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5-11 7pm Bobby & Deke: with Mike Detillier on the Saints rookies

May 11, 2016|

Bobby & Deke discuss the upcoming Saints rookie minicamp with Mike Detillier.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

How I ate. Our. And the T bad game we were ready in a row 2601870. Top of the fourth overall process to station thirteen 50 AM three. WL LSU and Notre Dame no school may be the lowest scoring game in the history of baseball between VO Bobby supposed to be seven innings in the first. Allegheny went eleven LSU won one and nothing on three hits. I've got hammered him Notre Dame on him by his but they strayed so many. Or maybe just blow it outta here and right now and a follow. It's. LSU and Notre Dame and zeros you're gonna want to Bobby's car day facing Major League pitching. Always say in Austin Beno late in the day it's too good bits on your coach man there's going to be. Both clubs do you know and got a short turnaround they've both got conference so Mets have his week you know Lester and and it looked at Ellis is at Tennessee well acted as the deacon. If they gotta win the theories all of that as you look at the pitching you what you expected to win I would think with a lot of Iraq that are coming in. You'd you'd you'd you don't opinion cellphones and got a sweet but in artists it's itself up to have some leeway on the back imprint number one team in the country. He'd be a bit be best to get this week if the panel host a regional. Well I don't Alistair like we've got to beat Florida 23 in order host a regional and took. The guy I don't know maybe damages. Looking at for an outside look and and as I would kind of because atmosphere and I wanna be part of that mean we can do show. It's two lane to host a regional and Ellis should be a part of that. You know and you see how it would unfold now. Speak the wedding has puzzled me. Could you know you look at pitching who's pitching mid week and you look at the competition. And was to me has been really frustrating. And and and Tulane put her mental issues and elegy is on hand at times they consistency. They can't score runs best in many accuses you yeah I mean who's the pitcher trying to bring it from Tulane was in French I don't know why does come at the moment yet to give Alou and B yeah believe book insulin shot thirteen have anything good score NDP France presse but I thank him aren't you a little close. Yeah and but rains and it's if you look in. At at that from that perspective what was happening on the road it. Notre Dame that it. That the gutless he had the same batters the same players. So when you look at who you're facing him. Were you trying to get hits are run production. And at times has been well he record canaries it will we've hit the ball you look at that average. As far as the team but the frustrating thing at times could be when you get that clutch hitting you know ducks and upon. Men in scoring position but. You know what would that being said. Employee should sleep well tonight when you come we would a win. You know the UN 10. Lugo or three innings it's bound to win it just helps your confidence and like right now. Very similar to the first game. Looking at the doubleheader at the top of the fourth no Palestinian. But it's 00 tie game and it's a seven inning game and and win it to extra innings would got to run his they'll see that too many times right. In College Baseball. Where it's 00 tie game you go extra innings. 2601878. You can text the city 7870. My TA don't listen just few moments LSU and Notre Dame no scored a couple before that game as a war and our sister station thirteen 50 AM. Three video game five. Of the best of seven series between the Raptors and the heat and the team that wins game five when the series tied at two apiece goes on to win. I had about 70% of the time the Raptors all over the heat right now in Toronto it is thirteen to. Let's get a note of up fortitude and in BA staff curry the first ever unanimous most valuable player in the NBA he has. Back to back MVP trophies. You know being an egg Cordell hall want to Minnesota yeah and talk about the things season I want it to elaborate on this and I thought it was interesting tidbits when you look to step curry what you accomplished. Andy you know I was talking about this well look at and a I don't think too if you would guess that they might guess that. Mean you have to give them lose but what NBA one. The multiple Bulls viable player awards. At six. Like for instance Bill Russell. Of the Celtics Michael Jordan of the Bulls won by. Now you know we cut I was given you this one hit and he did get negated him right Andy did it was two different team yeah. And it was little else and a cream Abdul Jabbar won six. With the Milwaukee Bucks at 7170 twos 74. With the Lakers 7677. And maybe he won six now. Might Wilt Chamberlain one or LeBron James. And from one people and I both agreed this. On the whole body of work. From high asking clouds improved careened greens and you know I'll power memorial yeah eating at Indian Wales won gaming Cobbs. You get to play is pressing need because back in it in on our freshmen to play ball out does it not politically correct but like my dad would say. Yeah imitate his mama called allows then I'm gonna call allows them like mama probably I'm going rashes clay yet. And I dug my dad did it as they used to all the wealth and like him. No yes some even I mean it was only and we