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12/31 6pm Sports Roundtable

Dec 31, 2015|

WWL Sports Year in review roundtable with Bobby Hebert, Deke Bellavia, T-Bob Hebert & Kristian Garic. We look back on all the BIG sports stories of 2015 & will preview the college playoffs.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

All star be it at this hour welcome an hour three drive killer the I don't know those mental mistakes ridiculous. This hour though look back at that point fifteen LSU story lines top five to about that a good job laying them out earlier in our. There are conversations. Before the show in the top five stories for the LG tiger's time to get to that. Incidents. Come in LA she was a big tuneup start off for them to that yet. Yeah I think god now they should be or should have been higher on the list unfortunately with how this tells you best all season developing. With them looking pretty likely that may miss the tournament now they're seven and five with. So really have Lawson makes their butt when bid Simmons all right delves Jews massive. Number one recruit in the entire world I'd ever seen native beat the number one pick. And did remember he also it was such big deal that else you Padilla that whole. That advertising campaign right with nearly 25 is coming in Newton got to ruffled some feathers. People talk about the amateurism of the NCAA but. I don't know that is the problem with this team is that what you made the tournament last year you should've won term gain in a losing. To NC state but it looked like Simien to tell you play these classy remembering. The Tigers the next level despite having one of the easiest schedule out of conference gets have ever seen. The team's been terrible and where it's even more confusing that did Simmons has been incredible listening these numbers and they tell me how in the hell. This team lost Charleston in Houston. Did Simmons is averaging nineteen points thirteen rebounds five assists. Two steals and one and a half blocks per game only turned the ball over twice a game and they still can't win. Well the coaching. I mean do they know it's gonna it's gonna fall on Donny Jones a 100% relative thing is because we get the best players supposedly. Collected in the draft you can't go Austria high school ride and the thing is crowded supposedly got to its first twelve games everybody is saying is 100% lock. He went on the first day but it's everyone's saying well for sure. Sweet sixteen. And maybe get elite eight. Well it only going to be don't make it to him. Because generally in and I guess it's got like LG can't by the use this with dale brown got when you get the superstars having the great not your best not your best and dale brown went the final four or are absolutely I would not take but he did it with the teams that they did it expectancy in the teams that they'd ever do the bottom four so it's kind of Billick I just think. It's really disappointing even from a national viewpoint. That you're gonna see bin Simmons now and march may have this but probably in the in ninety. Mean the best player in the country in the NIT bad that's. Already our whole lot how could it be good for college basketball to promote that what's not add to that is so funny when they lost taking the Houston by the way funny thing about that is or sketch race it was so important time that there RPI actually increased. After losing that game winner policies there were all kind of headlines about. Is LSU bad. For college basketball on their talk mountain national scale. Because they're gay keep be the best player right march med but you have what as of recent Wake Forest coming on now like eagle and Garko line of leeway for them you know you eat you probably lose 45 more games and you've still got to play Kentucky twice. Florida like this that is a team that. Most likely will not make determine now I hope that they were going to sort of care for be wrong but. With wage in I don't know how you could bode that you got to look at it basketball on airy kind of hole with eligible with a Appel. Yeah you and it's a good tell the kids this kid on our I don't know. I have a bit more I mean I have got to win on the road could you look at your schedule pat what lightly deeply party on the road that went out earlier they're terrible yet you got to win on the road note that the biggest thing in the pelicans favor this year. Is that the Western Conference isn't the Western Conference that we've gotten used to. Over the past few years you'll go to number four yes they don't yes number four on this list you might appreciate this a little off the beaten path but it deserves recognition you're talking about things. That haven't happened in forever. LSU men's golf team. With its first national championship in sixty years by beating USC's saw the bat that I know he. Like that in here I know you like these you and I know you like be in the California is right and gets hit to beat USC in the finals. So congratulations to them I mean regardless of sport is now on the people generally care about the winning. The national championship is always well doesn't that we maybe it teaches he wanted those cats that approach or like