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4-4 4:10pm Bobby & Deke: on college hoops and NASCAR

Apr 4, 2016|

Bobby & Deke preview tonight's NCAA basketball championship and Bobby gives an update on NASCAR.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And welcome to sports talk an abbreviated edition tonight here on WW or radio where it is night demands national championship game taking place in Houston Texas where tonight. So ball cut down the Knicks and its double B either the Villanova Wildcats. Or it will be. That all Carolina Tar Heels all of Bobby bare feet below B a mean it's that's a championship in football when that went to Alabama tonight to storied programs to programs that no one is certainly more traditional and although. When you go back to the eighties when Villanova started to cut their teeth and he. Very very deep and talented big east. The last time Villanova won the national championship they were actually preteens on all big east in the final reported being saint John's. Georgetown and Villanova Kasey Kahne and certainly what people hear of college basketball. They know these things Villanova North Carolina but North Carolina asserted take topped the ability to ignite the talkative one of the most traditional programs at all locally that. Yeah ID ego when you look at how well this season. Was breaking down and and you look at ready for march man this in the final four. And you look it was a topsy turvy at times this season win. Look in his season in which sixteen held the top spot. In the Associated Press poll now to show you those once shark. Of the wreckage you know when they ranked teams. That the most you ever had a seventeen. A hole that number one spot would this year they had thinks so. It's no surprise in North Carolina because we knew putting the tournament together. The two top teams is no question as far as them once seasons with Kansas. I'm at a big twelve North Carolina. The ACC champion. So that was not of the debate now you know Michigan State number two seed Villanova in the being a number two seed Oklahoma so that that's where. He came about when North Carolina. The if you would go with the favorite in where how they finished the season. You could see wire their when their now two fold. When you look at North Carolina. And now and Roy with a thought it was Anderson at their bigger and don't know. Sony should have the size advantage inside and he talked about second chance points. Getting rebounds in and Hawkins in the eight. That goal in their favorite Chicago in their favor because you look at what happened on Saturday bowled two teams dominated in the paint. Villanova outscored Oklahoma 32 to one inside. And our Carolina had more points but it the same margin by meek in fifty inside. This with a 32 by by Syracuse so. Ago when you look at what's gonna happen there and and and whose high who can hit the shots you know you have football stadium. And you know as well then I can affect three point shooting a long range shooting it's almost like. And buddy he'll be when he used as an excuse from Oklahoma says like when you play outside grownup so at a depth perception. Would you long shots but if you look at bill and over they were truly I believe Woody might take this kind of effort again. To overtake the Tar Heels when you look at Villanova shot 71 and a half percent 71 point four to be exact. Led by Josh Bard who scored 23 point Tuesday at a twelve shooting. That percentage. We'll dissect advance. In history of the final four and think about that. Villanova. Shot 71 and a half percent well they beat their own record there is slobbering and out. The only team to shoot a higher percentage. Was at eight seeded team in 1985 coach our rally Massimo on him amass some nice if they brought him as amigo yet Massa NATO. They shot almost 79%. Andy pulled out of that over Georgetown in the final and as I beat go at Talladega I doubt at all immediate present. But they got to is Dennis Hannity. Now mind that they amateur never been big and have issued a high percentage. I would say 60%. To beat North Carolina. And now you've heard is that the North Carolina they're looking for their sixth NCAA championship. A villain though was trying to get their second now. North Carolina Deke is kind of predicted the deal they've reached the title game for the tenth time you will be a Villanova thirty parent but. There's two schools when you look at it hasn't tournament has to editorials beating Villanova at tournament on the way to their titles and in 82. 20052009. So that there's a lot. Of history there but what's intriguing we've both teams and this is going into the tournament throughout the season. Bigoted Jack up threes but what percentage in the an issue. If you look at the wildcats of Villanova. The this is in Houston and the reason why we would then because of two juniors to seniors their veteran ball club. When you look at the attempted the most three pointers in the big east vol wide margin but the shot. Only 34%. While bishop 34% tonight added in my game blown out and I wanted to be a good game out of that is gains to me were boring the first that was all right with Syracuse North Carolina evident in that. The media aboard now when you look North Carolina. The game did they have a number of players. And their contribution you have Bryce Johnson average and a double double to me. That's a name he's wanted to wrestlers in the country and in that you truly follow basketball you know recognize it mean Bryce Johnson but if you look at their outside