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7-1 4:10pm Deke: on NBA free agency and the signing of Anthony Davis

Jul 1, 2015|

Deke talks with Kurt Helin of ProBasketballTalk.com about NBA free agency and the Pelicans' extension of Anthony Davis.

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And gaining a welcome the sports talk on the ability Kasey Kahne and back or this ball on a Friday coming up on today's program. We have a lot together to court the big news I happening off. Earlier today a late at night Anthony Davis signing his Max deal with the New Orleans pelicans. Haven't been all breathed easy with the best young players in the in BA you to all of the world is now on lock. For quite some time that these huge movement pole for the New Orleans pelicans of commitment. Almost as in like Anthony said that your moment on just need to in his tweet he is here to stay. What does that mean for the pelicans and now having having that depth piece that centerpiece the face of not only that organization but the NB eight. A few too forthcoming and not fall from the what does it mean now as far as New Orleans attracting players may be our championship caliber players that are looking to. Continue to possibly play fortunate to be on a contending team. I may be on the back Saturday Korea they want one more crack addict to give somebody. An opportunity to win the thing that happened mean eighteenth in an eight year guys in the Korea what does it mean movement Paul. For young players and in just the the motivation. I'm with Anthony day. Pummel play better. I wanna be better. I believe and soak hurt him would be with a ball in chief of pro basketball talk and out of Mason Ginsberg who cope with the pelicans of Burma street John. Dot com will be witnesses where. And Roth the world says that he wants to be the highest paid player in the NF. If he weren't. The good Russell Wilson's career. In the National Football League his first year he went to divisional round. Off the Falcons in the divisional round. And that was the year that Baltimore came to new on the ones who will blow with San Francisco. His second year he wanted it's doable. In one. His third year he went to the sumo when he locks from a success standpoint from a win standpoint. He got the skins on the wall. I'm here though he's a bone head often to corner to call away from being. Three straight years in the post season. Two straight to vote victories. In three years coming to become a hall of fame a winning numbers in three years. I think Russell Wilson is Smart. I'm thinking knows when Iran I think he knows. He is is strengths and weaknesses when he comes to passing and it's going to be interesting to see now is he clearly clearly has the best. Best. Weapon from eight pass catching standpoint. In his career. There's no doubt about it. Or is it Andrew look. Just phenomenal what he has done. In his years in that's for bony same thing. He noted the post season is about as a minister bowl in his third season. He got the Colts. To the AFC championship. So of those two of the best young quarterback who would you start your franchise with. 260187. Ticks me in 78. Sammy Anthony Davis no I'm here to state. Just getting started six more years take flight. But it make you more inclined to go to the game. And and Dave with the best young player in the world. And if it's boss crowds and October November December January February march pocket April. Can't. But the pack the arena at a packed the arena when he goes on the road it's packed with people wanna see him. It well and green. We'll talk about that. Andy you remember at the George Michael I'm pumped I hope companies out there right the sport missing it right Michael's arm and though there was a dog does the dog Michael. Famous entertainer from 1 am and then. In waking up before you go go years that is in feet yesterday and Obama on par. George Michael sports machine. He would have liked the highlight real come on Sunday as well as it was kind of late on Sunday. You have the news you have LSU. Into an amateur for about nothing gained George Michael came all battle them lamb thirty close to midnight. But it was cool though he hit him bugging you roll with that go out to what was going in the sports time machine today. You law job any. Way you wanna go. Where do you wanna go. You wanna go to Joseph Louis and Max Manning. 78. Years ago. Yankees stay. 1938. In the boogie down Bronx. Us vs them this heavyweight championship of the world. The brown bomb. And maximum. They fought twice. Could be that. Could be another event. If you go back and you'd be you know kind of one of those things when you hear somebody say oh are. Man I wish I could have been a flop on a wall. I was a criminal fly on the wall. For that. Those kind of things that make you think 2601870. Text me at 878 Sammy could it be November 25 1980. One of the most historic. In iconic events in the history of sports. Left and a half a mile away from where I am broadcasting right now. The big top that it in the house to some of the most iconic sporting event in the world this was in 1980. November of 1980. When that race and no mas. Roberto de Aaron. Nomar no Maas Nomo and the mall he'd ammonium most of that. Could it be spewed in a record. Other later or earlier rather. Win