David. I highway and know well enough to even tell it on it you know. I ask you if you win a national championship the public got good at the bats really well David Toms you know interestingly enough I was right you sexy LSU's 43. National title for sports against the spread out amongst everything. Other fifth golf championship LSU. In the forties like incredible man national champion 404247. And 55. And they had it won it's it's even last year they lost to Alabama in the cities. So that big comeback win it this year so helmet account for congratulations. Looked Gibson main credit here. Brandon pierce Ben Taylor. Zach right here Richard in Stuart jolly congratulations. I'm bringing the first gulf title to LSU at six the years by the way you know usually it's the old football program or the baseball programming gets all the accolades. Certainly a good for golf put numbers up exhibit. Like it did that a baseball football still ruled the course and really. You think about this is how passionate LSU fans are about sports. You Palmeiro. With the pitches were in town and Atlanta went to the PGA championship and they went Belichick found that they have probably Tom Jetta and golf. And AJ chanting L list you can helmets and you know we're right there are always say that Oklahoma State or you know like. No we were on the guy Iverson on the eighteenth green -- for Tom's comment right behind me either coupled you've been based paint it I mean well they must sit done it in that the Yankees can't walk in with a painted face like they were fired up to cheer on David Toms so it's definitely need so they are already inaccurate championship applauded as individuals yeah there's no absolute and even Jon Peters and the guy who's out there he got third in the US a couple years ago speaking. Of all the accomplishments for LSU football notion baseball number three analyst Chris Chambers walk off home run. It's you know well in the super regionals we were fair for them yeah. Yeah I mean just an incredible atmosphere if you dramatic gains physically game one. Of the super regional virtue LLC you have all the hometown brightly just amazing and it's here knows you jumped else. Went to an early 31 lead it stayed that way all the way. 'til late in the game that you know managed to make it 32 in the eighth and then in the ninth. He'll pinch hitter who was bring Conrad. Comes up with a solo shot to tie it and that Egypt had all the momentum at that point yet. Bottom of the ninth and Alex box stadium. Christian amber the Baton Rouge native counselor leadoff walk off homer and sure ripped off incredibly good guy to like just if a could it could have asked her better PR as far as the ladies there is certain around campus but she amber they hero of the ILC goes on to win. And goes to college or as he's had led to an end. Like they wanted to still a great. Those probably the most memorable moment for baseball between fifteen Christian but it might not be. The best part what we saw the baseball team last year I think that belongs. To vote the final season of Alex Bregman who used incredible has all of those bittersweet but. You know he bets 3239. Home runs first team all Mary's got all it. But the emergence. Of Alex laying was just absolutely spectacular. This is the guy used national freshman pitcher of the year. SEC freshman year consensus first team all it was some of these stats. Freshman in college he went twelve and though. 197. ERA in struck out 131. And a 114. Innings as that is dominant. Especially when you consider what was the big storyline and and how are they going to replace Nolan armaments so so and he comes in as a freshman and and dominates as if you read a lot if you look at the LSU first day starter for a Friday start that they've had. Recently with its winning with lane with no work going back to Renato Louis Coleman and they've had to stay stable of great. Friday night pitchers or got leaders are consistent basis for our issue yet. Yea you're seeing him in the majors I haven't says the most impressive part about Lang. On he was a bit shaky here and begin its season. But in all the post season you're like when it mattered most he played his best which is always the mark. Of a great player around that twelve and oh as a freshman so good at that those are kind of my. Biggest story lines of the baseball season if you. Now sit figures that a football season had to be in for an average of Auburn and number two right yep we're talking moments mom. That Auburn game was or something crazy could remember all we're still supposed to be good at that time. Now they had just escaped against Jacksonville State. So people were questioning them but maybe nobody knew as they weren't thought of as poorly obviously if they were. By the end of the year that you have letter for network EU wasn't just like he was making plays he looked like watching him to be like that type of highlights. He was a video game that game. It was like if I saw those in and do B I would say oh that's B yes but with a guy jumps on his back and flips off like Goodell tackles like that at that Beckett are really excited. And just the mixture of power everything else that thing what he end up with a ninety