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6-3 1pm Angela, Trending: Bensons, Duggars, Monty Williams

Jun 3, 2015|

Today's trending hour featuring WWL News Director Dave Cohen, Double Coverage Host T-Bob Hebert, and Night Host Scoot.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And we are at that beautiful halfway point in this week. Hope you're having a great one. We have got some great guys in the studio just waiting to talk about what's trending at this hour on June 3 WL news director. To me if Colin chomping at the bit on this hump day he got up WL and treat it will sport wonder T bond a bear any what's going on. And the man who wants nothing more than for everyone to get a long hours. Yes of course I learned that from Rodney King. Yes she did you get nothing more than that that's on one that's all he wants out of life mountain continue to function and also the children to police. Yeah you if you take responsibility as right. I have some happy news before we start our real trending but this is sort of a follow up on a story that. Many of us not worth it though trending. But dissidents is float like let's get it do you remember the dog butter beans. But her being was being mixed lab. Shepherd that was running. Video of running after the truck would abandon them on an archer on the North Shore and so we find out that they wasn't a real lawn of the cult may follow owner actually. But they were able get into the complications that but it was a very sad thing to start was just running up and you just. It said whirls about being abandoned. Well the humane society of Louisiana paid to the flow owner 400 dollars and got the job and has had been having a process on finding a home. Many people applied many people were very moved by this dog who just wanted to be loved. And so they finally announced who got it and it's this wonderful man guy Lawrence and timer and of all the people who applied blind him. Because his enthusiasm for this job really was was number one. That very day of the video of butter being chasing that truck. His own dog who looked very much liked by having died. And he said there's a reason there's a reason I need this dog. So I'll ultimately he got it and they are best friends is a great picture of of but her being and the new owner both smiling and I swear they lookalike. A tough guy is that's how does that happen along with that orders and they don't ask me look alike. They do. Now in Iraq and especially this don't look at their rise the habit if there. Now this is a great great story it is a great street we're gonna start with great source another thing today this is an anniversary. 1985. So we're talking. Thirty years ago thirty years ago today Tom Benson announces his purchase of the saints. From saints owner John meek. Completes signs a commitment with the state plainly don't the next 21 years. Very interesting that now thirty years later bless this party is in court. And an heartbreaking family situation. And today Tom Benson on his way and indicated that he is ready to take the stand. And testify in his own behalf this has been one of the big questions in this case is will Tom Benson take the stand. While our legal analyst at foray told me today it's almost. Almost a certainty. That Benson will testify because even as. His defense team. Does not call on to the stand and even if he's not called by the plaintiffs. He thinks the judge will call Tuesday. Because the judge this is not a criminal trial where he could not have the right. Q you know plead the Fifth Amendment because Connecticut incriminate yourself because it's not a criminal proceeding. So he believes that does four way that. No matter what. Benson's gonna have to take the stand and answer the judge's questions if not face. You know direct and cross examination. Because. He says that that's what it's all about it's about determining if Tom Benson is mentally fit enough. To make reasonable decisions about his own care and about his business but didn't the judge and Tom Benson meet privately. Benson wanted to have a sit down and in chambers he was present for one. Here we don't know exactly what happened and chambers and how detailed. Interview the judge may have. Done but what foray expect is that we'll be relatively extensive. Interview on the stand that we will not get to hear that if the judge still has questions even if there is not cross examination and direct examination of Tom Benson. Who by the way turns eighty years old next month. That the judge who want to ask as many questions as he can and Benson indicated today he is ready to testify. His granddaughter read events in a bomb took the stand again this morning a continuation of yesterday's testimony. And it was not clear at this afternoon at his grandson was gonna take the stand if so that would mean all three of the petitioners who are trying to intercede. And to insist that Tom Benson is not mentally fit to continue to make decisions for his own well being his own care and for his businesses. While all three of taken the stand and testified it. Well we're gonna move across the United States here and get any. The dagger scandal just keeps evolving yet it does is there's an a police report that has been revealed that the star of nineteen kids and counting Josh starter. He's issued a statement saying he apologized for past and he did go through some troubled times when he was a fourteen and fifteen. This new police report shows that he inappropriately touched his