WWL>Topics>>02-07 10:10 am Countdown to Super Bowl with Deke and Bobby

02-07 10:10 am Countdown to Super Bowl with Deke and Bobby

Feb 7, 2016|

WWL's Deke Belavia and Bobby Hebert discuss the Super Bowl between the Denver Broncos and the Carolina Panthers with WWL callers.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Today's game two as well who could be that unsung hero like it was last year when New England got the late interception. On it like a short assure come from behind victory from Seattle. But only disagreement. Completely. Threw 60187. In John Elway and Peyton Manning. Can their legacies of the close or tied together today to be very similar if Peyton Manning would win a Super Bowl. John Elway won all those years going to those who rubles inning game with the playoffs and AFC championship. But he won his last two. The last two seasons of his career he went could Peyton Manning go on his last game when it. And the in the grotto that something I don't know. Maybe Peyton Manning come back into the game Q if you went to the Hughes and don't just exactly like gone in with two straight. But take a timeout will come back and look at the bone was that a it will be the case you came back being ridiculous this week. Wall to wall coverage Super Bowl fifteen there hindering him having to pay the Denver Broncos and the Carolina Panthers. 530 kickoff Levi stadium in Santa Clara over its beginning now on WW. Is not gonna stop now you know pretty into the that is true competitor he's the guy has been real good for a long time it. We got on as we understand as a defense that is going to be a huge challenge going against a guy like great. They're welcome back this to a sports. Sunday a special pitching counted out just typical fifty between the New England in new key thing knowing they have a Bronco and the Carolina Panthers and of course we will. Having new champion as you would knowing. They beat Seattle to quintuple four in. He's 60 point syndicate certificate with the with the Kasey Kahne and arguably he's got locked take on today's game Waco Texas at 8787. The issues Kubel was one of the best one we've seen album as it went down to the wire. With Carolina. With Seattle defeating Carolina in the divisional round with Seattle going on to this entry to global. Only to fall late to this that the New England Patriots on an interception late game by Malcolm but the most unsung hero there in Super Bowl 49. Also look across though the mean you hear big win last night here on WW radio by the LSU tiger basketball team. They come up now their sole possession of birthplace of soccer I went into College Station and beat. Texas Stadium last night 8178. Average to that and achieve victory over Mississippi State. Last night the Tigers win over the adult 8867. And now it's eight overall. And they are eight in two competently in birthplace. When you look at this matchup you look at the quarterbacks certainly Peyton Manning will be a first ballot hall claim. Quarterback. When it time com's obvious at that he obviously the game and also. Talking about. Cam Newton is that the foundation and the have been tickled to set the foundation. For what is going to be would look like a future hall of fame career for cam to sport's the national football only come rookie of the year. But talk about the championship pedigree he hands. The champion in Hugo ranked team in high school ranked Duke outs in college at Auburn. And then of course now the chance to win a school championship. In each game the rookie of the year it will be the player of the year. He can cross out two more things today by being in the heat of the game and also by team winning the Super Bowl. So would that have been there and and a lot of people look at the other match you'll see it today it will be. Human interest stories call right there on the radio there will be obviously breakdown of the matchup. And and they'll be okay. Who with the Vatican surprised with semis of the of the match. Look at it this one I think from the standpoint I. You to where you noticed that could but it chance. We're a little more unique in his bowl in most fan base because it is a team promote division. So we all of them have been more about it and am I mean we do they care about twice. And just look at the two meetings anything. That the Saints. Were Carolina. And it's not like hey it's something completely off the wall. Different when he played with the do all you know all. When you win that many game in a row dating back the last regular season they started Beacon Hill. A lot of formula is you keep doing what you're doing. Who would you use perfect what you do. And that's apparently it will look at what they did against the Saints they ran the ball extremely well. It was a tight match. They need to deep into place when Norman. Based on their first game depicts all. Account. Count the cokes. And then of course you look at. Tied Greg Olsen so. What Carolina has done against the Saints a lot of success they had against the team they want when he went 51 season and Bobby