K. Usually it on nineteen carries twelve yards yet twelve yard retirement and it's the red Raiders when he hit it to twelve foot 29 care what Beckett did to kind of letter for net year as a whole which was this down he broke. Charles Alexander's. Single season rushing record which used it since the seventies. He adds up with 1953. Yards in twelve games funnily enough. It's good for second. In SEC history to what ever dare Kendrick finished. So it's like he'd been this year we sought to running backs break all the SEC Rolodex elevate a lot of entity even this sorry. They guy had a look Jackson Herschel Walker collide there's sound bite degree yeah yeah that is that Fredette took a school record 22 rushing touchdowns. And he tied considerably bowl record score in part to put bottom line. Next year. Burnett can be credible and men clips strongly resisting 37 to seventeen there was a good game. And not enough money or not anymore I get to the number one story for the LSU Tigers were talking about. You know all the all the top five stories for. The Tigers it has to be the way everything unfolded in November with last month arguably in my opinion the top. Louisiana sports story of the entire year kind of words. Unprecedented nature right I mean it was oh look we we we talked out of for a month pretty much it just insanity it was it was a master class in. From an administrative standpoint what not to do. And then if you ever coached that situation less miles laid out the exact blueprint of what you do you do right mean he handled it deftly. He made himself into an incredibly sympathetic figure and and part of that can I need to get arbitration said and set a mutt too they put him out there. He's like flapping in the wind being insulted by questions about his job and made it blows my whole family likes it here and. It's gonna do that ultimate mad hatter moment anyway and and and falling on this Orton being the martyrs. All of a sudden you have a Ku felt it was a great early date it was literally Ellis shoot at that time with like a banana republic. At night okay and it kinda who's in charge of the morning who's the charts tonight yeah and avid flow continued goal at the populace that the masses. And if I won eight CL so I was trying to Cubs keep this to like I want to choose top five moments in the expand on the I can't decide it. What was more. It gets you meeker what was more crazy it was. Put him being carried off the field for 53 in the SEC like that's pretty wild right that's pretty. Unheard of but what might have been even weirder. More awkward more also just intriguing to watch unfold. Was the post game press conference when you wanna talk about you could almost like cut the in tune with that night. When Joseph leave it gets up there haven't it's a you know us in America for me it was at all while he kind of said it just like that trying to hit well I don't even if he could see that he was not happy. Now where this becomes an arresting you lean forward. Is that a lot of the reports in the departure Kevin Steele. Steals camp is saying that. One of the reasons why he left was the Oliva factor did it feel like the administration had the coach he's backed it feel like. Even going forward in the future that the ministers have because it's back and why that's interesting for a couple of does it hurt their ability attracted defensive coordinator to replace Steele. Even Dolphins courted appeal what happens with Cam Cameron. And then also what happens. It fell achieved has really good next year isles has the power again does that then blow back that I got this situation steal. Unfolding it's still gonna have a massive impact but. Dal note just so wild some endeavors. How Pitt Jolie get a free pass going fact at lacrosse team Duke won and that's like totally that he is more than anything and nobody cared that nobody brought that Talladega very valid shoot no exactly and at the time he was hired to get people kind of say like wait why the Nolan and attitude. But nobody Catholic guy whatever rules you of the rugby now. That the Trent Johnson hiring in this latest debacle there are a lot of people with that's the craziest part is that true lead. Try to once he Kuchma huddles anything anything at the end. He's almost put his own status in jolly I liked him for what's gonna catch it at the flow and he didn't have I think it's that it started and let's welcome articulate the meaning he's gone. You know. What what's gonna happen is if you go to sees anything can happen if you go out Quebec were to be in the atomic Soviet Union. The same thing cut they cut do topic though the only tied undermine him Barbara Petrino really real complaints hopeful when I am a guy. Eddie didn't work out what happened with but don't we will come back next year have a great year beats Alabama boom then electorate that phone. That's about the good this year the B Alabama don't don't be without a Garfield yeah I think it's like you know other. Yeah total could hit it he Bobby talk about a year from now. If that happens you have peaks dig you coach. Heretical thought you got it that you got to the sixth and whatnot that you pay is quiet. Yeah. Laura the fifth fifth. Oh yeah that matters