WWL>Topics>>1-19 3:10pm Bob Mitchell: on whether the Oscars are racist

1-19 3:10pm Bob Mitchell: on whether the Oscars are racist

Jan 19, 2016|

Bob Mitchell asks if the Oscars are racist after no minority actors were nominated for a second straight year.

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It's made Bob Beckel filling in for us do this afternoon we're going to continue. Talking about the controversy over the Oscars and that's. Brings us to orbit 870 pretty tracked more opinion poll question. And that's pretty much against the premise of what we are talking about this afternoon do you think the Academy Awards discriminate against people of color. But it Victor based on merit now I guess what started this whole situation. Izzo Will Smith did not receive a nomination for his movie concussion and did not see the movie. Soul I cannot tell you whether or not Will Smith deserves an award. Michael B Jordan. Was also black did do not give a nomination for his performance increase. I didn't see created so I can't tell you if either one of those movies were we're good or bad I've heard great things about creed. That did not hear much a bunch about a concussion. So because Will Smith did not win an award and beat fair they're not been a while black actor or actress nominated in any of those main acting categories from the past two years. That prompted will Smith's wife. Jada Pinkett Smith to make this statement. Is it time people. Recognize how much power. Influence. That we had to mess that we know won't need to ask to be is right. Anything. So she said she is not going to watch the awards show. A Spike Lee says that he's not gonna go and he's not gonna watch it and like to see it boycott now on on the other side Janet Hubert. She is another celebrity's she was long on the show. Fresh prince. She played. Can't build up here is what she said in back to Jada Pinkett Smith. Canada tab. To Smith asking. Other actors. Black actors actresses to boycott the Oscars. Are crystal ball missing. Out. Digital man and not have the amount of his own with which to speak. Let's go. It's gotten it's just a little nasty but. Again. To be fair. And not that's what we're trying to well attempt to do here. Because everybody is saying well you know what when people can't get their way they eat and immediately yell racism ward or discrimination. At this point it does not look like she is getting. A lot of support in. And aunt and in the land the open the video message. She posted the that. That it. That it was I'm trying I'm trying and trying to paraphrase I don't have to read the the the whole thing that basically it was time for world. The black actors and actresses to get together. In May be pooled their money and and and and take it take taken out of a Hollywood. On the other hand you had boys. To put director James Singleton who said the team that shows the luck of the draw Pete he does not cede the discrimination. So we just taking your calls to see how you feel about it also if you have not heard actor not actor. Founding member and guitarist of the Eagles Glen Frye passed away at the age of 67 PM eagle memory you wanna pass along to us. I would like to pick that too all right let's go to will in home how are you well. Order order or you what do you think about this whole situation and the would boycotting that really do any good. I will be and so you you know you're against one of the pictures that you that you referenced before. Very good solution where some of the process has been changed spreading people larger. They have preferences you know so. If you have the same about people of the same individuals actually each year. They had their preferences would be the chamber similar you know so our member few years back. Quality Vichy. She let's nobody would help the men their roster but it would nominate war. Apparently late and she wore a real treat auto pilot papers which with a little confusing to me an epic. She was as a better trail as she was just a better actors beer at that point time by one of the commentators afterwards there will. Merrill Streep doesn't have. A lot of use laughed at her acting career well and they get them change it so and so basically against what I thought about that and heard that comment. They're not all that people actually have the girl from others other purposes as well here actually. Choosing movies instantly supportable Mir went and nominated for their crimes as well. People tend to take toward that bit of a page that it life. I think look I think you have a very good point because. What happens is the people in the movie the writers of the the writers and directors and others they actually campaign they you know they go to these people say hey you know give give us the nomination. And I I think they do that sometimes sometimes won a won an actor. Has been around for years and years and years and and and and and end of the day they don't win well it's his turn to a to win there has to be a a better. System and would that be the text message that we had received earlier some type of maybe. Voting system from from the moviegoers. That that that if this system doesn't change now they did say there were going to expand that 6000 that the we're going to try to make it. More diversity it's really hard. Two to get on it and if if you don't have the credentials. Then you got to run to a more current members to sponsor you and then you go before the while the board and they consider you whether or not you are good enough to help. What these nominations. And until that whole thing is changed. The same thing we'll continue to happen. Yeah and then. And so ubiquitous a lot of weekly movies and I he was nominated for