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3-11-15 7:10pm Bobby & Deke: on the Saints' new center Max Unger

Mar 11, 2015|

Bobby & Deke talk with Bob Condotta of the Seattle Times about the Saints' new center Max Unger, acquired in the Jimmy Grah

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A good evening here out of the final out all of sports talk is Bobby bare I'm big Bellamy offense the most to Joseph and diamond head Cris in this and it Ryan sham it. We're coming right to you well we've been talking about the New Orleans angle obviously saint radio. And their most recent moves as of yesterday trading Jimmy Graham to Seattle. And a fourth round pick in exchange they got sent to Max Unger and the Seahawks first round pick which is 31 in the 2015. NFL draft. But what are the that would survive in the feedback from the Seattle perspective we will speak with Seattle beat writer and columnist for the Seattle times' Bob and out of Georgia throughout the season on our team tonight around the league segment. He's joining us tonight to talk about what Seattle fan's take is on getting Jimmy Graham. What this means for Seattle and what this means from the Saints as he covered Max on good season this has been that organ. And playing for the Seattle feel. And operating jaguar opinion poll is up at WW dot com the same leadership. Mickey Loomis and some things that led the saint to a through ball have been making some big moves this offseason. Releasing it favorites and producers like Curtis Lofton Pierre Thomas and trading Jimmy Graham. He's do you believe in the direction of the Saints. You can cast your vote online at WW radio dot com to damage in Mississippi for Joseph Joseph thank you a call. Hated it. Like I wrote personal obstacle that. I'm there and I don't look goal. Side tracked both a coach more. Comments and obviously. Just should respect that more emphatically from forty cents. We weird would it spoken that can be virtually out super holes once without. Jimmy Graham and Adam. And sort of say about that. Or what were probably wouldn't want Obama what person normal about junior title and a wide receiver. I have been publicly stated you everyone knew that we should probably treatment that point and tried and tried to build a better offense and why. And report what comment to coach Moore made some band so global you object shock to problem. Perhaps. Didn't produce quite as much when you look at statistically. But I think in terms of on field play the respect that he got the ball thrown to him not. Was equal. Well agility he was Jimmy Graham as mentors showing them how to be a football players that are just a basketball player. Well I agree. And I understand that come completely insane when you look at their numbers actually not not much career. When you look at their numbers. Opposite program that pat has had better numbers. And shock yet but you had a thing for. You've got that same regardless of who was through and not trying to position you have that same respect from a defense perspective look at. So Bobby on back to. And you were discussing Marcus Colston thumb to lock people like. From April. A pro professional perspective that. COLT some age. Tom I. Think that the guy is a necessity how bark. Getting rid of Jimmy Graham in lieu of having eight guys like Brandon Cox. A guy like Colston has only gonna make a guy like Brandon cooks better Drew Brees has proven year after year after year. He's gonna throw for somewhere between four and oh yeah. At least grow into but that happened on like Brandon cooks. Who makes catches like like. But Ellis you want character. Well that. I mean it like Beckham now Beckham. But yet but he is he he has the ability and the houses here now who are unfortunate intricate yet he got injured. And and and and and and like. You spoke about coach moral views that a lot issues you know injuries are a lot this year. Performance and ability not a lot this year opened training for but. Staying healthy are a lot this year unfortunately. So so. The column extra ovaries or childish you've gone all the way back went out and I feel like I feel like. You can put everybody behind an offensive line doesn't matter what quarterback is if you can't give them. A reasonable amount try to get their problem. Stay in the ocean a top progression. They're they thought they are not gonna deliver the ball adequately. So so releasing immigrant immigrant they might well enter to me was just out. Group a week ago we couldn't really good where I'm. I don't hear you're you're an agreement with the moves that they made him in because now you know they'll get to double ones. Had they not done it yet that was the thing so that's a value data that values and Degan. We had a tags earlier. And the point. Then I agree with this tags is then OK you'd never get creative. Like great players are good players yet to give up something. Again it's something as you try to progress for the future right. I wish it would have thought it is then in red