like Teflon target wanted the and they were you go ahead then they're directed it warned him not extend him. Also honestly never would have ten more years of this conversation of no less miles not the guys are you'll you'll have two more years but you're not political go to its final year of his contract if it's a -- though is basic Kamal what. Let's say eco accurate regular season. He's got a team well that would be key games like he usually what you do not selling them when you the united through all of a big if if if they were 9388 LA after games anyway tailgate with the bolt hole yep which you'll. And I think the only thing. The I think for I'm due to be happy because the hype train it's already starting because that count we know they have come back now and that he's a lot of talent that's I think that people only be happy. And I worry contending for the SEC chant I think gets a winning all the popular they've got to give him a winning formula having Cam Cameron the sidelines let's not get out the way it was a nice it does. Last week. Well my team by team pop up at a pre game it looked everybody in and I I'm kind of are to keep up point to hawk because I did not in this agree with the but. Everything pointed to this being the year. If Britain Hairston gonna take call and upbeat he is that this is it didn't look it's it's a make or break there's no doubt about it but everything he buyout of about how he's come along. Look he's only started in let's face it. How many freshman how have they got the LSU history this sort of virtue they started they were two and three assists that Brett has missed an entry if you if you have to make these game. So if it yet at times it was bad because the way he finished in November but he did well in the game the other night if he comes out he played well. They got the big games at home. And even about November Deke is actually we just talk about this during the break how I would maybe and this may be me just like argue my own point with. How I would may be to finish Brandt Ayers a little bit. If you switch. Coker with hairs and you and where while Rob Blake and Alvin Barnett their camera that we are killing. Again these switches players do you see the outcome is being different so I really bright I would have been a labor deploy you. Well obviously keep up about the numbers the numbers Harris had his first year. Like that Barbara if you put a different if put a different light on the tube in me is that hey I gotta give. Shout out to our producer Tim Zimmer on double coverage is he's what you put those numbers of front of me. He got me thinking about that original. What club ultimately can't camera on the sidelines and they tell you why that makes them as I've been in that scenario. Play professional ball from eighty to 97. And I'd like. The coordinator being on the silent really because you can have. Those that that eyes that this guy in the press box like a wide receiver coach. I might be either running back coach. On the all lines are you might have the whole line coach on the sideline. The running back to receiver couldn't they know what they'll be doing the key communicate with the yard meter on the field. To what's going on the court etiquette talked at quarterback. Based that they had technology nowadays the mean they had all their tablets for an out and every yet yet so I mean I like that move what they did in a bowl game we can't get homers and Alabama next year for oil she tires at home in the Death Valley Oklahoma just turn it over again on. 37 to seventeen after an interception. Clubs and over Oklahoma. But seven minutes left to go that ball it looks like well owns this eyes is that it's it's a concussion last night there's only make me puke it back in the game now. And I didn't need to decide ahead. He got try to get up and start walking is accurate. Like you force that. I mean angle that hit him on to it almost looked like an upper cut to the jaw I was like partners like from the side and helped me to eat. Cook it and not that it should not throw it back out there. No no and I'll take it real he got beat easy go at it like that you know he gate he reached Jonah he looked like a ball strong box right now he's done he's done a year it is that night. That maybe what holes they've done that you do the you do the passion that's there but yeah that I wrote to me you've got to. You gotta look at favorite players that that's what they uplift the correct about this that that you have out. After the players. And not think it is the road it's almost if you had some skin in the game like you have some sort of opinion on the. After that well it up let's get it became looks like Clinton's going to the national championship but you know it's a by pressure. Who needed no pressure clips in the media pressure Al Alabama Alabama doesn't. Considering you look at Alabama their program. That look has won three national title since 2009. Under coach statement but none since 2012. But I don't matter you know hunt Alabama and it could. I take it to get it beat. Michigan State if they know I just like the about an hour talking not a freaking guy that you know there's there's a feeling around here that you know people