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3-25-15 1:10pm Angela: on what's trending

Mar 25, 2015|

Angela talks with Dave Cohen, T-Bob Hebert, and Scoot about the stories that are trending on social media.

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And we welcome you to Wednesday we're getting through this weekend are cool and not so cool weather. And I just hope your day is going great. It's surely going well here in the studio and with those in the noun it's all about trending whipped. News director Dave Collins happy hump day it is a hunting. Hey Bob hey there we've been missing UT Bob hey yeah glad to be appeared throughout the week cheese and beer for a that's a wonderful thing bureau we don't forget to tip your waitresses. Where it's at me. And with scooter of course the man who cannot wait to talk to the world each day. And today here and narrator. Dave I'm wondering when you say it's tough day is that hope is in now or is over. I leave that up to your own interrogation all right. Could as we can meet we encourage in the 5 o'clock hour AM here on the early edition of WW golfers is we encourage everybody after the news at five and 530. To pump. And we encourage them as we play the Humpty dance are to get their juices flowing to kind of a for the dating to going to make it. I'm feeling it I'm not the right now sung says yes do hope it will be used to over it can't. The break not a I don't know I don't break and always for your stimulus Turkey we go to him and her legacy. Yes it is OK guys I love the although we can't talk about what's turned yeah and it is pumping and things like that well now I'll tell you watched this is such a shock. But the NAACP convinces leaders in Ponte to look to pull the poster we've been talking about all week they meant. And they came to a compromise the NAACP. Along with the kiwanis club and the directors of the spot to a strawberry festival. Agreed to a compromise day in which both boards are issuing a public apologies for the poster offending some people. And they're green they're not going to sell the poster on the fairgrounds it will still be sold it off site locations. And before during and probably after the festival but it will not be so sold on the fairgrounds and everyone left today's meeting apparently happy with this compromise. I still say the people that I've spoken to about it are still stunned because it seemed like the the board to. Of the festival was very much behind their decision and and certainly. Would never have done anything to offend anybody overtly. That some people work he says that happens in life that happens any time somebody may look at any other piece of art but to have done this I think is is gonna rattle some people I think. What we take away from this is that perception is reality and unfortunately to some. This there are people who may meet either don't understand the art work. Or are offended by the art work maybe because a lot of a lack of education about its history. War maybe just some it's going to be offensive regardless of what they know the bottom line is. That the NAACP. And others. Found this artwork to be offensive at least in the context of being used as a poster to promote the pocket to a strawberry festival. And whether they bowed to public pressure today whether they just want this controversy to go away. We don't know but the boards did agree in this meeting and act in a cell festival poster on the fairgrounds itself. And they are issuing a public apology and there was discussion about efforts that need to be taken in the view of the NAACP. To diversify the membership of the boards of both of these organizations. After the discussion that they are largely in nearly completely all white members of. You know something like that is absolutely up for a for a discussion that no questions on. With any organization you would want to be representative of their community it's not that I think it's the apology issue. Is an issue. And we're going to be talking about this and hot topics and we really really want your input into it what your thoughts are. An and and again we can agree to disagree on things but this is just you know it's art if it's some of the group of people said you know want I don't like the Jimmy Buffett. Poster final like this for Jazz Fest do you buckle. Well you don't win win political correctness and starts to affect art that's a real problem I mean there with those who didn't like the Robert Mapplethorpe exempt some years ago which received a lot of controversy. A based on their religious beliefs but again we're talking about our it has to defend you what what part has not been offensive to somebody over the years. Anyway again please join us at 2 o'clock as we're gonna pick up on that let us move on and done. Scoot this is interesting about being up forty students suspended. Forty students from potion hike over forty effort maybe around 4546. Is the latest count as a while back and here we talked to school officials. And it was up to 46 they think that's the end of it. So some students were having their gray exchanged. Somebody got into a program web based computer program. And the principal Keith James said that the students gained access to this at once student did and he was he got ahold of the teachers password and he is changing. Our students' grades over on. A six week period. And some students paid for the great to be changed and some students did favors for the kid allegedly to have their they're great change. Yeah a fight initially interesting