WWL>Topics>>4-5 4:10pm Bobby & Deke: on Villanova's NCAA title win

4-5 4:10pm Bobby & Deke: on Villanova's NCAA title win

Apr 5, 2016|

Bobby & Deke recap the NCAA title game that saw Villanova win the championship over North Carolina.

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And good evening and welcome to sports talk. Allow it to Kasey Kahne and Bobby a bad I'm Deke Bellavia an abbreviated show tonight College Baseball coming off the heels of a during national championship game hurt him last night on WW our radio. Tonight is fifteenth ranked LSU ranked as high a book season when the baseball post. Taking on these southern Jaguars illustrate 189 over also and eight in seventeen. Yes eggs Jesse's always go and he'll LSU make his first appearance in a a sophomore right handed two point 79 ER rate because I have a decision or loss on the season. And seventh sophomore righthander Harrell mas or for the seven point 50 ER rate squaring off on the heel tonight for the jags and the Tigers. Scott caution will be with a talk about Tulane baseball tonight as we have really shoot. And so on employer but the big game in a state tonight one of the biggest knock out the match those of August 18 of the season it's round two between southeast and and tooling the southeast and put a big number on Tulane earlier this year beating of the green wave pretty handily earlier but. Both teams are playing their best baseball of the season we will preview that one coming up and the 5 o'clock Albert Scott custom car was the two angrily for the advocate and Mike's Gabor tiger bait dot com stuff body was recap. Of last week's LA issue football practice the spring clinic which Brett Baugh was the keynote speaker. Animal point toward this week's scrimmage before the annual L club. Now purple and white game that LSU has on Saturday April 16 as always the number two game all these 2601870. You can text the city 7870 online at WW dot com our daily pretty jaguar Pena ball. Out of the Saints six selections they currently have available to damage the 2016 NFL draft how many of those picks should be. Expanded on eighteen fits him play ammunition the Saint Francis nice in the Saints had nine draft picks. They had six different this election you can vote online at WW real dot com gazing Candace Saints. Good draft class last year Arnie and had six players from the in the last season they've added to retain 63 to play as. To the fold in this offseason and now they have a chance the ball to that number even more with the 2016. Right. Well they are talking about that I got to talk about what I witness last night and and I perverted minor twisted mine now. The correlation. Of what. You know look at the paladins play in the 76ers and keeping a club and so if you follow 76ers. Basketball. There's been you'd think if I'm I'm glad I could go up you know well but it yet but what the a hometown team Villanova in Philadelphia and I offend me Sixers. That you look at defending Sixers. They need a victory in their last five games to avoid matching. In 19727370. Sixers worst full season record in NBA history. Right now I'd be entered in the game tonight at Holman is appellant is they're nine and sixty. They need Olin flip side because that is basketball country Philly. You know AI Allen Iverson and glowingly about Louisiana connection Andrew Toney. Louisiana Lafayette but it would Villanova was able to do. And beat a lot of times. Like historical gains. But that game had me intrigue. The well. Because you have the bees. In North Carolina Villanova is. You look at that school and it's like a small private school. I'd like to ruling playing at a national attention now to lean. Doesn't have the reputation. Artist in the wall like a Villanova but that's. In a private school being the big state school. You look at Roy Williams oh the this eight final four appearances. That's going back we can is in North Carolina. To top programs. State schools. When you look at his fear that. Nineteen times it's RT heels had reached the final four. That was with Carolina's first time since 2009. When you think it was truly they've inning alive. And and I think if it went to overtime and Carolina would've overtake overtook. Should say Villanova. But the way it ended. It was remarkable the this and if you like college that's what you like sports you like drama. To me I think is gonna go down to in the conversation about the best. Maybe Jim valve and Dolan and North Carolina State. You know vs Houston and how that came about. For them to win the championship but the double clutch it and make it three pointer. That being if you look at mark this page. When he hit that would basically corn half seconds left. And then all of a sudden. I mean I don't know if that is going overtime in. I think Carolina cage and Chris Jenkins. You know literacy. Chris Akins and there'd be aligned with the count and his name is. Back to this cat's name was his critique it. It is like with its like that's a popular