one Mohammed Ali won the heavyweight championship point third and final time it was great career. Down the street when he beat Mattingly on spent you know these CD. Has had its own huge sporting event. Huge sporting events in the dome alone time out Chris Webber. The general Bob knight's last championship. Dean Smith's championship. I mean it is just so much that has happened here. Jim bay ha to chemical but tried to and he comes in Syracuse went to the freshman named Carmelo Anthony. Boxing has been in that superdome. Football minutes Tuberville. There's some events that have taken place that ought not even on the radar when the most entertaining game I saw in their Cuban known. Was in November of 1986. Went to Iranian issue or going toe to toe. And it can't Jones a mob scene on that fatherly and Tommy hats and win the Davis. On the other side. It was ball wall to wall acts. Tulane went on to the Independence Bowl and issuing only dominated South Carolina a year in the was that the data boldly with that your down in south broad. Element in social events ideas no right or wrong but where would you wanna go would you really like to get into its sports machine go somewhere and it's just like Matt and that within myself Gordon. Football baseball basketball a game seven. Who will bowl anything so let's have fun way to give it to those. Dog days of summer what we keep the hot topics that things and handing in or sport on the mean you go small we'll get an update. On the US women's soccer team plays in the championship game. We gave me in allowed updates yesterday the US now can win it all again in the championship for the third time the last four Cubs. The mark gives you a preview of that later in the show and an update on who has signed way who's committed yet in free agency. All day is coming off Nathan Chris Jerry Inky I'm coming right to you only got to guess this whole show this is a caller driven show. Don't feel rushed. And not you won't hear in the background god bless him we love it and he's the case he can't but we won't hear about all week. Oh ball Bubba Bubba don't today. We give him an animal he's into on his vacation. So that in turn gives with all the more time to bump bog on those. I'm Dick Bellamy this is sports talk on strong to 8 o'clock at night. And on the homeless nights and the Tigers WW it. And welcome back. The immaculate reception. When my cellphone camera yeah that can tell you what I'm right there with the whoever it takes me that one. Thank you so moments still to this day. Probably. Possibly the most hated. Scratching. Like what in the Haile how ending hail it didn't happen play. A ball and a McNamee that. The nineteenth pick and a Ole miss game Halloween night yeah yeah at the Golan. The get go back in time to witness at what is it in there Belmont and triple crowned. Yankees them. In a few vs Georgetown in the suppan no basketball incredibly it yeah McKee Brian it's an eminently argument like coming down the court. US hockey miracle on ice. There is that the he has now this is the Golan in sports but I wanna leave. The on the biggest sports thing in the city season ticket holder for the Saints in them but I would love to go back in town the date of July 22 1986. The birth a milestone as they in my life the most brutal thing in the world to win the book of itself thank you. And without question more than deserving enough read thank you for the it was. Al Michael sports machine now I don't think you want them Michael tomorrow mock. Wasn't Al Michaels went out Michael sports machine was. No it might be at Al Michaels is that the broadcast on ABC. I was in my view that. I would like to go back conceding gave Iran gain respect eight team that he would imitate them on degree. Is you know we talked last week of the hall of Famer within sports hall of fame and we were talking about Kevin Paul being one of the greatest. Patriots a vote. Or Ron did our greatest. Greatest in front of the all time no doubt about. You know as a lot on talk and we've got the of is still talk about that the stuff that's happening in the day in the deciding politically correctness in the on that. But from a from a big person stamp on them because I used to be it but it didn't shoot discrimination out. Days the thought about it and know what I'm in no small city. But as hard as you have found a side issue Bogut thirteen. Of them channel canal at the mall. Mean you go nannies that. What is that like with that fourteen appeared to be a lucky shot. I mean I got neuropathy so my feet I got away am bigger and while thank abducting the deck of the my interest it's somebody that big shoes that'll real wide in in the game when it when it paint and now you feed. Imagine a worse Tuesday and you know. Owner of the nearly a foot that's when neuropathy. Of people that make it that makes. Kansas. It's it occasional moment is. Has it that way. So. But man you know at home. But Uga goal line in front of it is like going to this bowl. And like it's been it to niche you you know ban issue. Alone and a lot I'll walk on it was. But I just go back online radio talk about Jersey yesterday. How long it's a bad game hip issues today it's nice to. Minimize black and gold ones that I so dogleg dog oh hustle and who both of them black hole local. Jong the red and