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3-16-15 6:10pm Bobby & Deke: on Saints, Pelicans, and the Madness

Mar 16, 2015|

Bobby & Deke talk about the Saints' offseason, the Pelicans' playoff push, and get NCAA tournament predictions from John Ewing of PredictionMachine.com.

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And welcome back it's our number three or sports talk he is the case you can in my BA bad Deke Bellavia. Coming up this now all on me. The program John Ewing he's director of research it analytics for producing machine dot com. Who are the favorites who have the bracket busters who are the teams that can knock somebody off in the tournament will look to be the fifteenth when he three B a fourth team. Well full beat it will seem to have a lot foresee that eight before a once in the last five seasons in the tournament and last Tuesday the tournament. And we finally see a war on fall to a sixty. Just thought odds alone because of where they want to mitigate them loosen up maybe Kentucky's do. They haven't lost by the mean we're going to be some the first number one seed in the to a sixteen you know your era and not know but I'm just saying. After woods from a standpoint. That they got the most Alou I don't know maybe I might be too much. SEC home world is. In assisting at the ACC home of basketball well you think it ducky and and I that this and I think it Doug he's going undefeated and I do too you know I have a team that has not been intent Greenwood Indiana so. You know 7576. Season. Isn't a comparison to be auditing great ago. You can be undefeated you can have ample losses and be the greatest team all of you can have no losses and not be degree had it within the year and right. I tell you what though nobody nobody has mastered. The warnings on all one I got these players for one year he he he actually coach he's there every every year how hard is is it hard to build the team into one or. Or is it hard to make the team go to the even the 80 sweet sixteen a final four every year every of the year. Noting only go begin its season at Toledo. To buy and to hit them where. That's that you might not play as much as you wanna play about them putting their best position to win a championship even seen and he's big call. I'm not denying he had been rightly gets close call but they. He's still laughed he's through a survivor and people like that don't hold those jobs to gate with a the second has paid a third has paid coach in college sports. And college sports. John Calipari and if he were to match in addition I think you become the highest paid coach in college sports. Thought that the kicking and things like just shows. The Kentucky is McCain. And oh here and look at Duke you know it is different college basketball if it. I think and this happened that way in the big twelve having just strongest. Commerce this season. You look at Kansas. The consistency they have there you're in your Al there always winning. The big twelve now. Ultimately but I think maybe UCLA guy in that could have been a team that could have been left out but you look at. Their history. But I think it is a good college basketball when Kansas Duke North Carolina. When all relative. Even Indiana. You know you look at tradition filled. Arenas in his ideology is gonna have a tough challenge. And their first game is North Carolina State the body realizes it. You look at the World Bank they V bowl Duke and North Carolina on Loney and this year so we'll just Dick converts alone. And any I didn't look at their RPI play wanted to cover schedules and in nation there RBI I was writing it now forty. Right they won five of their last six regular season games. Because we got off to a horrendous start they were five and seven and ACC play. They finished strong. Being used in this evening flat out stellar guards. In Trevor Lacey and Ralston turned a big Ralston journeyman memory. He played two seasons at LSU before he transferred the NC state. And I didn't realize this. Ellis should I can honestly have never met on the basketball court. You're opponent sometime at least played one or two times. But they've never meant to love. There's going to be a big challenge LSU and obviously. They're able to overcome the world packed. And I get any easier as they would. Did almost guarantee they'd played the number one seeds and Villanova Wildcats. Wright who came out flat out. Jacket from and and you had to say overall the greatest Duke player from a career stamped all at the BO thing green he'll. But no one is now focused on leading carrier. I mean he did arc in the lead at the house with of their game on the way home. Angela way to meet this this this is the best coached team the best coach in the league in the defeated chance. He scored than that last lap point 20 in regulation. Indy scored eleven and over without going damp obvious put somebody on him do something just some Coke Harry every. And the date of thumb August the last week mall was given his MBA of date. The more games Cleveland playing the better they all. And LeBron James has not been on a team and it's these the in his boot they'll only gonna get better I mean I'll only they would gonna get better. I mean you put him may have been hurt your opponent JR Smith and all that means. Look I've got like a Bears now you got to have players like picnic that this late on a team back with a great team to team. The deep they got positional players they got as a gate quote unquote garbage points lead has got all I don't see out of other news San Antonio. I don't know of anybody can beat in the seven game series in Atlanta's not pack the promise you Mandel all I hope it lands a favorite there how to take it to the bank. He had been he looked the like you said the morning play