ethics. Because I would abroad and abolish the part of it is I mean who logged in Sam mills have something left in the tank. You know coach Baer who Moore was a part of and moaning. That Sam mills all of assignment morn Nen as the morning Aniston a leaves the Saints became notes on the look out about it and it Sam mills to build a damn statue of them outside of Charlotte. Right commodity Dave bill the fact I did hear W I think but he is a thing but there's all the examples like Dan apparently. Team we city we talk every day in the week we get the Texan thanks everybody takes you can't anticipates and rates and it sometimes Bobby. It's a B would tell you we negate will win them call some people close on rock tech screening as you did the number where people what they wanna say we can respond and we were takes. It will call remnants of privacy thank you for columnist for the sports could we steal off. Grass roots people we would like to be people who people will examine visit eaten pavement Bataan where we are comic folks United League that's right but but the point is that. We talk about the you know teams that haven't balancing consistency. They need to be some balance in and hearing coach mark in his play calling it. As you and I agree. That we liked the move would think it was small for the Saints win they are right now the direction. And in what's been happening with the team as of late. That we I'd move coach mall knows that he kind of question the move. But he made some valid points and name it I like the ballots well I thought that there was a lot of ticks that we got in this on the date do we get there that are in agreement in Kokomo not completely but there along the lines they they do they didn't wanna see Jimmy gullah. Carries. More. People who the thing day. And night cares. Right you might think it's is. It right now. Coach Smart is February. I respect more when Larry Moeller didn't know this thing and coach more. Coach in NFL because because they hear him read yes that all right reason what does it isn't like not testament eats it that was the situated just like you can put coach Mara who it is he had been all year long you bring him to analyze the game. Berth is one of those guys us. This break it down a game we watch a Mondale all. Take note Smart take on it because of the variety. It is the view of that from that game and I write about I went anywhere on the base team day in day out I didn't national report on a Saints. Head off. There everyday it was during an odd thing outlook report is an outstanding job due to coverage team and I think our objective. So I sees them shoot jumpers and threes them it's there for two days with how they now. Right now might be because all of a thigh and if you look at his should NFL. That you would city. Does Saints had all year and they're struggling. Offensively you know why. Because it just look at oh. They were seven and nine. You could figure had a normal office double bumpers on the third down and you're struggling and still. Amongst the tops in scoring all. And yeah and I used drug it is because it technique meaning. It's nothing about the Buffalo Bills all know is their deep in decades but but a legal. No bad team and the same thing would hold true that if our fans who called in and they would say Lou yet as I see where we were ranked it high. However what they bring in a validity you gotta look within the numbers and at times in a crucial times more so than not the offense didn't come through how you closeout game and that goes with. Following a team in our anything and I can say close and out of the game offense didn't in the defense it. Last year the defense did for the first five games. Six and five the last eleven they were north of all for not close now gained but the office still closed out the majority of those games we've had oboe filed on record in the lancet Leavitt. This year it was a perfect ball more than bad sat neither close that if you. Get out terror oval Mars and he. If you look at history NFL ought terrible Martin you know what. I'll record should have been about like the readers of the Jaguars. Right if you look at the turnover margin. What are we doing. As far protecting the football or taken away. That's why I'm telling and that's why big is still believes in the saint. Is because it Drew Brees. And you got to closeout games but have we could turn that around. And only time we truly turn around the year we won the Super Bowl we had 39 takeaways. Now I don't know we gonna do that. But I'm telling you that if you just look at that number idea and it's amazing. That our record who weren't like the Raiders and Jaguars. All right welcome in now because the Seattle perspective on this big trade went down yesterday to see Sidney Jimmy Graham and their fourth round pick to Seattle Seahawks in exchange for. What just about it when we talk to feels as one of the best centers. In the game any first round pick thirty firsts in this year's draft Max Unger and the 31 pick Bob and Dallas Seattle beat