had the power memorial. It had its school report. And at the book the big game. Like in little house and it would playing with the blow married Dawson didn't didn't speak most of them will consult on an of like 67 at the writes a book report cream Abdul Jabbar. NBA game multiple balls by butler's sixth have been going dead. Like LeBron he looked what's happening he has four right now you look at great LSU basketball players this is impressive top fifty and now. I think people would maybe old school you would get destroyed but I think that it was probably pissed of Peter Shaquille O'Neal. Well. You know whose whose double won. In LSU basketball history promote him BP's. Head yes with it and ain't it teammate and Darren worn out in Atlanta Hawks they were to Saint Louis Hawks you know. But pat 12 MVPs back in 1956. And 59 innings that month. And LSU having created top fifty professional plans hammer all at LSU yeah good city in a basketball school when you look at and it. This soupy and Shaquille O'Neal with teams never played for an answer to do right net and not being elected this. Which Shaquille O'Neal when you look at with that curry unanimous that we came about. And it's that that attribute. And she Q as part of this in 2000. She keels only in BP I don't know who's with the Lakers there was 6715. And he led the league in scoring. He also. Its support of 120 voters. One person vote against who you think and you got this right and the answer that we face in the bounds and you AI Allen Iverson Allen Iverson got the Yahoo! all bowl ours to Q would have been the upper you know here to win Indian and it means that if there is. To him a few weeks ago when he when he came home with a set the pick in the two nines out. Shaq Kobe and the Lakers were down by seventeen points with ten minutes left in the contest. To the Portland trailblazers one of the most talented teams to navigate to the finals with sabonis and Pippen Wallace is not a mark. And that's and the Lakers came back at the end of the exclamation point. Was Kobe's lob to set in one hand candidate took the lead to first leading had to leave the game and that was the first of three titles. The podium because it would only beat the seventy sixes sport gains toward the squeeze in a court dale in Minnesota hello Kordell. Pay grade or. Good spirit out cause I'm right there with the RB I don't know yeah RB basketball player but. And Albert there you know a bit. You know predicament that bank only way of board games. Our particular block out bad Drew Brees are aware of or. More oh. Yeah about you guys doing either or you know. Yeah not pretty quick I felt. Yeah it out yet record and a I would say. If we try to develop a quarterback. I would say of side might be three of four wins but quick breeze I mean Hopkins. Huck that we I'd be governor and those and those numbers don't they don't if you looked enemy in this is not twist them all or read between the lines but. Those numbers don't match magically make it easy it's because the Saints will be favored if formal in the pool game disease. I. Thought. That we had. That there are a couple of here that we had the one people and then. When I went well. You know. We can recover from me we may have run what we can't made it out every wanna go. Loved the middle of the pack. Warm. Org Kordell what you think if we'd be at least I don't know package that we did a great opportunity maybe against that in wins. I mean I look at. Whenever at alternatively it and at about this. To me that look at the Saints indeed is so much of side because it drew read. The passing offense right noble and NFL Chernobyl one are episode the way to rules are structured. Right there you know you can being gains game inning game and now to me of the saints' defense edges played an average level. Instead of a historically bad level that a negative bracket. Earlier this big that a great had a great chance that double digit wins today make the playoffs you look for instance the division rival Carolina. They took him down to warrant twice yeah well look at Carolina he's great division dead right Carolina looked at the if you look at nagging. If they're probably been through their analysts found one division beaten her up on the road by in zero you know. And he knew the game and Angel fourteenth zero pocketed battered impact. Come on UA yes Schobel one of those I mean yeah. And that's like to me. Save for a gain some national respect and that's really you know mean pessimistic Korda thank you for the call on Barry on line to thank you for calling WWL. I don't execute and do good. Think that there's been a lot of one appropriate oh you mean being it's a lot of people want. But to look at some old being ailment which he doesn't and I don't support it. I think Bill Russell in the opinion of their Korea. But it's all movement to it but I think bill restricting the future we'll beat them. Boosting and and it's on the repeat which he needs and what they did took a deep team decent people out of them on those championships. What well yeah site you would agree with the it Barry I think no one argues you know what I hear Barry and big argument. Let these greatest champion ever of the greatest champion and dated it Ellis are about is the not to lose and it elicits a team sport and am I not and it doesn't come out of college have been compared to him. It was and the dangers yet when you talk about winning championships. Put skins on the wall I mean Bill