younger sister who was five at the time. In two different places. And again this just just reeks of if hypocrisy when you think about the image that certain people project and then what you find out about their real life and it happens to politicians. It happens to. It a lot of different people not just evangelical Christians but. This is. This is something that really does hurt the image of of of of course get christianity. Because you you get this you get the sense that was anybody really who they say they are anymore and not be a long time ago it was since Jimmy Swaggart. And it's been so many people over the years and an entire Greek priest scandal yes exactly exactly but. My understanding is he told his father on occasion. That there were these issues and the father didn't Julia and apparently we talked about this is his father who was running for a senate seat in the state of Arkansas. Was running on. Platform that included if you rape or commit incest you faced the death penalty and a time when his son was doing this. Senator Reid to the pot hypocrisy. Malaria I mean you just think about age group it gave me against kick out of did you angrily about all the people that. Sure he stood in judgment out in the kind of condemned publicly and then I can't believe he's due in this while knowing what eased himself. I had in his own past you would think. That if you had that in your passing even report came out. You would think that you be more forgiving of people maybe you'd be a little less judgmental but I guess artists keep your mouth is opposite that. Say that's the key and and they have aggressively did the show and the family research council which she was a member of these are two institutions that have have have totally condemned to game or so. You can yeah Tel two consenting adults they can't get married that you're guilty of incensed. About a day but if they see violence as mistake. Let's forget that they want that out melded as one that now they want everybody for him they won't forgive. I'd to manually mayors bright day he's and that is to show continuing harassment cancel you know much. It's the evidence clearly didn't think yeah I didn't and Hulu just dropped it. Via streaming service. And so I think there's some meat originally TLC took it off a year I mean how do you do you keep every time you see him aids while the talk with they're gonna bring them back without him. In the their their company kids on this show how many characters on the hill on unfortunately it's it's the same failed. I mean this alias is tainted because of this action so tree you know before you stand in judgment of others may be don't be so quick to to do that until you take a look at all the he's what what it would shield. Bible pair Muller analogy retard the spec and maybe spec and scoots I live plank sticking out of my I think that's pretty appropriate here. It makes me think back remember reverend Graham storms. Who made headlines in New Orleans for during the southern decadence fastball going to Bourbon Street and videotaping. Sex acts in public. And that he would send all the media outlets these videotapes. Misses back pre digital you have to send videotapes. To the media outlets of video he shot of men mostly men at southern decadence having public sex. Well a few years later he was arrested in laugher near park in Jefferson perish in a van. Masturbating. Next to the park where the children reply. And by the way. I don't know where he gets these videos because I've been to southern decadence I've been to Marty broadband policies to French Quarter. I'm this this idea that there's public sex everywhere for those if you don't go off and this is an absolute myth I'm not saying that there are some isolated cases but. What he had to know of the CD just places to go he had to know the routine of that group of people for him besides. I'd have to say there was one isolated case it was a couple right behind channel 4:4 o'clock in the afternoon I just finish broadcasts and a that the parades and I saw them and I ran outside with my little in systematic camera. Took the film to Rite Aid they processed it niacin it's my mother and averaged close eye on you believe. My very first New Year's Eve in New Orleans ice on. People having public sex on balconies. On murder mystery comedy. It was enough that I mean you're very alarming to me by would also likely to get what is published next year I'm not gonna describe what it on the radio but I will I that is to southern decadence is credit they did a good job of telling everyone who attended the festival of hanging signs and of cleaning up that kind of behavior so that. Grant storms that none of that videotape ever again. A lot of the analyst at a let's take another break we'd really have a lot more trending please stay with this will be right back I'm Angela on them anyway. We are trending with Dave Cullen and screwed NT Bob Hebert let us have the latest on. Mr. black tour. Yeah that's that's this feature a scandal just continues to get more and more ridiculous Sepp Blatter yesterday. Resigns as the as president and I thought it was kind of fitting that you know people have just been so. Brazen. Web in Gwinnett there. Bribes and a brazen with the choice of majors brazen with their breaking of the law is tired time. The bigs do his thing where they just say one thing and then do another and expect a greater said that about Seth Blatter continued that tradition yesterday. Went after he resigns. They needs at