writer and columnist for the Seattle times. John just now Bob. First of all what type of play all the Saints getting in Max. Yeah you know heat and the real leader yup that's the mind eat eat eat these guys on the team left creaky air older. Andy and the starting correctly compartment primarily been starting senator that's idly as it. Just peek it over it and sort of regard to the leaders that are and aren't ID get there. Really have a organized it been like that up until eleven losses that these guys at a locker room about it. Required of Iraq that line. Now Bob what what is that take now look where everything you do since losing a guy who so highly thought of it obviously submitted day in and established. What's the take on Jimmy Graham coming it. Yeah outlawed in the attic in the company gets a little. Yeah you know it's much too quickly he undergo. It'll put it in these out of it out at the about it elected got the guys that played. During that time it was out like he stepped in for him. Model would strike it but he is well. In I think it felt like you know Jimmy Graham as an eagle. Need at center with its hard line. Haven't I can be cute and you meet him you. Unity be it out receding playmaker on here but yet. Are going to be hurt our year you know eat eat eat it early. To ally and I've seen it play out the beat out a Ricky ankle would be. You know about the closest in the ad but he let me up here or here so definitely. Open date me you know they've been pretty open about sort. Even like they didn't happen. It's there are ready to get it up. Now. You know blow would that being said when you look at you with some continuity along the offensive line. And the saint obviously trying to get more consistency with their running game. Max Unger how would you view him but he is the because he wasn't only a Pro Bowl he was all pro win help me. Is as efficient. As and that as has blocker and a run blocker because they have pro bowler side by side in Jahri Evans. And being grow I mean it was unbelievable and had Carl Nicks and REM is younger aged but when you look longer. Mean is it truly excelling. And he's the B I think 29 years of age truly in both the passing in the running game. Yeah he definitely it. You know I think he was there that all around at the line. It again what you center on that eagle didn't notice rigor and they've got apple. Certainly eat it eat it out well and it caught the ball well if the series and the number horse pattern that by. I'd been so. In other parts from eating at it that he's out there. It turned back under. The pack it eat out just being appeared he'd last year it you know there. But by a lot arrived at the line that are. And yet the idea that. Don't this time you're. You know opportunity it happening out and I think it. It. Seattle times beat writer and columnist talking about the trade from saint in Seattle yes today. Bob and Donna Jones is now Bob now well it's the guess about a a month month and a half now remove the Super Bowl is that is that cooled off fading. It is scroll down to them certainly at the drop votes in the moment that'll probably need that out. Yeah sports history a little like now I don't know I could so. Note always say oh if only thing that comes the in my in my Bob and I think you know one goal but not years the magnitude. With an 81 C when given not calcium you'd you know in England yeah about not a and that's what that's like that's why that's my preference that's lasted not not to the magnitude. Yeah that matters I mean demands sought community and indeed they name. A. Well you know Bob look at it. Jimmy Graham going to Seattle and obviously. The questions about his toughness and now. Seattle defenders though Michael Bennett. Bruce Irvin have somewhat challenged him it be interesting. Against the just observe price in the Al physical. And the challenges that might come about. Between the all of it to the deep near as you are all one team he on the same team become an offseason. Competing that could adjusting to see how. The deepest challenge Jim Ingraham. Yeah well you know for the team that that at a brought in and out well bat very. That mini camp you're they'll knocked into mini camp this year we. That started the car and any unique and the one that. There is seen you know Saturday. Here to. A puppet like that or eat out there it. You know why I think he'll respect that you know data that. Open net. I've been inundated on the players so I have a little bit different boats and time and a like a lot of players to. You know what it is now. And I would. Think that the that pretty down on the field at the impact he. Idol they Italy in the way you don't like what he used to doubt it. And Bob you know when you look at I think it's I think I was in the Saints feel like they guy would they want they turned a third round pick that was a project when they drop when he dragged him 95 overall. You know five years ago and eighth agreement to basically two notable ones. In it would Seattle got now if I'm Jimmy Graham and you think about this from an age standpoint. Now you got a little bit longer I think lease because Russell Wilson has a lot younger and he's well established there and either of you could be able to team issued on and he could still have a dog how Bible touchdowns. But not need those those big receptions with Seattle and built that we don't need all those yards corny comes out those 21213. Fourteen touchdown reception. It can be less than Jimmy Graham probability Greg you know. Below dig who has seen we are talking about this I did see because he's ugly when the red zone having too well. Plus touchdowns without an astounding ninety to hundred receptions. 