when it. A just a moment ago will comment on that. We we'd be in the states the fans included nation a little bit more unique perspective on his game that we get a chance to see Carolina twice a year. In this successful things they did against the Saints that they've done most of the season and today you be looking I think offensively. Opposite him but certainly Cam Newton John Stewart and radicals that that's what this team. Well that they can you look. We needed to do well in ebony embers in the well. Because they so far it means but it was Michael joked I mean. I think it was right Manny. You comment. And if you look at this these are being in the corners in the person national them wasn't in the back and as these. Hillary can't do that now. So look out and it is thought about it that. And Carolina that don't just. You know you look at this these in this sweep this thing. If you remember. A great start. And and I'll eventually. I want them to Portland that 38 but. We were up in his. Side of the count in this heroes and drew Lugo fourteen did you walk where in the past. It is even. Mean as far as. You know windows installer while you're in those games and and on the flip dot. And I talked. To it is a couple of times that. What is though that doesn't happen and it talent get out of big league that. I actually did it ever. The first time. Since it all in NFL history. They average. Fourteen point deficit. And they've been. This year and three playoff teams the Patriots achieved and the Bengals so. We got out. The first quarter and it is terrible what I think both these scenes. I'm not. They give it to like three touchdowns whatever but I think even though it ten. Point tight game I wouldn't. Poetic yet. That can't count out unit never are Carolina that was. 2601 rates that you can take this 787. Eighths and of course when you look at. This matchup obviously it is again a team that in two years. Has come to completely different conclusions on how they got the Super Bowl they got the Super Bowl with offensive numbers. Record numbers when you talk about what they the 82 in Seattle two years ago it was VO as. The unstoppable or unstoppable. Offense against the immovable objects potency of the fans earth that can Padilla can't. Bronco offense in and look it was a week before it started. And now kemba come through this I think a more complete team. But they are no question about it and about it keep it so the way Carolina's PO topic if they with them because. They can get him track meet and they can be in a low scores look this would be if they've got wears him to meet Dave Bobby pits. If it's more than about twenty I think it's got to Victoria resident win. Anything above point 32 report immediately with Carolina they give him with in this game. It's some just like it was going in point of fourteenth and eighteenth something like that I don't think they can score that many points against Carolina. Big this and I think that's silly I think and I think the right captain guy over and over it NFL record. That. Is that a record there was they had eleven and that they won. A seven points or less and it is so I could you talk about. To beat the Steelers put 2316. To beat the pace is torrid eighteen. We have the see. Keen to point so I gain definitely. But the Broncos are comfortable with that because simply. After and there's this historical. Structure of the Broncos organization. It doesn't. Really Ayatollah yeah. The right free agent in and create an event that run by Brandon and now. The boat and as far as the salad that would have been in. We all know what's legal adult. For the season without him and been sergeant twenty million dollars that money. But nobody independent mean and that process they didn't create dislike them more aware. Keep the lead DJ who wore it like riding a 110 million. Look at our contribution you look at it actually go. Ellis. On the Broncos allow me an offensive. Juggernaut this stadium. According. Record. Nothing about it the first round pick at that point behind Peyton Manning. Net run back at 2013. During that ten what is that correct and important that he did that team. That you goal and that's not then go from no one off there. The normal and even being that this year. And stay in the know this is bull there's value great citizen and number one defense. And well. That Tom Brady in an appointment times. I mean that the bit about getting back and top end at. But in different and and what the market as well. And by becoming. They can't make and you break containment. They got to keep doing what in the pocket the Falcons they would do that the public got out you know a lot of freedom and it is he's going can be good. Again W can't get paid because it's. He's going to be an aggressive. The play in you know next week Corey as a tightly as a whole lot this this and how like do or die as ours. In an enormous body out that that day to me have. In his ability to make plays who just beat also getting out of pocket verses as they Brady are going against a great member defense. All