name in the circle the basketball and it is Alex scifi. Connection there. And buzzer beating three pointer. Came pronounces Neiman porch. The great white hope there. Boy throw money control. And you could see this team senior leadership about their but you know they almost squandered choked and at six point lead when admitted that the to let but it pull that out. K if Villanova was truly. Team basketball you look at the contributions game inning game now. You look against Oklahoma. Heart Josh heart when he was able to do. In Ireland last night someone you're correct me if I'm wrong. Phil boot. He led Villanova with twenty points I don't think he missed the shot. Whether it was a free throw or field goal. Feel boot was unbelievable so a total new Boone and arch. Yeah and a total team effort. When you look what they did Deke and you know when I was compared because the talent at the plate in the seventh that just tonight. And how you got basketball. At its worst and that has been as Villanova vs the seventy sixes. And then you look at the correlated in Louisiana perspective. Look at that LSU. Okay. Hit and it came close to whom Ellis she basketball. And the Saints football and now not every one. Is a tar heel fan in Carolina. That they love basketball they got that will impact and it goes on and on when you look at Carolina basketball but most of them I think he embraced the Carolina Panthers. Still look at his short time span. If you're Carolina. Panthers fan. Ian narcotic tar heel and. You get that its energy and you lose now they about it if you say it's been listed as say to you they don't believe again and lose let's say it is Saints would be in this doable. And all of that you get there. And is always you know we always remembered at champions. The thing to lose and Ellis shoot. For some reason would be. In the NT double a championship and lose. Well that's what you had in Carolina you know they like Carolina passes laws is suitable. Candidate out here now I Tar Heels because you know the they have die hard tar heel fans you know. There that love the Carolina pass Stoney do they get so close but so far basketball league in yet is so close with those so far. And you know you want experienced that championship to celebrate just look at the highlights when you look at. The Villanova and how they have these. The wide angle cameras when they show back home and edges. The fans a manager's seat in Dallas that game winning shot it's almost like a game winning goal at World Cup soccer Munich are any sporting event be going crazy. UP bona obvious is that that would maximize on their battles here yet as elated to have them like they do on everybody they faced it. That they like he would do kind of polo jacket on. When LSU play Kentucky he ran on the field compounds not. And Alison random throw the ball is unique is that Devery Henderson kids is it the bluegrass merely an enigma. And I waited there what went out outdoors this exhilarating and and they all don't appear just that they think I saw. Because we love sports run here football's obviously king but I'd think we'd be on that bandwagon when to be the pelicans are LSU basketball whoever. Coach Billy Beane doesn't think the Tulane. Because a private school like Villanova and all of a sudden. You do have a championship caliber team I think we are into it and he could be like in Carolina. So close. But so fall you have Carroll. Calls back in the with the five and seven but Tim is that is they between five and seventy gate three just. Villanova does he did leave Ronny C a when he got Nana got to the time point in the home what happened big eight in a given to win all the time it could meet in the Nuba. It was like one of those like a movie. When you go like these said he had to do movie here when the movie last night in did perfectly and it could be ended any better and as we go to break. Oh it's a shame. It was so low lowest rated. TV viewing audience not he could stream home side that's. Is the lowest rated Cain might be their greatest game every area save turn if I go lowest rating yep. But it's got to rotation CB right now we usually you write it that's not just only two teams being from. You know as. I guess small and the Villanova can be could in New York Morrow we got Phillip got it right this will mark the point is that it just goes to show you how many people in that paintings and turn them aunt and you know lie. Because Cleveland treatment you know what I think it is star power Molina or how many fans you gotta love that game last night. But can you name five metres on either team that I built a name do write about it. That's exactly right. He's a case to get him Bobby Hebert and Deke Bellavia this is sports talk on WW. And welcome back. Other Saints six election to the 2016 NFL draft. How many of them should be defensive takes its operating jaguar a team poll online at WW dot com or is it takes Bobby low. Ratings cause first ever televised on cable channel as well Noah I