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2-9-15 6:10pm Bobby & Deke: on the Pelicans and Tom Benson

Feb 9, 2015|

Bobby & Deke talk with Pelicans color analyst John DeShazier about the injury to Anthony Davis and the matchup against the Jazz, and talk about the latest developments in the Benson family legal battle.

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And we'll go back. Tonight coming up and there's an hour a 1053 FAO the flagship all the New Orleans pelicans Republicans. Aren't out taking on the youthful days. Senior right out. Columnists knew wall in saint dot com. Color analyst for the New Orleans pelicans radio network it's on man man who cope with it all on all levels John this season. Jones is now JD thank you so much for the time I see it being promoted. The all star game and I was able to watch you know this time in the NBA Avery case basically three games on a Sunday if you watch it night. Another couple. And got them made for TV man as insanity in the UET tell Charles Kenny Shaq and so for open. As I digress I had a one thing it was an arrest you they JD before we get on. Of the pelicans I heard Jeff Van Gundy say they in the post season. He doesn't think big Golden State would lose more than one gain in every series meaning that they've gone go for more on. In every series that they play big usual idea how good he takes the west is because you talk about San Antonio. Memphis on Monday Mets and other teams. Wright is an indication how on the western conference's. Well it was the wrong thing that they lie and I think you can but that's not they get to JD Jamaal Jackson was. I'll applaud you wealthy. They are probably. Probably about not about. And Tokyo and then. Portland and you know on the number one took the I don't want the Oklahoma City and for ground there they irate. So you know you need it paid alum make that TV or. And that they built over the game Bayern man that was locked up the next. Now. John when you look at I guess. Look at the competition who you're playing. All sandbagged the bag you playing oak KC and in the next night you have a big win the very emotional when he got to play. The Chicago Bulls the what your opinion about and how hard it is maybe to be consistent and what I mean about that. You look a like Tyreke Evans Eric Goran Ryan Anderson look and it Tyreke he was what. A 22 points ten rebounds and game high. Sixteen assists in the victory against the thunder. When you look gators haven't even the field. On Friday after going at it a couple of days report that he was twenty I mean five point performance. In a 100 united won loss at home in the flu became thinner and then you look Eric Garnett and and Ryan Anderson you know we know they can shoot at the highest level. Of the name all of a sudden. Air guard scores three point one of ten shooting Ryan Anderson four point one of eleven shooting against the Bulls manages. That it shows that you're human OR RO what is it with the consistency maybe it is not there. And who knows about tonight I mean you'd think. That they should go to a beaded Jazz the Jazz have been. Are horrendous on the road within. You look at we laid an egg what did you 76ers. Our. You know self exit weight gain when you think begin a win and you don't celebrate dad down. Well they do and they get it there and probably out of me. You know when one of them one went 11 yet extremely fit or not what you want to move one win or you want him. And we never got that point yet. The open again and Chicago were. Will them need to. That's about in the applicable to have out there a couple of all the law what are the parking lot. Under will go up but it paid. And it Arctic wind backer of the waited went in my book or at Oklahoma City you know it they okay. Been burned in my immediate Oklahoma City regularly now Morgan a lot more. And that's understandable what you remember well what it means and you know. But Beriault found in the Michael Moore who was able to beat the thought in your home so you don't you know one game where you know it is just that bit of a lot but it's just been. It might. The right amount you will go late in the game are aren't there any negative where he he now agree there. What will lip out but it went 18 in the quarter. And that they'll sort out what that one but we know more about them doing it David told them go you know the picnic there and it. You know well. We're in the MBA yeah. Difficulty. Is the only one we. Think that it is difficult for you you want it it is the pick in the air at the end of their. They're rated in the you know I figured it out there about a pretty good. That's about what it's probably. Really am lost greener. Yeah they've they're struggling real. Though we're going to be able to get a incumbent year like that you do it went well so what about what you might believe. Abaco played better than they did. Well at home right in the batter. Thought you know under the wonder where. It was a pretty inexplicable because they fully. Again at the level competition I am back on game. You know what extremely disappointed a lot they want to choose the one that overrated I think that up I mean now that we're 00 ball. Now John speaking of AD Anthony Davis. Not being available. Tonight it will nowhere came out about was the Bulls will mile. And it was a twenty to three run. And all of aside and you know again outscored in that second half with 5933. In the fourth quarter it was a good note was