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6-7 4:10pm Kristian & T-Bob: on LSU-ULL Game 2, hour 3

Jun 7, 2015|

Kristian & T-Bob preview tonight's Game 2 between LSU and Louisiana-Lafayette.

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Kristian garic and it team Bob even hear Alex box stadium. On a campus of allies shoes and sent our three year opry team's special. LSU and UL well in game two super regional. And I followed up a little bit. Yeah everybody's still I think. Multiple slow starters today the beauty is that nature yesterday being on a Saturday. Game ones so high. I meet people work reds. It. Get any. Immediately Zell used to this kind of got it on but obviously there were people who -- Christian yeah yesterday to today you've seen maybe. A little more. A little more vertically your toe in the water and more ease into the end although. Game time the war pull it out a lot of folks transition from their waters. To whatever adult beverages they want they start to feel that they're getting their second win it. I think after. These teams to parties or to think again. In support these great squad. 2601876. And 87878. Kenny LSU Tigers will the old Tigers pull out close out the you're well. Reach in key that I or will it goes to he and three we've seen a number of super regional gains this weekend. Where a team lost game one bounced back for victory the key to this are you too caught up on scores around. The country for all the super regional sites with more party a little bit but. Your phone calls and also where does. That rank last night in terms of the 43 victory and at that line post season baseball although Allen shoots that so many. Great teams in the history of the program. It Ellis days with where would you put this one coming up are going back to last night. A 43 victory for the LU Tigers in dramatic walk off fashion you well comes up in the top of the ninth inning. They've made it solo home run. It's in great she ever comes up. Answers in the bottom of the ninth should. Well to annually. Won't always got the the advocate not part that was their sports section today. You can't laugh out now I've figured that open that would be kind of creativity. And yet know. And we can't see geez this story line and that'll last night you're open again made that again. Tonight with OJ got a legitimate fear into the scene which it let's just say that. I've made you raise my expectation level even further after seeing what light mark yet yesterday and that's what is to be the not the best member of the staff. Got cutters six during. Let him do it. 287 era on the year a calm we Travis all last hour at a KTC yeah it Lafayette Travis elements that. He's crafty guy and a crafty. Lefty so watch you let it about it I attribute that a of course I'm biased. Towards outlaws. Yet your view of the years ago yeah yeah that's that's yeah. I mean it's an desolate and people had to deal with. A world that is set against this time for well but wait now baseball's seen it. Yet except I selectively Pletcher. Ellis allowed to play catcher after like nine years old. Is it. Yeah if you have the bill for cancer like you have it that's like it's got all day long like I have so much of flexibility. It's ridiculously this if I sit here all winners act it's been an up and cheer but. Pointy. Yeah all's right hand discrimination. Hell it's helped me doubt my entire life had to overcome a lot that you write like a typical lefty you wrap your arm all around the paper. You know like right like a human being on board what you actually rightly let you know you peoples to act like it's generation. How odd jobs created doubt that I I. I have I guess. You wrap yourself now. Right now and is as instantly at this conversation is about let the right close up with this one. Oh there we hear how you kinda roll your words across the page laws. Which. Yeah you'd like I don't really play it back in house is on his lefty righty. That we were going back of baseball yeah guess so. And of the sport where you want right or left and it has an advantage. In the videos were on the base. Right and it lefty closer. The first base and about box you know that is pitchers are valued I think higher yeah it's that right handers because it is less than will choose throw. Right it's bars good pitchers. Arm if your sixth a full right hander. Your first baseman I guess Cali ops at catcher it's perfect for first baseman in the left and the behavior if your six bullet. Left the you might get the low. The six foot right. Now mind it. I left oh yeah absolutely actually bat boy and some of that is just because it is the that he is pulling for last human being here is. Last lefties out there so there will be less. Good lefties out there tonight. We're kind of lucky that we sought freshman. Phenom duel last night Waltz night and Albert freshmen but a couple of really. Really young look at pitches and had to edit your coaching. This is why I listen to pregame coverage right here left vs right. We got off where on I don't know. About Russian Al ice stadium. Talking about the game three RD two. We're one. At the time there's that moment in Iraq some of the prior a school here I knew now what they did in that respect out. Well Opel had absolutely they have a lot of people sure like I actually expect you'll get it done. And they were skating as she enters scared game where they when they're not. The parents of what was to come like that the year yet out when he got