black only there was a thirteen. At Colts at least in my toe in and out. Miss and Nathan in New Orleans these thank you for colander debuted. I was and I. You go for a few workers and Nate semitism out. My father has that and I know the people I haven't had the basic data bring bring tears to your. Early this sheet that if you that's what I heard I heard the most delicate a cotton ball make you go in the plane. Yeah glad we added it is stage yeah yeah career make you go into no not much cargo to Jordan went. That's right you know in as well as. Is out of work rich it's really disclose their stuff that we need the wire that we do get it trees really and now. Captains that they have in his whole entire Dalembert removed from out salary cap. You know and it well I guess I guess as the number I guess that's what general Dora the rules state you know me. Yeah I'm I'm just you know wondered while Greg Little more trouble maybe a draft pick pro yeah but I I like that go back defeat book that it. All I I believe it in China where yeah sure the ones yeah but that was it. Is it that ten. All yeah I yet they put they put the lights out on Tyson and no doubt about it yeah over in Tokyo and then they imitate at night I'm I'm Mike Tyson dabble in a showed a story before and HBO. About Buster Douglas I think he had just lost his mama may he was like it was still still on record. Off from odd stamp on the biggest upset. In Vegas history for in a rain Buster Douglas over in that will be the invincible. I'm Mike Tyson slide up the Chris Christina thank you for calling WW ago. Don't know. I had a few different things as far as. I had time travel things don't Brian don't go right come on out there and I game six at bowl over and over Miami's six page. Any fight where mom probably you know those. Idiot would do. Talk about what. I think Russell Wilson is a phenomenal athlete yeah. He's been probably go to eighteen indeed good but I sit there you could probably pull it. Your average quarterback. In Seattle's position. Yeah I don't know I I I here were you coming from I disagree with an average. Anger or lack eagerly. Right. Here you go back there yet but it and Michael Barrett in Seattle with the ones too but I guess it could be viewed as you might be sailing Neitzel with somebody all us. Now we're a big topic but to talk and eat quarterbacks that. I'm totally equal. Predictor of the bullet and I era. Is yeah you would do his thing yeah I mean they're great team but I mean I think he should be out when most any athlete because he's just not. Well you know Christen the way it the way things happened I think probably won't happen if we go by our you know pay us history. When Russell does sign his deal he probably will become a high paid in the end in the and we look gates he is a note in local gated you know and where you are tired. If I like when drew in the in you know and other people come behind them and all. Are you good let me get things where I mean Davis that's. Oh no doubt about it so Chris is an event where I'll only guy like Grissom and it same room and a time machine if you. Jerry got to go and keep him McComb Bryant would go out on menu but make a morning get a Bynum how much talk some of them like I'm used to but Tom it's more sizzling go to day. Tom does he show. Go to the blue. And infamous call Tom Gwinnett County that tape and meet Tom Toms is a component called. The morning it will. That prompted more with the foods do you talk about a man who knows more about what he's Dolan and anybody knows about what they've known. This time with more on them up on the pole or to a cracked and to install a minute to tease him now when you go like. C shower and in social afternoon to go eat from the hats packed him low so low that man knows food in the world that Tom it's more than she easily now. On thirteen it. Jerry keep him Brian commentary sports machine where would you like time travel back to what the sport of it. And these two quarterbacks look in Wilson who's the best news that it's 432 with that first things and we had at all to Jim and bar and Sama Tom to morris'. Foods to music welcome back a lot of sense Eddie you know and there's your football season we're getting ready for duty game. Pregame shows like here or men route to use common. Now let's go to the blue phone here I think you'll c'mon welcome. I'm big Bolivia welcome back to sports talk sports time machine Chapman back in time where would you want to go Deke. Go. Stuffed. Known identity in the mean that's that's low can it not for me. There's once as Joseph Joseph smiling Max Louis. It's. Love to see how Lee and a Rocky Marciano fight in it will be ago in the deleted a different two different here at the Villa in Manila. And that's the would be glad that Anthony Davis. Signed. And his when he says. Q sporting events would like to revisit 64 basketball games saying how nasty wranglers jesuit. Aimed it's the sake of being New Orleans brands was on Jeff as our overs of the mr. BC rules. Played at the municipal auditorium breath once the team I think it's kind of one of those text that you know may the the main focus as a fan I mean there. Well they want me to read the names on there. Because in in 08 there's no right or wrong answer but. In an Aimee behavioral my uncle was there it