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1-13 6:10pm Bobby & Deke: on the NFL Playoffs

Jan 13, 2016|

Bobby & Deke discuss the NFL playoffs.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Again needing a long delay as hour twenty minutes of sports saw coming up tonight at 730 we'll hand things all will be me and Bobby Hebert to the LSU sports network as it is two teams identical conference records and Southeastern Conference play. Ole miss at LSU both into a morning conference play LSU than sixth overall all miss it twelve and three an important game for the Tigers. After dropping their first conference game of the season Saturday at Florida. They need to bounce back in Ole miss would have to continue to open of some ice under their top star. And justify Moodie in the top of players in the southeast in college right now averaging 24 point four continents four point one rebounds. He comes down to the team ever to simply senate to take on consumers in the LSU Tigers an 8 PM tipoff tonight Nash televised. On on the SEC. A few on ESPN 2 this evening the wood on the of the few sports network in about an hour and twenty minutes an operating jaguar opinion poll with a bit WW dot com. Would you sacrifice a little character. Four players with the eight on the Saints. Mean to the Saints had a player that they like a guy he he's got lol it but he's a good citizen. I think the two guys I think the Pittsburgh defense Jarvis Jones and Cameron Heyward. Cameron's got a nasty streaky but he could have the extra stuff we got a little bit of it ought there are other guys too like a former steeler Joey Porter. James Harrison they're guys out there like a Ray Lewis injury. While other guys percent for the Cincinnati big you see in the league all. On Smith when he IR Giants it does to bring out of the here and Augusta and look in enemy look at it. Trouble and he's been involved in you have any and Evelyn eating nabbed the is set up the Raiders in the pick him up. Oh yeah he's if you pull it took ally took Rick Harding park he liked that. So who who who walk anybody who who would who would be the one who we have Pitt dictated we put I don't think we have won the food you could put an. Area what we thought we had one and in his rookie year can even Cairo. Yeah I don't giving the Cairo's punting Jimmy Graham. All right is there an attractive here and quality power Roddy White the first game is where ever aim at a Fukudome was getting them in their face I got you know they went back going in like a rookie. He has act like he's the better numbness at the tunnel I don't know what happened since then and I think he's gotten better. 88 if you look at the not on the policy he still look takes victories because we're gonna see a whole season but. Compared. To holly played. With coach Allen needs sale on the back in well I've been in any idea it would Rob Ryan. Yep no doubt about it so who would you put. In that categorical the sites it would take point 2601870. Texas 878. And Bobby you know looking back at some different things because we're a week away from the championships. AFC in an AFC which used to be York's you know AF filth in an NFL. And I didn't realize his body but the first two AFL championship teams that won. Or the 6361. Houston all of us and there's a breakdown who the quarterback was quote Werth and then leading rusher and refers to. AFL championship team in games. With the vacant. Really can't put it yet it really can't laugh out of it got Billy cannon and a Raiders uniform you know yeah yeah but buried in a courtesy right what rights at all with right exactly so I don't think god you know what I thought Anderson did bid to and nastiness the united realized this. That did you know six you know get on an NFL on the ice though yeah you look did you know weaving is the first person NFL history. To play foreign coach fourteen you know team I mean I kind of gave and we've Herman. Olivo in coach of fourteen you know team before all of one on one in NFL history the first came out trying to think back east and you gave it away. He just gave him well well well it will Louis fourteen you know Carolina who whose karma. Runner and he played with the Bears. In involved. Yeah that's right the adults that are off at the moment the only player. He's the first person NFL history to play for and coach fourteen national team to beat about a winner. You can't get more belief in the net. Now at Enron program mannequin you know you know Bobby about Blair let it be correct to reason that Tino I mean you know yet if what am but the guy eagle at the the systems if you gotta match going like OK forget it a guy like Brad you know that's what Ron regret it he hung around the Bears at at the plate it would of August 8. He's with the charges. You have to Ravens in Indian in Ron Rivera came right with a bad what Lovie Smith when he was there. He took a job. Boom and I Carolina and he supplied a he's about there were a couple of decent with its eighth round repair job because they have pores of the gain by who remember right forty cricket club that you've done it came on strong season