shooting. The Tar Heels went on to look at villain over. And I said that they were struggle as surely only 34% indices in the tardy who shot only 31% from behind art that was the worst in the ACC. But to get that a final four they were on fire while at dark I was on fire. I had a three point line especially to do inside of the in my blog Villanova but I think Villanova their leadership. And they're not overwhelmed I think he can handle the environment. But he still gonna have to shoot a high percentage and just compete on the boards. I mean it that it's gonna be interested to be would also edit them look at the percentages both teams are shooting in a look at the domination in the paint. Which ignored or Carolina's behalf but Villanova dominate like defend Oklahoma thirty to 21 insides so. Rubin it's his gelatin folding and it's I don't have a dog and then I don't care. Not picked Villanova to win at all you know ahead because I'd actually I did pretty good. Where in my bracket choices the guy had twelve out of sixteen heads excited elite eight. At two out of four had Villanova beat knowable but I Villanova beating Michigan State at Indy and ideally get knocked kind of credit that in the N actually. A beating North Carolina but. So you know big of actually in a brag on the cell about this 211 of these polls before. We had one of them that actually played. You know and things are supposed to be legal but within the falcons' locker room right it would equipment manage and organize all that. And in that winning Helena symbolic forward 85 now so. A better chance of success you know doing this a picket teams but. When would a bunch all of them a two seeds simply because. Howell started out what that statement that sixteen held the top spot in the Associated Press one short. Of the record and besides Kansas and North Carolina it was pretty much wide open but. They could be it when it was dark I'm at two and a half point favorite I I I hope is that type game. As to what I was doing it and go out there yet because it was too would have poised and you will be at the team to watch a championship tonight. All right who's cutting down a bit tonight would beat Villanova on all Carolina that is operated jaguar that you pulled on the 530 tonight that's when it up to west once coverage. Of the national championship game. It is not Carolina. And Villanova tonight right here on WW. And welcome back. Oh educate you can't him Bobby eight bear I'm Deke Bellavia coming up tonight we worked on it wasn't what coverage of the insurmountable. The championship. At coming up at 530 in the pregame Q between Villanova and North Carolina tonight. The ball on the program leak it election cycle if vs SEC series of the season ticket to a tree at Auburn this week in the Titans take southern. They were yesterday in the by a couple of the as a vocal through. Or the Tigers agreed that they in the air and it could probably the names when asked him but it has OBE travels Connecticut will play. Syracuse tomorrow night for the went after him at night two teams. Now for college basketball programs aren't all that will be a bit the class by the Celtic but no but it traditional power. In pivotal and I was reading the peak beat Tuesday in the advocate. Talking Paula price Johnson and for the oval call it Josh ought Bobby two guys that play extremely well Johnson arrogant about seventeen and enhance the game. The know with just taught about the team and the game. It's night it's one of the you know is is don't get that you know sport Bobby yeah it was a great game. It was the Detroit an erratic it's Tuesday it make it it would the. Well big I know though the woman's game is going to be boring old articles I mean if Connecticut I mean they might get an ego was that we were a joke and if it's like oh we only lost by eighteen events on that one and you play Connecticut deeply UConn. With the women's game in Iran and thought that I mean I think it was twenty it was. Eightieth that you want to write it yeah I mean begins at a point where OK you know UConn but that's my whole big game is more entertaining and and you bring a defense. And one paying begin creating turnovers. How you played team concept defense. Mean look at raw Roy Williams. He's a very led the tar heel teams championships. And and you look what he's been able to accomplish. And the eat each have one. And I should say that. And all the games this year the five tournament gained this year they've won by an average of sixteen point two points. So hole was that that type regain all the goals on the war are now with what he said with Coach Williams said. I was at the last four weeks we've been much much better defense at least and morning anything. That that's what I hang handle that they can hang defensively. And played that are ability that he's very confident. That they could be champions now. With that being said on the flip side if you how to Dillon over overcome cancer. Could do like you said earlier Canas and. Or Carolina perception. That they would have to legit number one seeds and a Kansas a lot of people's on that horse given them an opportunity when a championship. But Villanova. In the beaten them now what happened. The wildcats forced sixteen turnovers. And scored thirteen points off of them. Now if you look at it that this sixteen turnovers. By the jayhawks that was four above their season average. So the ending you look at Oklahoma. Well guess what oval would turn over the ball seventeen times so look at that stat also tonight. If Villanova their aggressiveness