lost. Unity can tie you give Alabama the Alabama deepen looked at band based. The inside as they don't look at it like it did located just like what you see at the nonsense don't. Back to back years it was they have to play for it mean that that's what they that's what it appeared they look at that and that's that's our program in college football right now today. That is measured did not advancing to a national champs Cuba won a national champion Q what's on our program a college football right now and it got that expectation all. And they mean I guess it's it's a testament to Alabama and how consistent they've because that is and its your expectation at all but obviously it is it's obvious so unfair yeah it's it's unfair I think eventually you're gonna see this final four playoff would come. Much more light. But intuitively basketball final four where on a coach's resume you'll see. He hit this many final four appearances in the N teams might start celebrating their final four appearances right now though. In the beginning you wide still all about winning. And I don't like threats Alabama but I like Agassi and it's all about so what maverick or Kenny achieve against is win more championships. But Nixon in the national championship. At Alabama. And go to Texas it you know but yeah I'm. Well let me say somebody can't take it takes is they that we thought always that. If this is the year eight you could very welcome open again if you Tony strong his neighbor keeps is this the all cinema so to speak because he's had it went though Oklahoma. We let him go out this year and it lose Oklahoman have another year where they're 5766. That takes it out so called gay and Indian to meet there's no way. Whether it's Erden in my ways Dixie whoever the next highest guy could be gavels sweetie could be damn Monica beat your free who have but they can not. Go to the next round if this had it to say it this sitting at this situation a year from now. They say okay we quickie get we can get before the fifth that good solid strong with not the first second third of no data. He was the fifth the sixth gap right so what I'm saying if you got a right to kick the you know what. If we over extend Austria we just always shoot everybody does like his face it when they went to brief deal with that everybody by and put me in. What you do if you got to do right you've got to shoot over the top in the know what we are. Not gonna not get Ott got the cause a month. Deke Bellavia Bobby Hebert Q how they their Kristian garic here and our year review sports roundtable and getting to. Tomorrow pelicans news from Tony fifteen starting July 1 when that if they gave us. Sign that Max extension of course I felt like it needed to happen but that was it was certainly a big headline for the pelicans this and points fifty. Yeah there are a lot of talk about like. Nobody expected it to happen nobody knew wind would drag out Andy Davis had no real incentive to sign right away. And that's why they were so reassuring. There's so many sports fans in this city win a Manny they psychedelic midnight or something like they were avid game they've decided to stick it. Then they could indeed Davis it now it's going to be incredibly well compensated. But next year for five 455 years five years and now you have. One of the top five players in the NBA in this city for the next five years now this season has started. Has not giving you a lot of reason to hope for this team. I would say though although again nominees geez pelicans still so they're reports as recently as they'd gotten healthier have been inexcusable but. A lot of this season is still kind of marred. By that one and eleven start. And more reason why you start at 111 is is at the beginning of the year on multiple bites. The injury lineup be it the guys in the injury report would have beaten the starting lineup in game one don't want any right beside you Schmidt. Yeah the night for the first came as he's played more minutes or anybody else so it terrible beginning. Two this year what's going to tell me a lot. About his pelicans team in the spring schedule it's easier jrue holidays minutes restriction undergone meeting ease full go again. Which can have a massive impact. And the AA and the west is not too far out of reach also the return of Quincy Pondexter so. I am not happy with this team right now but I end will. Holding Alton know just because they have a chance to right the ship but they can right the ship is still have a chance if you've dug itself such a hole now with him at 21. But but surprisingly enough because the west wilt down that's still only four and a half five games out of eighth place while it. You know you look at the bottom and it went in the east right now the east is bottoming eighteenth the west bottom it's fourteenth of east got a lot better it. If we talk about Golden State run that elite Eastern Conference but yeah I don't know what I think we'll probably had a six they're terrible price bad teams I'm just talk about how much at the bottom Ian is better than the west right now from a win standpoint at that means that. That the west that the east is better with it just showed that with the you had the parity. But we talk