training day which was capital you know of the brutal film but at the same time yet all these other great movies you know inside man. And Malcolm I don't know it yet but Agassi yet I thought his performance in training day I saw that I now I think that the real I would. Great but you know what I finished let me finish I guess sir I think the reason that happened is that most of his roles before. We're all. Symbol OK you don't you know and this one. Was so out of character for Denzel was such a a a reverse of the kind of movies that he did I've I think that's I think that's what did report. Right now I get galapico's. And I appreciate you the you know one of the other things like yours your previous caller knows some you know we can argue that that would with racial issues of war. On on apps were speaking on the radio. But I know we eat reference broker candidacy might be. And I had another city may recall blacks and other name by its budget does want people to be civilized and peaceful and everything you know so. Is it about me that we can be admired but it's it's really great about it. But he has become a civil with which you're you're dialogue about the we really go to a bridge solution opera it's about advocate. They tubular let's go to visit. You win or. Human I'll warn you he's a human OK you're in two. I'd go in 1984. War. In the superdome became an it would Christopher Cross but can you limited their opening group. Dark if they themselves and beat Lyon. And take it to them. Yeah kind of Thomas said this in passed on I've got a chance to see him when he was in concert the last couple of times. At at the arena and number two out just great let's go to James James thank you for calling WW well. And do an outrage and James now do you agree with the Jada Pinkett Smith who would like to see you know more black people. Well of course at the actors and actresses that they're available to get a chance to oh you and I won't be able legally Oscars. Traitor but he did with the boycotting. I don't know however took review where it would hurt statement. I think that remote. There's an actors who should take their money and build. No community. And it what these programs mentally they're into homes. No change it's true and acute which to conduct YouTube. You know you are welcome. On the one point they start they're cute they're for the start to see people that there are you here. She told roll. I don't they give to the what do they should be. Do. Well here's what here's what I don't understand about that comment what does that have to do at the Oscars at all. I don't I don't know how I I don't know how they're connect. Duke has run it is it is and it is you. But I've obviously be impressed that's the go ahead in new beard. Within our community. No votes as well people only kindred soul shall little. Much more burden and the most from from. From you know that about right. But you know the way the way it came off the weight came off to me is all right wolf there were not enough minority nominations for the Oscars so. Polyps take our money and taken into the black community and do something good with that while war when what does that connected on. They should I do. But. But the odds are always treated in. Your seat. B notes. In oh we'd be in order to put idea and there are. People sorted some change topic and be in. In reference to change a big issue and that's where. A chippewa but it wouldn't it. Okay James thank you so much Jason. Brian skip and you guys hang on I'll be right back with you after this break from WWL. I'm Bob Vettel and forced dude in the afternoon will be read a couple of quick text messages that I'll get right to the phone. I wish that everyone would boycott the Academy Awards each year it is absolutely ridiculous that these top actors and actresses make more money than god. But still need to have their inflated egos stroked even further. If you truly love your craft but why can play do you really need an award to give you gratification a ball you work no matter what your colorized. Well let's go to Jason in the world and Jason how are you this afternoon. By. Electing a bank. Upward though data network it. We all. Know. You think and you think she would have made the statement of will would've been nominated. Yup. Tomorrow you know I don't know that that mother when he went Libby got the map and it and then what the department of public money. Did you don't I'm I don't know. OK okay in my opinion OK in my opinion apparently I do not think Toobin made the statement it will would have been nominated this year. Alright guys that's just my mind. But if it yeah I think they've been up real well you can't you summit of that would be all the active about public you know there are being looked at enough when you go to their artillery you know on the lead the other diplomatic. Not beat the beat them all the rest of the people out there and it and I'm not a thing about it is that. Everybody is quite the is that what it is not like people get out. You madam of people of color. Would mean it Vietnamese. News. You're hurt you're correct and I think that's the way we tried to phrase amid Europe totally corrections that people of color. Including Hispanic and you're right we should appreciate you calling a lot of calls go to Brian in Metairie Brian thank you calling WWL this afternoon. Are okay. Did you think the Academy Awards discriminate against people of color or do you think you're based on merit. On shell. I have seen in the two movies in question. This year and into green construction. I like actor or actors that were nominations it got out. Seen many movies where. Ward street and Shawshank redemption. Probably you don't want right now. You