at the beginning it did on the fourteenth season indeed The Who he was on the hot oh yeah they were 38. In. Threes the it would hit 388 when they came to the super bill. Yeah and it of course if they want they want all out 371 and anyone I'll rest a game now I don't want rigorous and ain't it. Yeah boys so that's the bottom line is you know that though cliche when we department lately in you don't don't don't start yet begin. How about I got a thanks to Helen this. Should've recognized the writing on the wall. When Geoff was hard that being Jeff Fisher a few years aback when. His other coaching experience was it was a relocation. So Jeff Fisher has X. Notice that. It looked Jessica a point and you know that's why I asked. Eight the last hour. Was. The team gonna go hit play out there because. I remember Bobby wing Houston late in the offense rightly of people once he's the last game of the regular season. They play the Steelers and we would up there and because they were they were always stopping back and they won't they waited as VO. But it it's what possibilities so I didn't have video Philadelphia gets out I figured he would best serve. Sort of league you go hit hand Saint Louis play out there this year somewhere I was that a point of Saint Louis because it would be a poorly attended game. Well a big day the Rams go really old old school. You know call it on the white and well this amid heavy they go back to the coliseum because at the already put it whether they lose they would NASCAR day. I hope they waited Grissom or somebody in Merlin Olsen in. Deacon Jones though they waited old blue and white output model Pruitt you know logos and you know when you look at the coliseum the arm. That was kind of the Raiders headquarters before they left town via and the arrangement Anaheim where they ain't too late and you know you look at it now and and you would think UN have this in 2000. Sixteen going forward. Sheriff's they would need to Utley shares the you look at the guess goes back and I was there in 1985 and Oakland of the Oakland ace you look at the Oakland. Colleague Ian. You got a Major League team and NFL Iowa team well yeah it what it three team that you play against Oakland invaders so it would curator at the invaders and the eighties. It and and and Deke. Oh not at that rate does not have been paid I think the Raiders were in LE at the air and early LA when they went through bode well out of yet you name it debris and but you still. He shouldn't have an NFL and Major League in Disney need to with the money involved having to share a stadium. But another it is that tidbit. Big things go full circle and Michael around the country. And equals certain yet to come back home. Jet pitches the USC guy usually. So when you look at it bigger and he went and did this in public. But blobby get turned around the run he's not complaining even. Well listen and hear everything. I don't I don't think he you know he probably. There Ramsey Jackson deal him before we guy that's solid at the Katrina this thing so they always those teams that in Minnesota okay. Who go move there Wally it will kind of always in the conversation won't have gotten out there because it's a lot of stability here now. Would everything in Louisiana a bit and stay there Reyes but yet the Rams it will kind of always in that conversation about Sammy Jeff Fisher knew that but. Looked like to take the pointed out if you're gonna have a Knick coach did do what it. You couldn't ask for anything better because he would he wish he went through you know he winning retirement that preceded it three years. He went from our from Houston eight you were to Memphis in eighty with an accurate three year. Well I did today it is. And I remembered this dog reading Oakland's. This is in the works in the Islam on top of this with the Rams could Tebow had a free trial with the saint Lewis. Is going back to 2012. Acknowledges come about. This nudges them to have an overnight and I'm not talk to you about this in the past. That begun to onion staying groggy. That the Rams are going back to Los Angeles. So this has been in the works. And Jeff Fisher oddity you know you know I've been out and I don't know privy to the private conversations with that this is like son has being going down now they went in mid debit 45 years ago. They go to law on yet. And end in our locker room with two about the conversation you talked to him after they talked about eagle wounding Claussen you know alien everything that. I. All along. They want to hunt one book they will hunt two books they would deal hunt for two and that's a big guy they want to go out there. Right that they don't get to go get two teams out there and market so the two largest markets in the country now and have two teams in New York in LA and I don't think it's right next. Yet when you. This that big you gotta grow. Where you gonna grow our product. And about the bottom line is. I adding to it is too before the goal and Jerry Jones and and the likes there really the visionaries. As far as the business model of the NFL. They think they keep grown this thing into. Like about a year or 225. It 25 the 2525. 