternoon on WW well.