know these but he won. It takes and I've been it's been like. A war to programs what I want it back in berries. And are how to act was a miracle one still. Racism or Wear black person and make it in the movies. Should or should one law supporting actress Nicole. What people were while we're post which I think was strong and will be really it was a great move. It was actual. Or be debate. Well I think you know I don't wash and we won't ship report. Our imports where were. On the world would that particular operation. Strong strong import. I don't think you took prejudice. People what that is all but. I don't think you score that way because back when race you know. What was the when you know before. Where. You went people all highly talented. Right. Actors or actresses were getting obligation. All right Brian thank you so. Very much our phone number is 260187. You can touch me at 87870. We'll take nor your phone calls and non text messages were after this WWL. First news update. And I'm Bob Mitchell. In four hours due to this afternoon if you haven't heard a Glenn fraud he was the founding member guitarist of the Eagles. Died at the age of 67. He fought a courageous battle according to a family who released the statement that he battle for the last couple weeks. These succumb to promote toward arthritis. And pneumonia. Stanley said that like to thank everyone to join Glen to fight this fight and hoped and prayed for his recovery all right let's I get back to our polls we're gonna go to stepped. Skip thank you for calling WW well this afternoon. Don't have the Hewlett. I don't. It will. Can walk irony that. One yet we will go. Door and it's real. Oh. It. That. To. Two. And boycott. Now. Because like. The won't be as. Because. It would be be. A cute that America. It's also very expenses. Exactly where it. But it. And you. Got it will run. A clean up and go and move. Now John Singleton. He is the first. African American director he was nominated for an Oscar. There a couple of movies at native warranted attention. But it's it's it's like it's like the lot lottery so he says. It. Hit a is it do you protected is is protected his chance at winning the Oscar and writes that. Thank you by. Right thank you so much go to Renee calling from Gulfport where they have been a good afternoon so far. However it is great day yeah. I'm horrified that the lack of diversity in some awards show such as the DGA awards. What was the last time seeing an Anglo American person winning MVP award. I don't watch any award show so alive there. What happened what happens in the good old days of awards being based on merit not color your skin. Well that's that's what our opinion poll is and 86%. Say that the they think the Academy Awards. Or based on merit and again. There has not been at this point a lot of law like actors and actresses that have come to. Her support. Most of them are saying that you know it it it is what it is in their only their only twenty. I think of the as these particular awards. And it's it it's it's like shooting dice you know how many times do you see movies and you look at it say. Bought a woman would have great mood of one of the best movies of ever seen and then it doesn't even get a nomination. Well. You know. Awards being raised on Iran scholar is a lot of color to. Ravage don't give awards based on color to give you give awards based on merit Jeffrey how are you an Algiers today. I'm in fine. Right who. It could deviate from what I call from the debt and is questionable Eminem and medical mobile when VP award anyway. Now. I don't think Jada Pinkett. Widow me Dick Armey. If we don't trade got nominated. Don't know. Sheila are protected our investments and cute little LP about date. Rate at a time that you independent. I mean you are in Vietnam DiCaprio complainant. And he's been. But between you hate he didn't even won an Oscar for Titanic. Right. Now glory of what they now we're ego. It is from Margaret stand argument never been about America now in the east and great. And it three weighted average number one gave him that he would think it was Lou it would be. I appreciate. Will the Arab network that didn't go largely to put trading day. And how they Berry won four of mocked as well. Well what we're at argument put the argument is right now is that. The last two years in those forty categories of supporting actors and actresses and and and that particular category. There has not been. That have put all white there have been knoller. Non whites nominated. Taillight that is if you move right up without unity could maintaining. Blake acted in movies that night will be it gave me. Serbia day and then Morgan Freeman. I'd be surprised. You don't see a lot of break it series. So do you think that's because. Of choice or or use in this victims of racism. Well. How. I would hate that they agree Gregory remember behind him but if it wouldn't. Prime example of day it is recently witnessed stole it right. You head of the latter. People had he did do Banca bullying goes planted trading. But in China you saw the stroke is the pain grew up there before it aids in Africa but he it would it would. But different and certainly if it but could not people buy at this for sports the NBA in the NFL that is predominately African American. Regret yet you don't see Neil bill you'll see why people complaining about that. Nobody there dummy that. So I think you orbited about it. No I'm no better. I there's it's it's a lot of high paying jobs though that's for sure Jeffrey I've got to I've got to go to a break I appreciate you calling. So much I'd like to try to get everybody on notable for a 4 o'clock and we go to sports talk show. We will come right back at JD