25 billion in revenue. And New Year's 20/20 five so right now wanna say the right and over 1112 billion sitting in a double that took that they're thinking and and lost and as a big a part of the puzzle. No doubt about it RI TBK came Bobby Hebert of the Soviet about a hour on the LSU sports there were good basketball like LAQ. And Ole miss open alliance who on the Saints team has that eight. Is making you look RO is it can't but Jordan do we need to get somebody that has that nasty streak it is the one that though the teams. Always want to know where that person is winner on the field like that JJ watt like all dobbs made a great car. Would you take one sacrifice that care to get that guy uniform is a sports talk on WW. And welcome back to sports talk he's Kasey Kahne and Bobby Hebert and Deke Bellavia. Tragic end to us say it say it story. One of the most physical. And I think one of the best college football running backs. Certainly this year but maybe of all time launched Phillips that they found data California jail Seau. Not something that he's dead with a suspected suicide this is that the current valley state prison in the Leino California. Balance of Phillips though a troubled life. Dating back to world when he was on the champions fifteenth. At University of Nebraska. Do when he was drafted sixth overall but in. A big premier this thing with Rams the Miami Dolphins San Francisco 49ers. And the convicted and also a cute someone in prison. I you know yeah it responsive. In into the eighties they'll you know Corinth it was announced data on the scene about nine minutes later at the hospital. Yeah. He had murdered someone in prison I think he was. Going to be on death throws and I think you that so I think I don't know they came into play but. Just from a global perspective. Ego when it was the sixth overall pick Ellis in the upper jail and automatic sixth ranked and an inning never. Never obviously would have and in dealing very. Troubled guy he was involved would domestic violence before it even came to the forefront. As of late but. Big guy you know it is is just a shame. You know when you look at you know the sad stories in. And there's a number of them but. Football coach Bob Bobby a lot of ways it is supposed to help people like hospital. Turn turn your of the aren't calling so B well look to see Eagles Collins. Yeah same thing in some some. A lot of times in this it is. My home being involved in in him being around my point I'm packing to leave it. And if I had it just gets the Maalox with the guy that was constantly just pushed down the line because he was so good football. It's okay he's good football it took him football and no one. Probably really even told him what he needs to hear but yet they told him what he wanted to hear. Pain it's a situation where I'm like yeah mental issues and probably never was really address that a young age eight is a 100%. A 100% and until I think this is a big deal. Just imagine. Sometimes when you feel down depressed and so forth we've seen it now come the lie about it go to earlier. A guy like Brandon Marshall has far more to the forefront right now Poland people with different things. Until we as a society realize that once someone has a mental health problem. And they need to be addressed just like when I got dressed by Adam cancel my left long and it was Hopkins lymphoma and Iowa State will be cancer. Until we address that person is being seek him you gave him he'll. With a good team here. Detrimental results the bugs getting better it is getting it every year it is getting way batted there's still a stigma yet just like it's like now Bobby if you don't want a thirty years ago. May be the north Phillips is not. The situation where Brandon Marshall is so I he has gotten better there's no doubt about it. But he's got taken more people I write him Marshall come on now is it any more people like as I've been at the same as Shane right exactly yeah they have a good basic feel weak could get some well. You mentally wrong man of people got a problem. And you Talladega but Tex is the Al is on top with things. You know I misspoke at that college has gone by Emma I'm ticked off with the NFL alumni because these same as the and L all the time. About a Ron Rivera. Because they were not fourteen you know when the Bears in the loss to the Dolphins they were twelve and no right and there with the Carolina he was fourteen you know but it went back to back so he's over Portland. The average player it's still a coach don't know twelve notes he had he had twelve and are fourteen and oh player and coach so yeah Ron Rivera. D.s still. He is the high coach in the NFL right now you could say well look at it talent that he still got to play him in the right direction and I they take. Enemy though 85 Bears fans of the Dolphins fame bunkers you know talk about who will both recruiting at the end I think that too who both. I think with that to a bowl could have been Miami because Miami loss in the AFC champ right game to New England. And I think about that 98 championship. Hey Gary Anderson made