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Jul 18, 2015|

Join Paul Lagrange as he helps out with all of your home improvement & repair needs

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome back to the home approve it showed here in the big 817. We do have some open phone lines that sort of normally happens after our news break. IQ was abuzz at 260187. And we get right to your calls. Questions as it relates to home improvements and repairs and energy efficiency a restart the first on or off with things we can do to. Help us stay cool in this extreme heat or of our summer. We talked about you know keep an extra doors close as much as possible. Cleaning or exchanging a return of votes depending if you have a permit filter. Or eight once she's through away some other things ceiling fans and Iceland fans if you're in that room. I have a fan at all and moving here because sort of match it is the air it was a crushes can make you feel cooler. If you're not in the room then turn the fan off because it's not doing any good. The fame and doesn't change the temperature the air but as an air moves crushes can and help from blues over the heat so make sure if you cooler. So ceiling fan Aisling fanned box thing and those things all help. Keep things will be cooler or make you feel cooler. Electronics. Generate a lot of heat so if you're not using the electronic. Computers. Trainers TVs. Gaming stations for kids gaming stations turn off as fact some things when they're Rauf peace to generate heat pump blog. Now when you won the backing you bet to win if you mean is forced to work but what you boots up and it's everything up and running again good. We're again we're we're kind of controls some internal heat. And these extreme conditions. That consider cooking outside so wait until. You know the sun goes on the shade trees and barbecue outside grow outside anything we can do to reduce the use of stoves ovens inside your house. Would certainly help with keep an cooler inside your home. In these two blessings really are related to the house but thinks that that I wonder too when. These extreme conditions is taking cold showers. And also drink and lots of ice water can of those things that help you keep cool as well so that's everything I Campbell on my list. You know trying to getting through our extreme Summers. If you think of something new you with a sense that Texan tells that you assess the tax rates have any it's having Warburg effect of phone lines if you wanna share your tricks. But the trade we can do that too. Hence let's go straight to our phone lines Jack good morning welcome to the home promotion here in the big it's heavenly. A jacket more. Hey hey hey Dylan. Well I was daydreaming. Yeah sounds like they could about the new you know delegate is hoping that change. Up. Don't let you know somehow someway I think I would go to jail thought I'd try to look extinct don't know bill for something. I was standing aside and my little cottage. And the truth is tainted jobless latex. And although I cannot solve some of the loose tank. As little late to actually. It's kind of wrote up my it do elections standing bit of news. So it's almost impossible the feather image. And I'm thinking about getting this. Consumer reports recommended. Behr premium plush accommodations paint and primer. As some of the pieces that led to an outstanding. It brings it down that the plane would. (%expletive) out good didn't put a code of that. Cain with primer over those spare spot. And will it help glued down any of the loose edges. Left side of the other edge but not very successfully. Now it's not gonna help within you loose edges. But you definitely want to treat the rare wood spots first and they come back and thank the hole would that spare so innocent I left on it. Because you what you want to be uniform collar you know something you may consider Jack is to go with. A local Santorum belts and the thing which using. Is and and and you do a lot of research. But in. We're working magazines or cabinet built in magazines. They sell a product that cleans the buildup out of your sanding disk. My dad does a lot of woodworking and here's a drum Sander. And we actually uses it looks like a big secure racer almost yeah and we we use this product to go along the drums and remove all the buildup. Oh wounded in finishing debris out of the standing desk has. It's not that the sanding disk where's nailed it just gets it umbrella. He gets come up so outlets just a stone's throw away all of these disc. Go teach when it goes a little bit order on a note and let's hasn't stock. Would order one in need actual clean the desk and he can use it again and again and again to wears out. Oh. Yeah a great question. I don't know. Clean. It I don't know they but it looks like a beacon racer it is pretty tense and you want the Sanders operating. Uses product advocates at the Rio cleans it I'm sure if you what's new on line and sort searching. Amazon's got everything's over yeah Hamels on or something he's would work in places. And I'm sure you'll fought to have the discipline peck well I think. A high