theater the other Kevin Love. I mean obviously you know his contribution in right. And biggest amazing. When you look at the Spurs as of late. Whether Iraq and all of a sudden. You know when you're healthy or not healthy it'd as a matter of how you play in you know Tony Parker. All of that odd Tony party's done themselves and you look at. As of late handful gains and Howell. Just peaking at the right time so. Yeah out of that you ever can count on the Spurs in the matter with the Warriors did to him. You know Westbrook in the done there. Now that adversity they've faced with the injuries with the rain and even Westbrook and you look where he has can be a problem when he comes back of their Clinton who has yet so. Yep I mean. I don't care where the Spurs are seeded. Didn't come playoff time. I don't know I don't know how you could put them against underdog on anybody now say no Donna's that are drag him right. And the the NBA wants Vick is let's face it they wall. A Golden State Oklahoma City first round match yeah. After the wall three of the four best almost all the B threw the ball better stalls outside LeBron James and the game sure you could throw James hog and to be in that number. LaMarcus Aldridge AD absolutely. What they have three on the floor to same damn Durant Westbrook. And you look on other static very Ito Klay Thompson and I mean that's legitimate matchup. And out the pelicans match aware of Golden State but everybody be shocked if Oklahoma City. Was eight see it may be Golden State a first round I wouldn't know that's not that's not a regular 81 matchup. Know that that's why. No matter what says San Antonio seeded and yeah it they could be an athlete than a middle man down below now guess Strahan for frank frank thank you for calling WW Rio. It. Would be a decent. It can't help me where in the practice at all. It'll be he didn't pick up basketball players then Pitt got out it would be and being around maybe go out there. They'll be trying to which. I was just one has never play college football for just a basketball. Right. Problem and a dirt but if not it it got. He did not sixteen game stretch you were right one game in doubt. He does the wires here than. Coleman or shut David Jones is talking about is doubly big receiver. I don't know maybe he seriously compete in the football experience he he adjusted I think. Having. This is there always I guarantee the I'd be a homework assignment against Steve Geller. Defying is there probably is. A handful of basketball players. Are that are playing at the college level. Right an avid Jimmy Graham type body when he had a bet made guys and I'm a cop and I hit him make it in the NBA right and maybe of football coach. Ask him to come out the plays they do one year arm. I played football in high school. And then. Might you know what a workout place team in Stevie get invited to camp. You act as everyone. Things that. You know I'll look at Jimmy Graham and Antonio Gates. Gave me an opportunity it is sinking a club and do it. It. Now that genie is out the bottle. The day that I guarantee it is probably a handful of examples. And maybe some caller might be aware of that. That is out there kind of worries but basketball players who has a chance to play and then failed. All right he's the case again and Bobby Hebert Abdi Bolivia the bottom our take a look at those brackets who's got a chance to illegitimate lower seed. That's got a chance to make some noise in the tournament this is sports talk on WW. All right we love six love it about it. He's won a Babylon. The moment if that is. With Colston eighty could be put him at night. Thank you for how how you really realistically like during the break how to respond. Well could you tournament time and like every down type music game so I could do is what ticket if I said that do you how would you come in the I'd say he's not a tie in east who might that mean you get run over no UT the you'd like it. I. So you may be having a pretty do you put him in the slide. But if you put him alongside the tackles no. You get run over now I'm and I think that type of edges physics. I mean. In a game maybe. He wants to be its basic trying get a free releases you'd wanna be run them against the tackles sold. And say you know I get a runner runs well first down and you have them in their true tide in position right alongside the tackle. He just gets blown up and you can't get off the line of scrimmage and and he's tough he can run blog but it's a whole lot different. When these guys go on against is like bigoted. I mean I was there and blocking the safety argument cornerback. And speaking he put him. You know they Sean Payton has enough imagination. You would think about that utilized him that would work no that wouldn't island. As a battling and doing a lot of wide gap in Iowa Jimmy Graham but that night you would call that the tide in position. Bulk carrier ring. Right now all of the best on a Duke player hated Duke is such a prominent college program for all the pros. They have been here a successful program in a pro stamp on Witten not supposed to be. But I would put the conversation. Crucially to belong in the conversation. But disappointing from the stands where he was drafted you yet. Now he is validated because he won a championship but albeit he wants him to be as a club pro playing with the heat. When when he was you know in garbage minutes only team means he was the fourth and only team. It was shabby lead on him prison late there's India start now Grant Hill was an MBA all star Elton Brand wasn't in BA all star Larry Irving. Right now with Emil blue out game is is you talk about miss Duke and Utley pros there in there mentally and nobody did announce it Nellie did you know do now hated Duke would negated approach and