think the point yeah that's right cause you know it's a lot of people it doesn't matter. And everybody is pretty much got cable and as an order on him cable yes but everybody go to the Bob you'll you won't be QB surprised at the people. That dole. When Nagle go to wanted to major network it would don't tackle a little flick it's right exactly. I can take on Fridays tomorrow when we were doing approach Oregon on Saturdays we've been doing to show it to people Ellis should come on TV at night. And they don't have to locate it I guess now don't wanna count people get used to ESPN. People they wanna know is it gonna be dale won the way it's going to be. Now if I act and certainly understand that can it be interesting move forward. Because the product was so good but the ratings in don't justify the means here what would TBS due next year. In in that situation and joke. Did have some collateral taste in our agreement I don't know the exact contract right with TNT CV ads. Now my understanding of being true TV that's like and a affiliation with CBS yes Al caught and Idaho because you're trying to make our Disney ABC ESPN LVL game and I think CBS's those associated with true TB yes they are regular TNT TBS turner you know turn and all that so I think there's some kind of rotation. But they just to prove your point we use and the ad people. Calling this. Probably about a month ago RRR. A month and a half. What I don't have the tally is gave on yeah because the big east seventy Devin Debbie in law are right at the power this station yet in a column one and I want another station yet that is exactly right so that familiarity. Oh where do you think. Well they gain the shorts sepia he's a take traded if I never even knew it was on TBS the det takes Brewers are right there Saturday when I'm sitting there watching it went in and nobody in Oklahoma and all the first thing I went to a channel four. Alex CBS and I am am am a mom and was an imam mama did go I would begin an owner now. And I say well he's been on truth TBS so we tried to 47 sure enough there was no idea. Any leg issue truly I guess. Like. You know this is part of our job you researching new look Ryan ending you see that it's on cable the first time ever. That. And refuted casual fan begin wanna be at that Tiago. I'll and you might all of us and it national championships on yeah you know all of us not on maybe won't investigate and you know moment for. I'm much more and you take W video news time personal policy news it's 430 it is time for first news we'll go to Chris Miller. And welcome back to sports hockey is the case he came by BA there and he bella via. Man oh man it's a star studded lineup. I'm talking about Bonnie Raitt Steely Dan Paul Simon audio Van Morrison Neil Young Pearl Jam. The red hot Trinidad with. Snoop dog Stevie Wonder all of the greats at going to be their dances and you can win tickets. Right here just go to WW dot com click on the Jazz says slow going into two win. It got two of the hottest tickets in town enemy today they ought to as this is the real deal and look at wins and be friendly randomly selected. At the Friday at midnight good luck and heavy Jazz besting him all of us here at WW AL Perillo in a classic an instant classic at three at the buzzer. Beats North Carolina the lowest rated championship game in NCA means championship history talk do you watt. Go to Bruce in Metairie Bruce thank you for calling WW ago. And I'd I'd gone bruise my understanding. That that the only way. Anybody out pick it there tournament. Not. A long career and now we're at it began. Yes so they all ganged up again early. There are probably all blow. Right melted mega deal. And and Albania and are determined. Yes that's lighting at the rotation why not add to our regularly on it yet not strictly on CB dancing and in his own TV right. And that's why at all or channels carried the game. And at bruised yeah I mean I don't know watch an early 200 games you had a lull in the middle and especially. The semifinal games they were boring. Would you look at those early answer of says it's a look at it Stephen are hostages to name because you familiar with them because this selling converts noted it to meet and great band. But they've bruise did you like though because I can remember. Look at bag he was a tournament started in all these games Goran the same time and you have the resurgent it to you have the technology Christians say. That that clicked you Primeau and go for this state I think you gonna find one good game. Where they had four games going on out once CBS TNT. A true TV TBS you gonna finally gave so bruised that you like that concept that how that. Same. There aren't the only way they did yet permit. I yet and you and you and you know interesting here's another take that debunking of the goes point two is that the pregame show we have on last night starting at 530. The game has talked eight won't mean as late as eight now. Somewhat I mean it hasn't and thirty at all on the