tied 33. There were a lot of people chewing nails a lot of people do that like. Or is almost desperate Sammy cheering for your team where talent all. I try to stay positive we are right on the edges living in his spare. And an hour right tickets I agree with Jeff player Maria and daughter Taylor and Travis that in that game. Goes to extra innings the way things go it certainly was looking at it you'll well was. Up on up there a lot. Momentum clearly shifted in there in new direction. And about the seventh eighth and they are sixty when he completed one and it. Chipped chipped away at Allen you these are kind of yeah I think him breaking through six is huge also. It was I that they have this X. Where. Terrible pick off the Rose. Is that errors in general leads them twice every man on third when I think only one matter maybe no outs. Out of that you do a couples spectacular. Defensive plays out of their base actor rob who just earned its. News opening day center fielder if you're an alligator and natural shortstop a play and here and Ellis you've been with. You are you want the victory. We really wanna see that. Going you know what yeah if you wanna talk about momentum moving forward I mean absolutely absolutely like there will still be. Even if you win this game. If you win it here who want to hear nothing three Q there's going to be some life and yet is Alex you. Acted like they've made though on people's tail and it still much that. It's coming from like guys. Complaining. Satisfied. Cabinet emotion thing comes from the fear that. You know not to. Make this team is it should be and not at all. I think it stems from the last trip that they had two years ago yet dom yeah the parallels here HT. They could hit back in you go out there are an undisputed that he views you know they show things but my point is you saw last time. They didn't have any office production whatsoever. He's seeing what Ellis tickets might deem as kind of a repeat possible performance of two of barbecue. In in it it in the college World Series analogue in and Palestinian branching off from our conversation. Yesterday about. The expectations what they don't want to go at all. Which team that's the that's the expectation and I think it. One of the what does that look at as yours hands. Be afraid you repeat itself your member bag Alex. Eyes I'm oh all yeah it's horrible. Regionals air now at least at the late. That is currently the case for Alex pregnant. The Eagles but once again credit. Credit Q. Old shoes starters that although they're bad and it actually did work. Hey that it at the rest of their games. It replica of multiple huge defensive plays none bigger. In the eighth inning man on second third. Middle of the rainstorm. Hit hit it tough ball that skipped it all crazy crossed the wet grass. He manages to snag your car for you Christian and it's a lot of credit. For the scoop on the on the one hopper. I ought to get that final out get out of that inning and may disagree with the game he's not a Christian we live from LSU's campus. And our own tailgate party might gamble and a some of these steps away from 83 and all we eat in a box that it's possible via via. Some mom or sauces and what it pulled pork will pull port San. I just had some alternate tees which is quite cute. Putting Mort now you know we're and a where the food you always find a way. Well if you're tired like apostle I had a tough day that I easily got to get to scrap politics he's here it does got to treat Donnelly I mean you know where your act. Again you know part of the country that immediately. This is Debbie did well I am definitely that we could do well like now. Carl and now I am as a lot we stated line a lot. That's what's at. That truly is. One of the better now baseball games and the analysts wisely. Selling like he did it. Lovie Els who I always grew up watching. LSU baseball before the ad in the SEC network instantly got the order yet Q keep track involves child grow up they're out of state but. So it's as far as like him like he maybe doesn't have much experience is a lot of history and base that was the best LSU game that. I've ever seen at least part that I can remember. From Albert excitement may be the only one that trumps that is watched them when the national championship back nine yeah. All that discusses stakes where even so much higher mean Chad Jones coming on. I've come out back that day how we're. He pitched he actually throw but tiger uniform wasn't much now but he still has gotten it out of what the more paint themselves these players in the clutch performance. Now that owed nine team was loaded with talent as it is. This when he fifteen Ellis tires that are trying to close out you well tonight in game two super regional bucks a ticket to all all. Repeat themselves at their last trip don't want to work out too good at owe it to but a scrappy you'll Al team. Took them to the wire last night. Gave all the can handle you can expect more that I gave to walk it things off. To the L Sports Radio network at 531. Pitch of the boxes at 6 o'clock a number of super regionals in action across the country you'll get a scoreboard update. But I burial or art. Thank you Christian thank you T about and three teams that are already punched their ticket to Nebraska. Talking about Florida Gators and Miami Hurricanes the Virginia Cavaliers all successful yesterday in completing. Two game sweep the number four Florida Gators the highest seed so far to qualify. They