speed dual lives in electric. Disc standard and it's worked pretty well at random all apple. And it's pretty easy for me to handle. Yeah. What is the best time of day to ping to. Have a you can't do it too early because of the Irish tonight before the moisture. And saying Tom Hewitt too late could be way caught. However so I'm thinking. Mid to late afternoon into the evening. And if you start seeing a lot of bugs are flying around a which stopped because sometimes the books are tracked adequate pain and then an American leader. I've seen as a product called peel stopped. Are you familiar with. Yes. I try to put it in order. You know it would Netflix and extreme conditions here and there's a lot of things we sixties so to put in the gulf south and without the folks do. Hey Jack we need to get to a brick opry right. Aldermen are. Yes. Hit it. All right because it's usually three for a commercial break hang on a seed Tommy Michael running. Just hang tight folks will be right back here to the home improvement so this is a last hours you can have a question. Nails to Tom you know a lot of hold or arsonists attacks at. 87 units and they will be right. Welcome back to show us he attacks that the supplement an interest food telephone calls. This is back in May have moved into the totally renovated house been you know once from the contest for toxins. Such as Chinese strong while mountain hide let these things that use a trip. Who are content about coming out yet this is a you probably dressed pretty quickly. That the way. Go to Paul's house dot com. And a search here recently this those tours South Shore. You look under HEC. Contracts heating cooling contractors rather in you've been fond. No army in or embody. And and those folks will be happy to come out in these inspections and testing who you work. Indoor air quality to challenge drywall here with yet about nor what this points and things like that. And it'll it'll work week in umi call or send me an email that read directory. So sir what do you know those will lose things with health week we definitely draws pretty quickly. Let's go back to our phone Tommy good morning welcome to negates that opinion improvements. Wanna know user. Well are. Trying to productivity. Kind of advice only a war. On. Arch its. What build their new home bought two years or. Eat and it's spot where its stayed warm up to three minutes into it starts to become cold. And if you turn ought to back off and turn it back once it gets heated back up again. And dumb spoke with the plumber ticket well he puts on it. And it is that it needed to be cleaned. And calm stumpel and just kind of been pipes. So atomic this a little like you to do is. Go to where the Texas wood eaters at it and have someone inside turn on hot water. And then I'll watch to listen to end the water heater nights you have inherited ignites pretty loud it's very obvious. Infancy how long is it stays point does it turn on and off this light as a close like to turn off. And then Miki peace and correctional what the challenges. They there are some devices and safety devices in their in the event in over heats. Or it's too high you'll turn off. So there's some it's called the temperature went to switch so you know there's. Those machines. Route will parcel cleaning and something and it's there's certainly that mean it's free. And then I want to do that at different. Of the lost season or or amounts of water meaning the first turn on your faucet at a loom. Opening this a small local water into it happens in a medium amount Warnaco fonts they come back there to do it in a wide open in buffalo NC. How that he reacts. It may be a modular and valve that's having some challenges as there isn't a couple things you can do. There is a plumber who specializes. In repairs maintenance and specifically. Take the scored heaters you good to be in the new plumbing and and and those folks you've fielded a lot of battery he can probably keep some openness. The governor Spitzer Yasser. Chatted about. Common and basically. Are before a yes yes it's common yet it does audio output in our state. How evil wants out the the other. I'm a disappointment a let up all. Well. It's it's not that it's it's not lasting while axis sometimes that you decree there are some rain that's. Due out. Thanks for coming appreciate it let's go to our next caller. Let's see we'll Raj hey good morning welcome to the comprehensive. Much. We have a lot about our house and on record home and that day. Annan also built in 1932. A couple of breakdowns where that moment off the ground. We brought it back and that in that span. Our Internet any inflation in the fourth vote but patting. I can't insulate it out all the only sport that help with installation we trained pretty. Count went about it insulated windows. Which really helped a lot and all eyes that. An installation. But in the port call on autopilot sport throughout its cop out. But. We seem to consistently. Eight bold pitch. Greek flag on wall periodically as well it and like it collected yellow boat. For a time like I saw. On furniture. The Bill White. Old. Developing on