Russell and you look at a five man VP so you know. You know what you want and 5861626365. I mean so you have thing now is that now because he's again in about just. And at their own opinion echo that should LeBron James win four. Games in the next series he would tie those sixty's. Celtics. As a player that's getting to the finals for six straight seasons. That in itself playing that's a horn that has to do yeah and because we going to debris. In the paper it is Michael jarred by being VP he's the one time he had a chance to be unanimous. Was 1996. Four votes went elsewhere once that team Olajuwon want to Karl Malden mailman. And not surprising. To add to Penny Hardaway ever. Anthony Pena rain hard every day some if Karl Malone have been New York or LA in demand way close in the voting. All along with eight Iraqi media call and always in the heat it in your order and mail oh yeah no doubt about it. Mike did Didier joins us nexus sports talk on WW. We got a great list is out here that. Ali's elbows out information. And I did stand corrected the Lakers first titled what's against the Pacers that's right nothing was burned with coach and at that time 42. It was the second time in which they beat. The seventy six's four games to want to thank you very what's the next day coming from a and anytime 2601870. AFL analyst Mike to TA at my detail on to a MI to two EA dot com don't just now might be a rookie mini camp this weekend of course the policy as being in that the media gets its its kind of hear what coach Peyton says in and told the play is but done not much exit from a standpoint book. I guess we'll kind of get a feel. Your thoughts on the rookies come in Mike and undrafted rookie free agency might they've got some across the league immediate. Thinks pretty highly of the undrafted rookie free agent class this thing. Yeah the pit and I agree we do in the undrafted creates in port of it helped. Well I didn't see mutual which on Anthony last week about them I was an easy you know you really nervous walking him for the first time. You know you you committed to using human Bachmann. You know everything's new to you in the entities teams and if staples oh. And if you find out quick and cut it. I think that two areas. To me where fumble rookie free agents standpoint. That did not that much for all where you got shot. Is certainly open some line. In that safety. Or a lot of numbers there. So where else than. From all media or Mike Cook a couple of from Wisconsin meant I got a pretty good shot here. I got him out on special teams but I look at that as though that position defensively. And that spot is one not a lot of depth along the offensive line if it's a real deal. Full Auburn who has played ball tackling goal board. Certainly Landon turner talked about uh oh so much coming out of North Carolina. And and the senate. Who was Laporte ranks senator Jack Allen from Michigan State. Both guys got a strong shot. The other guys every year. For whatever reason site Kamal with a running back wide receiver. That sticks out in the sessions. One of the guys not want to watch Jared Dangerfield the western Kentucky. Come at all from cool water with some speed is plated all missed that date the role of football. And how well he would just that to the pro gain on that western Kentucky. All it was Woody problem and so well look at numbers. I think sometimes that's what you gonna happen crunch things puppets of linemen and say being. That's probably between spots on this football team. From the depths. Point that I think couples got just named all was gonna have a shot at me fifteen I would be surprised to see Bob undrafted free agents make this thing. You know it's unbelievable and shows. Going emotions. That the did team game mini camp began Friday. If you look at last year and how things can. Compare that you'd think by tryout players. After the rookie mini camp. And wave of the players. At the line. So. It's wide open. Robinson. Will you. Global player yet that yet yeah yeah and he's at now in my you know being asked to haunt them on his hand to make the national football you've got to. Believe it and you know how every an int he told me this that come to an outfit about you know Mike Thomas to come and it. That means if you thought you know you look at that principally Boca West Texas you know and you come and into the sites. And it is like going from the phone book in Europe. I think you look at and and in goal for every Altman's the player commitment to this football team. A needle house on those things offensively. And what you got a lot of back. That everything's going to be put aside. That's a big chill and being which you brought up is correct when you when you got its commitment for a trial. I mean that is guaranteed to anybody. The which culminated just worked fly out and you're able to make the team and you see the strides that art Robinson and he. In that timeframe because. Physically. Most of these guys complain and so you know it does sometimes that comes into the numbers will be later. Them port of understanding. As well put up lately man I don't know I would ditto. Offensive football player. You think about which you up in oh. And that sort of thing is really complicated but not Thomas would be here and you not and demand the more anything else. But it's very complicated it is the mental point. Beat it isn't it easier because is an attacking NB and a lot of it is situation. Today much more than doubled before