because. I wonder how many people in the ocean. Would argue that people should not take advantage of the system. They should not steal from the system and to me this is equivalent to stealing. From the system. And it's a form of entitlement to me and so this kind of mentality does exist at different ends of the political spectrum. I talked about the principle that both in high school today and an administrator. With the same and repairs school system. And they are really trying to send a strong message by suspending 46 you can see it as saying you can nah. Under any circumstances. Just change your grades in the system. And they were very upset by the fact that this student who they said. Was able through trial and error cannot only get one username and several for different teachers say he sounds like amounts for near a little bit. I'm just saying he saw he solid demand. In the market he saw he's so we're he get exploited and Laura. A so your Chrysler does this go on Melvin an entrepreneur or or criminal. That police now honestly Ayers and this. That's not the police have not brought a charges I'd sure that there fascinating to see if any laws were broken. But at this time they're letting the school system handle the punishment now the local paper. Did. Detail some further allegations that students had claimed. That not only was this student taking money. And favors in exchange for changing grades but they also receive some sexual favors. Neither of the principal nor the administrator would comment on those allegations. As well as claims that the student also lowered degrade that some kids you get might. Who have been meaning to him he went all out yeah yeah they say too little too close to the sun's out they would not confirm those allegations that were reported in the local paper it's. Well these kids obviously thought that they have a and they were entitled to get a better grade then they were willing to work for us I think they knew what was wrong guy. Court but they've they've thought well cable if we have the technology to do this that we're entitled to do what we're gonna go we'll talk more about this discussion and it's also going to be interest and see how the parents react I would be very addictive before we get to go to a break and get to sports. We just got this from dubbed a real TV that the SP CA. Louisiana's BC aces and now has a video. Showing horrific goats beheading by a group of young men this is very explicit and this is. This is really horrifying. The video was received on March 24. It's investigating at it's offering 3000 dollars for any information. But it's twelve seconds long and shows a group of five young men in what appears to be a backyard. They say that the video shows the man standing in a circle. And a string being tied around the goat's neck the goat is than hang out from an object and one man they head to the goat while the other stand and cheer. With some reporting the incident on cellphones. Nothing short of terrific 3000 dollar reward what does that say about a lot. We have the information at WW dot com good people recognize anyone in this video war are familiar with this incident how they can contact the SP CA and how they can provide tips that could lead to 3000 dollar reward it is pretty frightening stuff but there's seems to Revis. Activity this event organized it was planned had to have this baby pools you know they put the goaded and they have the strength hanging. This whole thing heading issue I'm just I'm just. Curious are they getting the idea because of what we're seeing on the news with nicest in all of a sudden this is a possibility. There have been kids who are sick like this who do. Kinds of torture but not like this are we had to go to be headed in right now are saying that but since then another goat behead right. Yet these kids are destined to be serial killers. We're gonna take a break come back we have much more trending and more talks are happy stuff and sports right after this I'm Angela under the anyway. And back with our trending with Dave Cullen and does scoot and T Bob navy and we madness and T Bob yeah T Bob up. Lots of news out of saint today. Yes so audio on me owners' meetings or isn't sure yelled talked about last probably shows going on in the NFL or now and Sean Payton. Addressed them. Media and he. Are you. You finally get symptoms are there and airline drive they can be a bit cloistered off where you're kind of star being for information and especially. This offseason it seems like they've they've gone this intensive review process. Which on things that look we're gonna look overall the film really come out changes will be made a cavs last cryptic message. On a few months backs and John Davies back out in front of the cameras addressing questions and it you're so one. Like many seats in dad who really keep up with everything that's going on. A new world while these aren't like the most national headlines for sure there worst and key pieces of information. Revealed today one of which is that the saints are actually talking long term deal. With Cameron Jordan that was somebody you. Maybe people were little more on the fence about after last season people really didn't live up to the year that he put together two seasons ago. What about Carrie Jordan is. Do you have to remember it is towards his value it's not all in sack numbers he is a money's pretty good. Against the run as well so the saints apparently. They were like in the see him as a piece of the team's future review board and took Cameron