knocked off Florida State yesterday with a eleven to four victory in game two. It goes to their thirteen to five winning game one they just dominated the Seminoles in two games so fla the gators 49 and sixteen on the year. And it's Omaha the number four overall seed also the number five seed Miami Hurricanes. With a 32 winning game one yesterday they'd they'd busted it open ten to three over the VCU Rams in game two and Miami. Is into the college World Series and then you have the Virginia Maryland series no national seed involve their because. Maryland eliminated the number one overall seed UCLA in the regionals. So that this this regional was the super regionals contested in Charlottesville. In Virginia Cavaliers just kept coming up big in late game situations. Five to three the winners in game one and five to for the winners in game two in Virginia is moving on to Omaha in the college World Series those three all happened yesterday. Today two more teams had a chance to complete sweeps and push those tickets but they did not get it done little of a spoiler there but I'm gonna tell you all about it. Number three little Cardinals. Fell yesterday at home in oval to the Titans of cal state Fullerton three to two in ten innings dramatic game there. But today the Cardinals got him back nine to three the final today in game two and local ties at the series up. At one game appease game three will be tomorrow either the Cardinals or Titans will qualify for Omar. They just a little while ago the number seven overall seed the TCU. Horned frogs they were victorious yesterday. Thirteen to four all over the Texas a and M Aggies who have been a tough team in the SEC all year long. Yet to figure you organize your repeat of that dominance today and it held true Texas a and M. Held TCU's scoreless. For almost the entire game they got a run themselves in the sixth inning and it was one to nothing all the way up until the ninth. When TCU finally got on the board they tied things up in the ninth inning sent it to extra innings but in the bottom of the tenth. Texas a and M got the job done. To go won the final there and Texas and him ties that series up at one game apiece to game three there will be tomorrow. At a time yet to be determined. There is one. Game three going on as we speak as the number eight overall seed Missouri State Bears are in Fayetteville to take on the Arkansas Razorbacks. We talked about a little bit last hour Missouri State. In national seed but on the road because they share their ballpark with eight AAA ball club that's at home this weekend so they got booted. Out of their own plays and the NCAA said that to Fayetteville the home of the hogs to play Arkansas. And it it showed that a little bit of nerves may be from Missouri State in game one is agers got blasted by Arkansas eighteen to four but yesterday. I'll masterpiece on the mound by Matt hall Missouri State all American pitcher NCAA leader in strikeouts. A one hitter thrown against Arkansas yesterday in Missouri State got that victory. Read a once and now at least to the rubber match game three ongoing as we speak is the top of the seventh and Arkansas a three run. First inning but since then the Bears defense has clamped down shut him down. And they've gotten two runs of their own the kind of climb back into this one. Close the gap in the top of the seventh inning Arkansas leads but it's close three get to the elite number eight overall seed Missouri State. So low we'll keep you updated on that one. As it goes along tonight the nightcap will feature number six overall seed Illinois the fighting Illini hosting a Vanderbilt commodores Vanderbilt. Just creamed the fighting Illini yesterday. To take the series lead it was thirteen to nothing in the final there for Vanderbilt that's coming off the heels of a two when he won the nothing pasting that they posted. In the regionals over Radford so the common our offense just lighten it up in the last couple games here. And they lead the series won the nothing game two will be tonight at 8 o'clock at Vanderbilt win means The Commodores go to Omaha and Illinois win would make in game three. Necessary and they would play that tomorrow and of course. The main event for everyone listening to my voice right now. The number two LSU Tigers the top remaining overall seed after US UCLA's elimination. LSU taking on the raging pages of Louisiana Lafayette for game two tonight. That as an instate rivalry lots of attention. On this game at Alex box stadium game one last night LSU victorious on that Christian amber a walk off home run. Ninth inning dramatics on both sides of the ball would Brent Conrad. Hitting a homer for you all over the top of the ninth to tie it Christian amber in the bottom of the ninth. Take it home 43 LSU gets a victory and they lead the series one game to none and game two is tonight we're league yeah up to 6 PM start time. 530 pregame right here on WW LAM and FM we got full coverage going on. As we speak out of Alex box stadium the battery super regional with her back out there now for Christian Derek and T Bob a bear. Yes indeed. Outside of eat the rookie card the man mentally nicely built up. And eighty yards or so and left field line from two on stadium. Actors and looked at cal I've I've you yeah as soon as an injury thing yeah. That's very it park happens. Pick your battles on the heat you take your eyeballs out then you roll my eyes. Companies like minority report. Yeah I'm ready I did that