that. Where'd you find out what you have to do argue that tactic that different schemes and different looks ball. And so I putted great that you know what I mean we we came in here. And mental mistakes Andy you've given it. Wanna see how well you can compress the implementation and how what you can buy adjusted to understand the playing in the NFL divisional. When you start open to temple. Don't care about what you what you don't know. If you. Off where you know even a first round pick guy. Fair big wanna you wanna test you on how good hopefully you'll. Now might get in IDs and what comment names that you might be the Hewitt. Because as the EC can connection. Look at it running back Jalen wild troubled me is. Whites who ran it right to lane. It's about linemen color Kurt Kurt buys him. Robert out there right at Tennessee. So easy hated by eighties maybe that could be in net diamond run that necessarily. To make that team and it this group and have a chance to go to training camp. Is field Walton. You know sport if you refuse machinery at running back smaller dot light. And is runner but you know it was impressive with me when I'm between the tackles to go. What Vinny have a hundred yards and it's LSU. Yeah. Well for the show for a smaller. He could run between the tackles look at thing he has he's got pretty good hand coming out the back feel like we'll France I mean it does seem Whitney late you know. The cut but leaner type guy he's built more like a standup outside linebacker in the 34 alignment. That's where you kind of build. All up to play yet but he lash it out to pass rusher. He's a good technicians Smart you can get all this up quickly the linemen interesting because he's played I actually golf. So a ball. Comment and a guy there. Why is that guy out of the city because when I'll look at this Saints team. He hit them in there and that is. A guy. And a receiver coming out the backfield. When. I mean at 35 counties plan if not a real big act. And yeah he's help. Very well. In the SEC against some pretty good it does so why would be a guy year. For whatever reason this football team that's battled a running back somewhere. It started with the air. And you can go down the Chris Ivory. Could demand. Robinson. At every year they seem to line that guy. That fits what they do and I think one might be a pretty good fit but the thing. Go nobody tryout players along with undrafted rookie free agent to getting my Petit a's take on the draft picks the Saints rookie mini camp this week and close to the public loads of media. But that would be media access set anyway Italy is here on WW AM FM a dot com he's might Didier Bobby Biondi ability M oh my did Didier. Is thoughts on the saint rookie camp also what what Mike thinks about the wrist. Of the division who got better and looking back at the draft grades. In the entire NFC south with Tampa Atlanta and Carolina. This is ports up on WW. NFL analyst Mike did TBA on to wouldn't Barry. Have you hit today at Mike to you BA. And WWW. That might deteriorate dot com Michael coats is talking about via a tryout players and media untainted. Of reads there interestingly you look at some of the guys including witty come from. You know DJ that way is one of these guys that can come and Mike in he's one of those rotation guys count like we have with him we've put in a rotation. And he you know you could say he's a stardom but it's kind of one of those deep into Mike if your rotation at the position. That's one of those schools is like you know forget drastic it is you go get a shot that just because you all thought their body of work. That's one thing Nick Saban has done it took a lot of people follow them like if I'm in the system and if I'm the plays that they put out even on undrafted. Yeah you know indicating picnic yet all the yet comfortable feeling okay. If he's focused. And I hope he simply union fell in today no question about it. And I think as you put it he's part of the rotation. Any and that unit out today that you know not everybody to play every snap. DJ it would have been selected late in the draft had it not been put all speculative but not. What a column on Alabama that picking up NBA can keep wanted Nick Saban goal with. Accomplish. Imply. That bottom. Comply. So despite. Did you mean we had some some incidents all the field. The packets. And putting them. One thing he's a pretty good football player and we saw him play a lot of football the last two years Alabama. And you know Portland opted that's when you look at it again every year. The Saints seem pick them up would it be offensive linemen that that's another area they come up with got a little bit more now this year. Because you went out and nick fairly. You've selected children rank in you got the you would come in and he's a project player. But these guys much because of back he played on the super talented tight pants. But the fact that Matt. You've got trouble there have been could have easily gotten them and kept them that they'll be complete football. Now might go off topic was that with the Saints at the projects. As ours. An age thing. Optimistic with them as they use things like. The nation V. You know The Who dat nation are not so on this thing and maybe might be a good omen that flies in the radar but you look at the back to back in ninth the and you look at the projected. You know common is that states though -- odds than him 27. On he has he has please cowering in the ranking points