least are starting to pay their need to be term limits not just on the president on the executives as well and you don't know I've tried to fight for these things and while eight. I don't know that we do we know about an angry you are the only kind of resign because that I resign but I'm gonna stay on them it's like until we get and that that's a long time and how about the Baghdad he says all this term limits. The day after accepting a fifth term when he was like Jews for he said it was not going to run again and so it's. Hypocrisy is ramping up an honest and is now and again when there's so much bribe money to be there's there's a lot of money gat it back so much money. That fifa officials had to come up with incredibly. Absurd ways to spend that money chuck. Blazer ever heard chuck blazer he is really though PGA executive to. I have has all it reason why a lot of these people are you arrest he was secretly arrested in 2013. And after he got arrested he has now been working with the Department of Justice given the information. You know Vegas connecting dots. I game in the important names department doesn't need to now. Well he was actually in this yeah it's probably upset people. But he was actually written team. 86000. Dollar A month apartment in trump tower solely. For the use of his utterly cats. At our candidates yes where he lived as an 181000 dollar A month apartment at trump tower. But can it is separate apartments at her apartment the a 6000 dollar a month. Apartment. Trump our solely let me take what are the Dallas he loved the cats love cats. He loved cats but the cats probably returns furniture up 181000. Dollar amount department originally arcade there's one available next door I'll rent that 16 them out today for the cats and look epidemic at a bribe money against that relatively cheap just couldn't they just it's crazy. It's it's it's this whole story and the demon has traveled goals goes the more weird stores and I mean we had Jack Warner. Who was the old head of CONCACAF. Very high ranking people official. He held open onion news article this is from the onions the satirical site is in news article that said you know people awards. Or keep it creates 2015 World Cup set to get underway later today so Jack Warner gets arrested. Leads due to exhaustion the hospital later that day he's out they rallied dancing around. Sane I'm innocent. And then he puts a video on line where he's a rate Americas and they're doing this they did get the World Cup and look how hypocritical they are. They've accepted this 2015 World Cup it's taking place later today. And I mean are you kidding me there's that word again like need to argues that these people just don't understand. I. And while they did on this there'll be a movie before this case is finished it is I mean this is without a doubt the most. It bullets is the big scandal sporting history yeah like you do that the biggest organization with the biggest sport in the world. And when you get to cutter in the 22 World Cup. You innovators series there's nothing humor about this mean modern day slavery. Human rights violation migrant workers dying. On a massive scale. Talking over 14100 migrant workers have already died. In and cutter building. The stadium several cups is the extent is that out of the heat will. Have people coming over and their apparently taking all the documentation to aids to lead modern day slavery is going on. Under brighten everybody's face so hopefully. The next step will be cutter losing that's what Jerry to broke up and I don't say that because oh America needs it now I say that because what I guess. People die. Human rights violation and as far as you should get that woke up like I'm sure people pitch that won't work. But what are the other kind of inherent issues with the World Cup is wherever it goes suddenly arrested but these these stadiums. And they build these be giant you know massive state is a brazile bill it billion dollar stadium that adds up and touched. Since the World Cup so what does that do these all rooted thing economic waste and Nina did they paved over some. Beautiful part of the country I'm sure now if there was a place who has these stadiums ready in him already built. And has the infrastructure of the NFL. America seems like it would be a solid option but. There's this a massive problems and his organization would systemic and rampant I don't know. Like I don't know what the answers here and I don't know how long this process well. Going to be a long process and the rabbit hole goes. Committee meeting at city with with the NO PD special victims unit yeah and sort of review. Well you remember a late last year that the inspector general's office came out with a scathing report saying that five detectives in the SPU. Had systematically. Ignored. Reports of children being molested. Adults being raped children being children being physically abused. And that these five detectives would essentially take the initial report and never even attempt to follow up on any of the information. And they said it was nearly a thousand cases while today the police chief the public integrity bureau the Office of Inspector General. Everyone involved went before the City Council committee to give an update. If there's any good news in this it's that hundreds of those cases. And the inspector general had a lot of trouble figuring out what was going on in that office to the record keeping they said it was so deplorable. It took them months and months just