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2-24 4:10pm Bobby & Kristian: on the Patriots and fair punishments

Feb 24, 2016|

Bobby & Kristian talk with Adam Kurkjian of the Boston Herald and ask whether the NFL should give the Patriots back their draft picks.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

San provide good afternoon welcome into the Wednesday edition of sports talk here on WW LI MF and NW debut well dot com Kristian garic in four Deke Bellavia the cajun cannon Bobby bare. Our NFL com buy mash up. Live from Indianapolis at 510 with and Holman are excuse me at all home. Of Yahoo! Sports will join us enough also start off right away with a party jaguar people on line. At WL dot com should the Patriots get their draft picks back in the wake of what Peter King said Sports Illustrated Peter King saying the league's. The league should relinquish all punishment for to play gay. What about the Saints ago. Should Roger dale Goodell returned the bounty. Gay draft picks to the black and gold and body's immune when you talk about Sports Illustrated Peter King coming up some wild ideas that ties but because. Of the way the painters or maybe exonerated are at least indicated. Maybe he should get their draft expect the basic question about the Saints and how do you feel about the. Yeah its first well when you look. And he said Roger Goodell needs to give back to pick. When you look at that was gonna come about. Would that whatever happens in the appeal case. Which is said and on the Patriots killer is that. Which isn't fit and on the pages the other and it's that read on the point of labor laws in the judge's decision is gonna come about next week. I mean. How they NFL went about things. It's dividend is saying because the bottom line is that. I guess the NFL head and everyone's perception. Significant. Circumstantial evidence but not solid evidence where when I think with the Saints and cloudy game. It was something solid and when and you not only had draft picks. But you had Mickey Loomis and Payton being suspended. And deadly to set the tone set an example but. You know some. Fans are on the NFL because how the pages have been on on top. That. No that the Christian made a decision. And he should not give back the draft picks now. Would that being said when you look at. The draft pigs that are involved in. And what you come about. It is significant when you're building a team. Because if you look at what's gonna happen to New England. The 29 pick in the draft is doc from the Patriots by Goodell. That leaves being have been no draft picks in the top 59. In an above average draft. This draft is better as far as talent wise specially. On the 2011. That draft but when you look at it and you say well. You know. The pages got to move on but they took two players Malcolm brown and Shaq amazed and who starred in the AFC title game to those. 22 starters and that have played a big part in the AFC title game so that draft. Does make a difference. Look at the erosion of death of the Saints have experienced because of the the forfeiture of their graphics and about a game now. I'm all about the league trying to establish some sort of consequence for it on desired behavior etc. that's principled leadership 101. But for me. If you gonna spend a player or suspend a coach I can probably get on board with that now. Whether it should have been a game our four game that's open for another it's an entirely different discussion. But for the league that champions this idea parity or buys on equal footing etc. You're really upsetting that that the balances the playing field we starting we draft picks for any team. Well NET. That's why adding with a Saints. In Enid O was Bonnie Gainey trying to send a message. I can understand suspensions. Are a monetary fines but right. When you take it away draft picks know you're effective and the whole team concept going into the future that a future to build the compete. And to compete at a high level. And your job as a league is to enforce that discipline but that same time ensure that every team has an opportunity you know whether they cash in on the opportunity in terms of drafting well signing free agents has the opportunity to build their teams to be competitive and win championships. Now if you look at it. What NFL team whenever I was there are Roger Goodell side maybe to put it that a Patriots. It's is screwing doing you know ultimately we eat you gotta get after him and and you know and everybody in the AFC yeah I mean that's only because the rich get richer would average and they've had success not only a decade been over a dozen years what they've done but. You have to look at it evidence that it felt had against the Patriots if that was your team. Oh what was that have been justified and really if you object if if you don't take a homer approach and he truly objective here awhile ago that the that that Roger Goodell is role. Because that circumstantial evidence. Now when you look at Tom Brady. He might tell and I gave them a competitive advantage I'd dances and Tuesday when our