in the greens the and you look at the draft whether it is Vegas our way and it's he has and it's like it doesn't bode well. And operas is like Bulent from. ESPN national writers think the thing that you know win about four games now the question I. You put your money on it and and and you talked about it but he did you rate them tonight. Well look at overnight in the wind at six gains. I don't know because Andrew green I think that. That's six that this thing and win seven games even though what you look at the schedule as you take. I agree at six and a half. I would take the opal I as anything this team is 7988. Team right now. But at six plus know on pick and you'll on that spot last year. They get was on right smack dab in the wanna money with them they would 77. Win team. So you know that would ride as an all think you know it really. And it will be but. Yeah it out because then you know it was pretty good with they end. But I think that meant I'll public go with the fact that I think would reach on patent. This is the 78 win team now is the thing. That separates. These stretch and it. Look in his division though and I look at Carolina was in the cut the last three years nobody on the division. The last years. Is all sensibly they can be a better team that ship because Kelvin Benjamin. But. One thing is not as it'll be that you can tell me that without Josh Norman. That that team is going to be better in the defense aside the football Josh Reed plays very few people could make it this week he was the best cornerback simple put. All righty he'd give blood play against the Saints album went I'm at home. That was the play very little. Taken. A quarterback one of them he's like that against the best receiver in Spain and he basically shut down. It's helped pass rush yet you. But also. Meant when a guy that can lock up would mop the best receiver on another team know that defense won't be as good on the back Ian and troubled. It had to pick a position to begin with not out Josh didn't get a pass rush because that secondary. Is out and if it's out capable. Will average secondary but their front seven is as good as anybody's in pro football. This thirteen my opinion of cease scalp this year and it just that and only one guy chambers Winston in the books. Because we knew look you got a net running back Heath Evans at the receiving position. Or the concept means Jenkins that idea. They've rebuilt offensive line well how well can they play defense how quickly. Can heart graves knows it helped them or in the defense aside the football game as well isn't she old. He's got a chance to be as good player in this league I think the thing in Atlanta just kind of stepped in at middle of that 7988. Type thing. But man that's everything. In his addition. I would be careful yeah Winston. Can get better at what we saw last year where in. He played in all this and rookies make mistakes but he can play elect a rookie. I mean being a lot of big plays down the stretch with Tampa Bay. So you know what Carolina it would cut net division and I hope that you get much debate on net but did on defense without job. Mike did Didier dot com at Mike did Didier onto them Mike as always thank as the most of the time will tell next week after the rookie meat can. Pick however come maggots are final poll results they get to set a Christian anti bobbled double covered sports envoy and don't look now days Abu. After an eleven inning game that Ellis she won one to zero. Now on the top of the seventh that this remembers Bos B is seven inning game. They should Notre Dame no school but what Dick like I said earlier they're facing Major League pitching. All of according to those and Notre Dame record did not. Yeah and you need to me we guys too you know it's not like this there week in rotations Posey. U biz pitches post beat a Friday night dance so well like coach like Paul would say well. And we went back to back and we just winning game 1010. Yeah I would be addressed to see how. When it's Allison on how many on they went into and how many innings they had to Pete's right cause remember now they this land down on knocked veal and they'll play a three game. Since starting Friday here against Tennessee on WW or rabbit up Nixon except Chris NT about. This is sports talk on WW. Our final birdie jaguar opinion poll results ESP in post draft power rankings has the Saints dropping from 2627. We're asking you or you debt pessimistic way more optimistic. In that. I am not pessimistic. All I am not optimistic in Asik anything can protect you result lose yeah that is the kind of is good that they can take the second to refresh the hitting appeared 70%. Am that pessimistic. 30% I'm way more. Optimistic that so that's a slam dunk seventy this. I would have thought maybe it is the opposite yes seven so we have we have some realists things things that. Realists are we wanted to they don't believe our. And I don't think they hate would be it is like he said it until. Through different it is seven and a habit but six. And we know we answered in the rankings we is ranked. Tony second the points that we this buckle on the hello. Brilliantly I don't know at bay state 27. It it will get schools that Chris Canty Bubba on their thing and a lot on the mean you go from eight to midnight thinks the most to Jim hands though and Amare Menard did Donald is with you tomorrow and on the ability as always nobody paid can embody a ban on that lately resolved. Good night.