to figure out which cases were open which cases were closed what had been done. Today's testimony lie on that hundreds of those cases were simple. Checks on child molesters and other sexual. Predators who had to register. And that by rule they had to check up on them periodically. And none of those required by now. There's still about 200 cases. That they confirmed. Were indeed. Never investigated properly now the police chief said they went back they investigated all of them and they have. Taken a cold case squad to go back and look at them look at the evidence they had. Gather new evidence and it wasn't easy to general's report exaggerated. Now it was a they couldn't tell her what had happened and an office because the record keeping was so awful. But once they have had now more time to dig through it and figure out what happened. They found that of several hundred of these cases didn't require follow up but there were hundreds Silva did about 200 still that did. And they did find some of the the most disturbing cases they went back investigated them in many cases they did not. They did find that there was not evidence of the crimes that initially. The evidence would point to but in other cases they are making arrests they are continuing to investigate others of these cases. They've changed the leadership now in the SPU the five detectives in question are no longer in that unit. And there's investigator negation underway that could land them with. Actual criminal charges. Further discipline within the department and the federal monitor and the Justice Department are involved. Major major major would be hearing much more about that I'm sure throughout the day in the news speaking of the new let's go to the newsroom Chris Miller find out what tilt. Going on that stay with this could we get much Wear trending. So much trending on this today very interesting words from Rush Limbaugh. Who the heck is Rush Limbaugh Rush Limbaugh RA high anything. He'd you know I think this is another example of just looking to criticize and there are people with political agendas who just wanted to criticize anybody for any thing. If they're from and the different party. Rush Limbaugh asked the question what does a 71 year old man secretary of state doing riding a bicycle critical of John Kerry secretary of state for riding a bike. And breaking his leg. I'll Limbaugh said do you now hold hold John Kerry is it's tough you know because you can't tell horse. When you look at them by his age when you look at him because John Kerry looks like a horse it was tough. But he several years old now would somebody tell me something what is a 71 year old man secretary of state doing riding a bicycle or alternatively wind surfing off Nantucket. Why is somebody riding a bicycle while in the midst of a sensitive negotiation. And attempting to secure nuclear weapons for higher brand. Exercise. BS. I'm no way. Well saying crazy stuff. About he's 71 years old Annie wants to be healthy at 7275. 8085 I mean I'm wondering how you do it in Maine athletic John Kerry can certainly take a shot at Rush Limbaugh for not riding a bike how often and how to act I mean again this is just criticism for the sake of criticism and assist. It's a shame that some people have to reduce it to that and yet there are people who will rally around this just because. Of of of who senate but I mean there's nothing wrong with a 71 year old American staying in shape and riding a bike I'm gonna be 711 day and I'm gonna still be active. Yes it is and more secure part of ridiculous remember they have three will likes to and that's okay. Telling us. A dictionary or you figure and listen. Telling are out to Monty says yes so four dollars charge money Williams has apparently reached an agreement to join the Oklahoma City Thunder. And juggling lines who will be the lead assistant under renewed under head coach. Billy Donovan now if you remember Williams was an excellent assists and he topped years schism before getting intelligence job and I've kind of viewed as a defensive mastermind and if you Google really does matter. OK I am now quiet. You loon who knows his pelicans team. Better than anyone on the planet right now. Be better Alvin GG they're an money Williams. And that she's gonna be coaching one year rivals next season and the team that you barely edged out is that that final playoff spots and I'll probably healthy the help the Russell Westbrook so. I think it's a pretty shrewd move by the thunder here and I think there's a little cause for war at least. Well I'm glad he got a job I think a lot of and you really lives and as a precedent and and good that he's got some more absolutely. This is gonna make may Mateen Bob happening we're talking about left lane driving. Yeah in fact in its NT Bob's home stomping grounds in fact the report came out that the Georgia law that passed this past July. Authorities in. The Atlanta area have written. More than 200 tickets since this past July. For people driving in the last plane who were not passing. Are holding up the flow of traffic in the greater Atlanta area. And a lot of people champion these kinds of laws so this morning. On WWL first news that filled in for Tommy Tucker and 6 o'clock hour we had Louisiana state police on. And I was a little surprised that stately told us that while there is a long Louisiana. It's as it's illegal to be in the last plane in less your passing it's illegal to be in the left lane even if you're going does speed limit. In