it a field goal we would have seen the two best offenses in football Haskell on offense it was before Grady Showalter. For the Patriots at the Saints. The 98 Vikings and the Broncos and at Super Bowl Bobby that would have been so but we'll dig. I'm this evening they. Who would wanna. In the superdome right here they all millionaires I mean that was an award Sobel the Bears the Bears crushed the Patriots. Yeah I mean yeah you'd much rather have seen Miami because we Goran news. And with a bit of family situation is we talked about the Saints in the stability of franchises. Would admit that famine situations the Saints can lead have to mister Benson whenever past legal on and on. But the thing is this the one thing I don't know enough to lead his before I don't know beyond 20/20 five. But they got a great deal. And Lisa so beneficial probably wanted to sweep is deals that night decent decent NFL's bars. The stadium. Relationship with the team. So would the superdome and the things he can give you had a new owner outside influence. Because this Saints aren't going anywhere old are over an active season. These cases came about behavior and they'll be open alive when I was on the LSU sports network but first deputy abilities time is 632 it's not the first new typical Chris middle. He is skating camp IBA bad I'm Deke Bellavia 2601870. You can Texas at 870. Eight Sammy got a couple of things here oppressing them Bobby tiptoed listened to me today. Other limited debut Carl Long Tom my employer of the Mercedes in Louisiana Superdome now does that PR work for junker his Christian school. And now also Bobby this was just that recently done over the week in. I've got that your activity Cokie show with. Bet we go to the who do. And now he was with the Saints for several seasons coach Mike knew now Bobby it's returns the Ball State he's the new head football coach at Ball State University. And joining him is though wanted to. Best prep lap back because that I was all faced against that with Johnny courtesy call coach back with. But him as well so coach Mike nude is gone to Ball State by critical because in the and it's a pretty good program over the last several feet. Bug big wasn't involved they did beat Arkansas this year. I don't Toledo on the Philadelphia. You know I'm with Ball State beat somebody good -- yeah yeah I was trying to they would like I don't know all of one game the -- of their mascot the Cardinals the Cardinals did it whipped out David David Letterman with the facility would you pass in the charger. By JT I mean it is excited about that are eat at a B a ladies. And that could be a mixed bag there. Oh I'm sure the younger. The younger version. Command leaving. Way to get it you wanna keep their legacy going public you can hear about it. And it's it's an opportunity for John Akers daughter with a good college football player and if he chickened out and you know we really got Curtis who. Put forty years almost at the Colts than the out party com part of class and Jonathan Williams to meet. Almost went down so and they you know about Venus is here this degenerate and he's coaching defense. Book coach JT Johnny Willis for nineteen years and they only lost 42 games they were 23522. And 113 state championships with the national championship. In 2012 so coach knew brings a winning coach. Obviously right to left bought him as a mark on all points out Willie Lee came from Ball State Bowden. Well as front released yet witness on the oh yeah and favorite this year here especially in amateur yard shot was the about it with a 1616. And yet do you view you know like sixteen yards short big that was going to be interest in could human you mentioned Mike you leaving. And doctor Bradley to Hamels slow crime dog with him McGrath what. He's now and on the garbage that. That he's good yeah deal I got it maybe code of its coordinator. Yeah I think. You don't bother talking about coach knew I didn't realize is he with a stop at Ball State early and uneasy with the match. Player of the year so he's going to as a senior yes 83. Overall at this thought seven don't want him in Matt played eight years in to a record debt record for a 69 year old with twenty of forty. As Ball State. A plate Toledo and came back from 830 to three deficit to win. 3130. In home comments on my knees started three years Beisel has got to be funny and he's gone back home. Yeah big will be an instant. You're computer here I think is great experience. Whenever you're around. I love to be like a fly on the wall. To be in those quarterback meeting rooms we might knew then and he coach Payton Drew Brees that much you can learn and then. You know yeah like a sponge. Grass well this information you utilize that down the road now. Perhaps could may be. Period new quarterback coach could Joseph Lombardi Demi god far with the lines yeah yeah IE he was a running all the UN you know quarterback coach to coordinator over to the draw lines in the got fired but. I'm sure he got a a great working relationship with Sean Payton and Drew Brees you know the grandson of Vince Lombardi Soviet Anderson is only here. That it