the monitor. Com. We've got essentially a guarantee and like that they would not aero we've but he has company that air condition update five. When we come back into the wintertime. And my. Turn it down it is bit. And I don't know what those that do try to eliminate model and it turns. So let me describe to you what's happening in this is quite hump comet for folks that have. Hunting camp's fishing camps weekend Jones beach houses and lake house however you want to describe it. Is. When you leave that that home you know really concerned about controlling. Temperature which do you control moisture and setting your term set up to 85 degrees is probably not allowing your condition that one often enough. Through the moisture and saw the house. So you have one or two options and in and I'm almost. I'm on the face it and in such way that what you try 11 that that doesn't work good options to. So option one will be to set your thermostat on eighty degrees. And see if the problem goes away York it's reduced. If he doesn't go away then I want you to you invest in the you've been a far. And that the minute pars all the good turn on and off base or in the moisture inside the house not necessarily temperature. And the depending on how you're and he says 3000 feet but depending on. You know waited three does BR is it multiple stories that your house for a segment there was one people era. You may have to get multiple do you bit of followers and pro warring hole how's the human afar connected with your recognition system and dark work. So you need control more (%expletive) that that that's what's happening when you going on this is a summertime the only outcome winter. You can keep your arms that 72 degrees to prevent the pipes from freezing. And and that would be great. Because we don't have as much moisture in the winter. As we do in our spring summer fall so you do you need to control wash what you that their run and ended the humidifier. His the most effective way of doing that but you they would try to assert you know sitting at their staff from 8581. For a couple times and seat that does any better. Yeah. It's completely followed that up around the bottom and brick. And add a little ball up or control. In the brick periodically and what it felt like what we needed more air flow so we let it leak. I guess about a but by way. While the rate by two polls always around out periodic but he art or wrong. It and allow air. Is that a good thing at the air follow that I am here. We'll put a Mississippi is an end. It would. So with bill doesn't have as much communities we do here in new loans still has a lot to Stanislas we do here. You know further south so. When we talk about air flow. What we need dues we eating commercial buildings to draw. It's difficult to try and these are home with more wet outside there. So I get in this discussion quote off the folks that yet I need to head in relation to help drive quote again it's you can't drive went there with more wet air. Now you can help with some of operation but that's typically not. The entire every crawl space that's as key areas where you'll get some that are trying you'll get better trying everywhere effect in some cases it makes it worse. So. You will get some moisture from underneath keeping your home. But yeah and again you can also give bush has come through walls. Coming through. The ceiling where there air leaks are. So you'd you can push from everywhere so that that's why went straight to do you get a far from inside your house. But. Yeah it does. It three bedroom but the wrong I'm wrong picture and on Iran. In a closet so it. I think you're on air probably install it at all at that Providence. Probably best yet it's terrorist list in Toronto hope that helps out and enjoy your weekend home in in with the Mississippi. We do need to go to news break will be right back after this news break. Here in the home crucial we do have a couple lawns broken for the keeps calling 2601870. Who will be Africans calls right after disparate. Welcome back to the home from shows here in the delegates have any let's go straight to the phone lines Mike good morning are coming up today. Me techsters mahogany door Woodard glass enlightenment. And I have got crystals in on the line. Taken there are differing altered hold Gartner. But it's not answering. 401 of those crystals and outgunned and now. When you see of crystals. When you talk about in the glass itself here crystal glass. I don't know. Our guys it looked like glass commute grill it clear crystals there and almost look like that development up. Just fine in on their evaporation that it tears soak up the humidity you're more you're out. Oh yeah okay and where those located. Our Barbara Barr Coca. So riddled with that is is it's exactly what you described as its silicon it to absorb them and the moisture. In fact this is a good time you can receive it is when we have a lot of cold dry inside and warm outside our glasses sweat and content satellite. So. Why do you wanna take does that. Then look ugly you wouldn't feel when we first got the door to door ten years Ole. In week and