would mean audience and understand at Allegheny but if you had like one. Time travel back in tan just won just one of it is going to be if if our local want to think like say like the rest. It would be neat to use that because my uncle is it you know on the Nicky was it would mean he's no longer here. And I gave dead but if I'm using one pant leg rub and a lamp in one of my wishes. Is not will be for no my only hockey game that's just me but it may be for you to like that is different meaning behind thing. New Orleans could. Here you thank you called. A deep trying economic well in the bottom line is got a weird because I was. You know and on the key moment it was the Detroit Lions and Saints went. The NC kicks 63. And Gordon by any quit their bikes return your goal and our current okay. Now that David did it there that was that was a different to have Matt now I'll provinces. That was the good old days man. Now I would now for Jerry you wanna go back the you can see what you miss seeing. It's. Entered. We've missed the moment and that's what I'm gonna go to Houston it was you and of ranting Allah TN. Is the used to live in the big east game I should do. I'm always you know you go over there now where it was the as the month Simon complex in the UCL with a two point. You closed as he yelled at them now it's not taught but he kind of economy moves from the bid to its way a stadium and 8000 people competing used to be you know well. I did get you to map BC thank you so much. A look home for Keith Keith good evening thank you calling them VW. Eddie played all right man. I can go back because we weren't Super Bowl again the it was chronic right down. I enjoyed. My count it's really about Ross Welch and I'm like you won't agree with me but. Highest paid more themselves. That I don't agree with 3 and I am a firm believer that. Without defense. He wouldn't make any bubbles. He's not saying station. Dayton and were a little error. I I I I agree with that at this point in time. No but you know three years into the league over the may be patent and but you know wanna pages at it at the previews was banned a none of those guys would have been in the class the goes Ghazi. Right and I mean I didn't and in. McNabb collapse just. These media. Watch as it may disagree but that's what I'll call. Running man look at net debt that's while low radio rookie that's on the radio and I ate I agree with you about the defense but I can promise you. Seattle would've won a damn thing it would have their Russell Wilson. Well that's that's a possibility. Note go just go go back and look at some of those big gains in the as the season and I nominee to talk about as evidence is. So that some of the decisions he made in a young quarterback this that they wouldn't want is note there's no way they would what they trust body would've gotten. The numb home record and they would have been able to go through Seattle and I think pretty much all of us agree that. I'm not saying that Seattle would have gotten through bogeys but if they don't have a home for you know two years one of those two I don't think they get there. Yeah when Marshall changed a lot of ball been great yeah I mean do if you know damage. Like these quarterbacks do they change every week. Did it just wouldn't be. You know one at peace as they've been losing people. Didn't like it there. Ben they'll be able be. Yep but B I think they would generous to initiate is the first time. Since they kind of made differ on they don't have their defense the corners and that's Colombian residency and he's you know coach Quinn is not a Cotto in Atlanta so we're us and I would assume. Doubled and it will. Cars. I think you know he already elite quarterback took ought to just. To be true. And instead of just Latin. Marshall or any. Marcus part B. Russell Wilson or two in the touched on it all started and and make the born to play. When. And end result. Yet at all I again I hate it and may have and it I don't I don't I don't know if that is but a I outbid you get there you get two more through both before is that it rears up and look. You know it's kind of one of those things in its made it -- a lot of time because he would agree offensive line. But you know me what he spoke to do oh my follow up with a good team in the oval they all the bands BO team. In the national football. I don't know I think to have a great defense the defense plays great. More so they may be the other component but they are glued in way more things in other teams and if that makes it. Thirty in and joins us now editor I'm blog ante for pro basketball hall dot com. Eric the New Orleans pelicans their organization the Sammy can breathe a lot easier now the best young player in the league. Is in the fold for us six plus now. Well the best part that I think these guys it's by the way. And that's it couldn't get one and it was all about the offensive line I'm not what our great kid and I couldn't watch it. I guess are you lead men and they're a great get further into a great signing for. The token because you get in under the old he'd be like that we got there was concern. You know maybe opt outs and it does not that it doesn't sign mr. where you're at war Turkey in the salary money coming new TV deal. He didn't do it gives dealt them. All the flexibility. Going