I would be surprised to solve our relationships if he would end up back with the things going you know in the saint the lines and even back to the Saints the coach subbing and he's familiar with the and maybe could be a part of development Gary grace and and now also being in those meetings we Drew Brees I know drew. He's had so many meetings when immense success. The he probably wouldn't mind him being. Yeah no doubt about and then also yesterday Cuba from a state stamp on remember. On Monday January 18 is the deadline for underclassmen to announce that they're going to forget any eligibility have all the computer. The in the NFL draft remaining politics and the the man that Catholic home of the by his own and Louisiana Lafayette best player. A lot to McGwire and not just that he would remain put his senior season. And for the rating K so that's a big Booth called smoke but. And then I hate ot I guess elegy and so many stud running bags but you know you I don't know how did it all to utilize them right but I never miss that I think Ellis she was really even recruiting it was oldest. Because he's too little already thought he's too good. Yeah I think so but in the many NFL player page and it ain't no doubt about it. Yeah I like Derrius Brian Davis is like that there is green the big tight hampered with him that he would. I mean he's he's he's he's heir apparent. To. Only two Antonio Gates San Diego low and he is the gap is no doubt about that yet they're equal. You go to missile there's no doubt about it you missed on but it unity sometimes you just missed them and you will. Come back to buy two. Let's go to a speaker lefty and let's go to that vehicle Marseilles on I want Marcel thank you calling that UW real. Guy yeah I'm glad to hear a life. Use them which. I am glad allies in the job talk about it's player. You know a certain extent yet not at those guys. But I've ever edgy player that now think about the guy that just plays his tail law. And and is at a hear about all also feel presidents. Yeah it came in the mail is Aldo did you win. Yeah but Moss and obviously now college and pros. Built of the guys. Those little one day they make a overwhelming but articles that we rule on in big province so I think it's wrong like Michael why you know but there are those. Those. There's no question if if Bobble a good attitude it's supposed to do. No cause you problems are more ball more and that is the key is martz now. What you have to do. Is that Katie got edgy guy that if you cut him it doesn't hurt you as a matter as the elegy to now the ones you eighty. Like the junior gallant. All of us I knew guarantee well. Got all of a sudden he gets in trouble he's guaranteed seventeen million. No that's odd thing obtain the Bengals are cheap team. Did that Mike brown and well this would be Duke that is is part of their strategy. They get these players that are so edgy and they desperately in trouble that became demanding money so bank for your ball and you might say. While that would would perfect Deke. You know he signed in nineteen they've dollar contract. But they say he is that good that's a sixty million dollar guy. You know you look into an ethnic got him at a fraction as so they look at like what they haven't advanced thought I look at edgy players future players with the Saints now a perfect lie he's not edgy but look at the chance. And thanks for your buck in it out of the juniors delve a brawl. That dumb liberals in the minimum yeah look at when you've got an a player. Well you could find an edgy guy that staying out of trouble and you don't have to pay him hell yeah you bring them on the team I get it right leadership. Sean Payton Drew Brees at all because of the play. But at the problem is is we have an edgy guy and you paint too much money again trouble. He is the case can MI BA bad here weekdays at 4 o'clock sports talk on their ego yeah. It is divisional week in here on at WW Yo-Yo home the Super Bowl victory in coverage starts. Saturday afternoon with the pre game show in a 330 kickoff it is game one of the week in. AFC still number five Kansas City Chiefs at number two New England in the nightcap as number five Green Bay at number two. Arizona Sunday games 36 matchup. The succeed it's Seattle Seahawks cross country there at parent out autopsy snuck out of happens. Again. The nightcap the evening game at 4 o'clock. On a Sunday at 330 on Sunday as the six seed Pittsburgh Steelers at the third seed in the Bronco. Three rematch games this week in Green Bay and Arizona played in week 1516. Regular season. Pittsburgh and get open in week fifteen Seattle and Carolina played in week seven W was Kansas City going again aptly in this regular season. They played in 2014. A that the lines right now currently. Mean it is a five point favorite Kansas City Arizona as a seven point favorite. Oh or a Green Bay bit the largest player of the week am Carroll that's Arizona over Green Bay Carolina the three point favorite with Seattle. And there was a six and a half point favorite over. Pittsburgh so complete flip the script last week all four road teams where the favorites