last year passing someone in the right line they said that that law in Louisiana is rarely yeah forced. I have I Arab heard dialogue forward I'm on favor of this there's nothing. More frustrating. There when cars are rolling and the same speed taking a boat planes is not how it's supposed to be. Just get over like you know it's it's ignorance it's like what you're entitled to be in the left line it. I hear why I don't why did what the state police officer not explain why it was not in force to mean now. He would have the opportunity to enforce it when it becomes a huge impediment to traffic where they find people who are driving aggressively. And doing things for example intentionally blocking the last plane because they don't want someone who's driving faster than them to get asked. And they see situations like that that they can turn into road rage or are aggressive nature then they enforce any law but he says that the typical lot to enforce. It's one that would take up great man hours. But he says the lawsuits and the message to people and they have posted signs on the interstates that say. Lapland for passing only slower traffic stated the right he would take these drivers take responsible. Please take responsibility like what I did as he get out let's play what bothers me is when I'm passing a car but I'm not passing a car fast enough and somebody is right on my rear its 65 miles an hour you have no right to tailgate me endanger my like me if I am indeed in the left lane. Passing cars and he's he's stressed that it is well he stressed though it is illegal to exceed the speed limit even when passing in the last plane. Ideally. The last plane is going the speed limit and the right land is going slower than the limit that's the way the laws design now in practicality itemized yet we know the laugh line has been able I cried and fifteen over. And the write letters for the people who wanna go the speed right. Mean essentially yes. Broad range I'm sensing it here now stay with him on we'll be right that this is studio rate. Back with the with the eighteenth stoop let's talk about Clint Eastwood who Obama. Buckley's way just a fresh off his box office sensation of American sniper according to Warner Bros. I it's been announced that he is going to directed produce a yet to be titled drama is next film is going to be about. At the on the US Airways pilot who landed in the Hudson River Sully Sullenberger. And I and silly says he's he's honor he wrote a book it was a memoir 2009. Highest duty my search for what really matters. And you know obviously this is a great man who did a great thing of great things don't create great people. Generally great people do great things and it's not surprising that this man was so. Was was was so calm under these circumstances and it's such a phenomenal job of a safely putting this plane down and in the Hudson and then if you know anything about flying I mean I was I was watching this and what little I know by flying I knew what he had to do because he you know you could come in he had to come in have the plea almost stole our us. Us to hit flat because if the engine see it. That it would you causal kinda different damage so you'd like I was I was not going. And it just such. It's such a wonderful wonderful man who obviously against a great person and worthy of a film and then yeah. Let me tell you we were in what happened to be in New York the weekend after that event. And went to see at Lincoln Center. Sept sound muted some like that. And in the audience began to the actors come out it was in the round. And they said in a vice clapping for them they were great and they said no we have a real hero in this audience Sully Sullenberger. Please stand up he was there with his family via the audience went berserk yep I'm man standing ovation and solicit which he had chills slow. He saved I mean how would you need everybody's biggest beard to use message mean when a planes are to go down nets. That's the nightmare scenario for anybody who's ever gotten on a plane right into account for him to be able that. Do you have without loss of life is two crowd and that picture of all of them standing on the wing freezing cold and they continued drink service which we will unlock. Plenty Eastwood. I mean is he the fact that he's gonna produce and direct this movie you think about American sniper unforgiven grain to Reno million dollar trade what is good bad and ugly and mean. He is so good I mean a great actor obviously. But I don't know a movie that he's produced and directed the I didn't lie and say that with Ron Howard just does say Ron Howard Wells and it is a police would do in this Ron Howard Archer of his salute. We're gonna move over to what's happening in Baton Rouge concerning this is so interesting to me the cigarette tax. Well the senate passes and in the house. Well here's what happened in the house when I had first and passed an increase in the cigarette tax now remember the original proposal was to raise the cigarette tax by more than a dollar. Right to try and fill the one point six billion dollar budget hole. Well the house skim through instead now let's because we're afraid people are gonna drive to neighboring states if our cigarette tax is higher than there's we're gonna set at the same. And they didn't want to exceed Mississippi or Texas or Arkansas to anywhere where they came up with was 32 cents a pack. It's essentially almost dropping by a dollar the original proposal while the senate