expectations stamp on Ortiz both have been it was a major disappointment of girls. Actually it was a forensic recently. As well but if there's a double B yeah anyone at its pages and these are players you always be known because who was Rick Pitino. Idiotic move. You've front and back. Im now a man so what they'd do it they did not high impact inbound man in the spectrum a Philadelphia. They he poet and I am I'm never forget Jamal Mashburn but I semis thinking battleship U mimic game yet so arm I do commitment and here's here's a tick somebody else brought it those college basketball I would. Puts you mechanical all I'm Mara. Says UNLV 1991 best basketball team. It exactly and that team lost gains now the next year they went undefeated and they lost to Duke in the final four. They would have been the best coming off a team to. But I've never seen a team dominate I mean they beat Duke like these old film. Rightly that I've found that idea varsity played did you that was the time about mid eighty's and ninety's and everybody eat away at Raiders. You know Cleveland rumors and from a boat yeah. How Andre does do good argue about it I know decades you've born on it but. It's just I think it has been a bit they come down villain as teams that we we the public it made over the course of tan. In the village as teams that the history of the league may need. Dallas wasn't a given team. We somehow made out of him at the same way the Patriots cause they got good and they got eight there always you know like the purity the star. The Cowboys and it was you know that was the Dallas then Haiti now. Because. Lot of people like Dallas in the northeast a bottle like Dallas in the south we don't like Dallas but in their popularity is one reason why Oakland. Open has always been like liked it just like that local assigning it apparently can't stop the stole away ship wreck rom drive good role break the law breaker that's who they are but the key is bad you go back to the seventies and you had to Dolphins pro. Even though all as will good. The ratings were good. And overrated theme Bobby they would do they hold well and I believe birthday they got screwed with the Pittsburgh. Hauck and one quarter of the few b.s solid ice in the old upon the field that beat Pittsburgh did it on purpose. Like you have to have I think guy it makes for great drama. I heroes and villains and and I mean even hero team as a villain teams in the Raiders. One or no villain teens a year old. The use. University of Miami want to get more villain than it right. The c'mon when they should with the festival that team. And you know who later became the Carolina's team was Arnold on eight Florida State ask you about the lesser of two evil yeah canceled you know kind of an outlawed. It means. So now I you know those kind of there was nerves at bats you got to say the Seahawks like that and that happens now they've obviously now. I don't feel it he thought if you look at comedic key. Any rain well I happen. I laid out I got that article about four years ago he was guest speaker at an LSU coaching clinic. And he he was in the annals with coach banks and I got to Iran when he from the bad route to report to the campus of a fifteen minute I got the general. He's fit he through the code base at TO he sued for years. We thought it was a few OK with the missing piece is any regard if you look at him he's he's always the year drove to beat Miami. And there was just it that was amazing nobody had the winner of that game. With a win it all and welcome because. Well you knows there was so much better than everybody in the tree you know who's adamantly rule pro career. Yeah and he's been missed even when the Raiders that down. Are as different time Janet counts and not be out at Florida State in those years the he might mean he's a hall of fame type kick it right no doubt about it he is no doubt about it. All right coming back. What talk about the bracket into brackets out who do you think is gonna win now. Debbie did DOD Stan you 632 the first innings and go to Jim hands that. That takes a man talk about great teams that weren't didn't win meant to them down the street Jos now could've won three out of four championship the one they gave wind maybe Houston fast and the drama. They lost. Two. They lost to Jordan Jones had to jump in the dome interview with a freshman in the biggest of Sydney history of college but the tournament championship. When they got am about Villanova team they had beaten three times that year. Twice during the season want to does that apartment picked me yet take me and now erotic mass amino. And not to you know down the street one of the great teams that won a championship. Syracuse. Team may have finally when he seemed to be in New Orleans with president she's Smart from Andrews in the and he's bought Indiana in an offer. But let me take on their team termed a Sherrod. Ronnie cycling and Derrick Coleman that team with you knew every year of the east team with will be there. In the year at Villanova beat Georgetown attempt to three to fourteen from the big east Saint John. Chris saw Chris Mullin saints' director Luc on a set. Ron MS amino pick me in Villanova in debt to Ulan down John Thompson and Georgetown. As one could ask why I hate to see a break up to be the big east tournament every year it was the closest it looked like the SEC football team beats. Is the big you look at it this kind of biggies even relevant anymore now may not even a fifth to ninth in a comet would be hosting I mean you know and I nets are down TV yeah I'd say this you can't into camp at seven with a B ha ha this Bears c'mon standing there and nearly commandos would they be able seventeenth in the tournament. The big twelve and ending the big ten's right behind him. Yeah as