and they won this weekend all four home team and favorite. We'll see how that plays that we will hand the ought they just run out with all of you from Vegas to Morrow night coming up on the program for the picks of the week eight you can. And big just got to Texas mean in August when he antics and ER would have been on top in this. We had a tags said the Saints hired Lombardi today. I'm Angela marred to beat a quarterback coach so. Well that would make sense. So that did a occurred today at thanks for letting us know that. The talking about pressure now public opinion on this. You look at to me all the pressure is on Denver. Like all the pressure is on Carolina. You know on that I want and cannons throughout their house money whenever you look tell Seattle. They did when they come on knows a chip shot are the Vikings are moving on. He looked on the Steelers won in Jeremy hill doesn't fumble. And I don't BA in there so I mean mean to me all the pressures on the Broncos and Carolina now. When you look at Denver. They got they realized this and and you know I'll I feel about Peyton Manning in. And enough to lead as prob I think the best regular season a quarterback in NFL history. Yeah it hinges what he's done year in a row. You know throughout his career but. You know he's eleven and thirteen. And I'm always thirteen losses in playoffs over is eighteen year career now this sort of zone. That's two games under 500 yes bit bit that this is this pressure in his just kick it off for the Broncos and him and that includes an eleven to thirteen that includes an NFL record. Now he has a lot of positive regular this is negative that includes an NFL record 91 round. First game exits. And he's a bit entries rubles and Indians wondering you know he's trying to get Woody like into a couple of rings. Immediately to win one a great accomplishment but I thought that was interest and out of that Lebanon. Thirteen. Playoff rankings the eighteen year career. What does and drive an NFL record 89. Per game exits. So I'd be gotten out the question I have for you. It is let's say. At halftime and a state of birds happy struggling. Today this Kubiak is legal costs lollar. I mean you'd you'd hear the sounds I don't I don't I don't think he Cain RD's finger is they would in the whole game. I think they will three big I I don't I don't necessarily I'm on the equate to some although it was ugly ugly game would go back to. Game realization hit me on Wednesday and text field is. Jump all twenty I don't know it just sort of rule them out right and you lose complete game you know as being like me. Cutler went out they gotta suck this week I had no I don't because yet because odds while I've. Not while awestruck. I hustle and such a good. He has such a good first half against Pittsburgh you know it makes all of this or he traded Pittsburgh in the birth date on the that he had a lot of success so yeah I I didn't need got enough points seat if you win your home game next week to be Ossetia appointed Denver's pick and as a defense. The Dolphins keep doing leading the list say like. Three to nothing hard seven to three in here and authors K scored eight inning no that that I think. That's a large bids in Denton Peyton Manning is trying to win. Right and it. Admitted that big the big story would be if they do we hand what do you do to bottle we. You know yeah oh yeah and you know. No it ain't it. Look at it makes it all in arresting compensation there is no doubt about it whatsoever because the two quarterbacks that unknown to most games of the wall. Auto wanted a Mbenga in Brady and Manning and you've got air rod just as hot. Coming off a big performance cost improbable loss to kind of vindicate himself. This guy's position he's been him Bobby since since they were at home and he got knocked out against the Steelers when he got hit low and DS it appears that there is right now to date Arizona is the favorite. That not only get them through bowl but they're the favorite to win at all. That was the he's Bobby Bradley got to be at this that you did yeah. All right coming up without about a half our map on that side of the break. We will also. Take a look at tonight's matchup between the LSU Tigers and Ole miss rebels gained a coach. John paid a week ago talked about how he's remain with the New Orleans Saints and paper's sources as well Mike Triplett talked about this thing tiring game Campbell. Joan Lombardi airing bland food as there are sources of course Campbell expected the assistant head coach and tight ends coach. Also a coach Dan route through the current tight end coach expect to remain on the staff and some other capacity. Lombardi were turning his role as the quarterback coach because. -- quarterback coach Mike new took the head coaching job at his alma mater at Ball State University informal great with the New York Jets who came into the into vis Korea airing the man player with this thing now COLT the Saints will be. In the secondary coach McGriff when ought to ought to look talk more about that it bodies take. Plus we'll break out and it should Ole miss have vowed to go here on WW.