redness. You know and the question is that Tom Brady gain an advantage. You know presumably when the pool balls every week exited officials' locker room. In Foxboro and then when you look at it because at home away gained well. The home locker room attendant ship to remedy don't travel. So is it 5050 deal home and away. Tom Brady's home passer rating was a 102. Tom Brady's growth passer rating was a 102 point four. So no advantage seemingly in the number two B yeah well he actually was better on the road as. The weight and an and at home this season Brady threw twenty touchdown passes. Four interceptions on the road it was sixteen touchdowns and three and it's insane in the past ten years that all Patriots and she raised and gene. In the past ten years Brady Brady as a whole passer rating of hundred. Point four on the road as. Passer rating of 100. Not much different so when you say. Obviously gave whatever. That's why to me. And it fell boggle though and global. Bull. Their investigation. They're trying to figure that a Patriots. And data and have their ducks in a row. But it usually try to stick it to the Saints to let's be honest mean yeah that to make them an example yet and even the trying make an example. The Patriots been nothing with the saint. They had more solid it. That that that's why I think that was able to stick more. And every any questions. From a national perspective. About draft picks in Britain realistically when you when you look at. The NFL given the Patriots their draft picks back. And in the NFL is appealing of the ruling about 'cause as Tom rating is any gain. No. He hasn't missed any games and and and I don't think he will and it does not gonna win the which is thin on the Patriots guilt or innocence. Which is I guess at that and on the pages killed in this but rather on the point of labor law in the judge's decision. Beating go about it the right way. And good at Roger Goodell needs to realize he acted. Went out nearly enough scientific evidence against the Patriots. Which is circumstantial now. I think the Patriots are guilty. But eight is that KB hearsay. It can't be circumstantial when you come in down in effect in the team away now than those Saints as a team to approach. That is not fair. The Saints would doc their draft picks. And now the Patriots now in. Peter King being in the northeast he's on board. You know with the Patriots and a body to get the pigs bagged it I have to say the more investigated this. That that I think that NFL's in the wrong and you think the Patriots might have been wrong but probably went about investigating this was totally off base. And it is the NFL's ball does not not the New England Patriots and Tom Brady. Sports Illustrated's Peter King says the league which they should relinquish all punishment for deflate gate what about the Saints today. Give back draft picks to the New England Patriots in cash your vote on line and a pretty jaguar Pena ball online at W dot com. For calls at 5042601870. Text 87887. Inch of the Saints get their draft expect as a part of the of bounty gate. Fiasco were they were found guilty maybe the Patriots were not found guilty but was the evidence as Bobby says more concrete against the Saints where is. Circumstantial. Against and doing a Patriots sports talk here OWB well I anathema daka. Welcome back double coverage unit excuse me sports talk here and I beat him well. KG can about be their crushing Garrick in four Deke Bellavia so Easton. Come back double coverage apologized there but. In a lot of text messages and 8787 about where's the evidence the league had on the New Orleans Saints visitors circumstantial evidence. About that Patriots in there you know to placate scandal. In your memory now judge Berman called out the league saying show me attacks where's the text. From Tom Brady saying to do this instructing someone. To deflate the footballs in the league could not provide that under on growth I so but what they do. Glorious Saints who was. The speech from Gregg Williams about. What when you kill then the body doesn't doesn't die. Four yet though for the divisional game against the 49ers in 2012. And in. Emails contradicting each other statements given by the coach etc. also. Along with the ledger. From Jonathan Vilma and in the defense of staff. Keeping track of the the wages and Downey's put on players and that's what they had now whether you believe how. Whether it was totally viable that's a different that's different story but they had that evident. It's yet an and that's why Gregg Williams. Was suspended with both the late July for indefinite. Right he sat out the and he came back and he's now part of the Rams. But the circumstantial. Evidence would be kind of behind the scenes that supposedly. That Roger Goodell. Did warn. They won the Saints that hate. You know going back to happen went Kurt Warner. You know and and the playoffs and and saying okay you live in too much on the edge and you've got a dollar back. And at the Saints we're somewhat arrogant and ignored. The threat by NFL and Lee. Wool the league contends that in