far as competition. And another one to lose his it takes excellent point Maine wood about him in the in this in the late eighties. To a seven foot of probably the greatest freshman season in history to gain and Chris Jackson Chris medical port Mississippi. Wayne stands. Being nasty enforce the fall would just not Bieber now physical presence. Any number Singleton Reynolds singled. I mean they were dead Baylor should team and it elevates him to Galilee which kind of set of photos in that round. All. In good depth on down. From a physical standpoint. From a physical standpoint. Stanley was more physical in his second. Well at the big. Now I just requested. And some and great as you know at their opinion and kind of perception out there. Very similar with the adding common and it's gonna come about with recruiting next year. They look at Johnny Jones very similar to dale brown. Agree with a great record I'm glamour group what about exit knows what John it was a little Johnny don't get there but beginners then if I'm okay great recruitment is that you make the final four Ryan Q what would you do of these guys that even. And you know when you call in the right deep into the and all of my chance with John eager to get the players I'll and I know I don't know anything about. They know they go on me that that's why is on the dale brown and. Yeah because he's good at the end of the day every tournament came out everybody would always give BO team the chance because they do heat magic. He knew it the right by the tournament but when you got to eight point lead with two minutes navigate the Indiana. You spoke the week and it Ogilvie playing in a file full write down a street. Right down the street that's Irvin and a pocket article is their free throws in the best Irvin. Had to resort to go about team. And give Bob knight's in the post game. Lead crackling over. So you look at in my bitch. He sees wind down it's Moss nobly and well off the chops off without trouble. Ellis you've got to double digit lead he's not looked over to right. And I thought dale brown said I knew I had to. I. Am ill very good note with bated. Did you know whether they'll go to. On the last undefeated teams and it fires Tennessee. Yarder by that team being at LSU assembly center. Mimic that went to the game and Indiana beat Marquette I was a Marquette. Worries and compliment while local they'd make politically correct it changed amassed only view of the Warriors you know right yeah that would. LaGuardia and advice and Jerome Whitehead. Odyssey. Bowe was a beau Allen. Yeah I've try to reflect on all those butch Lee very dad and even when a simple Ellis majored in fashion design and he designed. Jerseys you have to tuck it. In 86 who knows she would both gave this one Ricky was plain that he was youngster. It's Reche if Jose Vargas was on the team in with the final four loss that Nevin nervous nervous Ellison freshman. But Gainey chrome in lieu of Theo. That's an old mix or we talk about a tough conference game to blame phones they Louisville Irving effort does go right. Have a nervous that I have far greater common rating was a pro. He didn't pan out to be but with the soon to. Angola but he's a legend in lieu of that content you know they didn't move as well as the economies of Freedom Hall. John you're doing either director of research and I mean it's a prediction machine dot com hitting it was Tillis. Who could possibly be some of the bracket busted out who has some of those 56 seeds out that it might bust up the brackets is leaking. They value that I'm good yeah who. Koppel he might want to watch sleeper. In that we consider it he worked at a chain than me. Final 41 of our favors if you'd talk there you see that is one of the most. Our team in the country back that you want to see squad that ranked in the top spot and pull off and it in deep into the agency. We get 7% chance of making a run at Indianapolis and while that might not sound. I like a great Ott was actually the eleventh that. Among all seen. And that term so you talked out of the well do you get the number one he's there it is Utah game he that would be great matchup. You thought the team expected to reach the final four you're looking for a couple he'd better Cinderella more. Double BC with a chance to get as we stick. Well what really like a lot is now the longhorns had a losing record in the big twelve don't we won't buy back. The big twelve on that opportunity in college basketball this country exit laid it up and schedule. And even though they have a losing record in their conference play he's still like inside the top 25 our our Q did the team at a we get. More than one inside chance of making the sweet sixteen so they can win a couple of games and surprised at you at the eleventh seed. Boy John you talk about river's heading in the more you look at the state Iowa. Here we got Iowa number seven seed you got Iowa State in my life number three seed in the winning. I believe the conference tournament then you gotta directional school northern Iowa talking about a fifth seed what are their chances I have them actually. Going to the sweet sixteen the face of Villanova would that. Be a major upset if they can get that a lead eight what is your take on northern Ohio. In northern Iowa is the team that we liked a lot. There ought to one of those. Sleeper team to make the final four we get Emma piper bench can't. Eating at Indianapolis. So a beard could change or a team from the non power conference. I you know player it is it likely to make a great and if he likely to make the sweet sixteen. I think that the bill through Villanova built which no lead peca. You know while camps are winners of fifteen or sixteen game in general and now he will be the big east. That would be a fun match