East Coast the only reason why I would say they would do that is because the West Coast market people get off work and wanting him to watch part of the pregame and in to build to watch the game. Because realistically though when you look at it mean in Asia diehard basketball fan in what interest you had. From the West Coast and zag organ wasn't played in. He had Villanova. And our Carolina. So. When you look at trying to get all the markets and big recyclables a few casual observer. And it's not like a snake is angle partners so they are some pac twelve team. He. Villanova. North Carolina all of a sudden if you like basketball. You might you know. Change the channel more or start serpent. With a clicker and then oh well it is game it's close is going down toward Atlanta and in. Instead it in our game and. Mike Massey you know it was the if you eat any time abroad if you're a fan. It it's what you want it you had the perfect scenario we had to bear no programs. One of the most traditional programs in all of sports North Carolina. A very known program probably ended up to this seating as of late but they did it did do with the issue of being Villanova. Bring him back to the history of when they really road. A Cinderella slip all the way flat when he became the biggest. You know on the delta wing Jamie two game all the teams that dominate him three times that you in the regular season and also in the big east tournament. In Georgetown I'm gonna know what they had the product. But you gotta wonder nobody at the cause of expanding and so forth. I mean is on the imagines is game one on CBS it is game in the years in the inning got analysts say the best rate the. They got far better and without a doubt went about it dockers what you familiar. That when about it now that they would have I would first and wait a minute to championship game is on TBS even the final four with leukemia and I think that'll package now that. Who used to. We knew witness of the great who do you the end have a conversation way. Someone who's that may be a lot like mine like Q because of that game was OW oracle team and who well. On my dad your game right now because I know why you figure he'd be up to LA yeah he made him so that clock he made themselves that. Yeah outlook zealously even though you create themselves they of the Eagles all athletic for showing us like every possession when the ten minute mark was crucial yeah yes so every possession. So all of a sign you know you calling you share in the moment. And and you always remember that and Coleman Bedford Indiana called you about. And an uncle Balkans Tebow I was lying at all to not make he really hadn't watched him much right and my youngest one is out of California boy you know balloon the basketball Hitler as a basketball league going to be you know coach it that night great team. Wanted to top programs in Georgian cheers so. I know his passion. You watch him today even though he played football that he loves basketball he loves or twin. When he sees it that leadership in what he was able to do but. Peak. Would Cuba until the united realizes. It to about a program and you look at any level. Well this high school college professional. Art is that the good thing. You have a chance. To truly be a champion. What you have to go to post season. Yeah well now Villanova has choked and that's one thing would you write notes you made it and pawn him they had good seeding they have an interesting note Dave does a point eight people they hand. But when you look at. What they've done it to about told me this and I realized he knows the winningest program in college basketball the last three years. Villanova on salad and I didn't know how it went to a two out of it's it's Jamie blossom like Duke. Know you look won loss won loss record. Villanova as the top program the last three years now he's solidified that. And you see those kids in the wall. And he goes back to why I I pick in this article came out. Reported tournament. Starter wife picked Villanova to win a national championship. And as they got an you know as when he got to a got a budget comic says and sometimes very Smart but I'm no longer comment onto the team let alone I'm in the 1% out there. What Demi. I don't know top 1% that were all I'll comment as I again. That's pretty happy that we had taken it anyway you can rationalize paying UConn who is as hot hot new you know I don't know what I read is going wit. Senior lane teams can be a good rule of good rule of thumb this year in particular there. That strategy can reap great rewards does that you know what since. Like Villanova and that's why even had Villanova playing Oklahoma. Ryan has a body heal this senior. Well you look at Villanova and how they were structured the too soon used in two juniors that you juniors. Josh Hart came up big time against Oklahoma. Cringing in game winning shot junior and yet arches a senior. Men O cheap food Daniel whatever and a big the big guy he was a senior. So that's