Jordan looks like guy he will be here for X amount of time noticed. Item tweeting at a picture of a Miami Dolphins Jersey with his name and number on it. And laughing about it that was yet. That was beat guys. Camera in wake I believe it or was it Jordan can't during that Jordan Cameron there right now. And everything it can't majority Jordan Cameron can easily guessed the wrong Jersey upper something yeah it was actually the dolphins made the mistake today. Date listed Cameron Jordan Jordan Cameron is joining a team and put up a Jersey. So cam Gordon was questioning his Twitter followers that he could go and buy one of his dolphins here just as it keeps yet open but he's gonna stay with the things for a yes. So actually if you bought a do you view bought a camp Jordan Jersey good three you should be safe room another question that's been raises offseason with the release occurs often has been and will play linebacker. Obviously the key he still strait they required now Ellerbe. But Sean Payton says that David Hawthorne will actually move over and fill that slot in the middle he also. Addressed that left guard position which up on the departure being Grubbs. Is up for grabs these and it came Alito a guy who we've talked about a lot you've seen in the last couple years of the Singh's playing anywhere from right guard sinner or left guard. They really like him at least as the early leader in the clubhouse for that spot now are still being. They address it. During the draft but the David author and middle linebacker. Is certainly interesting you get a little bit more of a picture. Of what they're playing out pain also had pairing nice things to say about Josh yelling you know he acknowledged. Not diss someone's gonna take in the first three rounds your Dan silly but he says he's real good tight end and he made his versatility specifically. Which are always interesting is one of the knocks on Jimmy Graham was his run blocking or. Lack there of just chill. Dozens of that day again just chill well didn't exactly have the receiving skills they Graham has led to gigs is all kind of falls in line. With this guy this theory at that think that or this is how I'm putting words to what I think to say it's been doing this offseason which is. This isn't necessarily mean this isn't as they're making the burden Roger reads more heavy heavy or less mean that burden rather. I like the this as a shift dean of the weight on breezy shoulders and that's I was talking Brees go anywhere which is now been 100% just yet quell those. It their remaining six weeks all these moves me made would breeze in mind in that. Instead of being asked to overcome a bottom of the barrel deep into new and not you know sub par and a terrible boots up or. Offensive line played breezed. Will now be asked overcome greatly and the Lee lack of a league offensive weapons as they try to improve the operative line. And improve the defense and finally the last piece of news come out today. Had to do with that O line has Jahri Evans appears he will not be going anywhere right now. When the big questions we have as hard as saints get a clear of money. To sign this rookie class incumbency caters to those salary caps and Edmonds is on of those contracts that we couldn't stop looking at but apparently. Sean Payton says he fully expects Evans to start for them right guard when the season begins. Although he did it's today. That his contract and may be understood a word on that there might be some news to come. But I yet appears at Evans will be there's a little bit of a clearer picture of what they're seeing starting lives of potentially look like useful. And I found it interesting today that Payton also says that. Drew Brees while he probably didn't wanna see Jimmy Graham leave understood. The value of trading Jimmy Graham to help the defense yeah to help the team and other areas and even saying that Drew Brees. Need to know that if he scores 26 points he should have a ten point lead. Not feel like they're trailing in the game after that kind of production from the offense and noting that. Drew Brees in the offense couldn't do it alone must. Nuns as certain. If I was Drew Brees I would appreciate defensive lineman more than good tight end YNN I venerate him and I think that's kind of the it's got the theory behind the news is that. Brees has always had that ability due to his greatest weapon which is his mind in that decision making that just late second. Being able to read it deepens nowhere to go with the ball. I looks like they're trying to take advantage of that once again not really even give him in an option of blocking on the one guy too often because quite frankly. There is no one guy who's getting command to defense like Jimmy Graham used do so. Maybe harking back to the some of those pre Graham offenses where you know you've had to top off and a lot of years they seem to actually never even had. The Pro Bowl wide receiver. Have you seen anything else an owners meeting that so we should know about. As far as. With the dancing K street they I mean that that's all still against continue to develop I don't know Dave. You earlier told that they're not going to vote at this owners' meeting on the succession plan for the saints they're going to wait until the owners meetings in May. Before the NFL. Owners vote on approving Tom Benson's plan to change from giving the teams upon his death while specifically the same in this gaze upon his death. To his wife rather than Q news. Children and grandchildren. And it has been reported that