12100 yards with Steve. Yeah funny in the team that. Beat you. You know there's no way it at that. You see the red clay. You know like he I adding he that would be equivalent probably of oh what that is. The year so. But you're. Not. Agree red zone target on you owe me like. Them a year ago obviously. I'll have a that they beat guys the ball. And out of it that they Kyle I hear a lot that you write years ago. That it worked out a it signed a year ago I figured it out. I am available. Per year. Eight per year out he's he's not played well sort of rather odd laps here today. Yeah it up out there that the public Avant guy yeah not at that. Bob how can people value onto it. Yeah. That he can go to at the Steelers and B yeah. Yeah I guess now Bob Jim has got a job to do with the team over a find out what number he's going to be that we know he can be number eighty. No I. Eat about ten years ago with Jerry and dignity there that are going to be that again. Yeah and and and well as well as well as he shouldn't authorities. A great one to state police in the critically lauded war. Number eighty for the Seattle Seahawks Bob on about a beat writer and columnist for the Seattle times coming to Seattle field Bob thank you so much time we appreciate it. Things about all right come back we'll get to Chris and Andrew this is sports talk on WW. And welcome back to sports talk is the case to get him by BA bad I'm big gorilla via. Back to the phone the week mood duster half the Chris Kluwe is getting a thank you for calling. Pace setter you don't okay thank you and Chris. Are right on. I'm not alive that they Hebert outlets in the bowl you've got it took all of that stuff. And I really do love it but I think the problem it is a lot of people really don't wanna. Put out there the truth the truth is it. Whether you like Jimmy Graham or not Jimmy Graham opened up so many things pop play at play here. Because Jimmy Graham made double and he'd made the effects it's marvel. So that the league run and playing football in world that lead space where more. While the Colts and keep your appeal board all results. Are a lot of people just don't really great. I like that just that it. Howard well well blog on radio while I hope what do well when I'm trip and owns it I Eagles had been stated nobody does what Pete meant talking about for today. Well what what bumps and if you'd call it that you got an air it's a lot of people have been the real flat it was your eyes. Lot a lot out whenever I realize you can listen all the time but I mean they've been a lot of peat but it made the exact point you make. Well that was Chris well I'm gonna go again against you along the lines where. If you look at. And Sean Payton and Drew Brees. Jimmy Graham had been here since 2006. Y and we had number one passing offenses when Jim Ingraham who who's stretch in defense and who's dictating. The double coverage. I welcome a Reggie Bush Darren Sproles. And it has been a combination of people who are. Well yeah you're absolutely right but here's the thing. From 2006. To where we are now you are at the end it bit. Drew Brees all the impact it at a strong in the war it was never stroll though what I mean is. Right now a lot of the receiver that's gonna feel the need lately they've got a flaw. He always ended through Devery Henderson. Devery Henderson was late for a number of balls. I understand. Where you're telling me if you feel the believe Australia. Is. And yet every year everything deplete but I British are omelet in that bit. Last year there were a lot of world they're ready but he just couldn't believe that he'd have a problem making. And the cheers could be another year. Always kind of get better at is not gonna get better but in the if you look at you saved because a lot of Saints fans they save. All the Saints seasons. I'm done I've seen every lie to open him just waiting for balls to get there. From drew. It's true there are many with that sort of ball seven yards on the field of 65 semi. I understand it but act I truly believe. Bet this year. It's got to really be called but it's not. And the reasonably good going to be opposite because you write it picked up a tremendous sent. It's where they were an outlaw but Anna was at Kapalua in Jesus. Al woods are right or left tackle. Streak mystery as well that street that street should be. Extremely