why I went that route you're veterans yet Wimbley veterans and it rewarding me sit and you know what. The ones that are anti one and done. And you'll love amateur basketball. Right I mean how could you not embrace it ran an out and its economy experienced too you know right big campus and all yeah. And look what you want you can't get dead man group because that's gonna fluctuate yeah you have I'll commanding. Look at Kentucky like they would get. The top players in the country to rank next year I we got back going to be a lot about but I don't know enough. About because it's a pattern this all fear for freshman and all of a sudden next year. Kentucky. Yes it's a whole college experience and I would trade my ten years in college and I think. He's a case he can about rebounding ability at this is sports talk on WW. Do the hottest teams in their country in a conference's 29 and southeast and play baseball tonight it turgeon. Uptown new onto preview big game coming up and take a look at southern and LA shoot in the next now as well that would on the LSU sports network for coming. At 6 o'clock last night deacons drifting into the three opponent the buzzer as yeah North Carolina fall to open though with 77 to seven before tonight. It's the women's national team each game the 24 point favorite. UConn Lady Huskies. Taking on the Syracuse lady all and tonight Connecticut. According to Las Vegas is a 24 and a half point favorite over the. Eight point 84. Point to a report happily and more importantly it. That's that's almost absurd that big hit that championship game. It is that some regular season game right. And that's why. You know that's an intriguing bet because a lot of moves are they'll be in my thirty yeah OB at 20/20 two points and you look at that. 24 and a half points. Which is unbelievable. I watch a couple of gains in Connecticut. Just 'cause almond tree with a pretty honest story yeah. It is like every year ago and he fumbled it back to Rebecca Lobo took mail more but I heard we got him and I know me a more from Georgia and most of Iowa you realize when we saw late Diana Taurasi she played in in New Orleans and down there when he beat. Tennessee's advantage damage here but Teague is really an historic. I've heard a couple of with fears might be the best ever. That the best woman's basketball player ever. 'cause over skills that any day she'd been down to Ross yes and not on any chance at all amazed he's 64 but you've got to wingspan. Like should be 71. Yeah and she can handle the ball like a guard. Sacramento Bobby did equipped with Doug in my memory at the post game oppressed got more to feature Nat with LSU it was an eight year. One of the big teams do is always say with Wisconsin. My will was there Connecticut and Tennessee in the in the final four New Orleans and that was the same you Connecticut won an immense Salle America local phone company. But at the end. At the UConn won all. Geno are around with a depressed comets and make anything BC you know to do between us in other teams he's as we had. And he didn't mean we had down atrocity and he did see one of the best I've that was well Joseph swoops. In many of all it's. The best every it's always like it was the latest greatest are what you witness and that she's averaging. Nineteen points and nine rebounds. For us this. Three now have blocks two steals. Now you look at the end her college career with four straight national champs have now committed to her teammates. Are light jabs at Morgan to a have been their for the past history. So as the right now they go to Todd. Yeah and and told me energy yes and lost the game that got them they look right now there are also chase in. And they accomplish is there 151. Victory. Which would be the most of any senior class in NCAA history. So you'd actually watch in history did dominance of the Yukon girls team now what's intriguing about Rihanna Stewart. The guess what I have noticed Olerud is that this is cool because I know she's the one reporter heard on thirteen to you know why she's a native. Of guards Syracuse and mail and I got a chance I that I probably ten dollars now as you get good and I had a chance to end her career playing against their hometown team no she was at Syracuse and obviously wanted to go with the best of the best. You know beat tonight and I'll be on ESPN yeah. You know what you paid sport is going to be at bankers life the house in Indianapolis at 730. But that game you probably not gonna watch as you cuts to be so foreign and will be bored but they're going for their eleventh. Championship forestry. Would be she's playing at their home town team wears you grow up and arts there accuse that Ingram and Stewart. Is it takes is gasp what's going on we Drew Brees is. Withdrew three c.'s deal Todd lets not. Editing is still being talked about ad through Iguchi probably on vacation outward here. Humans can't take care of I this is sports talk on WW. Sign Drew Brees. That the Bruins had an everyday Kubel.