at Gail has been an attendance and all the meetings yes he'd yeah he has that typically accompany them and is being an active. Taking an active role as these owners meetings unfold with the understanding that should this court case. Not reverse Tom Benson's actions and should the owners approve his new secession plan she'll be the ones. Attending these meetings and as the owner of the saints in the future and in the past it reader ever go with oh yeah I feel like in the pan she was part of yeah absolutely he was even appointed to head committees and two. Produce reports on specific issues she was very involved in the owners' meetings. Prior year. To whatever the falling out was that had Tom Benson decides that you know in one hole. It's all of this ends in wraps up quickly for everybody everybody's sake for the family say for the city say for the saints say. But in reality. That would become a miraculous because there a couple of cases going on here and it's just interesting that they're gonna give that until May I can understand them wanting to have some more time. To let the process go on. But get court cases in Texas. In Harlan centralized in state court and in New Orleans or federal court so. The legal system does not generally moved very quickly and it's cumbersome and slow as far largely by design. So for overseas as well from the league they seem to be in support Tom and you think back a few weeks Roger Goodell. Mentioned to working with him and speaking with him recently into the BC India very much have all of his faculties he setters so I had to say I'm guessing that the majority of the owners going to be will walk on the owners' side which is mr. We're gonna take a break we're gonna check what's happening in news and there's a lot. So stay with this we have much more trending after this I'm Angela on WW well. It's a trending world and it's happening fast today and Dave colon T Bob and scoot. All finding what's trending in school attempt. The big question about Ted Cruz Kenny run. Well this is an interesting question because of our past and recently a presidential candidate born in another country. Is he eligible to be president. Now President Obama was born in in a white even though a lot of people think he was born in Kenya. But now this site in a sense millions questions about Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz he was born in Canada. His mother was American. Father was Cuban. But yet he still fulfills the obligations to be a presidential candidate in America but it's interesting because it. There's a born an American citizen was born when does it if you're born to an American if you Borges if you're born to a parent who does not have to go through the naturalization process. On the disaster have to become citizens they are citizen and you're automatically a citizen so. The argument has also been well even if Obama was born in Kenya wouldn't still be an American citizen as his mother was. An American citizen yes the course people believe what they want to believe. There's just there's so many interesting parallels with Ted Cruz in the arguments against against President Obama and look I'm not defending President Obama when I say any of this. I'm defending myself as a talk show host. So if the argument was Obama was not a senator long enough to be president he should have been president because he was considered a long enough. Well Ted Cruz has been a senator the same amount of time that Obama was senator before. He became president and money president were never done yes and Ben Ben Carson is. Somebody who a lot of people look to as a candidate. He has a bitter politics so so many of the argue I mean if you if you want to if you wanna bash the president then then do it because you've got something substantial not some kind of ridiculous hysteria. Over the lawn and we're gonna talk about something it visually is unbelievable institute elephants. Yeah now this is an amazing story and we have fantastic pictures at WW Al dot com that are trending because this is not something you see every day. Police in. The negative parish were called Q I 49 near the town of Al Patton. And very funny personal story while you discern is that if it's funny how my in laws live in central Louisiana. And every time we travel like 49 with my father my you have to pay attention when you get to the pal had an exit. Because when you get there he is going to slam his hand down at that. Patent and usually scares the slap on and everybody in the car on you anyway my father and a wasn't there this incident but making Wheeler driver wise and pulled over on the side of I 49. And apparently Judith several days of rain the shoulder gave way and the truck starts tilting this eighteen Wheeler with the trailer. As if it's going to tumbled down the embankment off of the interstate. Deputies raced to the scene. And were. In their words amazed to see when they arrive. Two large elephants. Holding up the eighteen Wheeler and preventing it from falling over and flipping in off of the embankment to the lower ground below. The truck had been transporting three elephants from Florida to the Dallas area for a circuits. And the driver. Thought quickly decided to get the elephants out of the back first so they wouldn't tumbled on the embankment but then once they were out positions them. Also against the truck to keep it from flipping over. I'm one of the elephants are thinking you know. I mean illicit and bring more centric you'll enemy taken me from Florida to Dallas where I'm not that