right I'm back we're gonna get to about his take on the eight member classical from the hall of fame with Clark judge of NFL network L dot com be with a stick with his take. On the Super Bowl in your predictions as well who will win the game to date would it be that Denver Broncos their 85 and hip on yourself all the favorite. Carolina Panthers 5042601870. You can Texas 878 zip or postal get more McGraw. Parade all day long public information progress reports traffic all is available on line. At WW real dot com that you get young whose time he's in thirty type of person you think we will go the daunting. This would this is about is not about no beat you down into the ground this week we are they did that I got that going to everybody plays you don't know how to play this game of football but now the way it. The male aspect you know what can we key on injured veteran. South on this week so little accident on both side the Panthers. And the Broncos welcome back all Bobby Hebert I'm Deke Bellavia one of the best in the business got in the NFL. Doesn't sound like Clark judge joins us now Clark always a pleasure to have on the program and Super Bowl fifty Carolina in Denver this looks like a matchup when you talk about defense is kind of similar to each other. Some are saying that you know it can't be high scoring because that they with Carolina McLaughlin when you look at the as well. What are one or two things you look at this game that you see on both sides that these teams. May be able to take advantage of one of two things and joke. Well to me it's all about it at the turnovers mean you're Caroline day tackling machine. This year. And he's so happen to begin at Seattle he didn't get hurt and seventy in six receptions. And what about Manny eight Maine had been turnover machine like. And to me it's not coincidental that the two game at Denver on defense quite well he did not turn the ball first last year and the ball. I just think I am that such a huge deal and it's a cliche. But you puke because Carolina lie off and take a way to turn that score turned a short field. On and also I think the ability of. Cam Newton to be able to run if he can be right back on confine him to the pocket. I induct him into the pocket and he skate I think Carolina should win the game and I would think night when it. Clearly you'd on technique and the other but I could Denver. It's that they can't give him maybe. Why keep in the pocket. By Dimitri that. Really work I can do that not. Commit the turnovers keep it close because if you get behind like. Or like. You're at because it brought that team is not built to come from behind mark stepped but it has to pay Manning the 20122013. That would really mean little more than a game manager at the end of the career. Clocked at that come into play when you look at an experience that I thought this intriguing. When you look Regina I was Woody's over the Broncos on the Arafat to. Apart by players who appeared and a combined to alert six. Put out game has been I guess we look at this problem we've had eighteen players and Carolina's. I think has seven players with those mobile experience and an excellent player what did you take on the. That Bobby I mean again it you can address that that when you're mentally. Brett Favre in 1995 NFC championship game in there. Watch a ball to compete over the net and afterwards you get so up for it I'm. It's two sided and the ball and you're absolutely right to me that's one thing it bodes well for Denver. I'm in you know I look at it at Carolina that got talent afterward that Denver got a I am not much of it happens to be in the heat of the side of the ball and. And also that aspect it. I do believe great. Happy for you can trot great quarterback it happens to the ball at the 2000 that was good about 2011 to book that giant with. The pat Patriot and also you know with the altitude Manny a two years ago but. That experience factor I think is very very big it is early in the the first game alive the amp it. Could it be to be yeah. Could be to a site could Cam Newton suddenly go characters are involved in a place it in and not take an event that some things given I think there is. A factor but I'm I think you know it's funny at the annual scheme of things to look at what Carolina wouldn't let him get up I was not a big fan of mr. and that he's. Somewhere along and he can trip up. They're getting beaten up that Seattle between them and catch it that Seattle the most dangerous scheme. In the playoff. And they worked one cap unfortunately it was after they were at 31 out there it up and down. So. I I think. You challenge it structural level right now. They tolerated and it seems like it can do about it that that they they were running. The table like Caroline and what they started decelerating and December and January as we know now they La. Super Bowl 42 but. This team would beat Seattle and what did the earth to ballclub Art Bell could go into Charlotte MB ER in court they didn't. Now what he would happen when he Carolina defense too much