we have that out yet at the enemy play what do we don't know. It all there's stuff that. We don't even if you don't wanna know what the take out of as a right now and I have yet to have delegates in talent that they don't give up lit up that's as clear as the top secret that New York. Tyler work this out. Each year and that mattered to them. Average person he's gonna act matter really who's I don't know where the military. Or stroke. Now with us about up here not really at it now. Things up here than on on yet Abbott like you did video an advocate. The story. That's all one give you the real story. Now we think that might be got to witness that aged. Like guys at multiple crimes go down like that its its troubles that we yet. Wraps it. He cranked up here about an hour and a half ninety minutes late for pitching game two the excuse did you go 0530. Pre game 6 o'clock burst it. Tigers trying to close out below the right foot or two along. That total field company. They're coming up Nikita plate there's no doubt about got a great game show he is do you can't expect. Talked a while it's being around it this tailgate party they'll eat it in the three while you make easy now I'll see that. There's always a potential right. Towards potential letdown from what we've seen. The much more likely scenario will be another exciting one and I just cannot say enough about them the weight. That will help and it's taking. Making excitement added to overcome that early missteps. To have fight their way Beckett eventually. Tie it back up. That is he signed. But it's very well coached very well lead. Despite only having five seniors. You'll have five seniors and you have what eight at nine starters drafted in the LP double last year's team. It's incredible band director of GODs name did ten years in a row. Now and you used a lot of hybrids more nervous scored his second one they would have been going to get what yes. And you use this analogy you'll well hopefully I I think that the great now yeah I mean I think it. They're going to be around law as well Ellis. But there's another there's room for boat that you know. Their share of Ellis baseball we've seen that there's your belt you Benito. And out of Louisiana baseball as of now on throughout the stated and how much of last night they use them we touched on yet today the familiarity that's really what. The familiarity between the players how etiquette to. I guess that's one of the big factors as to why you well with him coming here competing it's LSU lady did it take him. Applicable because. They worn off a. They got it into the town people wrong. Her they wanted them. They day they they think you're all the chatter you try to ignore it as a player but what holiday you know this they did sneaks through and it what you keep appeared about. Did you hear about all. How they handled the pressures of ballots by actually come apart at this week there's no way they view it else's QLQ. That. A lot of guys probably got snubbed by Ellis injury process. And they're using all these different factors motivation. About they'd say look we ain't scared and they did it last night and el Amin. Why marches to get Ellis you line up but now they got early Jay's gonna be scared of that lineup tonight. It's up to the Tigers to try to get those bats go get a little positive momentum go and here in the extent if indeed they make that yields that we stopped. Give us your prediction for the LSU Tigers close it out tonight are we looking at a game three tomorrow if necessary between the rating cajun ideology fighting Tigers. 26018 Seve tax that he 77 you can also interact with a on Twitter at T about the victory act Kristian garic one. Check out RW well FaceBook page all of sights the sounds down here. From Baton Rouge on campus as LSU in the super regional against. You well I'll get videos online we get them via google.com. He Bob wrote Neitzel column about his thoughts on last night's game as that I three Aaron that's. React to an excellent time. Well so presently Kudrow shows. Strategy. He says he likes to view. Break one game down it three individuals little three games right. It's a with that in mind instantly outside game really with all the drama. The twists and turns. It really does resemble a beautiful three act play. In which elegy controls the purse that their power is a story in the first at the bats. There at the bat singular and Jake freely yeah. Odds are of Alex lake about a dominant fashion however. In the second active the First Act is about our the second act was all about the free agents that's. Fighting back not giving up clawing their way back in its lonely or the high. Age by age there in the sixth it I'll get a run across baked theory that momentum into the final act. When he eventually tie it up right there at the culprit they tie it up at 33 how Everett crescendo. The final. Part of the plate the last line. Was Christian camera. With a walk off ordered three home run and you can it's hard at all you even had extra dropped a throw in. With the random thug or the rain rain storm off well our light meter he could stop the game. Coincides directly without slings are struggling a little bit I'd should be out at white marks nailed by a boat guys and deal. With wicked pitch there let. Dramatics pageantry. And excitement in June. Or is this I mean anticipate it was all there last night. You wanted to you got it between LSU and you'll know the rate he came out here Allen shoot in the five