rare problem block in me and I at two under par. Well above a big secret deliberately gone all of last year because you before today he was rated in the top five right tackles and yeah that top next that's that's not meet just about professional people they no no no more to me that was pro football vote Tuesday a look at every player now I could tell you who wins actually stats and who with a lot of people. It is used differently chief. Now that that was actually use words game and his agent Roger he gave up three sacks and I think a lot of fans you might remember. They gain with the Chiefs weren't very good game and and they came back and beat news via and in Houston was that a big part of that game. Rome with India whole oh we went over ten games are really good ideas ideas Alou did. I don't believe it productivity in practice to productivity what he me. Available that you writes I have been able to listen or whatever but. It pains that he made available on the plate yeah it's not going to be and I think it's gonna really sure Annika. And it's going to be even call to make certain things happen. What way did incredibly out Hamilton and Chris along those lines today right now that. I think where'd Drew Brees will be affected but on average Ingram. Is that every game run the ball. I think that we can run the ball and ruby is healthy he's gonna have success now we can't run the ball. I think it's a different matter man and I was him Bobby what we get a lot of takes it thank all of you which how to read about him and that's not responses some of them in. We have one or a couple Hermanson then Bob's call wouldn't break. The called John who listens and John is from sliding nobody's. Every day's thank you so much him we and it would surprise somebody. If you were to me out some doubt about it like. Well you sound like the gallery European cities like what you mean that you think is some ideas as sound like both. Don't believe so. You know we with like the big deal. Eagles. No you don't even Twitter. You know a lawsuit saying yeah but some things like. Don't know I could sound like mean. I interact with the fans a couple of things and it's 1% and now I mean I'm a pig Jews but we do we do a better you do. Right I doubt I doubt that now you read six though as I tried in era and what that's we've got to do argument. Independents Andrew thank you for calling Debbie did you know. Hello Andrew. Andruzzi guy and Andrew that. On once on defense is a little different there's score or put him up on the bit for them all Tommy's got a haircut as did Tommy thank you for calling them you'll know I in the pen. Thank strip any B gap. So I had that it is probably trade either or urged wanna kinda stretch and I heard that he banged it in Turkey genius when the net you know I'll. And just curious as to why we would not such a. Because David in my at this out of a game plan again. With Winston. He goes to navigate. And wanting to see his mindset. Right to see when seeking grass now that being said. I'd think I'd be blasphemy right now. If the Saints would trade. Drew Brees to Tampa Bay within the division. And we Kajima then I mean Davis was that in all it's an area is a get out it's a city Jabrel don't want it to situated on our way it went well what. Players while coaches and GM's do is they talked to players and coaches in over a crossed the whole board he could be at a Pro Bowl four years ago advancing its way right hander went down the Vilma came at a university Miami. This organization load down the field. They dated Keebler strongly she waving whatever they had been told to on just like everybody at the Eagles come out of Miami. And they just facility what they establish some type of communication. And they got to know at least a little bit more of him in nets say an average bay. Winds up they won a game down of them publicly to those who blow. Somewhere down the last I don't know 45 years from now. Maybe Dave was with it might be in it at these golf somewhere in right he's a free agent has some. Or goes when he's veteran come out that they give it a spot going next week in the saint the tobacco may ultimately say look. All of off follow what we have on James went so we talked to him this date this is what happ. Had to have a follow all the play a lot of in depth at the book every organization nobody they have a file lawn when you talk to Mike did Tuesday about a Mason Foster you know the linebacker from Washington went at Tammy bucket. Is that they got again game they got to follow up. Rye yeah. And are now I'm 28 teams team people who Covert teams in in all sports in BA NH CO across the league. They do that local media the teams the players they do they got bios and they know they'd be rented it on to that that that that's just that's the part of it and it looked you may never ever ever have a snowball in you know becoming contact their players something but you'd never know never know though the one that you want to having you'll control. Is Elise as much as you know or as