a while the judge in the federal courts might say hey gotta bring. Are evidence the league basically says look because of the way it's collectively bargained that gives all the power not taught me to. The commissioner to you know handle any kind of a discipline win. Maybe the integrity of the game has been compromised. Yet the latest in his seat the next CPA collective boring re wind. They would try and take and I think to owners will fight that at the trying to excel in their power away. From Roger Goodell. As far as he can be part of the appeal process. You know he came B judge jury next accused shooter so to speak. But. You know the NFL's opinion who's gonna continue to fight. That they earned that two through collective bargaining. That Iguodala to have that right. Now. The one thing Christian and now we got it takes here. If you're running back. You know and this was a case of pulling. I got on on that information and part of me but if you are running backs that being the Patriot turning banks it does help. To have a deflated footballs fours you don't have any. As many fumbles. That Albion is Tennessee. This is say. Coach Belichick and since Tom Brady in all the running backs but again. You know control the footballs on the road. So we just had to see if you go low. Let's go with a decade or a twelve year period Z how many times the running backs Coleman on the road. First and home with target tea deflated football. Is a whole lot easier to grip and you less likely to get it punched out. Then did you see yeah a regularly. And do you see when Drew Brees is on he was on David Letterman humor what late night talk show but they handed down several football's. Without even despite touch and he he could tell whether with it was within the PSI. Sets goes to show you how much these players paid into that. And the quarterbacks do pay attention to abolish it and if they don't in. I mean they do is that they telling me BS have true because all. Quarterbacks are so anal and paying attention at the tail though there's an act is put in involved that are now that that's that's not the case the quarterback that I've been. Comeback after the news headlines Adam Kirch in sports reporter for the Boston Herald and also your phone calls final four to 60187 he text 8787 sports Illustrated's Peter King. Says the Patriots should get their draft picks back lost in the fleet gate should the Saints get their picks will back from a was that Downey game. And now also Chris has devoted to break do you think. That next week is gonna come about the appeal process do you think Tom Brady. And a pro when their appeal and he will gets has been because. You rent out and woe is a reason he was supposed to business in the first four gains for the same reason I only saw this in any game. Some of these facts are not not easily prove vitally equals under over the Donnie for the news headlines. Sports saw Bobby Hebert crushing Derrick in four Deke Bellavia. WWL subject. AJ. To get turn off your radio I will get back to Jay here. Welcome in now Adam Kirch in sports reporter for the Boston Herald that would talk about Peter King obviously suggests the idea that the Patriots should get there. Draft picks back as a four as a part of the flaky and add I'm curious to know how do you feel do you think that was overs l.'s and they should. Relinquish some draft picks back to the Patriots. Well. But on the the beginning of it I would say that. I would say that. You know how does not happen in the first place the the penalties that come out before I would've expected that harsh penalty. So today in that respect I would say yeah I mean. You know a first round draft pick for something that this. Seemingly to a lot of people. Very minor. Would be would be a little harsh so. And I don't think at this point now that the party dominant that they will I don't think it's a realistic thing doubt. They expect Roger Goodell and NFL while the legal stuff going on for them to turn around send him to compact so. Yeah I don't think it's it's a realistic thing but I mean if you're if you're looking at. You know what today. You know what they're alleging here it's with the football and stuff like I thought it was a you know like Peter King decided to call. You know generally killing it and with a sledge hammers and speaks so you know I think it's a bit harsh penalty but. You know if you're gonna expect them to. To go back on it now I mean it's just not realistic. Now what Adam my understanding what next week as far as NFL's good. The appeal process to appeal part of the case is gonna come about which is considered. On the pages killer and it's his or rather on a point of labor law on the judge's decision. Right is that. To pretty much in the city NFL would win that appeal is that. Almost that you could expect maybe Tom Brady to rhesus has been at their first four games has started season next in 2016. Yeah I think so I think if that is that that was it if it came down in south side than they would get their way. But you know I'm not sure. From what I've read. In to somehow lawyer you