about Golden State with you know. What San Antonio I work for less wind fickle thing they're right there yeah I'll look it in a bit you know would've could've should've. Put the bat so we're all hopeful a year was old date in San Antonio and Pittsburgh in a week it yet this year. The net that's the match that we all want were in the. Chronic heart or reason why you didn't see that San Antonio matchup last year was actually one of my other favorite pelicans moment. Where he final game of the season in the craziest that stadium may be was last year Bart that Warriors playoff games it was pelicans. Burst bursts if the pelicans one they were in the playoffs at this first one. They were the two seeded Spurs lost and they were the five seed. Is it just an incredible game to watch so much fun and obviously they did make playoffs New Orleans in that come away. The Falcons host the Clippers tonight 7 o'clock tip off in a smoothie king center. Tended toward want for the pelicans in that kind of pushes us to Brett Wallach finish up by well that it is. You look at us at this early part of Bill Gates party won on the road. And I think collegiate treatment dresses. You have to in the world bottom line 3815. On the road. Like to go with the oh at sixteen against. The Eastern Conference not a whole sex right yet all of six if the thing teams value right now the pelicans. Our sixteen losses away from matching the total from last season. When you 4530. Says curry human. Think about that that it and that's the ball I thought that are seeing that leads us right into next conversation what on May twelfth they decide to part ways of money Williams gap right and eventually I Alvin Gentry and it was his hotly debated. Subject whether money we've deserved another year after taken into the playoffs and organization decided that they were gonna move a different direction because at. What they want him more they wanna more defense of their they just did it because David C Williams as the long term answer and I finally got daylight. Example I'm not want to risk my own for a playoff. Team know look I agree money and I was on you know as a board rulings I've thought that money needed another year. The problem is it's kind of a mute point now because leadership decided that he wasn't long term answer ready to use those Peter Pitts got failures yeah. Look odd couple dealt to its belt that you know because about Mickey Loomis is supposed to be wearing distinctive pelicans. And not to Ellen no and tell DiNardo and tell it know it and hit it well dealt them sit out now this entire team has been built like dealt him switch in light of O'Meara six struggles are more questions. That just the coaching change the only thing I would say about Alvin Gentry. Is that. People who are ready to just content to just write the book on him know he's not the answer like the way it like. What are we really tight tee incredibly early muted the the the adversity that they dealt with at the beginning of the season it really was just absolutely absurd. And it. Howard can beat these judgments when Europe. Third on the hope they think the only thing I advocate outlook victory at Utley or it's renting or permit it in perspective. The delegates are dead Latvia and all of it it it's okay and that was his point is that was supposed to change already and the offense was incredible athletes hasn't been that good lay either at times so we were all on them it looks like it's too early to you know. Writing he can you would you for for Alvin Gentry but what about for delved into the doesn't work out. Can mean he's the one who's construct I'll get this this this this is out of this that this that thing here. Andy Davis is still a young guy but you can't wait three more years knowingly Hendry hears that delicate got to play for a championship. That's a fair goal that's a fair goal book guy you've got to supplement the they have to play at least be in the Western Conference finals and a three year window so happens to be coming your article almost eager to fit where it's the halfway point of you wanna be new contract. So you know what do you do move forward idiot did you talk to see about okay how the relationship. Well long term out relationship coaching tree is no it's no panic but as of right now but McGahee put his team regardless of what happens. Talk about injuries what they do if they don't make the playoffs as a major a major it's a ball but could you tell I have one of the best three players illegal UT we giggled like. Well having grown up now you think is the this blue but mine. When I read this and I don't know how old yet different. I guess. At that respect him up intelligence to different players and how they grasp things and understanding. And out of the house mark Tyreke Evans is it way that I actually got game. But when I read this. One Christmas when they lost to Miami Heat in overtime. They couldn't they could excuse down the stretch play guard Tyreke Avant cannot remember his assignment. Always told to hit during a timeout what thirteen at second remaining in regulation when the score was tight. So coach it was forced to burn another timeout. Almost five seconds later that they can run the right