get their hands on balls. That and obviously you wanna create turnovers and could you maybe get. You know 1617. Turnovers and I mean obviously in transition. Being able to turn that into points so. And like I said I just hope. That that it's a close game than Nevada sports movie have North Carolina legacy and early two and a half point favorite and I hope with that type game. And and and because you wanna be entertained and that's who we love college as well of that atmosphere. But if you want people to watch in the superstation TB yes. Big and I don't know a trip to think that our history to CBS. Await me. But always on TV the ads on its on TBS at pretty much today everyone has 300 channels of that. When you had a channel four channel six the channel weighed in channel twelve. You know you had the three major and it worked out is when angle and old school we are a little boy's grown up. And and you had the PBS station that. Yeah you could find it but you know you have to look at and it's amazing. When you look at the ratings and answered all comes down to the revenue. And that's why. That you might not like it but it is not going anywhere all of final fours. And would it be played a football stadiums the reason why are you money. I mean it's not a basketball atmosphere when you look at these gains is it's almost like you know because basketball to me is a sport. Where and you wanna close confined environment kind of like when. You know I do call our whenever I mean I understand the revenue but Timmy did seem like I'm not getting. You know basketball games in the superdome. And it just so much opens basement. Why is that when you look at shooting percentages have been not affect. Villain over when they crash or blow about forty points but. It might take that kind of effort again. They can upsets North Carolina. 2601870. Who is going to cut down at it tonight in Houston and you know Okie state it would be. The paper North Carolina Tar Heels all will it be the slight underdog to an opponent all night. Then being that for the go wildcats to 6018. That you can access it 878. Zip the ball is a Sama opening day they needed Major League based Bogut take on that put Bobby. If that he is. Mascoll report all that is sport company I would go west who wants coverage. Albany answered camp to the final four all Carolina in goes though I'd. Here on WW real. WW reduced avenues for thirty Stanford Duke and we will go to Chris in. And welcome back. He is the Kasey Kahne Bobby a fair I'm going to be it tonight it is the national ticket here. He's North Carolina the Tar Heels of the ACC and the Villanova Wildcats are about boy you know the one thing about this is. People who may can't they follow basketball now. Is different now that you got teams credit where it's easier accused of ACC. What balk or not that was a third time though to keep rate this seat at night and play twice in the regular season in in the course of the turn it. Are you look at Gonzaga and it's clear northwest. Zach and all wins and you know these these schools Lugo lucky SEC east in India you know etiquette. The opponent tomorrow night and a fault of the east team to keep talking about you know it's a ball of these matchup with what it indicated. It UConn India where it's at put him if you put. A basketball. As it's changed at all for a lot it also the fall a full volley a couple of real the you know certain schools that in a play football they'll need it at saint. In in basketball. It the right at what they don't want to bring you to talked followed up a couple of reverse or about it but today. The great Shaquille O'Neal but be elected to the basement the moral hall of well I'll out of bodies ready and it could really get a. I mean like you when you see sometimes these hall of fame induction to like. You know you'd take for granted that they are ready and it. You know. A number of all the things we and you look at names that you recognize and you kind of take for granted. That they ran in hall of fame it. The guy I I don't know be interested to see what it's he doubly basketball's gonna do going forward. With their final four when we got a final four and football and I think that's gonna continue to grow. Like the Super Bowl. Who would you look at. Where to title game now being played on cable. Aaron a cable for the first time but tonight it never had that like this that you think you you know he almost all of them on CBS. Notes on the super station but you look at this season. The view is yet to see them in eager and necessarily to cute in. That he gained determines average audience is down 12%. So far confident that 2000 fifteen huge numbers so we have to wait and see where it's a trend you know. They cages Diego one year training got to look at three years woods can occur. But then in order title game viewership. Would likely slipped significantly on any network have been I've teams of interest. I think I haven't North Carolina. And I think that's gonna help. You know when every avenue at Syracuse in the East Coast but I think that also a Cubs in the play. Who's actually good to tune in and I think in a matter what is for a we'd love championships. And at the games close I think your state community gains not close. Than Agassi the fan base. Watching tonight it would not be in this tidbit. You know one thing that we've been accustomed to. That big an avenue version tonight because I'll always liked is that in any game are awfully back of the games boring it's a blowout. But I'll watch this today and you know legacy of the