Lewis Michael they've hang on a B right. Met with UN WW well. Then we're doing the a little memory. To Glen Frye who died at the age of votes 67. Now we've had a couple of callers who have said that normally. That the only time a black actor wins an award is for a a negative role but mark menorah and he the bunk that. Jamie Foxx won four. Ray Charles what's odd one great great great job to me Jamie Foxx is just incredible when you think about. In goal on a I don't know the if he did much to be but he was pretty much a standup comic. And then became this this great actor we're talking this afternoon about do you think the Academy Awards discrimination. Against people of color. What do you think are based on merit. Let me read this just war week. Get back to the polls in the red at the first power and I'm not sure how many people are built. I really don't think it's discrimination. I think it's the way this whole thing has put together the academy in the leaves the people come up with the nominations. Is made up bubble a little over 6000 members. 93%. White 76%. Nail all membership. And the average age of 62. These things that mean that doesn't seem right so it it seems like it is the system. Because you have vote the same people. Who probably have the same light. And who make that the that the choices every year. Some come away. That needs to be changed effect earlier. Someone said some kind of way. That the public the moviegoer needs to be involved so. I I honestly don't think that they say while we're gonna keep a black people out. I think it's the fact that it is the system itself puts an old. Antiquated system but needs to change its total Louis Louis thank you for calling WW relish afternoon. Well there's gonna. Gretchen moll Mo Pena and don't designing tonight I can't think there. The whole thing as color ridiculous that they we got bigger fish to fry. Dole problems in the world does worry about is get real war is not a lot made it for a we believe in say they were left field with a lot about a mile per unit it was bigotry deprive the world. And though we settled out Obama right in the United States does not right. That fact. I think that it capital is littered. Situation at Michigan so that they have them on this one egg on the job talk about it joke more. That's at the very very good point though Lewis let's go to Michael on the causeway Michael Loria. But you know where do you fit in here on this argument. Well. First if you don't mind I just wanted to statement tend to act in. I go out which you body and back in WPIX. Days. And I can't speak for everybody but I can if you're like my. Buddy and I appreciate having you there. I'm I'm I'm I'm just the lucky guy that's a little dude who does what he likes to do so I appreciate you saying that though yeah. You know are out on but I haven't well I wasn't nominated for Academy Award either. If you. Let's let you know yeah I agree it's probably landed some like you know toward racism. Entered as a great schism. An average rate again people I mean has good. You know what if you look back in the history. Or. Lady named Hattie Mae and one Academy Award weight back in the third look at late rate you know that was going to win right. Yeah yeah they need party. Won an Academy Award went you know. When they wished bully rate. Was I guess you know this is coming to dinner was the movie. Yeah yeah I'm. With tablets and rock and out the rule mocha and parent to trait he put you know it. You know out mile Jim anytime now. You know and I just elected are now great. Aren't on it think it's all right we tell your. Been you know in Vietnam and listened season. Go ahead. People have been or may popular movie. I haven't gotten it right you know you really like it does angle and you know there's only so many slot you know. And and you you to look back through. Aaron and you know. Need to watch you know get you away. Caught you know why aren't you. A black neighborhood and most of my best friend are still have earned with lack. I don't have a practice bone in my body you know my flaw that was the big the other union or. My mop up my father was and was on Archie Bunker to Michael I appreciate your calling I've got to take a break up for traffic and then we will come back with. More your phone calls and WWL. And if you were wondering. Why you guys play and to much Englund Bryan Eagles music it's just too. Remember Glenn fry who died at the age of 67 someone text and the one what was my favorite Eagles on. And mark Menard was. Click on the spot and found with when I know this is a current is not one other classic but the it sounds like he could have been rather old so that's my favorite. All right let's go back to the polls ago about two minutes to go to JD he's gonna wrap up talking about the Oscars chi. She got five hour. I am I thank you I do think that it is. Lately it I think it now. And my tactic or I'll I'll I regret it but I don't really think it is. Or all of and Eric and let. It one that I. Happy to see I. Mean. I'll. And number you know that people are able Alec. Little wall illegally is not really about it great it. And I've got the right Sheen. And that might win. It's like converse with us. You know an op at and you can believe one thing now Jada Pinkett Smith was speaking for all. None. You know African Americans and non whites okay of people of color as as she putted for the past two years. But I holed that you all the money if Will Smith. Had got the nomination there is no way she would have made discount a statement issued have been protecting their own investment. JD thank you for being part of the show this afternoon. A sports talk with the body Hebert and Deke Bellavia scan and next on WWL.