play. They called law and Donald and that's not that I'm old and had a 10 excites. Yeah I'll open as one of those moments that you saw Eli have its pace you'd like a gravy or is it yet date they had dead at the Fayette. But I I'm not gonna I'm not gonna think that I hope that's not all Tyreke though is. Problem is he really came on Tyreke was actually the savior of last season we are right though but he has not adopted the did you entry system at all it seems like a fish out of water. He seems to be a lot of friction between what he wants to do what they're asking him. It is exactly ease it top 888 in the wrong says Clemson. Moving on to the national championship they demolished Oklahoma 37 to seventeen in the Orange Bowl tonight Michigan State. And Alabama via Cotton Bowl welcome back here winding down our year review and the bad guy wants Brawley's we get all the story wrong. In attitude out reams of the top story was Staal or sports await it here yeah I think that's. It's strong point. Great movie. I've seen it three times already three. Three times. That's an Adam has the yeah I wince auto reignite the parity that the enters Saturday's shoot for and then moved back for Christmas words for him once. Davos Regis it you know he's I don't I don't know about us Woody Woody city so I don't know about Oklahoma beer favorable Clemson game toward a lot of oh. The I really was a guard at the good point but you don't you think with talent at that my parents at that. You know Las Vegas if you were rich you know what about who's where or what they go by that point just. But this system and they get rightly we walked out there raw but. Los Vegas this is that you remember you're a year removed now a year removed with the majority of players on both these teams saint starting players. Clemson beat fish yeah. Beat the hell out of Oklahoma into poking lazier 38 to what seventh. And it eat it was kind of body weight big goal all season long the got the bases all with we treat it now won seventy straight games. Thirteen you know and they're on the bill so even evil would basically why we want to do wrong you gotta figure why. Was Oklahoma they will clinch the. Lonnie this I know it's obvious you know we have been a lot of old reaction to dispense those players that to developing that could've played a part as well I didn't trust our level at quarterback. Obama put on him Obama the favorite with a favorable way to Puerto. That to happen. No so what do they would have favorable or what was it lacking now. Well and that's the thing right Oklahoma is playing so good at the in this era by their quarterback a bandwagon you know against big twelve teams he's. If figure a lot of people abuse second best conference I don't know Vanessa agree with that. But they yeah and then baker made Q was playing incredible but look credit to Clinton they continue to do what they've been doing all year now we we can also say that Clinton. Whether they were better prepared had a better game plan. Like they played an excellent game right that the game in North Carolina whose worst team in Oklahoma I would say it was closer this one. Some nights you just put some nights you just get a man uses the it just works out about two minutes left here and I don't know about your plans for majors even. I am going. To hang out with my mother. And it we're going to eat at him goals and I think maybe take him in the years there's. How are or our team to his team. Belichick callais. And that this in the past it's a lot of fun. Climate. Fred Omar. That made it back demand abilities. Shut out the threats on sponge you know. Gotta go hang out and note injured a miracle and hovering in the years so what are you doing Cato I'm actually gonna buy you a kindergarten. Multiple chicks by you beer garden. It's not able to achieve what you got our plan for tonight make no lucky I've got. Real little speakers and accustomed rifleman. And got them. Nico Johnson that got them but and as always like please meet all the get a game. He's got a lot of cities beat I'm gonna yeah you know my legs thirty that he lower he loved old school movies yes also level wants and the like. You about him probably a sit back and think about the stars the putt it in 2000 bikini keep ability to that he also lesbian and it may sandwiches which no I don't act so it would if he can keep up with like I've never heard that wants to keep up that is common especially among people. In the meeting this week who do you became both fans and I don't know being I want. Art and if so yes it. Split in LA it along jittery I. I know last I I don't know how I mean if I mean I beat that and it seemed to voters and those are Great Britain held serve and NN I. Still when I heard I was clearly people are authority but forward jars of meal at my house I like may not true I yeah. I think of the union with the city at San Diego at my house maybe but it's a good that's a dog I love helmet Manny if I know I know being the got format now I have I have fellows that pushed out of here T Bob Hebert a big chief Deke Bellavia wishing you guys that. Very happy everybody everybody needs maybe hippies say Bobby do you Damon but on the lead lays on a good night people.