they get started showing up at the bottom there at the bottom of the collapse. Or ice I suspect that it. And they're probably getting bigger and saws because absorb moisture is my guest at the guests brokered. It now user trim you can take off to gain access to home or you have to take out the glass insert the key to an atom. I'm asking because I've I don't know where their underwear and aren't in reference to lower section the orbit I don't know how do we gain access to without taking something. Why aren't took their term all now hold glass. In front door yes. You're partnered. Black rubber. Material that hole all week because of bubble collapsed. Unit in your sandwich it between two pieces that I'm absolutely tempered glass. Yes. A great. Is cut a little hole enact and for those coastal route only eventually disappear or tree back down. Now you have this if they're not all glued together. Archer they'll suck on it not put yes you can certainly tried that. Yet aren't they all be here together and replicas of gotten when it. All right. And they here's Bernard or before it's a figure out what that swell up is that how that works. Guess our insurance now there there's also two that there's another purpose for those twos that. There's your opening closing the door and back last operates and acts like a shock absorber. So you have to put something in the in its place. To that maybe it's a small little piece of all applaud. Robber roping. It's. What you can do you go to the whole restore. In and get what's called Barack arrived and it's shaped like a pencil and it comes along roles that's not you can put in his place there have been because you don't. Particularly the bit not that two things are Alaska's a tempered with the you know collapse the double class. He could be sensitive to you know slamming shutting that Dorsey would be careful that. Rupert honour not so called barker are absolutely yes. Yes there poker. Are regular all right ordered her out her daughter would be. What you are out yet so openly come easy for all of lectured now. That's scrape by companies echo our speculative. Oh thank you for Carl and home improvement so we do have a couple lines that are open you know show ends at 2 o'clock so if you look at your phone call in. They'll read the time to do that and that phone number is probable for 26260187. It's 2601 late seventy. We can sense attacks at 8770. On this get back to our phone calls intensely good morning how are you today. Good morning I'm greatly blessed today yeah eskimos. But my question is. Have. Slate in my house and the borders whether. In areas where there's war. And it. A four man told me that slate natural flooding warden good because it. Absorbs the the binge that you put on the sleeper. And so we found that to be true and how I want it is to be open but. That what a good idea so what I wore what I'm thinking about so and so slate is hurt or so wondering if I could use a good quality. Varnish and just portables born and show me. You know I've never forest. Slate floors before. Now I can tell you that I've seen lots of slate used an outdoor purposes. And they have that finish and has ashamed to it's never. High Sheen it's more like a a medium machine. And they do rather well when it rains it doesn't absorb the water ports and rolls off the top of it. My my concern about using. Of Vonage would be its could turn yellow in color. So we did that that being. In his second half run away may take a year to four to happen that maybe then you can step towards a turn gelatin to get the strip it. And redo it in that being more headaches. I think out will be more prone to. Putting in multiple coats of the finish. For waterproofing. That would you eat machine you're looking for it still could have sold loans in the stone to the slate but give you that war protection you need as well. It just it just doesn't last very at all it's mainly about appearance. Yeah you know the really the reason singled with but the signal and we put owned. You know kind of our goals what looks singular political list about we can. Then it but four man told media companies that pressure of this and do told me when I've built that adults. Yeah that that he didn't put Slaton ran because it would absorb this finger and the Tutsis who don't know him. Yet it certainly is is a problem isn't only to go to Erica I'm I'm sorry to cut you short I appreciate you calling the show though. Spokeswoman right back to the home from show to disparate. All right this give back to the phones Jack good morning welcome to the home from so here in the Vegas opening. Yeah. I'm well coming up to. I am looking to deal next year and the epic foundation questioned. We have a lot churn. And I'm just one and so I've done research on a race towel on toppling person today. Calling in the that are going on actual lap and I kind of just want your opinion if you're building next year what would you do. Well it. I the way you need hip pollen support trite because of where where those turn. So. And you're elevating because of the flood zone and risk of floodwaters. We're so yeah but the car. That can