sent their lead expanded to thirty season like he says it's an embarrassing laws with. I thought when you look at Anthony Davidson that it really appreciate this car I mean it. I was reading weighs eleven or twelve in the field right in 92% on shot attempts attire Teague elite in the game. Well as that five minutes remaining in the fourth quarter but he's the only player in the league. Have to party point ten rebound games this season. You look what average and go right at 25 points at the in scoring its fourth in India and led the league you go percentage elected to five and a half number one and blocked the eagle on and on. So. Hopefully for the talent that they have won without him now wonders if I can recall remember. Tyreke Evans and often I think they beat the Raptors. Nearly out what went out a deep it. I mean what would you think it is more series that we make our when would be be available again. You know without their belt structural. Without going to be the mayor did the main culprit in the late would it be able on the spot shall. There should be. The paper now. We have at Purdue went that. We won the league you win they would let it India. Yeah he won if you use it in the you know eight and I'm in there or not we'd. He'd be a superstar who can lift the team that area that well. Give them a lot better. Or elbow are. You know he didn't even make it on the corner of these four years ago. I agree. IQ and a great eagle of the day. Yet. He know how to play the game you can't count either no we're not. Under they're not like you really commit a lot like that lightly the leader the economic power play. That the other yup they leave it on wade again. And when you have it or hate that you know the public got them in order in the Chamberlain. Although I am at the so that don't do without them equally well. Very few know about the Saints and the pelicans. Like he does John decision JD how can people Cuba with you on Twitter. I'm at job issue here you hit me up in any time. And more about power off. JD always a pleasure have a great call tonight. Are. All right 42 minute Q he would do on the season Shaun Kelly on flagship 1053 Republicans. And the utility guy Bobby wants the special teams coordinator and both teams coach. With into on Saints coach I'm bombing go is now the head football coach at the Central Michigan University two walks. A lot yeah I would read about that so is this his first head coaching opportunities and I think yeah yeah completed the history of the actually played in the -- isn't from the neck and an asset to me is kidnapping and some that you miss it but when they put against some pretty good draft picks of the nephews including number one pick in the 2013 Ingram figured if. Well I've I've played with. Ole miss Japan that are teammates are every bit Lehman the Buffalo radio and frank I'll kick it noble boy yield. He uses serve where. Used to Yugoslavia. So it is serving this is so. I remembered the goalie play have a central Michigan it was Millen and Joseph Delaney Berry Joseph the lane never seems though like you mean. Like I played its knowledge it's emotional you know yet he was like. Maybe just over eating I end up playing with the Chiefs in. But he is honestly the teller navigated him and gain Eagles Eagles. Managed to co. I don't unlikable bottom like Ottawa and I don't like play that he had a good joke Kamal we need to be. It is like attracts are unbelievable running back got to hand it again because he is and it is too cool. Like as the. A lot to get to do coming up and of course of the sports world a world in general life loses a great individual that's coming up next these Bobby Hebert and Deke Bellavia. 7 o'clock the giant Jones saw 870 AM and the pelicans and the day is a 1053 FM but give you options this is WW. And welcome back to sports talk. He is the case again and Bobby a bear. I'm big Bolivia. Coming up it is the New Orleans pelicans and Utah Jazz. And the Johnny Jones 01053 F and the Jazz and the pelicans FM on 870 a M is. The Jenny Jones show where Bobby he was one accident and so we come on the air to very known gentleman's obviously that's take a month. Instant by instant the great Dean Smith banged Nate. Saturday night meant so much of course winning a national championship right down the street here. In the new Waltz one of the greatest games ever played in the final four Michael jordans the Tim photo. As the the North Carolina Tar Heels Jordan Sam Perkins James Worthy and of those beats the young made Patrick Ewing and John Thompson. Georgetown points and of course also mall 'cause they determined it was the founder of the NFL films it's able. The windy as well. Yeah I think. And when it was eight years yes as Jones will proceed at it's on these days yeah the thing he would easily cancer. Adding things ladies and 8384 years the so that's big east are giving up in an agent. Mean breaking news in in you can reflect on. You know watching these dollars actually. In the build. Oh we don't know winning national championship. And actually also. And they beat the fab five in Beijing. So. That's. I'm about the derby and he's still relevant but I mean relevant. NC Duke definitely. Has an edge on right now and just that is the way everything structured Kentucky's Cain. Yeah I mean so what it was one and they just reload every year with the top. Guys who players from around the country now. Wishing us possibly because recruiting class and maybe put. A