momentum going. To. Not not to come it's come to that experience factor. Can you explain our describe I guess the job. That Jon Utley has that I have did you language in general manager. They were you look at it took over 2011. And now Davis said the sector mostly in the right seat in 58. It didn't need to win. The team has been structured. Argument that it years six hitters six points. And that they'll record. Your offensive juggernaut and in. You look at the side in two years later in the thing I needed to needed at that I've ever seen that the likes of it. And our. Against. The charity you know matters. Is it would it would they want to accomplish and. You're absolutely right about B I think what you do it would you know we all know it's a copycat league well. I think two years ago at Seattle would cat if you look at what Seattle did to number two years ago he brought them out juggling act that but making differently score without important. I'd defense is what really matters that we didn't have enough heat that goes quicker they're fast they get harder and we thought that it was a huge mismatch but I also think. He copied from team in the late nineties to Denver Broncos if you part of you as a quarterback. And he went to three soup or any you know immediately and then. Until Terrell Davis came along and what they've realized at the end of their core at the end of his career with. He needs some protection he can't carry the team any longer 37 could security team any longer I think you look at. Peyton Manning said it looked at 39 he can't carry any longer reader we're gonna have to give them running game kicked out because I mean it really did early in the seat it. Even defense too they drafted very well they've brought into markets where they brought it back like you awarding Brock and very good. Mark free agent acquisitions and it will protect him with our defense market are protected by throughout Davis. In 1997 and 98. And much at Seattle went after two years ago and and protected our league Russell well in India mark Germans get a running game be that. So I think it would open up along those lines. And we it would happen I mean honestly I did not think they'd get that far. In the middle of the year went he went down at that that was sort of bit didn't they may get caught Kendrick they eat the finish line we know now it didn't happen and we need we knew that going that game. What about defense in the second half that number up and shut it down and yet. What could be. He can't do is stop knowing that we kind inside the seventeen to get the point. I'd of those three possession back to mark but that would Albert and then. Should take on I mean when you can have a great line I could definitely get them. And I don't see where he's at it it would Iceland for a sort of torn up there is in his press coverage skills. What are some of the charm nor even in this league I think leaving them doctors who would you accept it and it at 2012. We lead the league in tackles. Thirteen interceptions since 212. We'll play any linebacker. But I duplicate. And into any game is structured. I mean players at all right now on those careers you know bobbled the bad just my impression of him Henri he has it would take Alou. Yeah I agree to slow down about it for a while but imagine Greek. Let them yet he's he's he's a remarkable player can meet and KG category means that Dominique I everywhere. I'm making plays that you did you know look at that Seattle to make an interception return to protect some Egypt big tackle cork in a book. Just that dominant dominant player and we talked about John Elway. Com what it would shatter Marty Ernie he's no longer the general manager Carol. Wrapping equally he directed his job than pure. Josh Norman eagle on the line accommodate that he's the guy that brought honor parent that city on the yen so it at that stage where it. Some of that that piece and he couldn't play can be element failed in their nightly and but this team is structured very well at it it's remarkable to me what they've been able to do because. It kept them on the line. It hasn't happened and now you look at all the momentum I am good to get beat yet because I don't expect. Clog clock it was a prediction. Airline in our I'd like Carolina and that dead and scores I am important that porky and I I don't think going to be back vote. And and I think amber keep him reasonably. Reasonably. In insight not like it here on out there but again. That he did he had an epic you know won six straight on the road. We gave up one touchdown and at the game as a dominant. He is now hall of fame network one of the best in the business talk a fan network dot com Clark judge Clark Pete look at value on Twitter at. Our yard or. Well you know it's TO o'clock always a pleasure thank you so much for joining me and Bobby Jones who blows the apartment. Oh all right I'm back anymore he's Kasey Kahne and Bobby Hebert and Deke Bellavia Nextel might deteriorate on this and at 12 o'clock now. Back about popular demand because we had him on Friday