forward to bring in other guys to put around him to help build this team because you know you've got the yeah they give me to lose some bad some big guy well what people want play with him or don't want. You right now with what LaMarcus Aldridge who not long ago. What pitch with the Lakers but liquor sold him on all the but it their record or in Los Angeles and they market not that big grant him this you stand eight. And eats like now you can win and you know. And I think if you show guys. He to winning that that. And getting on the big stages of the NBA and how are you can be playing on Christmas Day and crime being. He you're gonna be no. Don't eat but I'll get into the final. God will come to Oklahoma City and Cleveland and Moreland and market it might not out. Fifteen years ago at the social media expect. That marketing advantage some of those big market out and so I think you can do not become they're not what you've got. I would the third best player with an argument where people that is one of these great players in the game at a young age. People are going to want to come and I look at you won't be able to get Gartner Bartlett. It looked went out and an interest in you you'll find out ticket if you haven't dealt with in much yet it's an ego or went at it that people like him. Players like him and people don't want under its gonna be on T. Are here is whether blog at T bass pro basketball talk dot com I Kurt the first wave the wind down it kind of started. What's the deal I gave mixed reviews that Aldridge had a good visit some assigned it. He didn't have a good visit went where has he won Aldridge India Andre jawed when eagle. Well altered and looked at Uga. Have to beat the spurt here Turkey do that now on the fact that any get it and then you yet you know they made it really Indians at the Spurs always arc. That approach it and how they handled the thing. Where now they. They got pretty Ahman Green back shipped out Tiago Splitter was in life. They are you know they're basically a big big law accord letter they're going to be able would you feel opera on the mark talked about. I hurt their presentation was pretty simple like it wasn't like. Ante and thrilled and how important it come here. You're gonna win duels you've come on the practice step great into a contender. You are going to be contending Bentley for years so. At that that that to tighten pitch I can feel the process and the public that we don't think about it with somebody and I'm feet. Whispers and that's never proven to be easy. He received. Upper chase. Eight I'm Elliott and luckily the everybody got planned and couldn't get the hundred Orton was to go get Titans now work. Into it with the stunned that it so. The Clippers like well we don't mind him and he knows that now which is probably the leader of what he does that. It's one. Hour meeting with. I was slow like one hour long. We're with the Mavericks. That's always been papers you want to be. Mr. of course all of what are you want to be in the sun and he goes out you know he comes in the new number two next to you know Turk and. Yeah what do what does that do what does that do now for the south west division now if that happens Aldridge to disperse and Jordan to the demands on my goodness. Yeah it caught my Nolan does. And it. It isn't being cute very good defender very good read. By. You know use. He looks really good play next to Chris Paul because Chris Paul is. At that point guard game especially in terms of understanding something happened in all they want them. I don't know who else went department being an actor but it. Whoever they don't get it next hit it crisp all I think he looked slow the older than the other hand out by the way. They went division in the NBA in front feeling now a little bit and in terms of how much what everybody but I view it here you're competing in the west at least eight patent that that it looks on paper. You're competing against other teams and I like it and I I know not make it cute moves in free agency I think at. Getting help and gentry and the year wrote these Titans plastic and guys like all the help we. You didn't expect that sport or even cards how to be able Tebow with you on Twitter. So where 48 but. Basketball pot. We go all the latest. Only it's more around in the even Kyle. Eric thank you so much you know your busy man appreciated not. I think you're all right Terry Haden and Davis six mall back in the fold. What about a Nolan and also of these young quarterbacks Russell Wilson and Andrew Luck. Who's the best in the sports time machine missed jump in at Tammy where you're going Brad and Tim you're next on WW. The good quarterbacks win games good defenses. Win championships. Can't argue with that. It's the and at that that the that the any game appears to PD can go back in the sports time machine isn't going. I'd go back to the Roman coliseum. And it's in a resonate comebacks and gains. Allows on the line literally. But. What they have been cut a concession stand Roman coliseum. I'm real real land. Chris greats. The generous Agassi you know. I have they go crazy stuff like that. ABC it had a value am I have. I came in three games this pale in on one says I'd go back to see Steve Gleason it. In the dome and September 2006 can't go wrong it is WW yeah.