know. Yeah it's I don't expect that to happen but I think that if if that I would doubt that you know it's the four games would be in the. Now Adam when you look at in the future and when you talk about fines and the power of commissioner Goodell and in how the Globo. Disciplined teams that this bowling team so windy do. Again trouble like you know with the Saints would bounty gate is the right combination. The thing suspensions. Monetary fines and also take nearly draft the exit that the that is that all have to be part of it because. I'm looking at how Becket handing New England now that and in the case. Consider and his success of the pages and at 20% to but I was looking at. A couple of players what the plane ninety in the draft. There's been taken away by Goodell. Leaves New England no draft picks in the top 59 consider right agree drab above average draft and you look at a couple of players that who started form dispatchers amount great aunt Jackie Mason so great absolutely how can that not effect. Yeah it well I think it well assess this year you know that some. So neither mean I think if you block the Broncos game. Yet I don't think you can look at that team they don't need. Another tackle. You know they were it was injuries of course I would sort of went out for the season. But you know if you. Should and I mean that'd they'd they just couldn't lock top of that size at all so. Yeah and you know and I think this year I mean if you look at the draft you know done little bit peeking ahead but I mean. Yeah it seems like there's some good tackles in this draft but by the time they get to the Patriots to mean does most boast the ones that could contribute on the level would be gone. So you know. The that they have. Real needs here it's not like there are perfect team are things so. Yet this like that penalty would definitely it would definitely. So glad about I know it's part of the collective our agreement a power Roger Goodell and judge jury and executioner and in the NFL owners saying though Roger Goodell has that rise again. I'd be innocent is he the next EVA was gonna come about as followers his power of it. Couldn't NFL. Hinder a team as far as maybe is dealing with suspensions are a monetary fine vs. Particularly draft picks is that Allison the fan base to me is affected when you win taking away draft pick. Yeah I think that's something they're gonna have to look at but. I think he developed that a precedent here. You know it you know to take away draft pick I think it's it's been a thing. Now. Where. You know it is this the type of penalties that if something like this comes around somewhere else. It's gonna it's gonna be used again. There at least that he years there offer offer at least on the franchise's. So I think. Idol I don't usually like you know. Two penalties generals at taking away draft picks. Home. You know find himself like that problem. And I and other sort of penalties that I think a little bit more Kayla put. Like a first round draft pick that's that that's a very harsh. Penalty and you know I have no idea I don't know where it went it would come around acts but. It's certainly something that. All owners should you know take a look at you know going forward because that you know it's not the pages here it'll be them. Around the corner Adam Kirsch in sports reporter for the Boston Herald. Easy we didn't ask me and that you throw in there. Yeah I do you think you know what how many games at left my house I would do. Either coast and. That's great whereas in this negligible given talents and catch him he's got a in the SEC championship. Well our our military. And on down. He's got a ton of talent this year and after realizing that eighteen starters can. Yeah and and you. Will all the guys we didn't go to the NFL sure the he's got no excuse for it. Yeah right I out of iron goes Adam Kirch and sports reporter for the Boston Herald you know about wanting to gets lost is. One of the things that the NFL used. Against the Saints obviously is that they found some. Folks that he interviewed to be with a it was a Woody's untruthful right and they also. Would've taken a two point 121 round draft pick remember the Saints and have won because they treated the year before to get back in the first round to get Mark Ingram. And the other thing is the NFL used at that time whether you agree with this or not is that by this pool this legend that they had in this pool for incentives. Alternately circumvent the salary cap. And how a collective bargaining agreement incentivized. That salary cap so that's what the NFL used and that meant that that you can't refute because it did circumvent the salary cap. Well and ended you talk about circumventing the salary cap in the old days. When you look how the 49ers are structured. Yet and I Arnold. Think while he would do said OK we were in his soup but they weren't taken all the union allies or we all go to Hawaii yeah. We nudges a Pro Bowl on dig and hold and team whose legal then right yet eligible free agent this area there's no way you can do it now yeah. So that's the thing