presentation of the championship trophy and players' reactions and also. We gonna be getting ready for a new version of one shining moment. You know that Desalvo here now we LC has been a staple at the end of the finals telecast since 1987. Boy habits to Georgia time flies for the first time yeah owning it yet while the big bat but I don't like because they showed always. No doubt okay what the hot the way to put the package together and highlights now is the best thing has put him year if you it's critical highlight so that's why I'll be in June takeaway is that now supposedly they kind of peaking interest are trying to get tee when they get avenue version. Because the most famous version is sung about Luther Vandross. Which CBS's use them 2003 to 2009. You know you can't afford it there yeah it was somebody but I know that's kind of the famous one that and yet the air every carting by G Jennifer Hudson in 2002 and in 2010 in the fans you know to go to social media and he complain. And alleys go to network went. Active and grosses version the nature and eleven. So in his stockman and ever since mid they haven't offered I've offered while Auburn a few clues about what new version of sound like. The song will retain. What is basically an adult contemporary. You basically Lewis thank him. I don't know Craig buried executive vice president of turner sports. He just said a state team. That he's where northeast invited me yet but but really with a fan base and accepted has been Duluth and draws. Saying you know and and it. Blame them you know about we talk about how you do matter UB UP what he'd have a yet with my privacy. Some of the most some of ovals maintenance. Contract dispute. It hears you know to me. Came down to the power of the people is an example about that show right there because at the power of the people get not particularly like. The different version not the song was there we don't know Jennifer Hudson there so good at it Babylon now though we dilute the bag right right people what they they want that'd be like you know. It and then on nightclub bombing it's a state what people like. In demand Hank Williams yeah yeah their credit for us and football yeah right and B you know give them pocketed you know. The one year when when they wrote. Bobby -- off the script in Dallas and people lack deposited CPAs you do it all in Elliott everywhere in the petition they roar office to show that. They had to put it back in Bobby you're may eighth at the cut back pocket I dispute. The coastal with the people I rate and they they want to see it's it's Dallas that it was a three putt they wrote him back as script and I have reviewed it it's LE. Got to read well at least you know what because he methodical players know we ought to really think it back. Just like you talk about right now because the pain it is not like. The change in the group event all while completely IR about a male like vehicle back quality and Greg Mary who's the executive vice president tears were to probably catch a lot of fly Martin Bernard is enlighten me. It's a neo. Neal is seeing me oh OK I don't care problem RBs. And his version will be shown on the team stream broadcast on TNT and true TV. And and a while this is it just it. Amare dissented told it is tonight. Neal is saying and it and to be shown to teams stream broadcast and TNT. And true TV. And Luke whose version Luther Vandross version will be still be shown on the main TBS abroad. Yeah there these days they try to please every addict and it's not a breather by the deal with. He's that he's a good thing there's no doubt about it vehicle but yet they keep the good about about. But keep the same there you have all the hopefully we'll I don't know view in that category diva like me allied Luther. I'll have absolutely it is all the Kagan more and sexson and lose in the loop of it right to me I. B I had to hate it but it too. I was always the one that was due to the person that I even know sank the first one but you know when he first came out of eighty or so or an inning was yeah yeah yeah I don't even know how popular those guys work but. That's the one I was always so used to that Indy you know they're a battery complaint which it. The piano at 2003. So that now menace and so I'll let you know what I like because it shows human emotion. They show the whole tournament. You know I obviously to thrill of victory to show these half court shot you game winning shot in an agony of defeat where you're like yeah well. You know my basket and highlights the best political has highlights and any idiom. Eleven point comeback with thirty seconds that's ample parties yeah it was against a northern Iowa and yeah it would ends up happening it be because a lot of these players the emotions involved. And Ned you can't help but not control UK petroleum motives in and he is devastated crying silly because. You know a lot of players like buddy Gil where they Galarraga played professionally. Now all of a sudden now they got to get a real job in the real world in my play in emerald basketball. In their community. But but their careers over. And you know it is not a series is one and done in and unity can show that and and the one shining moment and all the highlights throughout the tournament. And I mean it was interests historic it today about Ralph Russo who's a well known AP sports writer he's been a program for you going. And they were talking about. Pivotal was deacons Chris deacons and I also talked about north Carolina's knee Britt. It gave it to how close they all they