yet other are looking at Iowa I they of course I would hate to come back it. They were stand pat we can now win against Kansas. And the big twelve championship game I would say like what they're seeing that likely sit out in the sweet sixteen by our number. There seen that at age 60% chance. But make the final hole. John you are director of analytics and reset your prediction machine dot com talking about the predict the latest spitting out will be his final four it's just a moment. When you look at top seeds all of the ACC is so what a handful of teams it's the old mrs. and in a play a game coming up. To take on BYU. Tour to a higher seeds from a conference. From the SEC one Kentucky and five Arkansas Arkansas holly photo on day. They are. I eat. Well there have here going up against Wisconsin is not easy all the actors. I rally there by eleven in the second half against Michigan State in the Big Ten championship game. Are open have their hands well well see slot where they should take care did that well there and again in the sweet sixteen. Of course. That matchup against. I've been well to get it on her to be aggressive determined. Will be key will be interesting to see it or I'll be able to use the pressure to get the badgers. Although we doubt it with confidence if you don't count he would act in that. I couldn't be Wisconsin is one of our most likely final workings. Game you know look at enemy come back to Alando Tucker and those guys is this. A great college program demanded it'll produce the pros though. You know as it's not like you gotta wonder if you know if the game went back okay we're gonna win I'm gonna start. Drafting until you know players at the eagle two full years in college. Maybe might be better suited but it Dick strictly there to date date I think they do a great job in coaching because you get guys that can come man and they have a solid college program does not like you seldom. Oh do grown a plane in BA because they gob it while I was in B any. Chair and you know I like that our colleges our coaches is all about eight you know. Their program their scheme. I'll be players stayed in that not necessarily the court. You know everyone would be down how are recreating the best out in the country by. You model is a lot not only able to do that but you gotta work what you can get if you can get shipped them to play at that law. That you have a chance at actually come tournament time. And make a run. Judge pollen March Madness and I think a what your opinion on this on this reflecting back. But a save like this year compared to previous years probably less controversy. As far as who's and who's not and even the CD. First of with the seating and they're two radio complaining. And they kind of view well you know they got it right even make an Arizona or number two seed Virginia number two seed. And then number one seeds that they may be a were right on you look at strength of schedule and all that but. Really as far as surprises. When it all said and done. Maybe because the big cars for UCLA and Texas and then. What maybe Colorado State and temple while but that one much controversy it seems like this year. Now and we fully agree yeah I mean from any power rankings are expected. No team got into the turn it at an at large that they power rankings work and number one pick one and no evil plot out of the tournament. A ranking. Patrick and number 44. You know it's a pipe band there and we think they got the committee got it mostly correct. He could nitpick about Colorado State making it or not. Apple yeah and I think they're all out in the arc and with a lot that game conditions stay. Yesterday you know what they have done with a bat he's been one piece of equipment that you needed equipment do. Kentucky's region yet because the bell. You. Region now and you Lackey PP. Where they're from now back at it out on issues let it you know it all and it worked out for him and what is that you don't have any issues. Or not been glaring mistake that at the initiator should have made it. John how to be able volume onto it. And all of me act you mean we don't get all of our into double take on it. Are most likely bracket are most likely winner indeed all of our. After the opening weekend of the first or day's action today are available right now on the site and John quickly Gillis is final forty. You know the sound really boring but it all the number one C there is no barrier now it's Eddie turn and it. But they've only 10% chance that all number ones you make a final four if you're looking remark and that and McGrady. It likely it'll happen even though I thought we we more likely to win at all which is quite as much. And India that he'd never emulated. The putt and turn it pollute. It still should be marked man it number at that are likely mercker. John doing the director of research in them and it's a prediction machine dot com it's not always applies to enjoy the tournament. All right all right this is sports talk on W did you know. And welcome back he's Qaeda came by BA bad Deke Bellavia of course who gonna give away some family packs. A six tickets at the shrine circus there on sports talk to date through Thursday. Wanna see you a fan remembers to the Lakefront arena Friday march 20 7:30 PM listen today through Thursday between 40 PM. When you hear the circus a sounder. Beat the eighth call it to 60 win that 260 win defeat the eight collier went six to get debated semi found out with a statement knows Fam to fund. WW it. All right coming up. Our conversation Christie Garrett antibody they have to do with two new New Orleans Saints defensive back Brandon Browner and also sent a Max on go to. That's coming up in the final hours of sports stuff on the home of the sites the Tigers and the delicate WW it.