mean if you wanna give back in the prop bets. And asked me he would be the Aussie so I've got a date on the pull up our signals the off. We'll have our view from Vegas and boy at 1238 he caught up on The Who will count yeah as a both PP here on WW. I'll also like to thank. Just fans because of but other fans will be no me thank you for supporting me and no wavering. Away for so lust in my career also want to thank. Every person that have doubted. Him because you may no matter. Can pound and some. Cam Newton. Talking about this season. Career and the cannot practice taking on the Denver Broncos they both fifty welcome back along with Bobby bare I'm Deke Bellavia Nextel might create on this the quotes yet compass we'll get a view from Baker's boy you. And it will thirty about the the 2016. Pro Football Hall of Fame class of announcers they Brett Favre goes and having green land back that great on what the Rams Steelers Panthers and 49ers. Marvin Harrison. Orlando Pace successful offensive lineman Tony Dungy coach of the books and COLT. Can statement extent BO in eighty embargo Bobby in what's interesting about the is that they have built in stabler. Going in as obviously stamp it's they were I was the past these newspapers here. And Arctic stamp VO that's the way in June. But looking back Bobby at those you know we talk about how Detroit note who will bode Evelyn wants Coppola. But practicing global Bobby Detroit within Ron with the mayor's in the pack within one and Jack the world championships. And I wanna see Stan film is now the calm that either the eighth so either eight total with double digit now. Player from those Detroit team that won championships in the fifties to be a Pro Football Hall of Fame every player in their secondary. May it from their dateline team including Dick LeBeau great vote defense recorded and as a football league but. Just go to show you before they were super both Detroit had a lot of blood lot of championship bout that but that was it in this announce another guy out all that team. To pass the way made it but it of course Brett Favre. And how Marvin Harrison took out on the alternate between him making him Marvin Harrison a part of the best tandem in NFL history quarterback to a receiver that being Peyton Manning to Marvin there. Well the first a look at Detroit in the history of the line. You know I lived there. For two years back in 9384. Doctors remember. You know the mission Panthers. Local football you have to Oakland a championship in 83 and and oh boy and how appreciative. The pro football fans who are in Detroit in Michigan. You know you go back also the and believe it is no secret deal department head above Bobby any yeah yeah you universe it. They say they're one of the most dominant team Bobby having in the fifties it you know that was just that reported that got real problem but they say it's a great team. Well you know the big bad these jokers were robot. Tool like you. Are. The good and it was. A Heatley. It down but yeah a lot of history there. Allotted jinx. History as a late. Looked like we can't go. Against each line you know injury now well you know playing that well in. And also the robbery on the road and out of the line in. And against the now that affected the game with a choice when better not. You look at meg on what to turn down not a touchdown. Like there's certainly every year the. He's ticketed at barbecue while we talk about Detroit coach stance vehicles and Theo with the interim coach with a New Orleans Saints on the final four games of the 1980 season. The and he lived there it became offered the black coach for the Bears. And with with the Bears from 81 and 92 when they won the Super Bowl in laws that did not know coach Stan if you would with the Saints this final four games in our coaching nineteen. I don't remember that happening that even noted that as far as coaching that is it more would the Bears. Obviously I would say that. They got the old school with you look at his contribution at the cord and you know playing in the fifties but. When you look in the world war in this seat now where you see it's also the that have a problem. In the lines are the pearl. Oh win anything I mean I usually go on the Saints. You hear the Saints but until our blue collar underdogs and gaining or underdog in the line and Ronald. That would be a Super Bowl Bobby that would people look back up if those two teams made it that they've made the same year old law that would probably the best Mets have you could have that would not be a corporate Super Bowls there. Right right especially. This is Michaels who it and deservedly so we'll vote you know frustrated and pieces that. Only Martin and then you know eating a hall Steve Atwater. I played against Steve Atwater. I know Indy that the move to Atlanta is cute and the school would would keep honorable would like. What would you take it didn't come back to break when it by the sound off on the rest of the hall of fame class in more on Super Bowl beat you between gambler in Carolina on a 1 o'clock on WW.