little bit of a diet and now. That being at the answer this earlier Ellis used it again home. Tomorrow night's an obvious indices. We possibly could transpire. That is hard to go undefeated. From national perspective. A lot of national map analysts say maybe that'd be. I gained Kentucky could lose. Considering it's an elegy the majority ID be deeply Kentucky. They've always also play well this is like on the road Kentucky. So being in punitive treatment I gain. Because right now elegy is kind of like. I don't know kind of pelicans. What I mean like when you think they gonna win and they don't land and by Princeton LSU loss to arm and. Bright nagging had a one of those games don't come back and keep them from being yet they and then you know beating Alabama LSU I mean the pelicans veto Casey to be defend their within. Figures to like about the Bulls sole. In the interest in the C as we go follicles. Teams that the American at. What occurred in that Auburn game. And I thought it was in just and they keep heart he said this is like he said they had a lid on the basket they only shot right in the 30% from the floor. And only four point three from keep three point range and again struggled at the free throw line. I'm going to elaborate Tony wanted to getting Alabama game the struggle of the free throw line was clutch down the stretch. But if you look go horns via the scored fifteen points. He was five of seventeen in the field three of ten from three point range heat they got to count on him. And he said overall a pretty rough shooting game and you look lukewarm and he was one for ten. In the three point range we overall and an open six and three point range. But it guidance really stepped on deacons. Mickey. Jardin Mickey yes you look at what he did a net loss Armand. A monster game 125 points and a career best when he rebounds. That rebound totals the most asked SEC this season Danny bounces. Aback 124 point outing in a twelve rebound game. Again drama. So the guy I think it was crucial. Looking at what they did now. Coach Johnny Jones to make some lineup changes. And it kind of thing. Those lineup changes are definitely spurred on. Than to get off to a great start. In their energy. You look at this the thirteen minute mark of the game did they were winning 29. The thirteen their defense held the Crimson Tide to right in the 33%. Shooting. And even though Alabama in a furious comeback in that second half that erased a seventeen point lead. Will Ellis who was with the day ended the beginning like he did arming gain the they did not in their first half they was five of fourteen from the free throw line. And then they also turn over the ball seven times but if you look down the stretch they were able to do. You look at Waterman he had fifteen points and he was seven of eight. At the free throw line in the last two minutes. To help nailed down the wind and and you look at. Ellis should as a team converted ten of its last eleven free throws after hitting just a thirteen of Tony severed prior to that. While saying all this because all I know is they and I have a complete game against Kentucky. Where are they going to free through through free throw line their Macon. They're free throws and is shooting a high percentage. Where'd deleted is not on on the basket like it was against Auburn. And they're shooting a high to low percentage and knocking down to three point. All right David to be a new Sammy 631 time for those who voted on me. Welcome back is accusing him Bobby a ban. Is modest crowd time gauging canyon. We got to talking different arrive later this week you notice puzzle and rugged trapped in law don't get trapped here. Newton. You 'cause the parades once they start eating it now. Normally you you can do audit you pray mom he India gate and Thelma and get right into the day. It's not sign it if you know just enjoy the parade in big league to throw. One time we talk and so it was a while wedeman is in them mowing and had been Hercules tree in in home. Great Marreese. A projection of football. So I decided as a third day. So I decided there while is decided houses the like you know in the floats a path and Miller is over him like mine and yeah. I'll throw it down there and you know we don't like Alou can use them hand book today at him as you thought you gave bemoaning the ball to hit the money's. It. It could hurt you. You'd like it's some flow and make him make me feel more calm when you're used to. Actually. Denny did you tell. Them to win. Making he has across the condos they got a growth via the way it was almost as John Corey now throw target house across the child like it to a tie. It complied and so. Immature. But as we all your home for Mardi Gras traffic reports. That we have here and the course parades in new week rates begin again at the middle of the week lamb article traffic for 260. Point seven you can Texas and 870 eights and did the word is a big time about what would talk about discus. You have been to do in the world during morning crow yeah I get a chance to go back end of the Disney World has always been it's never an obvious. But waiting in Milan when he San degrees. Is all right this is like a hundred some degree. We are not anything yet yeah. Like waiting in line in February in Orlando verses waiting in line in July I'll. And he adds. My ignited India and like yours is saying you get rating ahead with the girls your family to Disney World. Always have Louisiana. People