helped you don't know that yourself I'm taking all. Well there's a question about how willing participants the elephants were most people on social media are referring to the elephants as heroes. And praising the driver for quick thinking. But in one of the pictures of the Mac and if parish sheriff's office provided you can't see long black object to that the man who is putting the elephants in place to hold up the truck is shoving into the front. Leg of one of the elephants we don't know what that is but none of it was how pride and we don't know who was electrified me and averages to stick we don't know what it is. But it's at some people on social media upset saying that first of all you shouldn't. Pocono and help him with the stick and second of all this heavy truck leaning up against these elephants that they had to hold in place until. A tow truck could drag it on the stable ground. So there is some controversy with it but more than anything I think it's trending because. It is such an amazing visual of these elephants you're saving this truck and preventing you from put. You know real quick let's not let's talk about Allah issue be to my yeah how big baseball game last night as the ad number one team becomes a she tigers found themselves to and played two green wave really great atmosphere this is a rivalry that a has quite a bit. Of history however last night well it was that the tigers tonight as they racked up night teen it's. In route to thirteen seven win now what was interesting storyline here is LG new hitting coach is he's and it gives RO is actually two lanes greatest baseball player arguably of all time he leads to in games played. At bat hits doubles and stolen bases into this with these. First time back there coaching against in the N elegy uniform on and well. Has tiger players they came to bat for my image in the nineteen hits. They had at fifteen for the at least fifteen for the third game road which is the first time that happened. Since two when he alleged is really fun game as far as highlights go. Mark layered actually had an inside the park home run. Which is very rare but he's so fast it was it is crap. Is real real and they're really like even a play at the plate and now we turn it is eighty back obviously it east slid head first in the problem was. He was so tired. Did it just load these moves on athletic slide Everett's head hitting the ground filthy now got out helmet over his eyes. He would have been cooler if I cruised in standing now its first collegiate home runs and and yeah. In that apart and anybody any get a triple later sitting in the dude got blazing speed but to to get that she is so rare. It was fun to watch via a perfect world kind of lock stepping out some news crews over the plate I'm. Stay with this every one are trending continues right activists. We'll have a subject that we're also going to be addressing in hot topics is one that debuted talk about and that is. Louisiana aliens. Want ad budget hole fix but and then not totally anti tax. Very interest thing that a survey done by Alice you found that the vast majority of Louisiana and say they do want some combination. Of raising taxes and cutting to fill the more than one billion dollar hole in the Louisiana budget. But when you dig a little deeper. Derek Fine with the tax increases as long as you're not taxing them. They want to see tax increases mostly. The sin taxes next gamblers. Tax drink a parent's tax cigarettes. But they're not in support of raising sales taxes or property taxes. Or many other taxes that would be far more widespread. Across the tax base. Yeah you wonder how much pressure's going to be put on states that are in the condition that Louisiana's into it to legalize marijuana for the purpose of generating revenue. And probably will come up we're gonna have a bunch of legislators in at 3 o'clock. Maybe that's a question that Alaska bill's been mild but you know it's very tough zone IA better memory and easier and rested his people so that they give me an arrest other people cops the DA's the chair Al commenting. Oh. OKMR scoot what does this about a Nebraska senator. And Nebraska senator compared the police in America to crisis and he said that if he had a gun he would shoot them first and ask questions later because he says that's what police do. The a state senator is. See full story obviously you know first of all you it took about state senators and you have to realize that. Of these are not senators these are state senators and and and state centers around this country in Louisiana sometimes they say and do wacky things. It's a state senator on Ernie chambers. And he says that might crisis is the police and he says they get away with direct killing there he says actually their license to kill us children. And old people he said if I carried a gun I would wanna shoot the police first and then ask questions later like they say the cops ordered to. And you know it's interesting. Because in the news today there are two stories to police officers the charge fatally shot and killed one from California. I'm going to respond to a story of a man threatening suicide. On demand opens open and people go to the police go to respond to the sky threatened suicide. And they're met with gunfire and this preserves a shot and killed also in Wisconsin the state trooper was a shot and killed. On he's had a brand new graduate from the police academy in Wisconsin. And he wished it was shot and killed in an incident so you know the police are targets. And so they have to