now got a hold of it and they're gonna do this with a lot of the revenue bills as these is the writing on the wall. Is they said we don't care with the ousted because we don't like the way the house is going to budget hole and we know the governor is not gonna sign a lot of what the house passed. So they wanted to Dallas double so now the senate. Is considering it's past committee. And he's going to the full senate to raise the cigarette tax by 64 cents a pack twice with the house sorry past. You'll have to then go back to the house or a conference committee. Before it ever goes to the governor but we've only got about a week left in the session and there's going to be some intense negotiations. And we'll see if they get it done in time or are they gonna call special session about the budget. Yeah let's talk and John Kennedy about yesterday if they AM. It's a governor vetoes all this and they have to only gosh well the house is almost house lawmakers almost sent up. Because it almost seemed like some of them want the governor to veto what they've passed because they have passed measures that clearly. The governor and made it clear before this all started he will not sign and he he has to veto in his eyes. And the house is pretty much daring him to veto on the thing guide we'll get this some thought we'll we will then do an override the veto and we've all of their shoot nationally and maybe they'll drive by and I and mean rules are meant to be broken and records are meant to be sad but. Never in the history of Louisiana. Has the legislature ever over written agreement to of the he and let me as long as we're talking about Bobby Jindal on he has set a date for. Yeah the announcement of whatever his play like he said he was gonna wait till after the session and he is been true to that word. And he now says that he will announce that he is running for governor about a week after possession and he's gonna do it here in New Orleans. And it's going to be interesting and there have been candidate before we're very unpopular at home who do mount successful campaigns can Bobby Jindal do that. And the polls show he's not all that popular nationwide either but there's still a lot of time and if he's got enough money and a good strategy you know I kind of. Curious about why he really mean in theory why why why would he wait to announce after the legislative session when he hasn't been here. He was in Disney World yesterday he was and a New Hampshire the other day. So watch this announce a. And I don't want to watch him because he was under pressure he was asked. And I guess he thinks is somehow some way. Waiting to make the announcement Stan the man that I I think it's a good piece like this heat big let's see does get nominated with everything that get brought to light his record is in all the way he's what do you what goes through some of these politicians mine appealing just have to lease almost. Narcissistic. It did to just figure out Abbott I'll be fine you know this ogre brought out for. Oh we can make this like not a question moderate judge Asian won't care that he was in Louisiana are not June 24 he's an opening drive. We're gonna take a break we'll be right back stay with us. Well were always talking about how much you can save when you shop at Winn-Dixie still many weekly specials. He can find out about not only in Wednesday's newspaper. But with your own Winn-Dixie app. Just go to your favorite App Store and sign up it's a great way to see the latest bargains and plan your meals. 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And Dow one of the big characters in this saga is Steve Kerr and head coach of the Goldstein wars as is is. First year as head coach he has taken the warriors to the next level they are now in the files they are the favored by four. To win the finals and doubt what you receive is a really great article on Steve Kirk. And the assassination. Of his father and I mean it really. I realize that this is a huge yard Baghdad know a lot and really about Steve car seat you're like me you do now would deathly recommend this regional longer but it it is a pretty wild story as a Malcolm Kerr. His father. Was an academic any ride finally got his dream job of being president of the American University Hamburg he specialized in Middle East Arab world loses. Biggest area of study and not even eighteen months in that job he's actually assassinated. By Hezbollah believe in this is in. When I was in college elitist none of the deal with the game of basketball. But to fasten give you some fascinating insight into curse like in India his journey and I think it's well worth three. No it was a it was a painful thing and you're rhetoric I do an enemy and awful Ronald Reagan in our releases statement on a bag Asus was a very big deal when that happened here. Would have been in your Kerr was. An eighteen year old freshmen in the dorms or the Arizona Wildcats when his dad gets killed halfway across the world and it helped shape and part Hui is absolutely grim new grizzly. Five time NBA champion and now maybe going to be champion as a coach as well. I appreciate all of you being here as always and I hope our audience stays with us as we do hot topics the next hour. Did all of Leo our special co host. Will be talk at some hot stuff. The new look Patriot Act or freedom act when it went college and also about health care rising. Health care costs rise in want your thoughts on that as well to stay with us and thank you for joining us.