home grown folks who end up at Disney World a lot of had the resource there in those those skiing memory. Colorado Utah. Are and that Eric is goes those ski ahead to Disney World. And I can remember. Last time I took my kids at this time for Marty drug Disney World it was in 1994. But Diebler were eleven in Atlanta at the time. We're in Atlanta where I remember about that guy you know. And get away from football and not really realizing. That you know all the people from Louisiana and go to Disney World. In the morning round I think in charges like. Their spring break and went to break that I forgot when he fell. I think I think I can recall and it's only February so probably was went to brakes. But what I remember is that just head. How has been true we're just had elbow surgery. That year I played in approval. And then came back into promised the kids like you do what you're youngsters and that we go to Disney World. And the I was like thank god at Disney World and I didn't you know you gotta kinda stubby just throw on. Memorably when Harrison I'm so glad to show you know land that we know falcons'. Small you know line. You know all but I did not have any but I remember I had little warmer whistling and then. It was amazing how many people. You know you recognize. And that it would be L issues stuff figured he would have owners things here. In them. You know take it a number of pictures. And Medicaid's. He talent like that there's a lot of people from Louisiana. I guess who own explain to them because of aborted holiday. Bryant you know that that's a be able. Do parades every year there's a pregnant united and I know what I'm saying they Millar don't know here okay yeah I think that they wanna do that. Every year well. Some people that it gets sick of it but they wanna change of pace but I it's I guess you could love. Steak or some but I don't Woody snake every night you can go to Marty Kroll. Several weekends and yeah if Mardi Gras is actually go to different operates as they have so many united take you needed to. And go to maybe a local parade in the suburbs. And in. Where. Can legacy and dedicate needed to be explosion Q is that Marty who operated on elbow is still voted as. Never been to Disney World. Last year the last I would stay with at the morning on nine. And we whip I've got to take theses vehicle on. I got out of I don't I don't eat for can't eat as much as I used to I wish he won nine I have models coming back it was at that or Hahn is to meet fifth. I'll get the Big Five and they bring you pork and chicken in the Hawaiian rolls. And you've eaten the views yeah I'd just like at the Brasilia. That the Polynesia you know it. What was the second was all that was that close the magic kingdom the contemporary it was the first. But. Diablo I am on the idea but to make a long story short we decided to go Mardi Gras night have a block the last night within this year. I wrote more rides. From 8 o'clock at night to the park close Woodson 11 o'clock Florida time. And I did the previous three days I had been there people it was a combination of it being Marty Kroll and people watching the electrical parade goes around the magic kingdom. And Bobby have never been owner rads I was over in the what is it. And to blame all wallet wallet a bit of the younger around go to gumbo around it fantasy the ball on the goofy. When I came out speaker and they see it if you would like to ride the writing team and just stay in your seat. I've only obtain. I've never been when he when nobody wait in line. And like the Yankees want to accommodate as Kolodziej posse you'd better sit down girls that we can leave until they tell us it's time to go. You get the rat if ram waited 45 minutes. And Ian we I think we were voted five straight times. It was unbelievable housing shocked because I've never been in like that. And we wrote I mean it was so got a lot of bang for the buck and that's when I found it port saint. I guess on abilities apple aside not alcohol. Apple satellite slush. In its against the artist like the Turkey leg with a it has been terribly like eight now and books and Tony is the baying for your book. In ideas in the room between now when we go a lot of who'd have thought of it take to go take a big group it to it'd be take some stuffs in the back with the big. It's allowed New Orleans allowed Louisiana yeah it would go for Marty grow. We'll have a good time and I'm looking forward to Indy and I think that the full world and. Who lives just uh oh okay and big east big you know light thing that's negative sides Tebow with the distillery. That we rent a pars and four pars through cool with four yeah the original power requires a Caribbean the ride that the movie in right well that's the when a drunk ones out there are so up but this that we did remember anti Bowden bowl in. We go in the Pirates storm and all of a sudden getting like these big pencils and Sowers and and I say we got a game against them you know already it's in here because we got you know we got to go fight departs and this is not a local knowledge magically. You know becomes real when you get on the ride. So big I remember when they can issue nag and I'll tell like Gagne hit the floor. Tebow but all bamboozled like freaked out and thought it was actually. Real and and that and it awry in. Draw parity should look at auto yeah outcome Doug and I Sudan and arrived couple we've got to go steal deter treasury got to take the treasure. With