react differently and and sometimes it just about bad behavior last night in the sharp eye brought up the the seventeen year old in Metairie who weighs in that the physical altercation with Richardson urged police officer. Why is it that we don't hear about the armed white teenager. Because if this were an unarmed black teenager we hear about that sometimes it's sometimes it's not about skin color sometimes it's just about behavior. On this man has to be held responsible for those words. What I would think so here come the voters went on them well and and he's you know this is in the case where this guy's been voted apparently he's a long long time. On state senator in Wisconsin and maybe this is the kind of thing that people support but to compare. The police to ice this is absolutely idiotic. Well idiotic and imagine now if someone takes those words he's setting goals until the comp because of what he said shoot first ask questions later. And hill of course than moss wants anyone ever meant that I course. Well hello to take another break stay with this much more trending right after this. And we are back with the Dave Collins gluten team Bob and de bugged the latest on that horrific crash of the frontier playing. Yes there are finding bits and pieces of wreckage the tiny little pieces they as we said yesterday recovered one of the black boxes now they found. Parts of the second black box but you know those things are supposed to be indestructible. But some key pieces are apparently missing and it's not clear they're going to be able to get all of the data. From the flight data recorder they may look like they're going to be able to get the voice recorders that might help. But again it's very difficult there at the search and. It's a very difficult seem to even look at because it's so sparse and the unit looks like the biggest piece of the plane is like a footer to long and actually horrific listening to Sully Sullenberger. Who of course was that the fact very wonderful pilot who landed in the Hudson. And and and course he's very professional about that morning more information but a that is a shame because that is a real mystery how that plane. Descended like that. That is crazy eight minute descent without any real indication on why it was just going down and no one was doing anything to try and pull off so work. Hopefully they'll figured out from the voice recorder and hopefully they can find the necessary pieces to put the flight data recorder back together but. We don't it's silly for the sake on the plane that was an Airbus who wasn't going on in the in the Hudson Valley it's that system and our mind that's that's the the ultimate. Nightmare there happens is just remember he gets much much greater chance of getting killed driving a car walking across the street and you ever do there no event that is but it's so great depends on the corner. I I'll have not met by an error on an airplane it happened so many people want to 250 lives launcher you know blink of an article on. On a little bit of a lighter note concerning an airline what is this scoot about a college student kicked off Southwest Airlines a New York a college student was going back to New York congress on a flight on Southwest Airlines flight to you he was at the SXSW festival in Austin he was on a flight from Dallas to New York. Whether caused the flight to be diverted to Saint Louis he gets off the plane to use the restroom and Daniel adults the comes back on. Comes back to board the plane they won't blame on the plane. Because he's wearing a T shirt that was a promotional item handed out by Comedy Central to a lot of the the attendees at the festival that said abroad the blanking city. Apparently he boarded the plane with his coat on and nobody noticed it he took his coat off and then went to battle McCain Mecca they would let him board again so we stuck in Saint Louis. Now he says it believes it's not just they would let me change my shirt but here's. They tied the transcript says the have been in the gay agency can you change your shirt he said no. And sick he put a jacket on and what he says is unclear they says what can you put another can put the shirt on inside out Andean policies has no. And he keeps claiming a what I have freedom of speech so with the kid was apparently just very arrogant went aboard the flight we'll talk more about the success coach. And nothing that really we want to make your stand in front and inside out is going to get on the plane under the law freedom of speech doesn't give you freedom to make that speech. In a privately owned business and it airplane is owned. Privately maybe he hadn't come to that collision in college. Will probably enjoyed it doesn't influence real scholar there okay let's talk about that you big elegant huge elegant game night basically details playoff hopes on the line that three to have teams back. If they lose we'll move to four with eleven to play bottom line it's just too much to overcome and they're gonna have their work cut out form as they got the third. Best team the question of Houston Rockets led by in VP candidate. James Harden and Dwight Howard going to be back as well night indeed aids committee could have their work opera but there at the blender and support him season on the line. Go bills go gals. Thank you all very excited about our next hour and most excited as Deke Bellavia is going to be our co host for the an hour hot topics it's about you the listener. Your thoughts on. On everything we're gonna talk stay with this we'll be right.