that it did though. With the big ones will tires though like the camera. Cavity. Elegy to got to look at exotic. Yet cardiac agents what we can't we can't manage it now. In the region all. Q well only adds few hundred and a guy like fourteen runs and hits it. Well I'll acts on the whole it's much better now as yet however. Tigers you come up with a four runs on the five hits in its it that yeah it was kind of the opposite with the the flipping the script if you will yeah Wednesday along that. Three act masterpiece that it's not the he's the bottom Christian polite little boy it Tuesday so. When he simply text that he says create some years they the electric atmosphere out here right now he's going to. Gain Jews who got it out the double fun fact. American pair of here. Huge city defeated 31 horses in the Patriots like second most all time well. He actually ran the fastest. Quarter mile time ever at the Belmont beating secretary it's time of 25 seconds. 24 point threes in there in the race we should have been as tired air fare that is best. Will continue bringing down LSU and well regional and also feeds upon their ticket Hubbell Michelle Ortiz do it again at the UFC fight last night but. So you've already put their ticket to old law and the dog pile is a good. Are bad for baseball outward when you get this out our conversation and we'll have that 260 when he got up dates of the gates and yet I felt that are now. That's that we Yuba. Yeah like van no doubt about it I don't think. Me hey you joke about Chris Chambers at game which was on point. I don't think that it takes away from anything that he accomplished or how we handled itself. He had himself like professionally quite yeah absolutely he he was he had just accomplished. Every little kid street and he still managed to compose himself. Hewitt excellent interview with the daily hearts are there there. After the game. Just held my own chamber and for that entire team them. I'm bill we did so things. Well I music field. Tight on time did. It if it. It sometimes. You when you with they want here. And that's fine you do that with the way is you recognize that day. It's like hey good voice righty. She ever did handle itself has a eating at red zone featured all these major off that celebration in it now it goes right into the conversation about. Witches that celebrates tees off. In the EC all miles an era. And it's kind of welcome it and have it hold their collective right it's the their star player what player that it. Then got bodies yesterday. In the dog pile I think that's for Virginia. Have been. When he when he wants to suit. The college World Series yup body slam by one of his teammates. On each shoulder yeah is on the bottom of the pile. I don't know I think if I was as a coach how would probably. Know all while ago. I don't I mean I understand it yes you know you don't wanna prevent them from Avant on wells and let it out. It's houllier. Right here as well it's ever been in the college World Series. And I use that you have been twenty years might that. I mean Jurgen don't. You'd stand up maybe if you're a little more used to going. You don't odds I have no problem with it man it's so what does it hurt you've gotten aerial lucky was preventable yes let. It's tough to wait that is special moments it's raw emotion filled moment are ever the game when it's now. It's what LSU Florida. Arbor we're having to be dog out there on the talent that like injury. So far yet or anything that you think you got the outlook for me accurately. And let me just. Bill from appeals standpoint belt no dog pile should be allowed right. Guys it's ages receiving yourself you stupid amount of risk and professionally. Again your great golf at the right. I don't care and I think at that same emotion that I make plays like Kris ever made. It's the same moves that come out in those dog piles so I have bad if someone gets hurt. I just air it or it doesn't happen. I'll be honest I've been a part of a few dog piles of baseball in the worst position he has been. Not sell them and I think that's the bottom guy that it's interesting it's the middle because then everybody's. Like leap yet he's running starts where there is sleeping on it pleaded not. With you on the spot you know herbs or B it's now it is fun. Oh yeah you're garlic shifting ground in the middle there aren't but the topic on that's the placement in nordic yourself and Virginia's coach and they. Was one guy that the bar. Of the dog while he came in you know. Right on top of their by else out that is something that I would. UK. ET smarter dog violent. Like maybe you don't need your full article in it go over the top. Got it this way on it her approach more badger pays it because you're right you've seen people hit. You know what's going to get rid of the triple jump at the Olympics is on the hit that running art that. It with a macho man. Lied elbows from the top broke yet speaking. The rest Leo fighting all right there. Last night yet so. LSU get what your former team needs him double covered there had a month earlier this week shark Jordan. He holds the distinction of being wanna beat you. Two time national champion at Ellis yeah. Was on three as well as you said. After the loss last personal world by what he was Friday. New Orleans native Eric Lewis laughed at UFC by oral and they were at the headliner of the tree limbs. And Walsh on net and get ourselves ready Europe as well. And his streaky hitter mean had gotten on their