that the NFL used right wrong or difference. Jay new world he's welcome to you can jump in as well 5042601870. Text 8787 Peter King. Says the Patriots should get their draft picks back as a part of the flaky. Should the Saints get their draft pick that. When he found guilty of an accounting game. And you have a lot of fans that are tired of the Patriots were absolutely we have a lot of fans though would. Wanna see maybe one year to Pedro is don't make the twelfth but I'm I'd like to see what is not an. Look the parity continent now get into the parity comprehension and and it doesn't really exist in the NFL you go back and look at the numbers closely. It really doesn't exist the way the NFL would like you to believe that it exists that's a show for another day that yeah. Sports talk POW do well enough of a dot com. Sports all Bobby Hebert Kristian garic fallen zero lit up you'll get two home. 5042601870. Text 8787. Hey regular. I'll knock it. Little actually you know the league would make your players fault recording your ball. Greg where you talk about your card picture at all during your body guys. It it. Was curious people like you were talking about you. Break coordinate. Your word for it courts there all their off there they're there may not you know. Pargo bared their their offer it would start to fail I mean not. It's there and what are people in there. You realize that Gregg Williams did later say to investigators that he recognized and he acknowledged. Jeopardizing. Rolling the dice as he put it. On player safety by instituting this system like he accepted that and said he he's the one who came up with this idea. So that's really that was pretty damning. In terms of the evidence that ultimately came about against Greg Williams and therefore against the Saints because he was a defensive coordinator. And then it became down and came down to. Sean Payton is culpability because he's the head coach he should have known what do lack of institutional controls with the NCAA you know I don't. Even you know 'cause you same thing Gregg Williams is going rogue so to speak in. You know there's that could've have been in the past think about like. Mike dictating nobody rhyme with to do with the Chicago Bears fans. Are bottom line is winning. And I look he Ugoh would you run the office and that with the you know so that that happens all the time so. When you living on the edge in. He billion of having a ledgers and illegal and down on kickoff coverage punt coverage yards. You know for a big hit. I mean I was part of teams and I think within a tied to do it is they need. Because. Concussions in the litigation they come about that. They have to showed a day trying to do the right thing. An Indy league to save as they possibly can without having. Those and added it monetary incentives. To reward a player for knocking on the parallel. Bob or get a couple text messages about Tom Brady destroying his cell phone after he refused to relinquish it well first off. If I'm Tom Brady. Are any by Freddie anybody for that matter I'm a human myself I don't care I mean that's my right to privacy some subpoenaed to do that it's my personal phone I'm not given enough. Well it if you look at. There's a lot of circumstantial evidence to the mean is like is it's it's ridiculous. Against doing. If you look at Patriots locker room attendant went Jim McNally. Does appearing with the football report AFC champs of game 502. Yeah obviously that was wrong that lynch eighty. McNally and what had the minimum while the team equipment assistant. John just Kaminsky opera houses name right. Being held back from additional interviews though with the investigators that that was wrong. But. You know and I think it was right that was all the reason why though yet but the and you look at the six phone calls. Once the NFL announced it would investigate whether the balls deflated. Brady all all of aside and he calls missed the jams Gretzky proper routes and writing and when they rarely even spoke on the phone all of a sudden. Hey he's gonna columns these guys now. That that definitely. Looks back. And it's thinks. Is not a lot of ball to but. You living now in memory calling without deflated me of 2014. That all looks bad that's a bad luck. We get all those things out. There's still no. Smoking gun so to speak no win in his video recording any direct evidence linking anyone with the Patriots. The deflating football had several lawyers say that word he came on the show and others it's at that war criminal case. That I got it would even in the court they wouldn't it in got thrown out would even amaze so really if he ticked off. He should be picked off Kolb NFL handle. That's about a point I mean it took me so I NFL you blew it it even go to Patriots. A lot of fans that receptionist is all the circumstantial evidence they are guilty. Are you can handle the investigation writes that you blew it Bobby Hebert Christian Derek the sports talk on WW LI method and I come. Jonathan elementary Anthony aside you guys to lead off next hour sports hall rules on. This is WL IMF and daka.