much information and what they shall paid his they have Dubai they painted the deep. While there interacting and hear conversation in the deal oriented. La La like Kabul but kinda you could talk to somebody of five minutes. And know what kind of person they are young men who have been meg as a jerk he's been Ariza did he would they deal with yes Lima like our our. Does and I communicate scale that he's going to be the leader of your team if this agreement on some past I mean that he might be easy to win. Well pockets in May be fitting in here knows that bring that to me and NFL looks at. The reason like you still play. He's unbelievable speed alchemy plays. But oh with a couple and I am deeper Percy apartment on a guy like the this Seahawks and Jets. A little bit too many places. And as shards man. Because. And speed them valuable commodity that that's like he's Internet Duke game the QB along with the Enron. The good people as good people. You know if you again it's oh you could be phased UPB. Yeah. But few fans and romance you good at what you was able to lose it's that. He'll mystery debris of the UBU actors like Spain and point eight years than the bad. There and ran for a bout it you know mandated at the house so far in evidence. Hanson Dolan you've all seen means. Rob that that's and a story that. It's real housewives. Before the end you know that was streak that was before we can you review call. All right without Rondo beat them yeah now. And welcome back to sports talk. He is the case again about rebounding ability as a Texas about the southeastern quarterback Brian Bennett. With pick number 31 tactics bank absolutely no way. Again he's he's not he's my mind these guys are great at the fifth round or later. Of NFL and the thing is as it is the you know he needs to go to Philadelphia right. Records Jim Kelly and run and on and off the Jim Kelly knows about it. In the end of that may be in the maybe talkative right maybe talk today absolutely but no you don't. Its value it has nothing to do with the players' names when you go to school righty strictly value out of the gate and almost like. And I'm not compare but but my mind cities. To look at to draft I have to explain to me over the years about it in the value of the position and so forth is Westminster. And what they do them explain it to that list it's going to Westminster Kennel Club they had that big auction of you will see what they do if they had the best in a certain breed right in the end they put the best of every breed in the best in show. So when I look at the draft you go about my best position right Indian dance to show would be okay. Who is the best and eat position we put all amid a group. Now is this guy has rating better than these guys training although they'd give him positions overall liked him best in show. And they look at the value of it that's how they do because a guy may be third in his position. But third at the wide receiver position steel made great out fall higher. Then first it's a lot to offer to tackle position. Right and they look at fact at that they go they go by value when you get in saint valued so for what's the value taught me in everything you get in return. But that's off all that it's it's it's like yeah I watch a movie money ball. That bad movies is a great. Right educational too from a standpoint it has absolutely nothing to do with the player's name. Ray phonetic is strictly on production on the mound and Estes did it while it's the evaluating and the values and. Mickey Loomis talked about their draft board how they have a player's rank Graham each position but they also say regardless of position. Where they rank like regardless of position. Now it's hindsight like JJ watt is a K ms. guy right atomic it's too. Regardless of position I Cain ms. guy or with dignity while about annual mad you realize the issue Bobby is almost like this is going to be. In name was ace mean this will be his rookie year. Without the big accounting. It is cloudy yet cola DJ why did you huge media have a brownie out of the sack and air and you imagine. If cloudy don't have twelve sacks next year's shame on him at all because of who you gonna don't indicate double team everyone give to all we have here to win a game there it did exactly so quarterback play now they go back to I was saying. Thirteen pick at the saint state pat more than thirty Thursday. That's like you plug to you could do a bunch of mock draft but things change. The Saints could it could change within a few hours it would bigoted take and who's available considering where they have camera. All right thanks so much to mark went off for helping us out on the program Jonas on sports talk a ball more big Saints talk a bit closer to the week in a post on Friday show LSU coach less mouse pads back. The radio hoddle a mix it's a Mitchell. Ford Jimmy hands though and moment on I've Deke Bellavia thank you listen to sports talk as always our job by that. We can't name Bobby a bad one to realize now and I people who. It.