Crocker park. So in a lot of forensic investigations I do. You actually have fewer problems with the concrete slab on grade home which in this case beast on the Greek is your reason grade up. Verses in the he raced home. There are some advances that haven't raced them some advantages of the fact that. Weakening faring in this full disclosure you can get to climbing UGU you can. You do annual termite inspections if you need to be re level he'd insured up so there advantages of having that but well when we talk about from the standpoint of problems. I have fewer problems with slap houses that do with race houses are. Also read it more efficient every home that. True war. When you see if it's like any useless but there yet energy and home briefs that are some kinda. Now. I don't puddles on that to be about to be true Margaret you know date there are again. Went to Tom's profit atomic typically most of raise houses folks more cold in the winter and go with the concrete slab but in order concrete slab underneath. You know I was spray foam which brittle and a different story so. And that's and other things that there are some very good. High performance products he used it for race homes to help address. Bush to migration. Barely a whole floors in the winter. So that there's some good technologies today that again a lot of houses of investigating. Don't have been in doses circle recommendations we making to improve portraits are built and formed from. So I got a brand question you would. If you. If I yes in the and that sacrifice I made from my home thirteen years ago. Yet you bet no thanks for the call I appreciate it let's go to our next caller hey good morning welcome to the home improvement show. Oh I'm sorry I do that every week who got to go to break. A kidney in the dollar will was losing to army air. All right folks hang on we're gonna Breck will be right back here to the improved so. One of Libya. Hey Thomas we have about a minute and a half was the key question really quick. I'm Derek of course right quick and I admire. I had my. Dark days. And I had an electrical problem. It can just tell them that they have to follow up to Tennessee man up. And then around the trajectory. And before you ever. If you put a concrete on top of their right away then the answer would be yes sir. It is the logical problem from the pedals to your house or along the registry. Because on the box. All the tournament neighbors how. Yeah so if you put Concord on top of their right away then they can break and opting gain access to it and you get the repaired that's correct. Yeah. Yes are you yep story appreciate your column proved so sorry to give you that bad news. So this is the end of our show could be back next Saturday from ten to twelve. In the meantime if you have questions about home improvements repairs. You can always go to our website but greens consulting dot com and sentencing mute you know there. What you wanna hit the FaceBook page and and post something on the FaceBook will. We'll see that weighs well we do have lots of great post. On Paul's house page for us FaceBook and Twitter. As well as the greens consultants FaceBook and Twitter as well so. If you have questions he was he passed postings. Things that deal with energy efficiency and comfort. Into air quality a lot of things we talk about here in the show repairs of lots of different things here house that's a great thing to do and so when you there are FaceBook. Go ahead and like to share with our youth families and friends. Probably the best way in the tests this week to you you too that FaceBook page it is due to our website Paul's house that com and click. Top ranking inside the FaceBook or Twitter icon and you can too on this that way we are we back here next Saturday from ten to twelve. I see there's a couple of Texan YouTube ansari. We can get to today we have full boat. But it did you know this is what we'd love to do every saudis have come back next the he displayed in the show and it's certainly been a great pleasures spent some time with you guys today. Stay cool remember keep those are true to its close clean or change that return here filter. Those windows of those blogs or shutters closed to reduce some of the key training windows facing the sun. If you possibly can reduce the use of your stove in Europe and inside cook outside the while eat eat your neighbor's house you know do something. And excuse those fans assumed financed you makeup of the difference when it comes to. Rome feeling that colder air blower crusher evens warm air blowing on top the year. It would be like quote in no air moving at all with its ceiling fans want isolate fans or talks fail and he conundrum turn those things off. Turn off electronic should generate heat that you know using computers Kim station TV's. Anything you know you go ahead and turn it off. In reduce some of the internal heat. And walked into the summer promise. October will be here before you know when those cooled droplets to blow through. Folks it's always been a pleasure Arnold speak we don't next week. God bless and thanks for listening to the bigot seven.