list here is he's the Portland native but because of the past Al as you did have. She on Jordan. The one you Whitney's cut out Alex chance rookie. Around the stadium. And catch on budge on I don't know like third row. They're rout number one. Lose don't as a big. Is it box and Hewitt with the hands on it. It's a nice couple shots chocolate. Pretty much all of route one controlled budge on. Grant Hill takes out shall ex wrestler former high school's champion but the real exciting part. Was there in round number Q in the real. Shockey are guys on short they are right at where he's looking dude you need them and like it's. It's it's lose this I feel extra if you worry WW need it. That you don't Shawn Michaels is yep what cola. Loose balls ground from edge on ops on rabbit out ran out eggs at each day oh on your big that we can love. From white at it's it's the double covered. Championship. Yet man now. Urged its any chipped lassie last they are show. That's out there holy father made all those sports. Championship you'll hear. It. Now Honeywell and I can't for anybody news like what they taught about so we had snapped Rollins immunity superstar on a couple months. For that LE at the money that they reached base with them. Actually we get the pour it on and maybe where it needed delights them. Game it throws Ellis on like we're humans have almost. Magical champion make India is that core eight wings that belt because Jon bones Jones hits it Ryan it has to vacate the title. Does that happen it. Cormier Jessica showed up court. I don't know I don't know Jones ever make it that title today yet Cormier that tip of the you know he adds that built. All of that belt perhaps shall. Catcher. Schools meet and talk about you regularly talk fighting yet ages who cat and he's got that look at ease that you would mess of them. And it you know the guy that at that looked I'm not want it even hurt you. Like if he if you got slightly with a yet to be that he's got an illness that he's got orders spaces where. If I was out punch him. I would be worried about breaking my hand yeah like got to be worried about hurting my hand. Rather it the better I actually heard it high all lines I cheekbones. It worked out bill. Don't get. I'd take the court dash eight over through 601 rates of any. Text that he 7870. Reading about LSU and you'll Allen's briefly but that. He beat the Tigers to close out. It puts it to get to long. This WL MF and the B well. Game two super regional government and I mean LSU. Yeah it's in. I'm sweaty I should or buy at the Teamsters he did yesterday when all. Also. Humid day in and out on the island huge. That's not out boxed me out tailgate parties me. You'll hear them in the background. On LSU. It right. Now as you play. Yeah we're kind of in the family such here Greg means families went in peppered throughout the entire crowd that is the two grandparents geographically I mean she mentioned they have family as well also. Kind of nervous excitement that exists when your loved ones are on the verge of psychology having really special every Saturday it's time be televised also you know just. Kind of biding their time until later night with a two teams take field once again. Gunner Leger on the hill for the ULL rating cadence. Jared post jail on a hill or the LSU Tigers two lefties. Going at each other in the region key to trying to stave off elimination LSU trying to. Close them out move on to a walk and two games and get back to the college World Series in. Already anticipated that talked to earlier that are. Started at the wheel it makes reservations. Four I think we'll law yet Ali you have to get now makes it got to meet you think I mean yeah I absolutely makes it's like it's like he's it was it. 7373. Yeah percent of the time when you're in the first game you go on to win the series so. Well I'll analogies got. The first step down as Alter your game number two or three then. 2601870. Text that he 7870. Race last night's game for the three walk off dramatic fashion. For the LSU Tigers for champ for a coming up in the bottom of the ninth inning after you LL it tied it up in the top of the ninth with a solo job of their own and he. Belts one over the right field wall. Not even close it was a bomb. Six or seven right off the bat you do is in the news again it was a no doubt are from the moment he touched it 67 rows deep in the right field stands. And where does that rank in terms of drama in some of the best teams you've seen a College Baseball with a hellish. And I think if you wanna give it to the dramatic student you have to midget brain Konrad as well kind of feel bad for Conrad. You know he comes up with a incredible pinch hit solo shot to tie it up. Did it really did you experience his moment in the sun perhaps like he should just because of how the game and pulled out but then O'Brien. I mean debts may be the right at that show evidence of biggest ingredient in this drama that is made it that much more special because of the rights to green but momentum swings on either play. Come on at 530 it will mean things off to Jim Hawthorne in the old sports radio and network for pre game coverage of game two between LSU and you well what's give. Polite to a 482601870. Text and he set neat setup man will be within the next thirty minutes looks right here on that heated well enough and that is really gutsy really well oiled machine at this point. I don't know but it that we got this week that if you well. A pop up a.