this and you know you can obviously get on the voting know that we can do that as break in the rules and you know I never did habit we went like you're saying. Williams stumble riding all you have to Nomo man we Rose had the right memorize it rode like parts of the Caribbean H street. On and that's the idea that he what is legal and round and operas do it and I'm on the first thing I'd do a mode to a small world. And Sloan and then that's when I'm no comment is I'm on it and the Phillies that's. Some people either love that derided the heat. No I I need to visitor might do and I wish you all their might when I was young did I get an accountant economist at about. Thumb won't do that. I'm going to go to bed jamboree in me and I walked over it when I know of I mean it would get beat. If he beat it if I'm native bay comes out the most telling me wincing. And he and I don't do. Or and. Well what you think you're at in and well Sarasota progress what what you think your country club where jamboree yep. I'm miss home bubble when I'm when he watched and like the mechanical animals now some young kids of this Toby do you know why because they go to Chucky cheap years ago twenty Leo yet and all different cities as well well well aware that was so ahead of its time when they had advance Bobby. Breaking news here just got to stick in the non B says god give on this. Headlines Saints now a couple of comments in needs help managing assets this is ruled by a Texas June it. That is needs him yes he's just come down and read it a bit from the old Nolan on Saints owner Tom Benson. It's confronting tremendous pressures in the midst of his family's legal battle over the wealth in 87 your needs help in managing his assets. According to a Texas San Antonio judge ruling earlier today I read this from the article it's obvious that the trust the is facing the pressures of over. Of the over reaching expectations of sports fans the media scrutiny. And entered direct interdiction. Contest with the beneficiary. A potential dispute over related trusts with huge assets as well as likely pre death will contest. This is comebacks accounting probe judge probate judge Tom Rick off sit in an all. Even this Revere trusty is immoral and no court should be complicit. You know allowing. Him more then he came bear if they are reasonable and safe alternative. Is found to assist in. That is all brick. And while who is the jars. Gig and they give permission to two assistant. Who is he going to be an inning influences as them and remember how this is coming from Texas as a gale I mean you know who's gonna. Because of these IQ what did you learn as a home. Ladies if any reasonable and safe alternative is found two aces he. According to vet now I'm speculating you thing I would think it means halos. Reasonable and safe. As it to assist him what is his life right alternative fuel. But that was similar remain what it really didn't know if you like any big game if the mean now what this is says if he gates in the naming someone. Different than it didn't it didn't judges got an agenda. Because to me out a reasonable accord to what this is a reasonable and safe alternative. That's well it could be anyone. Again. The synopsis sprinkling here right about I don't know how I'm doing I'm not a Texas judge how these things in. But I'm opening game it would make a difference. If he had a judge in this area Louisiana are New Orleans area. Verses a Texas judge where I think human nature detected judge he can care less. Was that a Saints. Are Italians in yards long term right winding you'd have more interest you sub conscious whatever. That would you had you'd be more flow to fuel could judge. To be more concerned about the long term effect and having the things in the pelicans and you know. All right is the case again embodied there I'm Deke Bellavia. LSU basketball tomorrow night LSU basketball tonight the Johnny Jones show at 7 PM on 870 AM. The New Orleans pelicans in attaining the Utah Jazz on 1053 FA we give you options on WW. Again a breaking those upon our website at WW AL dot com talks about eight. Texas George proves that Saints and pelicans owner Tom Meeks and needs help. And managing assets this was so ruled on. Earlier today about Texas San Antonio diligent Bobby basis and it's obvious that the trust the is facing the pressures of the over reaching expectations of sports fans. The media scrutiny and in a direction. Contest with the beneficiary. The potential dispute over related trust with huge assets as well as unlikely pre death will contest so this is in arresting him breaking news it's at WW dot com. Well like I said before with that a break. I think a Louisiana judge. What have New Orleans and and and would be it in their best interest Moran at Texas judges as far as keeping this thing to pelicans in. And that and you know what at everything that's that's what we well you know you want things to be peace we don't want any kind of confrontation. But New Orleans Saints in New Orleans to all of pelicans in New Orleans that. Is the in doll that is what we they don't care about the car dealership is the main. As an on how about assets. Now only care by bits tower they care about the T shirt and Jonas them off the boy LSU basketball from four to 530 or nick if the pelicans taking on the Jazz a 1053 FM handed Johnny jealous on 8:7 AM. I'd be ability is always a by the K he didn't cannon Bobby a bail bond really lay zone tonight people.