come close to the basketball over all the years they thought though a deal and all that yeah I did Brothers and it. Everywhere except for good in it preakness that Jeremy. It's not three totaled about forty hours because you know these square off. Tonight. And well you always want to beat your brother does and you hang our off season sure you know we got this time you see how we even joked. The I mean you gotta stay neutral like RG in. Now Olivea Manning cool and dry in any line played each that you won a bowl to have success. But it is that in. Odds are is not gonna and in a tie. And then out to be innocent conversation you know he probably bring you know and and right. You'd be immature yeah like things giving it away you know like. And it came close about it because the police deacons the older system. Of Nate came up it it basically it was about a decision that was best for him when you go to school in a place to stay. You know Columbia, South Carolina and that's that it became prayed with the Braves thought they you know we have to go with somebody you like family. It below what is important the man has become like you say about it they've put their brother Davis everything except put away well regularly. You have them or basketball you never really have that in the ball because you don't have it EU's summer league. We got the best that are best players coming together. And it develop that bond that friendship you don't have that in football where you have that amassed all of LeBron. People sometimes they bitch about and he's too friendly. When it right it would go way back when those Carmelo Anthony wasn't as Chris Paul. What is Dwyane Wade you know you don't have those kind of things of football PG. He's not going to be teammates the movement big Annabel lees also RTZ UT's we do get the best of the best that he did develop them. If Katie can't about BA bad not Carolina implement over the item is that's what championship here on WW. Who's gonna cut down at night and eight town North Carolina ultimately though hold on it yet you go below deck before we get bodies weekly. As caught in let's go to Ricky it meets Rick Ankiel calling at UW. I had a pretty good there. But. It's. Ever days cool. Change immediately. Shayne Graham. You know the and all you need all. The life. Don't know that one is that. I mean I talked to those who what does that mean I don't know I mean. I'll but you're right. I would. Doubt that you are there going to be. We do are so you're on Chiba. We need but it did the duo are you. Need to trade bad. You know quiet it. And did it catlett integrate it in Jerry yeah that gets you he is you. You went out yeah yeah I don't use local gig. You know you are all of it all. All it shall we weren't. What about your run. Yeah terror. World or. Media game 00. All. Over rosters. Well I had well I don't know. What do. You regard to. I think you actually were Ricky. Did not go attractive of a baseball and Atlanta somewhere. But the saint Pete Orr who golf and it's a black to a back right. It's not my priority but we'll look at it if all eight dictated weekly pass call update is that got back on the track yesterday after we called. Yeah the I don't know there cannery probably personally rather go to Carolina. Maybe you know to say that dissipate a single through a replaced beast mode maybe right now. Yet big you know what'd distant. We look at mass court now the -- on the country in Martinsville Virginia. And always while I'm premiere of familiar with that Tuesday Carmen Maru and have to agree bar. In a way as the genius. Going it would wreck we via that that that's all NASCAR country and there is. Fragile all of area when eyes that's why I'm familiar with Martinsville assembly. Because one of the things training camp in the green bra but they gonna do the race. You know and god fantasy football they've got fantasy NASCAR all that. You look at Danny at Hamlin wanted to be was going to and he was defending champion. Will he re he was running fifth after 221 laps after overcoming. Pit row penalty. Until his car a lost control heading into turn one's land to the wall and never return in them finish in. Forty seconds at the winner was Kyle Busch. Kyle Busch. He finally figured out Martinsville Speedway. You look at it the he'd lead and England as he led 352. Laps. And you might say well why you bring in and a well considering. You're looking history of Martinsville. He led the most laps of Martinsville since Bobby Hamilton. Who was out front for 370. Laps and able to twentieth. Going back in 1998. Now. Leading candidate to be two laps the second most. And he talked about the restart. That eleven laps to go begin you know of those restarts who began and it of pack in and now find a position. While what was interest in about that bush said that was the key to erase being able to restart on the bottom like that enable him. Two win. He beat out out running AJ all men being there. To finish are his first NASCAR Sprint Cup Series victory on the series. Now its interest in about Martinsville. Is that as the smallest oldest old wool. And all the racetracks. Now you look at Kyle Busch who won for the first time at 31 starts at Martinsville. The Guinea kind of dominated the week and he wondered truck race on Saturday. Many earn his 35 cub victory. On this season's. First short track and so congratulations goes out to Kyle Busch as he wins it mourned Bill Cosby. All right come back I'm going to Kasey Kahne Bobby that he got a bit of NASA came into the night North Carolina. And the little or WW.